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Spring Vocal Music Concert 
John Nyerges04/28/2015
'A Day in the Life of MCC' to be Covered in MayRosanna Condello03/26/2004
'An Unlikely Friendship' Film Viewing and DiscussionCharlie Clark03/22/2004
'Building on Success' Donor Wall Installed in Campus CenterDiane Shoger01/26/2004
'Chernobyl Baby' Story from Commencement Runs in Penfield PostDianne E McConkey06/16/2008
'Enriching Advisement: The Workshop Series' in JunePam Donofrio05/26/2005
'Enriching Advisement:  The Workshop Series" in JuneJennifer Kinslow and Denise Klein04/27/2011
'Good to Go' Poster Contest Winners AnnouncedBonita Heil11/04/2004
'It's a Jungle Out There' Fundraising SafariBrenda Babitz02/26/2004
‘Make A Splash’ at the Gold Star to the MAX GalaRenee St. Louis04/28/2006
'On Any Given Night'Dianne E McConkey11/08/2004
‘One Ring’ Cell Phone ScamsDonna Pogroszewski04/25/2016
'The Best of Parent Talk' Focuses on Developmental StagesMary Louise Musler10/05/2004
'Tis the Season for Snow and Ice!Marini, Sharon11/18/2019
'tis the season to be Beary Merry!Iris Mand11/16/2009
‘Tis the Season to be Cautious Donna Pogroszewski11/06/2015
'Walk in My Shoes' Calendars Support Breast Cancer VictimsRosanna Condello11/08/2006
'Walk Through' Thursday December 14thSusan Ferrari Rowley12/12/2006
'Welcome to MCC' ButtonsJanet J. Glocker, Vice President01/23/2004
2nd Annual CrossFit Community Fundraiser to Benefit Future First RespondersKaren Shaw12/18/2014
AAWCC Thanksgiving Food Drive a SuccessCourtney Belluccio11/22/2010
ADV 126 Workshop:  Introduction to Career and Transfer Center ServicesMichele Vitale10/29/2015
Advising Pre-Requisite Changes for the English DepartmentCathryn Smith03/14/2013
Article in Diverse Magazine Features MCC Executive Dean and Associate ProfessorJanet Ekis11/22/2010
Betty P. Smith Adult Student ScholarhipAnne Hughes02/10/2016
Boundaries:  What the…. PROTECT YOURSELF!Kara Kupinski04/04/2017
Celebrating St. Patrick's Day!Iris Mand03/16/2010
Come "Pink the PAC" and “Pink the Atrium” Friday, May 11th from 12-1pm Becky Babcock05/07/2012
Distinguished Professor Karen Morris Has Letter Published in D&C, Presents at Book FestivalKaren Morris12/02/2011
FA Reception to Honor Charlie ClarkeMarlene Goho06/08/2011
FA Scholarship Honoree Nominations and Donations!Jessica Barone09/30/2016
Faculty Advisor to the Student Government Association NeededLisa Truman10/17/2014
First Recipients of Chiapperini and Kaczowka Memorial Scholarship SelectedDiane L. Shoger12/24/2013
Health Information Technology Club Candle SaleShirley Batistta-Provost12/03/2010
Intramural Program AnnouncementsJeff Parrinello09/07/2012
MarketPlace Happenings in FebruaryMaureen Wheelden01/26/2015
MCC's 2nd Annual Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Competition Christopher Kumar02/04/2016
MCC Foundation Activity Report: September 15 - November 23, 2011Diane L. Shoger12/20/2011
MCC Student Government Association Senate Meeting Betty Stewart10/03/2016
New DCC Workshops for Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day Rosanne Rivers04/08/2011
Pass the information to students: $10,000 Thermo Fisher ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez03/04/2013
Robert Leopard Presented at HAPS ConferenceSusan Warner07/17/2015
Tables for the Advanced Learning Environment ClassroomsEd Martin06/21/2010
WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT Would You Do?  Need an Ego Boost?Kara Kupinski04/05/2017
"FIC at Nite" and More for SpringPeggy VanKirk03/16/2012
“Come Have Some Fun in the Sun at Reflections Restaurant next Wednesday”Diane Cheasty03/22/2013
1-390 Exit Ramp near Brighton Campus Closed for Two WeeksCynthia Cooper Mapes10/10/2016
1 Youth, 1 Dream, 2morrow's LeaderYolanda Johnson and Brigitte Martineau03/01/2010
10-Day Real Food Challenge Ends Today, March 18Sandy Warren, Deneen Rhode, Tanya Mack, Matt Farley03/18/2016
10 Most WantedSimmons, Kevin06/04/2019
10 NBC Highlights Inclusion Initiatives at SUNY, MCCCynthia Cooper Mapes12/18/2015
10 Reasons Why You and Your Students Should See Franklin LittellRosanna Condello11/03/2004
10 Techniques to Change Your Teaching with TechnologyPeggy VanKirk06/28/2005
100 Days Project Update: Web Template Implementation ProjectCynthia Cooper and Jeff Bartkovich02/26/2013
100 Days to Innovation at MCC - Project 1 Progress ReportJeff Bartkovich04/17/2012
100 Days to Innovation: Input Sessions & Success MeasurementsJeff Bartkovich05/17/2012
100 Days to Innovation: Proposal DraftJeff Bartkovich05/03/2012
100 Days to Innovation:  Building the Worker Pipeline for High-wage, High-demand CareersTodd M. Oldham, Vice President07/25/2012
100 High School Students, Media Attend STEM DayHency Yuen-Eng03/25/2015
100 % Pass RateSusan H. Forsyth, Chairperson06/12/2003
100% Pass Rate for Radiologic Technology StudentsEileen Doyle02/04/2004
10th Anniversary of Online Courses at MCCCynthia Cooper11/05/2007
10th annual Building Services Invitational Golf TournamentJohn Haines07/09/2014
10th Annual Building Services Invitational Golf TournamentJohn Haines08/20/2014
10th Annual High School Engineering Competition TodayRosanna Condello04/19/2007
10th Annual Madrigal FeasteShaw, David11/27/2018
10th Annual Madrigal Feaste - Tonight!Shaw, David12/07/2018
10th annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-offIlene Benz04/08/2009
10th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-off is this Saturday!Ilene Benz04/29/2009
11th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-off to be held Saturday, May 8Janet Ekis04/28/2010
12 Days of Deals - Day #1 DealSuter, Charlene12/05/2018
12 Days of Deals - Day #10 DealSuter, Charlene12/18/2018
12 Days of Deals - Day #11 DealSuter, Charlene12/19/2018
12 Days of Deals - Day #12 DealSuter, Charlene12/20/2018
12 Days of Deals - Day #2 DealSuter, Charlene12/06/2018
12 Days of Deals - Day #3 DealSuter, Charlene12/07/2018
12 Days of Deals - Day #4 DealSuter, Charlene12/10/2018
12 Days of Deals - Day #5 DealSuter, Charlene12/11/2018
12 Days of Deals - Day #6 DealSuter, Charlene12/12/2018
12 Days of Deals - Day #7 DealSuter, Charlene12/13/2018
12 Days of Deals - Day #8 DealSuter, Charlene12/14/2018
12 Days of Deals - Day #9 DealSuter, Charlene12/17/2018
12 Days of Holiday Gift Ideas from the MCC Bookstores! Peggy Ansaldi12/07/2012
12 Days of Holiday Gift Ideas from Your MCC BookstoresPeggy Ansaldi12/04/2012
12 Days of Holiday Gift Ideas from Your MCC Bookstores Peggy Ansaldi12/06/2012
12 More Book Buddies Needed for “If All of Rochester Read…” Program Liz Pierce01/31/2012
12 Step for Healthier Way of Living Informational meetingLeah S. Dyer03/05/2007
12 Step Group to be Offered On CampusJim McKenna10/03/2007
12 Ways to Health by the Center for Disease ControlSue George, RN12/20/2011
12 Years a Slave Film at The Little Theatre - Special MCC RateTokeya C. Graham11/08/2013
12th Annual Exemplary Student Awards CeremonyJanet Ekis06/04/2008
12th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-offIlene Benz04/11/2011
12th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-off ResultsIlene Benz05/10/2011
12/7/11 "Pathways to Success with your Health Studies degree" a Success!Delia H. Rhodes01/26/2012
13 WHAM TV: Supports Outside MCC Classroom Help Students Succeed in the ClassroomMapes, Cynthia10/22/2018
130 Scholarship Opportunities  Ramon L. Rodriguez02/01/2016
1370 ConnectionTom Proietti04/20/2006
1370 Connection Interview Today Features President Kress's Perspective on Pathways to Prosperity StudyCynthia Cooper03/11/2011
13th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-off FinalistsIlene Benz03/23/2012
13WHAM's "Many Voices, Many Visions" to Feature MCC-Sponsored AmeriCorpsJanet Ekis02/24/2017
13WHAM Highlights Story of Student Chernobyl SurvivorDianne E McConkey06/02/2008
13WHAM News Reports on Growing Number of Female HVAC StudentsHency Yuen-Eng04/30/2012
13WHAM Notes Retirement of MCC's Last Founding Faculty MemberJanet Ekis05/11/2006
13WHAM Special Report: "What does the future hold for shopping, retailers at Rochester malls?"Yule, Rosanna05/17/2017
14th Annual Gold Star Gala a Record-BreakerGretchen Wood05/14/2012
14th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-offIlene Benz03/28/2013
15 More Days until MCC Employee Field Day!Scipioni, Lori05/16/2017
15 to Finish - Advising Matters WebinarSally Dingee02/08/2017
15th Annual Environmental Forum: Save the DateHolly Wheeler02/04/2013
15th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-offIlene Benz04/24/2014
16th Annual MCC High School Precision Machining CompetitionBob Lasch05/08/2013
172 Damon City Campus Students are Newly Registered Voters!Tracy Wyant09/26/2012
17th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-off ResultsIlene Benz05/10/2016
17th Annual Yom Hashoah CommemorationAngelique Stevens04/17/2007
18 Days - Yikes!Dianne E McConkey04/11/2006
19 Area High Schools to Compete in Annual Engineering CompetitionRosanna Condello04/22/2003
19th Annual Athletic Hall of Fame DinnerRobyn Malloy10/02/2002
19th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-off - Save the Date!Benz, Ilene04/18/2018
19th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-off - This Saturday!Benz, Ilene05/03/2018
1st Annual FA Family PicnicBethany Gizzi05/24/2004
1st Annual Impact Report for the Economic Development and Innovative Workforce Services DivisionTodd Oldham04/15/2015
1st Week Results of the Eat Well/Live Well ChallengeCraig M. Rand03/21/2008
1st Wellness Brown BagCraig Rand, Donna Mueller, Alberta Lee03/09/2010
2-for-1 Admission at the Glass Show Sept. 16 & 17Drumright, Patricia09/13/2017
2-for-1 Admission for the MCC CommunityPatricia Drumright09/12/2016
2-for-1 Admission to Glass Show, Sept. 19 & 20Patricia Drumright09/17/2015
2-Year College: A Stepping Stone to Many Future OpportunitiesAndrew Freeman05/13/2011
2 PM at 2 PM: A Creative Reading EventCathy Smith, Tony Leuzzi04/22/2014
20 Holocaust Survivors to Participate in Yom Hashoah Commemoration TomorrowRosanna Condello05/03/2005
200 Attend Career NightDr. Dianna Phillips03/27/2008
20014 - 2015 Award Recipients NamedHuman Resources and Faculty Senate Professional Development Committee04/30/2015
2002-03 ENG/PHL Department Writing ContestsColleen Brennan-Barry12/04/2002
2002-2003 Innovation of the Year CompetitionDr. Susan Salvador02/18/2003
2002 - 2003 Faculty Advisor Handbooks availableSally Barton Dingee10/03/2002
2002 Alumni Hall of Fame Induction Video Clips Now OnlineRosanna Condello01/13/2003
2002 Alumni Social RemarksNancy Price10/07/2002
2002 Jeanne Clery Security Policy & Crime Statistics ActLeah Dyer10/01/2002
2003-04 Innovation of the Year CompetitionDr. Susan Salvador11/21/2003
2003-04 SUNY General Education Advising FormsTaine Vinci03/07/2003
2003-2004 Faculty Advisor handbooks availablePam Donofrio09/22/2003
2003-2004 Innovation of the Year CompetitionDr. Susan Salvador02/04/2004
2003-2004 Innovation of the Year CompetitionDr. Susan Salvador03/18/2004
2003-2004 Scholarship Applications Now AvailableJerome St. Croix02/28/2003
2003 CIT Call for Proposals ExtendedDr. Susan Salvador04/03/2003
2003 Class Gift Dedication Forms AvailableRosanna Condello02/10/2003
2003 College Night at Frontier FieldRobyn Malloy03/06/2003
2003 Commencement CeremonyMarlene Fine02/07/2003
2003 Conference on Information Technology Early Registration DeadlineDr. Susan Salvador09/17/2003
2003 Conference on Information Technology Itinerary BuildingDr. Susan Salvador10/02/2003
2003 Desk Calendar RefillsDonna Pogroszewski11/07/2002
2003 Faculty Senate Meeting CalendarHeather Murphy01/21/2003
2003 Health, Dental Insurance Open EnrollmentColleen C. Lunney11/05/2002
2003 League Conference on Information Technology - Call for ProposalsDr. Susan Salvador01/13/2003
2003 League Conference on Information Technology Early Registration DeadlineDr. Susan Salvador08/29/2003
2003 Phi Theta Kappa All-New York TeamR. Thomas Flynn03/20/2003
2003 President's Holiday ReceptionNancy Price11/13/2003
2003 UnitedWay/Red Cross Campaign at MCCKevin Foley & Millie Lewis03/20/2003
2004-05 Innovation of the Year CompetitionDr. Susan Salvador12/06/2004
2004-05 Innovation of the Year CompetitionDr. Susan Salvador02/01/2005
2004-05 Payroll and AP dates in BannerMarie Fetzner09/01/2004
2004-2005 Faculty Advisor handbooks available
Pam Donofrio09/13/2004
2004 Annual Security Report now AvailableLeah Dyer10/11/2004
2004 Chancellor's Awards NominationsValarie Avalone10/03/2003
2004 Chancellor's Awards NominationsValarie Avalone11/17/2003
2004 Chancellor's Awards NominationsValarie Avalone12/05/2003
2004 Commencement & Graduate Services UpdateMarlene Fine11/12/2003
2004 Conference On Information Technology - Call for ProposalsDr. Susan Salvador02/04/2004
2004 Faculty-Staff Opinion SurveyR. Thomas Flynn04/19/2004
2004 SUNY Conference on Instructional TechnologyMichele Nau06/15/2004
2004 United Way/Red Cross Campaign Launched TodayKevin Foley & Millie Lewis04/22/2004
2005-2006 Faculty Advisor Handbooks AvailablePam Donofrio09/14/2005
2005-2006 Purchase RequisitionsChuck White, Controller, and Patrick Bates, Director of Purchasing08/16/2005
2005 Academic Achievement ConvocationFrank Rinehart, Chairperson05/25/2005
2005 Annual Security ReportLeah S. Dyer09/29/2005
2005 Chancellor's Awards NominationsValarie Avalone10/04/2004
2005 Chancellor's Awards NominationsValarie Avalone11/19/2004
2005 CIT Call for Proposals - League for InnovationDr. Susan Salvador01/31/2005
2005 Conference on Information TechnologyDr. Susan Salvador05/13/2005
2005 Faces of Women UnitedDr. Susan Salvador01/18/2005
2005 Health and Dental Insurance Open EnrollmentColleen Lunney10/01/2004
2005 Up & Comming Businesswomen's AwardDr. Susan Salvador11/08/2005
2005/2006 Catalog and Student HandbookAndrew W. Freeman08/19/2005
2006-07 English/Philosophy Teaching AwardChristopher Otero-Piersante05/14/2007
2006-07 FAFSA On The Web WorksheetMark Schwartz02/08/2006
2006-2007 Faculty Advisor Handbooks AvailableSally Dingee08/21/2006
2006-2007 Internal Grants AwardsSusan Davis03/20/2006
2006-2007 Purchase RequisitionsPatrick Bates08/14/2006
2006 Academic Achievement ConvocationBarbara Connolly, Chairperson05/30/2006
2006 Annual Security Report now availableLeah S. Dyer10/02/2006
2006 Benefit StatementsAlberta G. Lee03/26/2007
2006 Chancellor's Awards NominationsValarie Avalone10/10/2005
2006 Chancellor's Awards NominationsValarie Avalone11/07/2005
2006 Chancellor's Awards NominationsValarie Avalone12/01/2005
2006 CIT Call for Proposals - ReminderDr. Susan Salvador03/08/2006
2006 Conference on Information Technology - Call for ProposalsDr. Susan Salvador02/13/2006
2006 Dr. Wesley T. Hanson Award for Teaching Excellence & 2006 Award for Excellence in Professional ServiceJeffrey W. Thompson03/16/2006
2006 Flexible Spending Account claimsColleen Lunney03/29/2007
2006 Innovation of the Year AwardDr. Susan Salvador10/24/2006
2006 Innovation of the Year Award CompetitionDr. Susan Salvador10/24/2005
2006 Innovation of the Year Award Competition - ReminderDr. Susan Salvador01/11/2006
2006 Labor Day ParadeChristopher Otero-Piersante09/01/2006
2006 MCC United Way Campaign Earns Inaugural Award
Charlotte Downing and Millie Lewis07/06/2006
2006 MCC United Way Campaign: LAST CALLCharlotte Downing and Millie Lewis06/01/2006
2006 MCC United Way Campaign: The way to help!Charlotte Downing and Millie Lewis04/12/2006
2006 Student Expectations/Experiences Survey Results Now Posted on Institutional Research Web PagesMary Ann M. Ward09/02/2008
2006/2007 Catalog and Student HandbookAndrew Freeman08/18/2006
2006/2007 Payroll Calendar & Civil Service Holiday ScheduleBarbara O'Connell05/24/2006
2007-08 Catalog DeadlinesSilvana Sifkarovski03/12/2007
2007-08 SUNY General Education Course PlanTaine Vinci03/15/2007
2007-2008 Creative Arts Brochure Wins APCA Regional Award!Thomas Christopher Priester11/14/2007
2007-2008 Faculty Advisor Handbooks AvailablePam Donofrio09/19/2007
2007-2008 Faculty Advisor Handbooks AvailablePam Donofrio09/19/2007
2007-2008 Purchase RequistionsMike Quinn and Patrick Bates08/17/2007
2007 - 2008 Internal Funding Opportunity CompetitionPatricia Williams10/06/2006
2007 Academic Achievement ConvocationCarol Adams05/17/2007
2007 American Diabetes Association Tour de CureDavid Goede02/16/2007
2007 Chancellor's Award Recipients NamedValarie Avalone06/06/2007
2007 Chancellor's Awards NominationsValarie Avalone10/16/2006
2007 Chancellor's Awards NominationsValarie Avalone11/09/2006
2007 CIT Call for ProposalsDr. Susan Salvador02/19/2007
2007 Fitness Center HoursDougl Henneberg01/18/2007
2007 Flexible Spending Account claimsColleen Lunney02/28/2008
2007 Flexible Spending Account claimsColleen Lunney03/19/2008
2007 Form W-2Judy Bertram02/01/2008
2007 Honors & Awards Highlighted OnlineJanet Ekis10/29/2007
2007 Innovation of the Year AwardDr. Susan Salvador06/27/2007
2007 Innovation of the Year AwardDr. Susan M. Salvador09/10/2007
2007 Innovation of the Year Award CompetitionDr. Susan Salvador11/27/2006
2007 Labor Day ParadeChristopher Otero08/31/2007
2007 MCC United Way CampaignCharlotte Downing & Peter Collinge03/14/2007
2007 MCC United Way Campaign: March 21st to April 30thCharlotte Downing & Peter Collinge03/26/2007
2007/2008 MCC Catalog and Student HandbookAndrew W. Freeman08/07/2007
2007/2008 Payroll Calendar & Civil Service Holiday ScheduleBarbara O'Connell07/11/2007
2008-2009 Faculty Advisor Handbooks AvailablePam Donofrio09/17/2008
2008-2009 Innovation of the Year AwardDr. Susan M. Salvador12/19/2008
2008-2009 Internal Funding ApplicationSusan Davis11/14/2007
2008-2009 Purchase RequisitionsMike Quinn, Controller08/14/2008
2008-2009 Requisition Processing (Account Selections)Brian Legg08/25/2008
2008 Alan B. Shaw Memorial Essay AwardJean McDonough03/07/2008
2008 Chancellor's Award Recipients NamedRaymond C. Shea06/02/2008
2008 Chancellor's Awards Nomination ReminderRaymond Shea11/07/2007
2008 Chancellor's Awards NominationsRaymond Shea10/10/2007
2008 Chancellor's Awards NominationsRay Shea12/03/2007
2008 Convocation and CommencementJanet Ekis06/03/2008
2008 Employee Expo Coming SoonHuman Resources Team08/14/2008
2008 Flexible Spending Account ClaimsColleen Lunney03/03/2009
2008 Ford Motor Company CHLI Internship ProgramRamon L. Rodriguez01/30/2008
2008 Form W-2Judy Bertram01/28/2009
2008 Grantsmanship Workshop #3Susan Davis03/06/2008
2008 Innovation of the Year Award CompetitionDr. Susan M. Salvador10/29/2007
2008 Labor Day ParadeSonja Lenhard08/28/2008
2008 Presidential Election - Register to Vote!Susan Spinetti04/04/2008
2008 Rochester Enjoy the City coupon book on sale NOW!!Diane Cheasty09/17/2007
2008 Scholarships opportunities offered through Community FoundationRamon L. Rodriguez02/06/2008
2008 Tour de Cure is coming!Dave Goede02/26/2008
2008 United Way Campaign: Act as OnePatrick Bates02/26/2008
2008/2009 Catalog and Student HandbookAndrew W. Freeman08/14/2008
2008/2009 Payroll CalendarAlberta Lee08/05/2008
2009-2010 Catalog and Student Handbook Available on MCC WebsiteJanet Ekis10/05/2009
2009-2010 Faculty Advisor Handbooks AvailableMichele Vitale09/28/2009
2009-2010 MCC and SUNY Awards PlanningCarmen Powers09/23/2009
2009-2010 Purchase RequisitionsMichael Quinn and Patrick Bates08/19/2009
2009 Adjunct Teaching AwardPatrick Callan05/04/2009
2009 Alan B. Shaw Memorial Essay AwardJean McDonough03/06/2009
2009 Chancellor's Awards NominationsValarie Avalone10/22/2008
2009 Chancellor's Awards NominationsValarie Avalone12/03/2008
2009 Chancellor's Awards NomintionsValarie Avalone11/10/2008
2009 Employee Expo Is Coming SoonHuman Resources Team08/19/2009
2009 Employee Expo is Next WeekHuman Resources Team08/28/2009
2009 Form W-2Judy Bertram01/25/2010
2009 Geography Awareness Week Prize WinnersJonathon Little12/15/2009
2009 Honors and Awards Publication Now Available OnlineJanet Ekis10/29/2009
2009 Innovation of the Year AwardDr. Susan M. Salvador10/30/2008
2009 Innovation of the Year AwardDr. Susan M. Salvador01/23/2009
2009 Labor Day ParadeSonja Lenhard09/02/2009
2009 MCC United Way Campaign Kick-OffAnnette Agness02/09/2009
2009 Rochester Enjoy the City coupon book on sale NOW!!Diane Cheasty05/19/2008
2009 Spring RecessAndrew Morris04/28/2008
2009 STEP Science Bowl a SuccessDonna M. Augustine02/04/2009
2009 Summer Camps at Monroe Community CollegeCourtney Belluccio06/25/2009
2009/2010 Catalog Corrections and Updates are Due March 1stStuart Blacklaw01/29/2010
2009/2010 Catalog & Student HandbookAndrew W. Freeman08/18/2009
2009/2010 Catalog & Student HandbookAndrew W. Freeman08/18/2009
2009/2010 Catalog/Student Handbook Available OnlineJanet Ekis10/28/2009
2010-2011 Faculty Advisor Handbooks AvailableMichele Vitale10/22/2010
2010-2011 Sustainability ThemeMatthew Fox10/01/2010
2010 - 2011 Purchase RequisitionsMike Quinn and Pat Bates08/16/2010
2010 Alan B. Shaw Memorial Essay AwardJean McDonough03/15/2010
2010 Chancellor's Awards NominationsValarie Avalone10/28/2009
2010 Chancellor's Awards NominationsValarie Avalone12/01/2009
2010 Chancellor's Awards Recipients NamedValarie Avalone04/29/2010
2010 Fall Semester Food Service InformationAnnette Agness09/01/2010
2010 FARA Friend and Ally Award WinnerPeggy VanKirk12/20/2010
2010 Flu Clinics Planned for Brighton and Damon City CampusesHuman Resources Team09/14/2010
2010 Form W-2Judy Bertram01/31/2011
2010 Innovation of the Year AwardDr. Susan M. Salvador10/19/2009
2010 Innovation of the Year AwardSusan M. Salvador12/11/2009
2010 Innovation of the Year AwardSusan M. Salvador03/04/2010
2010 International Film Series Starts on October 26 - Mark Your Calendars Louis Silvers10/12/2010
2010 Labor Day ParadeChristine Casalinuovo-Adams09/02/2010
2010 MCC Annual Security Report and Fire Safety Report Now AvailableLee Struble10/01/2010
2010 MCC President's Report to the CommunityCynthia Cooper01/25/2011
2010 Rochester AIDS WalkAnne Kress05/13/2010
2010 Salute to Excellence Recipient: Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Diane L. Shoger11/05/2010
2010/2011 Catalog and Student HandbookAndrew W. Freeman08/27/2010
2010/2011 Payroll Calendar & Civil Service Holiday ScheduleHuman Resources Team07/21/2010
2011-2012 Faculty Advisor Handbooks AvailableMichele Vitale10/07/2011
2011-2012 Financial Aid RemindersRamon L. Rodriguez03/15/2011
2011-2012 Purchase RequisitionsMike Quinn, Controller,08/18/2011
2011 Alan B. Shaw Memorial Essay AwardJean McDonough03/14/2011
2011 Chancellor's Awards Nominations Alberta G. Lee10/19/2010
2011 Chancellor's Awards Recipients Named Human Resources Team05/05/2011
2011 Explore RochesterIT Summer Internships: Applications Accepted until March 31Pam Miller03/02/2011
2011 Flu Clinics Planned for Brighton and Damon City CampusesThe Human Resources Team09/30/2011
2011 Form W-2Judy Bertram01/30/2012
2011 Geography Awareness Week WinnersJonathon Little12/09/2011
2011 Hispanic Heritage Month at MCCJoann Santos07/18/2011
2011 Innovation of the Year AwardSusan M. Salvador01/31/2011
2011 Innovation of the Year Award - Call for ProposalsSusan M. Salvador01/12/2011
2011 International Film Series Starts on Monday, October 24 - Mark Your CalendarsLouis Silvers10/13/2011
2011 Marketing Communications Annual Report now available onlineConnie Herrera03/13/2012
2011 Rochester Enjoy the City coupon book on sale in the Marketplace today and tomorrow!! Diane Cheasty09/30/2010
2011 Sports Hall of Fame inductees announcedTom Garigen08/05/2011
2011/2012 Payroll Calendar & Civil Service Holiday ScheduleHuman Resources Team06/21/2011
2012-13 MCC Facts Booklets AvailableHency Yuen-Eng07/08/2013
2012-13 MCC Facts Booklets Now AvailableHency Yuen-Eng12/03/2012
2012-13 MCC Facts Booklets Now AvailableHency Yuen-Eng01/03/2013
2012-13 SUNY General Education RequirementsChar Downing, Curriculum & Program Development03/12/2012
2012-2013 Catalog/Student Handbook Available for Pick-upJanet Ekis08/28/2012
2012-2013 Catalog/Student Handbook Available OnlineJanet Ekis08/22/2012
2012-2013 Courses Fulfilling MCC General Education RequirementsCharlotte Downing02/13/2013
2012-2013 Faculty Advisor Handbooks AvailableMichele Vitale10/11/2012
2012-2013 Internal and Perkins Grant Application ProcessTish Williams11/29/2011
2012-2013 Purchase RequisitionsPatrick Bates08/15/2012
2012 Alan B. Shaw Memorial Essay AwardJean McDonough03/15/2012
2012 Eyes on the Future Economic Summit Todd M. Oldham, Vice President05/21/2012
2012 First FridaysJeff Bartkovich01/04/2012
2012 Flu Shot Clinics for Brighton and Damon City CampusesHuman Resources Team10/09/2012
2012 Form W-2Judy Bertram01/28/2013
2012 Innovation of the Year AwardSusan M. Salvador03/20/2012
2012 Innovation of the Year Award - Call for ProposalsSusan M. Salvador11/22/2011
2012 Legacy Lecture featuring Professor Terri TugelCarmen Powers04/17/2012
2012 Scholars' Day Scholarship and Scholarly Award WinnersMatthew Hachee05/07/2012
2012 Sodexo Holiday HoursMaureen Wheelden11/29/2012
2012 Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day - A Great Success!Yolanda D. Johnson05/09/2012
2012 Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day: Call for PresentersYolanda D. Johnson02/15/2012
2012 Talbots Scholarship ProgramFinancial Aid10/05/2011
2012/2013 Payroll Calendar & Civil Service Holiday ScheduleHuman Resources Team06/12/2012
2013-14 MCC Facts Booklets AvailableHency Yuen-Eng03/31/2014
2013-14 MCC Facts Booklets Available Hency Yuen-Eng04/21/2014
2013-14 MCC Facts Booklets Available Hency Yuen-Eng06/23/2014
2013-2014 Catalog Corrections and Updates are Due March 15Charlotte Downing03/07/2013
2013-2014 Catalog/Student Handbook Correction AvailableJanet Ekis09/05/2013
2013-2014 Faculty Advisor Handbooks Available Michele Vitale10/18/2013
2013-2014 MCC Student Catalog/Handbook Now Available for Pickup Janet Ekis08/13/2013
2013-2014 Perkins and Internal Funding Opportunities ApplicationSusan Davis12/06/2012
2013-2014 Purchase RequisitionsMike Quinn & Patrick Bates08/14/2013
2013 Alan B. Shaw Memorial Essay AwardJean McDonough02/11/2013
2013 Alan B. Shaw Memorial Essay AwardJean McDonough04/09/2013
2013 ATHENA Award Winner - President Anne M. KressSheila M. Strong01/25/2013
2013 David A. Garfinkel Essay Winners AnnouncedVerdis Robinson05/01/2013
2013 Discounted Darien Lake Tickets Available Through NYSUT-FASonja Lenhard05/01/2013
2013 Fellows Kick-Off LuncheonTaShonda Jefferson03/01/2013
2013 Innovation of the Year Award - Call for ProposalsSusan M. Salvador10/26/2012
2013 Job Fair CollaborationIvan Matthew03/18/2013
2013 Judicial Candidate Voter GuideVerdis Robinson, Campus Coordinator11/04/2013
2013 Legacy Lecture featuring Dick Ryther and Ray SheaHeather Williams04/18/2013
2013 MCC United Way Campaign- A Very Big Thank You! Clayton Jones, Academic Services; Julianna Frisch, Campus Events; and Marie Gibson, Instructional Technologies05/08/2013
2013 MCC United Way Campaign Clayton Jones, Julianna Frisch, Marie Gibson03/20/2013
2013 Monroe Community College United Way Campaign Clayton Jones, Julianna Frisch, Marie Gibson02/21/2013
2013 Monroe Community College United Way Campaign Kick-Off EventClayton Jones, Julianna Frisch, Marie Gibson03/05/2013
2013 Sodexo Holiday HoursGinny Geer-Mentry12/16/2013
2013 Sodexo Holiday HoursGinny Geer-Mentry12/23/2013
2013 Sodexo Holiday Hours Ginny Geer-Mentry12/09/2013
2013 Summer Sessions start May 28 and July 8Sue Tingey03/14/2013
2013 Summer Work ScheduleHuman Resources Team05/23/2013
2013 SUNY Critical Issues in Higher Education Conference, Speaker AnnouncedDavid Belsky06/13/2013
2013 Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day - Thank you!05/10/2013
2013 Xerox Grant Projects: Funding STEM Innovation at MCCMichael J. McDonough06/24/2013
2013/2014 Payroll Calendar & Civil Service Holiday ScheduleHuman Resources Team05/17/2013
2014-15 FAFSA Changes: Parents' Marital Status & GenderRamon L. Rodriguez02/12/2014
2014-15 MCC Facts Booklets AvailableHency Yuen-Eng01/20/2015
2014-15 MCC Facts Booklets Available Hency Yuen-Eng12/10/2014
2014-15 MCC Facts Booklets Available Hency Yuen-Eng01/05/2015
2014-15 MCC Facts Booklets Available Hency Yuen-Eng04/06/2015
2014-15 Outstanding WAC Faculty Award WinnerAmy Burtner [English/Philosophy]04/27/2015
2014-2015 Catalog and Student Handbook CorrectionsMaryJo Witz09/04/2014
2014-2015 Catalog Corrections/Updates to Academic Programs and Course Descriptions Due March 21Debbie Alimentato03/17/2014
2014-2015 Catalog & Student Handbook Available OnlineJanet Ekis08/19/2014
2014-2015 Faculty Advisor Handbooks AvailableMichele Vitale10/03/2014
2014-2015 Faculty Senate Meetings Heather Murphy05/21/2014
2014-2015 MCC Student Catalog/Handbook Now Available for Pickup Toni Fontaine09/04/2014
2014-2015 Purchase RequisitionsMike Quinn and Patrick Bates08/13/2014
2014 Alan B. Shaw Memorial Essay AwardJean McDonough02/25/2014
2014 Annual Engineering Day ResultsChristopher Kumar12/17/2014
2014 Discounted Darien Lake Tickets Available Through NYSUT-FA Sonja Lenhard05/13/2014
2014 Innovation of the Year AwardMichael J. McDonough12/13/2013
2014 Innovation of the Year Award - Call for ProposalsMichael J. McDonough, Provost and Vice President10/08/2013
2014 Monroe Community College United Way CampaignJulianna Frisch and Martha Maher-Garcia02/24/2014
2014 MVP in Action Scholarship Winner!Joe Sturnick05/09/2014
2014 President's Report to the Community PublishedJanet Ekis & Rosanna Yule02/09/2015
2014 Scholars' Day ScholarshipsMichael Ofsowitz05/05/2014
2014 Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day - Thank you!Brigitte Martineau and Yolanda Johnson05/08/2014
2014 Talbots Women´s Scholarship Program Ramon L. Rodriguez12/02/2013
2014 United Way Campaign raises over $95,000!  Thank You!!Julianna Frisch and Martha Maher-Garcia05/20/2014
2014 United Way Campaign total increases to $98,449.99!  Julianna Frisch and Martha Maher-Garcia06/03/2014
2014/2015 Payroll Calendar & Civil Service Holiday ScheduleHuman Resources Team06/06/2014
2015-16 MCC Facts Booklets AvailableHency Yuen-Eng12/07/2015
2015-16 MCC Facts Booklets AvailableHency Yuen-Eng01/05/2016
2015-16 MCC Facts Booklets AvailableHency Yuen-Eng01/27/2016
2015-16 MCC Facts Booklets AvailableHency Yuen-Eng04/04/2016
2015-2016 College Catalog Now Available OnlineJanet Ekis08/05/2015
2015-2016 English/Philosophy Department Annual Student Writing ContestTina Woodruff12/02/2015
2015-2016 Faculty Advisor Handbooks AvailableMichele Vitale10/05/2015
2015-2016 Revised Faculty Senate Meetings ScheduleTeresa Schichler09/03/2015
2015-2016 Student Planner CorrectionMatthew Lawson11/05/2015
2015-2016 SUNY General Education is Live on the WebDebbie Alimentato04/22/2015
2015 - 2016 Award Recipients NamedHuman Resources and05/12/2016
2015 - 2016 Purchase RequisitionsMike Quinn, Controller, and Patrick Bates, Director of Purchasing
Controller's Office
2015 – 2016 Semester SequencesDebbie Alimentato06/10/2015
2015 Alan B. Shaw Memorial Essay AwardJean McDonough03/04/2015
2015 Innovation of the Year AwardLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President12/08/2014
2015 Innovation of the Year AwardLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President02/09/2015
2015 Innovation of the Year Award – Call for ProposalsLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President10/17/2014
2015 MCC United Way Campaign -- A Very Big Thank You! Julianna Frisch and Marie Gibson05/05/2015
2015 National Save for Retirement Week October 18-24Suzanne Bureau10/13/2015
2015 President's Report to the Community PublishedRosanna Yule01/12/2016
2015 Rochester Heart WalkHeart Walk Team03/25/2015
2015 Scholars' Day InvitationMichael Ofsowitz11/11/2014
2015 Xerox Grant Application Now OpenLaurel Sanger, Javier Ayala09/09/2014
2015 Xerox Grant Project Application Now AvailableLaurel Sanger, Javier Ayala08/25/2014
2015 Xerox STEM Grant Applications Being AcceptedAndrea Wade & Laurel Sanger08/05/2015
2015/2016 Payroll Calendar & Civil Service Holiday ScheduleHuman Resources Team06/12/2015
2016-17 MCC Facts Booklets Have ArrivedHency Yuen-Eng12/07/2016
2016-2017 Purchase RequisitionsMike Quinn and Patrick Bates08/15/2016
2016 - 2017 Award RecipientsWarren, Sandy05/09/2017
2016 - 2017 Strategic Planning Grant RecipientsPaul Emerick04/27/2016
2016 Annual Fire InspectionSharon Marini05/18/2016
2016 Employee Expo a SuccessHuman Resources Team09/07/2016
2016 Engineering Day Competition ResultsChristopher Kumar12/20/2016
2016 Health Information Technology Annual Bone Marrow Drive MaryJo Toepfer02/10/2016
2016 Heart Walk & RunMCC Heart Walk & Run02/24/2016
2016 Heart Walk & RunMCC Heart Walk & Run03/17/2016
2016 Innovation of the Year Award – Call for NominationsLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President11/19/2015
2016 Innovation of the Year Award Nomination ReminderLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President12/10/2015
2016 Innovation of the Year Award Nomination ReminderLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President02/22/2016
2016 NYS Deferred Compensation Salary Reduction Payroll DeductionsHuman Resources Team11/24/2015
2016 President's Report to the Community PublishedRosanna Yule01/31/2017
2016 Retirement Savings Pay Deduction ElectionsHuman Resources Team11/24/2015
2016 Scholars' Day: Saturday at 9:30 a.m.Michael Ofsowitz04/21/2016
2016 Summer NYS Teachers’ Retirement System PREP SeminarsSuzanne Bureau05/26/2016
2016 Xerox Grant Projects Laurel Sanger01/11/2016
2016 Xerox Grant STEM Project Application is Open!Laurel Sanger09/09/2015
2017’s Top Cyber Threat PredictionsDonna Pogroszewski01/30/2017
2017-18 MCC-MVP in Action Scholarship Joe Sturnick10/18/2016
2017-2018 Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule (Revised)Murphy, Heather09/07/2017
2017-2018 FAFSA ChangesSylvia Mendez09/27/2016
2017-2018 Peer Advisor ApplicationPatricia A. Ornt03/13/2017
2017-2018 Peer Navigator Application Matthew Lawson02/01/2017
2017-2018 Purchase RequisitionsBates, Patrick08/14/2017
2017 - 2018 Chancellor Award RecipientsWarren, Sandy05/08/2018
2017 - 2018 Strategic Planning Initiative Informational Session for the Downtown CampusEmerick, Paul11/10/2017
2017 - 2018 Strategic Planning InitiativesEmerick, Paul10/25/2017
2017 - 2021 Strategic Plan Survey FeedbackHeze Simmons and Paul Emerick, Co-Chairs12/05/2016
2017 AAWCC Fall SocialNoonan, Susan10/24/2017
2017 Academic Awards Ceremony - RSVP ReminderMontrois, Patricia05/11/2017
2017 Conference for the Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of Southern AfricaRodriguez, Krista12/07/2017
2017 Engineering Day ResultsKumar, Christopher12/18/2017
2017 Form W2Oliver, Deborah01/30/2018
2017 Innovation of the Year Award – Call for NominationsLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President12/09/2016
2017 Innovation of the Year Award Nomination ReminderLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President01/09/2017
2017 Latino Golf TournamentMendez, Sylvia08/23/2017
2017 MCC Majors FairBaxter, Elizabeth11/15/2017
2017 MCC United Way Campaign - Weekly Drawing WinnersSarah Benedict03/24/2017
2017 Open Enrollment Documents LinkBureau, Suzanne10/30/2017
2017 Open Enrollment FairBureau, Suzanne10/27/2017
2017 Open Enrollment ReminderBureau, Suzanne11/27/2017
2017 President's Report to the Community PublishedYule, Rosanna02/06/2018
2017 Scholars' Day Schedule Now OnlineMichael Ofsowitz04/12/2017
2017 Spring FlingFiannaca, Peter05/09/2017
2017 Teaching & Learning Conference: Register Now!Burtner, Amy05/16/2017
2017 Teaching & Learning Conference: Registration Ends Soon!Burtner, Amy05/31/2017
2017 United Way Campaign Update Sarah Benedict04/11/2017
2017/2018 Payroll Calendar & Civil Service Holiday Schedule *RevisedGilligan, Mary06/14/2017
2018-19 MCC Leadership Program ParticipantsKress, Anne02/07/2019
2018-2019 Additions to the Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights CenterFabbro, Regina06/26/2019
2018-2019 Cybersecurity Awareness TrainingWirley, Eileen09/26/2018
2018-2019 FAFSA Application is now available!Ferrara, Jeffrey10/03/2017
2018-2019 Peer Advisor ApplicationOrnt, Patricia04/10/2018
2018-2019 Strategic Planning InitiativesEmerick, Paul11/01/2018
2018 - 2019 Purchase RequisitionsBates, Patrick08/06/2018
2018 Academic Awards Ceremony AnnouncementBraselton, Joy04/17/2018
2018 Biannual Seneca Falls DialoguesBrandt, Maria10/08/2018
2018 Development of Indo-American Leaders (DIAL) Leadership Training- September 15, 2018!Frisch, Julianna08/08/2018
2018 Development of Indo-American Leaders (DIAL) Leadership Training- September 15, 2018!Frisch, Julianna08/14/2018
2018 Engineering Day - competition resultsKumar, Christopher12/17/2018
2018 Engineering Day - Friday at noon in AtriumKumar, Christopher12/13/2018
2018 Historical Black College and University (HBCU) College FairHagreen, Sarah10/26/2018
2018 Homeland Security ConferenceManns, Sheila06/12/2018
2018 Honors Convocation - Academic Achievement ConvocationBraselton, Joy04/17/2018
2018 Honors Convocation Assembling Instructions for Faculty and Professional StaffRobertson, Daniel05/14/2018
2018 Innovation of the Year Award - Call for NominationsHolmes, Lloyd12/06/2017
2018 Innovation of the Year Award Nomination ReminderHolmes, Lloyd01/29/2018
2018 MCC CommencementBrown, Henry05/14/2018
2018 Open EnrollmentBureau, Suzanne10/31/2018
2018 Outstanding WAC Faculty AwardBurtner, Amy05/14/2018
2018 President's Report to the Community PublishedYule, Rosanna02/21/2019
2018 Scholars' DayOfsowitz, Michael11/08/2017
2018 Scholars' DayOfsowitz, Michael11/10/2017
2018 Scholars' Day ReminderOfsowitz, Michael12/14/2017
2018 Scholarship and Academic Awards CeremonyMontrois, Patricia05/01/2018
2018 Spring FlingStewart, Elizabeth04/30/2018
2018 SUNY State Budget Advocacy Information Session with the TCCJones, Clayton03/09/2018
2018 Surgical Technology Graduates Earn Certification!Seely, Mary06/04/2018
2018 Teaching & Learning Conference: Registration Now OpenBurtner, Amy04/27/2018
2018 Tour de CureSimmons, Kevin01/17/2018
2018 Tour de Cure: Riders WantedSimmons, Kevin01/24/2018
2018 W2Oliver, Deborah02/01/2019
2018/2019 Payroll Calendar & Civil Service Holiday ScheduleGilligan, Mary05/30/2018
2019-20 Federal Work-Study Fund Request form available!Rodriguez, Ramon05/01/2019
2019-20 Federal Work-Study Job Opportunities ListRodriguez, Ramon06/06/2019
2019-20 Federal Work-Study Supervisors Brown BagRodriguez, Ramon05/02/2019
2019-20 Federal Work-Study Supervisors Brown Bag Today!Rodriguez, Ramon05/15/2019
2019-20 MCC Leadership Program ParticipantsStrong, Sheila12/18/2019
2019-2020 Federal Work-Study Important DatesRodriguez, Ramon05/22/2019
2019-2020 Federal Work-Study (FWS) event a Success!Rodriguez, Ramon05/17/2019
2019-2020 Payroll Calendar and Civil Service Holiday ScheduleGilligan, Mary06/04/2019
2019-2020 Strategic Planning Initiative Informational SessionsEmerick, Paul10/17/2019
2019-2020 Strategic Planning Initiative Informational SessionsEmerick, Paul10/23/2019
2019-2020 Strategic Planning Initiative Informational SessionsEmerick, Paul10/28/2019
2019-2020 Strategic Planning InitiativesEmerick, Paul10/09/2019
2019 - 2020 Purchase RequisitionsBates, Patrick08/05/2019
2019 Annual Convening for #Real College and the Hope CenterCruz, Heather09/17/2019
2019 Commencement Name ReadersDelate, John01/14/2019
2019 Diversity ConferenceGantt, Calvin09/03/2019
2019 Employee Benefits Open Enrollment - Don't Miss the New Offerings!Bureau, Suzanne11/04/2019
2019 Gingerbread House Competition- Sign up today!Calarco, Denise10/21/2019
2019 Innovation of the Year Award - Call for NominationsHolmes, Lloyd12/03/2018
2019 Innovation of the Year Award Nomination ReminderHolmes, Lloyd02/04/2019
2019 MCC Gallup Employee Engagement Survey is Open!Frisch, Julianna10/01/2019
2019 MCC United Way Campaign Kickoff EventMessenger, Ryan02/27/2019
2019 MCC United Way Campaign, March 4 - April 5Messenger, Ryan03/04/2019
2019 Outstanding WAC Faculty AwardBurtner, Amy05/07/2019
2019 Scholars' Day AppplicationsOfsowitz, Michael02/12/2019
2019 Scholars' Day is a WeekdayOfsowitz, Michael10/11/2018
2019 Scholars' Day is Inviting ApplicationsOfsowitz, Michael10/30/2018
2019 Scholars' Day is next Tuesday; schedule is NOW on-line!Hill, Jennifer05/03/2019
2019 Scholarship CelebrationWaters, Joanna05/01/2019
2019 Spring Federal Work-Study ends May 25thRodriguez, Ramon05/06/2019
2019 United Way CampaignSprague, Courtney04/08/2019
2019 W2 Federal Tax Forms Are Available in BannerOliver, Deborah01/30/2020
2020 Innovation of the Year Award - Call for NominationsHolmes, Lloyd12/03/2019
2020 Innovation of the Year Award Nomination ReminderHolmes, Lloyd02/04/2020
2020 Scholars' Day: Call for ApplicationsOfsowitz, Michael12/04/2019
2020 Scholars' Day: Call for Applications (reminder)Ofsowitz, Michael02/14/2020
20th Anniversary Celebration of the Guon Child Care CenterAnne Barker08/24/2011
20th Anniversary Celebration of the Richard M. Guon Child Care CenterAnne Barker09/19/2011
20th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-off, May 4, 9am - noonBenz, Ilene05/01/2019
20th Annual Sports Hall of Fame DinnerRobyn Pepicelli01/09/2004
21st Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-off Save-the-NEW-DateBenz, Ilene02/06/2020
22nd Annual Awards Banquet Call for InformationBetty Stewart03/25/2004
22nd Annual Salute to ExcelllenceGretchen Wood09/26/2011
22nd annual Yom HaShoah CommemorationHolocaust, Genocide04/17/2012
24-Hour Play Bake-Off Tomorrow!Chang, Heather09/28/2018
25th Annual Awards BanquetBetty Stewart02/12/2007
25th annual Kristallnacht Program, Thursday, November 10Daniella Insalaco11/03/2016
25th Annual Salute to ExcellenceGretchen Wood09/12/2014
25th Annual Yom HaShoah Commemoration: Thursday, April 23 Holocaust, Genocide04/09/2015
25% Off Sportswear SaleIris Mand10/04/2006
26th Annual Salute to Excellence Gretchen Wood09/14/2015
26th Annual Scholarship Open Helps Students Achieve at MCCRenee St. Louis05/27/2010
26th Annual Student Awards BanquetBetty Stewart02/25/2008
27th Annual Salute to ExcellenceEmily Marullo09/16/2016
29 Days 'til MCC Employee Field Day!Scipioni, Lori05/02/2017
292-BABY’s G.R.E.E.N. Effort Receives GrantMary Louise Musler02/06/2008
292-BABY Adds Video Series on Nutrition to Its Web LineupJim Coffey10/27/2010
292-BABY and MCC extend video series on adoptionJim Coffey03/05/2012
292-BABY and Oprah???Jim Coffey06/30/2010
292-BABY Brings "EMoms" to MCC through Partnership with Cornell and the University of RochesterJim Coffey10/13/2011
292-BABY Co-sponsors Rochester Children's Book FestivalJim Coffey11/06/2009
292-BABY Completes Video Series on AdoptionJim Coffey04/27/2012
292-BABY Educational Videos Now Available at Strong HospitalJim Coffey11/03/2009
292-BABY Educational Videos: Learn about Postpartum DepressionJim Coffey10/12/2016
292-BABY Educational Videos: Your 18-month OldJim Coffey10/18/2016
292-BABY executive director featuredHency Yuen-Eng01/12/2009
292-BABY gets a "Thumbs-Up" for 10,000 callsJim Coffey09/02/2010
292-BABY is a United Way Donor Designated Agency #2406 - please consider supporting us.Jim Coffey04/02/2014
292-BABY Launches Innovative Call-In ShowRosanna Condello05/17/2007
292-BABY launches “Video-On-Demand” option.Jim Coffey06/16/2009
292-BABY Partners with Community to Celebrate April, Month of the Young ChildJim Coffey03/24/2011
292-BABY Partners with the Rochester Children's Book Festival Saturday, November 16thJim Coffey11/15/2013
292-BABY Produces New Video, "Introduction to Food Allergies" with Rochester General Medical Group.Jim Coffey05/18/2012
292-BABY Receives GrantMary Louise Musler09/22/2006
292-BABY Responds to Flu EpidemicJim Coffey06/23/2009
292-BABY supports "Month of the Young Child" and the "Children's Film Festival" with promotional video.Jim Coffey04/06/2012
292-BABY to Pilot Interactive Community ForumRosanna Condello05/15/2008
292-TECH – New Technology Support Line!Terry Keys09/06/2011
29th Annual Scholarship Open Nearly Sold-OutGretchen Wood06/06/2013
2nd Annual Academic Advisement ContestSally Barton Dingee10/03/2002
2nd Annual Academic Contest WinnersSally Barton Dingee11/21/2002
2nd Annual Campus Treasure Sale to benefit United Way United Way Campaign03/12/2013
2nd Annual Food For FinesCalarco, Denise11/28/2017
2nd Annual Gateway to College Student Recognition Ceremony Celebrates its Graduates and “Friends of Gateway”Elizabeth West05/15/2009
2nd Annual High-Tech Career Expo - A Huge Success!Dianna G. Phillips, Dean04/27/2009
2nd annual Hope and Justice Day: March 31st Diane Navarro03/29/2010
2nd Annual Madrigal DinnerRollo Fisher12/01/2010
2nd annual Pathways to Entrepreneurial Success ForumSherry Tshibangu09/16/2010
2nd Annual Recycle ExchangeMarkham, Jennifer05/01/2018
2nd Annual Rediscover the Genesee River TripDaniel Robertson05/25/2007
2nd Annual R. Thomas & Kate Flynn ScholarshipBetty Stewart03/16/2010
2nd Annual SUNY Undergraduate Research ConferenceChristopher Kumar04/18/2016
2nd Annual SUNY Undergraduate Research ConferenceChristopher Kumar04/21/2016
2nd Annual Sustainability Circular Cycle Ride, May 4th, 2017Valarie Avalone04/25/2017
2nd Annual Youth Mappers Mapping Party is a success!Lee, Christina11/17/2017
2nd Fest in FAFSA landMiller, Douglas04/17/2018
2nd Fest in FAFSA landMiller, Douglas04/18/2018
2+2 Degree Audits on the WebTaine Vinci10/16/2002
2+2 Degree Programs will be removed from Degree WorksTorcello, Jody09/21/2017
2,000 views can't be wrong...Dingee, Sally03/01/2018
3-Day Clearance Sale!Iris Mand03/31/2010
3 Hour Grantsmanship Workshop Seminar To Be Held on June 16thSusan Davis06/04/2008
3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Melissa Fromm03/27/2013
3 Starfish Best Practices for Raising Flags and Kudos!Jessica Saltzberg08/22/2016
30-Minute Lunchtime Work OutNixon, Kim09/17/2019
30 Days to Go to Submit Grant ProposalsKathleen Bolton11/22/2004
30th Annual Student Awards BanquetBetty Stewart01/25/2012
30th Annual Student Awards BanquetBetty Stewart04/17/2012
30% OFF MCC Grey Hooded SweatshirtIris Mand02/04/2008
31st Annual Awards BanquetBetty Stewart01/28/2013
31st Annual Scholarship Open a Success!Gretchen Wood06/26/2015
32 Annual Writing Contest Award Winners Announced!Colleen Brennan-Barry03/25/2003
321 Cafe' Open for Business!Truman, Lisa08/16/2017
321 Walk FAQsDeLardge, Kimberly05/18/2017
33 Attend AAWCC's Women's History Month Bus Tour!Julianna Frisch04/03/2014
34th Annual English/Philosophy Writing ContestJay Keith03/03/2005
34th Annual Jazz FestivalJanet Ekis03/26/2003
35 Students Earn Presidential Volunteer Service AwardsTracy Wyant04/30/2012
35th Annual Student Association Leadership RetreatBetty Stewart09/11/2012
36th Annual Science Exploration Days Exhibit Open Tonight at St. John Fisher CollegeMary DiSano05/09/2007
36th Annual Student Association Leadership RetreatBetty Stewart09/09/2013
37th Annual Student Association Leadership RetreatElizabeth Stewart09/10/2014
38th Annual Student Association Leadership RetreatBetty Stewart09/16/2015
3AG Evening at GevaSilas, Melany11/20/2019
3AG Student-Faculty-Staff IngatheringGantt, Calvin10/24/2019
3D Kiosk UnveiledDianne E. McConkey03/19/2007
3D Technology Follow-up SessionCarol Wilkinson02/22/2005
3rd Annual Academic Advisement ContestPam Donofrio10/04/2004
3rd Annual Academic Advisement Contest Winners AnnouncedPam Donofrio11/05/2004
3rd Annual Academic Advisement DaySally Barton Dingee03/05/2003
3rd Annual Enough is Enough Campaign hosted by The Civility Project: Making Courtesy Common.  April 2–5, 2012Amy Greer/Rebecca Herzog03/07/2012
3rd Annual Food for FinesCalarco, Denise11/26/2018
3rd Annual Martha Maher-Garcia Memorial Invitational Golf Tournament & DinnerGilligan, Mary03/15/2019
3rd Annual MCC Employee Ice Skating Event - Free!Camp, Alisa01/16/2019
3rd Annual MCC Employee Ice Skating Event - Free!Camp, Alisa01/30/2019
3rd Annual R. Thomas & Kate Flynn Scholarship Betty Stewart03/14/2011
3rd annual White Coat CeremonyRosanna Condello06/25/2007
3/14/11- Meet NASCAR's Next Superstar at ATC!Kristy Mooney Graves03/09/2011
3/23/11 -  Damon City Campus 2011 Job Fair Ivan Matthew03/10/2011
3/31 Brown Bag Presentation: "Combating Campus Incivility: Making Courtesy Common at MCC"Lee Struble03/31/2010
4-Year College Financial Aid PanelRebecca Mack10/07/2013
4-Year College Financial Aid SessionsRebecca Mack03/06/2015
4-Year Colleges Visiting Campus This SemesterLaureen Anthony-Palmer04/06/2010
4-Year Colleges Visiting the Brighton CampusMack, Rebecca09/18/2017
4 Students Named to Phi Theta Kappa Academic TeamDianne E McConkey03/18/2008
4 Year College Financial Aid Panel Rebecca Mack04/08/2014
403b EligibilityThe Human Resource Team12/05/2011
403b EligibilityHuman Resources Team10/26/2012
403b Eligibility NoticeHuman Resources Team11/05/2013
403b Eligibility NoticeKaren Rheinheimer10/29/2014
403b Limit Change for employees 50 years of age or olderKaren Rheinheimer03/02/2010
403(b) InformationThe Human Resources Team11/08/2010
40th Anniversary of Earth DayIris Mand04/22/2010
40th Annual Student Art ExhibitionKathy Farrell05/10/2016
40th Annual Student Association Leadership RetreatStewart, Elizabeth09/15/2017
40% off Sale at the BookstoreCarol Fisher12/14/2009
42nd Annual Puerto-Rican ParadeBeatriz LeBron07/15/2011
42nd Annual Student Art ExhibitionFarrell, Kathleen04/25/2018
42nd Commencement Information to the College CommunityRichard Ryther05/05/2005
43rd Annual Student Art ExhibitionFlack, Jason04/10/2019
43rd Annual Student Art Exhibition Opens Tomorrow Evening!Flack, Jason04/25/2019
43rd Commencement Planning Information and Call for VolunteersRichard Ryther04/25/2006
45th Annual Student Writing Contest 2015-2016Tina Woodruff03/16/2016
47th Annual MCC Jazz Concert Tomorrow, May 11John Nyerges05/10/2016
48th Annual Commencement Ceremony SpeakerRichard Ryther04/25/2011
49th Annual MCC Jazz FestivalNyerges, John04/25/2018
49th Annual MCC Jazz Festival - Tonight!Nyerges, John05/09/2018
4th Annual Academic Advisement ContestPam Donofrio09/30/2005
4th Annual Academic Advisement DayPam Donofrio03/03/2004
4th Annual Academic Advisement DayPam Donofrio03/09/2005
4th Annual Building Services Invitational Golf TournamentJohn Haines04/29/2009
4th Annual Enough is Enough Campaign hosted by The Civility Project: Making Courtesy Common.  March 4-7, 2013Amy Greer & Rebecca Herzog02/11/2013
4th Annual Food For FinesCalarco, Denise11/25/2019
4th Annual MCC Employee Ice Skating Event - Free!Pasto-Ziobro, Dolores01/08/2020
4th Annual MCC Employee Ice Skating Event - Free!Pasto-Ziobro, Dolores01/23/2020
4th floor library closureSleight, Travis06/28/2017
4th of July Holiday Week Bookstore Hours for Damon City CampusEtienne Blaakman06/29/2015
4/29 - Can I Kiss You? EventGallaro, Shelby04/22/2019
5 Awards Given to PSTC Video DepartmentDianne E. McConkey10/19/2004
5 curriculum proposals posted for faculty commentBarnet, David10/23/2019
50 Years and Still Cookin' Cookbook Sale a Success50th Anniversary Cookbook Committee04/19/2012
50th Anniversary Community PhotoKaren Shaw09/23/2011
50th Anniversary Community Photo - Monday, September 26Karen Shaw09/22/2011
50th Anniversary of the March on WashingtonDebbie Mohr08/28/2013
50% off Holiday items in the BookstoresFarruggia, Alyssa12/19/2018
50% Off Sale at BookstoreAlyson Levine12/23/2003
50% Off Sale at the BookstoreIris Mand12/19/2005
50% Off Sale at the MCC BookstoreIris Mand12/11/2006
50% Off Sale at the MCC & DCC BookstoresIris Mand12/10/2008
50% Off Sale in the BookstoreCarol Fisher08/05/2010
50% Off....Alyson Levine04/19/2004
5279 Go AdviseSally Dingee and Toni Robbins11/12/2014
5279 Go Advise – Advisement help for faculty and staff!Sally Dingee03/09/2015
57 Days ‘til MCC Employee Field Day!Field Day Committee04/04/2017
5K Team Raises Funds for the Owen Schwartz Memorial ScholarshipShaw, Karen09/27/2019
5K Walk/Run for Scholarships Team Raises Funds in Memory of Linda CurranShaw, Karen09/19/2019
5K Walk/Run for WaterAngelique Stevens09/21/2009
5K Walk/Run for Water for South Sudan -- This Saturday!Regina Fabbro10/10/2012
5K Walk/Run for Water for SudanHolocaust, Genocide, and09/13/2011
5K Walk/Run for Water: Saturday, Oct. 17Angelique Stevens10/09/2009
5th Annual Academic Advisement DayPam Donofrio03/09/2006
5th Annual Building Services Invitational Golf TournamentJohn Haines05/28/2010
5th Annual Enough is Enough Campaign: Making Courtesy Common - April 7-10, 2014Rebecca Herzog & Mike Bates03/04/2014
5th Annual Geography Awareness Week QuizJonathon Little and Michael Boester11/15/2010
5th Annual National Latino AIDS Awareness Day @ DCCMelany J. Silas10/14/2010
5th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-offIlene Benz04/09/2004
5th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-off to be Held SaturdayIlene Benz04/28/2004
5th Annual Professional Development Field ExperienceJason Szymanski05/10/2010
5th Annual SUNY CC CAO RetreatDiane L. Shoger01/22/2015
5th Annual Walk/Run for Scholarships Donna Burke09/07/2011
5th Annual Winter Teaching Institute -- Register Today!Jonathan Iuzzini12/18/2015
6 Pillars of Community Policing ForumOlivieri, Valerie03/06/2019
649 of Your Colleagues Completed the Annual Mandatory Training - Have You?Lowe, Kristin09/11/2019
6th-8th graders invited to attend April 2nd Event, Project:Vision, hosted by STEP youthDonna Augustine03/22/2010
6th Act Academic WorkshopThomas Blake09/21/2012
6th Annual 5K Walk / Run for ScholarshipsCourtney Belluccio05/09/2012
6th Annual Academic Advisement ContestPam Donofrio11/05/2007
6th Annual Faculty Senate Professional Development Week Begins June 3rdScanlon, Joseph05/28/2019
6th Annual Faculty Senate Professional Development Week Begins June 3rdScanlon, Joseph05/28/2019
6th Annual Faculty Senate Professional Development Week Begins TodayScanlon, Joseph06/03/2019
6th Annual Hockey Golf TournamentRobyn Pepicelli08/04/2004
6th Annual MCC Career DayGreg Bocchino10/08/2002
6th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-offIlene Benz05/03/2005
6th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-off Winners!Ilene Benz05/19/2005
6th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speech ContestIlene Benz02/09/2005
6th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speech Contest!Ilene Benz05/13/2005
6th Annual Power of Diversity Series Events Set for Nov. 17-18Donna Pogroszewski, Joann Santos and Charlotte Downing10/05/2010
6th Annual Power of Diversity Series Events Set for Nov. 17-18 Donna Pogroszewski, Joann Santos and Charlotte Downing10/20/2010
6th Annual Turkey Trot RunJeff Parrinello11/20/2009
6th Annual Winter Teaching Institute--Register Today!Gena Merliss12/08/2016
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7 day password expiration in January for those who do not complete Cybersecurity Training by Dec 31Wirley, Eileen12/06/2018
7 MCC Women Soccer Players Offered Div. I ScholarshipsRobyn Malloy02/21/2003
75% Off Holiday MerchandiseIris Mand12/22/2008
75% off Selected Women's ClothingAlyson Levine03/08/2004
75% Off....Alyson03/19/2004
7th Annual Academic Advisement ContestPam Donofrio11/17/2008
7th Annual Building Services Invitational Golf TournamentJohn Haines05/03/2012
7th Annual Model United Nations Program/Class and SimulationShirley Batistta-Provost09/13/2007
7th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-offIlene Benz03/03/2006
7th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-offIlene Benz05/12/2006
7th Annual Otis Young Speak-off Online!Ilene Benz05/24/2006
7th Grade Students Discover "There's More to MCC" Debra M. Dwyer03/30/2011
7th Week of Eat Well/Live Well ChallengeCraig M. Rand05/05/2008
8 Days 'til Holiday SaleChris Ryther12/13/2004
80's Themed Fall Festival for Homecoming Peter Fiannaca10/01/2015
81 Nursing Grads to Receive Pins at June 2 CeremonySherry Ruckert05/30/2007
8th annual 5K Walk for Water: Donations accepted onlineHolocaust, Genocide09/23/2015
8th Annual Faculty Academic Advisement ContestMichele Vitale11/20/2009
8th Annual MCC Scholars' Day to Highlight the Best of Our Students Janet Ekis04/12/2016
8th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-offIlene Benz04/03/2007
8th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-offIlene Benz05/03/2007
8th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-off Winners!Ilene Benz05/09/2007
8th Annual Otis Young Speak OffIlene Benz04/25/2007
8th Annual Rochester Children's Book FestivalIris Mand10/28/2004
8th Annual Rochester Children's Book FestivalIris Mand10/28/2004
8th Annual Rochester Children's Book FestivalJodi Oriel10/19/2004
9-11 CeremonyStarr, MaryJane09/10/2018
9 Career Authors and Experts Share Proven Job Search Techniques WebinarAnne Hughes03/21/2011
9 Days to Win FREE iPod ShuffleAnne J. Perry04/12/2006
90 min Civility Audio ConferenceLeah Dyer01/25/2005
90th Annual NYS Dental Hygiene Association MeetingSharon Insero11/30/2010
965 Mailboxes later…Bradley Roehrig01/10/2013
9th Annual Academic Advisement Contest Denise Klein11/04/2010
9th Annual Academic Advisement Faculty Contest WinnersAdvising Essay Selection Committee12/14/2010
9th Annual Building Services Invitational Golf TournamentJohn Haines06/03/2013
9th Annual Children's Book FestivalShirley Batistta-Provost11/01/2005
9th Annual Madrigal Feaste - CorrectionFisher, Rollo11/21/2017
9th Annual Madrigal Feaste - This Friday!Fisher, Rollo12/07/2017
9th annual Walk for Water for South Sudan: Donations accepted onlineHolocaust, Genocide09/19/2016
9/11 CommemorationKyle Madden09/08/2006
9/11 Commemoration at MCCDianne E McConkey09/08/2005
9/11 Remembrance CeremonyTom Priester, Program Coordinator09/11/2006
9/11 Remembrance CeremonySteve Weider09/14/2015
9/11 Remembrance CeremonyGue, Melissa08/19/2019
9/11, Terrorism & Homeland Security RoundtableKevin Eirich09/27/2005
9/11, Terrorism & Homeland Security: A Four-Year Report CardKevin Eirich10/04/2005
benefit participantNyerges, John05/18/2017
e-Lounge and Break Room Hours for Finals WeekCatherine Higgins05/12/2015
eRefundsBrian Legg09/20/2012
eRefundsBrian Legg07/08/2013
eRefunds for StudentsBrian Legg09/10/2012
eRefunds for StudentsBrian Legg10/08/2012
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iStream - April 2010Susan M. Salvador04/23/2010
iStream - February 2010Susan M. Salvador02/08/2010
iStream - February 2011 Updates:  Fire Sciences in the Community College Highlights eLearning at MCC*Susan M. Salvador02/08/2011
iStream - July 2010 Updates:  Technology & Development Education in Community CollegesSusan M. Salvador07/13/2010
iStream - March 2009Susan M. Salvador03/19/2009
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iStream Update – April 2011Susan M. Salvador04/08/2011
iStream Update – March 2011Susan M. Salvador03/18/2011
iStream Webinar - Understanding the Career Development Process: A Primer for Counselors, Instructors and Staff MembersPeggy VanKirk01/25/2011
iStream: April 2007 UpdatesDr. Susan Salvador04/20/2007 upgradeThomas Christopher Priester03/26/2008
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"12 days of Academic Advisement" Advising ForumDingee, Sally12/02/2019
"292-BABY", VAPA's Maryann Cianciotto and Golisano Children's Hospital Partner in National Video CompetitionJim Coffey08/30/2012
"60 Fun Things to Do Within 60 Miles of Rochester" Published by Connie HerreraConnie Herrera06/01/2011
"A class that can change a life,' WXXI Highlights the Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights ProjectYule, Rosanna04/26/2019
"A Day in the Life of In-House Counsel"Diane M. Cecero, General Counsel04/09/2004
"A Day in the Life" of MCC Captured May 4Rosanna Condello04/23/2004
"A Land Twice Promised" - A compelling storytelling performance from renowned Israeli storyteller Noa BaumLouis Silvers03/06/2006
"A Monroe Community College Travel Overview"Sherry Parks02/13/2004
"A slice of pi" - Friday, 5/13 at 1 p.m. in room 12-203Steve Kilner05/12/2005
"Achieving Voluntary Compliance: Making Courtesy Common Again" Workshops to be OfferedLee Struble and Richard Stewart10/19/2009
"Advanced Networks for E-Learning"Dr. Jeffrey Bartkovich01/13/2003
"Advisement in the Halls" Program a Success!Stacey Pierce11/07/2006
"Along the Silk Road" Event in National Higher Ed PublicationHency Yuen-Eng05/13/2010
"An Evening with Lou Gramm" Karen Shaw and Mark Pastorella03/28/2013
"An Inconvenient Truth" Tonight!Bethany Gizzi05/03/2007
"Anthropology Students Assist Harvard University in 'Mapping' Rochester's Religious Diversity"david day05/27/2003
"Anthropology, Careers and YOU!!" (rescheduled from Ice Storm)David Day04/11/2003
"Anthropology, Careers and YOU!"David Day03/28/2003
"Ask ETS" - Save the Date!Terry Keys10/24/2013
"Ask ETS" - Today!Terry Keys11/06/2013
"Attention All You Italian Lovers!”Diane Cheasty11/03/2011
"Barber Shop" with CAB and Shear EgoPeter Fiannaca11/03/2015
"BBQ" Buffet in Reflections today!Diane Cheasty05/12/2010
"Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service" MCC Book Groups Start Next WeekJulie Slate06/10/2016
"Berlin '36"Charlie Clarke07/23/2010
"Blurred Lines/Clear Lines: Consent in a Rape Culture" at DCC! Susan Bender10/07/2013
"Bonding Over Bain" Book Conversation 3 ReminderKaren Coffey11/28/2006
"Bonding Over Bain" Book Conversation ReminderKaren Coffey10/02/2006
"Bonding Over Bain" Meet the Author IS THIS WEEK!Jeffrey W. Thompson01/10/2007
"Boost Your Ego" -- Empowering Others Through Sense of Style, Safety and SelfAmy Greer/Rebecca Herzog03/20/2012
"Brunch" Buffet in Reflections Today!!Diane Cheasty05/09/2011
"Build-a-Plate" Buffet in Reflections today!!Diane Cheasty05/11/2010
"Bullied":  TOMORROW at DCC!Christine Plumeri04/12/2011
"Bullying 101" WorkshopTracy Wyant10/13/2006
"Caring for You. Caring for the Community." Financial Planning SeminarMark Pastorella04/17/2007
"Celebration of Success"Peggy VanKirk05/20/2003
"Chasing The Deer" ScreeningJeffery Jones03/30/2015
"Choosing a Landing Site on Mars" Presentation Rescheduled!Jessica Barone05/05/2016
"Choosing Civility" Author P.M. Forni to Speak at MCC Brighton and Damon City CampusesLee Struble10/19/2010
"Choosing Community College" Highlights MCC AdvantagesCynthia Cooper Mapes01/10/2017
"Coffee and Conversation" Event for Dept. Adjunct Faculty Coordinators - Jan. 30thYulanda McKinney01/29/2013
"College 101 for Parents" a Success!Andrew W. Freeman10/23/2006
"College tuition sticker shock: How to afford it or make a better choice"Yule, Rosanna09/24/2019
"Columbus Day, Thanksgiving & Native Americans: What else is there to know?"Char Guess Bardques11/11/2014
"Comfort Food" Buffet in Reflections Today!Diane Cheasty12/06/2011
"Community colleges struggle with increased demands"Rosanna Condello03/29/2010
"Confronting Evil" Program MondayFabbro, Regina11/02/2018
"Day in the Life" Coverage PostponedRosanna Condello04/29/2004
"Deep Water Drilling and the Gulf of Mexico" Presentation Available OnlineMatthew Fox11/29/2010
"Defending Accessibility with the New Normal" by President KressRosanna Condello10/29/2010
"Don't Fool with your Heart" Day a Big Success!The Wellness Team04/04/2014
"Dr. Vis" Chosen as FA Scholarship Honoree!Jessica Barone10/18/2016
"Eliminate the Hate" Facebook Photo Frame Available in Response to Hate SpeechFabbro, Regina10/19/2017
"Ella" at Geva; MCC Employee DiscountCynthia Cooper09/29/2008
"Emergency Preparedness and Response for the Brighton Campus" - March 11, 2009Lee Struble02/27/2009
"Enhancing our Physical Environment" Direction Five RecruitmentToni Jaye Robbins10/06/2008
"Enhancing our Physical Environment," Direction Five (D5) RecruitmentToni Jaye Robbins10/01/2009
"Enlighten Hospitality - A Customer Approach to Business" Presentation!Diane Cheasty03/16/2007
"Enriching Advisement" Workshop Series Offered In JuneDenise Klein04/09/2003
"Enriching Advisement: The Workshop series" in JunePam Donofrio05/15/2006
"Enriching Advisement: The Workshop Series" In JunePam Donofrio05/16/2007
"Enriching Advisement: The Workshop Series" In JunePam Donofrio05/16/2008
"Enriching Advisement: The Workshop Series" in JuneKia C. Brooks05/11/2009
"Enriching Advisement: The Workshop Series" in June -- Registrations due by May 30thPam Donofrio05/23/2008
"Enriching Advisement:  The Workshop Series" in JuneDenise Klein and Jennifer Kinslow05/16/2011
"Enriching Advisement:  The Workshop Series" in JuneMichele Vitale04/23/2012
"Enriching Advisement:  The Workshop Series" in JuneMichele Vitale05/14/2012
"Enriching Advisement:  The Workshop Series" in June Michele Vitale05/09/2013
"Enriching Advisement:  The Workshop Series" in June Michele Vitale05/12/2014
"Enriching Advisement: The Workshop Series" in JuneDenise Klein and Jennifer Kinslow05/31/2011
"Enriching Advisement: The Workshop Series" in June Michele Vitale05/27/2014
"Enriching  Advisement:  The Workshop Series" in JuneDenise Klein05/29/2012
"Enriching  Advisement: The Workshop Series" in June Denise Klein05/28/2013
"Ethics in the Workplace"Holly Cicconi-Eggleston, Human Resource;
Beth Laidlaw, English and Philosophy;
Dolores Pasto-Ziobro and Karen Chin, Internal Audit
"Expert Separates Anne Frank The Person From the Icon"Rosanna Condello11/03/2009
"Explore Your Brain from the Inside Out"Richard Rozzi04/29/2004
"Faces of Hispanic Heritage"Antonia Custodio08/24/2011
"Faces of Hispanic Heritage"Toni Custodio09/09/2011
"Faculty retirements stir change at schools"Cynthia Cooper08/25/2008
"FIC at Nite" and More for Spring Peggy VanKirk02/08/2013
"FIC at Nite" and more!Peggy VanKirk02/01/2012
"Finding & Adopting Open Educational Resources" Webinar on WednesdayAndrea Kingston09/12/2016
"Flex Dollars" for Faculty and StaffMaureen Wheeldon09/19/2014
"Follow Your Dream" FA Scholarship!  Please Announce!Jessica Barone03/06/2014
"For Such A Time As This" Production on FridayMelany J. Silas01/28/2015
"Four MCC alumni enter Hall of Fame"Rosanna Condello11/23/2009
"Free Speech on College Campuses, for Whom?"Diane M. Cecero, General Counsel11/05/2002
"Free with MCC ID" RTS Service Available On Select Routes For The Spring Semester!Frisch, Julianna01/23/2018
"Friends" Exhibit kicks off With "Spin the Bottle"Susan Cable09/19/2008
"Friends" Exhibit Opens TodaySusan Cable10/15/2008
"Fringe Fest 2013 Reviews Fox Collaborative: "The Ninth Circle" Larry Mandelker09/24/2013
"Go Red for Women" Campaign to Launch TomorrowSherry Parks02/03/2005
"Great Issues -- Great Cases": Griswold v. ConnecticutKevin Eirich10/03/2005
"Great Issues, Great Cases" -- Griswold v. ConnecticutKevin Eirich09/26/2005
"Grow Monroe grows Greece fruit farm"Rosanna Condello03/29/2010
"Health is Wealth: Movement is Medicine" Presentations (Dr. Alice H. Young Power of Diversity Series)Lomax R. Campbell10/06/2015
"Healthy Topics For Everyday Living"Sue George, RN09/29/2015
"Heart" Surgery Demonstration on the TerraceSeely, Mary02/11/2019
"Hello, I am trying to register for a class but can't find it"Nguyen, Binh-Yen11/12/2019
"Helping Hands" Ready to Greet Students on Move In DayRosanna Condello09/05/2006
"HerStory" of Women at MCC Poster PresentationJulianna Frisch03/09/2012
"Hiding and Seeking" Film Presentation TomorrowRosanna Condello03/07/2006
"Hits for Linda" at Frontier Field on September 1Mark Pastorella and Christyn Sanagursky08/01/2013
"Hollywood on the Genesee" Lecture This WeekLori Annesi03/05/2012
"How Do You Feel? Going to War with Suddham Hussein"Di Rayner12/02/2002
"How Memory Works (And Why It Doesn't)" presented by Celia Reaves, Professor PsychologyDawn Quatro04/18/2006
"How to Be Creative" College-wide Professional Development -- New Dates and TimesJonathan Iuzzini05/14/2015
"Human Library" Featured in Rochester's D&CEkis, Janet04/28/2017
"I Am Not Invisible" Photo Exhibit Opening in the LeRoy V. Good LibraryNetzband, Melissa09/20/2019
"I Am Not Invisible." Photo Exhibit Opening in the LeRoy V. Good LibraryNetzband, Melissa09/25/2019
"I Care” and "Pink the Atrium" Walk for Breast Cancer AwarenessYolanda D. Johnson10/26/2015
"Identity Theft"Sheila Manns02/02/2006
"If All of Rochester Read the Same Book"Elizabeth Pierce09/26/2007
"If All of Rochester Read the Same Book"Iris Mand10/03/2007
"If All of Rochester Read the Same Book"Jodi Oriel03/28/2012
"Imagine" Haikus in Honor of Poetry MonthCynthia Cooper04/24/2003
"In It 2 Win It" Talent Contest Dave Shaw11/14/2014
"In Their Shoes" Interactive Website for Faculty and StaffJulie White02/22/2010
"In Their Shoes": An Interactive Website for Faculty and StaffJulie White03/26/2008
"Industry Week" Looks at Manufacturing Advances in Rochester, including Focus on WorkforceCynthia Cooper Mapes10/02/2015
"Iraq For Sale" Tomorrow Night!Bethany Gizzi03/14/2007
"It Was 30 Years Ago Today" - Sociology Film Series presents "The John Lennon Assassination"Christine Plumeri11/29/2010
"Junk in my Trunk," a Presentation by Teena FitzroyCraig M. Rand, Rick Costanza04/18/2012
"Killing Us Softly 3" at DCC - 9/22/04Christine Plumeri09/15/2004
"Kindred" Author Octavia Butler Comes to MCCJanet Ekis02/28/2003
"Kindred" Author Octavia Butler Comes to MCC Friday, March 7Janet Ekis02/10/2003
"Last Mondays" TCC Brown Bag Today!Karen Coffey03/23/2015
"Lead the Way" A Workforce Development Video ContestKristin Sine-Kinz03/20/2015
"Learning Reconsidered"Susan Salvador11/01/2004
"Let's Help Our Friends" Lollipop FarmBette Bovenzi04/01/2003
"Let Them Eat Cake"Suzanne El Rayess10/04/2005
"Let Them Eat Cake"Suzanne El Rayess11/22/2005
"Let Them Eat Cake"Suzanne El Rayess02/08/2006
"Let Them Eat Cake"Suzanne El Rayess04/28/2006
"Let Them Eat Cake" during College HourSuzanne El Rayess11/28/2005
"Life is Why" Basket RaffleCamp, Alisa03/12/2018
"Live United" Picnics a Tremendous Success - Thanks to YOU!Annette Agness, Director04/05/2010
"Local officers head back to class to earn accelerated degree"Yule, Rosanna08/28/2019
"Locally Grown" DocumentaryBob King09/29/2011
"Locals are nervously watching Sudan referendum results"Rosanna Condello01/07/2011
"Lost" in the Digital FrontierToni Jaye Robbins10/19/2006
"Lunchtime Express"  FA Meeting on June 13Marlene Goho06/09/2011
"Maintain Don't Gain"Sue George, RN11/21/2012
"Maintain Don't Gain" Sue George, RN12/10/2012
"Making a Difference - UNHCR at Work"Greg Bocchino10/20/2005
"Many STEM jobs don't require a four-year degree"Rosanna Condello07/08/2013
"MCC changed my view of two-year schools"Rosanna Condello07/10/2013
"MCC is a jewel in our community...," says a D&C columnistCynthia Cooper Mapes11/04/2016
"MCC Takes a Stand Against Anti-Semitism After Wave of Local Hate Crimes"Yule, Rosanna05/10/2017
"Memorization Tips" Study Skills Workshop Series #4Lisa Bierre and Ann Bauer11/02/2009
"MITTEN TREE"Staff Members12/03/2003
"Mock Trial" Receives Front Page CoverageRosanna Condello04/30/2008
"Modernist vs. Classicist" DebateJodi Oriel10/22/2004
"Music that Inspires" Vocal ConcertFisher, Rollo04/30/2019
"Name All the Animals" Now Available in the MCC BookstoreIris Mand02/07/2006
"New Journalism: Then and Now" Featuring Jim McCuskerJean McDonough04/27/2015
"New York State of Health"  EnrollmentJeanne Flanagan, RN, BSN01/21/2015
"Norovirus," "Food Poisoning," "Stomach Flu," You Name It ...Together Let's Prevent It!Sue George, RN02/27/2012
"Parent Talk" June ScheduleRosanna Condello06/04/2008
"Picnic" Theme Buffet at Reflections today!Diane Cheasty05/11/2011
"Plays on Film: Death of a Salesman" on October 2Jeremy Case and Midge Marshall09/26/2014
"Plays on Film: Death of a Salesman" on October 2ndJeremy Case and Midge Marshall09/18/2014
"Plays on Film: Death of a Salesman" tonight at 7 pm in 8-200Jeremy Case and Midge Marshall10/02/2014
"Pony Express" to Visit Flynn Campus Center AtriumJohn Wadach12/14/2011
"Presenting the Integrated Advising Model" session recording now availableDingee, Sally06/12/2018
"Proof the Goof" is Here!!Patricia Kennedy, Director11/03/2008
"Proof the Goof" is Here!!Patricia Kennedy, Director10/12/2009
"Proof the Goof" Winner!Patricia Kennedy, Director11/26/2008
"Pursuing a Health Administration degree at Roberts Wesleyan College with your MCC Health Studies degree"Delia H. Rhodes04/03/2012
"Raise Your Voice" Series at MCC Lets Students be HeardMark Sommer01/30/2003
"RAISE YOUR VOICE" Stop the ViolenceShirley Batistta-Provost02/07/2003
"Realized or not, goals help us learn to succeed"Rosanna Condello05/22/2012
"Replacing Scalia: The Politics of Selecting Supreme Court Judges"Karen Morris03/17/2016
"Retention First Aid" at DCC ReminderChristine Plumeri10/30/2007
"Return to the Forbidden Planet" Fall MusicalPat Barnes11/05/2007
"Rochester's Deaf Heritage" LectureLori Annesi09/23/2009
"Rock the Vote"Dianne McConkey09/20/2004
"Safe Zone" Project Now Offers Two Training OptionsJean Parker12/16/2011
"Safe Zone" TrainingJean Parker12/03/2010
"Safety In Numbers" Article Includes MCC's Public Safety ProgramsRosanna Yule12/20/2016
"Sectarian Alliances: Sunnis, Shiites, and the Countries of the Middle East" LectureLori Annesi02/18/2008
"Seeds of Success"Mark Basinski10/06/2010
"Seeds of Success"Mark Basinski10/22/2014
"Seeds of Success" Study Skills WorkshopMark Basinski09/23/2014
"Seeds of Success" Study Skills WorkshopShannon Glasgow11/16/2015
"Seeds of Success" WorkshopMark Basinski10/01/2009
"Seeds Of Success" WorkshopMark Basinski03/08/2011
"Seeds of Success" WorkshopMark Basinski02/25/2013
"Seeds of Success" WorkshopMark Basinski02/10/2015
"Seeds of Success" WorkshopMark Basinski02/04/2016
"Seeds of Success" WorkshopsMark Basinski03/02/2011
"Seeds of Success" workshopsMark Basinski02/24/2012
"Seeds of Success"  Study Skills WorkshopMark Basinski09/29/2015
"Seeds of Success"  Study Skills WorkshopMark Basinski11/10/2015
"Self-Knowledge — Know Thyself" Presentation (Dr. Alice H. Young Power of Diversity Series)Lomax R. Campbell10/09/2015
"Selma" - Providing Space for Community DiscussionCatherine Farrell01/22/2015
"Sing, Talk and Play with Your Baby" Campaign Wins Ad Council AwardJim Coffey05/16/2007
"Skins" A Film and Panel DiscussionChar Guess Bardques05/15/2006
"So you want to be a Millionaire" seminar at MCCJoe Marchese04/17/2007
"Songs Made Famous By Women" KaraokeThomas Christopher Priester03/10/2008
"Southern" Buffet in Reflections today!Diane Cheasty05/13/2010
"Spider-Man" Film Shoot to Close Main Street in Downtown RochesterEmeterio Otero04/23/2013
"Spin the Bottle" to Kick-Off "Friends" DWI ExhibitChristine Plumeri10/09/2008
"Spotlight Cafe and Resource Fair"Amy Greer/Rebecca Herzog03/26/2012
"Spring" Buffet in Reflections Restaurant today!Diane Cheasty05/10/2011
"Stage Violence" This ThursdayMaria Brandt03/05/2008
"Stand-Up Guys," Healthy Masculinity:  Breaking out of the Gender BoxPhi Theta Kappa11/10/2014
"Student Soldiers" Article Features MCC Student, CounselorJanet Ekis06/29/2009
"Summer of Love"Cynthia Cooper06/04/2007
"Talk Live" with Housing and Residence LifeShelitha Dickerson08/21/2007
"tell everyone my story"Oriel, Jodi02/11/2020
"Thanksgiving....From a Native American Perspective"Char Guess Bardques11/07/2007
"The Best of Parent Talk" Debuts This WeekRosanna Condello07/06/2004
"The Business of College" article, includes MCCCynthia Cooper Mapes09/04/2015
"The CEO Hour" Interview with Todd OldhamHency Yuen-Eng11/08/2011
"The Children's March" at DCC!Christine Plumeri01/25/2013
"The Edgar Allan Poe Bicentennial: 200 Years of Melancholy and Horror" display at the Brighton CampusRichard Squires02/23/2009
"The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" Launches MCC's First-Ever Common Read Janet Ekis01/22/2014
"The Madonnas of Leningrad" Book DiscussionSue Smith03/19/2012
"The Reinvention of MCC"Cynthia Cooper03/07/2014
"The State of Education in the City of Rochester"Susan Spinetti04/25/2007
"There Goes the Neighborhood!”: The Rochester Riots of 1964 Lecture TomorrowLori Annesi03/03/2015
"Think Rochester First" Television CampaignCynthia Cooper04/22/2003
"To Be Connected" Photo Collage-Take a PeekToni Robbins02/21/2006
"To Be Inspired" Conference HeldToni Jaye Robbins06/13/2006
"Touch-In" Event at MCC for the National Kidney FoundationPat Burdick03/06/2007
"Treat" Your Community RightHowell, Ambika10/30/2019
"Una Noche Caliente" - Hispanic Culture Celebration DanceJodi Oriel, Program Manager10/17/2003
"Understanding Open Licensing" Webinar on Wednesday in the LibraryAndrea Kingston10/10/2016
"Virtual" Smart and Sustainable Conference - March 23, 2010Heze Simmons03/22/2010
"Waiting for Superman" ShowingLena Y. Shiao11/01/2011
"Walk for Healthy Smiles"Susan H. Forsyth10/15/2003
"Wasting the Best and Brightest": Workshop with Former DEA Veteran Robert StutmanRebecca Herzog10/19/2010
"Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Threat and Risk Assessment'Sheila Manns02/01/2006
"Welcome to MCC" ButtonsJanet Glocker01/21/2003
"What can I do with a Liberal Arts Degree?" Faculty PanelSally Barton Dingee11/02/2004
"What Do Employers Look for When Hiring New College Graduates?"Pam Miller05/03/2010
"What Exactly is Popular Culture?"Jodi Oriel10/11/2004
"What Makes You Tic?"Rebecca Herzog, Program Coordinator10/05/2010
"What Printer Should We Buy?”Donna Pogroszewski11/10/2005
"What Printer Should We Buy?”Donna Pogroszewski11/11/2005
"What Were You Wearing?" Display from RESTOREGallaro, Shelby04/22/2019
"What Were You Wearing?" Display from RESTOREGallaro, Shelby04/29/2019
"Whatcha doin" Wednesday? - BSU/Share your Story Poetry Slam EventDillion, Junior04/24/2019
"When is your enough moment?" with Human Rights Activist John PrendergastHolocaust, Genocide02/18/2013
"Why the Census matters for community colleges"Yule, Rosanna09/05/2019
"With patients in mind, stakeholders join call for BSN in 10"Rosanna Yule11/12/2014
"Witness to the Holocaust" Exhibit Opens MondayFabbro, Regina10/26/2018
"WMF" A Lecture on Language and PoetryJames Hancock05/07/2003
"Women to Women" Admissions Event Follow UpJulie Slate10/28/2016
"Working Wardrobe" Collection - A Great Success!Sherry Parks03/10/2004
"World Languages in the Community College" live videoconferenceJulie Donofrio11/03/2006
"Woven from the Soul, Spun from the Heart" - program about Iran on April 5Debbie Mohr03/30/2007
"Woven from the Soul, Spun from the Heart" program on Iran on April 5Debbie Mohr03/27/2007
"You Are the Reason" Philanthropy Makes a Difference at MCCDiane L. Shoger01/28/2011
"You Need to Know" Mini Series PresentationsKathy Baxter09/14/2006
"$350,000 grant will aid STEM programs at MCC"Rosanna Condello05/03/2012
#1 Company on Rochester's Top 100 List to Recruit on CampusGreg Bocchino11/10/2004
#BehindThePostPatterson, Vilma03/22/2019
#GetCovered: MCC Participates in White House Healthy Campus Challenge!Julianna Frisch11/15/2016
#MCC2016: Celebrating Commencement in Digital SpacesRosanna Yule04/21/2016
#MCC2016: Celebrating Commencement in Digital SpacesRosanna Yule05/12/2016
#MCC2018: Celebrating Commencement on Social Spaces!Ekis, Janet04/11/2018
#ReachHigher with MCC & the White House this Friday, May 1st!Colleen Brennan-Barry04/28/2015
#YouAreWelcomeHere VideoPentz, Meryll11/12/2019
#YouAreWelcomeHere Video and Poster CampaignAudra Dion03/23/2017
$10,000 ScholarshipRAMON L. RODRIGUEZ08/22/2007
$10,000 ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez03/17/2015
$10,000 through the Workforce Investment Act ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez02/25/2008
$10,000 through Workforce Investment Act ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez02/15/2007
$10,000 / $1,000 Women's ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez10/30/2007
$147,000 Grant Awarded to Support Advanced Manufacturing ApprenticeshipsMitchell, Remegia10/30/2018
$1,000-$10,000 Latino ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez11/05/2007
$1,000 American Society for Quality ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez11/08/2007
$1,000 SUNYFAP Student ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez03/18/2015
$1,500 Scholarship for African-American FemalesRamon L. Rodriguez03/28/2012
$1,500 Scholarship for women students age 22 and aboveRamon L. Rodriguez02/26/2008
$1.00 Could Make a Difference for a SoldierJanet Zinck12/13/2011
$1.5 Million Challenge Will Help Build the PAC at MCCRosanna Condello01/18/2007
$24,000 Ambassadorial Scholarship to Study AbroadRamon L. Rodriguez03/06/2008
$250,000 Tylenol ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez04/29/2008
$5,000 Scholarship WorkshopRamon L. Rodriguez07/22/2008
$6 Million in Additional Funds Secured for MCC Downtown Campus ProjectAnne M. Kress03/05/2015
(Phase Two)  M: Drive Data Retention Guidelines in Effect on November 29, 2013ETS Communications11/21/2013
**Cybersecurity Advisory ** Phishing email WarningWirley, Eileen02/28/2018
**Revised Date** Join us at the Annual Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Open House & Networking EventLeone, Juanita10/31/2018
...and the Winners are...Blaakman, Etienne11/02/2017
“1st and 10 at Reflections this Thursday”Diane Cheasty11/18/2013
“Along the Silk Road”: Introducing Fatemeh KeshavarzShahin Monshipour03/24/2010
“Boost Your Ego:” Empowering Others through Style, Safety and SelfAmy Greer & Rebecca Herzog02/26/2013
“Boost your Ego” Empowering Others Through Sense of Style, Safety and SelfRebecca Herzog & Mike Bates03/18/2014
“Boost your Ego” Empowering Others Through Sense of Style, Safety and SelfCatherine Higgins03/19/2015
“Caribbean Dining Experience" in Reflections on Wednesday! Diane Cheasty11/07/2011
“Cultivating a Growth Mindset.” Teaching & Creativity Center’s Theme for 2016-17Joe Sturnick09/16/2016
“Drop-in” Financial Aid Assistance Available at the Damon City CampusMary Mendez Rizzo02/07/2005
“Effective Communication for Difficult Conversations”Holly Cicconi-Eggleston03/10/2011
“Emergency Preparedness and Response” WorkshopRamon L. Rodriguez02/09/2011
“Enriching Advisement: The Workshop Series” in JuneJennifer Kinslow, Denise Klein, Kathy O'Shea04/26/2010
“Enriching Advisement: The Workshop Series” in June Jennifer Kinslow, Denise Klein, Kathy O'Shea05/10/2010
“Enriching Advisement: The Workshop Series” in June additional workshop availablePam Donofrio06/02/2005
“Enriching Advisement: THE Workshop Series” Sign Up TodayKia C. Brooks05/21/2009
“Fitness Walking” – AAWCC April ProgramSherry Parks04/06/2005
“I can’t imagine Kodak without MCC.”R. Thomas Flynn01/14/2004
“I Care” Walk – Breast Cancer AwarenessYolanda D. Johnson10/07/2015
“Just in Time Training” – April 2007: Getting the Word Out!ETS - Technical Training Team04/16/2007
“Just in Time Training” – February 2007: Let’s Get Organized!Marie Gibson02/02/2007
“Just in Time Training” – November/December: Excel with ExcelMarie Gibson11/01/2006
“Just in Time Training” –December/January: Nuggets of Technology WisdomMarie Gibson12/04/2006
“Just in Time” Technology Training for March 2007Ellen Z. Gozik03/12/2007
“Land of Rivers and Mountains (Wûyíshan): China" Lecture TomorrowLori Annesi11/06/2012
“Making Smart Decisions to Improve Success in College and Life” Curriculum Guide Developed by Dr. Ann ToppingDr. Susan M. Salvador10/28/2010
“Making Your Vote Count” – AAWCC and League of Women VotersSherry Parks10/01/2004
“New Directions,” by sculptor Susan Ferrari RowleyLori Moses11/16/2012
“Office Hours” for Gretta, MCC’s Therapy Dog, at the Brighton Campus LibraryAlice Wilson10/26/2016
“Pink the Atrium” and “Pink the PAC” Follow-UpBecky Babcock05/14/2014
“Pony Express” Robot Champions CrownedJohn Wadach12/21/2011
“Preparing Now to Care for Your Pets During Emergencies”Glenn Greibus03/19/2013
“Programming Yourself for College Success by Enhancing Your Self-esteem” WorkshopRamon L. Rodriguez09/28/2009
“Sharing Our Worlds” Conversation SeriesKimberley Collins01/08/2010
“Sharing Our Worlds” Conversation SeriesKimberley Collins02/15/2010
“Sharing Our Worlds” conversation seriesKimberley Collins01/28/2010
“Sharing Our Worlds” conversation seriesKimberley Collins02/23/2010
“Sharing Our Worlds” Conversation Series Kimberley P. Collins05/03/2010
“Sharing Our Worlds” conversation series - March/April scheduleKimberley Collins03/16/2010
“Sharing Our Worlds” conversation series - schedule revisionKimberley Collins03/03/2010
“Sharing Our Worlds” Conversation Series (Additional Date Added)Kimberley Collins05/04/2010
“Sharing Our Worlds” Conversation Series: April Schedule Kimberley Collins04/05/2010
“Skinny jeans, ice cream, Aunt Jeanne and other motivational factors in maintaining wellness.”  The Wellness Committee's Second Brown Bag EventCraig M. Rand, Alberta Lee, Donna Mueller04/14/2010
“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Students”Ramon L. Roriguez11/17/2011
“The Pitfalls of Credit Card Abuse”Bette Bovenzi04/01/2004
“The Teacher as Performer” at the TCCGene Marino03/25/2009
“The Teacher as Performer” at the TCCGene Marino04/27/2009
“Walk the Walk”Donna Burke09/03/2013
“What Can I Do With a Major in Foreign Languages?” Information SessionMichele Vitale11/16/2009
“What Happened to the Class of 2010?” Report Is Now AvailableMary Ann Matta09/01/2011
“Who, When, and Why of Advocacy” WorkshopRamon L. Rodriguez03/09/2011
“Why Don’t Students Like School?”Gene Marino02/16/2011
“You and Your Body: The Truth About Steroids and Dieting”Bette Bovenzi03/02/2005
”Job Search Strategies: How to Find the Job You Want”Pam Miller10/24/2008
”Soak up the Sun” at Reflections next Tuesday! Diane Cheasty03/29/2012