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Faculty & Staff


NameDepartmentPhone #
Baackes, MargaretHealth and Physical Education
Babcock, Rebecca A.School of Health Sciences & Physical Wellness585-292-2997
Babulski, Julie A.Biology585-292-2728
Baker, EllenESOL/TRS
Baker, Jeffrey S.Psychology585-292-3633
Baker, Sean J.Computing & Information Technology Services585-292-2625
Bakewicz, ChristinaEconomic and Workforce Development and Career Technical Education VP Office585-685-6219
Ballard, Sarah C.Visual and Performing Arts
Ballestas, Edgar A.ESOL/TRS
Bamburoski, Daniel J.Computing & Information Technology Services585-292-2619
Banker, John E.Chemistry and Geosciences
Banks Manns, SheilaSchool of Applied Sciences & Technologies585-292-2994
Barcomb, Carol M.Career Services585-292-3161
Barker, Anne F.Child Care Center585-292-2643
Barnes, KevinFacilities585-685-6180
Barone, Jessica L.Chemistry and Geosciences585-292-2448
Barrett, BasilESOL/TRS
Barrett, BasilBusiness Administration
Barrett, MaryanneESOL/TRS
Barron, Nancy R.ESOL/TRS
Bartkovich, Lori B.Veteran Services585-292-2297
Basinski, Mark C.Career Services585-292-2253
Basnayake, ErajMathematics585-292-2933
Bates, Michael J.Financial Aid585-292-2276
Bates, Patrick M.Purchasing585-292-2820
Batistta-Provost, ShirleyOffice of Student Life & Leadership Dev.585-292-2544
Battle, Renee K.Financial Aid585-292-2281
Bauer, Ann M.Learning Support Systems585-685-6202
Bauer, Ann M.ESOL/TRS
Baxter, Elizabeth A.ESOL/TRS
Baxter, Elizabeth A.Academic Services585-292-2168
Baxter, GodfreyFacilities585-292-2594
Bayer, Amanda S.Health and Physical Education
Bazydlo, Bonnie J.Health Professions585-292-2045
Beasley, GarlandEngineering Science and Physics
Beechey, MichelleLibrary585-292-2316
Beech, Donald A.Global Education & International Services585-292-2345
Beideck, JennaFacilities585-292-2812
Belair, Susan J.Anthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology585-292-3240
Bellavia, Mark R.Mathematics585-292-2932
Bell, FrankFacilities585-685-6180
Belyablya, Elina A.Research585-292-3033
Benchik-Watson, BeckyMathematics
Benchik-Watson, BeckyESOL/TRS
Bender, Susan J.Visual and Performing Arts585-685-6220
Benedict, Sarah E.Psychology585-292-3334
Benjamin, Athesia V.Visual and Performing Arts585-292-3103
Bennett, JamesESOL/TRS
Benstead, DennisApplied Technologies585-292-3700
Bentley, StevenPsychology
Benz, Ilene S.Visual and Performing Arts585-292-3116
Berg, David M.Engineering Technologies
Berg, Eric R.ESOL/TRS585-292-3133
Berl, Geoffrey G.Engineering Science and Physics
Bernard, EuniceStudent Services - DC585-685-6110
Best, TeriMCC Association585-292-2479
Betancourt, Juan A.Chemistry and Geosciences
Betchart, Burton A.Engineering Science and Physics585-292-2486
Betti, Amy M.ESOL/TRS
Betts-Gamble, Yvonne L.Learning Resources585-685-6122
Bialaszewski, MichaelPublic Safety585-292-2905
Bianchi, Casey A.Health Professions585-292-2770
Biehler, Christopher M.Business Administration585-292-3262
Biehler, Sonya A.Business Administration
Bielinski, Charles R.English/Philosophy
Bierre, Lisa D.ESOL/TRS
Bilby, CarmelaAdmissions585-292-2436
Biller, Jodee L.Controller's Office - Administrative585-292-2151
Binn, Eric J.Athletics585-292-2843
Bishop, JoshuaHousing and Residence Life585-350-1100
Blaakman, EtienneBook Store - DC585-685-6115
Blake, Thomas W.English/Philosophy585-292-3331
Blanchard, Laurie A.Controller's Office - Accounting Services585-292-2157
Blew, Lauren K.Business Administration585-292-3344
Blonsky, Deborah M.ESOL/TRS
Blumendale, Susan J.Visual and Performing Arts
Bodway, Jacob A.English/Philosophy585-292-3269
Boehm, JeanHealth and Physical Education
Boese, Victoria M.Administrative Services585-292-2183
Boester, Michael A.Chemistry and Geosciences585-292-2447
Bogart, StevenFacilities585-292-2594
Bogdanovska, JasnaVisual and Performing Arts585-292-3113
Bolognese-Gress, KatherineHealth Professions585-292-2764
Bolton, Patrick M.Applied Technologies585-292-3727
Bolton, Patrick M.Engineering Science and Physics585-292-3727
Bond, Laura J.Mathematics585-292-2944
Boni, DavidESOL/TRS585-292-3129
Bonsignore, FrankEngineering Technologies
Bonsignore, Frank J.Applied Technologies
Bonzo, Deborah L.Biology
Boose, Lashana D.Anthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology
Borbee, Kathleen D.Business Administration585-292-3268
Bossard, HeidiESOL/TRS
Bouphavong, Raina M.ESOL/TRS
Bouyea, AaronAthletics585-292-2833
Bowden, Anna M.English/Philosophy
Bower, Marsha E.Health Professions585-292-2767
Bowman- Turner, BettyESOL/TRS
Boyer, Richard J.Economic and Workforce Development and Career Technical Education VP Office585-685-6322
Bradley, Sandra P.World Languages and Cultures
Brancato, Timothy M.Facilities585-685-6325
Brandt, Kimberly A.World Languages and Cultures
Brandt, Maria F.English/Philosophy585-292-3394
Brandt, Scott M.Communications and Network Services585-292-3238
Braselton, Joy E.Humanities & Social Sciences585-292-3369
Brasfield, SarahOffice of Campus Life - DC585-685-6112
Braund, Jeremy J.Facilities585-292-2818
Brazofsky, Matthew D.Visual and Performing Arts
Brecker, Tiffany R.STEM and Health585-292-3397
Brennan, Paul J.Applied Technologies585-292-3742
Brennan, ThomasEngineering Technologies
Brew, Paul J.Anthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology
Briars, MatthewHousing and Residence Life585-350-3900
Brightful, Jason R.Engineering Technologies585-292-2677
Bright, KelseyAcademic Services585-292-2196
Brindle, Jeanette M.Admissions585-292-2438
Brindle, Todd W.ESOL/TRS
Britton, Michael A.Health and Physical Education585-685-6111
Britton, Tracey A.Admissions585-292-2246
Broberg, Scott J.Communications and Network Services585-292-3289
Bronson, Danielle M.Anthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology
Brooks, Bonnie S.Law/Criminal Justice585-685-6009
Brooks, Errika S.Office of Student Life & Leadership Dev.585-292-2549
Brown-Wallace, Carmelita A.Upward Bound585-685-6214
Brown Lonis, Kelly L.Workforce Development585-685-6182
Brown, David E.Psychology585-292-6609
Brown, David F.Facilities585-292-2812
Brown, Douglas J.Health and Physical Education
Brown, HenryMail Services585-292-2597
Brown, Jean R.Human Services
Brown, Jeannine M.ESOL/TRS
Brown, Nora C.Visual and Performing Arts
Brunett, Peter M.Public Safety Training Center585-753-3709
Brust, David P.Athletics585-292-2841
Buckley, Patricia M.Visual and Performing Arts
Budynas, ChristopherPublic Safety Training Center585-753-3722
Buffum-Herman, Nancy C.Biology
Bulin, Judith G.Business Administration585-292-3263
Burden, RobertApplied Technologies585-292-3700
Burdick, Claire P.Health Professions585-292-2045
Bureau, Suzanne E.Human Resources585-292-2113
Burgess, PatriciaMathematics
Burke, Donna C.ESOL/TRS585-292-3141
Burley, Donna M.Instructional Services - AVP Office585-292-3014
Burley, Donna M.Business Administration
Burley, Melissa R.Economic and Workforce Development and Career Technical Education VP Office585-685-6101
Burns, Amy L.ESOL/TRS585-292-3130
Burns, AnnESOL/TRS
Burns, Gerald F.Athletics585-292-2832
Burns, Gerald F.Advisement and Transfer Services585-292-2400
Burns, Gerald F.ESOL/TRS
Burritt, Bailey B.Instructional Technologies585-292-2573
Burritt, CarolComputing & Information Technology Services
Burtner, Amy L.English/Philosophy585-292-3386
Buscemi, Edward F.Visual and Performing Arts
Butler, MattFacilities585-685-6180
Byng, GyasiESOL/TRS