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D’Alessandris awarded grant to help establish Physics Education WikiMargarita Ortiz10/25/2011
D’Alessandris Chairs National Two-Year College Physics MeetingMargarita Ortiz07/28/2010
D’Alessandris Leads Instructional Strategies WorkshopPaul D'Alessandris11/15/2011
D’Alessandris Leads New Faculty Training ConferencePaul D'Alessandris08/06/2009
D’Alessandris named to National Committee on Physics EducationSue O'Brien09/22/2009
D'Alessandris Named to National Committee on Recruitment and DiversitySue O'Brien03/01/2007
D’Alessandris partners with University of Rochester on Nanotechnology Education grantMargarita Ortiz09/04/2013
D'Errico, Hays named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen10/24/2006
D'Ortona Recongized by Who's WhoRosanna Condello06/13/2005
D'Youville College - School of Pharmacy Transfer ForumRebecca Mack10/16/2015
D'Youville College School of Pharmacy on Brighton campusMack, Rebecca10/17/2017
D-Day Display at LeRoy V. Good LibraryPeter D. Genovese05/10/2004
DACUM Training Held at MCCDianna G. Phillips, Ph.D.08/20/2009
Daemen College Day at MCC Karen Shaw and Mark Pastorella12/04/2012
Daemen College Transfer ForumRebecca Mack11/13/2015
Daemen College Transfer ForumRebecca Mack12/02/2015
Daffodil Days - Hope BloomsDebbie Alimentato02/13/2004
Daffodil Days Raises $341Debbie Alimentato03/08/2004
Daily Attendance Data: The Importance of Being RochelleDeborah Benjamin09/24/2009
Daily Delivery of the New York TimesMary Struthers08/30/2010
Daily Mail ServiceElliote Simpson09/15/2016
Daily New York TimesMary Struthers12/22/2010
Daily New York Times Delivery AvailableMary Struthers08/26/2011
Daily NY TimesMary Struthers08/27/2012
Daily Record Features Judge Karen Morris' Education BlogKaren Morris03/30/2012
Daily Specials Added to Marketplace MenuAnnette Agness06/25/2007
Daily Tribune -- YOUR PublicationCynthia Cooper01/28/2003
Daily Tribune During IntersessionCynthia Cooper01/02/2003
Daily Tribune GlitchCynthia Cooper04/10/2006
Daily Tribune or Broadcast E-mail?Cynthia Cooper03/28/2005
Daily Tribune Submission 101Cynthia Cooper10/16/2003
Daily Tribune Submissions that Include AttachmentsJanet Ekis04/10/2013
Daily Tribune Technical IssuesCynthia Cooper12/04/2003
DAILY TRIBUNE: 2006 Commencement and Convocation Special EditionJanet Ekis06/02/2006
Dale Pearce Completes His Second Master's Degree!Bob Lasch05/17/2016
Dale Pearce Gives Graduation Address for the Orleans/Niagara Career CenterBob Lasch06/24/2014
Dale Pearce Inducted Into Genesee Community College Athletic Hall of FameTom Garigen10/01/2015
Dallaire Presentation on RwandaRosanna Condello11/11/2005
Damerell's Poem to be included in ChapbookJanet Ekis04/14/2003
Damerell's Poems PublishedJanet Ekis04/19/2004
Damerell's Poetry Included in AnthologyJanet Ekis12/16/2004
Damerell and Lanzafame Present at Corning Community CollegeEileen Lanzafame11/16/2010
Damerell and Lanzafame present at NYCLSA SymposiumEileen Lanzafame05/03/2010
Damerell and Pierce at TYCAJulie Damerell10/07/2003
Damerell Presents at NYCLSA SymposiumEileen Lanzafame03/26/2004
Damerell Receives First Prize in Crescent Moon Poetry CompetitionJanet Ekis09/29/2004
Damerell Shares Journey at ConferenceJulie Damerell11/09/2006
Damerell to Read at Poetry Month CelebrationJanet Ekis04/20/2006
Damerell to read at Writers & BooksJulie Damerell09/05/2007
Damerell Will Read from Anthology of Women PoetsJanet Ekis10/04/2005
Damon's TCC Presents "Community Conversations: Our Students, Our Work"Christine Plumeri02/14/2005
Damon Campus - Learn the origin of Belly Dancing and get fit at the same time!Susan Spinetti03/17/2008
Damon Campus Cares!Rick Sadwick12/03/2007
Damon Campus GIFTS Seminar to be HeldKristen M. Fragnoli03/12/2003
Damon Campus Library Citation WorkshopsStephanie Hranjec03/11/2008
Damon Child Care Committee Submits Its Report to Dean OteroElizabeth Clifford01/22/2007
Damon City CampusCynthia Cooper09/17/2007
Damon City CampusCatherin Ray03/01/2016
Damon City Campus - All USA Academic Team Scholarship Information SessionSusan Spinetti10/31/2007
Damon City Campus - Calendar February 2015Catherin E. Ray02/02/2015
Damon City Campus - September 2014 CalendarCatherin E. Ray09/08/2014
Damon City Campus 15th Anniversary DinnerMark Pastorella09/05/2007
Damon City Campus 2010 Job Fair  Ivan Matthew, Counselor03/22/2010
Damon City Campus 2015 Job FairIvan Matthew03/09/2015
Damon City Campus 2016 Job FairIvan Matthew, Counselor03/15/2016
Damon City Campus 2017 Job FairIvan Matthew03/21/2017
Damon City Campus Advisement CenterKathy Baxter09/13/2007
Damon City Campus Advisor-in Residence scheduleVilma Morrow09/26/2006
Damon City Campus Blood DriveGreg Wilson05/04/2007
Damon City Campus Bookstore's Annual Online Scavenger HuntEtienne Blaakman10/22/2014
Damon City Campus Bookstore's Finals Week & Break HoursEtienne Blaakman12/22/2015
Damon City Campus Celeberates Black History MonthSusan DiPerri01/31/2003
Damon City Campus Celebrates MCC's Birthday Today!Lisa Wallace10/03/2012
Damon City Campus CelebrationR. Thomas Flynn09/10/2007
Damon City Campus CelebrationMark Pastorella and Karen Shaw09/24/2009
Damon City Campus College Transfer FairJoanna Waters10/20/2009
Damon City Campus College Transfer FairTracey Britton10/21/2010
Damon City Campus College Transfer FairJoanna Waters10/17/2012
Damon City Campus College Transfer FairJoanna Waters10/22/2013
Damon City Campus College Transfer FairTracey Britton10/19/2016
Damon City Campus College Transfer Fair 2005Joanna Waters10/17/2005
Damon City Campus Cookbooks are ready!Michael Britton06/01/2010
Damon City Campus Email System ShutdownDonna Pogroszewski01/28/2005
Damon City Campus EntranceSal Simonetti06/01/2015
Damon City Campus Entrance RevisitedAnn Topping, Sal Simonetti06/05/2015
Damon City Campus Executive DeanR. Thomas Flynn06/17/2003
Damon City Campus FAFSA Online Application WorkshopsRamon L. Rodriguez02/06/2008
Damon City Campus Fall Semester ParkingVilma Morrow08/21/2008
Damon City Campus Fire Alarm ProceduresMartin Gilmore09/26/2007
Damon City Campus Fire DrillsMartin Gilmore10/10/2003
Damon City Campus Flu Clinic REVISIONMelissa Terilli/Bonnie Heil10/27/2005
Damon City Campus gets a Check Up in Health AwarenessTed Limpert11/17/2008
Damon City Campus Health FairTracey Britton11/10/2008
Damon City Campus Holiday GivingSusan Spinetti12/02/2004
Damon City Campus Hosts Western New York Region Smart Scholars Early College High School Summer Institute Kate Schiefen08/09/2010
Damon City Campus Human Resources Office HoursAlberta G. Lee02/03/2005
Damon City Campus Human Resources Office HoursHuman Resources Team01/29/2008
Damon City Campus Human Resources Office HoursHuman Resources Staff09/03/2008
Damon City Campus January CalendarCatherin Ray01/22/2014
Damon City Campus January CalendarCatherin E. Ray01/21/2015
Damon City Campus Jump Start Your SemesterKathy Baxter04/03/2008
Damon City Campus Mail and Parcel DeliveryPatrick Bates12/16/2008
Damon City Campus Meet and Greet Demetrius Rhodes10/30/2015
Damon City Campus Open HouseTracy A. Archie03/24/2004
Damon City Campus participates in "Curb Your Car" WeekJulie White05/27/2008
Damon City Campus Represented at Cultural EventVilma Morrow10/06/2003
Damon City Campus September CalendarCatherin Ray09/10/2015
Damon City Campus Student Fall Parking at St. Joseph’s Garage now available!Kathleen Moyse07/22/2011
Damon City Campus Student Summer Parking at St. Joseph’s Garage now available!Kathleen Moyse05/10/2011
Damon City Campus to hold Idol competitionSusan DiPerri04/03/2003
Damon City Campus to Sponsor Red Cross Blood DriveSusan DiPerri04/07/2004
Damon City Campus UpdateEileen Wirley07/12/2016
Damon City Campus Welcome BackSusan Spinetti01/24/2008
Damon City Campus Wellness WednesdaySusan Spinetti09/26/2007
Damon City Campus Wellness WeekTracey Britton04/26/2012
Damon City Campus/Urban League Job FairDeborah Scott02/26/2004
Damon City Campus: Help Phi Theta Kappa Sponsor a Child this ChristmasTracey Britton12/01/2008
Damon City Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.Susan Spinetti01/22/2008
Damon Student Town Hall Meeting with Regional Transit ServiceRick Sadwick10/24/2007
Damon TCC 'Student Diversity in the Classroom" Panel Discussion with Students hosted by Tokeya GrahamJoe Sturnick03/31/2017
Damon TCC Announces February ConversationBill Dunning02/09/2009
Damon TRS Class Raises Money for Global African VillageTracy Wyant12/01/2011
Damon Wellness Wednesday: Relaxation for better healthSusan Spinetti12/11/2007
Dan Bamburoski Receives Distinguished Support Staff AwardDistinguished Support Staff Committee09/09/2008
Dan Raimondo Appointed Director of Campus EventsOldham, Todd08/15/2018
Dan Robertson Appointed Dean of STEM & HealthWade, Andrea06/07/2017
Dana Fry Scholarship - two $500.00 scholarshipsRamon L. Rodriguez03/10/2008
Dana Fry Scholarship - two $500.00 scholarshipsRamon L. Rodriguez03/17/2014
Dana Fry Scholarships: Two $500 ScholarshipsRamon L. Rodriguez04/06/2011
Dana K. Miller ’76 to be inducted into Alumni Hall of FameKaren Shaw '7811/05/2014
Dance Showcase at DCCJanet Townsend05/14/2003
Dance with Your Demons at TCCGene Marino02/23/2010
Dancing on the Glass Ceiling: Women and Leadership in E-LearningPeggy VanKirk10/11/2007
Dancing with the MCC StarsJim Petrosino05/04/2007
Daniel Nyquist's ReceptionLinda Williams07/22/2015
Daniel Robertson to Serve as Interim Dean, STEM and HealthAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President08/10/2016
Darfur DiariesSuzanne El Rayess05/12/2006
Darien Lake - TicketsBrasfield, Sarah08/01/2017
Darien Lake Good-Any-Day discount pass BOGOAmy Wischnowski08/21/2015
Darien Lake Tickets Are Back!Brasfield, Sarah04/13/2018
Darien Lake/Seabreeze TicketsBrasfield, Sarah09/07/2017
Darwin Snow of Applied Technologies earns Precision Machining DegreePearce, Dale09/04/2018
DASA Certification TrainingElizabeth Kelly10/04/2016
DASA Certification TrainingLiz Kelly02/01/2017
DASA Certification WorkshopLiz Kelly09/27/2016
DASA WorkshopElizabeth Kelly08/20/2015
DASA WorkshopKelly, Elizabeth10/05/2017
DASA Workshop At MCCElizabeth Kelly01/13/2015
DASA Workshop at MCCElizabeth Kelly01/20/2015
DASA Workshop at MCCElizabeth Kelly05/20/2016
DASA Workshop at MCCElizabeth Kelly02/05/2015
DASA Workshop At MCCElizabeth Kelly05/01/2015
DASA Workshop at MCCElizabeth Kelly04/04/2016
DASA Workshop at MCCElizabeth Kelly01/25/2016
DASA Workshop at MCCElizabeth Kelly04/06/2015
DASA Workshop at MCCElizabeth Kelly04/21/2016
DASA Workshop at MCCElizabeth Kelly09/16/2015
DASA Workshop At MCCElizabeth Kelly07/24/2015
DASA Workshop at MCCElizabeth Kelly11/05/2015
DASA Workshop At MCCElizabeth Kelly12/07/2015
DASA Workshop at MCCElizabeth Kelly07/06/2015
DASA Workshop at MCCElizabeth Kelly06/02/2015
DASA Workshop OfferedElizabeth Kelly10/28/2014
DASA Workshop OfferedElizabeth Kelly11/12/2014
DATA CAMPCollins, Kimberley12/18/2017
Data Camp - Sign Up Now!Collins, Kimberley01/02/2018
Data Camp UpdateCollins, Kimberley01/16/2018
Date Change - Student Services Staff Development Committee Diversity Film Series Part IIKelley Bennett04/14/2004
Date Change for Basketball Games at GCCLisa LaDolce02/20/2004
Date change for DCC Leadership WorkshopLisa Ekiert09/20/2016
Date Change for Search Committee OrientationHuman Resources Team02/17/2011
Date Change: Breathing Mannequin on WOKRPaul Bishop08/27/2004
Date change: Dr. Kress/TCC “Conversation”Gene Marino09/29/2010
Date Change: Joe Marchese Seminar "Building a Financially Secure Retirement Plan"Sonja Lenhard02/06/2017
Date Change: MCC Web Design Presentations now Dec. 3rd & 4thColleen Brennan-Barry & Randy Bowen11/20/2014
Date correction for the Malcolm X talkMark Sample01/30/2015
Date Correction of the Summer Basketball Camp.Robyn Pepicelli06/23/2004
Date Correction: Farewell for Ebony Caldwell and Carol WilkinsonRambish, Medea12/08/2017
Date Correction: Poetry ReadingElizabeth Johnston04/20/2016
Date Correction: Poetry ReadingElizabeth Johnston04/20/2016
Date Correction: Poetry ReadingElizabeth Johnston04/20/2016
Dates Change for Diversity Council EventCharlotte Downing and Christopher Otero-Piersante04/10/2009
Dates for Award nominations and Professional Leave ApplicationsBonnie Connell11/29/2007
Dates for Message to the College CommunityHency Yuen-Eng02/25/2013
Dates for Message to the College CommunityHency Yuen-Eng10/07/2013
Dates & Locations for Spring 2014 Faculty Senate meetings  Heather Murphy01/21/2014
Daughters and Sons to Work--Smiling FacesLaura Coriddi05/10/2005
Daughters and Sons to Work --Smiling FacesLaura Coriddi05/10/2005
Dave Ghidiu Presents at RLLC!Peggy VanKirk02/19/2014
Dave Goede Bikes for KidsLaurel Sanger05/22/2007
Dave Howe TIAA/CREF Representative One-on-One ConsultationsCynthia Clark Inman07/09/2010
Dave Truman Receives Distinguished Support Staff AwardSupport Staff Award Committee01/06/2016
David A. Schottler is RetiringHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President06/06/2013
David Cay Johnston's book Free Lunch available in MCC Bookstore (Brighton)Debbie Mohr04/08/2008
David Cay Johnston Book Signing MondayAlice Harrington Wilson04/07/2008
David Cay Johnston on the webSteve Weider03/23/2004
David Day Consults for New Eastman House Tourism ExhibitionDavid Day04/27/2004
David Ghidiu featured in News 10 NBC Interview Jeff Bartkovich08/19/2013
David Howe TIAA/CREF Representative Individual AppointmentsCynthia Clark Inman06/30/2008
David Lawrence Introduces New Outreach Program at DHASNY Empire Conference Rosanna Yule11/18/2014
David Lawrence is First Dentist on NYSUT Health Care Professionals CouncilRosanna Condello06/05/2008
David Lawrence Reappointed to Brighton Zoning Board of AppealsMary Jo Toepfer01/24/2011
David McCandlish, father of Karen McCandlishJeffrey Bartkovich11/15/2007
David McLuckie Presented with Fund Raiser Award from AIDS RochesterGloria A. Morgan03/27/2009
David Monroe Earns MPAMarilyn Rosche02/27/2008
David Monroe Trains Students in Civic EngagementMarilyn Rosche02/06/2006
David Salvatore Receives Rochester Police Dept Rosewood Club AwardDebra Dwyer12/09/2013
David Schottler is RetiringHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President05/22/2013
David Tennant at MCC . . . Jeffery Jones04/10/2013
Davis Quoted in "The Office Professional"Janet Ekis02/28/2003
Davis, Hildreth Named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen12/17/2009
Day- Long Discussion on Enrollment and Retention, June 15Colosimo, Amanda06/04/2018
Day Game Scheduled this Week - May 17th Frontier FieldCalarco, Denise05/15/2018
Day of the Dead and The Movie La Nahuala Jorge Alas11/02/2016
Day of the Dead Presentation Jorge Alas10/31/2016
Day One with Gerry BrinkmanDianne E McConkey10/23/2006
Day Quoted in Recent D&C articleJanet Ekis05/05/2004
Day to Speak on “A World of Ritual: the Good, the Bad and the Really Ugly”Rosanna Condello10/03/2003
Daylight HourSleight, Travis06/07/2017
Daylight Saving Time (DST)Donna Pogroszewski03/10/2008
Daylight Saving Time (DST) ProblemDonna Pogroszewski03/12/2007
Daylight Savings Time (DST)Donna Pogroszewski02/13/2007
Day, Squires in recent edition of CityJanet Ekis07/13/2004
DC Student Services Hosts Rochester Early College HS SeniorsDeLardge, Kimberly10/15/2018
DCC's Center City Cafe DebutsEmeterio M. Otero04/27/2009
DCC's Got Talent Finale Today!Susan Spinetti11/12/2007
DCC's Got Talent!Susan Spinetti10/15/2007
DCC's Sociology Film SeriesChristine Plumeri12/08/2004
DCC's Sociology Film Series Presents The Hunting GroundChristine Plumeri10/19/2015
DCC's Sociology Film Series Presents The Hunting GroundChristine Plumeri11/16/2015
DCC's Sociology Film Series to feature Byron Hurt's "I Am A Man"Christine Plumeri02/01/2011
DCC's Student Veterans Club CAN DO Drive Needs Your Help!Vilma Patterson02/23/2015
DCC's TCC Sponsors "Remembering the Past, Creating the Future"Christine Plumeri04/10/2008
DCC-April 2010-The Joy of Reading and WritingRick Sadwick12/22/2009
DCC - Blood Drive TODAY!Lisa Ekiert02/08/2017
DCC 2008 Collaborative Job FairDr. Ann Topping04/01/2008
DCC Access from December 22-24Dr. Ann Topping12/22/2014
DCC Advisement Center Expands Hours!Kathy Baxter10/29/2004
DCC Advisement Center Open HouseCorinne Shanahan10/05/2016
DCC Advisement Center Opens!Kathy Baxter10/13/2003
DCC Advisement Center Opens!Kathy Baxter10/17/2005
DCC Advisor-in Residence program (transfer information)Vilma Morrow03/02/2006
DCC Advisor in ResidenceKAthy Baxter and Ivan Matthew04/03/2008
DCC and Brighton Bookstores Closed for InventoryEtienne Blaakman05/02/2005
DCC and Brighton Get Better ConnectionEmeterio M. Otero05/01/2006
DCC Appears on 13WHAM's Bright SpotHency Yuen-Eng03/26/2009
DCC April Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace04/05/2011
DCC April Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace04/03/2012
DCC Assists High School Seniors with the College Application ProcessJulie White10/25/2006
DCC at Kodak Campus Fact SheetCynthia Cooper12/16/2011
DCC Black History Month Contest KudosRochelle Watson03/06/2006
DCC Blood DriveSusan Spinetti05/03/2006
DCC Blood DriveAlyssa Ginevra02/07/2011
DCC Blue LightsDr. Emeterio M. Otero10/20/2006
DCC Body Sculpting Classes to be HeldDorothy Evans09/26/2003
DCC Bookstore's Annual Scavenger HuntEtienne Blaakman10/31/2013
DCC Bookstore Hours ChangeEtienne Blaakman05/25/2016
DCC Bookstore Hours CorrectionEtienne Blaakman12/23/2015
DCC Bookstore Hours for BreakEtienne Blaakman12/16/2013
DCC Bookstore Sale - Oct. 20-29Etienne Blaakman10/20/2010
DCC Bookstore Scavenger Hunt Fall '06Etienne Blaakman10/25/2006
DCC Campus Wide SocialRick Sadwick03/05/2010
DCC Campus Wide Social Rick Sadwick03/04/2011
DCC Campus Wide Social on Monday, March 21, 12-1 PM Rick Sadwick03/17/2011
DCC Celebrates the Joy of Reading and Writing in AprilRick Sadwick04/08/2010
DCC Celebrates Women's History Month with a Portrayal of Elizabeth Cady StantonSusan DiPerri03/10/2004
DCC Classroom PresentationsDeborah Scott03/02/2004
DCC Collaborative Job Fair is a Success!Dr. Ann Topping03/23/2007
DCC College Transfer FairJoanna Waters10/20/2014
DCC College Transfer FairJoanna Waters10/26/2015
DCC Community Event Today – February 27Anita Manuele02/27/2015
DCC Community learns about SustainabilityJulie White11/01/2007
DCC Community Resource FairAmbika Howell03/22/2016
DCC Community Resource Fair Today!Ambika Howell10/12/2016
DCC Community "Toys for Tots" CampaignDiane Cannito11/25/2008
DCC Completion DayTracey Britton11/19/2015
DCC Completion Day Event:  TodayTracey Britton10/29/2014
DCC Constitution Day and Voter Registration DriveSusan Spinetti09/18/2006
DCC Copy CenterEmeterio M. Otero, Ph.D.01/24/2005
DCC Core/ Total Body TrainingMichael Britton10/26/2009
DCC Counseling Team Concludes the Spring 2004 Stress Buster SeriesDeborah Scott06/01/2004
DCC Counseling Team Continues to Address Student StressDeborah Scott04/26/2004
DCC Counselor Presents at Downtown YWCAMary Mendez Rizzo04/15/2003
DCC Counselors Present for Hispanic Youth Leadership Development ProgramMichele Reed04/24/2003
DCC Dean Ann Topping continues to serve CCCSAODr. Joel Frater06/22/2016
DCC December Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace12/02/2010
DCC December Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace12/01/2011
DCC December Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace12/04/2012
DCC December EventsSusan Spinetti, Student Activities and Leadership Coordinator12/01/2006
DCC Department SocialsRick Sadwick09/10/2012
DCC Department Socials Rick Sadwick09/13/2010
DCC Discussion Group for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender StudentsJulie White03/21/2008
DCC Eat Well/Live Well Walk with the Executive DeanCraig Rand, Donna Mueller, Alberta Lee04/30/2010
DCC Elections Talk TODAY!Kevin Eirich03/15/2007
DCC Employee Flu Clinic on October 21, 2015 ReminderSuzanne Bureau10/16/2015
DCC Envision Success WorkshopsSusan Spinetti02/11/2008
DCC Event Draws 100 ParticipantsAnita Manuele05/08/2014
DCC Event Highlights!Susan Spinetti11/21/2006
DCC Event: Violence On Our StreetsSusan Spinetti10/14/2005
DCC Executive Dean Addresses RCSD GraduatesAnita Manuele07/02/2013
DCC Executive Dean Candidate Visit Today, March 3Anita Manuele03/03/2015
DCC Executive Dean Otero Addresses UW LLDP CohortAnita Manuele08/19/2013
DCC Executive Dean Surveys will Close Today at 4 pmAnita Manuele03/09/2015
DCC Faculty Highlight - Christine Plumeri and the MVP-MCC Leadership TeamAnne Kirkpatrick05/13/2014
DCC Faculty Innovation Center (FIC) Walk-in Hours Effective October 1stMartha Kendall09/16/2014
DCC Faculty Innovation Center (FIC) Walk-in hours Effective October 1, 2014Martha Kendall09/30/2014
DCC FAFSA Fest and Financial Literacy Speaker TomorrowVilma Patterson03/23/2016
DCC Fall Parking Sales Have Begun!Kathleen Moyse08/11/2011
DCC February 2017 Events CalendarLisa Ekiert02/01/2017
DCC February Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace02/01/2011
DCC February Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace02/01/2012
DCC Fire DrillsDorothy Evans03/21/2003
DCC Fitness Center - February break hoursLisa Ekiert02/17/2017
DCC Fitness Center Fall Hours of OperationLisa Ekiert09/06/2016
DCC Fitness Center hours for Spring breakLisa Ekiert04/12/2017
DCC Fitness Center Open HoursGreg Wilson05/18/2009
DCC Fitness Center Open Hours During Winter RecessGreg Wilson02/16/2009
DCC Fitness Center Spring 2017 Hours Lisa Ekiert01/25/2017
DCC Flu Clinic to be Held on 10/16The Wellness Team10/15/2013
DCC Flu Clinic: Location ChangeHuman Resources Team10/12/2010
DCC Flu Vaccine ClinicMelissa J. Gue11/06/2006
DCC Forges New Relationship with Winn Companies and Securitas SecurityEmeterio M. Otero12/03/2012
DCC High Heel WalkSusan Spinetti10/24/2005
DCC High Heel Walk to Benefit Victims of Domestic ViolenceSusan Spinetti10/19/2004
DCC Holiday Sale Coupon and PrizesEtienne Blaakman11/28/2005
DCC Honors Craig RandAnita Manuele06/16/2009
DCC Hosts Patriotic WeekDianne McConkey03/10/2004
DCC hosts TNT GatheringAnita Manuele02/20/2009
DCC Hosts Workshop for RCSD Parents & StudentsEmeterio M. Otero11/01/2010
DCC Human Resources Closed for the Summer - Updated InformationDr. Sherry D. Ralston06/14/2006
DCC Human Resources OfficeDr. Emeterio M. Otero10/31/2005
DCC Human Resources Office Closed for the SummerHR TEAM05/23/2008
DCC Human Resources to Close for the SummerAlberta G. Lee05/23/2007
DCC Integrated Learning Center Black History ContestRochelle Watson02/10/2006
DCC is the place to be!Susan Davis10/24/2008
DCC Jump Start Your SemesterKathy Baxter04/02/2007
DCC Leadership Workshop Schedule for Fall 2016Lisa Ekiert09/12/2016
DCC Learning Commons Open HouseMary Timmons05/06/2014
DCC Library Book Display: What is the Relationship between a Fortune Cookie and Your Career Decision?Stephanie Hranjec09/09/2008
DCC Lockdown Drill ResultsDebra Dwyer and Rich Schill12/02/2013
DCC March Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace03/02/2011
DCC March Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace03/05/2012
DCC March Events calendarLisa Ekiert03/01/2017
DCC May Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace05/03/2011
DCC May Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace05/02/2012
DCC Meet the Candidates ReceptionSusan Spinetti04/27/2006
DCC More "Sharing Our Worlds" Date ChangedKaren Coffey04/07/2009
DCC Multi-Cultural DaySusan Spinetti11/08/2006
DCC Night Students' RefreshmentsSusan Spinetti02/26/2007
DCC November 2015 Events Calendar Lisa Ekiert11/02/2015
DCC November 2016 events calendar Lisa Ekiert11/02/2016
DCC November Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace11/01/2010
DCC November Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace11/01/2011
DCC November Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace11/02/2012
DCC October 2014 CalendarCatherin E. Ray10/03/2014
DCC October 2015 events calendarLisa Ekiert10/02/2015
DCC October Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace10/05/2010
DCC October Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace10/04/2011
DCC October Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace10/03/2012
DCC October Event Calendar Lisa Ekiert10/04/2016
DCC Open Enrollment Fair, Nov. 3rd: Medical, Dental & Flexible Spending AccountsSuzanne Bureau10/29/2015
DCC Open Forum for Executive Dean TodayAnita Manuele03/06/2015
DCC Open Forums with Presidential CandidatesDr. Emeterio Otero04/01/2009
DCC Open MIC Tomorrow!Susan Spinetti05/08/2007
DCC Open MIC !Susan Spinetti05/03/2007
DCC Outlook Calendar Review TODAY!Marie Gibson11/08/2006
DCC Outlook Calendar Review Tomorrow!Marie Gibson11/16/2006
DCC ParkingPete Otero01/27/2003
DCC Parking AnnouncementEmeterio M. Otero01/10/2003
DCC Past, Present, Future Final ReportR. Thomas Flynn09/20/2002
DCC Peacemakers for Christ Club Prayer Walk on May 7Linda Bryce05/06/2009
DCC Peer Leader Applications AvailalbleCorinne Rapp03/13/2013
DCC Peer Leader Information SessionCorinne Rapp03/26/2013
DCC Photo ID Office Summer HoursGreg Wilson05/27/2008
DCC PIC Event PresentationsDr. Emeterio Otero06/29/2010
DCC Pre-Collegiate Program students visit Brighton CampusCarmelita Brown-Wallace03/02/2009
DCC Proactive on No-Smoking PolicyAntonia Custodio02/06/2015
DCC Real Deal Award Recipients!Susan Spinetti, Student Activities and Leadership Coordinator04/04/2007
DCC Recognizes Student ContributionsSusan Spinetti05/08/2006
DCC Reflection Day!Shanahan, Corinne05/03/2017
DCC Renovation WorkDorothy Evans01/10/2006
DCC Rocks The Vote! Monday & Tuesday, November 5 & 6Lisa Wallace11/05/2012
DCC Salutes Men of ExcellenceAnita Manuele10/21/2011
DCC Scavenger HuntRick Sadwick01/25/2010
DCC Scavenger Hunt Results Rick Sadwick02/15/2010
DCC Scholars' Day 2012 Colloquium Boasts Over 300 Hundred in Attendance!  Kate Jenkins04/27/2012
DCC SEGA Meeting Minutes 2.15.13Catherin Ray03/05/2013
DCC Self Defense WorkshopSusan Spinetti10/18/2004
DCC September Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace09/08/2010
DCC September Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace09/08/2011
DCC September Calendar of EventsLisa Wallace09/04/2012
DCC September Events Calendar Lisa Ekiert09/06/2016
DCC Shuttle Change for 5/8 & 5/9Geer-Mentry, Ginny05/04/2017
DCC Site Selection: Student Focus GroupMegan Scott11/10/2011
DCC Sociology Film Series Event Presents "Roger & Me"Dina Giovanelli10/28/2015
DCC Spanish Club Interest Meeting Ivonne Ponicsan04/08/2013
DCC Spanish Club interest meeting Ivonne Ponicsan04/25/2013
DCC Speaker SeriesSusan Spinetti09/14/2006
DCC Spring 2011 Parking for StudentsRick Sadwick01/24/2011
DCC Spring FlingSusan Spinetti05/08/2006
DCC SPRING FLING 2007!Susan Spinetti05/03/2007
DCC SPRING FLING Tomorrow!Susan Spinetti05/07/2007
DCC Spring Fling!!!Susan DiPerri05/10/2004
DCC Staff Give 'Jump Start' PresentationDr. Ann V. Topping04/06/2005
DCC Stress Free WeekSusan Spinetti12/06/2005
DCC Stress Free ZoneSusan Spinetti05/15/2006
DCC Student-Veterans Appreciation EventVilma Morrow11/08/2011
DCC Student-Veterans Club Interest meetingDick Stewart02/26/2013
DCC Student Events and Governance AssociationLisa Wallace09/10/2010
DCC Student Events and Governance AssociationLisa Wallace09/24/2010
DCC Student Events and Governance Association May 13 MeetingLisa Wallace05/09/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association MeetingLisa Wallace01/25/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association MeetingLisa Wallace02/01/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association MeetingLisa Wallace02/18/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association MeetingLisa Wallace03/02/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association MeetingLisa Wallace03/11/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association MeetingLisa Wallace03/25/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association MeetingLisa Wallace04/01/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association MeetingLisa Wallace04/07/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association MeetingLisa Wallace04/14/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association MeetingLisa Wallace04/27/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association MeetingLisa Wallace05/05/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association MeetingLisa Wallace10/25/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting AgendaLisa Wallace10/06/2010
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting AgendaLisa Wallace10/22/2010
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting AgendaLisa Wallace11/05/2010
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting AgendaLisa Wallace12/01/2010
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace09/28/2010
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace10/12/2010
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace10/18/2010
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace10/26/2010
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace11/09/2010
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace11/16/2010
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace11/24/2010
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace12/20/2010
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace02/01/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace02/09/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace02/15/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace03/08/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace03/14/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace04/07/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace04/12/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace04/25/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace05/03/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace05/17/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace09/22/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace09/28/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace10/04/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace10/11/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace10/26/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace11/02/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace11/22/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace12/06/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace12/13/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace12/20/2011
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace01/31/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace02/06/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace02/14/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace02/28/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace03/06/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace03/12/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace03/28/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace04/02/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace04/11/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace04/23/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace05/10/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace05/15/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace09/17/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace10/08/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace10/16/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace10/22/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace10/29/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace11/12/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace11/19/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace12/03/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace12/10/2012
DCC Student Events and Governance Association Open HouseSusan Spinetti11/21/2006
DCC Student Events & Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace07/02/2010
DCC Student Events & Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace09/21/2010
DCC Student Events & Governance Association Meeting MinutesLisa Wallace05/09/2011
DCC Student Resource Center – Informational Session TomorrowEdie Horwath09/23/2014
DCC Student Resource FairTracey Britton11/04/2016
DCC Student Resources Trivia Quiz Rick Sadwick09/14/2010
DCC Student Services AppointmentsDr. Ann Topping10/15/2007
DCC Student Services Staff Present at Community College InstituteDr. Ann V. Topping07/06/2015
DCC Student Services Staff Present at the National Conference on Student DevelopmentDr. Ann Topping11/10/2008
DCC Student Workshop: Maximize Your Potential!Susan Spinetti, Student Activities and Leadership Coordinator10/06/2006
DCC Students and Faculty Get AcquaintedRick Sadwick01/28/2010
DCC Students Can Now Apply for Parking Online!Kathleen Moyse09/01/2011
DCC Students Get a Dose of Wellness!Julie White04/16/2007
DCC Study Skills Workshop - Test AnxietyLisa Bierre and Ann Bauer04/13/2010
DCC TCC November ConversationsKaren Coffey10/27/2009
DCC Teaching and Creativity Center Presents: TEACHING TRANSFORMATIONSChristine Plumeri02/11/2004
DCC Teaching & Creativity Center is MovingEmeterio M. Otero10/16/2003
DCC Technology Brown BagKim McKinsey-Mabry02/17/2017
DCC Technology DaysRick Sadwick02/04/2010
DCC Technology WeekRick Sadwick09/29/2009
DCC Technology Week: September 21 through 24, 2009Rick Sadwick09/15/2009
DCC Technology Week: September 22 through 24, 2009Rick Sadwick09/22/2009
DCC Transfer Advisor in Residence ScheduleAnn Topping, Ed.D.02/01/2017
DCC Transfer College FairJoanna Waters10/19/2006
DCC Transfer FairJoanna Waters10/19/2004
DCC Tutoring in the ILC Thanksgiving WeekAnn Bauer11/20/2014
DCC Veterans Appreciation Week: Honor those who have served!Vilma Patterson11/04/2013
DCC Voter Registration Drive!Susan Spinetti10/04/2004
DCC Welcome Back Caribbean DaySusan Spinetti01/30/2006
DCC Welcome Back Caribbean FestivalSusan Spinetti01/25/2006
DCC Welcome Back SocialSusan Spinetti09/08/2006
DCC Welcome Back Week EventsSusan Spinetti09/13/2004
DCC Welcome to DowntownSusan Spinetti09/08/2006
DCC Welcome WeekSusan Spinetti09/09/2005
DCC Welcome Week 2007Susan Spinetti01/22/2007
DCC Welcome Week 2007Susan Spinetti, Student Activites and Leadership Coordinator01/29/2007
DCC Wellness and Pathways to Success Resource CenterAmbika Howell01/22/2015
DCC Wellness CenterJulie White10/18/2006
DCC Wellness Center Open HouseDianne E McConkey04/24/2006
DCC Wellness Center OpensJulie White05/09/2006
DCC Wellness Fair this Wednesday, April 4thCorinne Mulhall04/03/2007
DCC Wellness ProgramAmbika Howell05/11/2016
DCC Wellness WednesdayJulie White11/28/2006
DCC WINS: Workshops Initiated towards Needs of StudentsDeborah Scott10/06/2004
DCC "You Need to Know" Information SeriesKathy Baxter09/14/2007
DCC, PSTF Network Outage Saturday July 28th James Clement07/27/2012
DCC: Entertaining EventsSusan Spinetti, Student Activities and Leadership Coordinator03/05/2007
DCC: "Down Here in the Dirt" Cultural TheaterSusan DiPerri02/25/2004
Deacon Nathaniel White, father of Rubye RobertsHeze Simmons03/01/2012
Deadline Approaching - Student Award NominationDugan, Lawrence01/22/2018
Deadline Approaching - Student Awards NominationsSusan D. Baker02/23/2016
Deadline Approaching - Student Awards Nominations Lawrence Dugan01/27/2017
Deadline approaching for Chancellor's Award for Adjunct Teaching NominationsSandy Warren09/22/2015
Deadline Approaching for Chancellor's Award NominationsHeather Williams12/04/2012
Deadline Approaching for Faculty Cap and Gown OrdersIris Mand03/10/2005
Deadline Approaching for Faculty Senate NominationsMichael Heel10/03/2016
Deadline Approaching for Innovations 2005 Call for ProposalsDr. Susan Salvador09/10/2004
Deadline Approaching for Mathematics ScholarshipsMichael Eames03/15/2016
Deadline Approaching for MCC Employee Ice Skating Event!Kelley Bennett01/30/2017
Deadline Approaching for MCC Foundation Impact Micro GrantsFluman, Lisa11/01/2018
Deadline Approaching for Student Award NominationsDugan, Lawrence02/19/2018
Deadline Approaching to RSVP for Human Rights Workshop!Fabbro, Regina12/12/2018
Deadline approaching to turn in Flexible Spending Claims from 2009Karen Rheinheimer03/25/2010
Deadline Approaching to turn in Flexible Spending Claims from 2010The Human Resources Team04/14/2011
Deadline Approaching to Turn in Flexible Spending Claims from 2012The Human Resources Team03/15/2013
Deadline Clarification for SUNY WaiversSandy Warren12/03/2015
Deadline Extended for Catalog Changes to the Personnel SectionDebbie Alimentato04/04/2012
Deadline Extended for Innovations 2011 - Call for ProposalsSusan M. Salvador09/20/2010
Deadline Extended for New SUNY Open Educational Resources (OER) StipendsBeechey, Michelle11/02/2017
Deadline Extended for SLN and Hybrid Course Development to April 15, 2014Charlotte Downing04/02/2014
Deadline Extended for Summer Instructional Development ProjectsCharlotte Downing04/03/2012
Deadline Extended to Register for NAPE Professional DevelopmentBakewicz, Christina02/28/2018
Deadline Extended!Patricia Williams12/01/2008
DEADLINE EXTENDED: Innovations Proposals Accepted through September 24Dr. Susan Salvador09/23/2004
Deadline Extended: Name a Seat in the New MCC Theatre by March 22 for a Chance to Win Tickets to “Hamilton!”Emily Marullo03/20/2017
Deadline for application for Professional Advancement for the Benefit of the College Leave extendedCarmen Powers03/19/2009
Deadline for Applications to the Surgical Technology ProgramMary Seely01/28/2016
Deadline for Chancellor’s Awards Nomination Set Carmen Powers11/09/2011
Deadline for Chancellor's Awards Nominations Fast Approaching!Valarie Avalone12/03/2004
Deadline for Faculty Cap and GownAlyson03/16/2004
Deadline for Faculty Cap and Gown Orders is FridayIris Mand03/19/2007
Deadline for Faculty/Staff Cap and GownIris Mand04/01/2008
Deadline for Instructional Development Stipend Proposals is April 24Gena Merliss04/19/2017
Deadline for Legacy Honoree Submissions Extended to February 27Carmen Powers02/10/2012
Deadline for MCC Leadership Academy Applications -- Friday, April 11Valarie Avalone04/02/2008
Deadline for MEEA and Roueche Awards TOMORROW, FRI 11/4Professional Development Committee11/03/2016
Deadline for Model United Nations Program ApproachingShirley Batistta-Provost10/06/2008
Deadline for Orientation Materials is ApproachingCatherine Higgins05/27/2011
Deadline for Spring 2008 Final Exam RequestsErvina Malin02/04/2008
Deadline for Student Play Submissions is This FridayMaria Brandt04/12/2011
Deadline for Student Research Opportunity in Cartagena, Colombia is TodayLee, Christina10/26/2018
Deadline for Tickets to Alberta Lee's & Char Downing's Retirement Celebration is June 6!Deb Alimentato, April Hill, Karen Rheinheimer, and Kimberley Willis06/02/2014
Deadline for "Using Brain Research to Enhance and Energize Instruction" WorkshopGene Marino06/01/2009
Deadline Is Friday for Summer StipendsStuart Blacklaw04/24/2007
Deadline Reminder: Scholars' Day ApplicationsMichael Ofsowitz03/01/2017
Deadline Tomorrow to Apply for the Keuka College and MCC Joint Presidential Scholarship!Julianna Frisch04/27/2017
Deadlines Extended: Hansen Teaching Excellence & MCC Professional Service AwardsProfessional Development Committee04/04/2017
Deadlines for Submission of Curriculum ProposalsMaryJo Witz09/23/2015
Deadlines Now Listed on MyMCC Curriculum TabMaryJo Witz09/09/2014
Deadline: Scholars' Day SubmissionsMichael Ofsowitz02/13/2014
Deadly Fraud: Medical Identity TheftJeff Dunker10/28/2015
Deaf Awareness NightMichael Weingart05/02/2006
Deaf Awareness Week Fundraiser to be Held at Uno'sRita Straubhaar01/19/2006
Deaf Awareness Week September 24-30Julie Donofrio09/14/2006
Deaf Educational ExperienceMichael A. Weingart04/04/2006
Deaf Poetry and Film Night - Thursday, April 29th at 6:00 p.m.Michael A. Weingart04/06/2004
Deaf Student Access in the Classroom PresentationRita Straubhaar09/17/2008
Dealing Dogs at DCC's Sociology Film SeriesChristine Plumeri10/09/2007
Dealing with Distressed StudentsDr. Ann Topping10/17/2006
Dealing with Distressed Students - Wednesday March 8thDonna Mueller03/03/2006
Dealing with Distressed Students: Wednesday, February 8Dr. Harry Merryman02/07/2006
Dealing with distressed students: Wednesday, November 30thDr. Harry Merryman11/29/2005
Dealing with distressed students: Wednesday, October 19thDr. Harry Merryman10/11/2005
Dealing With Students and Substance Abuse - PostponedCelia Reaves04/29/2009
Dealing With Students and Substance Abuse -POSTPONEDCelia Reaves04/06/2009
Deal...Or No Deal!Ginger Toth05/17/2006
Dean Dianna Phillips Promotes MCC, Industry in TV News ProgramHency Yuen-Eng01/13/2009
Dean Fragnoli to become FLCC ProvostMichael McDonough05/01/2014
Dean Mike Jacobs To Present at Filling Station: A Faculty Research Presentation Series, March 16Leuzzi, Anthony03/06/2018
Dean of Career Technical Education Marlene Fine12/02/2011
Dean of Career Technical Education Marlene Fine12/06/2011
Dean of Career Technical Education Forum Marlene Fine11/29/2011
Dean of Liberal ArtsDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President06/14/2007
Dean of Technical EducationMarlene Fine05/05/2011
Dean of Technical Education Open HearingMarlene Fine05/12/2011
Dean Otero Keynotes Martin Luther King Jr CelebrationDianne E McConkey01/18/2007
Dean Search UpdatesAndrea C. Wade12/21/2016
Dean Searches Marlene Fine09/07/2011
Deans' Award of Merit for the Most Notable Contribution to an Assessment Project by a Program or Department Faculty, 2013-2014Michael Heel05/01/2015
Deans and AVPs at the Downtown CampusWade, Andrea11/13/2018
Deans serve pancake breakfast to DCC community!Susan Spinetti, Student Activites and Leadership Coordinator04/09/2007
Dear Students...Apply for this exciting research opportunity to work with students in Cartagena, Colombia!Lee, Christina10/09/2018
Dearing Presents on AssessmentKathy Bolton02/18/2003
Death and Dying Student, Ryan Brooks, Goes Above and BeyondTracy Wyant12/16/2011
Death NoticeVice President Janet J. Glocker11/07/2002
Death of Edward StandhartR. Thomas Flynn10/23/2002
Death of James GarnierR. Thomas Flynn03/28/2003
Death of John KaysonJanet Glocker07/06/2006
Death of Mark PrestonAnne M. Kress08/01/2011
Death of Mary Pruonto, Mother of Angie ZuryJanet J. Glocker10/10/2003
Death of Nelson RichR. Thomas Flynn11/19/2003
Death of Ozellma WalkerJanet J. Glocker02/12/2003
Death of Rebecca L. ThornhillR. Thomas Flynn11/20/2002
Death of Robert TeagueR. Thomas Flynn04/28/2003
Deb Mohr selected for national library assessment trainingMark McBride08/12/2014
Debating in New York City at the real UNShirley Batistta-Provost09/15/2004
Debbie Ake Receives Distinguished Support Staff Award Distinguished Support Staff Award Committee04/16/2015
Debbie Alimentato Awarded Plaque from Operation FriendshipPat Wolff12/02/2003
Debbie Alimentato Receives Distinguished Support Staff AwardDistinguished Support Staff Award Committee10/28/2014
Deborah’s Advice to Those Who FollowDeborah Benjamin03/25/2014
Deborah Benjamin is Retiring: An InterviewDeborah Benjamin02/11/2014
Deborah Benjamin Publishes Book on the Day She Retires from MCC!Betsy Ripton03/28/2014
Debra Davis Earns Conference ScholarshipCynthia Cooper Mapes04/21/2016
Debra Davis named Director of Marketing CommunicationsCynthia Cooper12/05/2013
Debra Davis Serves as PRSA JudgeCynthia Mapes09/30/2016
Debra Dwyer, New Assistant Director, Public SafetyDavid T. Moore03/12/2012
DEC Individual Artist Project Grant Awarded to Mary P. Nolan, Ballet ArtistDr. Ann V. Topping01/24/2012
December’s First Friday – On ScheduleDavid Shaw12/03/2009
December's First Friday on ScheduleJeff Bartkovich12/03/2010
December's Monthly Madness Sale is Crazy!Farruggia, Alyssa12/05/2017
December 1 Withdrawal Deadline ApproachingDeborah Benjamin11/26/2003
December 12 Faculty Senate MeetingFaculty Senate12/06/2002
December 13th All College Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes Heather Murphy02/05/2013
December 2006 - League ConnectionsDr. Susan Salvador01/10/2007
December 2010 Faculty Senate MinutesSandy Wynne01/31/2011
December 2014 and January 2015: Blackboard Refresher SeriesMarie Gibson11/26/2014
December 2014 Shuttle Dates Virginia Geer-Mentry12/12/2014
December 2015 DCC Events CalendarLisa Ekiert12/01/2015
December 24th Food Service InformationAnnette Agness, Director12/12/2007
December 28-30 Intermittent Network OutagesDonna Pogroszewski12/19/2012
December 29, 2005 PayrollChuck White12/19/2005
December All College Faculty Senate MeetingFaculty Senate12/13/2004
December Book Drive a Great Success!Anne J. Perry01/17/2008
December Brief Focuses on Global EducationAnne M. Kress12/01/2015
December Brief Focuses on Veteran Services Anne M. Kress12/16/2016
December CalendarCatherin Ray12/04/2013
December Crime Prevention TipLee Struble12/08/2008
December Faculty Senate MeetingSandy Wynne12/08/2003
December Faculty Senate Meeting MinutesHeather Murphy02/01/2012
December First FridaysJeff Bartkovich12/04/2013
December First Fridays Jeff Bartkovich12/03/2014
December Holidays around the WorldDeb Mohr12/17/2013
December i-StreamSusan M. Salvador12/15/2009
December Info ChallengeStephanie Hranjec12/10/2008
December Leadership Abstract - A Case for Mystery ShoppingDr. Susan Salvador12/16/2003
December Specials at the BookstorePeggy Ansaldi12/01/2011
December Specials ContinuePeggy Ansaldi12/20/2011
December/January Shuttle ScheduleVirginia Geer-Mentry12/12/2012
Dec. Faculty Senate MinutesFaculty Senate01/30/2003
Dedicated WR Mathematics Faculty Inspire ColleaguesAmy Burtner [English/Philosophy]04/27/2015
Dedication Ceremony Scheduled for Child Care CenterDiane Shoger05/25/2010
Dedication for Christine SmithBarker, Anne06/13/2017
Dedication of Alice Holloway Young CommonsDr. Susan Salvador07/08/2003
Dedication to Honor Our SUNY China 150 StudentsDonna Burke05/11/2009
Deep Water Drilling and the Gulf of MexicoMatthew Fox10/21/2010
Defining Leadership: Vocies of WomenAlberta G. Lee11/08/2002
Degree Audit Sheets Now OnlineTaine Vinci10/23/2003
Degree Works 'Print' Option not workingTorcello, Jody06/27/2017
Degree Works Advising Notes are here!Dingee, Sally01/10/2018
Degree Works down at 4:00 p.m.Torcello, Jody06/26/2017
Degree Works follow-upJody Torcello07/13/2016
Degree Works GPS is Plugged-In!Sally Dingee and Toni Robbins03/09/2015
Degree Works is Around the Corner!  Coming in March!  Jody Torcello01/26/2015
Degree Works is Coming!Sally Dingee and Toni Robbins06/04/2014
Degree Works is Plugged In!Sally Dingee and Toni Robbins02/23/2015
Degree Works MaintenanceReifsteck, John11/01/2018
Degree Works Planned MaintenanceAriola, Amy05/21/2018
Degree Works Production Migration to VTCReifsteck, John07/06/2018
Degree Works Training is Here!Sally Dingee and Toni Robbins10/02/2014
Degree Works Will be Down Saturday 6/6/15 from 8 AM -3 PMJody Torcello06/04/2015
Degus Presents at SUNY SymposiumPaula Burnside11/13/2002
Degus to RetireR. Thomas Flynn05/21/2008
DeHond Achieves Competent Leader (CL) AwardAudrey Abbondanzieri05/26/2005
DeHond Presents at Twelve Corners Middle SchoolKaren Frantz11/02/2004
DeLaus Speaks for Women's FoundationHall, Kevin10/19/2017
Delfino Earns National HonorRobyn Pepicelli06/08/2005
Delia Rhodes and Craig Rand recognized by Who's Who Among America's TeachersJanet Dalke09/12/2007
Deliberative Dialogues Training Workshop Joseph Scanlon12/20/2016
Delivering Equitable Online Education: Online vs. Hybrid Delivery Compared - AudioconferenceCarol Wilkinson07/14/2004
Delivery Quality Service - Special Disney PresentationMary Bleier02/09/2004
Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Available in the MCC Brighton Campus BookstoreIris Mand11/04/2009
Delovis Olaode Completes DoctorateJeff Bartkovich03/13/2015
Delovis Olaode receives DCC Certificate of AppreciationAnita Manuele04/03/2009
Democracy Beyond Voting: Jury Recruitment and DiversityRobert L. Muhlnickel11/01/2012
Democracy Commitment Committee Members SoughtDr. Kim McKinsey-Mabry, Business & Community Engagement08/16/2016
Democracy Commitment Rally & Poster SessionRobert L. Muhlnickel11/01/2012
Democracy Days at MCC!Tracy Wyant03/02/2012
Democracy Days at the Damon City CampusTracy Wyant10/08/2012
Democracy Rally on Nov. 5Robert L. Muhlnickel10/03/2012
Democracy Wall and Town Hall Meeting: What Can I Do To Change My Social World?Tracy Wyant04/26/2013
Democrat and Chronicle Applauds Flynn as "A Leader with Integrity"Cynthia Cooper08/22/2008
Democrat and Chronicle Article on TuitionR. Thomas Flynn12/18/2002
Democrat and Chronicle Blogger Praises MCC Foreign Language FacultyCynthia Cooper05/11/2006
Democrat and Chronicle Covers Job Fair at DCCHency Yuen-Eng03/23/2012
Democrat and Chronicle Describes MCC as a "Powerhouse"Cynthia Cooper02/26/2007
Democrat and Chronicle Notes MCC's 50th AnniversaryCynthia Cooper12/11/2012
Democrat and Chronicle on the Brighton Campus WednesdayCynthia Cooper03/14/2006
Democrat and Chronicle Reporter Promotes Mercer Gallery ExhibitHency Yuen-Eng02/02/2011
Democrat and Chronicle: Day in the Life of BrightonCynthia Cooper09/08/2005
Democrat and Chronicle: MCC's excellence helps us allCynthia Cooper06/27/2006
Democrat & Chronicle Publishes Letter on Hoodies and  Free Speech by Professor Karen MorrisKaren Morris, Professor04/06/2012
Democratization of Information Call for Faculty ParticipationPaul D'Alessandris01/29/2010
Demystifying Effective Texbook Use for Your Students!Karen Coffey03/07/2016
Denee J. Martin and Vicki Rocha Selected for Advisory BoardChristine Casalinuovo-Adams12/04/2015
Deneen Rhode Talks about the Relationship between Massage and Weight Loss in Body Sense MagazineRosanna Condello03/05/2010
Deneen Rhode to BRRRRAVE Live TVRosanna Condello01/12/2007
Denise Calarco Presents at Parking ConferenceDebra Dwyer11/17/2014
Denise Dillard is RetiringAndrew W. Freeman02/12/2010
Denise Dillard Retirement PartyAndrew W. Freeman03/04/2010
Dental Clinic Appointments Available Tuesday, August 28th or Thursday, August 30th, evening clinics onlyGiblin, Patricia08/23/2018
Dental Clinic Provides Cleaning and X-Ray Services On CampusMary Jo Toepfer02/03/2005
Dental faculty create DVD for instructionStuart Blacklaw08/30/2007
Dental Hygiene Clinic ReminderMary Jo Toepfer04/26/2004
Dental Hygiene Clinic Ribbon Cutting CeremonyGretchen Wood09/19/2011
Dental Hygiene Clinic ServicesMary Jo Toepfer09/20/2004
Dental Hygiene Clinic ServicesMary Jo Toepfer10/04/2007
Dental Hygiene Faculty & Students Walk for Healthy SmilesCharlene Blanchard10/15/2007
Dental Hygiene Grads ExcelCynthia Cooper11/13/2006
Dental Hygiene Graduates All Pass NERBSusan H. Forsyth, Chairperson09/25/2006
Dental Hygiene Graduates Score Perfect Pass Rate on Licensure ExamsRosanna Condello09/27/2005
Dental Hygiene Partnership with Jamestown Featured in Olean Times HeraldRosanna Condello03/26/2007
Dental Hygiene Students Clinic Boards 100% Success!Lawrence, David05/09/2018
Dental Hygiene Students Clinical Board ExamDavid Lawrence05/11/2016
Dental Patient ParkingMichael J. McDonough and Heze Simmons06/27/2011
Dental Societies Give $30,000 toward Clinic RenovationRosanna Condello05/25/2010
Dental Students FundraiserPatty Giblin12/04/2015
Dental Studies Students and Staff Give Kids a Reason to SmileDavid B. Lawrence02/16/2005
Dental Studies Students Table Clinics in the R. Thomas Flynn Student Center Atrium: 5/13 at NoonSusan H. Forsyth, Professor05/12/2009
Department and Division Visits by President KressStrong, Sheila03/01/2018
Department and Division Visits by President KressStrong, Sheila05/01/2018
Department and Division Visits by President KressStrong, Sheila08/29/2018
Department Chair Roster for 2008-2009 Academic YearDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President08/18/2008
Department Chairs 2003-2004Janet J. Glocker06/25/2003
Department Chairs 2004-05Janet J. Glocker, Vice President, Academic Services06/24/2004
Department Chairs 2005-2006Dr. Janet J. Glocker06/08/2005
Department Chairs 2006-07Dr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President06/29/2006
Department Chairs 2007-08Dr. Janet J. Glocker06/14/2007
Department Chairs for the 2009-2010 Academic YearDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President04/29/2009
Department Chairs for the 2012-2013 Academic YearMichael J. McDonough, Provost and Vice President04/11/2012
Department Chairs for the 2013-2014 Academic YearMichael J. McDonough04/10/2013
Department Chairs for the 2014-2015 Academic YearMichael J. McDonough04/15/2014
Department Chairs for the 2015-2016 Academic YearJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost and Vice President04/20/2015
Department Chairs for the 2016-2017 Academic YearAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President04/07/2016
Department Chairs for the 2017-2018 Academic YearAndrea Wade04/06/2017
Department Chairs for the 2018-2019 Academic YearWade, Andrea04/11/2018
Department Challenge: Around the World for YeardleyBouyea, Aaron04/04/2018
Department Name ChangeJanet J. Glocker, Vice President11/21/2002
Department of Education Friday Professional SeriesCatherine Marhatta09/18/2003
Department of Education Friday Professional SeriesRichard Rozzi10/16/2003
Department of Education Friday Professional SeriesRichard Rozzi11/14/2003
Department of Education Hosts Future Teachers ConferenceDebra Dwyer11/10/2009
Department of Education Professional Workshop SeriesDeborah Scott01/23/2006
Department of Education Professional Workshop Series Upcoming EventDeborah Scott10/31/2005
Department of Education Students Learn About Economic DisparitiesRick Costanza04/09/2014
Department of Human Services Information Session (DHS 101)Steward, Yolonda10/11/2017
Department of Human Services Information Session (DHS 101)Steward, Yolonda10/10/2017
Department of Nursing Hosts Open House and TourRosanna Condello09/30/2004
Department RelocationsRichard Degus07/14/2003
Departmental Emergency Telephone TreeLeah Dyer10/18/2007
Departure of Dr. SwangerJanet J. Glocker06/21/2004
Departure of Frances DearingElsie Beach08/12/2004
Depart. Social Services, Downtown CampusHarvey-Lee, Peggy12/04/2017
Dependent Health Care Eligibility AuditSuzanne Bureau03/22/2016
Deposit Reimbursement - Parking Lot CC - (Formally Kodak Lot D) Key CardsCalarco, Denise01/29/2018
Depression Screening Available TodayJodi Oriel, Program Manager02/23/2004
Dept. of Education Sponsors Professional Workshop SeriesDeborah Scott10/13/2005
Dept. of Nursing Hurricane Katrina Relief ProjectLaurie Palmer09/13/2005
Design Elements: DiningValarie Avalone03/21/2003
Design Excellence Award from AIA Rochester Recognizes MCC Downtown CampusYuen-Eng, Hency06/19/2018
Designer, Photographer, Illustrator Jorge Columbo to Speak at MCCKathleen Farrell03/19/2012
Designing an Emergency Preparedness and Alternative Travel PlanDiSalvo, Charles09/10/2018
Desk ClosedSue Teerlinck08/19/2011
Desk ClosingSue Teerlinck08/23/2010
Desk HoursSue Teerlinck08/18/2008
Desk HoursSue Teerlinck08/24/2012
Desperate ParentsToni Jaye Robbins02/16/2007
Despite Record Setting Cold, LPP Students Enjoy February Break Activities Sarah Lenhard03/10/2015
Despite the high cost of living, it remains popularSimmons, Kevin09/19/2018
Desroches, Salehi named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen01/17/2007
Details About Medical Insurance Coverage to Age 29Karen Rheinheimer11/09/2009
Details for WalkersDianne E McConkey03/27/2006
Develop Your Potential, Change Your Life!Susan Spinetti05/01/2007
Develop Your Unique Voice with the MCC Toastmasters ClubIlene Benz03/01/2011
Developing a Diversity Requirement: First Steps at South Puget Sound Community CollegeDr. Susan Salvador02/11/2005
Developing Mindfulness in a Chaotic WorldDonna Burke10/15/2015
Developing Skills and Expertise for Teaching OnlineSusan M. Salvador03/31/2011
Developments at Kodak; What it Means for Our Downtown CampusAnne M. Kress01/20/2012
DHS Informational SessionE.J. Watkins05/24/2016
DHS Awards $15K Grant to Homeland Security Management InstituteJohn Perrone04/02/2012
Dia de los Muertos at Damon City CampusSusan Spinetti10/31/2007
Dialing In From Off CampusDonna Pogroszewski08/21/2008
Dialogues on Diversity Presents Brazilian Dance Ensemble "Ologunde" and Renown Poet Willie PerdomoShirley Batistta-Provost04/29/2009
Dialogues on Diversity Program TodayThomas Christopher Priester05/02/2008
Diana Gardner Robinson, Ph.D. Achieves Distinguished Toastmaster StatusRosanna Condello08/20/2008
Diana Lauria featured on WOKR-13's Bright Spot SegmentRosanna Condello12/09/2004
Diana Rayner's Retirement ReceptionChristine Plumeri05/17/2005
Diana Robinson Part of Citizen Impact TeamDebra Alimentato02/12/2008
Diane Cannito's Retirement ReceptionDebbie Alimentato09/28/2009
Diane Cecero Honored with Top Counsel AwardAnne M. Kress04/06/2010
Diane Cecero is a Guest Speaker at W. Irondequoit High SchoolDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel03/05/2004
Diane Cecero Named Athena FinalistLarry W. Tyree12/03/2008
Diane Cecero on LeaveAnne M. Kress10/06/2014
Diane Cheasty Thank You MCC! Retirement CelebrationAndrea Wolff04/25/2017
Diane Clements Wins Outstanding Educator AwardKate Smith06/01/2015
Diane Fitton Panelist at Corning Community CollegeDiane Fitton11/09/2004
Diane L. Shoger Appointed to National Committee for Institutionally Related Foundations by the Council for Advancement and Support of EducationGretchen Wood08/04/2015
Diane L. Shoger to Lead MCC FoundationLarry Tyree09/03/2008
Diane M. Cecero Appointed to Activities in the Legal CommunityDianne E McConkey04/10/2007
Diane M. Cecero Presents at SUNY 2007 Technology ConferenceDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel06/27/2007
Diane Navarro Dawson Earns Advanced Toastmaster AwardRosanna Condello03/23/2009
Diane Navarro DeHond Presents Regarding 'Everyday Heroes'Alice Harrington12/19/2005
Diane Navarro Leads Speechcraft Session for League of Women VotersRosanna Condello02/24/2014
Diane Navarro Presents at Toastmasters Leadership InstituteRosanna Yule01/14/2015
Diane Shoger a Finalist for a Fulbright Award!Gale Lynch05/03/2016
Diane Shoger and Gretchen Wood Present at CCCA Alicia Zona10/12/2016
Diane Shoger Appointed to the CASE National Planning CommitteeKathy Davies03/05/2012
Diane Shoger Featured in CASE Currents January/February IssueGretchen Wood01/27/2017
Diane Shoger Named Outstanding Fundraising ProfessionalAnne M. Kress11/13/2013
Diane Shoger Profiled in July Issue of BriefCASEGretchen Wood07/18/2014
Diane Shoger Profiled in the Rochester Business JournalGretchen Wood07/10/2015
Diane Shoger Receives CASE Commonfund AwardAnne M. Kress02/25/2015
Diane Shoger Receives CASE DII AwardGretchen Wood03/07/2017
Diane Shoger Speaks to Rockland Community College Board of Trustees and Foundation BoardGretchen Wood04/15/2015
Diane Shoger to be recognized at CASE DII ConferenceGretchen Wood01/05/2017
Diane Shoger to RetireAnne M. Kress09/30/2016
Diane Shoger, Tokeya Graham Named Finalists for Local Business AwardsAnne M. Kress10/25/2016
Dianna Phillips and Gloria Morgan Present at the 89th Annual Convention of the American Association of Community CollegesDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President04/13/2009
Dianna Phillips presents at the ETLI ConferenceDianna G. Phillips, Ph.D.11/10/2009
Dianna "Dee" DiPrima Retirement CelebrationDebbie Alimentato09/24/2012
Dick Mackey Joins MCC Board of TrusteesR. Thomas Flynn03/28/2007
Dick Stewart Wins Final Pop QuizCynthia Cooper05/22/2007
Dickerson, Jones Included in Messenger Post Media's 40 Under 40 Greater Rochester African American LeadersJanet Ekis03/11/2011
Did We Make Your “To Do” List?Alberta Lee06/13/2005
Did you get your Pauly Shore tickets yet?Jodi Oriel09/30/2008
Did you know - David Lane03/13/2013
Did You Know That January 28 is Data Privacy Day?Donna Pogroszewski01/27/2017
Did You Know the Peer Mentors Accept Used Printer Cartridges for Recycling?Catherine Higgins12/01/2011
Did You Know ...Sally Dingee and Toni Robbins09/18/2013
Did You Know ...?Bill Dunning and Holly Preische02/22/2016
Did You Know...Janet Ekis02/08/2005
Did You Know...The SUNY General Education Video is Now Live!Robbins, Toni02/13/2018
Did You Know...?Janet Ekis02/03/2005
Did You Know...?Janet Ekis07/29/2005
Did You Know...?Bill Dunning and Holly Preische02/29/2016
Did You Know?Deb DeFillips03/03/2015
Did You Miss McDonough's and Oldham's Presentations?Paula Burnside05/31/2011
Did you miss the COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) Lunch and Learn last week?Gale Lynch04/28/2015
Did You Receive a "Welcome to the Online CSA Training" Email?Lowe, Kristin11/06/2018
Did you say, "FREE?!" Stress Free Zone in the Library! Free Coffee, Tea and more activities!Navarro, Diane05/10/2018
Did you say, "FREE?!": Stress Free Zone in the Library! Free Coffee, Tea and more activities!Navarro, Diane12/11/2017
Did You See Our New Commercials Yet?Debra Davis03/31/2014
Did you vote?Suter, Charlene11/06/2018
Did Your Clock Fall Back?Paul Wurster, AVP11/07/2016
Did Your Clock Spring Forward?Paul Wurster03/13/2017
Difficult Conversations WorkshopKara Kupinski05/31/2016
Digital Camera RaffleDonna Brennan02/06/2007
Digital Day at Canisius CollegePeggy VanKirk02/14/2012
Digital Reminders for Priority RegistrationDavis, Debra10/16/2018
Digital Rochester & Greater Rochester Enterprise Networking EventCharles Caples01/03/2012
Digital Rochester, Greater Rochester Enterprise and MCC's Office of Workforce Development Host Networking Event TodayCharles Caples01/06/2009
Digital Rocheter, Greater Rochester Enterprises & MCC's Office of Workforce Development - Networking EventChuck Caples01/03/2005
Digital Video Class Featured on WOKR 13 NewsRosanna Condello09/22/2004
Digitized MCC Yearbooks (1962-63 to 1971) Now OnlineAlice Wilson12/08/2014
Dimensionality and the HypercubeLinda Carson04/15/2013
Dina Giovanelli Collaborates with YWCADina Giovanelli08/11/2016
Dine-In or Take-out Buffets All Next Week in Reflections!!!Diane Cheasty04/30/2008
Dine-in or Take-out buffets all this week in Reflections Restaurant!Diane Cheasty05/07/2007
Dine and Dialog at Nazareth CollegePaula Fahy02/25/2010
Dine in at Food for Thought today for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate Janet B. Zinck03/08/2017
Dingee Presents at "Uniting Across Campuses" ConferenceSally Barton Dingee03/11/2010
Dingee, O'Shea Receive AwardJanet Ekis04/19/2004
Dingee, O'Shea Receive National AwardJanet Ekis05/17/2004
Dining at the MarketPlaceMaryjane Starr03/16/2015
Dining During Spring Break Deb DeFillips03/26/2015
Dining During Winter BreakDeb DeFillips02/16/2015
Dining Highlights NovemberVan Pelt, Thomas10/30/2017
Dining Hours--Spring RecessVan Pelt, Thomas03/29/2018
Dining Menu Brighton Campus--February 19Van Pelt, Thomas02/19/2018
Dining Menus Week of April 30Van Pelt, Thomas04/25/2018
Dining Menus Week of February 12Van Pelt, Thomas02/13/2018
Dining Menus Week of February 26Van Pelt, Thomas02/26/2018
Dining Menus Week of January 22ndVan Pelt, Thomas01/22/2018
Dining Menus Week of January 29thVan Pelt, Thomas01/30/2018
Dining Menus Week of March 19Truman, Lisa03/13/2018
Dining Menus Week of March 5thVan Pelt, Thomas03/05/2018
Dining Menus Week of May 14Van Pelt, Thomas05/14/2018
Dining October HighlightsVan Pelt, Thomas09/26/2017
Dining Options Available During Spring Fling on Wednesday, May 9th.Annette Agness05/07/2007
Dining Services' Call Ahead Ordering to Debut TodayMonte Boyer07/28/2003
Dining Services Abridged Hours for Summer SessionsDouglas J. Brown, Director05/18/2005
Dining Services in DecemberMaureen Wheelden12/01/2014
Dining Services ManagerAnnette Agness08/08/2008
Dining Services Opening in Campus CenterMonte Boyer07/10/2003
Dining Services Operation Hours During SPRING FLINGMark Farnung, Manager05/11/2004
Dining Thanksgiving Week HoursVan Pelt, Thomas11/20/2017
Dinner Fundraiser on May 10th to Benefit Full Circle Home! Tickets on Sale Today!Diane Cheasty04/11/2017
Dinner To Go from Reflections RestaurantDrew Lawrence10/20/2011
Dinner & Theatre BooksSue Teerlinck08/31/2012
Dinner & Theatre...Plus BooksSue Teerlinck01/30/2006
Dinner/Theatre BooksSue Teerlinck02/08/2008
Dinosaur CSIDebbie Mohr09/08/2008
Dinosaur CSI? The Leonardo ProjectLori Annesi10/30/2008
Dinosaur CSI? The Leonardo Project TOMORROWLori Annesi11/06/2008
Dinosaur Feathers: How Fossils Inform Us About the Evolution of BirdsRosanna Condello04/18/2007
Direct Deposit - Going GreenJudy Bertram04/15/2011
Direct Deposit IncentiveJudy Bertram05/01/2008
Director for Housing and Residence Life AnnouncedDr. Susan Salvador06/15/2004
Director of Housing and Residence LifeLisa Truman05/24/2016
Director of Libraries Elected Vice Chair of SUNYConnect Advisory CouncilJeffrey Bartkovich, Vice President07/13/2010
Director of Public SafetyDr. Susan Salvador02/08/2006
Director of Public Safety Presents at Regional ConferenceLee Struble07/14/2008
Director of the Campus CenterDr. Susan Salvador08/17/2005
Director, Counseling and AdvisingDr. Susan Salvador08/30/2007
Director, EOPSmith, Brenda06/07/2018
Disability Awareness Month-October 2018Morelli, Jessica10/01/2018
Disability Awareness Month: Alumna SpotlightBurke, Donna10/08/2018
Disability Awareness Month: Inclusion AwarenessMcCrumb, Jean10/16/2018
Disability Speaker Series: Autism and Other Related SyndromesPaula Fahy04/14/2009
DiSalvo Graduates from FEMA’s Emergency Management Basic AcademyKevin A. Hall04/04/2017
Disc Golf Tournament Info. meetingJeff Parrinello02/26/2009
Discount GEVA tickets available!Jodi Oriel03/01/2004
Discount Movie Tickets AvailableCatherine Higgins06/16/2003
Discount movie tickets availableCatherine Higgins02/20/2004
Discount on Verizon Wireless Cellular ServicesJoan Smith06/06/2006
Discount Pricing Available for RBTL ShowsSandy Warren01/14/2015
Discount Theme Park Tickets are Still Available at the Campus Center Service Desk!Campus Center Service Desk07/14/2016
Discount tickets available for Jersey Boys from the RBTL.Human Resources Team09/22/2016
Discount Tickets Available for RBTLHuman Resources Team09/04/2013
Discount Tickets Available for RBTL's Hip Hop NutcrackerWarren, Sandy10/31/2017
Discount Tickets available for Rochester Broadway Theatre LeagueSandy Warren08/11/2016
Discount Tickets Available for Sesame Street LiveSandy Warren02/16/2017
Discount Tickets for Geva's "Triple Espresso"Cynthia Cooper11/04/2008
Discount Tickets for the Rhinos Soccer TeamHuman Resources Team07/25/2013
Discount Tickets for Upcoming Rochester Area EventsKaren Shaw03/01/2012
Discount Tickets for Upcoming Rochester Area Events Karen Shaw02/03/2012
Discount Tickets Offered for MCC Foundation’s Salute to Excellence Dinner on Jan. 11Renee St. Louis12/16/2005
Discounted Darien Lake Tickets Available Through NYSUT-FAMarlene Goho06/03/2003
Discounted Darien Lake Tickets Available Through NYSUT-FASonja Lenhard06/03/2004
Discounted Darien Lake Tickets Available Through NYSUT-FASonja Lenhard05/08/2006
Discounted Darien Lake Tickets Available Through NYSUT-FASonja Lenhard04/24/2008
Discounted Darien Lake Tickets Available Through NYSUT-FASonja Lenhard05/11/2009
Discounted Darien Lake Tickets Available through NYSUT-FASonja Lenhard05/12/2015
Discounted Darien Lake Tickets Available Through NYSUT - FASonja Lenhard05/13/2010
Discounted Darien Lake Tickets Available Through NYSUT - FA Sonja Lenhard05/10/2011
Discounted Darien Lake Tickets Available Through NYSUT - FA Sonja Lenhard05/23/2012
Discounted Darien Lake Tickets Available Through NYSUT/FASonja Lenhard05/12/2005
Discounted Darien Lake Tickets Offered Through NYSUT-FASonja Lenhard06/02/2016
Discounted Darien Lake Tickets Offered Through NYSUT-FASonja Lenhard04/03/2017
Discounted GEVA Tickets for SaleJodi Oriel02/18/2004
Discounted Rochester Rhino Tickets for this Saturday, October 1Human Resources Team09/28/2016
Discounted Tickets for the Harlem GlobetrottersHR Team01/08/2016
Discounted Tickets to Buffalo Bills GamesStacey Pierce11/10/2004
Discover the Math Behind WonderlandShirley Batistta-Provost03/17/2005
Discretionary Release Time FormsJanet J. Glocker, Vice President11/20/2002
Discussing Anger ManagementJulie White03/19/2008
Discussing, Sharing and Evaluating the Latino Experience at MCCShirley Batistta-Provost12/11/2007
Discussion about the movie "The Passion of the Christ"Paul Tracy03/23/2004
Discussion Group for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender StudentsJulie White03/10/2008
Discussion of on-line teaching to be held at DCCKristen Fragnoli10/16/2003
Discussion on Gang Violence to be Presented
Bette Bovenzi, Orientation Coordinator04/20/2007
Discussion on Teaching in the Diverse ClassroomSuzanne Long03/03/2005
Discussion: Advancement of African AmericansNjeru Murage02/14/2014
Discussion: Passion of the Christ - Fueling Anti-Semitism?Shirley Batistta-Provost03/24/2004
Disney College Advisory BoardDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President11/24/2009
Disney College Program Character Performers Wanted -- Please Encourage Students to Audition!Bill Sigismond10/15/2014
Disney College Program Information NightBill Sigismond, Director02/18/2005
Disney College Program Information SessionHughes, Anne10/04/2017
Disney College Program Information SessionsHughes, Anne02/08/2018
Disney College Program Information SessionsAnne Hughes02/28/2017
Disney College Program Presentation PlannedBill Sigismond04/26/2004
Disney College Program Recruiter at MCC!Bill Sigismond10/16/2006
Disney College Program Recruiters on Brighton Campus!William Sigismond, Director10/16/2008
Disney College Program Recruiters on Campus!William D. Sigismond10/15/2007
Disney College Program Recruitment for Fall 2007Bill Sigismond, Director02/27/2007
Disney College Recruiter at MCC Tuesday, April 7, 2009!William Sigismond04/03/2009
Disney Day in Reflections on Wednesday!!!Diane Cheasty04/11/2011
Disney Internship – Spring 2017Michelle Mayo09/13/2016
Disney Recruiter on the Brighton CampusBill Sigismond09/24/2012
Disney Recruitment Information SessionWilliam D. Sigismond02/14/2003