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V-Day 2004 at MCCPat Burdick02/03/2004
Vacancy for MCC Representative to the SUNY FCCCSusan Cable03/12/2004
Vacation ScheduleBarbara O'Connell08/12/2005
Vaccines for Seasonal Flu and H1N1 Viruses AvailableDonna Mueller11/24/2009
Valarie Avalone Elected to Board of Directors of the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)Heze Simmons, Vice President07/29/2010
Valarie Avalone nominated for SCUP BoardRaymond Shea02/08/2010
Valarie Avalone Presents at SCUPLynn Rivers08/13/2008
Valarie Avalone Presents at SCUP InstituteLynn Rivers02/25/2009
Valentine's Day at the BookstoreAlyson Levine02/11/2003
Valentine's Day At The BookstoreAlyson Levine02/07/2003
Valentine's Day Carnation SaleDonna Brennan02/13/2008
Valentine's Day Flower SaleJennifer Markham02/09/2012
Valentine's Day Flower SaleJennifer Markham02/07/2013
Valentine's Day flower saleJennifer Markham02/14/2013
Valentine's Day FundraiserJanet Zinck02/10/2006
Valentine's Day in Reflections!!! The 20th and 40th guest receive lunch for FREE!!!Diane Cheasty02/12/2007
Valentine's Day Online Quest #2Etienne Blaakman02/05/2016
Valentine's Day SALEIris Mand02/11/2008
Valentine's Day SaleIris Mand02/10/2009
Valentine's Day Sale at the BookstoreAlyson02/13/2004
Valentine's Day Sale!Iris Mand02/08/2005
Valentine's Day Sale!Iris Mand02/06/2008
Valentine's Day Sale!!!Iris Mand02/09/2010
Valentine’s Day VirusDavid Lane02/11/2008
Valentine's SalePeggy Ansaldi02/10/2012
Valentine's Sale in the BookstorePeggy Ansaldi02/14/2011
Valentines at the DCC LibraryStephanie Hranjec02/14/2008
Valentines Day SaleEtienne Blaakman02/12/2013
VALIC Financial Advisor on CampusCynthia Clark Inman10/22/2003
Valuing Our Employees: New Staff Mentoring at Moraine Valley Community CollegeSusan M. Salvador12/23/2010
Vanderhoof, Kuperus named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen10/28/2009
Vangaurd Award Nominations Now Being AcceptedPatricia Williams09/19/2005
VanKirk Elected to Rochester Public Library Board of TrusteesPeggy VanKirk02/17/2003
VanKirk to RetireTerry Keys05/29/2014
VaPA's Fred Burger Puts Laughter on Your iPhone and iPadCynthia Cooper04/28/2011
VaPA's Kate Sweeney Lights Up "Dracula"Brian Managan11/05/2009
VaPA's Production of Suburbia CancelledHeather Fox06/25/2014
VaPA's TV II Students Tour 13 WHAM-TV Maryann Cianciotto02/12/2016
VaPA Adjunct Professor's film makes television premiere on WXXIFlack, Jason03/02/2018
VaPA Adjunct Rob Linton featured in the recent Rochester Business Journal's "Fast Start" Lori Moses09/15/2014
VaPA and Creative Arts Present Elizabeth Rex by Timothy FindleyHeather Fox03/19/2012
VaPA Art Faculty Exhibition Opens TonightJanet Ekis09/17/2004
VaPA Communication Faculty Present WorkshopBarry Goldfarb02/27/2004
VaPA Faculty Member Lori Moses Presents at National ConferenceJanet Ekis08/05/2009
VaPA Faculty Members to Participate in Local Exhibit, AuctionJanet Ekis05/12/2006
VaPA Holds Visual Communication Advisory Board MeetingKristy Guerra01/17/2008
VAPA Hosts First Ever PR Press Conference Tonight!Tom Proietti04/01/2008
VaPA Installs Hi Def TV StudioMaryann Cianciotto10/02/2014
VaPA Presented With Scholarship Funds from Rochester Club of Printing House CraftsmenJanet Ekis01/23/2008
VaPA Presents Shakespeare's "All's Well That Ends Well"Heather Chang03/29/2017
VaPA presents: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) a comedyPatricia Barnes11/16/2006
VaPA presents: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) a comedyPat Barnes11/17/2006
VaPA Professor Goes HollywoodFrederick P. Burger12/05/2008
VaPA Staffers and Students Participate in Kodak Motion Picture WorkshopBarry Goldfarb05/20/2008
VaPA Students were Official Videographers for Oscars PartyJasna Bogdanovska03/10/2010
VaPA Toys for Tots Campaign Honors Granddaughter's MemoryLori Moses11/24/2014
Varied Length Attendance Bubble SheetsRGinger Toth03/09/2006
Varied Length Attendance CollectionBetsy Ripton03/06/2008
Varied Length Attendance CollectionBetsy Ripton03/20/2008
Vault Online Career LibraryLori Annesi02/09/2009
Vegas Night Challenge Winners AnnouncedPat Burdick03/08/2005
Vehicle Break-insLee Struble04/11/2006
Veiwing of the film Keepers of the GameGuess-Bardques, Char04/19/2018
Vending Machine Rewards Card!Amy Wischnowski01/13/2016
Vendor Fair Coming to MCCCourtney Belluccio11/22/2010
Vendor Fair Today and TomorrowHiggins, Catherine12/05/2018
Vendors for the Week of October 12thCatherine Higgins10/12/2015
Vendors in Brick Lounge Week of April 13 – 17thCatherine Higgins04/13/2015
Vendors in Brick Lounge Week of April 20 – 24Catherine Higgins04/20/2015
Vendors in Brick Lounge Week of April 27 – May 1Catherine Higgins04/28/2015
Vendors in Brick Lounge Week of May 4th  – May 8thCatherine Higgins05/04/2015
Vendors on CampusDonna Allen02/08/2005
Venue Change for Judicial Candidate DiscussionJodi Oriel, Assistant Director10/17/2008
Vera Bradley Accessory SaleIris Mand11/05/2008
Vera Bradley Dorm Peggy Ansaldi06/28/2012
Vera Bradley Fall Preview Event!Iris Mand06/18/2008
Vera Bradley LaunchPeggy Ansaldi11/02/2012
Vera Bradley on SaleIris Mand05/25/2007
Vera Bradley on Sale at MCC Bookstore!Iris Mand12/18/2006
Vera Bradley on Sale!Iris Mand12/15/2006
Vera Bradley SaleAlison Kranitz03/17/2009
Vera Bradley SalePeggyAnsaldi11/26/2012
Vera Bradley SaleCarol McKeown06/30/2015
Vera Bradley Sale Today Only Jenna Keefe10/23/2013
Vera Bradley Sale!Iris Mand02/09/2009
Vera Bradley Summer Collection Arrives at the BookstorePeggy Ansaldi03/29/2011
Vera Bradley Summer Colors LaunchPeggy Ansaldi03/23/2012
Vera Bradley Summer LaunchJenna Keefe03/21/2013
Vera Bradley Tote Winners!Iris Mand06/26/2008
Vera SalePeggy Ansaldi04/16/2012
Verdis Robinson Attending Columbia Universary's Institute for African-American Studies' Summer InstituteVerdis Robinson05/20/2016
Verizon Representative on Campus February 27Human Resources Team02/11/2014
Verizon Wireless users in buildings 3, 9 and 11 - Building repeater system downtime this summer.Roehrig, Bradley06/06/2018
Verizon Wireless users in buildings 3, 9 and 11 - Building repeater system temporarily down.Roehrig, Bradley06/11/2018
Vestibule Floor Repairs in Building 10Doug Ford01/05/2010
Veteran's College ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez04/17/2015
Veteran Appreciation WeekBartkovich, Lori11/02/2018
Veteran Career Opportunities Seminar to be Hosted at MCCJohn J. Perrone Jr.11/17/2011
Veteran Career Opportunities Seminar to be Hosted at MCC Sheila Manns01/13/2012
Veteran One-on-One TutoringBartkovich, Lori09/25/2018
Veteran Services Mural to be Featured on CW RochesterJanet Ekis12/13/2013
Veteran Services Office Participate in Guard/Reserve Tour, Info Session Peggy Harvey-Lee07/01/2013
Veteran Services Participates in “Capitol for a Day”Taine Vinci07/14/2015
Veteran Student Article Published by Holly WheelerTina Morrill09/19/2012
Veterans' Faculty Mentor ProgramHeather Williams05/10/2011
Veterans' Faculty Mentor ProgramHeather Williams09/14/2011
Veterans' Faculty Mentor Program Name Change and Call for MentorsHeather Williams01/12/2012
Veterans’ Resource Center Opening in the Brighton Campus LibraryRichard Squires09/08/2014
Veterans Appreciation Week 11/7-11/12Jessica Barone10/27/2016
Veterans Appreciation Week at MCC: Brighton and Damon City CampusesHolly Wheeler11/05/2013
Veterans Appreciation Week DisplayStephanie Hranjec11/10/2015
Veterans Appreciation Week EventsJessica Barone11/05/2015
Veterans Appreciation Week Reminder!Jessica Barone11/04/2016
Veterans Appreciation Week: Nov. 11-15Holly Wheeler10/23/2013
Veterans Day Ceremony on the Brighton CampusBartkovich, Lori11/08/2018
Veterans Day Ceremony on the Downtown CampusBartkovich, Lori11/06/2018
Veterans Day Mail ServiceCarol A. Battles11/11/2003
Veterans Day Mail ServiceCarol A. Battles11/10/2005
Veterans Day Mail ServiceCarol A. Battles11/11/2011
Veterans Day Mail ServiceThe Mail Services Team11/07/2014
Veterans Day Speaker at DCCPaula Fahy11/09/2012
Veterans Day Tour & Information SessionAndrew W. Freeman11/14/2006
Veterans Early Alert ProgramTaine Vinci09/25/2015
Veterans in Continuing Education: Transition, Enrollment, and Retention PracticesTaine Vinci11/12/2013
Veterans in the Classroom: STARS Workshop ReminderHolly Wheeler04/16/2012
Veterans Reading and Discussion GroupDr. Ann V. Topping07/21/2014
Veterans Reading and Discussion GroupVilma Patterson12/09/2014
Veterans Resource FairBartkovich, Lori11/07/2018
Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Wyatt presentation: Are Humans the Only Ones Who Benefit From Zoos?Jan Peters03/30/2004
Vice President Biden and Dr. Biden Cite MCC in EssayCynthia Mapes04/26/2016
Vice President for Student Services Open Forum Marlene Fine, Emeterio Otero01/27/2014
Vice President Glocker Interviewed Regarding Students from ChinaRosanna Condello08/04/2008
Vice President Grzelak to RetireR. Thomas Flynn02/06/2007
Vice President Salvador Named Finalist for 23rd Annual Athena AwardAnne Kress11/13/2009
Vice President Salvador Presents at ACPA ConferenceLinda Ziegler04/27/2011
Vice Presidents' Town Hall MeetingJeffrey P. Bartkovich11/03/2014
Vice Presidents' Town Hall MeetingJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost and Vice President11/10/2014
Vice President, Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services, Open ForumMarlene Fine10/08/2010
Vice President, Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services, Open Forum Marlene Fine10/14/2010
Vice President, Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services, Open Forum - Room 5-331 Marlene Fine10/22/2010
Vice President, Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services, Open Forum - Room 8-100Marlene Fine10/21/2010
Vicki Rocha accepts new position at Rochester Institute of TechnologyPearce, Dale06/28/2017
Video of College-Wide Forum on MCC SchoolsSheila M. Strong09/27/2016
Video of New Downtown Campus Available OnlineCynthia Cooper Mapes09/24/2015
Video Produced at PSTF Used in Monroe County Cyberbullying InitiativeJohn Frontuto12/18/2008
Video Stream of Employee Recognition Ceremony Available Human Resources Team06/01/2010
Video Stream Professional Development Presentations from the Empire Room to your Desktop ... Today!Amanda Colosimo06/09/2015
Videoconference -- INTERNET 2: A NEW RESOURCE FOR EDUCATIONValarie Avalone09/11/2002
Videos on the web: Open Forums for the Assistant to the President, Human Resources and Organizational DevelopmentJeremy Case, Sheila Strong10/06/2014
Video: Female Mathematicians in World War IIPeter Collinge04/26/2011
View From the Presidents and APPCC UpdatesNancy Price10/14/2002
View the All College Day celebration featuring Dr. Walter BumphusJeremy Case09/02/2014
View the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Henry Brown02/27/2012
View the New MCC Television Commercial OnlineConstance Herrera10/09/2002
View Your Advising CaseloadJohnson, Gary10/10/2018
Viewing of the movie: Food, Inc. Jennifer Hill02/10/2011
Viewing the Brighton Open Hearings on the Damon CampusJeremy Case04/13/2009
Vilma Morrow awarded the Latinas Unidas Leadership Service AwardMichele Reed11/13/2003
Vilma Morrow Presents to Ithaca College Student LeadersRick Sadwick03/08/2004
Virginia M. Dunn, Associate Professor EmeritaR. Thomas Flynn02/07/2008
Virtual Campus Center NewsletterLawrence Dugan07/15/2015
Virtual Campus Center Open House Lawrence Dugan06/16/2015
Virtual Campus Instructional Development Team Wins Award for Professional DevelopmentKeys, Terrance11/06/2018
Virtual Campus Learning Opportunities – Don’t be left out!Marie Gibson09/15/2015
Virtual Campus September Newsletter Dr. Lawrence Dugan09/09/2015
Virtual Campus WebinarHagreen, Sarah05/19/2017
Virtual DUI Simulator on April 7Jon Cahill, Publicity and Promotions Chair04/01/2010
Virtual Seminar: Animals, Allergies, Autism and Accessibility: Recent Developments in Student Disability AccommodationsDiane M. Cecero11/11/2013
Virtual Student Activities AudioconferenceCarol Wilkinson02/11/2005
Virtual Student Discount available at Public MarketPatterson, Vilma09/18/2018
Virus Alert - WORM_SOBER.AG
Donna Pogroszewski11/29/2005
Visit ATC Friday to celebrate National Alternative Fuel Vehicle DayKristy Mooney Graves10/16/2014
Visit by Verizon Wireless Rep for Employee Discount OfferChristine Montagliano12/10/2007
Visit by Verizon Wireless Rep for Employee Discount Offer Human Resources Team09/14/2011
Visit Our New "MCC Downtown" Web PagesCynthia Cooper12/14/2011
Visit the Campus Center Website!Pat Burdick02/02/2007
Visit the Career Center Facebook Page!Kathy Baxter and Pam Miller04/06/2010
Visit the First Year Experience and Orientation OfficeCatherine Higgins09/14/2011
Visit the Newest Hot Spot on the Brighton Campus!Janet Ekis07/11/2003
Visit to DCC by poet Jason CraneJulie White05/11/2010
Visit Today's Employee Expo!Human Resources Team09/01/2010
Visiting American-Indian Short-Fiction Writer Toni Jensen at MCC Thursday and FridayMaria Brandt03/22/2011
Visiting Comic Nonfiction Writer Sarah GliddenBrandt, Maria03/27/2018
Visiting Fiction Writer Dinah Cox on MCC Campus: 11/3-4/2016Tony Leuzzi10/26/2016
Visiting Non-Fiction Writer Rolf PottsMaria Brandt03/26/2015
Visiting Playwright Sam HunterMaria Brandt02/02/2015
Visiting Playwright Sam Hunter: This Thursday and Friday!Maria Brandt03/11/2015
Visiting Playwright Samuel D. Hunter Teaching Packet AvailableAnn Tippett03/06/2015
Visiting Poet David Rivard: Reading and WorkshopLeuzzi, Anthony10/16/2018
Visiting Poet Here This WeekTina Woodruff10/13/2015
Visiting Poet: Marie Howe October 12-13 at Brighton CampusLeuzzi, Anthony10/09/2017
Visiting Professor from Cancun, Mexico to speak on Economics, Tourism & Sustainability - Wed 12/7Gale Lynch12/06/2016
Visiting Rochester's Greener PasturesDaniel Robertson06/14/2011
Visiting Scholar Series – Save the DatesJodi Oriel09/08/2008
Visiting Scholar Series to Feature Celebrated Authors, ScholarsJodi Oriel09/14/2009
Visiting Scholar Tina Rosenberg Addresses the Power of Positive Peer PressureJodi Oriel12/05/2011
Visiting Scholars for Spring 2007Jodi Oriel12/04/2006
Visiting Scholars Spring 2004 Series - Save the Dates!Jodi Oriel, Program Manager12/12/2003
Visiting Speaker, Wes Moore, PostponedJodi Oriel03/03/2016
Visiting Writer Mark Doty at MCCMaria Brandt02/04/2014
Visiting Writer Mark Doty at MCC This Thursday and Friday!Maria Brandt03/25/2014
Visiting Writer Mary Ruefle to Present for Creative Arts Committee’s 2013-14 Creative Reading SeriesTony Leuzzi10/22/2013
Visiting Writer Michael Klein: This Week!Maria Brandt03/26/2013
Visitors Welcome at MCC's Archaeological "Dig" Open Housedavid day07/21/2005
Visual and Performing Arts Professor's Art Work on Display at The Little Theatre CafeFranzie Weldgen12/18/2012
Viswanathan Dental Studies Clinic: Now Accepting Patients Linda Crowner02/04/2013
Vocabulary and Names Used in English Literature, Writing Courses and Drama are Now Available in ASL.  Rita Straubhaar03/28/2017
Voice of the Voter Initiative Comes to MCCCynthia Cooper10/27/2009
Voice of the Voter Survey Shows Support for MCC Move to Kodak PropertiesCynthia Cooper10/23/2012
Voicemail – Did You Know?Brad Roehrig09/28/2016
Voicemail Message LightJames Clement04/07/2011
Voicemail Upgrade – How it impacts you!Donna Pogroszewski04/13/2011
Voices and Scenes of AfricaGreg Bocchino11/11/2005
Voices of Vigilance Program featuring Author Somaly MamRegina Fabbro04/01/2010
Voices of Vigilance Program featuring Author Somaly Mam Regina Fabbro03/08/2010
Voices of Vigilance Program Focuses on the Holodomor: Extermination by Hunger Brandilea Trescott02/24/2011
Voices of Vigilance: Antisemitism and IranRegina Fabbro03/02/2016
Voices of Vigilance: The Rise of Hate and ExtremismFabbro, Regina03/19/2018
Voices of Vigilance: Women, War, & PeaceRegina Fabbro02/11/2014
VoIP Maintenance Friday MorningJames Clement09/03/2009
VoIP Maintenance on Thursday MorningJames Clement08/19/2009
VoIP Maintenance on Thursday MorningJames Clement08/19/2009
VoIP Maintenance on Tuesday MorningJames Clement07/13/2009
VoIP Phone System Scheduled Maintenance Sunday 2/15/09James Clement02/13/2009
Volleyball fifth in preseason pollTom Garigen08/31/2006
Volleyball to host final home game tonightTom Garigen10/14/2010
Volleyball to host regional match TuesdayTom Garigen10/27/2009
Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive PlanMelissa Fingar04/11/2016
Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive PlanMelissa Fingar04/26/2016
Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Plan DeadlineMelissa Fingar05/13/2016
Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Plan Submission Deadline ApproachingMelissa Fingar05/11/2016
Volunteer Month Spotlight--National Coalition Building InstituteJulie White04/18/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight--RAIHNAnita Manuele04/11/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight -- Friends of Pine Ridge ReservationDawn Wendt04/18/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight -- Isaiah HouseDonna Burke04/10/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight -- RochesterCaresDavid Monroe04/05/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight -- St. Joseph's Neighborhood CenterCynthia Cooper04/03/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight - Court Appointed Special AdvocatesBarbara Connolly04/19/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight - InterVolDan Robertson and Barb Connolly04/07/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight - Juvenile Diabetes Research FoundationKimberley P. Collins04/17/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight - Project Linus "Blanketeers"Carol Wilkinson04/14/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight - Rochester Genealogical SocietyBarbara Connolly04/04/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight - Say Yes To YourSelfMichael Nolan04/06/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight - The Landmark Society of Western New York and Genesee Country Village and MuseumBarbara Connolly04/13/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight - "Women In This Together" (WITT)Deborah Isbell-Jones04/12/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight: American Diabetes FoundationTerry Tugel and Pete Otero04/27/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight: Community Emergency Response TeamMarilyn Rosche, Program Director04/21/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight: East House, You'll Find Hope at Our East HouseCharlotte Downing04/20/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight: Rochester Oratorio SocietyRosanna Condello04/25/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight: St. Andrew's Catholic ChurchBarbara Connolly04/26/2006
Volunteer Month Spotlight: Unknown MCC Runners Raise Money to Fight CancerCynthia Cooper04/24/2006
Volunteer Opportunity at Foodlink on SaturdayCatharine Ganze-Smith03/01/2010
Volunteer Opportunity for StudentsGlasgow, Shannon02/02/2018
Volunteer opportunity to mentor a military childVilma Morrow11/13/2012
Volunteer with FIRST LEGO League at DCC!Donna Augustine09/12/2007
Volunteering at the MCC Child Care CenterJanet Ekis05/01/2009
Volunteers and Sponsors Needed for "Left to Tell" FundraiserAngelique Stevens03/28/2008
Volunteers Establish a New MCC TraditionMark J. Pastorella10/10/2006
Volunteers Make Alumni Week and Homecoming a SuccessKaren Shaw10/16/2012
Volunteers Make Alumni Week and Homecoming a Success!Karen Shaw12/02/2013
Volunteers Make Alumni Week and Homecoming a Success!Karen Shaw '7810/17/2014
Volunteers Needed -- Welcome Wagon Volunteer Brigade Lisa Truman09/02/2015
Volunteers Needed - National Science Bowl - this Saturday at DCC!Donna Augustine02/07/2008
Volunteers Needed for Academic Grievance Hearing Committee PoolFaculty Senate06/15/2005
Volunteers Needed for Academic Grievance Hearing Committee PoolSandy Wynne04/19/2007
Volunteers Needed for Academic Grievance Hearing Committee PoolDonna Burke05/01/2009
Volunteers Needed for Academic Grievance Hearing Committee PoolChristine Abbott05/04/2011
Volunteers Needed for Academic Grievance Hearing Committee PoolWheeler, Holly01/30/2018
Volunteers Needed for Academic Grievance Hearing Committee Pool Christine Abbott04/30/2013
Volunteers Needed for Academic Grievance Hearing Committee Pool Mark Ernsthausen10/07/2013
Volunteers Needed for Adopt-A-Highway Project
Valarie Avalone10/26/2005
Volunteers Needed for CommencementRichard Ryther04/24/2008
Volunteers Needed for CommencementRichard Ryther04/16/2009
Volunteers Needed for Commencement Richard Ryther04/16/2010
Volunteers Needed for Commencement Richard Ryther04/13/2011
Volunteers Needed for Commencement Richard Ryther04/13/2012
Volunteers Needed for Commencement Richard Ryther04/18/2013
Volunteers Needed for Commencement - Last CallRichard Ryther05/16/2013
Volunteers Needed for Day of ActionMarilyn Rosche09/11/2008
Volunteers Needed for Event to Benefit Firefighters' Memorial Scholarship FundMark Pastorella04/02/2013
Volunteers Needed for Express Enrollment Days!Randy Bowen05/15/2014
Volunteers Needed for Express Enrollment Days!Randy Bowen06/11/2014
Volunteers Needed for Express Enrollment Days!Randy Bowen04/22/2015
Volunteers Needed for MCC Career Connection ProgramSally Dingee05/16/2011
Volunteers Needed for MCC Career Connection Program Sally Dingee09/26/2011
Volunteers Needed For Middle States StudyChristine Abbott01/30/2004
Volunteers needed for recycle bin distributionHaines, John02/07/2018
Volunteers Needed for Residence Hall Helping HandsMartin Glieco08/21/2006
Volunteers Needed for Residence Halls Helping HandsMartin Glieco08/24/2006
Volunteers Needed for Strategic Planning TeamValarie Avalone09/23/2005
Volunteers Needed for Strategic Planning TeamAnne M. Kress02/01/2011
Volunteers Needed for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day in AprilAnne J. Perry03/07/2006
Volunteers Needed for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day!Laura Coriddi03/27/2008
Volunteers Needed for the FA Legislative CommitteeBethany Gizzi09/21/2011
Volunteers Needed for Welcome Wagon BrigadeLisa Truman08/23/2016
Volunteers Needed for Welcome Wagon BrigadeLawson, Matthew08/11/2017
Volunteers Needed for Welcome Wagon Brigade at the Brighton CampusLawson, Matthew08/09/2018
Volunteers Needed for Welcome Wagon Brigade at the Brighton CampusLawson, Matthew11/29/2018
Volunteers needed to assist at Innovations 2005Dr. Susan Salvador09/15/2004
Volunteers Needed to Give BloodBetty Stewart04/23/2004
Volunteers Needed To Welcome StudentsVirginia Geer-Mentry08/28/2013
Volunteers Needed to Welcome StudentsAnne M. Kress08/22/2014
Volunteers Needed to Welcome Students Anne M. Kress08/15/2013
Volunteers Needed! Join TDC and Sen. Robach on National Voter Registration DayVerdis L. Robinson, TDC Campus Coordinator09/18/2013
Volunteers Needed: Grievance Advisors for FacultyHolly Wheeler02/17/2017
Volunteers Still Needed for Event to Benefit West Webster Firefighters' Memorial Scholarship FundMark Pastorella04/08/2013
Volunteers still Needed for Welcome Wagon BrigadeLawson, Matthew08/22/2017
Vote for Hannah Barnett for Lacrosse Player of the YearTom Garigen11/21/2012
Vote for the MCC Libraries in RRLC's 2017 Library of the Year ContestAlice Wilson04/06/2017
Vote for the MCC Libraries in the Rochester Regional Library Council's Library of the Year ContestWilson, Alice04/11/2018
Vote for the Women's History Month Featured FilmThomas Christopher Priester03/07/2008
Voter Education Week at DCC - September 15-19Rick Sadwick09/15/2008
Voter RegistrationBetty Stewart03/01/2016
Voter Registration Continues October 8-11 Ellen Mancuso10/05/2012
Voter Registration Drive SuccessDina Giovanelli03/15/2016
Voter Registration Effort Garners TV CoverageYuen-Eng, Hency09/27/2018
Voter Registration New Location - Table Moved to TerraceEllen Mancuso10/01/2008
Voter Registration TableEllen Mancuso09/29/2008
Voter Registration Table Ellen Mancuso10/10/2011
Voting for Faculty Senate Officers Now OpenHeel, Michael06/15/2017
VP Biden Praises MCC for Innovative Job-training ProgramsHency Yuen-Eng07/29/2015
VP for Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services AppointedAnne M. Kress12/07/2010
VWEP Students Available to Assist in your Department Vilma Morrow04/16/2010
VWEP Students Available to Assist in your Department Vilma Morrow10/28/2010
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