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K Lot Closure on Wednesday, July 15thJim Charlton07/14/2015
Kaballah and Jewish Mysticism LectureLori Annesi09/14/2007
Kaleidoscope Leadership Institute Brenda Smith12/17/2010
Karen and Brian Managan's Bike TourJanet Ekis05/04/2005
Karen Chin Earns Bachelor's DegreeJudy Bertram05/14/2007
Karen Chin Receives Employee AwardHezekiah Simmons, vice president10/20/2009
Karen Frantz Earns Advanced Communicator Gold AwardRosanna Condello07/25/2012
Karen Frantz Participates in Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership ProgramPatricia Kennedy08/03/2009
Karen Morris and Melany Silas to be Honored as Women of ExcellenceYule, Rosanna04/27/2020
Karen Morris Authored Speaking Out Piece for the Democrat & ChronicleKaren Morris05/02/2007
Karen Morris Authors Recent Letter to the EditorJanet Ekis08/12/2009
Karen Morris Cautions Hotel Managers When Hosting Election-Night EventsRosanna Condello02/26/2009
Karen Morris Connects with Harry Potter for Lessons in Law and LifeRosanna Condello07/24/2007
Karen Morris Gave Three Conference PresentationsKaren Morris09/19/2014
Karen Morris Gives Ethics PresentationKaren Morris01/31/2007
Karen Morris Gives Harry Potter PresentationKaren Morris08/21/2006
Karen Morris Gives Presentation at Academy of Legal Studies in BusinessKaren Morris09/09/2003
Karen Morris Gives Presentation on Hospitality LawKaren Morris10/26/2006
Karen Morris Gives Presentation to the Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional EducationKaren Morris08/08/2006
Karen Morris Gives Presentations to National ConferencesKaren Morris09/01/2005
Karen Morris Letter Published in The Chronicle of Higher EducationRosanna Condello09/25/2009
Karen Morris Nominated for a Podcast Award.Karen Morris01/22/2014
Karen Morris Presents at National Hospitality ConferenceKaren Morris09/06/2007
Karen Morris Publishes Book Entitled "Law Made Fun through Harry Potter's Adventures"Diana Higinson08/01/2011
Karen Morris Publishes Column for Hotel & Motel ManagementRosanna Condello10/31/2008
Karen Morris Receives Humanitarian AwardRosanna Condello05/13/2009
Karen Morris Receives the Tony Marshall Hospitality Law AwardMichelle M. Bartell02/27/2013
Karen Morris Selected for Watertown City School District's Distinguished Alumni Hall of AchievementRosanna Condello03/05/2010
Karen Morris Speaks on 1370 Connection TodayRosanna Condello10/17/2006
Karen Morris to Present at Filling StationTony Leuzzi09/19/2016
Karen Sardisco Receives Puffin Foundation GrantKaren Sardisco10/13/2011
Karen Sardisco, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, Exhibiting Work in Show "Prologues"Karen Sardisco12/01/2011
Karen Sardisco, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, will exhibit her work at Nazareth CollegeKaren Sardisco11/11/2009
Karen Wells named to Editorial PanelLeopard, Annette11/26/2018
Kassie Amo Receives Distinquished Support Staff AwardDistiquished Support Staff Award05/29/2012
Kate Jenkins Presents at SUNY Librarians Association ConferenceAlice Wilson06/11/2012
Kate Schiefen Successfully Defends Her DissertationDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President06/15/2010
Kate Smith and Terry Shamblin Selected to Participate in New League for Innovation Research ProjectCarol Adams11/18/2009
Katherine DeMyda, Mother of Al DeMydaDr. Susan Salvador12/16/2003
Katherine (Kate) Clark Receives 2008 ENG/PHL Adjunct Teaching AwardChristopher Otero-Piersante05/12/2008
Kathleen Bromley Comments on Parents Moving in with Adult Children for Economic ReasonsRosanna Condello09/29/2008
Kathleen Fellagara Receives Distinguished Support Staff Award Distiinguished Support Staff Award06/11/2015
Kathryn Reeners receives CHES certificationJanet Dalke12/03/2009
Kathy Baxter joins the Career CenterHolly Wynn-Preische08/19/2008
Kathy Farrell Receives the John & Suanne Roueche Excellence AwardHealther Williams12/14/2012
Kathy Farrell to Appear in TV News Program Hency Yuen-Eng02/04/2011
Kathy Lawton visits Cayuga Community College to serve as an External Review Committee MemberMichael A. Heel03/27/2009
Kathy Lawton Visits Tompkins-Cortland as External ReviewerMichael Heel06/30/2010
Kathy McParland is an "Everyday Angel"Paul Bishop06/03/2005
Kathy O'Shea Interviewed by Two Rochester News StationsLeuzzi, Anthony04/12/2021
Katie Couric TeleconferenceTamara Hillabush Walker11/09/2006
Katie Couric TeleconferenceTamara Hillabush Walker11/15/2006
Katie DeRusso to Serve as Interim Director, Library ServicesAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President02/08/2017
Katie Ferguson Appointed Assistant Director (Chief)Jachim-Moore, Darrell04/05/2022
Katie Ghidiu - Director of Library ServicesKeys, Terrance08/15/2018
Katie Ghidiu Appointed to OER Task ForceKeys, Terrance10/03/2017
Katie Ghidiu Elected to SUNY Libraries Consortium BoardKeys, Terrance10/12/2017
Katie Leite and Pam Fornieri Receive CAPE Award for Innovation In a Program Evaluation Project, 2013-2014Michael Heel04/29/2015
Kaufman Guest on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionRosanna Condello08/19/2003
Kay Redfield Jamison tickets are going quickly!Jodi Oriel02/23/2004
Keep Magnets Away from ComputersDonna Pogroszewski09/09/2002
Keep MCC documents secure - utilize MCC's resources!Wirley, Eileen11/26/2019
Keep on Track with Weight Watchers this Summer!Debbie Ake05/18/2011
Keep Your United Way Dollars Close to HomeJames Cunningham03/16/2016
Keeping Senior Citizens Safe OnlineDonna Pogroszewski07/09/2013
Keeping the Lines of Communication OpenAnne M. Kress02/03/2010
Keeping Track of MCC's Katrina EffortsCynthia Cooper09/12/2005
Keith's Students Create "MCC Student Survival Guide"Jay Keith09/08/2003
Kelley Bennett Completes DoctorateLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President05/18/2016
Kelley Bennett joins Counseling and AdvisingTaine Vinci08/22/2007
Kelly Authors Motivation Column for Democrat and ChronicleRosanna Condello08/11/2005
Kelly Emerick's Going Away PartyMarueen Wheelden09/11/2014
Kelly M. Zaborowski, daughter of Brenda HerrmannBrenda Babitz07/15/2004
Kelsey Bright Appointed Assistant to the Provost and Vice President, Academic ServicesWade, Andrea08/15/2018
Kemetic Yoga Class at Downtown Campus Starts Tuesday February 6, 2018, Register Today!Frisch, Julianna02/05/2018
Kemetic Yoga for Employees & Guests Offered at the Downtown Campus- Don't Miss A Class- Register Today!Frisch, Julianna01/29/2018
Kemetic Yoga for Employees & Guests Offered at the Downtown Campus- Register by January 30, 2018!Frisch, Julianna01/22/2018
Kemetic Yoga: A Restorative Practice for Life, Prosperity, and HealthSilas, Melany10/31/2017
Kendra Tuttle's Retirement Reception Next WeekCarol Adams12/01/2008
Keuka College and MCC Joint Presidential Scholarship Application Deadline is Approaching!Julianna Frisch04/13/2017
Keuka College at Brighton Campus Thursday, November 12Christyn Sanagursky11/09/2015
Keuka College Day on Brighton CampusChristyn Sanagursky10/30/2014
Keuka College to Offer Bachelor's Degree at MCC's Damon City CampusCynthia Cooper01/24/2003
Kevin French Presents at Buffalo Psychiatric CenterDianna G. Phillips, Ph.D.05/28/2009
Kevin French Presents at SUNY GeneseoDianna G. Phillips, Ph.D.05/27/2009
Kevin French Secures ScholarshipsJavier Ayala04/13/2015
Kevin Hall Appointed Interim Chief of Public SafetyHeze Simmons, CFO and vice president01/24/2017
Kevin T. Stickles ’88, MCC Alumni Hall of Fame InducteeKaren Shaw '78 & Mark Pastorella '9011/04/2013
Key Information for New Downtown CampusFess, Robert05/15/2017
Key ReminderFord, Douglas12/19/2017
Keynote speaker on WXXI 1370Michael Ofsowitz03/29/2013
Keys and Pogroszewski Appointed to SUNY CommitteesJeffrey Bartkovich, Vice President10/14/2013
Keys Appointed as Assistant Vice President, Instructional TechnologiesJeffrey Bartkovich08/19/2008
Keys Co-Authors Educause ArticleJanet Ekis09/09/2008
Keys Keys and more KeysLeah S. Dyer09/08/2005
Keys PleaseFord, Douglas05/14/2019
Keys to Receive ITC Award for Excellence in Distance EducationJeffrey Bartkovich12/19/2002
Keys, St.Croix and Andreu Attend Working Session on CBE Ex-SitesJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost and Vice President04/21/2015
Keys, VanKirk Interviewed for RBJ Article on Online EducationJanet Ekis02/16/2012
Kick Back Virtual BingoOriel, Jodi04/10/2020
Kick Back Virtual BingoOriel, Jodi04/14/2020
Kick Butts DayAnnabel Fu03/26/2007
Kick Butts Day!Susan Spinetti04/01/2008
Kick It Casual For Kidneys - Friday, September 25thAlberta Lee, Diane Navarro, Michele Skehan, David Skehan09/18/2009
Kick it with FYE Kickball Tournament- Fall Season Registration Now OpenLawson, Matthew08/24/2021
Kick Off Campus Sustainability Month; Join MCC’s Cycling Council Members for Bike Ride Oct. 1James Downer09/28/2016
Kick Off MCC’s Next 50 Years at Alumni Week and Homecoming 2012 Karen Shaw09/10/2012
Kick Off Your Weekend with MCC's Rock 'n Roll Review!Janet Ekis04/27/2009
Kickball Tournament to Benefit Water for South SudanHolocaust, Genocide04/26/2013
Kickboxing Fitness Event to Benefit Student Nurses' Association ScholarshipMaryjane Starr04/25/2016
Kickboxing for FitnessJodi Oriel04/11/2016
Kickin Karaoke Kompetition to be HeldMark Sommer04/21/2003
Kicking it with KevinSimmons, Kevin04/05/2021
Kicking it with KevinSimmons, Kevin04/06/2021
Kicking it with KevinSimmons, Kevin04/16/2021
Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin04/04/2022
Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin04/05/2022
Kicking it with KevinSimmons, Kevin04/06/2022
Kicking it with KevinSimmons, Kevin04/11/2022
Kicking it with KevinSimmons, Kevin04/12/2022
Kicking it With KevinSimmons, Kevin04/13/2022
Kicking it with KevinSimmons, Kevin04/18/2022
Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin04/20/2022
Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin05/09/2022
Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin05/10/2022
Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin05/11/2022
Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin05/17/2022
Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin05/23/2022
Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin05/24/2022
Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin05/31/2022
Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin06/06/2022
Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin06/07/2022
Kicking it with Kevin 2Simmons, Kevin04/12/2021
Kicking it with Kevin 2Simmons, Kevin04/13/2021
Kicking It With Kevin Heart WalkSimmons, Kevin06/09/2022
Kicking It With Kevin MondaySimmons, Kevin06/03/2022
Kicking off the season with "Activity Day"Shirley Batistta-Provost09/02/2008
Kids and Dogs: Therapy Dogs at the Mary Cariola Children's CenterLori Annesi01/26/2011
Killing Us Softly 4 to Kick-Off Sociology Film Series!Bethany Gizzi & Christine Plumeri09/30/2010
Kim McKinsey-Mabry and Karen Chin Complete the United Way's African American Leadership Development Program.Alberta Lee10/18/2011
Kim Stappenbeck Recieves Distinguished Support Staff AwardWarren, Sandy07/13/2018
Kim Wightman Honored by NYSRA!!!Diane Cheasty10/20/2008
Kim Year's Farewell ReceptionJanet J. Glocker01/08/2004
Kimberley Collins Appointed as Assistant Vice President, Academic ServicesDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President08/13/2008
Kimberley Collins to Serve as Interim Vice President for Academic ServicesAnne M. Kress04/27/2010
Kimberley Willis Successfully Completes DoctorateMichael J. McDonough01/29/2013
Kimberly McKinsey-Mabry and Ebony Caldwell Present at AAC&U Conference03/30/2017
Kindess is Contagious!Kara L. Kupinski04/24/2013
King's Expertise Extends to AR and MODianne E McConkey12/17/2007
King for a Day Service Project - Seeking ParticipantsGarth Freeman11/14/2014
King Interviewed About the Recent Warm Weather's Impact on Fruit TreesJan McNamara03/15/2016
King Interviewed for Story on West Nile VirusDianne E McConkey08/22/2007
Klein Explains Connection Between Holocaust, Human Rights
Rosanna Condello09/26/2002
Klein to Present at Holocaust and Human Rights Center OpeningValerie Keller09/19/2002
Knapp Receives Mathematics Department Award for Adjunct Excellence in TeachingAnnette Leopard05/23/2011
Knitting Workshop Kelley Bennett10/04/2016
Know a Parent with Questions About College?Christine Casalinuovo-Adams10/13/2006
Know an Adult Student with a Great Success Story?Robyn Kahn Federman05/18/2006
Know any successful MCC alumni?Ekis, Janet01/22/2019
Know any successful MCC alumni?Ekis, Janet02/12/2019
Know any successful MCC alumni?Ekis, Janet02/13/2019
Know Someone Looking for a Career in Customer Service?Robyn Kahn Federman01/27/2004
Know Someone Who's Interested in a Customer Service Career?Robyn Kahn Federman01/15/2004
Know the Rules of Cyber EthicsDonna Pogroszewski08/30/2012
Know Where You Are Going Before You ClickDonna Pogroszewski03/17/2014
KnowBe4 Cyber Security Awareness TrainingWirley, Eileen10/24/2019
Knowing the Veterans in Your ClassroomsGene Marino04/12/2010
Knowing the Veterans in Your ClassroomsGene Marino04/27/2010
Koch Gift Highlighted by Democrat and ChronicleRosanna Condello01/05/2009
Kodak and the Infotonics Technology Center: Working Together to Make Your World Smaller!Kate Schiefen09/29/2004
Kodak DayKate Schiefen09/15/2004
Kodak Day: Schedule of EventsKate Schiefen10/08/2004
Kodak Employees to Tour Downtown CampusMapes, Cynthia08/14/2017
Kodak Film Team Visits MCCBarry Goldfarb05/05/2009
Kodak Properties Tours Offered Rosanna Condello03/23/2012
Kodak to Receive Salute to Excellence in JanuaryBrian Hendrick12/08/2003
Koko Lunch Bags in the BookstorePeggy Ansaldi11/09/2011
Konar Foundation, Holocaust Project Host Documentary 'KZ'Rosanna Condello07/06/2007
Kone and Olaode Place at Toastmasters Area 6 ContestsAlice Harrington03/21/2006
Kone Elected to Girl Scout BoardJanet Ekis10/29/2002
Korean Cooking Demonstration and TastingGerald M. Brinkman03/23/2009
Korte Elected to Board of DirectorsLaurel Sanger02/02/2004
Kress Inauguration Book and A Blanket Drive Susan Bender04/06/2010
Kress Listening Tour Launches in Greece TonightCynthia Cooper10/26/2009
Kress to Appear on "Need To Know"Cynthia Cooper09/11/2009
Kress to Present Message to the College Community TodayHency Yuen-Eng03/25/2013
Kress, Gantt on WDKX This WeekendMapes, Cynthia02/08/2019
Kress, Oldham to Join in Radio TalkHency Yuen-Eng07/12/2013
Kress, Otero will be today's guests on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionCynthia Cooper02/23/2010
Kripalu Yoga Session Offered TomorrowEileen Scorgie04/11/2017
Krispy Kreme Donuts Are Back!Iris Mand01/30/2006
Krista M Rodriguez - Awarded FellowshipSusan H. Forsyth, Chairperson10/21/2004
Krista Rodriguez Presented at the NYS Dental Assisting Association Annual Session in SyracuseBobbi Leonard04/23/2008
Kristallnacht Commemoration features Amnesty International’s Joshua Rubenstein Brandilea Trescott10/18/2010
Kristallnacht Keynote Explores Jewish-Muslim ReconciliationSamantha Schantz10/30/2015
Kristallnacht Keynote: "Caught Between Two Evils" with Amnesty International's Joshua Rubenstein Tonight Brandilea Trescott11/10/2010
Kristallnacht Program Engages Students, Community in Discussion on PropagandaHolocaust, Genocide11/14/2011
Kristallnacht Program Tomorrow: "Some Were Neighbors" Holocaust, Genocide11/04/2014
Kristallnacht Speaker Mehnaz Afridi on WXXI Connections at NoonRosanna Yule11/09/2015
Kristen Fragnoli's Farewell PartyNancy Soregi06/03/2014
Kristen Fragnoli's Farewell Party - DATE and LOCATION changeNancy Soregi05/15/2014
Kristen Fragnoli Appointed Dean of Liberal ArtsMichael J. McDonough06/07/2012
Kristen Reed Provides Outstanding SupportEboni Henderson06/02/2008
Kristin Lowe, Julie Slate & Christie Smith Receive AAWCC 40 Under 40 AwardMartineau, Brigitte04/28/2017
Kristin M. Lowe, Esq. Appointed Executive Director, Human Resources & Organizational DevelopmentSimmons, Hezekiah04/14/2021
Kristin Sine-Kinz to Serve as Acting VP, Economic Development and Workforce and Career Technical EducationBurt-Nanna, DeAnna08/03/2021
Kristy Mooney Graves 2008 Receives IAGMASEP Distinguished Service AwardKevin French10/06/2008
Kristy Mooney Graves appears in newspaper articleHency Yuen-Eng03/05/2009
Krolikowski named contributing reviewerJanet Ekis11/06/2002
Krzyzanowski, Thompson win first MCC Athlete of the Week honorsTom Garigen10/18/2006
Kuali Curriculum Workflow - Accepting Proposals NowFreeman, Andrew10/28/2021
Kuby Receives Teaching Award of MeritDonna Noce11/11/2003
KUDOS on helping to stock D.W.I.G.H.T at the Downtown CampusHowell, Ambika05/18/2018
Kudos to Becky Babcock, Sally Dingee and Krista Tyner - Remarkable Women Under 40 Awards WinnersMartineau, Brigitte05/15/2018
Kudos to Becky Babcock, Sally Dingee and Krista Tyner - Remarkable Women Under 40 Awards WinnersMartineau, Brigitte05/16/2018
Kudos to Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence RecipientsDouglas, Katherine04/16/2021
Kudos to DCC Visiting Scholars and Campus Life Engagement Committees Dr. Emeterio Otero05/06/2010
Kudos to Health Services for Their Commitment to Maintaining Student Enrollment!Susan D. Baker, Ph.D.10/29/2013
Kudos to ICT Faculty Stacey Lautenslager, Piloting CTE Professions CourseJavier Ayala, Ph.D., Dean11/29/2012
Kudos to Jean McDonough!Patricia Kennedy02/05/2015
Kudos to our TRS Mathematics Adjunct FacultyBerg, Eric11/24/2020
Kudos to Pat WolffRoberta McKechney01/04/2006
Kudos to Renee Dimino and Gena Merliss for teaching SUNY professional development courseCollins, Kimberley10/21/2019
Kudos to the Curriculum OfficeGraney, Tracey09/15/2021
Kudos to The Future Educators Club at DCC!Ambika Howell02/06/2015
Kudos to the MCC Step Out Team!Janet Ekis10/19/2010
Kumar Leads Engineering Science Students to National ChampionshipJohn Wadach06/24/2009
Kuperus, Geil named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen09/29/2009
Kyoto Protocol presentationElizabeth Pixley05/04/2005
KZ - Film & Discussion POSTPONEDJodi Oriel10/03/2007
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