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U-Pass Program Garners Media CoverageYuen-Eng, Hency09/05/2018
U of R on Campus 3/31/03 for Advisor-In-Residence programSherry Sweet03/24/2003
UB on Campus 3/18/03 for Advisor-In-ResidenceSherry Sweet03/17/2003
UB School of Pharmacy Information Session for Students, Faculty and StaffRebecca Mack10/03/2014
UB Virtual Meetings for MCC StudentsMack, Rebecca09/17/2021
Uda Earns Athlete of the Week HonorsTom Garigen11/28/2005
Uda, Fuller named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen03/14/2007
Uda, Mosley named MCC Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen11/14/2006
UDL Training VideoEileen Radigan10/11/2011
Uduk Hope: Strategizing Intervention in Doro Refugee Camp (10:30-12pm) Empire RoomEllis, Barbara06/05/2018
Ugly Warts of Grading #3 How Many Ways Can You Do A Bubble Sheet Incorrectly?Deborah Benjamin05/09/2006
Ugly Warts of Grading #4 How Many Ways Can You Input Grades On Line Incorrectly?Deborah Benjamin05/10/2006
Ukraine Supply DriveMartin, Denee03/17/2022
Ukraine Supply DriveMartin, Denee04/27/2022
Ukrainian Delegation visits MCCLee, Christina04/20/2018
Ukrainian Educators on Campus TodayRosanna Condello10/17/2011
Uma wins national title at swim championshipsTom Garigen03/13/2007
Uma, Soechtig named MCC Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen12/05/2006
Un-boo-lievable Halloween Sale in the BookstoreJenna Keefe10/08/2014
UNCF HBCU College and MCC Transfer FairJoan Moorehead10/29/2015
Undeclared Majors FairElizabeth Baxter11/16/2016
Undeclared Workshop SeriesSally Barton Dingee02/23/2005
Undeliverable Emails to Purchasing Department General EmailBates, Patrick09/30/2020
Under Armour on Sale!Iris Mand07/01/2009
Under Cover ProjectLynda Cowie11/17/2011
Under Three EmpiresJodi Oriel10/08/2007
Undergraduate Research Project Leads to PublicationLydia Tien10/30/2012
Undergraduate Research, Scholary Inquiry, and Creative Activity at MCCBrandt, Maria10/15/2019
Undergraduate Research, Scholary Inquiry, and Creative Activity (URSICA) at MCCBrandt, Maria02/03/2020
Understanding Civil Service WorkshopAlberta Lee07/14/2006
Understanding Grief and LossJulie White02/27/2008
Understanding how coursework not applicable to current degree program can impact financial aid eligibilityRamon L. Rodriguez10/22/2008
Understanding How Remedial Coursework Can Impact Financial Aid EligibilityRamon L. Rodriguez10/21/2008
Understanding the Intersection of Gender, Race and Mental HealthGantt, Calvin03/04/2019
Understanding the Rights of Transgender StudentsBethany Gizzi03/23/2017
Unemployment Insurance Fraud Alert and ResourcesLowe, Kristin03/02/2021
Uninsured?Jeanne Flanagan, RN BSN03/18/2014
Uninsured? It's Open Enrollment Time for the Affordable Care ActJeanne Flanagan, RN12/02/2014
Unintentional Intolerance, What Nice People Need to KnowDiane M. Cecero12/04/2006
Unique 3D Technology DemoJeff Bartkovich02/11/2005
Unique Birthday Club Offer at Reflections on Ice!!!Diane Cheasty02/20/2003
Unique Careers in the Social SciencesBaxter, Elizabeth03/19/2018
Unique volleyball match helps build camaraderieYule, Rosanna03/21/2022
United as One: A Statement from the SUNY Board of Trustees, Chancellor Malatras, and OthersYule, Rosanna03/19/2021
UNITED DriveaWAY SweepstakesKevin Foley and Millie Lewis04/25/2003
United Nations Buffet in Reflections Today!!!Diane Cheasty05/03/2012
United Nations Interfaith Harmony Faith FairGale Lynch02/27/2015
United WayDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President03/24/2008
United Way's LIVE UNITED Campaign BeginsMike McDonough03/08/2010
United Way - We are over the top!Kevin Foley & Millie Lewis06/03/2004
United Way - You are What Matters!!!!Kevin Foley & Millie Lewis07/13/2005
United Way 100th Birthday Party!Daniels, April04/11/2018
United Way Agency: 292 BABYCharlotte Downing & Peter Collinge04/23/2007
United Way Campaign - M & T SponsorshipAnnette Agness, Director02/24/2010
United Way Campaign - The Final PushMichael J. McDonough04/27/2011
United Way Campaign - The Final PushClayton Jones and Betty Stewart05/15/2012
United Way Campaign - The Final PushMartha Maher-Garcia04/24/2014
United Way Campaign - The Final Push Clayton Jones04/11/2013
United Way Campaign Closing – Not Too Late to Make Your PledgeMartha Maher-Garcia and Julianna Frisch05/13/2014
United Way Campaign Extended One Week!Charlotte Downing & Peter Collinge05/03/2007
United Way Campaign has been extended! We still need your help!Benedict, Sarah05/17/2017
United Way Campaign Heats UpMike McDonough03/18/2010
United Way Campaign Kick-Off EventJulianna Frisch, Martha Maher-Garcia, Marie Gibson03/10/2014
United Way Campaign Kick-Off Monday March 9th and 10th!Kimberley Willis03/03/2015
United Way Campaign Kick-Off: March 6th and 8th!Carrie Chapman03/06/2017
United Way Campaign Kick-Off: March 7th and 9th!Aubrey Zamiara, Jon Iuzzini, and Marie Gibson03/03/2016
United Way Campaign Organization FairMessenger, Ryan04/16/2018
United Way Campaign Picking up Steam!Patrick Bates03/28/2008
United Way Campaign Reaches $100,000Charlotte Downing & Peter Collinge05/16/2007
United Way Campaign UpdateSprague, Courtney03/30/2018
United Way Campaign UpdateMack, Rebecca04/27/2022
United Way Campaign Update and ReminderPatrick Bates04/07/2008
United Way Campaign Update and ReminderAnnette Agness03/23/2009
United Way Campaign Update: 58% of GoalCharlotte Downing & Peter Collinge04/17/2007
United Way Campaign Week 2 Update: 30% of GoalCharlotte Downing & Peter Collinge04/04/2007
United Way Campaign: Final Week!Jonathan Iuzzini04/12/2016
United Way Chili Cook-Off TodayMessenger, Ryan03/28/2019
United Way Department Change Challenge 2017Sarah Benedict03/06/2017
United Way Kick-off a SuccessClayton Jones03/12/2013
United Way Kick-off a SuccessJulianna Frisch and Martha Maher-Garcia03/26/2014
United Way of Greater Rochester Assists One of Our OwnPatrick Bates04/23/2008
United Way of Rochester Award of ExcellenceJulianna Frisch, Marie Gibson, Clayton Jones07/12/2013
United Way Online Campaign: eWay Brown Bag SessionsCharlotte Downing and Peter Collinge04/11/2007
United Way Parents Night Out FundraiserSprague, Courtney03/29/2018
United Way Picnic on March 31Annette Agness, Director03/30/2010
United Way Silent Auction Starts Today - Open to See List of ItemsMessenger, Ryan04/02/2019
United Way UpdateKevin Foley and Millie Lewis06/03/2003
United Way Wrap-up: It’s not too lateKevin Foley & Millie Lewis05/12/2005
United Way Wrap Up: It's not too lateKevin Foley & Millie Lewis05/12/2004
Universal Bus Pass Program to Begin September 9thDelate, John08/31/2020
Universal Bus Pass (U-Pass) Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersFrisch, Julianna08/23/2018
Universal Course Design Workshop Eileen Radigan02/09/2012
Universal Design for Learning WorkshopEileen Radigan09/22/2011
Universal Design: Five Steps to Make Your Course AccessibleJulie Damerell10/24/2013
University at Buffalo -  Environmental Design Information Sessions for Students and Faculty/StaffRebecca Mack02/13/2015
University Faculty Senate and the Faculty Council of Community CollegesDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President01/23/2008
Unlock These Rooms with the Secret KeyKimberley Willis01/22/2015
Unlock These Rooms with the Secret Key...Valerie Couderc12/04/2013
Unlock These Rooms with the Secret Key... Kimberley Willis10/09/2014
Unsung Hero BeesDianne E McConkey04/02/2007
Unsung "Shero" Deborah BenjaminKimberley Willis03/28/2014
UNYCC ReportSimmons, Hezekiah02/08/2021
UofR student/MCC graduate calls community colleges "a better option"Cynthia Cooper12/09/2013
Up To The Minute Shuttle Details for Finals Week and Winter BreakVirginia Geer-Mentry12/13/2013
Up to $2,000 John and Mary Koch Liberal Arts ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez05/17/2010
Up to $2,000 Offered through John and Mary Koch Liberal Arts ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez04/28/2011
Up to $5,000 in Scholarships for Hospitality StudentsRamon L. Rodriguez03/11/2008
Upcoming 5k Event, 9/15/18 and Traffic NoticeWinslow, Jr., Tom09/10/2018
Upcoming Athletic EventsRobyn Malloy Pepicelli09/17/2003
Upcoming Book Drive to Support RCSD K-12 StudentsKimberley Collins, Kristen Love, Mark McBride, Shirley Provost04/10/2014
Upcoming Brighton Campus TCC Conversation: "Cultivate a Growing Edge in Your Students"Amy Burtner11/09/2016
Upcoming Career Events and ProgramsMayo, Michelle10/08/2018
Upcoming Career Events and ProgramsMayo, Michelle10/29/2018
Upcoming Career Events and ProgramsMayo, Michelle11/26/2018
Upcoming Career Forum for StudentsHolly Wynn-Preische03/18/2005
Upcoming COIL Course Orientation - Registration Now Open!Gale Lynch05/05/2016
Upcoming College 101 for Parents Workshop Featured on WHEC's News at Noon Janet Ekis11/10/2016
Upcoming COVID-19 Pooled Testing SessionsYule, Rosanna07/16/2021
Upcoming Deliberative Dialogues on Safety and Justice and The Future of WorkScanlon, Joseph09/28/2020
Upcoming Deliberative Dialogues on Safety and Justice and The Future of WorkScanlon, Joseph10/06/2020
Upcoming Deliberative Forum on Food InsecurityScanlon, Joseph03/05/2018
Upcoming Deliberative Forum on Food InsecurityScanlon, Joseph03/21/2018
Upcoming Deliberative Forum on Food InsecurityScanlon, Joseph03/21/2018
Upcoming Event - Liliac FestivalYolanda D. Johnson05/11/2007
Upcoming Event Featured in City NewspaperEkis, Janet04/25/2019
Upcoming Events at the Teaching & Creativity CenterJonathan Iuzzini03/21/2014
Upcoming Events for 2017 Veterans Appreciation Week Nov. 6-10Wheeler, Eric10/25/2017
Upcoming Exhibit to Feature MCC ArtistsJanet Ekis07/19/2007
Upcoming Faculty Association Membership MeetingsLenhard, Sonja09/15/2017
Upcoming Faculty Association Membership MeetingsSonja Lenhard09/16/2016
Upcoming Faculty Association Membership MeetingsLenhard, Sonja09/06/2018
Upcoming Faculty/Staff Survey for The Chronicle’s Great Colleges to Work For ProgramAnne M. Kress03/07/2016
Upcoming Financial Literacy WorkshopsPatterson, Vilma03/04/2019
Upcoming Hispanic Heritage Month CelebrationMarisol Reyes09/29/2014
Upcoming Holidays, Key Fall Semester DatesYule, Rosanna10/29/2021
Upcoming information session for Leave for Professional Advancement for the Benefit of the CollegeScanlon, Joseph01/21/2020
Upcoming Massage Therapy Clinic DatesJanet Townsend10/17/2002
Upcoming MCC Colloquium is Focus of RBJ ArticleHency Yuen-Eng02/17/2014
Upcoming Meeting of Diversity Council Strategic Direction Committee #2: Enriching and Broadening the Student ExperienceDon Beech & Marlene Fine10/14/2009
Upcoming National Kidney Foundation Subaru Touch-A-ThonBrenda Washington01/31/2006
Upcoming Nutrition Workshops at the Downtown CampusHowell, Ambika03/12/2018
Upcoming Photo ID Office HoursCraig Proctor01/05/2015
Upcoming Presentation by Narcotics Anonymous at the Downtown CampusMandly, Elizabeth04/25/2018
Upcoming Seeds of Success Workshop - Wednesday, March 3rdKennell, Morgan02/23/2021
Upcoming Seeds of Success Workshop Part 2Kennell, Morgan02/23/2022
Upcoming Seeds of Success WorkshopsKennell, Morgan01/26/2022
Upcoming Theatre SeasonHeather Fox03/04/2013
Upcoming Theme Days in Reflections Restaurant!!Diane Cheasty10/20/2011
Upcoming Title IX Tuesday Topics: Athletics (Today), Criminal Justice, and LGBTQ Body Positivity!Trudeau, Shelby11/10/2020
Upcoming Virtual Campus Training for November and DecemberGilbert, Andrea11/01/2019
Upcoming Virtual Campus Training for November and DecemberGilbert, Andrea11/04/2019
Upcoming Virtual Career FairsKull, Christian10/13/2017
Upcoming Webinar: Assessing the Effectiveness of Programs for At-Risk Students: Strategies that Work"Kate Smith06/06/2012
Upcoming Webinar: "Creating and Implementing an Online Orientation Program from the Ground Up"Kate Smith06/05/2012
Upcoming WXXI Radio and TV Interviews with President KressCynthia Cooper02/15/2011
Upcoming Yoga session for students-Downtown CampusHowell, Ambika11/02/2017
Update- Resident Assistant Application Deadline Extended until March 15th!Shelitha Dickerson02/28/2005
Update - Building Services - Pest ControlFred McCullough11/08/2005
Update - Campus Events Reservation ApplicationYolanda Johnson05/30/2007
Update and Correction Regarding Summer HoursAlberta G. Lee, Assistant to the President04/21/2014
Update and Reflections from the Chief Diversity OfficerGantt, Calvin11/13/2018
Update for Building 8 RestroomsDavid A. Schottler06/22/2012
Update from Governor Andrew M. CuomoYule, Rosanna05/04/2020
Update from Gretta & Friends: "We Can't Come Take Care of You For Awhile"O'Shea, Kathleen03/12/2020
Update from MCC’s Sustainability Steering CommitteeValarie Avalone12/06/2013
Update from Middle States CommissionPlanning Office03/19/2013
Update from President FlynnR. Thomas Flynn06/07/2004
Update from the MCC Board of Trustees MeetingCynthia Cooper08/11/2009
Update from the MCC Board of Trustees MeetingCynthia Cooper10/06/2009
Update from the MCC Board of Trustees MeetingCynthia Cooper12/08/2009
Update from the MCC Board of Trustees MeetingCynthia Cooper02/02/2010
Update from the MCC Board of Trustees MeetingCynthia Cooper03/23/2010
Update from the MCC Board of Trustees MeetingCynthia Cooper04/27/2010
Update Goes GreenerRosanne Rivers02/06/2009
Update on Application Review ProcessSusan M. Salvador02/08/2010
Update on Banner Finance Grant Account and Operating Account TrainingMarie Fetzner08/04/2004
Update on Building Services' ChangesGrindle, Blaine04/10/2018
Update on Civility Issues Audio ConferenceLeah Dyer01/27/2005
Update on Contract NegotiationsAnne M. Kress01/31/2013
Update on Cost Savings Efforts and Requests for Reduced Work SchedulesFingar, Melissa07/02/2020
Update on Dave Pelzer TicketsJodi Oriel10/20/2004
Update on Dean, Academic FoundationsCharlotte Downing06/11/2013
Update on Donations for Military in IraqJanet Zinck10/24/2007
Update on Interim President Candidates, Visit ScheduleLovenheim, Barbara12/06/2019
Update on Legacy Award Honors Nominations!Carmen Powers01/26/2012
Update on Life Insurance and Long Term Disability Carrier and RatesColleen Lunney12/17/2003
Update on MCC's New Downtown CampusHezekiah Simmons, CFO and Vice President05/06/2015
Update on Microsoft Office 2007Donna Pogroszewski01/22/2008
Update on Operation ToothfairyBette Bovenzi, Orientation Coordinator11/28/2006
Update on our Search for a Permanent Site for our Downtown CampusAnne M. Kress10/18/2010
Update on our Search for a Permanent Site for our Downtown Campus Anne M. Kress12/07/2010
Update on our Search for a Permanent Site for our Downtown Campus Anne M. Kress06/13/2011
Update on Recommendations about Student WithdrawalsWade, Andrea04/08/2019
Update on Starfish Early AlertKate Smith01/06/2015
Update on Student Attendance Policy Rollout and Updates to the CIS LanguageWade, Andrea12/20/2019
Update on Summer and Fall MarketingDebra Davis04/10/2015
Update on SUNY Vax MandateBurt-Nanna, DeAnna09/28/2021
Update on Testing Hours for Accommodated StudentsPantaleo, Sarah09/13/2021
Update on the Renovation of Bldg. 9 General Classrooms - Open MeetingEd Martin04/15/2010
Update on the Renovation of the Building 9 General Classrooms - Open MeetingEd Martin10/02/2009
Update on the Status of MCC's Fall PlanBurt-Nanna, DeAnna07/01/2021
Update on Water Test FindingsHezekiah Simmons07/08/2016
Update on Weekend myMCC/Blackboard IssueYule, Rosanna03/01/2021
Update to Math Advising ChartsPatricia Burgess10/23/2012
Update to Outbound Calls in the Flynn Campus CenterCourtney Belluccio02/29/2012
Update to Outbound Calls in the Flynn Campus Center Kimberley Willis and Bradley Roehrig01/28/2015
Update to Survey article - corrected text. Please read !Grindle, Blaine12/12/2019
Update your 2011 Tax Allowances ElectronicallyJudy Bertram04/29/2011
Update your contact information via myMCC in order to receive important alertsYule, Rosanna11/01/2021
Update Your SUNY NY-Alert Contact Info TodayBob Bertram & Rosanna Condello01/24/2013
Update Your SUNY NY-Alert Contact Info Today Cynthia Cooper09/12/2013
Update & Important News About the MCC Web RedesignCynthia Cooper and Jeff Bartkovich06/29/2010
Updated- Residence Hall Applications Available Oct. 1 for Spring 2005Shelitha Dickerson09/28/2004
Updated - Enriching Advisement: The Workshop Series Calendar - October 2015 Michele Vitale10/02/2015
Updated - Enriching Advisement: The Workshop Series Calendar - October 2015 Michele Vitale10/07/2015
Updated Academic Program Sheets are Ready!Rosanne Rivers10/13/2015
Updated ANGEL Training InformationPeggy VanKirk09/22/2011
Updated Bio and Room Change for VP for Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services Candidate Tracy BrundageMarlene Fine10/25/2010
Updated Bookstore Hours and 40% off Clothing & Gifts!Smith, Jaime12/18/2020
Updated Brighton Campus MapPhilip Osterling05/11/2015
Updated Campus Events ApplicationYolanda Johnson02/02/2007
Updated Campus Events ApplicationCourtney Sprague02/25/2014
Updated Curriculum Approval from Fall 2014Debra Alimentato02/05/2015
Updated Degree Works Advising Notes ManualDingee, Sally04/22/2019
Updated Enriching Advisement: The Workshop Series Calendar - November 2015Michele Vitale11/13/2015
Updated Enriching Advisement:  The Workshop Series Calendar - May 2011Michele Vitale05/03/2011
Updated Faculty Advisor Handbook now availableSally Dingee11/01/2016
Updated Faculty Guide for Student MisconductBright, Kelsey09/21/2018
Updated Food Service AnnouncementAnnette Agness04/20/2006
Updated Hours for JavasDouglas J. Brown, Director01/12/2005
Updated Hours for Javas' Coffee BarDouglas J. Brown, Director06/07/2004
Updated ICT Schedule and TAAC Now Offering Additional Support for CRC/CPT CoursesParker, Jason10/20/2021
Updated Information about Providing Access to Deaf/HH Students in the ClassroomRita Straubhaar09/18/2008
Updated MCC Student ID Policy at DCCLeah Santirocco01/11/2010
Updated New York Travel Advisory GuidelinesYule, Rosanna04/13/2021
Updated PAC Fitness Center HoursChiappone, Kaci08/31/2021
Updated PAC Fitness Center HoursChiappone, Kaci09/13/2021
Updated PAC Fitness Center HoursChiappone, Kaci09/16/2021
Updated PAC Fitness Center HoursChiappone, Kaci12/20/2021
Updated PAC Fitness Center HoursChiappone, Kaci01/06/2022
Updated PAC Fitness Center HoursChiappone, Kaci04/06/2022
Updated Pool Hours for Faculty, Staff and StudentsPearce, Dale11/03/2021
Updated Protocol for Named FacilitiesWood, Gretchen06/04/2019
Updated Student Financial Aid Verification RequirementsSt. Croix, Jerome01/10/2019
Updated SUNY General Education RequirementsDebbie Alimentato09/28/2015
Updated TAAC Hours and How to Book an Appointment through TutorTracParker, Jason10/27/2021
Updated Transfer Advising ToolsRobin Richardson09/26/2014
Updated Tutoring and Academic Assistance Center Spring 2022 ScheduleParker, Jason02/01/2022
Updated Tutoring and Academic Assistance Center Spring 2022 ScheduleParker, Jason02/04/2022
Updated Tutoring and Academic Assistance Center Spring 2022 ScheduleParker, Jason03/01/2022
Updated Tutoring and Academic Assistance Center Spring 2022 ScheduleParker, Jason03/24/2022
Updated Tutoring and Academic Assistance Center Spring 2022 ScheduleParker, Jason05/02/2022
Updated Tutoring Schedule via TutorOceanRambish, Medea04/30/2020
Updated Veteran Resources for Course Information SheetsBarone, Jessica06/30/2017
Updated "Enriching Advisement:  The Workshop Series Calendar - April 2012"Michele Vitale03/21/2012
UPDATED: Event Planning for the Academic YearYolanda D. Johnson09/11/2013
Updates from MCC APPLIED- Survey results and Demos for a new Portal ProductRehbaum, Michael09/02/2021
Updates on Campus Drive ProjectHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President06/21/2013
Updates on Downtown Campus ProjectCynthia Cooper02/23/2015
Updates on Employee ComplianceBurt-Nanna, DeAnna10/18/2021
Updates on Testing Cut Scores, Alternative Grading, and Transfer Credit ProceduresWade, Andrea07/16/2020
Updates to Campus Drive Construction ProjectHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President12/09/2013
Updates to MCC Guardian Mobile App.DiSalvo, Charles06/22/2018
Updates to the Advisor HandbookMack, Rebecca10/08/2019
Updates to www.monroecc.eduCasalinuovo-Adams, Christine04/29/2020
UPDATE! Classroom Committee Clicker Comparison...Paul J. Tracy12/15/2006
Update.... Breathe, Move, Learn, Grow - Spring 2014 Live Healthy PresentationsSue George, RN02/24/2014
Update: Academic Advisement Center will be Open Tomorrow, 9 am to noon; Power Change-Over to Begin at 1 pm Blaine Grindle08/26/2011
Update: ACCUPLACER Placement Testing NewsDan Raimondo02/05/2013
Update: Ad Astra Online Request Form Yolanda D. Johnson01/09/2014
Update: Ad Astra Web AccessYolanda D. Johnson02/24/2011
Update: Ad Astra Web AccessYolanda D. Johnson03/15/2011
Update: Clean Out the Old and Make Room for the New!DeMario, Mary Ann11/25/2019
Update: COVID-19 Cases, Testing Sessions Offered on Mondays & Tuesdays Going ForwardYule, Rosanna02/07/2022
Update: MCC Presidential SearchLovenheim, Barbara09/29/2020
Update: MCC Presidential SearchBabcock, Rebecca10/23/2020
Update: MCC Reorganization ProcessDouglas, Katherine10/01/2020
Update: Passing of Retiree Colette FeganKress, Anne05/25/2017
Update: Preview of flOUR CITY interactive ROCgarden *Rain Location*Chang, Heather09/22/2021
Update: Red Cross Shelter On Campus Kevin Hall03/13/2017
Update: Register Now! Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work DayYolanda D. Johnson04/16/2008
UPDATE: School of Applied Sciences and TechnologiesOldham, Todd10/04/2017
UPDATE: Sexual Harassment WorkshopSusan Baker09/23/2005
Updating Your Race/Ethnicity for New Government Reporting StandardsAngel Andreu09/17/2009
Upgrade of Banner WorkflowFathergill, Robert11/02/2020
Upgrade Planned For Employee Web Server On Sat, Jan 8thBob Reynolds01/07/2011
Upgrades to our Phone System Voice Recognition System Wednesday EveningClement, James09/14/2021
Upper-Level Creative Non-Fiction and Playwriting WorkshopsMaria Brandt10/16/2014
Upper-Level Creative Writing Worskhops Available Fall 2015!Maria Brandt03/20/2015
Upstate New York on Ice! - Geoscience Professional Development Event - June 6thDaniel Robertson05/19/2009
Upward Bound's Annual Banquet: A Celebration of AchievementCassandra McCarthy05/19/2016
Upward Bound- Helping Create a Presence in the SchoolsCarmelita Brown-Wallace10/25/2013
Upward Bound --  Salvation Army Bell Ringing!Isac Lee01/09/2013
Upward Bound Awareness of LGBTQ Issues Students GainJenee Skinner11/10/2016
Upward Bound begins it's 2012 Summer ProgramUpward Bound Program07/09/2012
Upward Bound Celebrates Its End of the Year Banquet!Liz Burman06/14/2012
Upward Bound Community Service InitiativeUpward Bound10/09/2008
Upward Bound concludes its 2012 summer program Upward Bound08/08/2012
Upward Bound Enjoyed Another Great Summer Program!Jena K. Smith10/22/2015
Upward Bound Enjoys the BreakCassandra McCarthy02/23/2016
Upward Bound Event Garners Media CoverageYuen-Eng, Hency04/24/2018
Upward Bound goes to WonderWorks!Kyle Fletcher11/18/2015
Upward Bound Heritage College TourUpward Bound Program05/31/2012
Upward Bound Junior Attends Prestigious Orthopedic WorkshopPaul Stack02/05/2015
Upward Bound MARK Group Takes on Self-Defense with Professor OteroStack, Paul11/14/2017
Upward Bound Participants' Efforts RecognizedYuen-Eng, Hency08/01/2017
Upward Bound Program --  Nutrition Workshop 2012Isac Lee01/09/2013
Upward Bound Program – AmeriCorps Member Carmelita Brown-Wallace11/17/2011
Upward Bound Program at DCC HighlightedHency Yuen-Eng06/15/2010
Upward Bound Program BanquetCarmelita Brown-Wallace05/28/2009
Upward Bound Program Director InterviewedHency Yuen-Eng03/31/2014
Upward Bound Program Featured in Community College TimesHency Yuen-Eng07/28/2010
Upward Bound Program Receives $230,000 GrantMark Sommer10/22/2002
Upward Bound Program students participated in the 16th Heritage College TourCarmelita Brown-Wallace05/14/2009
Upward Bound Promotes Community InvolvementDianne E McConkey07/12/2005
Upward Bound Rocks the Fashion ShowCassandra McCarthy02/09/2016
Upward Bound Scholarship FundCarmelita Brown-Wallace10/30/2008
Upward Bound Senior DayCassandra McCarthy01/15/2016
Upward Bound Senior Participates in FIRST Robotics CompetitionSpencer Sisson05/24/2011
Upward Bound Student Attends the Rochester Perry Outreach ProgramCassandra McCarthy03/11/2016
Upward Bound Students Attend Scholar’s BowlCarmelita Brown-Wallace11/18/2011
Upward Bound Students Attend the Rochester Mini Maker FaireCassandra McCarthy12/08/2015
Upward Bound Students Graduate at Top of Their Class!Eboni Henderson09/24/2008
Upward Bound Students Receive Rochester Jamaican Organization ScholarshipsCassandra McCarthy08/12/2016
Upward Bound Students Volunteer at Zoo-BooCarmelita Brown-Wallace11/21/2011
Upward Bound Summer Program in Full SwingSpencer Sisson07/15/2011
Upward Bound to Present 7th Shadow DayFabretti, Natalie10/23/2018
Upward Bound Vision Board Gallery Walk ThroughFabretti, Natalie07/30/2019
Upward Bound Welcomes Back Students!Kyle Fletcher11/03/2015
Upward Bound Welcomes New AmeriCorps Members!Jena K. Smith10/19/2015
Upward Bound YAR GrantIsac Lee01/09/2013
Upward Bound Zoo BooIsac Lee12/06/2012
UR Student's Article About Value of MCC Gets NoticedDebra Davis12/12/2013
URBAN STEELSusan Spinetti02/09/2005
Urckfitz signs with Houston AstrosTom Garigen07/01/2008
Urgent - MS Teams replacing Skype for Business on 7/30Penwarden, Ann07/20/2021
Urgent Crime AlertRobert Wiesner10/22/2002
Urgent FA Membership Meeting Today at Downtown CampusLenhard, Sonja02/19/2019
Urgent FA Membership Meeting Today, Brighton Campus (room change)Lenhard, Sonja02/15/2019
URGENT! Brighton Campus Power and Network Services Shutdown Scheduled for this Friday through WeekendBarbara Robinson04/09/2003
URGENT! Brighton Campus Power and Network Services Shutdown Scheduled for this Friday through WeekendBarbara Robinson04/09/2003
URSICA Faculty Shares InsightsBrandt, Maria06/09/2020
US Dept of Education Reps on Campus to Explore CSTEP SuccessJoann Santos03/17/2008
US Flag at Half Staff for Victims of Binghamton Tragedy - Wednesday, 4/8/09Lee Struble04/08/2009
USA Hockey, Others on Campus this SummerCourtney Belluccio06/25/2007
USA PATRIOT Act and Beyond - Educause Online SeminarCarol Wilkinson07/26/2004
USDA Funds Development of Pathways to Agriculture CareersRosanna Condello12/12/2008
USDA Summer Food Service Program Benefits Students in Three MCC ProgramsMitchell, Remegia06/21/2017
USDA Summer Food Service Program Provides Nutritious Meals for nearly 900 Students in MCC Summer ProgramsYule, Rosanna06/26/2018
USDA Summer Food Service Program to Provide Nutritious Meals for 750 Healthy HeroesYule, Rosanna06/24/2022
Use of Local Labor for MCC Downtown CampusCynthia Cooper02/09/2015
Use SNAP Benefits at the MCC BookstoreSmith, Jaime02/08/2021
Use Zoom Video Conferencing to connect with your students!Keys, Terrance03/11/2020
Used Cell Phone Donations at the High Heel Walk!Susan Spinetti10/20/2004
Useful resources for International Students.Ramon L. Rodriguez04/20/2015
Users Group - Collaboration of Online Instructors (C.O.L.I.)Martha Kendall03/14/2005
Users Group for Online Instructors - Collaboration of Online Instructors (C.O.L.I.)Martha Kendall, Randy Rezabek, Mary Hallett03/01/2005
Users Group Meeting Collaboration of Online InstructorsMartha Kendall04/01/2005
Ushers for CommencementHenry Brown04/22/2013
Ushers for Commencement Henry Brown04/18/2014
Ushers for Commencement Henry Brown05/06/2015
Ushers needed for commencementHenry Brown05/13/2010
Ushers Needed for CommencementHenry Brown05/09/2011
Ushers Needed for CommencementHenry Brown05/17/2012
Ushers Needed for CommencementHenry Brown04/22/2016
Ushers needed for CommencementBrown, Henry05/02/2017
Using Brighton ClassroomsBob Cunningham01/25/2010
Using Civility in Social InteractionsCourtney Sprague01/22/2014
Using differentiated instructional strategies to promote student success (11:30-12pm) ForumEllis, Barbara06/05/2018
Using Electronic Portfolios In Workforce Education - Satellite TeleconferenceCarol Wilkinson10/13/2004
Using Mobile Apps SafelyPogroszewski, Donna05/17/2017
Using Mobile Apps SecurelyDonna Pogroszewski10/22/2015
Using PDA’s for Distance Learning - ITC AudioconferenceCarol Wilkinson01/11/2006
Using Robert's Rules of Order to help make your meetings more productiveWade, Andrea05/20/2019
Using RSS to Facilitate Learning Communities - ITC AudioconferenceCarol Wilkinson05/10/2006
Using Rubrics and Other Grading Helpers - Conversations At The TCCSuzanne Long02/02/2006
Using Rubrics and Other Grading "Helpers"Suzanne Long01/25/2006
Using Starfish for Virtual Appointment SchedulingKulak, John08/11/2020
Using Starfish Remotely as a Student Success ToolKulak, John03/18/2020
Using Starfish to Take AttendanceKulak, John08/27/2020
Using the Quality Scorecard for the Administration of Online Education Programs Peggy VanKirk04/11/2011
USPS Postage - Campus Center Service DeskBrasfield, Sarah03/28/2018
Uter Math Conference PresentationAnnette Leopard04/23/2015
U.S. Assistant Secretary Castillo visits MCCBurt-Nanna, DeAnna04/07/2022
U.S. Department of Education Official, Chancellor to Visit MCCCynthia Cooper08/30/2011
U.S. Green Building Council Members Tour PAC Center Prior to Greentopia FestivalValarie Avalone09/12/2011
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Historian to Speak at MCCRosanna Condello11/22/2002
U.S. International Education Week Events for Friday, November 19thTerry Shamblin11/12/2004
U.S. International Education Week Events for Wednesday, November 17thTerry Shamblin11/10/2004
U.S. International Week Events for Monday, November 15thTerry Shamblin11/09/2004
U.S. News and World Report Ranks 12 SUNY Programs Among Best 2021 Online Degree OptionsYule, Rosanna02/01/2021
U.S. Passport Processing on Campus!Lee, Christina11/08/2018
U.S. Rep. Morelle, Community Partners Highlight Legislation to Create Jobs, Lower Everyday Costs for FamiliesYuen-Eng, Hency08/03/2022
U.S. Secretary of Labor to Visit MCCAnne M. Kress09/21/2012
U.S. Withdrawal From Syria: Join Us for an Academic Conference Call with the Council on Foreign RelationsScanlon, Joseph01/24/2020
U.S. Withdrawal From Syria: Join Us for an Academic Conference Call with the Council on Foreign RelationsScanlon, Joseph01/29/2020
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