College Directory

Faculty & Staff

NameDepartmentPhone #
MacDonald, Martha K.Academic Support Services585-292-3396
MacGregor, Lynetta D.ESOL/TRS585-292-3195
Machleder, AntonVisual and Performing Arts
Mack, MadgieFacilities585-292-2594
Mack, Rebecca H.Advisement and Transfer Services585-292-2408
Magin, BrianPrinting Services585-292-2518
Magnuson, Dean C.Applied Technologies
Mahar, Jason T.Mathematics585-292-2960
Maillet, Andre L.Mathematics
Major, Sauntevia M.Campus Events585-292-2174
Malanchyn, OlenaMathematics585-292-2036
Malcolm, KenyaPsychology
Maldonado, MaribelMCC Association585-292-2493
Malik, AmanuelStudent Support Services585-292-2342
Malik, AmanuelESOL/TRS585-292-2342
Malin, BruceComputing & Information Technology Services585-292-2627
Mallory, Ashleigh M.Controller's Office - Grants Accounting585-292-2157
Maloney, Robert J.Applied Technologies585-292-3700
Malone, Barbara A.Strategic Resource Dev. & Grant Management585-685-6234
Mandly, Elizabeth M.Human Services585-685-6193
Mangin, James B.ESOL/TRS
Manhertz, Latoya E.Collegiate Sci. and Tech. Entry Program585-292-3187
Manns, SheilaHomeland Security Management Institute585-753-3921
Manns, SheilaSchool of Applied Sciences & Technologies585-292-2994
Mapes, Cynthia C.Marketing and Community Relations585-292-3022
Marchese, Joe T.Controller's Office - Accounting Services585-292-2161
Marchese, Joseph T.Business Administration585-292-3342
Mariano, Dennis P.Visual and Performing Arts
Marigh, HajWorld Languages and Cultures
Marini, Sharon L.Environmental Health & Safety585-292-3151
Marino, Thomas P.Engineering Science and Physics585-292-2482
Markham, Jennifer A.Biology585-292-2727
Marriott, Marcia A.Business Administration585-292-3241
Marrot, Francia S.World Languages and Cultures
Marshall, MarjoryEnglish/Philosophy
Marshall, Norma J.Health and Physical Education
Martella, Michael H.Law/Criminal Justice585-685-6141
Martello, Kimberley A.Mathematics585-292-2951
Martin-Baron, Sherri R.ESOL/TRS
Martineau, BrigitteMathematics585-292-2967
Martinez, AmandaUpward Bound585-685-6236
Martinez, MelvinPublic Safety585-292-2912
Martinez, PedroFacilities585-292-2594
Martinez, ShamekaStrategic Resource Dev. & Grant Management585-685-6333
Martin, Denee J.Admissions585-292-2439
Marullo, Emily A.MCC Foundation585-292-3697
Marx, Gerald E.Business Administration
Mason, JosephFacilities585-292-2594
Mason, Kyle J.Communications and Network Services585-292-3206
Massachi, YamitPsychology
Massey, ChianaHospitality585-292-2585
Massey, Tina M.Public Safety585-292-2912
Masters, DeborahHuman Services585-685-6008
Mastri, Jenna L.Controller's Office - Payroll585-292-2164
Mathis, Erik J.Business Administration
Matthews, Tori A.Biology585-292-2716
Matthew, Ivan A.Student Services - DC585-685-6169
Matthew, Ivan A.Human Services585-685-6169
Mayer, David F.Law/Criminal Justice585-685-6009
Mayo, Michelle P.Career and Veteran Services585-292-2370
May, ShiraVisual and Performing Arts
Mbama, FaustinMathematics
McAllister, Gerald J.Applied Technologies
McBride, AnneCounseling Center & Disability Services585-292-2141
McCabe, Frances A.ESOL/TRS
McCabe, MelissaESOL/TRS
McCarthy, ColleenRegistration and Records585-292-2245
McCauley, JosephBusiness Administration
McClary, AngelaOffice of Campus Life - DC585-685-6112
McCormack, Sandra M.Business Administration585-292-3257
McCoy, MatthewFacilities585-685-6180
McCrossen, Susan M.Advisement and Transfer Services585-292-2132
McCrumb, Jean G.Academic Services - DC585-685-6216
McCullough, Michael S.Library585-292-2315
McCusker, James E.ESOL/TRS585- 292-3140
McDermott, David T.Computing & Information Technology Services585-292-2637
McDonald, Elizabeth J.Business Administration
McDonnell, Timothy J.Chemistry and Geosciences
McDonough, Jean A.ESOL/TRS
McHugh, Thomas P.Hospitality
McIntosh, MaureenVisual and Performing Arts
McKechney, Heather A.Chemistry and Geosciences
McKenna, James F.Health and Physical Education585-292-2845
McKinney, Yulanda M.English/Philosophy585-292-3388
McKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly I.Academic Services - DC585-685-6165
McLaren, Amy L.Visual and Performing Arts
McLean, Mark E.Chemistry and Geosciences
McLuckie, David W.ESOL/TRS
McMahon, Deborah K.Mathematics
McMahon, LoraleeBiology
McPhee, Jill C.Biology585-292-2723
McWilliams, Steven J.Library585-292-2358
Mead, Andrew K.Communications and Network Services585-292-3236
Medina-Perez, MargaritaCurriculum and Program Development585-292-2199
Meli, Debra A.Public Safety585-685-6299
Mellen, Bruce C.ESOL/TRS
Mellen, Bruce C.Engineering Technologies
Melvin, Erik J.Facilities585-292-2812
Mendel, Eric J.Facilities585-292-2812
Mendez, Manuel V.Facilities585-292-2594
Mendez, Michael A.Communications and Network Services585-685-6312
Mendez, SylviaFinancial Aid585-292-2277
Merliss, EugeniaTeaching & Creativity Center585-292-3319
Mertz, Theresa A.World Languages and Cultures
Messenger, Ryan E.Student Services Office585- 292-2193
Mette, Kerry A.Biology
Metzger, LisaESOL/TRS
Mevs, Judith M.Chemistry and Geosciences585-292-3630
Meyer, PaulApplied Technologies585-292-3700
Micali, RossEconomic and Workforce Development and Career Technical Education VP Office585-685-6172
Micali, RossEngineering Technologies
Micari, SoniaESOL/TRS
Mikesell, Peter J.Chemistry and Geosciences
Milburn, Lloyd J.English/Philosophy
Miles, DalvinFacilities585-292-2594
Milgate, ChristineBiology
Miller, Douglas R.Student Services - DC585-685-6332
Miller, Judith K.Chemistry and Geosciences585-292-2425
Miller, Mary C.Purchasing585-292-2824
Miller, Patrick S.Business Administration585-292-3371
Miller, Roger A.Facilities585-292-2810
Milligan, Kathleen A.Mathematics585-292-3420
Mills, JulieROC-HPOG585-292-2776
Mills, Robert C.Engineering Technologies
Mitchell, Remegia A.Strategic Resource Dev. & Grant Management585-685-6237
Mizelle, Mazie B.Biology585-292-2734
Mohring, David E.Engineering Technologies
Mohr, Mary A.Engineering Science and Physics585-292-2487
Molinero, Juan A.Facilities585-292-2594
Monacelli, Peter M.Visual and Performing Arts
Monikowski, Richard A.Anthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology
Montrois, Patricia A.Academic Services - DC585-685-6153
Moon, CharlesEngineering Science and Physics
Moorehead, Joan L.Admissions585-292-2246
Moore, HaroldESOL/TRS
Moore, Ramona C.ESOL/TRS585-685-6154
Moran-Palma, PedroWorld Languages and Cultures
Moran, Roxanne M.Health Professions585-292-2038
Morelli, Jessica L.Counseling Center & Disability Services585-292-2143
Morey, CollinFacilities585-685-6180
Morf, Michael K.Facilities585-685-6319
Morganti, TerryApplied Technologies585-292-3700
Morgan, SarahHealth and Physical Education
Moriarty, Dennis J.ESOL/TRS
Morley, DeniseHuman Resources585-292-2119
Morrison, ShaunLaw/Criminal Justice585-685-6009
Morris, Claudette E.Advisement and Transfer Services585-292-2401
Morris, Karen L.Business Administration585-292-3282
Morris, Karen L.Hospitality585-292-3282
Morris, Sanford E.Biology
Morrow, TracyESOL/TRS
Mortellaro, Cheryl L.Public Safety585-292-2912
Moses, Lori C.Visual and Performing Arts585-292-3122
Muenzer, PaulHospitality
Muhlnickel, Robert L.English/Philosophy585-292-3243
Mulcock, Dawn M.ESOL/TRS
Mullaney, Joan C.Human Services585-685-6199
Murage, NjeruAnthrop/History/Poli. Science/Sociology585-292-3246
Murano, TeresaWorld Languages and Cultures
Murphy, Dawn M.Visual and Performing Arts585-292-3104
Murphy, Erin M.AmeriCorps585-685-6230
Murphy, James A.Biology585-292-2731
Murphy, Margaret M.English/Philosophy
Murphy, Susan L.Business Administration585-292-3365
Musgrove, Carmella R.Book Store - DC585-685-6006
Musler, Mary Louise F.585-685-6008