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H1N1 and MCCAnne M. Kress, Ph.D.09/04/2009
H1N1 and MCCAnne M. Kress, Ph.D.09/08/2009
H1N1 Flu Update from Monroe County Department of HealthDonna Mueller06/22/2009
H1N1 Flu Vaccine Clinic at DCC on MondayDonna Mueller11/06/2009
H1N1 Flu Vaccine ClinicsDonna Mueller11/03/2009
H1N1 Public Clinics Scheduled for Next WeekDonna Mueller11/11/2009
H1N1 Support Staff WorkshopsSue Smith09/22/2009
H1N1 UpdateDonna Mueller05/26/2009
H1N1 Vaccination Now Available at MCC's Health Services OfficeDonna Mueller12/14/2009
H1N1 Vaccine Available at MCCDonna Mueller11/12/2009
H1N1 Vaccine available to the MCC CommunityDonna Mueller01/11/2010
Hacker Open House at Damon City CampusAngelique Johnston11/10/2014
Haley & Aldrich Essay Contest: envision a welcoming, inclusive, and diverse work communityKaminsky, Margaret01/27/2021
Hale, Wheeler are Guests on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis09/12/2013
Half Circle Ride & Sustainability Circular Cycle RideDowner, James05/02/2018
HALL Charity Holiday EventLiz Pierce12/09/2004
Hallauer Johnson Gift to Support MCC Student-AthletesRosanna Condello03/27/2003
Halleluia! Handel's MessiahKaren Frantz12/08/2008
Hallett, Proietti Present at SUNY Brockport ConferenceThomas Proietti04/26/2006
Halloween At Reflections!Diane Cheasty10/30/2006
Halloween Costume ContestIris Mand10/29/2008
Halloween Costume Contest at the MCC BookstoreIris Mand10/26/2007
Halloween Costume Contest FridayIris Mand10/29/2009
Halloween Costume Contest PlannedIris Mand10/12/2004
Halloween Costume Contest PlannedIris Mand10/27/2005
Halloween Costume Contest TODAY!Iris Mand10/31/2006
Halloween Holla Jump Off Dance Party!Jodi Oriel, Program Manager10/22/2003
Halloween Items on Sale at the BookstoreIris Mand10/27/2009
Halloween Items on Sale at the Bookstore!Iris Mand10/29/2008
Halloween Merchandise on SaleIris Mand10/23/2006
Halloween Online Scavenger HuntEtienne Blaakman10/28/2016
Halloween ParadeAudrey Abbondanzieri10/26/2004
Halloween Promotion this week in Food for Thought!Janet Zinck10/24/2016
Halloween SaleIris Mand10/23/2007
Halloween SalePeggy Ansaldi10/17/2012
Halloween SaleCarol McKeown10/05/2015
Halloween Scavenger HuntEtienne Blaakman11/02/2005
Ham it up at Spring Fling 2009 Today!!!Campus Association for Student Activities05/06/2009
Hancock, Snyder to read original work during upcoming Skunk HourTony Leuzzi09/03/2003
Hand in those Hansons!Anne Hughes03/29/2005
Hand in your HansonsBill Brewer03/24/2004
Hand SanitizerSprague, Courtney08/15/2022
Handel's Messiah, Part 1Janet Ekis12/01/2010
Handling Hot Topics in the ClassroomKaren Coffey04/13/2015
Hands-On Universal Design Mini-WorkshopEileen Radigan10/17/2011
Hands up for Hanson AwardsBill Brewer04/02/2003
Hanson Award Deadline is Approaching!Carmen Powers03/11/2009
Hanson Excellence in Teaching and Excellence in Professional Service nomination submission dates availableCarmen Powers01/31/2012
Hanson Teaching Award Recipient AnnouncedValarie Avalone05/06/2005
Hanukah Party!Karen Morris12/14/2009
Happy 50th MCC!Janet Ekis02/13/2012
Happy 50th MCC!Janet Ekis02/17/2012
Happy Administrative Professionals Day!Carol McKeown and Etienne Blaakman04/23/2014
Happy Birthday to 292-BABY -- 10 years old!Jim Coffey03/21/2012
Happy Birthday [pause] Harold PinterLori Annesi09/21/2012
Happy Birthday [pause] Harold Pinter LectureLori Annesi10/09/2012
Happy Halloween from Reflections!Diane Cheasty10/26/2012
Happy Halloween Invitation from the Learning Resource CenterEggleston, Andrew10/28/2019
Happy Holidays from GrettaGretta O'Shea12/19/2016
Happy Holidays From The BookstoreJenna Keefe12/24/2012
Happy Holidays from the Bookstore!!!Jenna Keefe12/17/2012
Happy Holidays from the MCC BookstoreCarol Fisher12/23/2009
Happy Holidays from The MCC LibrariesCharlene Rezabek12/19/2013
Happy Holidays from the Wellness Council and Excellus!Benedict, Sarah12/23/2021
Happy Holidays SaleCarol McKeown12/22/2015
Happy Hour with Rich HamellDaniel Robertson05/09/2008
Happy Lunar New Year!Lee, Christina02/27/2018
Happy Lunar New Year!Lee, Christina02/05/2019
Happy Lunar New Year!Lee, Christina02/12/2021
Happy Lunar New Year!Lee, Christina02/01/2022
Happy New Year! January Hours of Operation - Brighton BookstoreSuter, Charlene01/03/2020
Happy Pride MonthKennell, Morgan06/16/2022
Happy Pride Month!Murphy, Erin06/08/2022
Happy Solstice from MCC's Celtic SocietyJeffery Jones12/22/2011
Happy St. Andrew's Day from the Celtic Society!Childers, Jason11/30/2018
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!Stappenbeck, Kimberly05/09/2018
Happy Valentine's DayDonna Utter02/12/2010
Happy Veterans DaySteve Wallace11/11/2003
Happy Virtual Open Classrooms Week!Burtner, Amy03/22/2021
Happy Winter Solstice from MCC's Celtic Society Jeffery Jones12/21/2012
Happy Winter Solstice from MCC's Celtic Society  Jeffery Jones12/20/2013
Happy Winter Solstice from MCC's Celtic Society  Jeffery Jones12/21/2015
Harrington presents at SUNY Librarians Association Conference in CortlandAlice Harrington06/08/2004
Harrington Presents at SUNY Librarians ConferenceRosanna Condello06/28/2006
Harrington Quoted in Educator's Spotlight DigestJanet Ekis04/16/2007
Harris Corporation Creates MCC Scholarships to Encourage Women to Pursue Careers in Science & Technology Diane L. Shoger04/26/2010
Harry Potter articleDonna Cox09/11/2007
Harvard Grant Enables Students to Assemble Photo Portfolio of Rochester's Small Black and Latino "Storefront" ChurchesDavid Day05/10/2006
Has My Package Arrived Yet?The Mail Services Team09/24/2015
Has your computer just been upgraded to Microsoft Office 2003?Terry Keys03/14/2005
Has your computer just been upgraded to Microsoft Office 2003?Help Line04/26/2005
Has your voice been heard?Alberta Lee05/12/2005
Hattie Harris Good Spirits Club InternationalShirley Batistta-Provost10/10/2007
Haudenosaunee Women: An Inspiration to Early FeministsGuess-Bardques, Char03/13/2020
Have a Baby or Young Child in Your Life? 292-BABY Can Help!Jim Coffey09/26/2012
Have a Ball at the Library! Stress Ball Making Fun Noon to 1 Today!Navarro, Diane05/16/2018
Have a Happy Holiday SeasonToni Robbins12/15/2005
Have A Little FaithJodi Oriel11/05/2009
Have a Little Faith: A True Story by Mitch AlbomJodi Oriel, Assistant Director10/12/2009
Have a Question about The Schools @ MCC?Jessica Wilkie11/17/2016
Have a Snowbrush?Carol Fisher12/06/2010
Have you been logging your yards?Trudeau, Shelby04/20/2020
Have you ever thought of participating in a Study Abroad?Alas, Jorge10/23/2018
Have you ever walked a labyrinth?Deneen Rhode11/04/2004
Have you ever wondered how you can cook healthier meals or make different kinds of breads and cookies?Diane Cheasty04/25/2006
Have you ever wondered how you can cook healthier meals or make different kinds of pastries and confections?Diane Cheasty10/18/2006
Have you ever wondered how you can cook healthier meals?Michelle Bartell05/18/2007
Have you gathered your electronics for E-Recycling on Friday?Dan Robertson04/30/2008
Have you heard of Strong Foundations?Saltzberg, Jessica09/13/2021
Have You Logged in to Brightspace?Gilbert, Andrea08/01/2022
Have you picked out your costume?Suter, Charlene10/29/2019
Have You Published a Book?Janet Ekis09/09/2003
Have You Registerd For Technology Week: June 23-26, 2008?Marie Gibson05/29/2008
Have You Registered for MCC's Homecoming 5K Walk/Run for Scholarships?Shaw, Karen09/09/2019
Have you registered for the Homecoming 5K?Shaw, Karen09/19/2017
Have you registered for the "Caring for You. Caring for the Community." Financial Planning Seminar?Mark Pastorella05/11/2007
Have You Registered? MCC's Third Essential Discussion is Tuesday, Sept. 17Anne M. Kress09/10/2013
Have you registered? Next Essential Discussions - Closing the Skills Gap: Challenges and Opportunities for Higher EducationSheila M. Strong04/24/2014
Have You Seen the Pumpkins on Campus?Sally Dingee and Toni Robbins10/22/2013
Have You Seen the " Friends" Exhibit Yet?Susan Cable11/05/2008
Have you signed the Support MCC Downtown Petition?Emeterio Otero12/10/2012
Have you tried ordering breakfast or lunch online?Smith, Jaime02/09/2021
Have Your Materials Included in Fall 2010 Orientation Information Packets Catherine Higgins05/18/2010
Have your students hear from experts in the field – Join Council of Foreign Affairs callsGail Lynch09/14/2016
Have Your Students Stand Out at the MCC Career Fair on 4/23Anne Hughes03/19/2013
Haven't seen Geva's Sweeney Todd yet?Janet Ekis03/20/2009
Having a problem sending R&R a Green Slip?Ripton, Elizabeth10/09/2017
Having Trouble Logging In?Pat Martinez02/08/2011
Having Trouble Submitting to the Daily Tribune? Clear Your Cache!Janet Ekis01/27/2009
Having Trouble Submitting to the Daily Trib?Janet Ekis10/25/2005
Having trouble submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Janet Ekis09/06/2006
Having trouble submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Cynthia Cooper09/25/2007
Having trouble submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Cynthia Cooper09/25/2007
Having trouble submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Cynthia Cooper01/29/2008
Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Cynthia Cooper10/20/2008
Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Cynthia Cooper09/23/2009
Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Cynthia Cooper12/02/2009
Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Cynthia Cooper03/10/2010
Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Cynthia Cooper10/19/2011
Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Cynthia Cooper01/31/2012
Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Cynthia Cooper10/25/2013
Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Cynthia Cooper03/13/2014
Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Cynthia Cooper03/05/2015
Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Cynthia Cooper Mapes10/22/2015
Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Cynthia Cooper Mapes03/10/2016
Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Cynthia Cooper Mapes10/20/2016
Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune?Cynthia Cooper Mapes04/03/2017
Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune? Cynthia Cooper09/30/2010
Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune? Cynthia Cooper12/02/2010
Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune? Cynthia Cooper03/03/2011
Having Trouble Submitting to the MCC Daily Tribune? Cynthia Cooper10/16/2014
HAWA Movie Screening & DiscussionAudra Dion11/17/2014
Hawaiian Day in Reflections next Tuesday!Diane Cheasty11/13/2008
Hawaiian Day In Reflections Restaurant on May 3rd!Diane Cheasty05/02/2007
Hays, Coke named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen09/18/2007
Hazard Communication, Fire Evacuation, Public Safety Information Briefing for New EmployeesThe Human Resources Team09/06/2011
HBCU Night Returns to Barclays Center on 2.24.22 Free Panel/Fair/Food for 500 Community College StudentsColon, Joshua02/01/2022
HBCU Reception and College Fair to be Held This EveningClayton Jones03/16/2010
He loves me lots, she loves me lotsStephanie Hranjec09/15/2015
Health and Dental Open EnrollmentColleen C. Lunney10/23/2003
Health and Dental Open EnrollmentColleen Lunney10/28/2003
Health and Physical Education Instructor Michael Britton receives awardJanet Dalke10/19/2009
Health and Wellness Coaching InformationHenneberg, Douglas09/18/2017
Health and Wellness Day on June 6!Davies, Brenda05/29/2018
Health and Wellness Education Series for Faculty, Staff and StudentsSue George, RN02/08/2013
Health and Wellness Fair at DCCAlyssa Ginevra03/22/2011
Health by Humor During Professional Development WeekBenedict, Sarah05/14/2020
Health by Humor During Professional Development WeekBenedict, Sarah05/28/2020
Health Care Community Invests in Radiologic Technology ProgramRosanna Condello08/31/2004
Health Care Community Invests $1 Million in MCC Nursing ProgramRosanna Condello11/08/2002
Health Care in New York StateGordon Dutter05/09/2013
Health Care NewsBureau, Suzanne04/21/2020
Health Care Open EnrollmentAlberta Lee10/30/2007
Health Care Open EnrollmentAlberta Lee11/05/2007
Health Care Open EnrollmentHR Team11/15/2007
Health Care Open Enrollment
Alberta G. Lee, Director11/09/2007
Health Care Open Enrollment ReminderAlberta G. Lee, Director11/07/2007
Health Care Partners Celebrate Expansion of Radiologic Technology ProgramRosanna Condello11/12/2004
Health Care Partners Renew Commitment to MCC Nursing ProgramRosanna Condello11/28/2007
Health Care Rates for 2013Human Resources Team11/02/2012
Health Care Representative Availaible at Damon City CampusAlberta G. Lee, Director11/01/2007
Health Careers Shadowing DayMichelle Mayo10/14/2005
Health Education Tabling Starts Tomorrow- Brighton CampusFlanagan, Jeanne02/05/2018
Health FairThe Peer Mentors02/04/2005
Health Information Employment SymposiumHealth Information Technology Club04/28/2005
Health Information Literacy - League TLC May 2005Dr. Susan Salvador05/11/2005
Health Information Professionals Week - March 24-30, 2019Toepfer, Maryjo03/22/2019
Health Information Technology Alumna Featured in Brighton-Pittsford PostRosanna Condello07/20/2007
Health Information Technology Employment SymposiumShirley Batistta-Provost10/11/2005
Health Information Technology Graduates ExcelCynthia Cooper11/27/2006
Health Information Technology Program 'Walks the Walk'Sharon Insero06/15/2007
Health Information Technology Program hosts Community Professional DevelopmentSharon Insero09/27/2011
Health Information Technology Program Hosts the New York Health Information Management Association’s Certified Coding Specialist Exam Review CourseSharon L. Insero04/24/2015
Health Initiatives Happening in November 2010Sue George, RN11/08/2010
Health Insurance AssistanceFlanagan, Jeanne02/01/2018
Health Insurance in RetirementFingar, Melissa10/17/2018
Health Insurance InformationHarvey-Lee, Peggy10/23/2017
Health Insurance Legislation - children through age 29Karen Rheinheimer, Benefits Manager10/05/2009
Health Insurance Marketplace to open October 1, 2013 The Human Resources Team09/26/2013
Health Insurance RatesTammy Dicks10/13/2004
Health Insurance Summary Of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) now on lineKaren Rheinheimer01/09/2013
Health is its Own Reward - and More! MCC Wellness Team03/25/2013
Health Professions Chair, Automotive Technology Program Student and Staff Member Quoted in Article Hency Yuen-Eng02/08/2011
Health Professions Week Virtual Career ExplorationBabcock, Rebecca11/09/2020
Health Related and Starfish Virtual Advising Workshops todayDingee, Sally03/15/2021
Health Related Programs - Advisement Flow ChartsKinslow, Jennifer10/27/2020
Health Sciences & Physical Wellness Advisement Institute Cohort 2 ApplicationBabcock, Rebecca11/21/2017
Health Services' Hours ChangeMelissa J. Gue05/22/2008
Health Services Announces New Electronic Meningitis SurveyMelissa J. Gue08/06/2008
Health Services AvailableDelate, John09/14/2021
Health Services Congratulates Jeanne Flanagan, RN, BSN Jacqueline Carson01/26/2017
Health Services Flu ClinicMelissa J. Gue10/15/2008
Health Services Has New Web PageBonita Heil08/20/2003
Health Services Introduces New Web PageBonita Heil08/19/2005
Health Services Nurse Completes 60 Mile Walk for Breast CancerDonna Mueller10/22/2010
Health Services Staff Member Enjoys 15 Minutes of FameDonna Mueller03/30/2012
Health Services Has a Facebook Page!Jeanne Flanagan09/26/2011
Health Services, Nursing Departments Expand Student Nursing ExperienceBonnie Heil02/01/2006
Health Studies A.S. Degree Information and Update Presentation - November 9Cristin Finch & Penny Sayles11/01/2016
Health Studies A.S. Degree Information and Update Presentation at DCCBecky Babcock12/05/2016
Health Studies A.S. Degree Information and Update Presentation ReminderCristin Finch & Penny Sayles11/08/2016
Health Studies Degree Info SessionCristin Finch10/14/2008
Health & Physical Education Faculty and MCC students present at NYSAHPERD ConferenceJanet Dalke03/12/2013
Health & Physical Education Wellness Club Membership Kick-OffPenny Sayles09/30/2014
Health & Wellness Career SeriesBabcock, Rebecca02/27/2019
Healthcare Recruitment Fair on Thursday, March 16, 2017Pam Lazio03/01/2017
Healthy Cafe Grand Opening!Jodi Oriel09/18/2007
Healthy Choice ProgramBette Bovenzi02/11/2003
Healthy Choices - Weight Watchers Open HouseTammy Dicks01/15/2013
Healthy Choices, Weight Watchers MeetingsTammy Dicks12/13/2012
Healthy Decision Making WorkshopKelley Bennett02/08/2016
Healthy Habits Tabling Event Today, 11:00-1:00Glasgow, Shannon01/30/2019
Healthy Hero Highlighted on 13WHAMRosanna Yule10/27/2014
Healthy Heroes Benefit from AAWCC Gift of BooksElizabeth Fell Kelly, Ed.D.07/15/2016
Healthy Indian Curry & Okra PartyBenedict, Sarah09/16/2021
Healthy Italian Cooking DemoBenedict, Sarah03/04/2022
Healthy Lunch Ideas at the BookstoreJenna Keefe10/28/2013
Healthy New Year's ResolutionsSue George, RN01/06/2012
Healthy Relationships Discussion at DCCLisa Wallace10/14/2013
Healthy Relationships Program Tuesday 2/16Brooks, Errika02/15/2021
Healthy Relationships WeekTrudeau, Shelby02/10/2020
Healthy Smiles Walk 2009Charlene Blanchard10/08/2009
Healthy Stir Fry PartyBenedict, Sarah09/07/2021
Healthy Summer Grilling DemoCzaja, Pamela05/23/2022
Healthy Taco PartyBenedict, Sarah08/16/2021
Healthy Topics for Everyday LivingGeorge, Susan09/26/2017
Healthy Topics for Everyday LivingSue George, RN01/25/2016
Healthy Topics for Everyday Living Calendar-March 2018Flanagan, Jeanne03/01/2018
Healthy Topics for Everyday Living Events for April 2018Flanagan, Jeanne03/27/2018
Healthy Topics for Everyday Living!Sue George, RN02/13/2017
Healthy Vision Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah05/25/2022
Health, Physical Education and Wellness Club Informational MeetingPenny Sayles02/06/2015
Health, Physical Education and Wellness Club Members Attend  NYS AHPERD Central Western Zone ConferencePenny Sayles03/14/2014
Health, Physical Education and Wellness Club presents their Annual 3 vs 3 eventShirley Batistta-Provost03/17/2014
Hear from GRE Leaders on Rochester's Economic FutureCharles Caples01/05/2007
Hear from GRE Leaders on Rochester's Economic FutureCharles Caples01/08/2008
Hear Holocaust Survivor Sam Rind's Story at the MCC Human Books Event at Downtown CampusWilson, Alice04/09/2018
Hear Holocaust Survivor Werner Schenk's Story at the MCC Human Books EventWilson, Alice04/09/2019
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!Rebecca Herzog12/05/2013
Heart Health InformationDianne E McConkey04/03/2006
Heart Walk - April 25, 2015Heart Walk Team02/27/2015
Heart Walk 2014MCC Team04/10/2014
Heart Walk Meeting PlaceDianne E McConkey04/28/2006
Heart Walk Meeting PlaceAnn Penwarden04/17/2007
Heart Walk Reaches Nearly $10kNancy A. Price05/15/2006
Heart Walk SuccessR. Thomas Flynn05/01/2006
Heart Walk & Run 2016MCC Heart Walk & Run04/13/2016
Heart Walk & Run 2017Meg LeBeau04/19/2017
Heart Walk & Run 2019Raimondo, Daniel03/01/2019
Heartfelt Thanks from Pete OteroAnita Manuele03/05/2014
Heartfelt thanks to Amy Burtner for a stellar job as Acting Coordinator of the Teaching and Creativity Center!Merliss, Eugenia08/19/2021
Heartfelt Thanks to the MCC CommunityYuen-Eng, Hency05/01/2020
Hearts for HaitiTamara Hillabush Walker02/10/2010
Hearts for Haiti: Thank You!Tamara Hillabush Walker02/15/2010
Heather Cruz appointed as Associate Vice President of Student Services, Downtown CampusHolmes, Lloyd04/03/2019
Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning Heating up Industry Relations & Real-world Practices Dale Pearce11/21/2016
Hebert, Diaz named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen04/21/2010
Hebert, Diaz named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen04/13/2011
HED 212 Women's Health and Wellness Students Bulletin Board DisplaysKaren Cardillo10/27/2005
Heel Elected as President of Assessment Network of New YorkCharlotte Downing09/18/2012
Heel Trains Faculty and Staff at Suffolk County Community CollegeCharlotte Downing04/08/2013
Heel Visits Laguardia Community College for Middle StatesCharlotte Downing04/06/2012
Helen Elam MCC ScholarshipColette Fegan08/26/2004
Helen Elam MCC ScholarshipApril R. Spring-Buckley07/15/2005
Helen Elam MCC Scholarship Application-Deadline November 18th, 2011CSEA Scholarship Committee10/31/2011
Helen Elam MCC Scholarship Applications due February 3rdApril Spring-Buckley01/11/2006
Helen Elam MCC Scholarship Applications Due July 8April Spring-Buckley06/21/2005
Helen Elam Scholarship ApplicationMary Miller01/09/2017
Helen Elam Scholarship Deadline Fast ApproachingMary Miller02/20/2017
Helfer, Nixon named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen02/28/2007
Helium Sticks and Rubber BallsHeze Simmons, vice president06/10/2009
Help A Family In Need This Holiday SeasonPeer Mentors10/18/2005
Help a Student Succeed by Giving to the Annual Fund by June 30Mark Pastorella06/10/2009
Help Affect Lives of Rochester Children and YouthDianne E McConkey05/11/2006
Help an MCC Nursing Student Provide Support to a WWII VeteranLaurie Palmer04/24/2012
Help an MCC Student Overcome a Recent TragedyAnn Bauer12/23/2009
Help Build a Fresh Water Well in SudanRosanna Condello03/23/2007
Help Build a LIbrary in NigeriaChristopher Inya03/04/2010
Help Build a Playground in Our Own BackyardHolly Preische01/26/2011
Help Cure DiabetesSimmons, Kevin01/30/2018
Help Find the Missing Mother of Two MCC AlumniAngie Zury03/12/2009
Help for UkraineDilai, Elena03/01/2022
Help for Uninsured StudentsJeanne Flanagan, RN, BSN11/18/2014
Help for Uninsured Students and Uninsured FacultyJeanne Flanagan02/12/2014
Help Hospitality Students Earn Money for Educational Trips and Save Money on Your Purchases! Order Coupon Books Now!Diane Cheasty09/10/2015
Help Hospitality Students Earn Money for Educational Trips: Order Coupon Books Now!  Diane Cheasty10/12/2016
Help Hospitality Students Earn Money Towards Educational Trips and Save Money on Your Purchases! Order Coupon Books Now!  Diane Cheasty11/20/2013
Help Hospitality Students Earn Money Towards Educational Trips and Save Money on Your Purchases. Order Coupon Books Now!  Diane Cheasty10/27/2014
Help Hospitality Students Earn Money Towards Educational Trips!  Diane Cheasty02/06/2012
Help Identify Students for Honors CoursesMatthew Hachee10/30/2008
Help is a click away with MCC GuardianHall, Kevin09/06/2017
Help is a Click Away with MCC GuardianHall, Kevin08/16/2017
Help is only a click away with MCC GuardianDiSalvo, Charles09/19/2018
Help Keep Campus Population Density Low, Request Access to Enter Campus Buildings if Assigned to Work RemotelyDouglas, Katherine02/10/2021
Help Light the Path to Student SuccessJenna Keefe11/18/2013
Help Make a Blanket to Benefit the Rochester Education FoundationCatherine Higgins03/16/2010
Help Make a Bright Future PossibleShaw, Karen06/01/2020
Help Matt HealDebbie Alimentato05/23/2012
Help MCC at the Puerto Rican Festival!Melissa M Santiago07/15/2014
Help MCC Child Care Keep Block GrantsAudrey Abbondanzieri11/21/2003
Help MCC receive a $30,000 grant - vote online todayDiane Cheasty09/15/2006
Help MCC Singers Celebrate the Oratorio's 60th AnniversaryRosanna Condello05/18/2006
Help MCC Travel Club warm the hearts of local agenciesJanet B. Zinck02/12/2013
Help Needed: Colleague's Son is MissingPantaleo, Sarah03/03/2021
Help others. Have fun. Don't miss these special AAWCC fall events!Julianna Frisch11/01/2011
Help Our Garden Grow - Richard M. Guon Child Care Center FundraiserAnnette Agness04/14/2011
Help Our Students: Buy “March Mania” Tickets!Diane Cheasty01/27/2017
Help Phi Theta Kappa Feed a Body, Feed a MindJodi Oriel05/03/2004
Help Phi Theta Kappa Give Gifts to Area Children this Christmas!Jodi Oriel11/23/2009
Help Phi Theta Kappa Sponsor a Child this Christmas Jodi Oriel11/17/2014
Help Phi Theta Kappa sponsor a child this Christmas!Phi Theta Kappa12/01/2006
Help Phi Theta Kappa sponsor a child this Christmas!Jodi Oriel11/19/2007
Help Phi Theta Kappa sponsor a child this Christmas!Phi Theta Kappa11/17/2008
Help Phi Theta Kappa Sponsor a Child This Christmas!Jodi Oriel11/19/2010
Help Phi Theta Kappa Sponsor a Child this Christmas!Trung Nguyen11/21/2011
Help Phi Theta Kappa Sponsor A Child this Christmas!Jodi Oriel11/30/2012
Help Phi Theta Kappa Sponsor A Child this Christmas!Jodi Oriel11/11/2013
Help Phi Theta Kappa Sponsor a Child this Holiday SeasonOriel, Jodi11/16/2018
Help Phi Theta Kappa Sponsor a Child this Holiday SeasonOriel, Jodi11/19/2019
Help Phi Theta Kappa Sponsor a Child this Holiday SeasonOriel, Jodi12/07/2020
Help Phi Theta Kappa Sponsor a Child this Holiday SeasonOriel, Jodi11/08/2021
Help Raise Scholarship Money for MCC Students this Saturday Night!Diane Cheasty03/04/2005
Help Recruit Peer Advisors and Peer LeadersPatty Ornt04/07/2016
Help Recruit Peer Advisors and Peer LeadersPatty Ornt03/23/2016
Help Recruit Peer Advisors, Ambassadors, Leaders and Mentors for the 2015-2016 Academic Year.Patricia Ornt04/06/2015
Help Send Your Books to Nigeria!Lynda Cowie03/14/2012
Help Set a New World Record!Heather Pierce11/19/2014
Help Spread the Celebration of MCC Class of 2013!Rosanna Condello05/21/2013
Help Spread the Word to Students:
accounting, business, finance, and information systems scholarships are available
Ramon L. Rodriguez02/08/2008
Help Spread the Word: Student Actors Wanted for MCC TV CommercialConnie Herrera01/27/2009
Help Spread the Word: Transfer Workshop for MCC StudentsRebecca Mack10/27/2008
Help Spread the Word: #GETCOVEREDJulianna Frisch11/29/2016
Help Start a New Chapter in the Life of a StudentShaw, Karen05/29/2019
Help Students Determine if they are a Dependent in Regards to Financial AidRamon L. Rodriguez05/24/2011
Help students earn money for educational opportunities and do some holiday shopping at the Travel Club Silent Auction THIS week!!!  Diane Cheasty12/01/2014
Help Students Earn Money for Educational Opportunities and Do Some Holiday Shopping at Travel Club Silent Auction This Weekend!!!Diane Cheasty12/11/2013
Help Students Earn Money for MCC educational trips: Buy “March Mania” Tickets!Diane Cheasty01/21/2016
Help students earn money towards educational trips or industry certification: buy “March Mania” tickets! Diane Cheasty02/03/2014
Help students earn money towards MCC educational trips by buying “March Mania” tickets!Diane Cheasty02/13/2017
Help Students Earn Towards MCC Educational Trips, Industry Certifications: Buy “March Mania” Tickets!Diane Cheasty01/26/2015
Help Students Earn $$ for educational trip by purchasing the 2009 Rochester Enjoy the City coupon book!!Diane Cheasty09/24/2008
Help Students Graduate On TimeJody Torcello02/16/2011
Help Students Move Into the Residence Halls!Danzy, Jamia08/22/2017
Help Students Move Into the Residence Halls!Danzy, Jamia08/09/2018
Help Students Move Into the Residence Halls!Walton, Nicholas08/09/2019
Help Support Hope Lodge....A Home Away From HomeJodi Oriel02/18/2004
Help Support our Troops!Janet Zinck10/16/2007
Help Support the Clothesline ProjectBette Bovenzi03/14/2007
Help Support The MCC Travel Club and Local Hospital PatientsZinck, Janet03/20/2018
Help Supprt Your MCC ColleagueChristine Casalinuovo-Adams02/14/2013
Help Tame the M-Drive!Janet Ekis05/13/2004
Help Tell the MCC Stories; Help A Prospective Student Decide to Attend This Coming FallJanet Ekis03/01/2016
Help the Hospitality Club Attend the Food Show in ChicagoDrew Lawrence03/17/2005
Help the MCC Travel Club by Shopping at Five Below!Diane Cheasty08/21/2014
Help the MCC Travel Club raise money for educational opportunities by shopping at Five Below!Griffin, Rebecca08/28/2017
Help the MCC Travel Club raise money for educational opportunities by shopping at Five Below!Diane Cheasty08/31/2015
Help the MCC Travel Club raise money for educational opportunities by shopping at Five Below!Griffin, Rebecca08/17/2018
Help the MCC Travel Club raise money for educational opportunities by shopping at Five Below!Griffin, Rebecca08/31/2018
Help the Rochester Oratorio Society Welcome Its New Music DirectorRosanna Condello10/20/2006
Help the Travel Club help a family devastated by cancerDiane Cheasty02/27/2009
Help the Travel Club help a family devastated by cancer!Diane Cheasty04/15/2009
Help the Travel Club Make a Girl's Prom Dream Come True!!!Janet Zinck03/12/2012
Help the Travel Club make money by shopping with Thirty-One!Griffin, Rebecca03/12/2018
Help the Travel Club make money by shopping with Thirty-One!Griffin, Rebecca03/26/2018
Help the Travel Club raise money for our Senior Citizen Shindig - Buy Soup!Diane Cheasty05/02/2007
Help the Travel Club support members of our Armed Service this holiday season!Diane Cheasty11/29/2011
Help to Pay Your WayDianne E McConkey09/13/2006
Help Us Celebrate Damon City Campus' Fifteenth AnniversaryEtienne Blaakman09/17/2007
Help Us Celebrate Math Appreciation MonthLinda Carson04/08/2013
Help Us Celebrate Math Awareness MonthLinda Carson04/02/2012
Help Us Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness DayKara Kupinski11/12/2015
Help Us Find a Name for MCC's New Shuttle Bus...You May Win $100!Annette Agness04/28/2010
Help Us Find Our Graduating Students' StoriesEkis, Janet03/29/2021
Help Us Find Our Graduating Students' StoriesEkis, Janet03/31/2021
Help Us Help Our Students. Tutoring Available. Please Spread the Word.Patricia Kennedy01/28/2008
Help Us Identify Potential Student Leader CandidatesBetty Stewart, Director03/08/2016
Help us identify potential student leader candidates!Betty Stewart02/01/2013
Help us identify potential student leader candidates! Betty Stewart02/05/2015
Help Us Name Our New Portal!Rehbaum, Michael03/07/2022
Help Us Prepare Students for the Career FairPam Lazio09/29/2015
Help Us Serve Future Students: Watch your email for a Marketing Survey Sue Tingey & Rosanna Condello02/25/2013
Help us Turn the Tables on HungerHowell, Ambika10/02/2019
Help VaPA collect toys for the Toys for Tots campaign Pat Barnes12/09/2014
Help Wanted!Etienne Blaakman07/25/2016
Help Welcome Back Our Military Veterans!Jessica Barone09/30/2016
Help Welcome Home Veterans This Weekend!Jessica Barone10/18/2016
Help your community - be the greater good, while getting paid!Marinelli Tachco, Rachael05/31/2019
Help Your Students Get Published in Cabbages and Kings!Cabbages and Kings Literary Arts Magazine12/14/2007
Help “Fill the Heart” at MCC on Valentine’s Day!MCC Wellness Council02/10/2017
Helpful Parking TipsDenise Calarco12/07/2015
Helping All Live and Learn - Hall CommitteeProfessor Elizabeth Pierce11/20/2003
Helping Financial Aid Students to Help Themselves!Ramon L. Rodriguez01/29/2016
Helping Hands Needed!
Come Welcome MCC's New and Returning Students!
Katherine Fay08/07/2009
Helping local Afghan refugeesOriel, Jodi11/18/2021
Helping Our Student Succeed (HOUSS) Referral FormRichard Ryther08/28/2008
Helping Our Students Succeed (HOUSS) Referral FormRichard Ryther09/04/2008
Helping Our Students Succeed (HOUSS) Referral FormRichard Ryther09/15/2009
Helping Student-Parents Access Child Care, Before & After School Care, & CampsCruz, Heather08/10/2020
Helping Students Engage Rochester Art, History, and CultureBlake, Thomas09/24/2018
Helping Students Engage Rochester Art, History, and CultureBlake, Thomas10/08/2018
Helping students to help themselves!Ramon L. Rodriguez10/01/2015
Helping the Deaf Community in EthiopiaShirley Batistta-Provost04/27/2017
Helping the Public Understand Veterans Day & Memorial DayColonel John J. Perrone (USA Retired)11/10/2015
Helping to Quench Thirst for Knowledge in Africa -- One Man's MissionJanet Ekis11/22/2004
Help: Adult Students are Entering CollegeBill Sigismond10/29/2013
HELP:  Adult Students are Entering CollegeWilliam Sigismond, Director10/01/2013
HELP:  Adult Students are Entering CollegeWilliam Sigismond, Director10/03/2013
Hency Yuen-Eng Serves as Interim Assistant Director, Government and Community RelationsWood, Gretchen06/08/2021
Henna Fundraiser for Global UnionHiggins, Catherine11/28/2018
Henrietta Lacks’ Immortal Cells in the News After 62 Years!Jodi Oriel08/13/2013
Henrietta Lacks Panel Discussion Jodi Oriel02/10/2014
Henry Brown Awarded Certificate of Excellent ServiceLee Struble11/16/2009
Henry Brown Completes the United Way African American Leadership Development Program (AALDP)Human Resources Team11/12/2012
Henry Brown Receives Distinguished Support Staff AwardDistiguished Support Staff Award03/22/2012
Henry (Hank) Cooper inducted into Sterling College 2010 Hall of FameJanet Dalke10/19/2010
Here's the Scoop on the MCC Shuttle!Virginia Geer-Mentry02/01/2013
Here are this week's q-TIPs from ETS TechNEWS!Eileen Scorgie11/11/2003
Heritage Christian Services 5K Run and Walk FundraiserCourtney Belluccio08/04/2010
Heritage Christian Services is Hiring! Walk-in Interviews!Lazio, Pamela10/25/2019
Herman Crawford Completes DoctorateGriffin, Rebecca08/01/2017
Herrera Elected to SUNYCUAD BoardAnthony J. Felicetti05/03/2010
Herrera presents at regional marketing conferencesConnie Herrera12/19/2006
Herrera Receives Scholarship from National Council for Marketing & Public RelationsAnthony Felicetti11/09/2009
Hey Students! Pool Test / Win Prizes!Smith, Jaime02/24/2021
Hey! Who closed my door? A short treatise on door wedges and other assorted obstructionsMartin Gilmore01/03/2007
Hey!  What’s Cooking with Mom?  Indulge Her with Stonewall Kitchen Specialty Food Items at the Bookstore.Peggy Ansaldi05/03/2012
Heze Simmons Re-elected as NYS Community College Business Officers Association PresidentSherry Parks07/16/2014
Heze Simmons Receives the 2011 Financial Executive of the Year AwardAnne M. Kress05/24/2011
Hezekiah N. Simmons elected president of the Jefferson Avenue Childhood Development CenterSherry Parks12/08/2008
Hezekiah "Heze" Simmons elected second vice president, CCBOASherry Parks07/08/2009
HGHRP Human Rights Day Speaker, Student Leaders on WXXI's Need to Know Program TonightYule, Rosanna01/03/2019
HGHRP Invites Criminologist Brian Levin to Help Examine Emerging Trends of HateFabbro, Regina03/08/2018
HGHRP Is a Super Supporter of Water for South SudanFabbro, Regina02/14/2019
HGHRP President Interviewed by WXXI-AM Regarding the Fight Against Anti-SemitismRosanna Yule04/05/2017
HGHRP Silent Auction to Benefit Water for South SudanOriel, Jodi10/27/2021
HGHRP students raised $4400 for Water for South SudanOriel, Jodi02/01/2022
HGHRP Students Share Joy of Achievement with Avon Middle SchoolRosanna Yule12/19/2014
HGHRP to Welcome Back Salva Dut, Present Check to Support Water for South Sudan TomorrowOriel, Jodi06/25/2018
HGHRP Welcomes Back Salva Dut, Continues Support for Water for South SudanHolocaust, Genocide06/10/2015
HGSP Film Series Concludes Tomorrow with “Downfall”Linda Ingraham05/09/2006
HGSP, CAB Co-Sponsor Community Interfaith PresentationCharlie Clarke11/10/2004
HGSP/Library Book Discussion ReminderLori Annesi04/07/2006
HGSP/Library Book Discussion: Suite FrançaiseLori Annesi02/16/2007
HGSP/Library Book Discussion: The Boy in the Striped PajamasLori Annesi10/08/2007
Hidden Colors: Film Viewing & Discussion (Dr. Alice H. Young Power of Diversity Series)Lomax R. Campbell10/02/2015
Hidden Figures Author to Speak at MCC Scholars' Day Keynote PresentationMichael Ofsowitz & Jodi Oriel02/02/2017
Hidden Figures Film PresentationJodi Oriel04/06/2017
High-Impact Practices Faculty SurveyAlison Albright03/11/2016
High-Impact Practices Faculty SurveyAlison Albright02/22/2016
High Falls Businesspeople React to MCC's Planned Move to Kodak PropertyCynthia Cooper05/14/2012
High Heel Walk Success!Susan Spinetti10/22/2004
High Impact Learning Practices (HIPs) & the Academies ModelKrista Tyner03/11/2015
High Impact Practices Brochures for Faculty AdvisingAlison Albright10/22/2015
High Impact Practices PresentationAlison Albright05/27/2016
High Impact Practices Presentation CancellationAlison Albright04/25/2016
High Impact Practices Summer Institute for Full-Time and Adjunct FacultyAlison Albright02/08/2016
High Impact Practices Survey ResultsAlison Albright05/19/2016
High School Advisement & Registration Days a Huge SuccessCasalinuovo-Adams, Christine06/29/2017
High School Students from MCC Upward Bound Receive Project Seed Research Internships from RITJones, Melea12/04/2019
High School Students Invade MCC on Friday, 1/7John Striebich01/06/2011
High Tech Exploration NightJavier Ayala03/06/2014
High Tech Exploration Night CommendationsJavier Ayala04/17/2012
High Tech Expo TONIGHT!Rosanne Rivers04/16/2009
Higher Ed Article Quotes HSMI DirectorHency Yuen-Eng04/20/2011
Higher Education IT Security Symposium & Expert PanelDonna Pogroszewski10/16/2013
Higher Education Reconsidered: Executing Change to Drive Collective ImpactCynthia Cooper for SUNY System Administration09/25/2014
Highlighting International Pronouns DayKennell, Morgan10/20/2021
Highlighting Upcoming International Pronouns Day EventsKennell, Morgan10/14/2020
Highlights from memo to Academic Services from Provost WadeJones, Clayton03/30/2020
Highlights from the Connecting, Collaborating, and Celebrating the Art of Teaching ConferenceBurtner, Amy04/20/2021
Highlights from the Winter Teaching InstituteNeeta Primo01/13/2015
Highlights of the Unique and Exciting Virtual Activities in Enrollment ManagementCasalinuovo-Adams, Christine05/11/2020
Highlights (and More) of MCC's 2022 CommencementYuen-Eng, Hency06/09/2022
Highlight: Learning Support Services' Response to COVID-19Wade, Andrea01/08/2021
Highlight: TCC continued engagement through COVIDWade, Andrea01/12/2021
Highlight: The Schools@MCC continue to support students and their success through COVIDWade, Andrea01/14/2021
Highly Successful Accepted Student ReceptionChristine Casalinuovo-Adams04/22/2013
Highly Successful MCC Open HouseChristine Casalinuovo-Adams11/02/2012
Hiking, Backpacking, Camping…Guest Lecturer sponsored by Outdoor Activities Unlimited Club.
Courtney Belluccio05/03/2005
Hill named Athlete of the WeekTom Garigen12/03/2008
Hillel Presents: "Kosher Sex"Hadar Koter09/19/2005
Hilliard, Brown named MCC Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen01/29/2008
Hilliard, Peck named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen02/27/2008
Hilton Fire Department Receives Grant Written in MCC CourseDianne McConkey02/18/2004
Hip Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes at DCC!Christine Plumeri03/17/2010
Hiring Peer Leaders for the Downtown Campus!Shanahan, Corinne03/20/2018
Hiring Peer Leaders for the Downtown Campus!Shanahan, Corinne04/01/2019
Hiring SymposiumMartha Palermo12/14/2007
Hiring Symposium - NEW LOCATIONMartha Palermo, Assistant Director01/11/2008
Martha Palermo, Assistant Director01/15/2008
Hiring Symposium - Save the Date
Martha Palermo12/21/2007
Hiring/Search Committee OrientationAlberta G. Lee02/03/2004
Hiring/Search Process Feedback SessionAlberta G. Lee06/01/2006
Hispanic Art Show Kicks off Hispanic Heritage MonthEmeterio M. Otero09/26/2011
Hispanic Heritage – Latin FiestaJoann Santos10/22/2009
Hispanic Heritage Brown Bag Session:  Poetry From a Latina at HeartJoann Santos09/14/2011
Hispanic Heritage CelebrationCatherin Ray10/09/2013
Hispanic Heritage Conversation-School Experiences of Latino Students: A Community-Based Study of Resources, Challenges and SuccessesJoann Santos09/22/2011
Hispanic Heritage EventsBatistta-Provost, Shirley10/02/2019
Hispanic Heritage MonthJorge Alas10/07/2005
Hispanic Heritage MonthJoann Santos09/26/2008
Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15)Jorge Alas09/15/2009
Hispanic Heritage Month: Bring Your Own Lunch to Documentary Film Session at DCCShirley Rodriguez10/09/2009
Hispanic Heritage Month: Immigration in America: How Do We Fix a System in Crisis?Verdis L. Robinson10/02/2014
Hispanic Heritage Month: September 15 to October 15Jorge Alas09/15/2014
Hispanic Scholarship deadline March 11, 2011Ramon L. Rodriguez02/07/2011
Hispanic Scholarship Deadline March 11, 2011Ramon L. Rodriguez03/09/2011
Hispanic Scholarship Deadline March 8, 2013 Ramon L. Rodriguez03/05/2013
Hispanic Student Success WebinarGantt, Calvin04/12/2019
Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month Jorge Alas09/19/2016
Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month Jorge Alas10/03/2016
Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month Jorge Alas10/10/2016
Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month CelebrationJorge A. Alas10/15/2013
Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month event in the communityJorge Alas09/30/2009
Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month: HondurasJorge Alas09/26/2016
Historic Gift Announcement at MCC on Thursday Diane L. Shoger11/11/2013
Historical Cookbook Project - 50 Years and Still Cookin'Support Staff Professional Development Committee12/06/2010
Historical Corruptions: New Work by John ZimmermanJanet Ekis09/08/2011
Historically Black Colleges ProgramAndrew Freeman10/26/2006
Historically Black Colleges Transfer FairAndrew Freeman10/30/2007
Historically Black Colleges Transfer FairAndrew W. Freeman10/27/2008
History Film SeriesMark Sample11/05/2007
History Film SeriesMark Sample12/03/2007
History Film SeriesMark Sample02/25/2008
History Film SeriesMark Sample11/17/2008
History Film SeriesMark Sample03/16/2010
History Film SeriesMark Sample09/17/2013
History Film SeriesMark Sample11/18/2016
History Film Series beginsMark Sample02/02/2006
History Film Series beginsMark Sample10/06/2006
History Film Series beginsMark Sample02/14/2007
History Film Series Begins TonightMark Sample02/09/2009
History Film Series concludesMark Sample05/14/2007
History Film Series concludes tonightMark Sample05/11/2005
History Film series this WednesdayMark Sample04/12/2005
History Film Series: "Paths of Glory"Mark Sample02/09/2010
History Lives... the past is alive in the present!Michael Carroll12/11/2009
History, Case Law and InterpretationShirley Batistta-Provost02/25/2004
HIT Club sets record with Hat & Mitten drive in 2020Babcock, Rebecca01/13/2021
Hit paws on your busy life and take a pet break.Simmons, Kevin10/19/2020
Hit the Beach with the New Vera Bradley Collection!Iris Mand04/09/2010
Hits for Linda a huge success!Taine Vinci09/05/2013
HIV TestingMelany J. Silas02/11/2014
HIV Testing at DCC, Wednesday, March 12Melany Silas03/12/2014
HIV Vaccine Awareness DayTracey Britton05/13/2010
Hmmmm Good!Maureen Wheelden10/20/2014
Hmmmmmmm! GoodDeb DeFilipps10/27/2014
HO HO HO! Santa is coming to MCC!Starr, MaryJane11/27/2018
HOC Proposal Writing WorkshopMuhlnickel, Robert01/11/2018
Hockey meeting next MondayTom Garigen09/08/2006
Hockey Nationals At MCC This WeekendTom Garigen02/24/2012
Hockey Players Featured in Brockport PostTom Garigen02/06/2006
Hockey Schedules Games for WeekendTom Garigen02/19/2010
Hockey team heads to nationalsTom Garigen03/01/2007
Hockey Team Places Third at NationalsRobyn Pepicelli03/10/2004
Hola! Come See Us at Reflections Restaurant on Monday, May 6th to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!Diane Cheasty05/02/2013
Hold Everything Vera Bradley Miller Bag for Just $68Peggy Ansaldi11/09/2012
Hold the Dates: Director, Virtual Campus Candidate Meet and Greets!Keys, Terrance07/30/2019
Hold the Date: National Wear Red Day at MCC, Friday February 6, 2009Anne J. Perry12/18/2008
HOLD: Help MCC Attract More Adult StudentsWilliam Sigismond09/25/2013
Hole in One for Joe GerardiJeff Bartkovich08/02/2012
Holiday and Intersession Hours for Food Service EstablishmentsAnnette Agness, Director11/20/2006
Holiday Bread Sale at Food For Thought BakeshopKim Joyce03/26/2015
Holiday Break Email UpgradesDonna Pogroszewski12/19/2013
Holiday Break: Systems and Network Planned OutagesDonna Pogroszewski12/18/2014
Holiday ClosingDave Schottler11/22/2002
Holiday ClosingDavid A. Schottler, Assistant Vice President11/28/2005
Holiday ClosingDavid A. Schottler, Asst. V.P., Facilities11/01/2006
Holiday ClosingDavid A. Schottler, Assistant V.P., Facilities10/30/2007
Holiday ClosingDavid Schottler10/20/2008
Holiday ClosingDavid Schottler, Assistant V.P., Facilities11/24/2010
Holiday ClosingDavid Schottler11/09/2012
Holiday Closing ReminderPaul Wurster11/22/2013
Holiday Closing ReminderGrindle, Blaine11/27/2018
Holiday Closing ReminderGrindle, Blaine11/21/2019
Holiday Contest at the MCC BookstoreIris Mand12/09/2008
Holiday Contest in the Brighton Bookstore!Iris Mand11/21/2005
Holiday Contest in the DCC and Brighton Bookstores!Iris Mand11/28/2007
Holiday Dinner DrivePeer Mentors11/08/2004
Holiday Electrical Work to Interrupt Power Blaine Grindle12/08/2011
Holiday email red flagsWirley, Eileen12/12/2019
Holiday Food Service HoursMonte Boyer12/17/2002
Holiday Gift IdeaPatty Giblin12/05/2013
Holiday Gift Ideas at the MCC BookstoreIris Mand11/05/2007
Holiday GiftsSusan Teerlinck12/11/2006
Holiday GiftsSue Teerlinck10/15/2007
Holiday HoursSue Teerlinck12/13/2013
Holiday HoursSue Teerlinck12/09/2014
Holiday Hours for Human Performance LabJanet Townsend11/20/2002
Holiday Hours for Human Performance LabJanet Townsend11/18/2004
Holiday Intersession Hours for Food Service EstablishmentsAnnette Agness, Director12/21/2005
Holiday MCC Shuttle Service ScheduleVirginia Geer-Mentry11/26/2014
Holiday Network Social for Support StaffDawn Quatro11/29/2012
Holiday PartyR. Thomas Flynn11/06/2002
Holiday Party 2012!Isac Lee01/09/2013
Holiday Party Sale!Etienne Blaakman12/14/2015
Holiday ReceptionNancy Price12/16/2003
Holiday Reception Planning Committee Needs Your Photos to Display at President’s Holiday Reception on Dec. 14Julianna Frisch11/22/2011
Holiday Safety RemindersLee Struble12/06/2010
Holiday Science Spectacular for Upward Bound StudentsPaul Stack01/08/2015
Holiday Season & Winter Break StressZamiara, Aubrey12/17/2020
Holiday Shipping Made EasierIris Mand11/16/2006
Holiday Shopping IdeasSue Teerlinck10/30/2008
Holiday Shuttle ServiceGinny Geer-Mentry12/09/2013
Holiday StampsSue Teerlinck11/12/2014
Holiday Stroll TodayYule, Rosanna12/17/2021
Holiday Vendor FairDonna Allen12/02/2013
Holiday VendorsDonna Allen12/13/2004
Holiday "Card Party" at the Residence Halls - ReminderProfessor Elizabeth Pierce12/02/2003
Holidays in Full Swing......Iris Mand12/15/2005
Holiday/Intersession Hours for Food Service EstablishmentsDouglas J. Brown, Director12/17/2004
Hollowell's Book Makes Required Text List at HarvardJanet Ekis05/20/2004
HollyAlyson Levine12/08/2003
Holly Preische Appointed Director of Advisement and Transfer ServicesCasalinuovo-Adams, Christine08/20/2018
Holly Wheeler and Eric Wheeler Present at League For Innovation ConferencePreische, Holly03/04/2021
Holly Wheeler Appointed as Interim Assistant to the Provost and Vice President, Academic ServicesAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President03/10/2016
Holly Wheeler Completes Ph.D.Tina Morrill07/26/2011
Holly Wheeler Has Two Articles on Veterans PublishedTina Morrill05/04/2012
Holly Wheeler Interviewed on Environmental Impact of Bottled WaterRosanna Condello03/07/2008
Holly Wheeler Presented at TYCAHolly Wheeler10/13/2003
Holly Wheeler Presents on Teaching Student-VeteransTina Morrill11/11/2011
Hollywood in Reflections next Monday!Diane Cheasty03/10/2010
Hollywood on the Genesee: Rochester's Film ConnectionsLori Annesi02/13/2012
Holocaust and Human Rights Center Acquires New BooksRosanna Condello06/24/2005
Holocaust and Human Rights Collection Grows with Arrival of New MaterialsRosanna Condello06/02/2005
Holocaust Denial FilmFabbro, Regina10/24/2017
Holocaust Denial: From the Classroom to the CourtroomFabbro, Regina09/25/2017
Holocaust Film: "Every Face Has a Name"Regina Fabbro04/25/2017
Holocaust Genocide Studies Project and Library Book Discussion GroupLori Annesi03/16/2006
Holocaust Genocide Studies Project Events for Spring 2007Rosanna Condello12/21/2006
Holocaust Genocide Studies Project Expands Name, MissionRosanna Condello11/25/2008
Holocaust Genocide Studies Project Members Surpass Goal, Purchase Videos for Hospital PatientsRosanna Condello04/28/2003
Holocaust Genocide Studies Project/Library Book DiscussionLori Annesi02/28/2008
Holocaust Project Alumni Reunite after 15 YearsRosanna Condello11/09/2006
Holocaust Remembrance Reading Today at NoonRegina Fabbro04/24/2017
Holocaust Scholars Participate in "Think Tank" at MCCCharlie Clarke03/04/2011
Holocaust Survivor Reflects on Shanghai Ghetto FilmRosanna Condello12/03/2004
Holocaust Survivor Sam Rind to Speak at MCC on Tuesday, Oct. 17Yule, Rosanna10/12/2017
Holocaust Survivor Speaking on Campus TodayFabbro, Regina10/16/2018
Holocaust Survivor Speaking on Campus TodayFabbro, Regina03/19/2019
Holocaust Survivor Steven Hess to speakOriel, Jodi12/02/2020
Holocaust Survivor Steven Hess to Speak TodayOriel, Jodi12/15/2020
Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Sam RindKress, Patricia02/09/2021
Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Sam RindOriel, Jodi11/12/2021
Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Sam Rind TomorrowKress, Patricia03/01/2021
Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Warren HeilbronnerKress, Patricia03/03/2022
Holocaust Survivor to Speak on CampusHolocaust, Genocide,10/19/2012
Holocaust Survivor to Speak on CampusRegina Fabbro03/02/2017
Holocaust Survivor to Speak on CampusFabbro, Regina02/05/2018
Holocaust Survivor to Speak on CampusDaniella Insalaco10/26/2016
Holocaust Survivor to Speak on CampusFabbro, Regina03/12/2019
Holocaust Survivor Warren Heilbronner to Speak at MCC on Tuesday, Oct. 8Oriel, Jodi09/18/2019
Holocaust Survivors and Remembrance at MCC TodayFabbro, Regina04/25/2019
Holocaust Survivors Share Their Stories - March 19Rosanna Condello03/14/2008
Holocaust & Human Rights Travelling Exhibits ReceptionDorothy Evans10/11/2002
Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project Responds to Massacre at Tree of Life SynagogueFabbro, Regina10/30/2018
Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project Student Leaders Respond to Hate SpeechFabbro, Regina10/13/2017
Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Project: March Film and Book DiscussionsRosanna Condello03/05/2010
Holocaust, Sudan War Survivors Meet High School StudentsCynthia Cooper11/03/2005
Holodomor: Extermination by Hunger featuring Author and Historian Taras Hunczak, Ph.D.Brandiliea Trescott03/15/2011
Home Energy Cost SolutionsCustodio, Antonia12/21/2020
Home game added to women's soccer scheduleTom Garigen09/19/2006
Home Games this Weekend!Chiappone, Kaci04/16/2021
Home Games this Weekend!Chiappone, Kaci04/23/2021
Home Games this Week!Chiappone, Kaci10/16/2019
Homebuyer Seminar Offered October 29 by Mortgage Bankers AssociationFrisch, Julianna10/22/2019
Homebuyer Seminar Offered October 8 and 16 by Mortgage Bankers AssociationFrisch, Julianna10/04/2019
Homecoming 2008 Headliner Pauly Shore on 13WHAMRosanna Condello10/06/2008
Homecoming 2012 Carnival Birthday Bash and Comedy Show with Duffy from 98 PXYRebecca Herzog10/02/2012
Homecoming 5K Walk/Run for Scholarships is TomorrowShaw, Karen10/01/2021
Homecoming Brunch and Cooking Demonstration Karen Shaw '7810/06/2016
Homecoming Faculty vs. Student’s Basketball Game TodayKaren Shaw '7809/20/2013
Homecoming Golf Classic and Luncheon to Honor Dick Ryther, Raise Funds to Support Student LeadersKaren Shaw '78 and Mark Pastorella '9007/08/2013
Homecoming Headliner - AND1 BasketballRebecca Herzog09/22/2010
Homecoming Luncheon and Golf Classic Honoring Dr. Jeffrey P. BartkovichKaren Shaw07/20/2015
Homecoming & Alumni Weekend 2006R. Thomas Flynn09/15/2006
Homecoming & Alumni Weekend Tickets AvailableMark J. Pastorella10/02/2006
Homeland Security and Civic Engagement SummitDr. Susan Salvador02/04/2004
Homeland Security and Service-Learning ConferenceCynthia Cooper06/09/2004
Homeland Security and Service-Learning Workshop Comes to MCCSusan Bender05/03/2004
Homeland Security and the Community College: A Vibrant Present and Vital FutureCynthia Cooper07/22/2003
Homeland Security Conference Open to Students and Faculty at MCCJohn Perrone04/21/2015
Homeland Security Management InstituteDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President05/21/2009
Homeland Security Management Institute Launches Academic CoursesJohn Perrone10/24/2013
Homeland Security Management Institute Offers Emergency Training to All MCC EmployeesJohn J. Perrone09/08/2004
Homeland Security Management Institute Provides CERT to Bishop Kearney High SchoolLisa Parker03/12/2008
Homeland Security, President Flynn and Student Crystal Ezman in the National NewsCynthia Cooper02/11/2004
Homeless Liaison in the Student Resource Center TodayEdie Horwath12/04/2013
Homemade Ice Cream In Food For Thought TodayKim Joyce04/22/2016
Honduras comes to Reflections Restaurant on Thursday!!Diane Cheasty03/25/2008
Honor a Colleague with a Seat in the MCC TheatreSanagursky, Christyn05/28/2020
Honor a Member of the MCC Community and Name a Seat in the New MCC TheatreSanagursky, Christyn05/17/2017
Honor a Recent Graduate or MCC Retiree with a Seat in the MCC TheatreSanagursky, Christyn05/24/2019
Honor an MCC Colleague with a Seat in the New TheatreSanagursky, Christyn05/30/2017
Honor Code CommiitteeMark Ernsthausen09/22/2016
Honor our Veterans!Etienne Blaakman11/10/2016
Honor Society Named One of World's BestDianne E McConkey04/26/2005
Honor Students present at St. John Fisher’s first Feminist Caucus Elizabeth Johnston04/14/2015
Honorable Women's Club Hosts a Birthday Celebration for Malcolm XDiane Dinkins-Lourette05/09/2016
Honorable Women Club Invites You to Next MeetingIvonne Ponicsan12/02/2011
Honoring Jeff BartkovichMarie Fetzner02/06/2012
Honoring John TillinghastJanet Ekis09/17/2012
Honoring Martin Luther King: What would Dr. King & Malcom X Teach in 2021?Batistta-Provost, Shirley02/15/2021
Honoring our Graduates TodayDelate, John05/20/2021
Honoring our MCC Native American StudentsBatistta-Provost, Shirley05/26/2022
Honors Advising and Registration EventRobert L. Muhlnickel04/12/2017
Honors Advising Session for Spring 2018Muhlnickel, Robert09/14/2017
Honors Advising SessionsMuhlnickel, Robert10/03/2017
Honors Committee UpdateDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President11/17/2009
Honors Convocation 2016 - Student ParticipationPatti Montrois04/19/2016
Honors Convocation ReceptionColette Fegan05/28/2003
Honors Coordinator ChangeLee Adnepos07/11/2006
Honors Eligible Student Information Session - Downtown CampusCoon, Amy10/03/2019
Honors Film Festival - The Company of WolvesPaul D'Alessandris11/03/2009
Honors Film Festival: Indoctrinate UPaul D'Alessandris11/09/2009
Honors Film Festival: Iron-Jawed AngelsPaul D"Alessandris11/02/2009
Honors Film Festival: Lost HorizonPaul D'Alessandris11/10/2009
Honors Institute Robert L. Muhlnickel09/25/2015
Honors Institute Accepting Proposals for Spring 2019 Honors Option CoursesMuhlnickel, Robert06/13/2018
Honors Institute Leadership OpportunityJeffrey P. Bartkovich06/04/2014
Honors Institute Lecture SeriesRobert Muhlnickel12/01/2015
Honors Institute seeks Proposals for Honors Option coursesMuhlnickel, Robert11/20/2017
Honors Institute Speaker SeriesMargarita Ortiz03/09/2015
Honors Institute Speaker Series this FridayMargarita Ortiz11/17/2015
Honors Institute Speaker Series: Dr. Susan Thompson Scott Rudd03/17/2014
Honors Institute Speaker Series: Dr. Tim TatakisScott Rudd02/04/2014
Honors Institute Students Present at ConferencesRobert L. Muhlnickel04/15/2015
Honors Institute Students Present at the Northeast Regional Honors ConferenceScott Rudd04/09/2014
Honors Institute visits The Gender ShowPaul D'Alessandris10/01/2013
Honors Institute Welcomes Class of 2015Paul D'Alessandris09/04/2013
Honors Lecture Series: Richard Ryan: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation in School and at WorkRobert L. Muhlnickel09/16/2015
Honors Option Course ProposalsBlake, Thomas01/28/2019
Honors Option Course Proposals Due 5/31Blake, Thomas04/25/2019
Honors Option Course Proposals for Fall20 due 10/15/2019Blake, Thomas09/16/2019
Honors Option Course Proposals (Correction)Blake, Thomas01/30/2019
Honors Option CoursesMuhlnickel, Robert06/16/2017
Honors Option CoursesBlake, Thomas01/22/2019
Honors Program Information Session: today @ noonBlake, Thomas02/03/2020
Honors Reception A SuccessAndrew Freeman04/04/2003
Honors Roll In for MCC Swimming and DivingAthletics03/24/2016
Honors Student RecruitmentRobert L. Muhlnickel03/03/2015
Honors Student Scholar Recognized at Beacon ConferenceMuhlnickel, Robert06/06/2017
Honors Students selected for the Northeast Regional Honors Conference Robert L. Muhlnickel12/15/2014
Honors student, Anna Price, presents in AlbanyPaul D'Alessandris03/02/2012
Honors Study Report PresentationPaul D'Alessandris05/25/2010
Hoops for Heart - 3 on 3 Basketball TournamentMelissa Fromm05/03/2013
Hoops teams to host GCC in a doubleheader Thursday, Jan. 31Ashley Socola01/30/2013
Hop into the BookstoreJenna Keefe03/06/2013
Hop On PopPeer Mentors10/04/2004
Hope and Justice DayJodi Oriel03/18/2009
Hope Starts Here.
Together, We Are Making Strides.
Anne J. Perry10/05/2005
Hope Starts Here. Join the AAWCC in Making Strides.Anne J. Perry09/06/2006
Hope starts with you and me - let's walk!Anne J. Perry09/18/2007
Hopefulness Through HistoryNjeru Murage10/15/2013
Hopefulness Through HistoryNjeru Murage11/06/2013
Hopefulness Through History Today at NoonNjeru Murage11/20/2013
Hoping you will join the PEACE ConsortiumBatistta-Provost, Shirley02/22/2021
Horan Receives Mathematics Department Award for Adjunct Excellence in TeachingLeopard, Annette05/15/2020
Horizons-MCC at the Downtown Campus-Summer 2018White, Stephanie06/29/2018
Horizons End of Summer CelebrationWhite, Stephanie08/10/2018
Horizons Program Attracts Local Media InterestHency Yuen-Eng07/09/2012
Hornfeck named finalist for WHAM Sportswomen LuncheonTom Garigen04/07/2006
Horror in the Hebrides Jeffery Jones10/15/2013
Horror in the Hebrides Jeffery Jones10/29/2013
Horton Discusses Safety Issues on Using Space HeatersDianne E McConkey01/04/2008
Hospice Regatta on Lake OntarioEtienne Blaakman08/07/2007
Hospitality and VAPA Departments  Team Up to Redesign ReflectionsJavier Ayala, Dean05/14/2012
Hospitality Club's 2nd Annual Holiday Babka SaleFiona Candotti03/22/2010
Hospitality Club Adopt a Family: You Can HelpDrew Lawrence12/05/2011
Hospitality Club Bake Good SaleDrew Lawrence05/05/2009
Hospitality Club Bake SaleDrew Lawrence04/07/2011
Hospitality Club Cupcake SaleLannak, Evelyn02/13/2019
Hospitality Club Pasta Dinner - THIS FRIDAY!!!Drew Lawrence11/13/2006
Hospitality Club Pasta Dinner FundraiserDrew Lawrence03/09/2007
Hospitality Club Pasta Dinner Tonight!Drew Lawrence03/16/2007
Hospitality Club St. Patty's Day Cupcake SaleLannak, Evelyn03/13/2019
Hospitality Department Hosted an Italian Chef Demonstration and Wine Pairing eventGriffin, Rebecca10/31/2018
Hospitality Dept Educates Consumers on Food ContaminationDianne E McConkey02/19/2007
Hospitality Faculty Member Shares Expertise in Trade Newspaper ArticleYuen-Eng, Hency10/24/2018
Hospitality Fun/ Server Race at MCCStuart Slutzky09/18/2002
Hospitality Gets Media AttentionDianne E. McConkey02/07/2005
Hospitality Group's Experience in Bahamas Spotlighted in National MagazineHency Yuen-Eng05/12/2009
Hospitality Instructor Mentioned in Magazine ArticleHency Yuen-Eng07/29/2010
Hospitality Management AAS Degree Now Offers an Event Planning OptionJavier Ayala, Ph.D.09/19/2013
Hospitality Management Chair Interviewed for RBJ ArticleHency Yuen-Eng06/01/2015
Hospitality Management Graduate will be on the Food Network's "Cupcake Wars"Fiona Candotti02/16/2012
Hospitality Management Hosts Culinary CompetitionDianne E McConkey03/14/2005
Hospitality Program involved in Professional Development Conference!Diane Cheasty11/10/2008
Hospitality Student Gives BackDianne E McConkey12/04/2007
Hospitality Students and Faculty Recognized at NY Beef Council Virtual Veal CompetitionGriffin, Rebecca02/07/2020
Hospitality Students Awarded Scholarships from RHAJavier Ayala, Ph.D., Dean11/29/2012
Hospitality students selling pies and cakes for ThanksgivingDrew Lawrence11/17/2009
Hospitality Students, Food for Thought Featured in Article, VideoHency Yuen-Eng10/26/2016
Hospitals, Higher Education and Hoops with Liberty Partnerships ProgramElizabeth Appel04/17/2015
Hosting a virtual academic year-end celebration or event? Post it to the MCC Events Calendar by MondayYule, Rosanna05/07/2021
Hosting Guests? Try Our Stonewall Kitchen Gourmet CollectionPeggy Ansaldi04/20/2012
Hot Breakfast Sandwiches and Weekly Specials at Deja Brew!Smith, Jaime09/13/2021
Hot Car Care TipsKristy Mooney Graves06/29/2006
Hot Car Care TipsDouglas Rivers06/19/2007
Hot Coffee Delivered Fresh to Your Door This Summer!Annette Agness, Director04/18/2007
Hot for Hybrids ArticleDianne E. McConkey09/13/2005
Hot Jobs - Cybersecurity ProfessionalsWirley, Eileen10/09/2018
Hot Jobs in Rochester’s High-Tech Companies and the Skills You Need to Get ThemJohn Wadach03/13/2008
Hot jobs: Local colleges feed health care sectorYule, Rosanna08/25/2017
Hot Off The Press! Travel Club's Proxy List for this week's Silent Auction!Diane Cheasty12/05/2016
Hot Off The Press! Travel Club Silent Auction Proxy List!Diane Cheasty12/08/2015
Hot Sale in the Bookstore! Jenna Keefe02/10/2014
Hoteling Under the WaterDianne E McConkey02/20/2006
Houghton College and Mansfield University on Campus This WeekChristyn Sanagursky02/23/2015
Hours Change for DCC Library - Fall 2010/Spring 2011Kate Jenkins09/08/2010
Hours for PAC and Raquetball Courts for Winter RecessJeff Parrinello02/12/2010
Hours for the Break Room and E-LoungeDonna Allen01/16/2015
Hours of OperationSherry Ralston06/02/2004
Housing's Helping Hands Student Move In, August 29thDonald Bigelow08/19/2014
Housing and Residence Life - New Location Grand OpeningDonald Bigelow01/12/2016
Housing and Residence Life has moved...Susan Baker02/23/2004
Housing and Residence Life Office RelocationLisa Truman12/02/2015
Housing and Residence Life Thanks YouShelitha Dickerson04/07/2006
Housing Application for 2008-2009 Available March 3, 2008Shelitha Dickerson02/28/2008
Housing Application Process for 2006-2007 Academic YearShelitha Dickerson02/09/2006
Housing Applications for Spring 2008 Currently Being AcceptedShelitha Dickerson12/18/2007
Housing Process for 2007-2008Shelitha Dickerson12/20/2006
Housing & Residence Life Accepting Applications for Spring 2013Shelitha Williams11/28/2012
Housing & Residence Life Still Accepting Applications for Spring 2013Shelitha Williams01/07/2013
How's your Qi? Donna Burke03/24/2016
How's Your Qi? Not sure? Donna Burke11/13/2014
How About Some Great Coffee on Saturday?Tony Struzik09/16/2009
How Best to Prepare For, React to, and Recover from Incidents of FloodingDiSalvo, Charles09/24/2018
How can I flip part of my classroom?Karen Coffey03/16/2015
How can you join our fight against Spam, Spyware, and Viruses?Donna Pogroszewski03/14/2005
How can you join our fight against spam, spyware, and viruses? Part 2Communications and Network Services03/21/2005
How Can Your Excellus Health Plan Help You During Social DistancingBureau, Suzanne04/08/2020
How Competency Education is Changing Higher Ed WebinarMark Ernsthausen12/02/2013
How Dangerous is Wearing A Hoody?Diane M. Cecero04/17/2012
How Do I Get To . . . ?Richard Degus09/07/2004
How Do I Protect the Information on My Smartphone?Donna Pogroszewski10/23/2013
How Do I Schedule Time to Work in the Lecture Capture Self-Record Facility?Jeremy Case06/23/2015
How do Scientist Spotlights improve student success in STEM?Barone, Jessica10/05/2020
How do Students Check Financial Aid Status?Ramon L. Rodriguez05/20/2013
How Do You Define College and Career Success? - League TLC JulyDr. Susan Salvador07/14/2005
HOW DO YOU FEEL? "Going to War with Suddham Hussein"Di Rayner12/11/2002
How Does Free Sound?  Information on New Yorks Excelsior Scholarship.Christine Casalinuovo-Adams and Melissa Jarkowski04/14/2017
How does Title IX impact you?Patterson, Vilma03/07/2018
How does Title IX impact you?Patterson, Vilma03/22/2018
How does Title IX impact you?Patterson, Vilma04/23/2018
How Faculty Can Make the Most of Library Services - Conversation at the TCCSuzanne Long04/26/2006
How Faculty Can Make the Most of Library Services - Conversation at the TCCSuzanne Long05/04/2006
How Healthy is Your Relationship?Corinne Mulhall02/15/2008
How is 'Dining Services' Keeping Me Safe?Lebo, Alexandria03/17/2020
How Lifestyle Choices Determine Human HealthJodi Oriel10/04/2002
How MCC Helps Put Students on Pathways to CollegeAnne M. Kress09/02/2014
How MCC Serves Diverse Students and Their Diverse NeedsAnne M. Kress03/03/2014
How Presidents and Development Directors Work TogetherRosanna Condello06/13/2012
How Some Area Colleges Plan to Mark CommencementYuen-Eng, Hency04/14/2021
How the Vietnam War Changed Journalism Panel DiscussionJodi Oriel, Assistant Director10/07/2010
How to Add Online Videos to Your Marketing MixPeggy VanKirk09/06/2007
How to Allow a Popup Window in a Web BrowserGallion, Christine10/14/2020
How to Apply for Summer Financial AidRamon L. Rodriguez04/08/2015
How to Better Understand and Answer Student’s Assets Questions on the FAFSARamon L. Rodriguez06/21/2011
How to Book an Appointment through TutorTracParker, Jason10/20/2021
How to check your voicemail from off campusClement, James03/24/2020
How To Choose Your 4 Year Business DegreePam Miller11/29/2007
How to Choose Your 4 year Degree in BusinessPam Miller12/04/2007
How to Enter CLOs in Curriculum DatabaseHolly Wheeler, Acting Director03/12/2008
How to Explore League Connections and iStream UpdatesLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President06/27/2016
How to Find an Online Course!Peggy VanKirk01/14/2008
How to Find an Online Course!Peggy VanKirk08/25/2008
How to Find an Online Course!Peggy VanKirk01/13/2011
How to get Paid Time OffBill Brewer02/28/2003
How to Help Student Build Resiliency & Overcome Their Obstacles: Online SeminarPeter Osborn01/29/2010
How to Help Those Students Who’ve Been Dropped for Non-PaymentLoretta Chrzan-Williams01/11/2012
How to Know When You Need a LawyerDonna Brennan10/24/2005
How to Locate Position AnnouncementsTammy Dicks01/18/2007
How To Lose Weight and Keep It OffPeer Mentors02/28/2005
How to Make the Most of Microsoft Outlook: Advice from Our Tech ExpertsLavin, Sylvia04/14/2021
How to Participate on Commencement DayDelate, John05/19/2021
How to Promote Scholarship Online in Each Course via BlackboardNguyen, Binh-Yen10/05/2019
How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)Carson, Jacqueline03/26/2020
How to Recycle Old Phone BooksFred McCullough03/26/2010
How to Replace a Lost or Damaged MCC Photo IDSmith, Jaime07/09/2021
How to Request a Final ExamBetsy Ripton09/15/2014
How to Request a Final ExamLyndsey Presutti09/09/2015
How to Request a Final ExamPresutti, Lyndsey01/23/2018
How to Request a Final ExamPresutti, Lyndsey08/27/2018
How to Request a Final ExamPresutti, Lyndsey01/21/2020
How to Request a Final ExamPresutti, Lyndsey01/31/2022
How to Return College KeysSleight, Travis05/19/2020
How to Support Students Post- Pandemic: IR's COVID-Era College-Wide Survey Results are Now AvailableDeMario, Mary Ann07/07/2021
How to Transfer to a 4-Year CollegeMack, Rebecca09/27/2021
How to View the Solar Eclipse SafelyMarini, Sharon08/17/2017
How To: Testing Accommodations in BlackboardCapuano, Thomas09/01/2020
How was your long weekend?Grindle, Blaine01/23/2019
How would you like to be a Fairy Godmother?Jodi Oriel05/09/2016
Howard Initiates Flu Prevention Strategies in LabsJohn Wadach01/30/2015
Howard Konar Appointed to MCC Board of TrusteesCynthia Cooper07/03/2008
Howard University Information SessionMack, Rebecca01/28/2021
HPL and PAC scheduleDouglas Henneberg05/15/2009
HPL ClosedDouglas R. Henneberg08/17/2011
HPL Closed for RenovationCraig Rand05/18/2015
HPL Fitness Room Spring 2020Flatley, Anne01/27/2020
HPL HoursDoug Henneberg11/06/2007
HPL Hours during exam week and inner-sessionRand, Craig12/18/2017
HPL Hours During Exam Week and IntersessionCraig M. Rand12/22/2015
HPL Hours During Spring BreakCraig M. Rand03/27/2015
HPL hours during Spring BreakFlatley, Anne04/12/2019
HPL Hours during the college's spring breakCraig M. Rand03/25/2016
HPL hours for Finals week and IntersessionFlatley, Anne12/03/2019
HPL hours for Finals week and SummerFlatley, Anne05/13/2019
HPL Hours for Spring 2008Douglas Henneberg01/17/2008
HPL Hours for the Spring SemesterRand, Craig01/23/2018
HPL Hours for Winter BreakDoug Henneberg02/15/2008
HPL hours for Winter BreakFlatley, Anne02/14/2020
HPL Hours Over WInter BreakCraig M. Rand02/13/2015
HPL Intersession HoursDoug Henneberg12/16/2009
HPL Intersession HoursDouglas Henneberg12/17/2010
HPL Open Hours for Exam Week and IntersessionDoug Henneberg12/07/2007
HPL Open Hours for Exam week and IntersessionRand, Craig12/13/2018
HPL Open Hours for the Fall Semester, 2017Rand, Craig09/01/2017
HPL Open Hours for the Fall Semester, 2018Rand, Craig08/29/2018
HPL Summer HoursDouglas R Henneberg05/18/2005
HPL Summer HoursDouglas Henneberg05/22/2014
HPL Summer HoursRand, Craig05/17/2018
HPL Winter Break HoursFlatley, Anne02/15/2019
HPL (Fitness Center) on Brighton Campus Temporarily ClosingDoug Henneberg05/22/2012
HR Banner NewsSherry Ralston and Marie Fetzner01/04/2005
HR BANNER PAYROLLSherry D. Ralston01/13/2005
HR Banner UpdateAlberta Lee03/09/2005
HR Banner: Faculty TimesheetsDr. Sherry D. Ralston01/24/2005
HSM 181 On-Site Trip to IsraelPerrone, John12/05/2017
HSMI's Rossi Discusses Workplace Violence on YNNHency Yuen-Eng05/11/2011
HSMI and NYSP Grants Covered in Community College WeekRosanna Condello04/30/2004
HSMI and Radiological Emergency PreparednessJohn Perrone07/03/2008
HSMI assists with training CERT personnel, faith-based and non-government emergency response organizationsGlenn V. Greibus08/11/2008
HSMI Awarded 122K Grant from State Office of Homeland SecurityJohn Perrone04/12/2011
HSMI awarded 190K in Homeland Security FundingJohn Perrone08/24/2010
HSMI Awarded Three Grants from the State Office of Homeland SecurityJohn Perrone06/28/2013
HSMI awarded $109K in Homeland Security FundingJohn Perrone08/15/2012
HSMI Co-sponsors of the 6th Annual Safe Schools Initiative SeminarSheila Manns02/24/2009
HSMI Conference on Terrorism Open to MCC Students, Faculty & StaffJohn Perrone06/23/2015
HSMI Conference Open to Students and Faculty at MCCSheila Manns06/11/2008
HSMI Conference Open to Students and Faculty at MCCJohn Perrone11/26/2013
HSMI Course Gains Interest from Media, CommunityHency Yuen-Eng01/24/2013
HSMI Cyber Security Conference - July 31, 2013 Sheila Manns06/26/2013
HSMI Cyber Security Conference - July 31, 2013 Sheila Manns07/24/2013
HSMI Director Appointed to Monroe County Veterans Advisory Committee Sheila Manns07/20/2010
HSMI Director featured at Veterans Court GraduationSheila Manns03/14/2012
HSMI Director Guest Speaker on Vietnam Veterans DaySheila Manns03/30/2015
HSMI Director Keynote Speaker at Memorial Day CelebrationSheila Manns05/29/2013
HSMI Director Presents at the Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Conference (CSHEMA)Sheila Manns07/24/2013
HSMI Director Presents at the New York State Fire Chief’s ConferenceSheila Manns07/22/2016
HSMI Director Presents at the Project Management Institute (PMI)Sheila Manns05/19/2014
HSMI Director presents at University of New Orleans Disaster Mitigation ConferenceSheila Manns03/26/2013
HSMI Director presents Preparedness Program at the Community College of GuamSheila Manns06/13/2013
HSMI DIrector to Speak at the Homeland Security Defense Education COnsortiumSheila Manns01/24/2011
HSMI Extends Complimentary Registration to Faith Based SeminarSheila Manns02/20/2008
HSMI Faith-based SeminarLisa Parker02/06/2008
HSMI Faith-based Training SeminarDianne E McConkey01/07/2008
HSMI Featured at AACC Workforce Development ConferenceJohn J. Perrone02/09/2009
HSMI Featured in "Building Owner Security Report" NewsletterCynthia Cooper08/10/2005
HSMI features training during National Preparedness MonthJohn Perrone09/14/2009
HSMI Lunch and Learn Sessions Open to All College Staff, Faculty and StudentsJohn Perrone09/10/2008
HSMI National Conference WednesdayJohn Perrone07/31/2007
HSMI Partners with Harris RF Communications to Deliver Customized TrainingGlenn Greibus07/05/2011
HSMI Presents at Miami-Dade CollegeSheila Manns08/09/2011
HSMI Provides the Following Safety Tip on Purifying WaterJohn Perrone07/24/2009
HSMI Receives College's 2nd Largest Congressional AppropriationJohn Perrone01/09/2008
HSMI Secures DHS GrantSheila Manns05/19/2008
HSMI Selected as Lead College to share in $3.5 Million FEMA GrantJohn Perrone09/23/2008
HSMI Selected by Department of Homeland Security to Develop Online Community College Preparedness Program.John Perrone12/03/2010
HSMI Selected for FY10/11 Citizen Corps Grant ProgramJohn Perrone02/07/2011
HSMI Teams with RG&ELisa Parker06/02/2009
HSMI Terrorism Conference Open to MCC Faculty/StaffJohn J. Perrone Jr.07/30/2009
HSMI Terrorism Seminar Open to Students and FacultyJohn Perrone03/22/2017
HSMI to Co-Host Safe Schools InitiativeJohn J. Perrone, Director02/11/2008
HSMI to Extend Lunch and Learn Sessions on Homeland SecurityJohn Perrone10/17/2008
HSMI to Host Department of Homeland Security Training ProgramJohn J Perrone, Director08/17/2012
HSMI to host Informational Meeting for the Summer Homeland Security Course in Israel -Perrone, John02/01/2018
HSMI to Host National Community College ProgramSheila Manns07/27/2010
HSMI to Host New York Association of Hostage Negotiators ConferenceGlenn Greibus05/23/2008
HSMI to Host "Lunch and Learn" Sessions During Preparedness MonthJohn Perrone09/02/2008
HSMI to Launch Civilian Safety Awareness Program (SABRE)John Perrone06/08/2011
HSMI to Launch Pilot Program for Monroe County Sheriff’s OfficeSheila Manns02/18/2008
HSMI to offer on-site Homeland Security Course in Israel - Summer Session 1, June 1-9, 2018Perrone, John10/10/2017
HSMI to offer on-site Homeland Security Course in Israel - Summer Session 1, May 31 - Jun 9, 2019Manns, Sheila09/07/2018
HSMI to partner with Skills that Serve Program in VirginiaJohn Perrone03/06/2008
HSMI to Receive 40K Grant from FEMAJohn Perrone09/24/2012
HSMI to Receive 48K Grant to Conduct Citizen Preparedness in RegionJohn J Perrone Jr.08/17/2011
HSMI to Receive Additional Grant FundingJohn J. Perrone02/06/2009
HSMI to receive $61K grant from FEMAJohn Perrone02/25/2013
HSMI  to Present at ACCC’s Workforce Development Institute(WDI) ConferenceJohn Perrone11/08/2010
HSMI, Ontario County Sheriff & Seniors to Host Training ProgramLisa Parker11/11/2008
HSPW Advisement Institute Application Deadline is 12/11Babcock, Rebecca12/07/2017
HSPW Advisement Institute: Now Accepting Faculty Applications!Krista Tyner04/28/2017
Huge 75% off saleJenna Keefe07/16/2014
Huge Sale: Hurry in to the BookstoreJenna Keefe02/21/2013
Huge Success and Thanks to Many: MCC's LPP Summer ProgramKate Marhatta08/11/2006
Huge Virtual Transfer Fair - over 120 Colleges!Mack, Rebecca10/12/2020
Huggins, Ruff, Shaw in Wall Street JournalCynthia Cooper09/13/2002
Hughes Receives Couselor CredentialJanet Ekis04/21/2003
Human Anatomy and Physiology Course Redesign - ITC AudioconferenceMelissa Burley09/21/2006
Human Books Coming to Brighton Campus Library May 1: Reserve Your Spot NowKingston, Andrea03/28/2019
Human Books Event Coming to the Downtown Campus on April 18, 2018Wilson, Alice03/07/2018
Human Books Event: Reserve Your Conversation Now!Kingston, Andrea03/02/2020
Human Cyber Security Risks Donna Pogroszewski02/24/2014
Human LibraryNjeru Murage09/25/2014
Human Performance Hours during Exam Week and InnersessionCraig Rand12/10/2014
Human Performance LabDouglas R. Henneberg, MS, ATC11/15/2005
Human Performance LabDoug Henneberg07/26/2006
Human Performance Lab - Holiday HoursJanet Townsend12/12/2002
Human Performance Lab - Spring Break hoursJanet Townsend04/09/2004
Human Performance Lab - Spring HoursJanet Townsend01/21/2005
Human Performance Lab Closed August 25-29Doug Henneberg08/20/2014
Human Performance Lab closed Sunday, March 23Doug Henneberg03/21/2008
Human Performance Lab Closed Today 1/14/2014Douglas01/14/2014
Human Performance Lab ClosingDouglas R. Henneberg08/17/2007
Human Performance Lab Fall HoursJanet Townsend09/03/2004
Human Performance Lab HoursJanet Townsend12/10/2003
Human Performance Lab Hours for February breakDouglas R Henneberg02/17/2011
Human Performance Lab Maintenance & Fall HoursDouglas Henneberg08/27/2010
Human Performance Lab NewsDoug Henneberg04/01/2010
Human Performance Lab open hours Fall 2013Doug Henneberg08/28/2013
Human Performance Lab SPRING 2010 HoursDouglas Henneberg01/26/2010
Human Performance Lab Summer HoursDoug Henneberg05/17/2013
Human Performance Lab Winter Break HoursDoug Henneberg02/13/2009
Human Performance Lab Winter Recess HoursDouglas Henneberg02/17/2005
Human Performance Lab (HPL) Closing & Spring 14 HoursDoug Henneberg01/15/2014
Human Performance Lab (HPL) HoursDouglas Henneberg12/15/2011
Human Race Machine Opens Today!Jodi Oriel11/26/2007
Human Race Machine, Documentary on Display Next WeekJodi Oriel11/21/2007
Human Resource NewsKendra Haney10/12/2005
Human Resources Damon Office Hours for Spring 2015Human Resources Team01/16/2015
Human Resources Fall Schedule at Damon City CampusHuman Resources Team09/05/2014
Human Resources InformationSherry D. Ralston, Director06/29/2005
Human Resources Office at Damon City CampusDr. Sherry Ralston10/18/2004
Human Resources Office at Damon City CampusCynthia Clark Inman10/28/2004
Human Resources Office at DCC Closing for SummerSherry Ralston, Director06/04/2003
Human Resources Office at DCC MovesPaulette Anderson11/01/2002
Human Resources Office at DCC Opens Today Human Resources Team09/14/2010
Human Resources Office at DCC Resumes HoursSherry D. Ralston, Director07/29/2003
Human Resources Office Damon City CampusCynthia Clark Inman11/09/2004
Human Resources Office has a new home at Damon City CampusHuman Resources Team08/31/2011
Human Resources Office (DCC)Dr. Sherry D. Ralston08/17/2004
Human Resources Welcomes Melissa A. Fingar, Esq.Human Resources Team12/05/2014
Human Resources Welcomes New Assistant DirectorAlberta G. Lee12/20/2006
Human Resources Welcomes Sandy WarrenDr. Sherry Ralston03/08/2005
Human Resources welcomes Suzanne Bureau as our new Benefits Coordinator.  Human Resources Team05/01/2015
Human Resources/Payroll Processing DeadlinesDr. Sherry D. Ralston08/20/2004
Human Resources/Payroll UpdateFingar, Melissa03/31/2020
Human Rights Activist John Prendergast Speaks at MCC Next MondayHolocaust, Genocide03/01/2013
Human Rights Blackboard Organization Now AvailableRegina Fabbro03/09/2016
Human Rights DayOriel, Jodi12/09/2019
Human Rights Documentary Film FestivalRobert L. Muhlnickel01/30/2013
Human Rights Film Festival - Call Me KuchuRobert L. Muhlnickel02/25/2013
Human Rights Film Series: An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton StoryRobert L. Muhlnickel03/14/2014
Human Rights Film Series: At Home in the WorldMichelle Parker03/03/2017
Human Rights Film Series:  Cartel LandMichelle Parker02/04/2016
Human Rights Panel DiscussionRosanna Condello10/20/2005
Human Rights Panel DiscussionJodi Oriel10/26/2005
Human Service Club Collecting Books and School Supplies for the Freedom SchoolPaula Fahy11/05/2008
Human Service Conference -  Reentry Post Incarceration:  The Challenges of "Coming Home"Paula Fahy03/06/2014
Human Services Club Helps Camp Good Days and Special Times with Kazoo FestDebbie Alimentato, Field Work Coordinator12/19/2003
Human Services Club Hosts Grant Writing WorkshopPaula Fahy10/12/2011
Human Services club partners with Compeer Rochester’s Mentoring Program Clayton Jones11/12/2013
Human Services Club Sponsors Presentation on Bivona Child Advocacy CenterPaula Fahy10/20/2014
Human Services Club to Gift WrapSusan Spinetti11/21/2006
Human Services Community Development Conference: Collaboration in ActionPaula Fahy05/23/2007
Human Services Conference on Domestic Violence Elizabeth Mandly04/04/2016
Human Services Conference on SaturdayDianne E McConkey04/24/2008
Human Services Conference: Community Development-Collaboration in ActionPaula Fahy04/05/2007
Human Services Department Hosts Community ConferenceKate Schiefen03/24/2011
Human Services Student Featured in D&CDianne E McConkey03/16/2007
Human Services Students Help CompeerPaula Fahy11/24/2004
Human Services Students Reach Out to Outreach VanPaula Fahy11/29/2004
Human Services Students Serving the CommunityCynthia Cooper02/05/2007
Human Services Students Continue to Make a DifferenceTracy Wyant12/12/2011
Human Trafficking Conference to be held at the Damon City CampusPaula Fahy03/17/2015
Humanitarian and Survivor of Genocide: Rose Mapendo to Speak at MCCHolocaust, Genocide02/10/2012
Humanitarian Mapping Event on Tuesday, April 5 - Register TodayLee, Christina03/16/2022
Hummus, Tabouli and Building 9Deborah Benjamin09/01/2011
Humorist Mark Russell to Entertain at Salute to ExcellenceRenee St. Louis11/30/2004
Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests Held Next TuesdayAudrey Abbondanzieri09/23/2004
Humphrey Presents at ASACC Conference in NashvilleAmy Burns11/15/2011
Humphrey Presents at National ConferenceJanet Ekis10/09/2006
Hundreds Attend "Along the Silk Road"Hency Yuen-Eng04/20/2010
Hunger Banquet at DCCTracey Britton05/09/2016
Hungry For Lunch?Iris Mand10/20/2009
Hungry? Check out our daily menu!Jamison Baker, Manager10/18/2006
Hungry? Spent all your cash on books?Douglas J. Brown, Director01/07/2005
Hurd, Pappa named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen01/23/2008
Hurlbut Nursing Scholarship AwardedRosanna Condello02/26/2003
Hurricane Relief, Service-Learning, and You
Susan Bender09/02/2005
Hurry! Register for the TCC's Teaching & Learning Conference by Friday!Neeta Primo05/26/2015
Hurry! Registration ending soon for the June 5 Teaching & Learning ConferenceBurtner, Amy05/27/2020
HVAC and Precision Machining Registration Event Wednesday, May 4th, 4-7p.m.Wockasen, Nicholas05/03/2022
HVAC Instructor Bill Horton Receives  B.S. Degree from Empire State College, Continues His Graduate Work at Buffalo StateDale Pearce02/02/2016
HVAC Mentioned in Internet MagazineDianne E McConkey08/28/2006
HVAC Networking and Open HouseLeone, Juanita04/30/2019
HVAC Open HouseFrench, Kevin11/06/2017
HVAC Open House and Networking EventJuanita Leone03/27/2017
HVAC Open House and Networking EventFrench, Kevin05/03/2017
HVAC Open House & Networking eventLeone, Juanita11/14/2017
HVAC Students Save the College ThousandsJames Murphy06/04/2012
HYBRIDIZE!Stuart T. Blacklaw03/02/2004
Hybrids Are Here!Stuart Blacklaw04/07/2003
Hybrids: The Best of Both Worlds or the Worse? AudioconferenceCarol Wilkinson11/02/2005
Hydration Challenge Wrap UpTanya Rich11/03/2016
Hydrofracking for the Holidays Jason Szymanski12/07/2011
H/PE Faculty Present to Women in Education SororityJanet Townsend01/28/2005
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