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Faculty & Staff


NameDepartmentPhone #
Falanga, JonathanBiology
Farchione, Patrick J.Visual and Performing Arts585-292-3118
Farina, Samuel A.Information and Computer Technologies585-292-3217
Farrell, KathleenVisual and Performing Arts
Farrow, Michael A.Public Safety585-292-2912
Fathergill, Robert J.Computing & Information Technology Services585-292-2612
Favor, Henry C.Law/Criminal Justice585-685-6167
Fazakas, GeorgeInformation and Computer Technologies
Fedele, NicoleCSTEP/STEP585-292-3181
Fellows, Margaret J.Controller's Office - Accounts Receivable585-292-2155
Felton, ThomasInformation and Computer Technologies
Ferguson, Katie L.Public Safety585-292-2917
Ferrara, JeffreyFinancial Aid585-292-2285
Ferris, Kristine A.President's Office585-292-2104
Fico, Samuel J.Business Administration
Finch, Cristin L.Health and Physical Education585-292-2383
Finn, Michele A.Biology585-292-2719
Fisher, Amy J.Visual and Performing Arts
Fisher, Renee J.Child Care Center585-292-2640
Fisher, Rollo D.Visual and Performing Arts585-292-3114
Flack, Jason D.Visual and Performing Arts585-292-2554
Flatley, Anne M.Health and Physical Education585-292-2849
Flesch, Sean A.Communications and Network Services585-292-3299
Flick, Lisa M.Biology585-292-2721
Fluitt, Samuel IApplied Technologies585-292-3736
Fluman, Lisa M.MCC Foundation585-685-6303
Flynn, Cynthia A.Strategic Resource Dev. & Grant Management585-685-6234
Fontana, Camillo F.Health Professions585-292-2762
Footer, Jeffrey A.Education and Human Services585-685-6008
Forde, ChristineInformation and Computer Technologies
Fornieri, Pamela J.ESOL/TRS585-292-2354
Fox, Matthew J.ESOL/TRS585-292-3138
Francione, Peter J.Law/Criminal Justice585-685-6108
Frasier, Robert L.Communications and Network Services585-292-2621
Freeman, Andrew W.Curriculum and Program Development585-292-2189
Freeman, David S.Education and Human Services585-685-6008
Freeman, Garth A.AmeriCorps585-685-6230
French, Kevin M.Applied Technologies585-292-3739
French, KyleAthletics585-292-2834
Frisch, Julianna R.Hospitality Management
Frizzell, Elizabeth L.Liberty Partnerships585-685-6168
Frontuto, John K.Instructional Technologies585-292-3443
Funkhauser, Jeannette S.Mathematics585-292-2036