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College Directory

Faculty & Staff


NameDepartmentPhone #
Pagani, Matthew L.Counseling Center & Disability Services585-292-2252
Palmer, Stephen T.School of Business and Entrepreneurial Studies585-292-2999
Pankratz, Vicki L.School of Arts and Humanities585-292-2996
Pantaleo, Sarah E.Advisement and Transfer Services585-292-2293
Parada, Robert J.Engineering Technologies585-292-2675
Parasnis-Samar, DaxLibrary585-292-3182
Pares-Kane, NaydaAnthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology585-292-3335
Parks, James N.Applied Technologies585-292-3700
Parsons, Patricia D.Public Safety585-292-2927
Pastorella, Mark J.MCC Foundation585-685-6317
Patterson, Vilma I.Education and Human Services585-685-6008
Payne, HarryInformation and Computer Technology
Pearce, Dale D.Athletics585-292-2846
Pearlberg, Susan J.Visual and Performing Arts585-685-6220
Peavy, Vanesa D.Health and Physical Education
Peets, Emily K.Athletics585-292-2847
Pellegrino, Mark B.Engineering Science and Physics
Pence, Margaret M.Visual and Performing Arts
Penman, Laura N.Biology585-292-2735
Penna, Jacklyn M.Law and Criminal Justice585-685-6009
Pentz, Meryll A.Financial Aid585-292-2276
Penwarden, Ann P.Computing & Information Technology Services585-292-2322
Perry, BrianCustodial Operations585-292-2594
Perry, Sherna A.Academic and Student Affairs585-685-6143
Persia, BrentEngineering Science and Physics
Petersen, Jenny B.Nursing585-292-2460
Petote Etter, LisaInformation and Computer Technology
Pettine, Wendy R.Health Professions585-292-2038
Pfenninger, Laura C.Controller's Office - Grants Accounting585-292-2149
Pfenninger, Paul D.Facilities585-292-2812
Phillips, ChristineHealth Professions
Pierce, Heather M.Chemistry and Geosciences585-292-2426
Pierce, Nicole R.Health Professions
Pietruszka, John W.Engineering Technologies
Pilaroscia, MichelleHealth Professions585-292-2773
Pinckney, Stephanie L.Counseling Center & Disability Services585-292-2140
Pisciotta, Kevin M.Public Safety585-292-2912
Pittman, NellVisual and Performing Arts
Pizzey, Geoffrey W.Applied Technologies585-292-3727
Pizzo, Casper G.Applied Technologies585-292-3700
Place, Jill M.Child Care Center585-292-2640
Plouffe, Todd D.Hospitality
Plumeri, Christine M.Anthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology585-685-6185
Pogroszewski, Donna J.Information and Computer Technology
Polizzi, LindaHealth and Physical Education
Pollack, Ronalyn G.Health and Physical Education
Pollizi, ThomasShipping and Receiving585-292-3205
Pomayda, NelyaController's Office - Payroll585-292-2147
Pomerantz, Michael B.Engineering Technologies585-292-2686
Porter, Adrienne J.Housing and Residence Life585-292-3010
Poston Broughton, StephanieTesting Services585-292-2282
Post, Helen M.Purchasing585-292-2823
Powell, Christopher W.TRIO Student Support Services
Powlin, Michael R.Engineering Technologies
Preische, Holly J.Advisement and Transfer Services585-292-2404
Presutti, Lyndsey M.Registration and Records585-292-2197
Price, John D.ESOL/TRS
Prinzi, DanielMathematics
Pryor, Jesse D.Upward Bound
Pultorak, David M.Engineering Science and Physics585-292-2481
Putnam, Emily A.Mathematics585-292-2957
Pyrak, Anne E.Engineering Science and Physics585-292-2482