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F'loom to Perform on Thursday at Mercer GalleryJanet Ekis04/23/2003
FA's Fall Back to Campus Series ContinuesDelate, John11/16/2021
FA's Mediation Project Spotlighted in Latest New York TeacherPatricia Kress04/18/2007
FA - Absence on February 14, 2007Diane M. Cecero, General Counsel02/20/2007
FA After Graduation Party ReminderChristopher Otero-Piersante06/05/2007
FA and C.S.E.A. Social EventMarlene Goho11/27/2002
FA and C.S.E.A. Social EventMarlene Goho12/05/2002
FA Bylaw Revisions ApprovedMarlene Goho10/24/2005
FA Contract Ratification Balloting - TodayMarlene Goho04/09/2008
FA Contract RatifiedMarlene Goho03/12/2003
FA Contract RatifiedMarlene Goho05/26/2004
FA Contract RatifiedMarlene Goho04/10/2008
FA Contract RatifiedBethany Gizzi03/28/2013
FA Encourages Attendance at Legislative BreakfastMarlene Goho02/11/2003
FA End of the Semester Party is TomorrowLenhard, Sonja05/30/2017
FA End of the Year Celebration - Wednesday, May 30Lenhard, Sonja05/29/2018
FA End of the Year Celebration at TrioLenhard, Sonja05/14/2019
FA Faculty Council Election ResultsSonja Lenhard05/01/2015
FA Faculty Council Election ResultsLenhard, Sonja05/31/2019
FA Faculty Council Election ResultsLenhard, Sonja06/14/2021
FA Faculty Council Elections May 31 & June 1Lenhard, Sonja05/26/2022
FA Faculty Council Elections TodayLenhard, Sonja05/02/2018
FA Faculty Council Elections Today!Sonja Lenhard04/29/2015
FA Faculty Council Vote Today!Lenhard, Sonja05/29/2019
FA Holiday Happy Hour at Trio December 12Lenhard, Sonja12/04/2019
FA Holiday Happy Hour at Trio December 9Lenhard, Sonja12/01/2021
FA Holiday Happy Hour at TriosLenhard, Sonja12/06/2018
FA Holiday Happy Hour Tonight and Last Chance to Purchase Raffle Tickets for Gift BasketsLenhard, Sonja12/12/2019
FA Holiday Party December 5thMarlene Goho12/01/2008
FA Holiday Party Ticket SalesSonja Lenhard11/17/2010
FA Holiday Party Tonight!Bethany Gizzi12/01/2006
FA Holiday Social Gathering at Pomodoro'sSonja Lenhard12/14/2016
FA Holiday Social Gathering at Pomodoro's Tonight!Sonja Lenhard12/20/2016
FA Holiday Social Gathering at the Pomodoro, December 15Sonja Lenhard11/29/2016
FA Hosting End of the Year Celebration, June 2Sonja Lenhard05/05/2016
FA Hosting the "End of the Year Celebration"Sonja Lenhard05/27/2015
FA Meeting on Negotiations ScheduledSonja Lenhard03/11/2004
FA Members Meet with LegislatorsEllen Mancuso03/14/2012
FA Members Rally in AlbanyEllen Mancuso05/06/2003
FA Members Travel to Albany Ellen Mancuso03/11/2011
FA Membership Approves 2021-2022 ContractGizzi, Bethany09/03/2021
FA Membership Approves Chief Negotiator & Negotiating Team Marlene Goho06/14/2011
FA Membership MeetingSonja Lenhard04/04/2012
FA Membership MeetingSonja Lenhard02/13/2015
FA Membership Meeting - Schedule ChangeMarlene Goho03/31/2008
FA Membership Meeting and Officer Elections ScheduleMarlene Goho03/30/2011
FA Membership Meeting at Brighton Today & Downtown Campus on Wednesday, April 11thLenhard, Sonja04/09/2018
FA Membership Meeting at DamonSonja Lenhard10/24/2014
FA Membership Meeting at Damon Campus Cancelled TodaySonja Lenhard09/21/2016
FA Membership Meeting on June 11Sonja Lenhard05/15/2015
FA Membership Meeting RescheduledMarlene Goho03/19/2004
FA Membership Meeting ScheduledMarlene Goho02/18/2008
FA Membership Meeting Scheduled for September 25Marlene Goho09/19/2006
FA Membership Meeting TodayMarlene Goho03/06/2006
FA Membership Meeting TodayMarlene Goho06/04/2007
FA Membership Meeting TodayMarlene Goho02/27/2008
FA Membership Meeting TodayMarlene Goho03/31/2010
FA Membership Meeting TodaySonja Lenhard04/08/2015
FA Membership Meeting Today at Downtown CampusLenhard, Sonja04/24/2019
FA Membership Meeting Today at Downtown Campus; Wednesday at Brighton CampusLenhard, Sonja09/23/2019
FA Membership Meeting Today at the Brighton CampusLenhard, Sonja02/14/2018
FA Membership MeetingsGizzi, Bethany01/14/2019
FA Membership Meetings TodaySonja02/23/2015
FA Membership Meetings Today & WednesdaySonja Lenhard02/06/2017
FA Membership Meeting, Agenda:  Health CareSonja Lenhard11/04/2013
FA Membership Ratifies Health Care ChangeMarlene Goho10/30/2007
FA Negotiations Prep for 2008 BeginningCharles Clarke05/14/2007
FA Participating in "Make Strides to End Breast Cancer"Sonja Lenhard09/21/2011
FA President Bethany Gizzi Named NYSUT Higher Education Faculty Member of the Year 2018Hachee, Matthew01/22/2018
FA Scholarship Committee Names Honoree!Barone, Jessica11/02/2018
FA Scholarship Gift Basket Fundraising Raffle Starts Monday, December 2nd!Barone, Jessica11/25/2019
FA Scholarship Gift Basket Fundraising Raffle Starts Today!Barone, Jessica12/02/2019
FA Scholarship Gift Basket Raffle Starts Monday, December 3rd!Barone, Jessica11/27/2018
FA Scholarship Gift Basket Raffle Winners ...Jessica Barone12/06/2016
FA Scholarship Gift Basket Raffle!Barone, Jessica11/30/2017
FA Scholarship News: Gift Basket Winners and Funds Raised for Students!Barone, Jessica12/19/2017
FA Scholarship Recipients Announced!Jessica Barone05/26/2016
FA Statement of Intent for Tuition Reimbursement Deadline August 31Warren, Sandy08/28/2020
FA Statement of Intent for Tuition Reimbursement Deadline August 31Nicholson, Winnetta08/25/2021
FA to Honor Mike GohoSonja Lenhard05/03/2005
FA to Host After Graduation PartyMarlene Goho05/31/2007
FA to Host After Graduation PartyMarlene Goho05/29/2008
FA to Host After Graduation PartySonja Lenhard05/21/2009
FA to Host After Graduation Party Christine Casalinuovo-Adams05/27/2010
FA to Host Meet & Greet for Monroe County Legislature and County Executive CandidatesEllen Mancuso10/09/2015
FA to Host "End of the Semester" Party June 1Marlene Goho06/01/2011
FA to Sponsor After Graduation PartyMarlene Goho06/01/2005
FA to Sponsor After Graduation PartyMarlene Goho05/30/2006
FA Tuition Reimbursement Statement of IntentSandy Warren06/06/2016
FA "End of the Year Celebration"Sonja Lenhard05/06/2015
FA "End Of The Year Celebration" Today After ConvocationSonja Lenhard05/31/2012
FA "End Of The Year Celebration"  Following Convocation Sonja Lenhard05/21/2013
FA "End Of The Year Celebration"  Following Convocation Sonja Lenhard05/22/2014
FA "Follow Your Dream" Scholarship Application Now Available!Barone, Jessica02/07/2019
FA "Follow Your Dream" Scholarship Applications Available!Barone, Jessica02/27/2020
FA "Follow Your Dream" Scholarship Applications Due April 5th!Barone, Jessica03/03/2022
FA "Follow Your Dream" Scholarship Deadline is April 1st!Barone, Jessica03/19/2019
FA "Follow Your Dream" Scholarship Funds Available for Students!Barone, Jessica03/14/2018
FA "Follow Your Dream" Scholarship Gift Baskets Fundraiser - Buy Your Raffle Tickets Today!Barone, Jessica11/30/2021
FA "Follow Your Dream" Scholarship Honoree Chosen and Upcoming Gift Basket Fundraiser!Barone, Jessica11/16/2021
FA "Follow Your Dream" Scholarship Honoree Chosen for 2017-2018!Barone, Jessica11/14/2017
FA "Follow Your Dream" Scholarship Honors Ray RuffJessica Barone11/02/2015
FA "Follow Your Dream" Scholarship Recipients Announced!Barone, Jessica05/11/2018
FA "Follow Your Dream" Scholarship Recipients Announced!Barone, Jessica05/21/2019
FA "Follow Your Dream" Scholarship Recipients!Jessica Barone05/29/2015
FA "Follow Your Dream" Scholarship Updates and Requests!Jessica Barone09/15/2015
FA "Follow Your Dream" Scholarship!Jessica Barone12/09/2014
FA "Follow Your Dream" Scholarship!Pam Lazio01/06/2015
Fabian Rivera Appointed Director (Chief) of Public SafetySimmons, Hezekiah06/17/2021
Face Coverings While On CampusPerez, Tony08/07/2020
FACE it! Time is running out!The Campus Activities Board08/01/2007
Face to Face with a Common OctopusDianne E McConkey01/22/2008
Face your “Burning Fears” with Barbara Lovenheim on Oct. 10Rosanna Condello10/01/2003
Facebook PrivacyJohn Perrone10/14/2014
FACES for sale! While supplies last!The Campus Activities Board10/01/2007
Facilitating Assessment Through Faculty OwnershipStuart Blacklaw11/18/2003
Facilities' April NewsletterPaul Wurster04/06/2016
Facilities’ January NewsletterPaul Wurster01/06/2016
Facilities' January NewsletterPaul Wurster01/23/2017
Facilities' June 2019 NewsletterGrindle, Blaine06/04/2019
Facilities' June NewsletterWurster, Paul06/08/2017
Facilities' March 2019 NewsletterGrindle, Blaine03/19/2019
Facilities' September NewsletterPaul Wurster09/23/2016
Facilities' vehicle on TVHency Yuen-Eng07/20/2009
Facilities-Upcoming Project Building 11Sleight, Travis05/25/2018
Facilities - Building 11 Roof Replacement ProjectSleight, Travis06/05/2018
Facilities - Building 2 Power InterruptionSleight, Travis04/04/2018
Facilities - Building 7 Renovation ProjectSleight, Travis05/22/2018
Facilities - Downtown Campus Power InterruptionCustodio, Antonia12/09/2021
Facilities April 2018 NewsletterWurster, Paul04/23/2018
Facilities Assistant Director on Monroe County Recycling CommitteeFred McCullough01/07/2003
Facilities August NewsletterGrindle, Blaine08/28/2018
Facilities Becomes More Sustainable This WinterDoug Ford, Director Physical Plant12/16/2015
Facilities Department - Summer Newsletter 2006Dave Schottler06/09/2006
Facilities Department Food Drive December 1 through December 17Joram, Patricia12/01/2021
Facilities Department Summer 2013 NewsletterDavid A. Schottler, P.E.05/28/2013
Facilities Department Summer Newsletter 2008David Schottler, Assistant Vice President06/30/2008
Facilities Department Summer Newsletter 2009David A. Schottler, P.E.05/28/2009
Facilities Department Summer Newsletter 2011David A. Schottler, P.E.06/03/2011
Facilities Department Summer Newsletter, 2012David A. Schottler, P.E.06/08/2012
Facilities Fall Newsletter 2014Paul Wurster10/22/2014
Facilities Key Control - Hours for Monday, November 6, 2017Ford, Douglas11/06/2017
Facilities Maintenance Request Work Order Deadline: June 20, 2016Paul Wurster, Asst. V. P.05/26/2016
Facilities Master Plan Kick Off and IntroductionsGrindle, Blaine10/25/2019
Facilities Master Plan Open ForumGeer-Mentry, Ginny01/29/2020
Facilities Master Plan Open ForumGrindle, Blaine03/12/2021
Facilities Master Plan Open Forums - Employee InvitationGrindle, Blaine03/01/2021
Facilities Master Plan UpdateGrindle, Blaine03/15/2021
Facilities October NewsletterWurster, Paul10/17/2017
Facilities Quarterly NewsletterPaul Wurster02/28/2014
Facilities Quarterly NewsletterPaul Wurster01/30/2015
Facilities Quarterly NewsletterPaul Wurster06/10/2015
Facilities Quarterly NewsletterPaul Wurster04/10/2015
Facilities Quarterly Newsletter-SummerPaul Wurster05/19/2014
Facilities Signage Form OnlineMary Ranghelli10/17/2006
Facilities Staff, Vehicle Featured in National Trade PublicationHency Yuen-Eng09/16/2009
Facilities Summer 2005 NewsletterDavid Schottler06/10/2005
Facilities Summer Newsletter PublishedDavid Schottler06/05/2003
Facilities Summer Newsletter PublishedDavid Schottler05/27/2004
Facilities to Promote Sustainability Again this WinterDoug Ford, director, physical plant01/26/2017
Facilities Winter Sustainability PlanFord, Douglas02/08/2018
Facilities Work Order Deadline: June 21 David A. Schottler05/26/2011
Facilities Work Order Deadline:  June 19David A. Schottler06/08/2012
Facilities Work Order Deadline:  June 22, 2015Paul Wurster, Asst. V. P.05/20/2015
Facilities Work Order Deadline: June 18Paul Wurster05/22/2014
Facilities Work Order Deadline: June 19 David A. Schottler05/28/2013
Facilities Work Order Request Deadline: June 17Grindle, Blaine06/04/2019
Facilities/Construction UpdateDavid Schottler07/29/2003
Facing Fear Film Viewing and DiscussionSamantha Schantz10/21/2015
FACT2 Adaptive Learning Taskforce Webinar SeriesDeRusso, Katherine04/08/2019
Facts about Hispanic/Latino Heritage MonthJorge Alas09/25/2006
Faculty-Initiated Withdrawal Deadline for Fall 2003Deborah Benjamin11/25/2003
Faculty-Initiated Withdrawals for Fall 2017Wade, Andrea07/12/2017
Faculty-Staff Opinion Survey Due TodayAngel Andreu04/30/2004
Faculty 10/12-month Method of Payment OptionThe Human Resources Team05/19/2011
Faculty 21/26 Method of Pay OptionKaren Rheinhiemer05/14/2010
Faculty 21/26 Method of Pay Option Human Resources Team05/04/2012
Faculty Advising Examined WorkshopPam Donofrio04/13/2004
Faculty Advising Examined Workshop RSVP date extended to April 26!Pam Donofrio04/22/2004
Faculty Advisor and Advisor Awards Nomination Date ChangeKlein, Denise02/27/2020
Faculty Advisor and Advisor Awards NominationsKlein, Denise02/26/2020
Faculty Advisor and Advisor Awards NominationsPreische, Holly04/08/2021
Faculty Advisor AssignmentsJohnson, Gary11/06/2018
Faculty Advisor AwardsDenise Klein03/05/2010
Faculty Advisor Handbook Now Available OnlineSally Dingee11/17/2016
Faculty Advisors - Join Us for an "Advising Mishaps and FAQ's" Training Session!Jennifer Kinslow, Counseling & Advising; Kathy O'Shea, English/Philosophy; Liberal Arts Mentor Program Coordinators02/15/2010
Faculty Advisors by SchoolKaren McCarthy, Ed.D.12/16/2015
Faculty Affect More Than Students' LivesSusan Bender07/03/2007
Faculty and Professional Staff Attend Online Teaching ConferenceBurtner, Amy01/27/2021
Faculty and Reserved Spots Unavailable in Lot G for Light the Night WalkCourtney Belluccio09/09/2010
Faculty and Staff are Invited to Participate in Early Morning Basketball!Jim Coffey02/07/2017
Faculty and Staff KickballJeff Parrinello and Craig Rand05/10/2010
Faculty and Staff participate in AAC&U General Education, Pedagogy, and Assessment Conference; Borbee presentsCollins, Kimberley02/22/2021
Faculty and Staff Recreational BasketballFred McCullough09/21/2004
Faculty and Staff Recreational BasketballFred McCullough11/04/2004
Faculty and Staff Regalia for Inauguration Has Arrived!Iris Mand04/05/2010
Faculty and Student E-mailETS Technology Training Team09/07/2004
Faculty and Student E-mailETS - Technology Training Team01/25/2005
Faculty and Student E-mailETS Technology Training Team09/06/2005
Faculty and the Library - Collection DevelopmentRick Squires01/08/2013
Faculty Art Display in LibraryLori Annesi10/30/2012
Faculty Art Exhibition Opens This FridayJanet Ekis09/10/2008
Faculty Assessment Leaders Commence Work on 2010-11 ProjectsMichael Heel09/22/2010
Faculty Association's 5th Annual Holiday PartyRegina Fabbro11/02/2009
Faculty Association's 6th Annual Holiday Party Christine Casalinuovo-Adams11/02/2010
Faculty Association's 7th Annual Holiday Party Sonja Lenhard11/08/2011
Faculty Association's 8th Annual Holiday Party Sonja Lenhard11/12/2012
Faculty Association's Annual Labor Film SeriesMarlene Goho09/12/2003
Faculty Association 10th Annual Holiday PartySonja Lenhard11/17/2014
Faculty Association 9th Annual Holiday PartySonja Lenhard11/11/2013
Faculty Association Balloting ResultsMarlene Goho05/01/2006
Faculty Association Breakfasts and Membership MeetingsMarlene Goho09/20/2002
FACULTY ASSOCIATION CONTRACTDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel09/11/2003
FACULTY ASSOCIATION CONTRACTDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel09/25/2003
Faculty Association Contract SettlementMelissa Fingar02/04/2016
Faculty Association Contract SettlementMelissa Fingar02/25/2016
Faculty Association Contract Settlement Follow UpMelissa Fingar, Esq.02/29/2016
Faculty Association Defensive Driving ClassMarlene Goho01/12/2005
Faculty Association Election ResultsMarlene Goho05/02/2003
Faculty Association Election ResultsMarlene Goho04/27/2007
Faculty Association Election ResultsMarlene Goho05/19/2008
Faculty Association Election ResultsMarlene Goho05/01/2009
Faculty Association Election ResultsMarlene Goho04/30/2010
Faculty Association Elections on 4/24 and 4/25Sonja Lenhard04/24/2007
Faculty Association Elections on 4/25 and 4/26Marlene Goho04/26/2006
Faculty Association Elections TodaySonja Lenhard04/29/2009
Faculty Association Elections TodaySonja Lenhard04/28/2010
Faculty Association Elections TodaySonja Lenhard04/27/2011
Faculty Association Elections Today for the 2012-2014 Faculty Council TermSonja Lenhard04/25/2012
Faculty Association Elections Today for the 2014-2016 Faculty Council Term Sonja Lenhard04/30/2014
Faculty Association End of the Year Celebration Today!Lenhard, Sonja06/10/2022
Faculty Association Fall Back To Campus Series ContinuesDelate, John10/20/2021
Faculty Association Fall Social Event - Downtown CampusBaxter, Kathleen10/09/2017
Faculty Association Get Acquainted BreakfastsMarlene Goho10/07/2004
Faculty Association Health Care Discussions ScheduledMarlene Goho10/19/2007
Faculty Association Holiday PartyBethany Gizzi10/25/2005
Faculty Association Holiday PartyBethany Gizzi10/16/2006
Faculty Association Holiday PartyRegina Fabbro10/23/2007
Faculty Association Holiday PartySonja Lenhard11/10/2008
Faculty Association Holiday PartySonja Lenhard11/20/2008
Faculty Association Holiday PartySonja Lenhard12/02/2010
Faculty Association Holiday PartySonja Lenhard11/30/2011
Faculty Association Holiday PartySonja Lenhard12/08/2014
Faculty Association Hosting Get Acquainted BreakfastsMarlene Goho10/06/2003
Faculty Association LuncheonBethany Gizzi09/28/2005
Faculty Association Members Meet with LegislatorsBethany Gizzi04/03/2014
Faculty Association Membership - Meeting ReminderMarlene Goho01/29/2008
Faculty Association Membership MeetingSonja Lenhard09/27/2010
Faculty Association Membership MeetingSonja Lenhard09/30/2014
Faculty Association Membership MeetingBethany Gizzi06/30/2015
Faculty Association Membership Meeting - Negotiation UpdateSonja Lenhard05/08/2012
Faculty Association Membership Meeting ReminderSonja Lenhard10/05/2012
Faculty Association Membership Meeting This FridayBethany Gizzi10/05/2011
Faculty Association Membership Meeting TodayGizzi, Bethany11/23/2020
Faculty Association Membership Meeting Today at DCCSonja Lenhard04/23/2012
Faculty Association Membership Meeting Today & TomorrowLenhard, Sonja05/10/2022
Faculty Association Membership MeetingsGizzi, Bethany09/22/2021
Faculty Association Membership Meetings - Negotiations UpdateSonja Lenhard02/07/2012
Faculty Association Membership Meetings - Upcoming Faculty Council ElectionsSonja Lenhard03/31/2017
Faculty Association Membership Meetings ScheduledMarlene Goho01/18/2008
Faculty Association Social EventKathy Baxter11/07/2016
Faculty Association Social EventKathy Baxter10/26/2016
Faculty Association Social EventKathy Baxter03/17/2017
Faculty Association Social EventKathy Baxter03/27/2017
Faculty Association Sponsors Labor Film SeriesSonja Lenhard09/13/2004
Faculty Association Sponsors Labor Film SeriesSonja Lenhard09/13/2005
Faculty Association Sponsors Visit from Assemblyman Harry Bronson to Discuss the Constitutional ConventionLenhard, Sonja10/06/2017
Faculty Association to Host After Graduation PartyMarlene Goho05/28/2003
Faculty Association To Host After Graduation PartySonja Lenhard05/26/2004
Faculty Association to Offer Defensive Driving ClassSonja Lenhard12/18/2007
Faculty Association to Offer Defensive Driving Class Sonja Lenhard01/13/2011
Faculty Association Web Site Now AvailableMarlene Goho02/12/2004
Faculty Association "Follow Your Dream" Scholarship News and Requests!Barone, Jessica09/29/2021
Faculty Association/MCC FALL BACK TO CAMPUS SeriesDelate, John10/13/2021
Faculty Attend 7th Annual Radioligic Technologists ConventionSusan H. Forsyth06/07/2005
Faculty Attend Assessment ConferenceMaureen Erickson03/15/2006
Faculty Ballot for Dean of Liberal ArtsSusan Forsyth05/07/2007
Faculty can e-mail their class of studentsETS Technology Training Team09/06/2006
Faculty can e-mail their class of studentsETS Technology Training Team02/04/2008
Faculty Cap and Gown InformationAlyson Levine03/03/2004
Faculty Cap and Gown order deadline approachingMary Struthers04/09/2014
Faculty Cap and Gown Orders for Commencement Due April 6Peggy Ansaldi03/29/2011
Faculty Caps and Gown Are Here!Iris Mand05/13/2009
Faculty Caps and Gowns are HereAlyson05/17/2004
Faculty Caps and Gowns are HereIris Mand05/26/2005
Faculty Caps and Gowns are HereIris Mand05/16/2006
Faculty Caps and Gowns Are HereIris Mand05/14/2008
Faculty Caps and Gowns are HereIris Mand05/22/2009
Faculty Caps and Gowns are Ready for Pick upIris Mand05/28/2010
Faculty Caps, Gowns and Hoods are HereIris Mand05/15/2007
Faculty Council Election ResultsMarlene Goho04/29/2011
Faculty Council Election ResultsSonja Lenhard05/01/2013
Faculty Council Election ResultsSonja Lenhard05/02/2014
Faculty Council Election ResultsLenhard, Sonja05/05/2017
Faculty Council Election ResultsGizzi, Bethany06/02/2022
Faculty Council Elections TodayMarlene Goho05/14/2008
Faculty Council of Community Colleges' Visit -- Executive SummaryAnonymous06/25/2019
Faculty Development Workshop on June 15th - The 21st Century Global CitizenGale Lynch05/14/2015
Faculty Efforts Honored at Assessment LuncheonMichael A. Heel10/09/2009
Faculty Elected to BoardChristopher M Sardone11/18/2004
Faculty Engagement in Guided Pathways- WebinarWilkie, Jessica02/23/2018
Faculty Enrichment Session Explores the Holocaust through Music: June 10Rosanna Condello05/11/2009
Faculty Enrichment Session on Wednesday, June 10Rosanna Condello06/08/2009
Faculty Exams Process Changed - Brighton CampusBob Bertram01/21/2003
Faculty ExpertsCynthia Cooper11/26/2007
Faculty Graduation Regalia RentalsPeggy Ansaldi04/03/2012
Faculty Graduation Regalia Sale: Save the DatesPeggy Ansaldi10/13/2011
Faculty Graduation Rental Regalia Pick UpPeggy Ansaldi05/09/2011
Faculty Guide for Student MisconductWheeler, Holly09/18/2017
Faculty Guide to MCC LibrariesAlice Wilson09/02/2009
Faculty Guide to MCC LibrariesAlice Wilson09/08/2011
Faculty Guide to the MCC LibrariesWilson, Alice09/02/2021
Faculty Human Rights WorkshopCharlie Clarke06/06/2005
Faculty Human Rights WorkshopCharlie Clarke06/07/2005
Faculty Human Rights Workshop: Monday, Jan. 5Regina Fabbro12/09/2014
Faculty IEW session today! Learn how to create a study abroad or on location course.Lee, Christina11/14/2017
Faculty Initiated Withdrawal Tedium: There is Always Someone Worse Off Than You.
Deborah Benjamin10/05/2005
Faculty Initiated WithdrawalsWade, Andrea03/28/2019
Faculty Innovation Center (FIC) Coverage at DCC for FallPeggy VanKirk11/05/2013
Faculty Inquiry Group for Open Educational Resources to Meet This FallAndrea Kingston09/08/2016
Faculty Inquiry Group/Critical Friends Group Open Meeting during Finals WeekGena Merliss12/04/2012
Faculty Interested in Online TeachingPeggy VanKirk05/28/2014
Faculty Involved in RCSD New Code of ConductBanke Awopetu-McCullough05/03/2016
Faculty Jump Start to Blackboard CertificationVirtual Campus Team09/01/2016
Faculty Leave Reporting in myMCCBob Bertram10/21/2010
Faculty Lunch and Learn - COIL 101: Connect your students to their international peers!Gale Lynch02/03/2016
Faculty Lunch and Learn - COIL at DCCGail Lynch10/04/2016
FACULTY Lunch and Learn:  Connect your students with their peers in another country! Gale Lynch04/07/2015
Faculty Mailroom Re-OpenedCarol A. Battles12/22/2003
Faculty Member Discusses Optics Education in WDKX PodcastYuen-Eng, Hency10/08/2019
Faculty Members Recognized for Assessment ProjectsMichael A. Heel11/21/2011
Faculty Notification: Changes to SSD Testing CenterAmber Kallassy03/07/2016
Faculty Panel on Leave for Professional Advancement for the Benefit of the CollegeScanlon, Joseph12/19/2017
Faculty Panel on Leave for Professional Advancement for the Benefit of the CollegeScanlon, Joseph01/10/2018
Faculty Panel on Leave for Professional Advancement for the Benefit of the CollegeScanlon, Joseph01/10/2018
Faculty Panel on Leave for Professional Advancement for the Benefit of the CollegeScanlon, Joseph01/22/2018
Faculty Panel on Leave for Professional Advancement for the Benefit of the CollegeScanlon, Joseph12/13/2018
Faculty Panel on Leave for Professional Advancement for the Benefit of the CollegeScanlon, Joseph01/09/2019
Faculty Panel on Leave for Professional Advancement for the Benefit of the CollegeScanlon, Joseph01/09/2019
Faculty Panel on Leave for Professional Advancement for the Benefit of the CollegeScanlon, Joseph01/22/2019
Faculty Panel on Leave for Professional Advancement for the Benefit of the CollegeScanlon, Joseph01/22/2019
Faculty PD Series: Globalizie Your CurriculumGale Lynch02/11/2016
Faculty Perform During Fringe FestivalLori Moses09/19/2012
Faculty Posting for ReviewFreeman, Andrew04/13/2022
Faculty Present at Recent Holocaust Scholars' Conference Michael McDonough05/21/2012
Faculty Present at STEMtech ConferenceLaurel Sanger10/11/2011
Faculty Professional Staff Tuition Reimbursement Statement of Intent Now AvailableWarren, Sandy05/29/2019
Faculty Proposals Sought for Agriculture Module InfusionBob King, Ph.D.02/24/2009
Faculty Receive Kudos for Teaching Excellence!Gena Merliss12/13/2016
Faculty Recollection PublishedBarry Goldfarb04/27/2007
Faculty RegaliaFathergill, Christa03/15/2018
Faculty Regalia Available to Purchase for 2010 Commencement.Iris Mand11/02/2009
Faculty Regalia for 2017 CommencementChrista Fathergill03/08/2017
Faculty Regalia for CommencementCarol McKeown05/21/2014
Faculty Regalia for CommencementMary Struthers02/23/2015
Faculty Regalia for CommencementCarol McKeown03/21/2016
Faculty Regalia Pick UpPeggy Ansaldi05/16/2012
Faculty Regalia ReminderCarol McKeown04/06/2016
Faculty Regalia ReminderChrista Fathergill04/03/2017
Faculty Regalia Rental Deadline Approaches...Fathergill, Christa03/28/2022
Faculty Regalia RentalsFathergill, Christa03/19/2018
Faculty Regalia RentalsFathergill, Christa03/11/2019
Faculty Regalia rentals for GraduationMary Struthers03/17/2014
Faculty Regalia SaleIris Mand11/28/2005
Faculty Regalia SalePeggy Ansaldi11/08/2011
Faculty Regalia SalePeggy Ansaldi11/06/2012
Faculty Regalia SaleFathergill, Christa11/10/2017
Faculty Regalia SaleFathergill, Christa10/31/2018
Faculty Regalia SaleFathergill, Christa11/12/2018
Faculty Regalia SaleFathergill, Christa10/23/2019
Faculty Regalia Sale-November 19th!Fathergill, Christa11/14/2019
Faculty Regalia Sale!  Save the Date!Peggy Ansaldi10/23/2012
Faculty Reminder for MCC Commencement Ceremony ParticipationMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly05/31/2022
Faculty Rental Regalia is available Jenna Keefe05/22/2013
Faculty Rental Regalia ReminderPeggy Ansaldi05/23/2012
Faculty Resource CommitteeBethany Gizzi11/04/2015
Faculty Resource Guide: Supporting Students with DisabilitiesMorelli, Jessica02/25/2019
Faculty Resource Guide: Supporting Students with DisabilitiesMorelli, Jessica03/08/2019
Faculty Senate's Professional Development January WorkshopsFaculty Senate's Professioinal Development Committee11/21/2005
Faculty Senate-Representative, MCC Association BoardHarry Pierre-Philippe03/18/2008
Faculty Senate 2015-2016 Meeting ScheduleTeresa Schichler06/30/2015
Faculty Senate 3/17/05 MinutesFaculty Senate04/18/2005
Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee OpportunitySandy Wynne03/29/2007
Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee VolunteersTerri Tugel, President10/05/2006
Faculty Senate Ad Hoc CommitteesChristine Abbott09/17/2009
Faculty Senate AgendaTerri Tugel10/13/2003
Faculty Senate Agenda - 10/21/04Faculty Senate10/18/2004
Faculty Senate Agenda - 11/18/04Faculty Senate11/12/2004
Faculty Senate Agenda - 4/14/05Faculty Senate04/11/2005
Faculty Senate Agenda - 5/18/06Faculty Senate05/11/2006
Faculty Senate Agenda - 6-9-05Faculty Senate06/03/2005
Faculty Senate Agenda - 9/21/06Sandy Wynne09/14/2006
Faculty Senate Agenda - Change In Curriculum Action ItemSandy Wynne04/23/2008
Faculty Senate Agenda - December 13, 2007Sandy Wynne12/07/2007
Faculty Senate Agenda - March 20, 2008Sandy Wynne03/14/2008
Faculty Senate Agenda - November 15, 2007Sandy Wynne11/09/2007
Faculty Senate Agenda - November 16, 2006Sandy Wynne, Secretary11/09/2006
Faculty Senate Agenda - September 22, 2005Faculty Senate09/19/2005
Faculty Senate Agenda for Jan. 26 MeetingFaculty Senate01/19/2006
Faculty Senate All-College MeetingDonna Cox05/27/2004
Faculty Senate All College Meeting - Q&ATerri Tugel, President09/22/2006
Faculty Senate All College Meeting MinutesSandy Wynne10/04/2010
Faculty Senate and Executive Committee Meeting ScheduleFaculty Senate12/21/2005
Faculty Senate April AgendaFaculty Senate04/10/2006
Faculty Senate April AgendaSandy Wynne04/10/2007
Faculty Senate April AgendaSandy Wynne04/10/2008
Faculty Senate April AgendaSandy Wynne04/10/2009
Faculty Senate April AgendaSandy Wynne04/12/2010
Faculty Senate April AgendaSandy Wynne04/11/2011
Faculty Senate April MeetingSandy Wynne04/01/2009
Faculty Senate April Meeting MinutesSandy Wynne05/21/2009
Faculty Senate April MinutesFaculty Senate05/24/2004
Faculty Senate April MinutesSandy Wynne05/22/2007
Faculty Senate April MinutesSandy Wynne05/19/2008
Faculty Senate April MinutesSandy Wynne05/27/2010
Faculty Senate Awards for Spring 2019Senden, James12/13/2018
Faculty Senate Awards for Spring 2020Morelli, Jessica12/16/2019
Faculty Senate Awards Pop Quiz!Gale Lynch09/19/2016
Faculty Senate Awards WorkshopCarmen Powers03/04/2011
Faculty Senate Bookstore SurveyTerri Tugel, President09/19/2006
Faculty Senate Bookstore SurveyTerri Tugel, President09/28/2006
Faculty Senate Bookstore SurveyTerri Tugel, President10/04/2006
Faculty Senate Business Posted in BlackboardBaxter, Elizabeth04/27/2020
Faculty Senate Bylaw Election Results Alice Wilson06/09/2014
Faculty Senate Bylaw Vote About to CloseBasnayake, Eraj05/24/2019
Faculty Senate Bylaws Amendment Proposal for Faculty ReviewMichael Heel02/01/2016
Faculty Senate Bylaws AmendmentsTimmons, Mary02/01/2021
Faculty Senate Bylaws VoteHeel, Michael04/12/2018
Faculty Senate Bylaws Vote About to CloseHeel, Michael05/02/2018
Faculty Senate Bylaws Vote Coming to a CloseMichael Heel03/28/2017
Faculty Senate Bylaws Vote ResultsFaculty Senate06/02/2005
Faculty Senate Call for Ad Hoc Committee VolunteersSandy Wynne10/09/2008
Faculty Senate Call for Committee MembersMark Ernsthausen02/12/2014
Faculty Senate Call for Presidential Search Committee VolunteersHolly Wheeler10/09/2008
Faculty Senate Call for VolunteersSandy Wynne10/03/2005
Faculty Senate Caucus ScheduleBaxter, Elizabeth02/25/2020
Faculty Senate Classroom Committee NewsletterEd Martin11/19/2008
Faculty Senate College Conversation TODAY! Improving Student Success in Online LearningColosimo, Amanda10/17/2018
Faculty Senate College Conversations: Choose Your Own AdventureColosimo, Amanda09/17/2018
Faculty Senate December AgendaSandy Wynne12/14/2009
Faculty Senate December AgendaSandy Wynne12/13/2010
Faculty Senate December Meeting AgendaSandy Wynne12/05/2008
Faculty Senate December Meeting MinutesSandy Wynne02/04/2008
Faculty Senate December MinutesFaculty Senate01/31/2005
Faculty Senate December MinutesFaculty Senate02/02/2006
Faculty Senate December MinutesSandy Wynne01/27/2009
Faculty Senate December MinutesSandy Wynne02/12/2010
Faculty Senate Election-Candidate for Representative to SUNY Faculty Council of Community CollegesSusan Murphy04/27/2007
Faculty Senate Election - Today at DCCNominations, Elections and Governance Committee (NEG)05/07/2009
Faculty Senate Election - Today at DCCNominations, Elections and Governance Committee (NEG)05/02/2013
Faculty Senate Election at Brighton TodayNominations, Elections and Governance Committee (NEG)05/01/2013
Faculty Senate Election at Damon City Campus TodayNominations, Elections & Governance Committee (NEG)05/05/2011
Faculty Senate election for officersNominations, Elections and Governace Committee (NEG)04/15/2009
Faculty Senate election for representative to the MCC Association BoardSusan Murphy04/27/2006
Faculty Senate Election for Representative to the MCC Association Board of DirectorsHarry Pierre-Philippe04/29/2008
Faculty Senate Election ResultsSusan Cable05/09/2003
Faculty Senate Election ResultsSusan Cable05/07/2004
Faculty Senate Election ResultsSusan Murphy05/09/2006
Faculty Senate Election ResultsSandy Wynne05/13/2009
Faculty Senate Election ResultsAndrew Morris05/20/2010
Faculty Senate Election ResultsTimmons, Mary05/18/2021
Faculty Senate Election ResultsTimmons, Mary05/25/2022
Faculty Senate Election Results - Senate Officers and Representative to the Faculty Council of Community CollegesAlice Wilson05/07/2013
Faculty Senate Election Results: Officers & MCC Association Board RepAlice Wilson05/09/2011
Faculty Senate Election TodaySusan Murphy05/08/2006
Faculty Senate election today - Brighton campusHarry Pierre-Philippe05/08/2008
Faculty Senate Election today - Damon City CampusHarry Pierre-Philippe05/07/2008
Faculty Senate Election Today at Brighton CampusNominations, Elections and Governance Committee (NEG)05/06/2009
Faculty Senate Election Today at Brighton Campus Nominations, Elections and Governance Committee (NEG)05/04/2011
Faculty Senate Election Today at DCCNEG Committee05/10/2007
Faculty Senate ElectionsMichael Heel04/26/2016
Faculty Senate ElectionsTimmons, Mary05/04/2021
Faculty Senate ElectionsTimmons, Mary05/12/2022
Faculty Senate Elections ResultsHarry Pierre-Philippe05/19/2008
Faculty Senate Elections Today and TomorrowSusan Cable05/07/2003
Faculty Senate ElectionToday at Brighton CampusNEG Committee05/09/2007
Faculty Senate Fall '08 UpdateTerri Tugel09/10/2008
Faculty Senate Fall '09 UpdateChristine Abbott09/14/2009
Faculty Senate February 25, 2021 Meeting AgendaVest, Mary Jo02/23/2021
Faculty Senate February AgendaSandy Wynne02/09/2007
Faculty Senate February AgendaSandy Wynne02/18/2008
Faculty Senate February AgendaSandy Wynne02/23/2009
Faculty Senate February AgendaSandy Wynne02/22/2010
Faculty Senate February AgendaSandy Wynne02/24/2010
Faculty Senate February AgendaSandy Wynne02/14/2011
Faculty Senate February MeetingFaculty Senate02/15/2005
Faculty Senate February Meeting AgendaFaculty Senate02/09/2006
Faculty Senate February MinutesFaculty Senate03/21/2005
Faculty Senate February MinutesFaculty Senate03/23/2006
Faculty Senate February MinutesSandy Wynne03/20/2007
Faculty Senate February MinutesSandy Wynne03/25/2008
Faculty Senate February MinutesSandy Wynne04/01/2010
Faculty Senate February MinutesSandy Wynne03/23/2011
Faculty Senate Information for Upcoming Open Hearings and VoteFaculty Senate04/25/2005
Faculty Senate January 2010 MinutesSandy Wynne03/05/2010
Faculty Senate January AgendaSandy Wynne01/19/2007
Faculty Senate January AgendaSandy Wynne01/24/2008
Faculty Senate January AgendaSandy Wynne01/16/2009
Faculty Senate January AgendaSandy Wynne01/24/2011
Faculty Senate January MinutesSandy Wynne02/21/2007
Faculty Senate January MinutesSandy Wynne03/03/2008
Faculty Senate January MinutesSandy Wynne03/03/2009
Faculty Senate January MinutesSandy Wynne02/28/2011
Faculty Senate June MinutesHolly Wheeler, Secretary09/26/2006
Faculty Senate June MinutesSandy Wynne09/28/2009
Faculty Senate June WorkshopAnne Hughes, Chair Faculty Senate Professional Development Committee05/17/2005
Faculty Senate Leadership ChangeMichael A. Heel03/06/2017
Faculty Senate Leaves and Awards Dates - Spring 2011Carmen Powers01/31/2011
Faculty Senate March 25, 2021 Meeting AgendaVest, Mary Jo03/24/2021
Faculty Senate March AgendaFaculty Senate03/09/2006
Faculty Senate March AgendaSandy Wynne03/14/2011
Faculty Senate March Meeting AgendaSandy Wynne03/09/2007
Faculty Senate March Meeting AgendaSandy Wynne03/19/2009
Faculty Senate March MinutesFaculty Senate06/02/2004
Faculty Senate March MinutesFaculty Senate04/17/2006
Faculty Senate March MinutesSandy Wynne04/24/2007
Faculty Senate March MinutesSandy Wynne04/27/2009
Faculty Senate March MinutesSandy Wynne04/26/2010
Faculty Senate March MinutesSandy Wynne04/25/2011
Faculty Senate May AgendaSandy Wynne05/10/2007
Faculty Senate May AgendaSandy Wynne05/08/2008
Faculty Senate May AgendaSandy Wynne05/11/2009
Faculty Senate May AgendaSandy Wynne05/17/2010
Faculty Senate May AgendaSandy Wynne05/16/2011
Faculty Senate May MinutesSandy Wynne06/20/2007
Faculty Senate May MinutesSandy Wynne06/24/2008
Faculty Senate May MinutesSandy Wynne06/10/2009
Faculty Senate MeetingTerri Tugel11/10/2003
Faculty Senate MeetingSandy Wynne11/14/2005
Faculty Senate MeetingBaxter, Elizabeth09/15/2020
Faculty Senate Meeting - April 22, 2004Faculty Senate04/09/2004
Faculty Senate Meeting - March 17, 2005Faculty Senate03/14/2005
Faculty Senate Meeting AgendaDonna Cox, President01/23/2004
Faculty Senate Meeting Dates - Fall 2004Faculty Senate09/07/2004
Faculty Senate Meeting MinutesTerri Tugel11/17/2003
Faculty Senate Meeting RoomSandy Wynne12/11/2003
Faculty Senate Meeting ScheduleFaculty Senate09/02/2003
Faculty Senate Meeting ScheduleFaculty Senate01/22/2004
Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule 2007-08Sandy Wynne08/21/2007
Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule 2010-2011Sandy Wynne09/09/2010
Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule for 2006-2007Sandy Wynne08/17/2006
Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule for 2009-2010Sandy Wynne09/03/2009
Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule for 2012-2013Heather Murphy08/30/2012
Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule for 2013-2014 Heather Murphy08/29/2013
Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule for Spring Heather Murphy01/22/2013
Faculty Senate Meeting TodayFaculty Senate09/18/2003
Faculty Senate Meetings - Spring 2005Faculty Senate12/16/2004
Faculty Senate MinutesFaculty Senate09/25/2002
Faculty Senate MinutesFaculty Senate10/23/2002
Faculty Senate MinutesFaculty Senate11/21/2002
Faculty Senate MinutesTerri Tugel10/20/2003
Faculty Senate Minutes - 11/17/05Faculty Senate12/20/2005
Faculty Senate Minutes - 1/27/05Faculty Senate02/21/2005
Faculty Senate Minutes - 1/29/04Faculty Senate03/01/2004
Faculty Senate Minutes - 6/10/04Faculty Senate09/27/2004
Faculty Senate Minutes - 9/20/07Sandy Wynne10/26/2007
Faculty Senate Minutes - 9/22/05Faculty Senate10/24/2005
Faculty Senate Minutes - 9/23/04Faculty Senate10/25/2004
Faculty Senate Minutes - April 13, 2006Faculty Senate05/22/2006
Faculty Senate Minutes - April 14, 2005Faculty Senate05/23/2005
Faculty Senate Minutes - January 26, 2006Faculty Senate03/01/2006
Faculty Senate Minutes - June 9, 2005Faculty Senate09/27/2005
Faculty Senate Minutes - May 18, 2006Faculty Senate06/14/2006
Faculty Senate Minutes - October 19, 2006Sandy Wynne11/20/2006
Faculty Senate NEG Open Hearing RescheduledMichael Heel12/04/2015
Faculty Senate Nominations About to CloseMichael Heel05/13/2016
Faculty Senate November AgendaSandy Wynne11/14/2008
Faculty Senate November AgendaSandy Wynne11/16/2009
Faculty Senate November AgendaSandy Wynne11/15/2010
Faculty Senate November MinutesSandy Wynne12/15/2003
Faculty Senate November MinutesFaculty Senate12/20/2004
Faculty Senate November MinutesSandy Wynne12/20/2006
Faculty Senate November MinutesSandy Wynne12/18/2007
Faculty Senate November MinutesSandy Wynne12/17/2008
Faculty Senate November MinutesSandy Wynne12/20/2010
Faculty Senate October Meeting AgendaSandy Wynne10/16/2006
Faculty Senate October MinutesFaculty Senate11/22/2004
Faculty Senate October MinutesFaculty Senate11/21/2005
Faculty Senate October MinutesSandy Wynne11/26/2008
Faculty Senate October MinutesSandy Wynne12/03/2009
Faculty Senate October MinutesSandy Wynne11/22/2010
Faculty Senate Officer Candidate Open HearingsNEG Committee04/23/2007
Faculty Senate Officer Candidate StatementsAlice Wilson04/11/2011
Faculty Senate Officer ElectionsNatasha Christensen03/12/2015
Faculty Senate Officer ElectionsBasnayake, Eraj05/01/2019
Faculty Senate Officer Elections About to CloseBasnayake, Eraj05/08/2019
Faculty Senate Open Forum on Amendment to the BylawsMichael Heel11/25/2015
Faculty Senate Open Hearing For Officer Candidates-TodayNEG Committee04/30/2007
Faculty Senate Open Hearing for Officer Candidates-Today at DCCNEG Committee05/03/2007
Faculty Senate Open Hearings and VoteSusan Cable04/15/2005
Faculty Senate Professional Development Committee Needs Your HelpAnne Hughes10/11/2004
Faculty Senate Professional Development Week - June 1st through 4thChristensen, Natasha05/27/2021
Faculty Senate Professional Development Week Concludes TodayScanlon, Joseph06/04/2020
Faculty Senate Professional Development Week ContinuesScanlon, Joseph06/02/2020
Faculty Senate Professional Development Week Program Now Available!Scanlon, Joseph05/17/2018
Faculty Senate Professional Development Week Schedule Now Available!Lynch, Gale05/25/2017
Faculty Senate Reminder: Bylaws Ballots Due May 31Faculty Senate05/23/2005
Faculty Senate Reminder: Bylaws Re-voteSusan Cable05/16/2005
Faculty Senate Resolution Proposals from NEG and APCNguyen, Binh-Yen03/28/2022
Faculty Senate Schedule Changes Heather Murphy03/20/2017
Faculty Senate Schedule for 2016-2017Heather Murphy06/08/2016
Faculty Senate SecretaryTerri Tugel12/08/2003
Faculty Senate Senator Election ResultsAndrew Morris05/17/2010
Faculty Senate Senator Election ResultsAlice Wilson05/10/2011
Faculty Senate Senator Election ResultsAlice Wilson05/22/2014
Faculty Senate Senator Election Results Alice Wilson05/10/2012
Faculty Senate September 23 AgendaSandy Wynne09/20/2010
Faculty Senate September AgendaFaculty Senate09/17/2004
Faculty Senate September AgendaSandy Wynne09/14/2007
Faculty Senate September MeetingSandy Wynne09/19/2008
Faculty Senate September Meeting AgendaSandy Wynne09/21/2009
Faculty Senate September MinutesSandy Wynne10/24/2006
Faculty Senate September MinutesSandy Wynne10/30/2008
Faculty Senate September MinutesSandy Wynne10/25/2010
Faculty Senate Teaching CaucusChristensen, Natasha11/01/2021
Faculty Senate Teaching Caucus TodayChristensen, Natasha03/04/2022
Faculty Senate to Discuss the Campus Center Space TodayFaculty Senate04/10/2003
Faculty Senate UpdateTerri Tugel, President09/14/2006
Faculty Senate Vote Closes TodayMichael Heel02/26/2016
Faculty Senate VotingFaculty Senate05/09/2005
Faculty Senate/Executive Committee Open Hearings for Resolution RevisionsTerri Tugel, President10/31/2006
Faculty session - Learn about COIL and Fulbright opportunities today on the Brighton campusLee, Christina11/15/2017
Faculty sessions! Learn about COIL and Fulbright opportunities today!Lee, Christina11/13/2017
Faculty Sharing with Faculty- Join Us to Celebrate Learning!Ellen Z. Gozik10/25/2006
Faculty Showcase with Angela Douglas: Wednesday, February 24thGilbert, Andrea02/16/2021
Faculty Starfish Training — Just in time for the second Student Progress Report, Due 3/17Kim Ross03/08/2017
Faculty Tuition Reimbursement DeadlineSandy Warren08/31/2016
Faculty Volunteers for Academic Grievance HearingsRaymond Shea09/04/2002
Faculty Volunteers for Academic Grievance HearingsRaymond Shea09/24/2002
Faculty Volunteers for Academic Grievance HearingsDonna Cox09/12/2003
Faculty Volunteers Needed for InaugurationBetty Stewart and Pam Korte02/09/2010
Faculty Who Teach In-person Are Eligible for the COVID-19 VaccineDouglas, Katherine01/21/2021
Faculty Workshop - Keeping Assessment Simple and UsefulMichael Heel12/17/2015
Faculty Workshop Explored the Rise of Antisemitism and XenophobiaRegina Fabbro01/19/2016
Faculty Workshop: Hate Speech/Free SpeechFabbro, Regina12/05/2017
Faculty Workshop: The Refugee CrisisRegina Fabbro12/09/2016
Faculty Workshop: The Rise of Antisemitism and XenophobiaRegina Fabbro12/17/2015
Faculty & Adjunct Survey Coming about StarfishAndreu, Angel06/08/2017
Faculty & Staff Resources for Responding to Disruptive and Distressed StudentsKara Kupinski05/20/2013
FacultyAdmin Tuition Reimbursement Statement of Intent now availableWarren, Sandy05/22/2018
FacultyStaff Regalia ReturnIris Mand06/10/2009
Faculty, Staff and Students Welcome to Learn from Tibetan MonksJodi Oriel02/13/2006
Faculty, Staff and Students: Service Day - May 12 ReminderRick Costanza05/09/2016
Faculty, Staff and Students: Service Day - May 12th ReminderRick Costanza05/05/2016
Faculty, Staff Members Discuss Racism on WXXI RadioYuen-Eng, Hency03/22/2021
Faculty, Staff React to Russia's Attacks on UkraineYuen-Eng, Hency02/28/2022
Faculty, Staff Volunteers Sought for Downtown Campus Photo ShootHency Yuen-Eng05/02/2016
Faculty, Students Impress at Model UN ConferenceDianne E McConkey03/29/2007
Faculty/Admin Tuition Reimbursement Deadline ApproachingWarren, Sandy08/26/2019
Faculty/Admininstration Statement of Intent for 2016-2017 due today.Sandy Warren08/31/2016
Faculty/Administratiion Tuition Reimbursement for the 04/05 academic yearBernadine Merante08/16/2004
Faculty/Administratiion Tuition Reimbursement for the 04/05 Academic YearBernadine Merante08/20/2004
Faculty/Administration Statement of Intent Forms AvailableSandy Warren05/20/2015
Faculty/Administration Tuition Reimbursement for the 03/04 academic yearBernadine Merante08/22/2003
Faculty/Administration Tuition Reimbursement for the 06/07 Academic YearCarol Barcomb08/08/2006
Faculty/Administration Tuition Reimbursement for the 07/08 Academic YearCarol Barcomb07/19/2007
Faculty/Administration Tuition Reimbursement for the 08/09 Academic YearCarol Barcomb07/25/2008
Faculty/Administration Tuition Reimbursement for the 08/09 Academic YearCarol Barcomb08/15/2008
Faculty/Administration Tuition Reimbursement for the 09/10 Academic YearHuman Resources Team06/03/2009
Faculty/Administration Tuition Reimbursement for the 10/11 Academic YearHuman Resources Team07/13/2010
Faculty/Administration Tuition Reimbursement for the 2010-2011 Academic Year Human Resources Team07/23/2010
Faculty/Administration Tuition Reimbursement for the 2011-2012 Academic Year Sandy Warren05/24/2011
Faculty/Administration Tuition Reimbursement for the 2011-2012 Academic Year Sandy Warren07/26/2011
Faculty/Administration Tuition Reimbursement for the 2013-2014 Academic Year Sandy Warren05/21/2013
Faculty/Administration Tuition Reimbursement for the 2013-2014 Academic Year Deadline ApproachingSandy Warren08/26/2013
Faculty/Administration Tuition Reimbursement Statement of Intents DueSandy Warren08/20/2010
Faculty/Administration Tuition Statement of Intent now available.Warren, Sandy05/25/2017
Faculty/Professional Staff Reappointment Letters for 2021-2022Lowe, Kristin03/02/2021
Faculty/Professional Staff Tuition Reimbursement Statement of Intent for 2021-2022 Now AvailableNicholson, Winnetta06/03/2021
Faculty/Professional Staff Tuition Reimbursement Statement of Intent for 2022-2023 Now AvailableNicholson, Winnetta06/29/2022
Faculty/Professional Staff Tuition Statement of Intent for 2020-2021 Academic Year Now Available.Warren, Sandy07/29/2020
Faculty/Staff Check List for Upcoming Network Systems UpgradeRosanna Condello02/07/2012
Faculty/Staff Events for the Enough is Enough Campaign– April 7-10, 2014Rebecca Herzog & Mike Bates03/10/2014
Faculty/Staff Events for the Enough is Enough Campaign – March 4-7, 2013Amy Greer & Rebecca Herzog02/19/2013
Faculty/Staff Locker Room RenovationsJanet Townsend05/17/2004
Faculty/Staff Pick-up Basketball - Fridays at 3:00 p.m. in the Brighton Campus GymJim Coffey05/15/2012
Faculty/Staff Rate Available for Salute to ExcellenceGretchen Wood10/22/2015
Faculty/Staff Rate Available for Salute to ExcellenceAyana Harrington10/17/2016
Faculty/Staff Rate for Salute to ExcellenceGretchen Wood11/10/2015
Faculty/Staff Rate for Salute to ExcellenceAyana Harrington11/07/2016
Faculty/Staff Regalia Rental--Final CallFathergill, Christa04/11/2022
Faculty/Staff Regalia Rental for The Inauguration of Anne M. KressIris Mand01/26/2010
Faculty/Staff Regalia Rental for The Inauguration of Anne M. KressIris Mand01/08/2010
Faculty/Staff Regalia Return Iris Mand06/17/2010
Faculty/Staff Regalia Return PolicyIris Mand06/14/2006
Faculty/Staff Regalia Return PolicyIris Mand06/21/2007
Faculty/Staff Update on DCC Student Services Stress Buster SeriesDeborah Scott05/13/2004
Faculty: How to Support Students with Testing AccommodationsPantaleo, Sarah02/03/2021
Faculty: Jump Start to Blackboard this Summer!Marie Gibson05/16/2016
Faculty: Jump Start to Blackboard This Summer!Marie Gibson06/02/2016
Faculty: Schedule a Library Instruction Session Today!Wilson, Alice09/10/2018
Faculty: Take Advantage of the MCC Libraries' Library Instruction ProgramWilson, Alice09/15/2020
Faculty: The Holocaust Genocide Studies Project Needs Your HelpAngelique Stevens04/04/2006
Faculty:  Travel to Mexico with COIL this June!Gale Lynch04/08/2016
Facutly/Professional Staff Reappointment Letters for 2019-2020Fingar, Melissa03/05/2019
Facutly/Staff Events for the Enough is Enough Campaign - April 2-5, 2012Rebecca Herzog and Amy Greer03/12/2012
FAFSA Do'sRamon L. Rodriguez02/04/2009
FAFSA Fest Held This Evening at the Downtown CampusMiller, Douglas11/14/2019
FAFSA Question: If my parents are divorced/separated, which parent should provide information required for aid?Ramon L. Rodriguez05/15/2013
FAFSA Workshops Damon City CampusRamon L. Rodriguez05/29/2013
FAFSA: Find the Information You Need OnlineRamon L. Rodriguez01/27/2016
Fahrenheit 9/11 Playing ALL This Week in the Brick Lounge and The Forum!Michelle Macirella10/11/2004
Fahy Named to Human Services CommitteeDianne E McConkey01/14/2008
Fahy Presents to City StudentsDianne E McConkey07/27/2006
Failing to Patch or Update DevicesDonna Pogroszewski02/27/2014
Fair Trade exibit at MCC's National Sustainability Day conferenceSusan Bender10/09/2007
Fairport High School to Defend Engineering Title TodayRosanna Condello05/12/2009
Fairy Godmothers Need Your HelpMarj Crum01/20/2006
Fake COVID-19 Map Website - Beware!Wirley, Eileen03/16/2020
Fake Phone Calls from Extension 1000Clement, James03/30/2022
Fall '05 Enrollment - We Need Your Help!Andrew W. Freeman08/05/2005
Fall 2002 Satellite Seminar Series presented by the Alpha Theta Iota
Chapter of Phi theta Kappa.
Jodi Oriel09/16/2002
Fall 2003 Enrollment HighlightsElina Belyablya10/28/2003
Fall 2003 Faculty Classroom Needs SurveyDeborah Benjamin04/09/2003
Fall 2003 Foreign Film Fest Starts this ThursdayLouis Silvers10/28/2003
Fall 2003 Priority Registration DatesGinger Toth02/11/2003
Fall 2004 Fire Drill Schedule for the Brighton CampusChristian D.Caswell10/01/2004
Fall 2004 Fire Drill Schedule for the Brighton Campus - 2nd PostingChristian Caswell10/05/2004
Fall 2004 Fire Drills At DCCChris D. Caswell10/22/2004
Fall 2004 Foreign Film Fest Starts ThursdayLouis Silvers10/26/2004
Fall 2005-2006 Residence Hall Applications Available January 13, 2005Shelitha Dickerson12/15/2004
Fall 2005 Final Exam ScheduleGinger Toth11/15/2005
Fall 2005 Fitness Center Open HoursDouglas R. Henneberg09/02/2005
Fall 2005 Foreign Film Fest Starts This WeekLouis Silvers10/25/2005
Fall 2006 Registration Week: Banner Informational TablesMarie Fetzner03/17/2006
Fall 2007 Census-Based Attendance CollectionVirginia Toth09/26/2007
Fall 2007 Final Exam Request DeadlineErvina Malin09/18/2007
Fall 2007 Foreign Film Fest Starts This MonthLouis Silvers10/08/2007
Fall 2007 HPL (Fitness Center) HoursDouglas Henneberg08/27/2007
Fall 2008 Final Exam RequestsErvina Malin09/03/2008
FALL 2008 FINANCIAL AID REMINDERSRamon L. Rodriguez08/07/2008
Fall 2008 Master Schedule on the WebAndrew Morris02/29/2008
Fall 2010 AttendanceBetsy Ripton09/20/2010
Fall 2010 Attendance Due Oct. 6Betsy Ripton09/28/2010
Fall 2010 Attendance Due TodayBetsy Ripton10/06/2010
Fall 2010 Attendance for Late Starting Courses Due TodayBetsy Ripton11/18/2010
Fall 2010 Enrollment HighlightsElina Belyablya12/06/2010
Fall 2010 Late Starting Course AttendanceBetsy Ripton11/11/2010
Fall 2010 Master Schedule on the WebAndrew Morris02/22/2010
Fall 2010 WYNAL MeetingCharlotte Downing10/20/2010
Fall 2011 Attendance CollectionBetsy Ripton09/26/2011
Fall 2011 Registration DeadlineJulie White, Enrollment Management Committee04/06/2011
Fall 2012 Recruitment Call for College-wide Mentors David Boni03/19/2012
Fall 2013 - Intramural YogaLisa Curatalo09/04/2013
Fall 2013 Faculty Innovation Center (FIC) HoursPeggy VanKirk09/03/2013
Fall 2015 Housing Move In - Call for Helping Hands!Donald Bigelow07/15/2015
Fall 2016 Classroom ChangesDavid Lane05/27/2016
Fall 2016 Room SchedulingLyndsey Presutti08/15/2016
Fall 2016 Shuttle ScheduleLisa Truman09/06/2016
Fall 2017 Room SchedulingPresutti, Lyndsey08/21/2017
Fall 2018 Academic Calendar DatesWade, Andrea08/23/2018
Fall 2018 PIYO Class for MCC Employees and Guests- Registration is Open!Frisch, Julianna08/08/2018
Fall 2018 Room SchedulingPresutti, Lyndsey05/21/2018
Fall 2018 Room SchedulingPresutti, Lyndsey08/13/2018
Fall 2018 Virtual Campus Learning OpportunitiesBlue, Paula09/24/2018
Fall 2019-Priority Registration datesSadwick, Rick01/29/2019
Fall 2019 Legislative BreakfastJones, Clayton10/02/2019
Fall 2019 Marketing Recruitment Campaign ContinuesDavis, Debra07/15/2019
Fall 2019 Room SchedulingPresutti, Lyndsey08/12/2019
Fall 2019 "Virtual Fridays"Blue, Paula08/27/2019
Fall 2020 Priority Registration DatesSadwick, Rick02/24/2020
Fall 2020 Semester Alternate Grading OptionBright, Kelsey10/21/2020
Fall 2020 Strong Foundations Learning Community with TRS 100 and TRS 092/094Fox, Matthew06/29/2020
Fall 2020: Look for College Success Courses Contextualized for each SchoolDimino, Renee05/29/2020
Fall 2021 Deliberative Dialogues Series: Be Part of the Discussion & the SolutionScanlon, Joseph09/08/2021
Fall 2021 Deliberative Dialogues Series: Be Part of the Discussion & the SolutionScanlon, Joseph09/24/2021
Fall 2021 Employee Opinion SurveyDixon, William02/05/2021
Fall 2021 Enrollment HighlightsBelyablya, Elina01/26/2022
Fall 2021 Priority Registration DatesSadwick, Rick02/04/2021
Fall 2021 Registration Deadline has passedSadwick, Rick08/23/2021
Fall 2021 Registration DelayedWade, Andrea03/22/2021
Fall 2021 Semester Plans for Instruction Q&AWade, Andrea03/05/2021
Fall 2021 Student Opinion SurveyDixon, William02/05/2021
Fall 2022 Admitted Student Day, Saturday June 11, 11A.M.-3P.M.Casalinuovo-Adams, Christine06/09/2022
Fall 2022 Financial Aid Meal Plan InformationBest, Teri08/17/2022
Fall 2022 Financial Aid Meal Plan InformationBest, Teri08/17/2022
Fall 2022 Financial Aid Meal Plan InformationBest, Teri08/17/2022
Fall 2022 Registration DatesSadwick, Rick02/04/2022
Fall Assessment Day Schedule - TODAYMaureen Erickson09/29/2006
Fall AttendanceRipton, Elizabeth09/20/2017
Fall Back to Campus Events this WeekDelate, John11/29/2021
Fall Back to Campus Program SuccessDelate, John12/14/2021
Fall Back to Campus Series ContinuesDelate, John10/27/2021
Fall Back WeekendGrindle, Blaine10/30/2020
Fall Ball a Success!Dr. Ann Topping11/20/2008
Fall Celebration at Reflections Restaurant next Tuesday!!Diane Cheasty11/20/2009
Fall Class Roster Schedule Doug Miller08/22/2014
Fall colors arrive in Bookstore!Peggy Ansaldi07/11/2012
Fall Community IngatheringGraham, Tokeya09/19/2017
Fall Community Ingathering *RESCHEDULED*Graham, Tokeya09/26/2017
Fall Curriculum Update in the MailCharlotte Downing09/30/2008
Fall Deliberative Dialogue Series Concludes on TuesdayScanlon, Joseph11/29/2021
Fall Diversity Conference Is Virtual!Gantt, Calvin09/18/2020
Fall Diversity Conference Registration Link Now Open!Gantt, Calvin09/17/2020
Fall Employee PIYO Class is FULL, Classes Begin September 10, 2018Frisch, Julianna08/28/2018
Fall Enrollment HighlightsElina Belyablya11/13/2014
Fall Enrollment HighlightsElina Belyablya11/12/2015
Fall Enrollment Marketing UpdateDebra Davis07/07/2016
Fall Faculty Development Event -- September 28 -- Co-sponsored by ENG/PHL, ESOL/TRS, and the Teaching & Creativity CenterJonathan Iuzzini09/13/2012
Fall FAFSA Fest at the Downtown CampusMiller, Douglas11/01/2019
Fall Favorites await you at Food for Thought!Zinck, Janet10/16/2017
Fall Fest 2016Maryjane Starr09/30/2016
Fall Fest Express: RSVP on myMCCBrooks, Errika10/21/2020
Fall Fest & Fresh Check DayDillion, Junior10/01/2019
Fall Festival 2007The Campus Activities Board09/12/2007
Fall Festival and HomecomingDianne McConkey08/09/2004
Fall Festival Begins on Wednesday!Rosanna Condello09/30/2002
Fall Festival Featuring Magician Peter BoieRebecca Herzog09/20/2010
Fall Festivals in Community Colleges - Innovation ShowcaseSusan Salvador09/30/2009
Fall Festival/Homecoming 2002 Schedule AnnouncedRosanna Condello09/25/2002
Fall Fest: S'more Fun at the Res Halls (Double-Feature Movie and Bon Fire)Stacey Pierce10/05/2006
Fall Film Series: Batman BeginsJodi Oriel11/30/2005
Fall Film Series: CRASHMichelle Macirella11/01/2005
Fall Film Series: Ghosts of RwandaMichelle Macirella10/13/2005
Fall Film Series: Hotel RwandaMichelle Macirella09/15/2005
Fall Final Exam SchedulingPresutti, Lyndsey08/26/2019
Fall Final Grades Due December 26, 2016 Rick Sadwick12/16/2016
Fall Final Grades Due December 28, 2015 Rick Sadwick12/17/2015
Fall Financial Empowerment SeriesDelate, John09/28/2020
Fall Financial Empowerment Series ContinuesDelate, John11/16/2020
Fall Foliage Festival at Guon Child Care CenterAnne Barker10/27/2011
Fall Foreign Film Fest Starts October 25Louis Silvers10/13/2005
Fall Foreign Film Fest Starts October 28Louis Silvers10/19/2004
Fall Foreign Film Fest Starts October 28Louis Silvers10/20/2004
Fall Foreign Film Fest Starts October 30Louis Silvers10/13/2003
Fall Foreign Film Fest Starts October 30Louis Silvers10/10/2006
Fall Foreign Film FestivalScott M. Vrooman10/21/2008
Fall Fun with Liberty Partnerships ProgramFrizzell, Elizabeth01/05/2021
Fall Grades Are Due by Noon on December 26Vinci, Taine12/15/2017
Fall Happenings with Liberty Partnerships ProgramFrizzell, Elizabeth12/13/2019
Fall Holiday Scavenger Hunt & SpecialsEtienne Blaakman10/31/2007
Fall International Film Fest Held Next MonthLouis Silvers10/16/2002
Fall into CivilityAmy Greer10/24/2012
Fall into Sports at this year's Fall Festival!Campus Activities Board09/27/2005
Fall items are in the bookstore!Farruggia, Alyssa10/15/2018
Fall Learning CommunitiesFox, Matthew06/11/2018
Fall Master Schedule on the WebAndrew Morris02/26/2009
Fall Musical Concert TodayTom fittipaldi10/16/2002
Fall NYSMATYC Mathematics ContestEmily Putnam10/16/2007
Fall Open House October 15, 2016Christine Casalinuovo-Adams09/22/2016
Fall open pool hoursTom Garigen09/14/2006
Fall Open Pool HoursTom Garigen09/18/2007
Fall Open Pool HoursTom Garigen09/17/2015
Fall Open Swim HoursTom Garigen09/16/2010
Fall Open Swim HoursTom Garigen09/19/2012
Fall Recruitment Marketing ExpandsDavis, Debra06/15/2022
Fall Registration Process for Face to Face Flexible Pace CoursesLeopard, Annette06/29/2017
Fall Room Assignments-Where is my class?Deborah Benjamin08/15/2003
Fall Room Assignments-Where is my class?Deborah Benjamin08/15/2003
Fall room schedulingPresutti, Lyndsey06/15/2020
Fall Rooms and Student SchedulesDeborah Benjamin08/15/2003
Fall Rooms and Student SchedulesDeborah Benjamin08/15/2003
Fall RTS Universal Bus Pass Ends December 23Delate, John12/20/2021
Fall Sale at the BookstoreIris Mand10/30/2007
Fall Sale at the BookstoreIris Mand10/05/2009
Fall Sale at the Brighton BookstoreIris Mand09/26/2005
Fall Sale at the Brighton Campus BookstoreIris Mand10/01/2004
Fall Semester 2005 Curriculum ApprovalsElsie V. Beach01/31/2006
Fall Semester Classes Begin Monday, August 27Mapes, Cynthia08/06/2018
Fall Semester Greetings from the Middle States Self-Study Bill Dunning and Holly Preische10/09/2014
Fall Semester Greetings from the Web Re-Envision TeamColleen Brennan-Barry & Randy Bowen09/01/2015
Fall Semester Parking for Damon City Campus StudentsRick Sadwick09/06/2007
Fall Semester RTS Bus InformationDelate, John08/26/2021
Fall Semester Sports UpdateBouyea, Aaron07/01/2020
Fall Semester Withdraw Deadline Rick Sadwick11/22/2016
Fall Semester Zoom video recordings are being removed from the Zoom Cloud!Case, Jeremy02/02/2022
Fall Shuffle at the Downtown CampusShaw, Karen10/27/2017
Fall Software Request for DCC and Brighton Electronic Learning Centers and Smart ClassroomsJeffrey W. Thompson05/14/2003
Fall Sports Teams Enter Post SeasonRobyn Malloy10/29/2002
Fall Sports Teams Enter Post SeasonRobyn Pepicelli10/29/2004
Fall TextbooksShannon, Kaleigh07/31/2018
Fall Theater Production: Side by Side by SondheimShirley Batistta-Provost11/08/2004
Fall Tutoring Schedule via TutorTracRambish, Medea09/11/2020
Fall Vendor FairDonna Allen11/26/2014
Fall Vocal and Instrumental ConcertFisher, Rollo09/27/2018
Fall Vocal Concert Tonight!Fisher, Rollo12/13/2017
Fall Vocal/Instrumental ConcertRollo Fisher10/04/2012
Falls Sports Begin the SeasonRobyn Malloy08/29/2003
Falzano Named to Who's WhoJanet Ekis12/04/2007
Falzano Presents at Local HospiceJanet Ekis10/30/2008
Falzano Presents at St. Bernard's SeminaryPatricia Barnes12/20/2012
Falzano Presents "Healing Notes" at Lifetime CareJanet Ekis11/25/2008
FAME Event Highlights How Industry, Education Work TogetherHency Yuen-Eng01/13/2015
FAME Event Highlights How Industry, Education Work TogetherHency Yuen-Eng01/26/2015
Family Court: Firewall or Free for All? Lecture by Judge Marilyn O'ConnorLori Annesi09/29/2008
Family Court: Firewall or Free for All? Lecture TOMORROWLori Annesi10/07/2008
Family Educational Rights and PrivacyAct (FERPA) WorkshopsRichard Ryther10/24/2008
Family Fright Night at DCC!Lisa Wallace10/14/2013
Family Fun Night at DCCLisa Wallace11/14/2011
Fantasy Flight 2006Laura Coriddi12/08/2006
Fantasy Flight and Winter Wonderland PartyLaura Coriddi12/18/2008
FAQ About our Whole New .eduColleen Brennan-Barry & Randy Bowen08/05/2015
FarewellLarry W. Tyree06/19/2009
Farewell Celebration for Dr. Quintin BullockTracy Cuby09/05/2002
Farewell Gathering for Katie NicholasGreer, Amy09/24/2018
Farewell Gathering for Kevin HallRivera, Fabian10/29/2021
Farewell Gathering for Kevin Hall Today!Rivera, Fabian11/04/2021
Farewell MCC Trivia Event with Andrea WadeCollins, Kimberley11/30/2021
Farewell Party for Babeth GayleDanzy, Jamia04/23/2018
Farewell Party for Tracy ArchieAndrew Freeman07/25/2007
Farewell Reception for Andy MorrisBetsy Ripton06/16/2010
Farewell Reception for Annette AgnessBetty Stewart05/13/2011
Farewell Reception for Annette AgnessBetty Stewart05/24/2011
Farewell Reception for Barb LitterioJanet Townsend12/03/2004
Farewell Reception for Barb Litterio TodayJanet Townsend12/16/2004
Farewell Reception for Brett ThompsonDr. Jeffrey Bartkovich03/02/2004
Farewell Reception for Carol ThompsonDonna Pogroszewski06/08/2004
Farewell Reception for Chris KullMayo, Michelle07/02/2018
Farewell Reception for Dr. Chet RogalskiDonna Noce03/01/2006
Farewell Reception for Dr. Shelitha WilliamsDrs. Lloyd A. Holmes and Ann V. Topping04/22/2016
Farewell Reception for Dr. Shelitha WilliamsDrs. Lloyd A. Holmes and Ann V. Topping04/13/2016
Farewell Reception for Julie WhiteAnn Topping01/31/2013
Farewell Reception for Kevin EirichElaine Derrenbacher05/02/2008
Farewell Reception for Kim YearsJanet Glocker12/09/2003
Farewell Reception for Marie FetznerJeff Bartkovich03/27/2006
Farewell Reception for Mary Bauza: Thursday, June 1Dr. Harry Merryman05/24/2006
Farewell Reception for Monte BoyerRichard Ryther11/03/2003
Farewell Reception for Randyll BowenDr. Lloyd A. Holmes, Vice President09/23/2016
Farewell Reception for Sal SimonettiHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President11/29/2016
Farewell Reception for Stacey PierceShelitha Dickerson07/06/2010
Farewell Reception for Susan Warner TodayWilson, Mary09/20/2019
Farewell to Bette Ann Bovenzi, Orientation CoordinatorBetty Stewart, Director12/01/2008
Farewell to Beverly Widman of PurchasingPatrick Bates01/13/2009
Farewell to Beverly Widman of Purchasing (A Reminder!)Patrick Bates01/23/2009
Farewell to Brandon Emerick!Danzy, Jamia09/09/2019
Farewell To Chief Tony PerezHall, Kevin05/26/2021
Farewell to Chief Tony Perez via ZoomHall, Kevin05/27/2021
Farewell to Dan IslamWalton, Nicholas03/06/2020
Farewell to Donna AllenLisa Truman03/12/2015
Farewell to Dr. Kimberley WillisCourtney Sprague03/11/2015
Farewell to Front LoopHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President04/30/2013
Farewell to Jeff ThompsonTerry Keys08/08/2008
Farewell to John WitherspoonMarlene Fine08/26/2008
Farewell to Joy BraseltonCarol Wilkinson06/24/2010
Farewell to Kate Douglas Facilitated by Trustee LovenheimHall, Linda04/27/2021
Farewell to Kate Douglas Facilitated by Trustee LovenheimHall, Linda05/03/2021
Farewell to Kim YearsJanet Glocker03/01/2004
Farewell to Lt. Stan KnutowiczHall, Kevin10/02/2017
Farewell to Mike Khemmow of PurchasingPatrick Bates12/11/2007
Farewell To Patricia (Tish) WilliamsTodd M. Oldham, Vice President09/30/2015
Farewell to Stuart Blacklaw Char Downing06/04/2010
Farewell to Susan Bielinski!Danzy, Jamia05/08/2019
Farewell to Tom PriesterBetty Stewart08/20/2008
Farm Credit East twenty-eight $1,500 scholarshipsRamon L. Rodriguez03/24/2014
Farrell Participates in Birdhouse ShowJanet Ekis02/22/2006
Farrell Participates in School of the Arts Annual Exit Interview DayJanet Ekis04/15/2004
Farrell, Smith Among Exhibiting Artists at Schweinfurth Memorial Art CenterJanet Ekis09/02/2009
Fashion & Dance Charity Event “One Rhythm, One Cause”Peer Mentors04/07/2005
Fast-track Learning Opportunities Generate Media InterestYuen-Eng, Hency01/29/2021
Fast Cash & Easy Money at THE MONEY TREE!Michelle Macirella10/19/2005
Fast Facts - Intriguing Stories - College History...Blaakman, Etienne02/26/2018
Fast Refunds for Students!Brian Legg09/27/2013
FAST TipJerome St. Croix02/11/2016
FAST TipJerome St. Croix03/04/2016
Fast Track MTH 104 and MTH 165 combined course - Fall 2018Carson, Linda03/13/2018
Fast Track MTH 104 and MTH 165 combined course - Spring 2018Carson, Linda10/26/2017
Faster, Securer, and More ResilientDonna Pogroszewski04/23/2008
Fast, Safe, and Easy!Brian Legg05/30/2013
Father's Day SaleIris Mand06/12/2007
Father's Day SaleCarol McKeown06/15/2015
Father's Day Sale at the MCC Bookstore this Thursday and Friday!MCC Bookstore06/09/2016
Father of Eric Holm Passes AwayHeze Simmons05/19/2009
Favorite Magazines at the MCC BookstoreIris Mand06/28/2010
FA/AAUP Faculty Conference - April 6Baker, Jeffrey03/28/2019
FBI Active Threat TrainingPerez, Tony11/18/2019
FCCC Representative Election and Faculty Senate Bylaw VoteAndrew Morris04/29/2010
Feasel Elected President of Law Enforcement Training Directors AssociationMark Sommer02/25/2003
Featured Guest Speaker at Veterans Foreign Wars EventSheila Manns11/16/2011
Feb 13: Creativity and the Creative Process as Stress Management for WomenAnne J. Perry01/25/2007
February's First Friday On ScheduleDavid Shaw02/05/2010
February 14th is Valentine's Day Carol McKeown02/09/2016
February 17, 2022 Faculty Senate Meeting AgendaChristensen, Natasha02/14/2022
February 2005 - League ConnectionsDr. Susan Salvador03/01/2005
February 2006 League ConnectionsDr. Susan Salvador03/02/2006
February 2007 - League ConnectionsDr. Susan Salvador02/13/2007
February 25 College Forum: Registered SpeakerHall, Linda02/14/2020
February 25 Deadline Approaching for RACCE Student Award NominationsDugan, Lawrence02/13/2019
February 26 Spring SymposiumJulie Damerell12/14/2015
February Bone Marrow Drive to be held at MCCJodi Oriel02/02/2004
February Break Enrollment ServicesChristine Casalinuovo-Adams03/11/2013
February Break Fitness Center HoursDoug Henneberg02/13/2006
February Break Thrills Upward Bound StudentsPaul Stack03/03/2015
February Break ToursAndrew Freeman02/28/2012
February Brief Focuses on Accelerated ProgramsAnne M. Kress02/01/2016
February Brief Focuses on Removing BarriersKress, Anne02/07/2018
February Brief Focuses on Removing Non-academic BarriersKress, Anne02/01/2019
February COVID Response Update: Booster Clinics, Transition to Rapid Testing, Masks RequiredYule, Rosanna02/10/2022
February Events at the Teaching & Creativity CenterJonathan Iuzzini01/31/2014
February Faculty Senate AgendaFaculty Senate02/14/2005
February Faculty Senate MeetingFaculty Senate02/23/2004
February Faculty Senate Meeting MinutesFaculty Senate03/29/2004
February Faculty Senate Meeting MinutesHeather Murphy03/22/2012
February Faculty Senate Meeting MinutesHeather Murphy03/25/2014
February Financial Aid Online Application WorkshopsRamon L. Rodriguez01/30/2008
February First Friday on ScheduleJeff Bartkovich02/02/2011
February First FridaysJeff Bartkovich01/31/2013
February First FridaysJeff Bartkovich, Vice President02/06/2014
February First FridaysJeff Bartkovich02/05/2015
February is American Heart Month: Spread the Word and Make a Difference!Julianna Frisch02/24/2015
February is:Sue George, RN02/07/2011
February Leadership Abstract - Succession Planning: Developing Leaders for the Future of the OrganizationDr. Susan Salvador02/13/2004
February MCC Town Hall: Recording and Responses to Unanswered QuestionsDouglas, Katherine02/24/2021
February MCC Wellness Council Activities and CalendarCamp, Alisa02/06/2019
February President's Town Hall Recording AvailableYule, Rosanna02/22/2022
February Programs at Your Teaching & Creativity CenterJonathan Iuzzini01/30/2015
February Wellness CalendarBenedict, Sarah02/05/2021
February Wellness Council CalendarBenedict, Sarah02/06/2020
February Wellness Programs to Reduce Stress, Increase Activity and Eat Healthy - - RSVP Today!Kelley Bennett and Julianna Frisch02/01/2016
Febuary Break Lady Tribune Lacrosse CampDelfino, Debra01/30/2020
Feb. 27 Faculty Senate MeetingFaculty Senate02/24/2003
Feb. Faculty Senate MinutesFaculty Senate04/02/2003
FEC Student Loan WorkshopSchwartz, Mark11/30/2020
Federal Government ShutdownDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel10/04/2013
Federal Grant Supports Care for Children of MCC StudentsYuen-Eng, Hency06/27/2018
Federal Grants Support Upward Bound ProgramsYuen-Eng, Hency12/12/2018
Federal IncomeTax 2018Oliver, Deborah01/24/2018
Federal Loans vs Private LoansRamon L. Rodriguez04/10/2009
Federal Loans vs Private Loans Ramon L. Rodriguez05/04/2011
Federal Work-Study Supervisors Meeting a SuccessRodriguez, Ramon05/10/2018
Federal Work-Study (FWS) Supervisors Brown BagRodriguez, Ramon04/25/2018
Federal Work Study 2010 Spring SemesterCarol Dayes01/19/2010
Federal Work Study ends May 22, 2014Carol Dayes05/15/2014
Federal Work Study for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014Carol Dayes05/21/2013
Federal Work Study for 2021-22 Award YearSt. Croix, Jerome06/10/2021
Federal Work Study for the upcoming 2009-2020 academic yearCarol Dayes04/22/2009
Federal Work Study information for the 2007-08 academic yearCarol Dayes05/23/2007
Federal Work Study limited hirings(s) for spring 2008 semesterCarol Dayes02/06/2008
Federal Work Study Student Aides NeededUpson, Holly09/16/2019
FEED A BODY, FEED A MINDJodi Oriel05/27/2004
Feed a Body, Feed a MindJodi Oriel05/18/2006
Feedback - AVP Facilities Open ForumScorgie, Eileen12/07/2021
Feedback Needed: New Assistive Technology Programs (Read&Write and EquatIO)Lee, Stephanie03/12/2021
Feedback on MCC's Self-Study Report to Middle StatesBill Dunning and Holly Preische10/13/2015
Feedback requested on proposed implementation plan for new SUNY General EducationGraney, Tracey09/21/2021
Feedback Sought on SUNY Chief Diversity Officer RecommendationsColosimo, Amanda11/06/2017
Feel Good Fridays Line Dancing - Downtown CampusNixon, Kim11/27/2018
Feeling Disconnected? Follow MCC on Social Media!Ekis, Janet11/06/2020
Feeling stressed? You need a healthy break!Simmons, Kevin04/22/2021
Feeling the end of the semester crunch? Join us for meditation!Burke, Donna05/03/2019
Felicetti Elected School Board PresidentJanet Ekis08/08/2003
Felicetti Quoted in Syracuse University's Daily OrangeCynthia Cooper03/10/2008
Felicetti Represents MCC at ETS Community College Mini-SummitRanae Hanson06/17/2004
Felicetti, Freeman Present at SUNY WorkshopJanet Ekis12/16/2004
Fell Kelly Publishes Column on 'Self-Talk'Rosanna Condello10/20/2005
Fellows Program Application Deadline ApproachesAnn Pennella12/05/2012
Fellows Program Deadline Extended for STEM FacultyAnn Pennella12/20/2012
Ferrari-Rowley Featured in Sunday edition of Rochester D&CJanet Ekis10/03/2007
Ferrari Rowley Exhibit at Wells CollegeJanet Ekis09/05/2006
Ferrari Rowley Show Garners Local Media AttentionJanet Ekis09/17/2007
Ferrera-Rowley, Sardisco Exhibit at Honeoye Falls GalleryJanet Ekis09/22/2006
Ferry Safety TrainingJames Harrington07/29/2004
Fess and Petrosino elected officers for GVONSBonnie Petrosino10/23/2003
Fess CertifiedLaurel Sanger10/07/2005
Fess Honored as 2008 Outstanding Oncology NurseLaurel Sanger & Bonnie Petrosino10/24/2008
Fess & Palmer Participate in Health Information Technology Scholars ProgramLaurie Palmer03/01/2012
Fetzner's Presentation Selected for "Best In Track"Jeff Bartkovich05/21/2012
Fetzner Appointed as Subject Editor for Academic Exchange QuarterlyMarie Fetzner09/10/2002
Fetzner Appointed to JALN Editorial BoardMarie Fetzner04/08/2004
Fetzner Article included in Sloan PublicationMarie Fetzner09/09/2003
Fetzner Cited in National ReportMarie Fetzner12/04/2002
Fetzner Interviewed by Channel 8Marie Fetzner12/06/2004
Fetzner Presents at NUTN ConferenceMarie Fetzner06/22/2004
Fetzner Presents at the NILD/AAWCC National ConferenceMarie Fetzner06/29/2004
Fetzner presents paper at the 2002 Sloan ALN WorkshopMarie J. Fetzner10/02/2002
Fetzner Presents to AWC-UNY on Enterprise Resource PlanningMarie Fetzner01/25/2005
Fetzner Quoted in Two PublicationsMarie Fetzner11/12/2002
Fetzner Re-elected to AAWCC National BoardMarie Fetzner04/20/2004
FIC at Nite Tonight!Peggy VanKirk04/18/2012
FIC (Faculty Innovation Center) - Damon Walk-in Hours - Fall 2014 SemesterMartha Kendall10/14/2014
Fidelity Representative Available on Campus for one-on-one MeetingsKaren Rheinheimer05/09/2014
Fidelity Representative Available on Campus for one-on-one MeetingsKaren Rheinheimer09/22/2014
Fidelity Representative Available on Campus for one-on-one MeetingsCynthia Clark Inman02/05/2015
Fidelity Representative Available on Campus for One-on-one Meetings Cynthia Clark Inman10/31/2014
Fidelity Representative Available on Campus for One-on-One Meetings Cynthia Clark Inman03/30/2015
Fidelity Representative on the Brighton CampusGavigan, Cheryl10/22/2019
Fidelity Representative Onsite Meeting Dates and TimesKaren Rheinheimer03/17/2014
Fidelity Representative to Hold Individual Onsite MeetingsKaren Rheinheimer02/26/2014
Field Course Visits the Wild Wild WestDaniel Robertson09/02/2015
Fifteen years of fun/Of culture and fellowship/Words worth the effortJeff Bartkovich05/05/2015
Fifth Annual Academic Advising ContestPam Donofrio11/06/2006
Fifth Annual Alan B. Shaw Memorial Essay AwardJean McDonough03/05/2007
Fifth Annual Gold Star GalaBrian Hendrick04/21/2003
Fifth Annual Scone Bakeoff Held; Perry Reclaims TitleJanet Ekis02/25/2008
Fifty Percent Off Sale at the Bookstore Carol McKeown03/12/2014
Fight to End Breast Cancer Braclets in BookstorePeggy Ansaldi10/24/2012
File Early for Financial AidMark Schwartz03/12/2003
File Your Taxes for "Free"Edie Horwath03/03/2015
Filling out my SUNY Application WorkshopHolly Wynn-Preische02/11/2008
Filling Station Collaborates with the PRISM Multicultural Center Tony Leuzzi and Shirley Battista-Provost02/02/2017
Filling Station: A Faculty Research Presentation Series Announces its First Event on September 25, 2015Tina Woodruff09/21/2015
Filling Station: A Faculty Research Presentation Series Begins at MCC in Fall 2015Nancy Soregi05/01/2015
Filling Station: A Faculty Research Presentation Series Reveals its Fall 2016 LineupTony Leuzzi05/23/2016
Filling Station: A Faculty Research Presentation Series Reveals its Fall 2016 LineupTony Leuzzi05/17/2016
Filling Station: A Faculty Research Presentation Series Reveals Its Spring 2018 LineupLeuzzi, Anthony11/08/2017
Filling Station: A Faculty Research Presentation Series: Spring 2019 LineupLeuzzi, Anthony11/30/2018
Film and Poetry NightShirley Batistta-Provost04/21/2004
Film Edited by MCC Adjunct Faculty Member Don Casper to Show at the Little Theatre This Saturday!Cianciotto, Maryann05/16/2017
Film Presentation - Da Vinci CodeGordon Dutter03/03/2008
Film Screening: Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1Britton, Tracey03/15/2018
Film Screening: Everything is IlluminatedMichelle Macirella10/26/2006
Film Screening: The Da Vinci CodeGordon Dutter10/07/2008
Film Screening: "Darfur Diaries"Suzanne El Rayess05/16/2006
Film Screening: "Just Add Water"Regina Fabbro10/17/2008
Film Screening: "KZ" followed by Discussion with Holocaust Survivor Simon BraitmanMelynda Apton10/03/2008
Film Sheds New Light on the Story of Anne FrankDaniella Insalaco10/18/2016
Film Showing & Discussion: Shaun of the DeadRegina Fabbro10/23/2007
Film Showings Raise Awareness, Funds for Water for SudanRosanna Condello11/28/2006
Film & Discussion - The Human Family Tree by Dr. Spencer WellsJodi Oriel04/16/2012
Film & Discussion This Week: Experimenter: The Stanley Milgram StoryFabbro, Regina10/22/2018
Film & Discussion: Experimenter: The Stanley Milgram StoryFabbro, Regina10/02/2018
Film & Discussion: Hate RisingParker, Michelle03/12/2018
Film & Discussion: Hate RisingFabbro, Regina03/12/2018
Film & Discussion: Project Censored The Movie: Ending the Reign of Junk Food NewsParker, Michelle02/13/2018
Film & Discussion: Remember the TitansFabbro, Regina03/19/2018
Filming highlights how Indigenous women influenced suffrage movementBatistta-Provost, Shirley10/27/2020
Filmmaker Jason Pollock at DCC!Christine Plumeri and Bethany Gizzi01/28/2009
Films in the ForumJodi Oriel, Program Manager11/05/2003
Film: The Da Vinci CodeGordon Dutter10/15/2007
Film: The Ground TruthBethany Gizzi03/15/2007
Film: V For Vendetta Today!Phi Theta Kappa02/12/2007
Film: “A Love to Hide”Jodi Oriel02/01/2007
Film: “Sophie Scholl: The Final Days”Jodi Oriel02/28/2007
Film:  Alexander NevskyGordon Dutter10/01/2013
Filozof Comments on Bush SpeechJanet Ekis10/06/2003
Filozof Quoted in D&C articleJanet Ekis04/16/2004
Filozof quoted in local publicationjanet ekis09/25/2002
Final 2014/2015 Community Fridays for a Cause will be this Friday, April 10Julianna Frisch04/08/2015
Final Announcement - Campus Events Application Available On LineYolanda Johnson02/16/2007
Final Brief on MCC's Downtown Campus ProjectMapes, Cynthia08/21/2017
Final Call forVolland, Janice02/26/2018
Final Call for 10 Day Real Food Challenge PledgeSandy Warren, Deneen Rhode, Tanya Mack, Matt Farley03/25/2016
Final Call for Candidates: MCC Association Board Faculty RepresentativeHeel, Michael05/11/2018
Final Call for Carmen Powers Legacy NominationsVolland, Janice02/28/2018
Final Call for Lumen Spring FellowshipBeechey, Michelle02/10/2022
Final Call for Open Educational Resources (OER) FundingBeechey, Michelle11/26/2018
Final Call to All Cooks - Don't Miss OutSupport Staff Professional Development Committee04/04/2011
Final Call! Only a few seats left- AAWCC Annual Bus Trip Christie Smith03/14/2017
Final Chance to Win an IPOD!Tony Struzik, Dining Services Manager10/20/2006
Final day for the MCC Scavenger HuntBlaakman, Etienne10/31/2017
Final Day for the Travel Club Silent Auction!Griffin, Rebecca12/14/2017
Final Day to Apply to Participate in Scholars' DayGhidiu, Katherine03/07/2022
Final Day to Get Your T-shirt for Heart WalkDianne E McConkey04/26/2006
Final Days for Dine-in or Take-out Buffets in Reflections Restaurant!Diane Cheasty11/28/2007
Final Days for Reflections Next Week: Dine-in or Take-out Buffets!Diane Cheasty11/24/2008
Final Days for Reflections Next Week: Dine-in or Take-out Buffets!Diane Cheasty05/01/2009
Final Days for Reflections Next Week: Dine-in or Take-out Buffets! Diane Cheasty05/05/2010
Final Days of Spider-Man Film Shoot in Downtown RochesterEmeterio Otero
Final Days: Only a few Model United Nations Informational Sessions LeftBatistta-Provost, Shirley09/30/2021
Final Deadline for Faculty Cap and GownIris Mand03/23/2005
Final EW/LW MaterialCraig M. Rand05/15/2008
Final Exam ReminderGinger Toth12/10/2003
Final Exam Request ReminderErvina Malin02/14/2007
Final Exam Requests are DueErvina Malin09/21/2009
Final Exam Requests DeadlineErvina Malin09/17/2008
Final Exam Requests DeadlineErvina Malin02/03/2009
Final Exam Requests for fall 2009Ervina Malin09/08/2009
Final Exam Requests for Fall 2010Ervina Malin09/21/2010
Final Exam Requests for Spring 2007Ervina Malin02/05/2007
Final Exam Requests for Spring 2010Ervina Malin01/28/2010
Final Exam Requests for Spring 2011Doug Miller02/02/2011
Final Exam Schedule RequestsErvina Malin09/05/2007
Final Exam Schedule RequestsErvina Malin09/09/2010
Final Exam Time!Lyndsey Presutti01/21/2015
Final Exam Week Scheduling Returns for Fall 2021Kaminsky, Margaret09/13/2021
Final Exam Week: December 18 - 23Presutti, Lyndsey12/13/2021
Final Exam Week: May 21 - 26Presutti, Lyndsey03/08/2022
Final Examination RequestsBetsy Ripton09/17/2007
Final Exams. Don't Make Me Run AwayDeborah Benjamin03/09/2011
Final Fall semester Advising Forum - Join us!Dingee, Sally12/12/2018
Final Flu Clinic for 2019 TodayWarren, Sandy11/04/2019
Final Flu Clinic for MCC EmployeesWarren, Sandy11/06/2017
Final Food For Thought Menu! Only 3 Weeks Left to Dine with Us!Diane Cheasty04/22/2016
Final Grades are Due Noon Dec 26Betsy Ripton12/19/2016
Final Grades Due December 27thDoug Miller12/24/2012
Final Grades Due Monday, Dec. 23Doug Miller12/20/2013
Final Grades Due Tuesday, Dec. 23Doug Miller12/16/2014
Final Grades ReminderKeys, Terrance12/21/2020
Final Grades ReminderKeys, Terrance05/10/2021
Final Grades ReminderKeys, Terrance08/09/2021
Final Grades ReminderKeys, Terrance12/10/2021
Final Grades ReminderKeys, Terrance12/20/2021
Final Grades ReminderKeys, Terrance05/11/2022
Final Grades ReminderKeys, Terrance05/25/2022
Final Grades ReminderKeys, Terrance07/29/2022
Final Grades ReminderKeys, Terrance08/12/2022
Final Holiday SaleCarol Fisher12/21/2009
Final Hours to Provide Valuable FeedbackAmy Greer03/06/2014
Final Launch Your Business! Information Session TomorrowBorbee, Kathleen02/26/2018
Final Menu for Food For Thought - Chicken French, Cobb Salad, Milkshakes, Coconut Cookie Bars, and Much More!Diane Cheasty04/17/2015
Final menu for Food For Thought: Dec. 4th last day of Fall 2014 operation!Diane Cheasty11/17/2014
Final Month of Free Downtown ParkingLeah Santirocco06/01/2010
Final Notice: Removal of Flash Files from m-drivePenwarden, Ann05/03/2021
Final Power Outage Planned for Buildings 4 and 5Blaine Grindle02/25/2011
Final Presidential Search Open HearingBonnie Connell04/16/2009
Final Reminder for '06-'07 Internal Grants Competition!Susan Davis12/06/2005
Final Reminder for MCC's Third Annual Scholars' Day: Call for Participation Deadline is Monday, Feb. 14 Matthew Hachee02/11/2011
Final Reminder: 2007 Chancellor's Awards NominationsValarie Avalone12/04/2006
Final Reminder: Annual Sexual Harassment Training for Employees - Deadline is TodayLowe, Kristin10/09/2020
Final Reminder: Nominate an Inspiring ColleagueAndrea C. Wade11/12/2015
FINAL REMINDER: Revised Policy 2.10 and 4.7 Are Available in the Policy Portal for College Community ReviewFrisch, Julianna12/03/2018
Final Report - 2001-05 Strategic Plan - Look in Your MailboxesRichard Degus03/03/2006
Final Results of Eat Well/Live Well ChallengeCraig Rand, Alberta Lee, Donna Mueller05/12/2009
Final Seasonal Flu Vaccination ClinicDonna Mueller10/21/2009
Final Seeds of Success Workshop! All Students Welcome!Glasgow, Shannon10/30/2017
Final Session of Diversity Council's Program Series Begins ThursdayCharlotte Downing and Christopher Otero-Piersante04/29/2009
Final Spring Semester Seeds of Success Workshop Thursday, 4/8Kennell, Morgan03/30/2021
Final Spring Semester Seeds of Success Workshop Today, 4/8Kennell, Morgan04/08/2021
Final Spring Workshop for the Friday Brown-Bag Innovative Teaching Practices SeriesTricia Storms04/07/2014
Final Starfish Progress Survey Opens Monday, April 18Carol Wilkinson04/15/2016
Final Stop for President Kress's Listening TourCynthia Cooper11/18/2009
Final Study Skills Workshop: Test-Taking StrategiesLisa Bierre and Ann Bauer05/04/2010
Final Two Weeks of Food For Thought Bakeshop Are December 2nd and December 9thKim Joyce12/02/2016
Final Vice President Student Services Candidate Visit Open Forum - Friday, February 7Marlene Fine and Emeterio Otero02/06/2014
Final Virtual Stress Relief Friday for StudentsLee, Stephanie05/10/2021
Final Vocal Concert of the Semester Tonight!Fisher, Rollo05/18/2022
Final Week for Food for ThoughtZinck, Janet12/04/2017
Final Week to Purchase a Ticket to the 3rd Annual Blue and Gold Benefit!Frisch, Julianna05/01/2017
Final Weeks in Securing Downtown Campus at KodakEmeterio Otero11/07/2012
Finals are Coming: Accommodated Testing UpdatePantaleo, Sarah Elizabeth04/24/2019
Finals Free For AllTamara Hillabush Walker05/10/2011
Finals Week and Summer Hours for Photo ID/Break Room and E-Lounge05/18/2017
Finals Week Service Desk HoursBrasfield, Sarah05/22/2018
Finals Week Shuttle ServiceVirginia Geer-Mentry05/15/2013
Finance Manager, MCC Association, Inc.Annette Agness05/09/2006
FINANCIAL AID - MAKING CENTSMark Schwartz03/11/2003
Financial aid application misunderstandingsRamon L. Rodriguez06/11/2015
Financial Aid Application Workshop Ramon L. Rodriguez09/30/2015
Financial Aid Application Workshop for OctoberRamon L. Rodriguez09/25/2012
Financial Aid Application Workshop Schedule for AprilRamon L. Rodriguez03/29/2011
Financial Aid Application Workshop Schedule for JanuaryRamon L. Rodriguez01/10/2012
Financial Aid Application Workshop Schedule for JanuaryRamon L. Rodriguez12/24/2015
Financial Aid Application Workshop Schedule for JuneRamon L. Rodriguez05/26/2011
Financial Aid Application Workshop Schedule for the Month of JuneRamon L. Rodriguez06/03/2013
Financial Aid Application Workshops for AugustRamon L. Rodriguez07/27/2011
Financial Aid Application Workshops for December Ramon L. Rodriguez11/25/2013
Financial Aid Application Workshops for FebruaryRamon L. Rodriguez01/27/2012
Financial Aid Application Workshops for JanuaryRamon L. Rodriguez12/24/2013
Financial Aid Application Workshops for JulyRamon L. Rodriguez06/22/2011
Financial Aid Application Workshops for JulyRamon L. Rodriguez06/22/2012
Financial Aid Application Workshops for JuneRamon L. Rodriguez05/29/2015
Financial Aid Application Workshops for MayRamon L. Rodriguez05/05/2015
Financial Aid Application Workshops for NovemberRamon L. Rodriguez10/30/2012
Financial Aid Application Workshops for NovemberRamon L. Rodriguez10/28/2013
Financial aid application workshops schedule for MayRamon L. Rodriguez04/29/2011
Financial Aid applications for AprilRamon L. Rodriguez04/07/2015
Financial Aid Applications Schedule for AprilRamon L. Rodriguez03/27/2012
Financial Aid Applications Workshop for MarchRamon L. Rodriguez02/12/2013
Financial Aid applications Workshop Schedule Ramon L. Rodriguez03/01/2013
Financial Aid applications workshop schedule for AugustRamon L. Rodriguez07/23/2012
Financial Aid Applications Workshop Schedule for DecemberRamon L. Rodriguez12/01/2014
Financial Aid Applications Workshop Schedule for FebruaryRamon L. Rodriguez02/04/2015
Financial Aid Applications Workshop Schedule for JanuaryRamon L. Rodriguez12/24/2014
Financial Aid Applications Workshop Schedule for MarchRamon L. Rodriguez03/05/2015
Financial Aid Applications Workshop Schedule for NovemberRamon L. Rodriguez10/21/2014
Financial Aid Applications Workshops for DecemberRamon L. Rodriguez11/27/2012
Financial aid applications workshops for JanuaryRamon L. Rodriguez12/20/2012
Financial Aid Assistance for Residence Hall StudentsAllen, Amy11/18/2019
Financial Aid Awareness WeekMary Mendez Rizzo04/04/2005
Financial Aid Census Date for Fall SemesterJerome St. Croix09/23/2014
Financial Aid Census Date for Fall SemesterJerome St. Croix09/25/2014
Financial Aid Census Date for Spring SemesterJerome St. Croix02/09/2015
Financial Aid Course Eligibility (FACE) Update [formerly known as SICAS008]  Vilma Morrow02/09/2011
Financial Aid for Intersession Course(s)Ramon L. Rodriguez12/23/2015
Financial Aid Freeze DateSt. Croix, Jerome09/22/2017
Financial Aid FREEZE dateElizabeth Ripton09/30/2015
Financial Aid is Ending?Blaakman, Etienne09/19/2018
Financial Aid Key TermsRamon L. Rodriguez07/05/2013
Financial Aid LoansRamon L. Rodriguez05/06/2013
Financial Aid March MadnessFYE - Financial Aid Money Week03/14/2017
Financial Aid Meal PlanMaryjane Starr01/23/2013
Financial Aid Meal PlanMaryjane Starr08/22/2014
Financial Aid Meal PlanBrasfield, Sarah08/06/2018
Financial Aid Meal PlanAllen, Amy08/09/2019
Financial Aid Meal PlanAllen, Amy08/19/2019
Financial Aid Meal Plan Deadline is this Friday, September 18Best, Teri09/15/2020
Financial Aid Meal Plan Now AvailableBest, Teri08/20/2020
Financial Aid Meal Plan Now AvailableBest, Teri08/25/2020
Financial Aid Meal Plan Now AvailableBest, Teri08/31/2020
Financial Aid Meal Plan Now AvailableBest, Teri09/02/2020
Financial Aid Meal Plan Now AvailableBest, Teri09/08/2020
Financial Aid Meal PlansMaryjane Starr08/26/2013
Financial Aid Meal PlansBrasfield, Sarah08/07/2017
Financial Aid Meal Plans - Last Day to sign up is September 22nd, 2017.Brasfield, Sarah09/20/2017
Financial Aid Newsletter AvailableMark Schwartz12/01/2003
Financial Aid Office Implements New Automated Phone SystemJerome St. Croix06/04/2015
Financial Aid Office Operating HoursJerome St. Croix02/05/2014
Financial Aid Online Application Workshop ScheduleRamon L. Rodriguez09/03/2009
Financial Aid Online Application Workshop Schedule DECEMBER 2008Ramon L. Rodriguez12/02/2008
Financial Aid Online Application Workshop Schedule for August 2009Ramon L. Rodriguez08/04/2009
Financial Aid Online Application Workshop Schedule for JulyRamon L. Rodriguez06/26/2009
Financial Aid Online Application Workshop Schedule for OctoberRamon L. Rodriguez10/01/2008
Financial Aid Online Application Workshop Schedule: Aug 2008Ramon L. Rodriguez08/11/2008
Financial Aid Quick Tip- Lesson 2: How To ApplyJerome St. Croix03/16/2004
Financial Aid Quick Tip - Lesson 3: Summer AidMargo Rodell03/17/2004
Financial Aid Quick Tip #4 - Applying for MCC ScholarshipsMargo Rodell03/18/2004
Financial Aid Quick Tips -- Lesson 1: The PIN Is ImportantMary Mendez Rizzo03/15/2004
Financial Aid Quick Tip: How can I learn more about Financial Aid?Mary Mendez Rizzo04/08/2005
Financial Aid Quick Tip: How does work-study work?Mary Mendez Rizzo04/07/2005
Financial Aid Quick Tip: Is 12 the magic number?Mary Mendez Rizzo04/05/2005
Financial Aid Quick Tip: Which is better “F” or “W”?Mary Mendez Rizzo04/06/2005
Financial aid refund checks for the spring semesterRamon L. Rodriguez02/17/2014
Financial Aid Refund Checks for the Summer SessionsRamon L. Rodriguez06/06/2014
Financial Aid Refund Checks: Spring 2012Ramon L. Rodriguez01/13/2012
Financial Aid Refund Disbursement Dates for the 2015-2016 Academic YearRamon L. Rodriguez06/01/2015
Financial aid refund disbursement dates for the 2015-2016 academic yearRamon L. Rodriguez07/08/2015
Financial Aid Resources for International StudentsRamon L. Rodriguez04/29/2009
Financial Aid Updates for the New Academic Year 2014-15Ramon L. Rodriguez05/02/2014
Financial Aid Updates Workshop 2016-17 Rescheduled for the Brighton CampusRamon L. Rodriguez05/04/2016
Financial Aid Web Page ChangesMark Schwartz10/24/2003
Financial Aid Web Page UpdateMark Schwartz05/05/2005
Financial Aid Web Page UpdateMark Schwartz11/15/2005
Financial Aid Workshop Schedule for AugustRamon L. Rodriguez08/01/2014
Financial Aid Workshop Schedule for JuneRamon L. Rodriguez05/30/2014
Financial Aid Workshop Schedule for OctoberRamon L. Rodriguez10/14/2014
Financial Aid Workshop Schedule for the Month of AugustRamon L. Rodriguez07/31/2013
Financial Aid Workshop Schedule for the Month of FebruaryRamon L. Rodriguez01/29/2016
Financial Aid Workshop Schedule for  JulyRamon L. Rodriguez07/02/2014
Financial Aid Workshops at the Downtown CampusHorwath, Edie07/25/2017
Financial Aid Workshops August ScheduleRamon L. Rodriguez07/29/2015
Financial Aid Workshops for AprilRamon L. Rodriguez04/02/2014
Financial Aid Workshops for FebruaryRamon L. Rodriguez01/29/2013
Financial Aid workshops for FebruaryRamon L. Rodriguez01/29/2014
Financial Aid Workshops for MayRamon L. Rodriguez05/01/2014
Financial Aid Workshops Schedule Ramon L. Rodriguez09/03/2015
Financial Aid "Money Week"Sylvia Mendez11/14/2016
Financial Aid, Attendance and Registered ClassesRamon L. Rodriguez10/17/2012
Financial Aid: Frequently Asked QuestionsRamon L. Rodriguez03/06/2009
Financial Aid: Frequently Asked QuestionsRamon L. Rodriguez05/10/2011
Financial Application Workshops Schedule for OctoberRamon L. Rodriguez09/29/2010
Financial Awareness Workshops at DCCRick Sadwick11/12/2008
Financial Empowerment SeriesDelate, John02/04/2020
Financial FAQHeze Simmons and Cynthia Cooper12/17/2008
Financial FAQsCynthia Cooper and Heze Simmons12/10/2008
Financial FAQs: Grant FundsHeze Simmons and Cynthia Cooper01/28/2009
Financial FAQ: MCC Association, MCC Foundation and College FundsHeze Simmons and Cynthia Cooper01/14/2009
Financial FAQ: Operating and Capital FundsHeze Simmons and Cynthia Cooper01/07/2009
Financial Literacy Information Added to the MCC Financial Aid Web PageMark Schwartz05/06/2009
Financial Literacy MonthMark Schwartz04/09/2009
Financial Literacy MonthBenedict, Sarah04/12/2022
Financial Literacy WorkshopAnne Ranczuch11/01/2006
Financial Literacy WorkshopsPatterson, Vilma12/10/2018
Financial Literacy Workshops Today at Downtown Campus!Patterson, Vilma12/13/2018
Financial lIteracy Workshops TODAY!Patterson, Vilma09/18/2018
Financial Literacy Workshops Today!Patterson, Vilma10/10/2018
Financial Planner Paul MosesCynthia Clark Inman09/11/2003
Financial Planner Paul MosesColleen Lunney10/07/2003
Financial Planner Paul MosesCynthia Ckark Inman03/11/2004
Financial Planning MonthBenedict, Sarah10/21/2021
Find MCC on FacebookColleen Brennan-Barry04/02/2010
Find Out More About Today's High Schools!Karen Coffey03/27/2007
Find Out What Life Is Like Behind Handle BarsSimmons, Kevin02/20/2020
Find SUNY News in the MCC Daily TribuneMapes, Cynthia01/25/2019
Find the Bookstore on FacebookIris Mand04/27/2010
Find Your Way With Gary Rainford's 'Adrift'Woodruff, Tina04/08/2022
Find "Authentic Happiness" at MCC on March 5Rosanna Condello02/28/2003
Finding Moments of GratitudeKennell, Morgan11/25/2020
Finding Our Way in a Flat World: Charting a New Course for Education - ITC AudioconferenceMelissa Burley10/11/2006
Finding your textbooks has never been easier!Suter, Charlene12/14/2018
Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Informational SessionSeely, Mary11/02/2017
Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network on CampusSue George, RN05/04/2016
Finger Lakes Magazine Article Features Opportunities for Adult Learners at MCCJanet Ekis02/28/2011
Finger Lakes Manufacturing Employers Train Their Workers to Use Ultra High-tech Equipment in MCC's New LabYuen-Eng, Hency08/05/2021
Finger Lakes Regional Economic Council Approves Upstate Revitalization Initiative PlanClayton Jones09/28/2015
Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council Receives $68.8MHency Yuen-Eng12/09/2011
Finger Lakes Regional ShowcaseRosanna Condello03/27/2012
Finger Lakes Regional ShowcaseRosanna Condello04/26/2012
Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship Program Works Towards DE&I Goals with Champion AcademyPearce, Dale06/16/2021
Fire Alarm Issue ResolvedPerez, Tony11/06/2019
Fire Alarm ProceduresChristian D. Caswell09/15/2005
Fire Alarm ProceduresMartin Gilmore09/12/2007
Fire Alarm ProceduresMartin Gilmore09/17/2008
Fire Alarm ProceduresMartin Gilmore10/20/2008
Fire Alarm System Testing and MaintenanceMartin Gilmore01/29/2004
Fire Alarm Testing - June 8th 2012David Blackburn06/07/2012
Fire Alarm Testing at the Downtown CampusCaswell, Christian04/16/2018
Fire Alarm testing for Building 10 Restrooms 10-195A and 10-195BCharlton, James10/31/2017
Fire Alarms and EvacuationRobert Wiesner05/19/2003
Fire Alarm/Emergency Evacuation Procedures for Brighton and Damon City CampusesMartin Gilmore09/21/2009
Fire Alarm/Emergency Evacuation Procedures for Brighton and Damon City Campuses Martin Gilmore09/24/2010
Fire Drill ReviewChristian D. Caswell10/08/2004
Fire Drill Schedule for the Brighton CampusMartin E. Gilmore09/24/2002
Fire Drills -- Brighton CampusMartin Gilmore10/21/2003
Fire Inspection ResultsSal Simonetti06/01/2016
Fire Training Grounds Highlighted in Trade MagazineHency Yuen-Eng06/01/2011
Fire Training of Ferry CrewDianne E McConkey06/29/2005
Fire & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Inspection/Testing on Wednesday 8/23Sleight, Travis08/23/2017
Fire & Safety Policy Update in Student Code of ConductAmy Greer03/09/2016
Firefighter Appears in Online Photo GalleryDianne E McConkey01/05/2007
Firefighter Candidate Physical Ability ChallengeRosanna Condello03/16/2007
Firefighters' Gift Supports MCC StudentsHency Yuen-Eng08/15/2013
Firefox and Chrome DownloadsPat Murphy-Golden05/01/2014
Fireside Chat with President Burt-NannaHall, Linda09/13/2021
Fireside Chat with President Burt-NannaHall, Linda09/20/2021
Fireside Chat with President Burt-NannaHall, Linda10/13/2021
Fireside Chat with President Burt-NannaHall, Linda12/06/2021
Fireside Chat with President Burt-NannaHall, Linda03/08/2022
Fireside Chat with President Burt-NannaGreen, Marra05/09/2022
Fireside Chat with President Burt-NannaGreen, Marra05/16/2022
Fireside Chat with President Burt-Nanna TodayHall, Linda03/14/2022
Fireworks Tonight at RNY FC Soccer GameBouyea, Aaron06/24/2022
Firm Tells Story of Collaboration on Downtown Campus ProjectYuen-Eng, Hency05/24/2018
First-ever 5K Walk/Run for ScholarshipsMark Pastorella09/07/2007
First-Ever Summer Program Teaches Students to Learn Urban Education StrategiesKristy Guerra07/16/2007
First-time Student Loan Borrowers and Loan Entrance CounselingRamon L. Rodriguez02/10/2011
First-time Student Loan Borrowers and Loan Entrance CounselingRamon L. Rodriguez02/08/2012
First 10 People to "Sport" MCC Clothing Get 20% Off Your Meal Today in Food for ThoughtJanet B. Zinck09/28/2016
First Amendment Free Speech Panel will be streamed to Downtown CampusJones, Clayton11/07/2017
First Annual MCC Athletic Scholarship Golf TournamentMike Kelly08/26/2005
First Annual MCC Scholars' Day -- Deadline for Submissions!!Matthew Hachee11/20/2008
First Annual Winter Teaching Institute is Filling Up Quickly!Tracy Wyant01/09/2012
First Annual Winter Teaching Institute:  Save the Date!Tracy Wyant11/18/2011
First Bike Week in Rochester!!Pat Joram05/19/2010
First Call for Hanson AwardsBill Brewer03/06/2003
First Call for Sabbat - ocallBill Brewer02/02/2004
First Career Technical Education Advisory Board DinnerJavier Ayala, Ph.D.03/04/2013
First Community Fridays for a Cause a success!Martha Maher-Garcia10/28/2010
First Day Festival at MCCLawson, Matthew08/11/2021
First Ever Joseph Richardson Golf TournamentAndrew Freeman08/10/2004
First Ever Virtual Employee Recognition Ceremony Is TodayWarren, Sandy06/16/2020
First Floor Food Service Vendors' Thanksgiving ClosingsAnnette Agness11/20/2007
First Flu Clinic Today in the ForumHuman Resources Team09/28/2016
First Friday’s Celebrates Chubby Checker’s Birthday and World Teacher’s DayEllen Mancuso10/02/2008
First Friday’s Celebrates November. Everyone Welcome!Ellen Mancuso11/06/2008
First Friday’s Holiday CheerEllen Mancuso12/04/2008
First Friday at J.B. Quimby's Part 2: Tomorrow, May 4!Ellen Mancuso05/03/2007
First Friday at Mercer Gallery TonightHency Yuen-Eng02/04/2011
First Friday in November - Pass the wordEllen Mancuso11/01/2007
First Friday of the new semester @ J.B. Quimby’sEllen Mancuso09/06/2007
First Friday of the Year!Ellen Mancuso01/04/2008
First Fridays - Everyone WelcomeEllen Mancuso01/31/2008
First Fridays - Everyone WelcomeEllen Mancuso03/06/2008
First Fridays - January 2011Jeff Bartkovich12/21/2010
First Fridays 2014Jeff Bartkovich, Vice President01/03/2014
First Fridays at J.B. Quimby’s! Two Nights: Friday, April 6 and Friday, May 4Ellen Mancuso03/29/2007
First Fridays celebrates second year! Everyone welcome!Ellen Mancuso03/31/2009
First Fridays celebrates the arts!Ellen Mancuso03/03/2009
First Fridays Goes Greek in JuneJeff Bartkovich06/03/2010
First Fridays Goes on Location to the Puerto Rican FestivalJeff Bartkovich08/03/2011
First Fridays in December on ScheduleJeff Bartkovich11/30/2011
First Fridays in December on ScheduleJeff Bartkovich12/05/2012
First Fridays in June Goes GreekJeff Bartkovich06/01/2011
First Fridays in March on ScheduleJeff Bartkovich03/03/2011
First Fridays in March on ScheduleJeff Bartkovich03/05/2014
First Fridays is Here Again… Everyone Welcome - Time to come together!Ellen Mancuso04/03/2008
First Fridays kicks off your weekend: 2 events!Ellen Mancuso04/30/2009
First Fridays On Schedule for OctoberJeff Bartkovich10/04/2012
FIRST FRIDAYS ROCKS! Everyone Welcome!Ellen Mancuso05/01/2008
First Fridays Takes A Field Trip to the Lake!Ellen Mancuso07/29/2008
First Fridays to Celebrate the Anniversary of American Independence!Ellen Mancuso07/05/2007
First Fridays with Tom Flynn – June 6th!Ellen Mancuso06/03/2008
First Friday: A Holiday Event! In Two Stages…Ellen Mancuso12/06/2007
First Graduates of Expanded Nursing Program Receive PinsRosanna Condello01/10/2005
First graduating class at MCC celebrates 50 yearsRosanna Yule09/30/2014
First Head Start / MCC Partnership Cohort GraduatesShiao, Lena06/13/2022
First MCC Town Hall of 2021 to be Held at Noon TodayYule, Rosanna01/22/2021
First Monthly PSCIC (Public Safety Citizen Interaction Committee) at DCC Thursday, Oct. 22ndLeah Santirocco10/19/2009
First Music Concert of the Fall Semester - This Wednesday EveningFisher, Rollo10/14/2019
First NABCEP Solar Thermal Exam Pass Rate 86%Javier Ayala, Ph.D.09/11/2014
First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival Tina Woodruff09/08/2015
First Open Forum Monday 4/4 - Chief of Staff and Assistant to the President: Kristin Sine-KinzDavis, Chelsea04/01/2022
First Positive COVID-19 Cases on Campus, Employees Who Come to Campus Must Get Tested RegularlyDouglas, Katherine10/19/2020
First see the film -- then meet the legendFabbro, Regina02/05/2019
First Semester Nursing Students Participated in Safe Zone TrainingWilson, Judith05/16/2022
First Skunk Hour of the SeasonPhilip Snyder10/20/2005
First Student Aide Scholarship AwardedDonna Burke and Taine Vinci05/13/2014
First Summer Attendance ReportingGinger Toth06/27/2006
First Summer Session Class RostersVirginia Toth05/27/2010
First Summer Session Textbook ReturnsChristine Coriale06/11/2003
First TCC Event of the Semester at DCCKaren Coffey02/10/2010
First TCC Event of the Semester is Wednesday! Helping Students Understand How They LearnKaren Coffey02/08/2016
First Year Experience and Financial Aid Presents- Don't Let Your Finances Scare You!Lawson, Matthew10/09/2018
First Year Experience presents SCVNGR Trung Q. Nguyen09/05/2012
First Year Experience Presents Weeks of WelcomeLawson, Matthew09/13/2017
First Year Experience Presents: Brighton Campus Advisement and Transfer ActivitiesLawson, Matthew10/09/2018
First Year Experience to host Grocery Bingo at the Downtown CampusLawson, Matthew09/13/2021
First Year Experience & Prism to host an LGBTQ+ Campfire SocialLawson, Matthew09/10/2021
First Year Experience & Residence Life Presents Fall 2021 Weeks of Welcome (WOW)Lawson, Matthew08/17/2021
First You Registered, Now It's Time to Vote!Stewart, Elizabeth11/01/2018
Fiscal Year 2011 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Blanket OrdersMike Quinn05/05/2011
Fiscal Year 2011 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Budget Transfer DeadlinesHeze Simmons04/12/2011
Fiscal Year 2012 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Budget Transfer DeadlinesHeze Simmons03/19/2012
Fiscal Year 2012 Purchasing Cut-Off/Blanket OrdersMike Quinn05/01/2012
Fiscal Year 2013 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Budget Transfer DeadlinesHeze Simmons04/23/2013
Fiscal Year 2013 Purchasing Cut-Off/Blanket OrdersMike Quinn05/17/2013
Fiscal Year 2014 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Blanket OrdersMike Quinn05/20/2014
Fiscal Year 2014 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Budget Transfer DeadlinesHeze Simmons04/21/2014
Fiscal Year 2015 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Blanket OrdersMike Quinn05/11/2015
Fiscal Year 2015 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Budget Transfer DeadlinesHeze Simmons04/24/2015
Fiscal Year 2016 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Blanket OrdersMike Quinn05/12/2016
Fiscal Year 2016 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Budget Transfer DeadlinesHeze Simmons04/14/2016
Fiscal Year 2017 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Blanket OrdersQuinn, Michael05/23/2017
Fiscal Year 2017 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Budget Transfer DeadlinesSimmons, Hezekiah05/09/2017
Fiscal Year 2018 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Blanket OrdersQuinn, Michael05/15/2018
Fiscal Year 2018 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Budget Transfer DeadlinesSimmons, Hezekiah05/02/2018
Fiscal Year 2019 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Blanket OrdersQuinn, Michael05/01/2019
Fiscal Year 2019 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Budget Transfer DeadlinesSimmons, Hezekiah03/28/2019
Fiscal Year 2020 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates and Budget Transfer DeadlinesSimmons, Hezekiah05/14/2020
Fiscal Year 2021 Blanket OrdersQuinn, Michael05/03/2021
Fiscal Year 2021 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Budget Transfer DeadlinesSimmons, Hezekiah04/02/2021
Fiscal Year 2022 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Blanket OrdersQuinn, Michael05/02/2022
Fiscal Year 2022 Purchasing Cut-Off Dates/Budget Transfer DeadlinesJachim-Moore, Darrell04/05/2022
Fisher PRSSA Chapter Named For Tom ProiettiTom Proietti05/08/2009
Fit n' Friendly Section in MyMCCThe Wellness Team; Health and Physical Education, Human Resources and Counseling, International and Veterans Services03/21/2013
Fitness CenterDoug Henneberg12/19/2006
Fitness CenterRay, Catherin05/09/2017
Fitness Center and Athletic FacilitiesBouyea, Aaron03/13/2020
Fitness Center at the Downtown Campus- Now open on SaturdaysHowell, Ambika10/31/2017
Fitness Center at the Downtown Campus-OPEN HOURSHowell, Ambika08/26/2019
FItness Center ClosedDoug Henneberg04/03/2008
Fitness Center HoursDouglas Henneberg01/24/2006
Fitness Center hoursDouglas R. Henneberg08/24/2006
Fitness Center HoursDouglas Henneberg01/16/2009
Fitness Center Hours over Spring BreakDoug Henneberg04/14/2005
Fitness Center Hours Spring Break WeekDouglas Henneberg04/13/2011
Fitness Center OpeningDouglas R Henneberg08/28/2006
Fitness Center Orientation for FacultyDouglas Henneberg02/13/2006
Fitness Center (Downtown Campus)-Open Hours for Fall 2018Howell, Ambika08/29/2018
Fitness Center (Downtown Campus)-Open Hours for SPRING 2018Howell, Ambika01/22/2018
Fitness Center (Downtown Campus)-Open Hours for SUMMERHowell, Ambika05/22/2018
Fitness Hours for Winter BreakDoug Henneberg02/15/2007
Fitness Your Way Program- Registration Fee Waived If You Enroll By December 29th!Frisch, Julianna12/14/2017
Fitton Authors "On Campus: An Interactive Guide to CollegeEllen Baker03/18/2008
Fitton Presents at Schenectady County Community CollegeJulie Damerell05/22/2014
Five Community Leaders Join MCC Foundation BoardBrenda Babitz10/04/2007
Five Corporate Leaders Join MCC Foundation BoardDiane L. Shoger09/04/2012
Five course revisions posted for faculty comment (until 10/23)Barnet, David10/11/2019
Five Days Left to Support the Foundation's Crowd RaiserMia Hodgins06/03/2016
Five MCC athletes earn SUNY Scholar Athlete AwardsTom Garigen05/10/2006
Five MCC Science Students Complete Bridges Summer Research Program at Binghamton UniversityPaul Wakem, Ph.D.07/01/2014
Five named to MCC Foundation BoardRosanna Condello09/09/2003
Five New Brown Bag Lunch Sessions Scheduled for September, 2002Ellen Z. Gozik09/10/2002
Five Reasons Keeping a Gratitude Journal Will Change Your Life (with Printables)Benedict, Sarah05/13/2022
Five (5) Curriculum Proposals for Faculty CommentBarnet, David04/01/2020
FiveGuysfor5KShaw, Karen09/11/2017
Fix-It Workshop at DCC: Spring Symposium 2016Julie Damerell02/22/2016
Fix a bicycle Flat FridayValarie Avalone04/14/2017
FLAC Fall Film Festival - The Edge of FantasyHeather Williams12/08/2006
FLAC Hosts Science Fiction Writer Nancy KressCarl Silvio02/27/2006
FLAC Presents First Annual Film Festival Fall Horror SeriesTony Vinci09/14/2004
Flag Football League StartingJeff Parrinello09/10/2013
Flag Football League to Start Monday, September 27thJeff Parrinello09/21/2010
Flags at Half-StaffLee Struble10/30/2008
Flags at half-staffLee Struble11/03/2008
Flags at Half-StaffLee Struble02/25/2009
Flags at Half-StaffSal Simonetti04/24/2014
Flags at Half-StaffSal Simonetti05/15/2014
Flags at Half-StaffGrindle, Blaine04/11/2019
Flags at Half-Staff - Friday, 11/19/10Lee Struble11/19/2010
Flags at Half-Staff - July 16, 2009Lee Struble07/16/2009
Flags at Half-Staff - Tuesday, 1/26/10Lee Struble01/26/2010
Flags at Half-Staff for Local Soldier Killed in Iraq - Thursday, 10/22/09Lee Struble10/22/2009
Flags at Half-staff for NY Air National Guard Technical Sgt.Joseph LemmPaul Wurster12/23/2015
Flags at Half-Staff in Honor of NYS DOT Maintenance Worker Dennis (Matt) HoweGrindle, Blaine03/20/2019
Flags at Half-Staff in Honor of Peace Officer Memorial DayGrindle, Blaine05/15/2019
Flags at Half-Staff in Honor of Trooper Jeremy VanNostrandGrindle, Blaine11/28/2018
Flags at Half-Staff in Honor of Victims of Tragedy in WashingtonDebra M. Dwyer09/18/2013
Flags at Half-Staff in Remembrance of Pearl Harbor DayPaul Wurster12/04/2015
Flags at Half-Staff on Friday, 6/10/11Lee Struble06/10/2011
Flags at Half-staff on Friday, 7/8/11Lee Struble07/08/2011
Flags at Half-Staff on Friday, 9/24/10Lee Struble09/24/2010
Flags at Half-Staff on Monday, 11/22/10 for Marine Staff Sergeant Javier O. Ortiz RiveraLee Struble11/22/2010
Flags at Half-Staff on Monday, August 23, 2010Lee Struble08/23/2010
Flags at Half-Staff on Monday, May 24, 2010Lee Struble05/24/2010
Flags at Half-Staff on Thursday, April 8, 2010Lee Struble04/08/2010
Flags at Half-Staff on Thursday, July 14, 2011Lee Struble07/14/2011
Flags at Half-Staff on Thursday, June 10, 2010Linda Williams06/10/2010
Flags at Half-staff on Thursday, June 17Lee Struble06/17/2010
Flags at Half-Staff on Tuesday, April 26, 2011Lee Struble04/26/2011
Flags at Half-Staff on Wednesday, 3/10/10Lee Struble03/10/2010
Flags at Half-Staff on Wednesday, June 23, 2010Linda Williams06/23/2010
Flags at Half-Staff to Commemorate 9/11 Anniversary Paul Wurster09/11/2014
Flags at Half-Staff to Honor Fallen Soldier Alexandra Mae MorrowPaul Wurster03/28/2017
Flags at Half-Staff to Honor New York State Troop Nicholas F. ClarkGrindle, Blaine07/03/2018
Flags at Half-Staff to Honor Peace Officers Memorial DayFord, Douglas05/15/2018
Flags at Half-Staff TodayLee Struble09/30/2008
Flags at Half-Staff TodayLee Struble01/05/2009
Flags at Half-Staff TodayLee Struble04/28/2011
Flags at Half-Staff TodayLee Struble05/06/2011
Flags at Half-Staff TodayLinda Williams06/23/2011
Flags at half-staff tomorrow, December 10Lee Struble12/09/2010
Flags at Half-Staff (3/2/09)Lee Struble03/02/2009
Flags at Half-Staff (Friday, 3/27/09)Lee Struble03/27/2009
Flags at Half-staff, Monday March 14, 2011Lee Struble03/14/2011
Flags at half-staff, Monday March 7, 2011Lee Struble03/07/2011
Flags at Half-Staff, Monday, February 1, 2010Lee Struble02/01/2010
Flags at Half-Staff, Thursday 12/17/09Lee Struble12/17/2009
Flags at Half-Staff, Thursday 2/10/11Lee Struble02/10/2011
Flags at Half-Staff, Thursday, 1/28/10Lee Struble01/28/2010
Flags at Half-Staff, Thursday, 3/12/09Lee Struble03/12/2009
Flags at Half StaffDoug Ford, Director Physical Plant05/27/2016
Flags at Half Staff for 4/28/10Lee Struble04/28/2010
Flags at Half Staff on Friday, 4/8/11Lee Struble04/07/2011
Flags at Half Staff on Friday, 7/22/11Lee Struble07/22/2011
Flags at Half Staff on Tuesday, April 14, 2009Lee Struble04/14/2009
Flags at Half Staff Today to Honor Army Specialist Anthony R. MaddoxDebra M. Dwyer07/26/2013
Flags Flown at Half-staffLee Struble08/05/2009
Flags Flown at Half-StaffLee Struble03/24/2010
Flags Flown at Half-Staff 1/6/10Lee Struble01/06/2010
Flags Flown At Half-Staff Today in Remembrance of Pearl Harbor DayLee Struble12/07/2009
Flags Flown at half-staff Today, September 15, 2014 Paul Wurster09/15/2014
Flags of the Nations parade kicks off International Education Week!Gale Lynch11/14/2014
Flags Should Be Flown at Full Staff on Veterans Day.Paul Wurster11/10/2016
Flags to be at Half-Staff to Honor Specialist Terry J. HurnePaul Wurster06/12/2014
Flags To Be Flown At Half-Staff - Thursday, 12/3/09Lee Struble12/03/2009
Flags to be Flown at Half-Staff WednesdayLee Struble11/04/2009
Flags to Be Flown at Half-Staff, Wednesday 11/3/10Lee Struble11/03/2010
Flags to be Flown at Half-Staff: Monday, August 24, 2009Lee Struble08/24/2009
Flags to be Flown at Half Staff on FridayLinda Williams06/25/2010
Flags to Fly at Half-Staff on June 15Lee Struble06/15/2010
FLAGS TO HALF-Staff December 7, 2017Wurster, Paul12/06/2017
Flame- The BandPaula Fahy03/20/2009
Flash Forward to December and Final Exams!Deborah Benjamin09/05/2012
Flashback to the 70’s!Diane Cheasty03/18/2010
Flex Dollars BonusMaureen Wheelden10/28/2014
Flex Spending Forms due for Parking and Transit ExpensesThe Human Resources Team11/11/2011
Flex Spending Forms due for Parking and Transit ExpensesThe Human Resources Team11/14/2012
Flex Spending Forms for Parking and Transit Expenses DueKaren Rheinheimer11/14/2014
Flex Spending Forms Now Due for Parking and Transit Expenses for 2014The Human Resources Team11/15/2013
Flex Time Summer HoursAlberta G.Lee08/11/2011
Flexible Spending AccountColleen Lunney10/31/2008
Flexible Spending Account - OTC Now Eligible for ReimbursementBureau, Suzanne04/02/2020
Flexible Spending Account Enrollment FormsColleen C. Lunney11/07/2007
Flexible Spending Account FormsColleen Lunney11/11/2003
Flexible Spending Account Information - Additional SessionAlberta G. Lee, Director11/06/2007
Flexible Spending Account Information SessionsAlberta Lee11/05/2007
Flexible Spending Account Rollover InformationKaren Rheinheimer03/11/2014
Flexible Spending AccountsColleen Lunney10/25/2006
Flexible Spending Accounts - ReminderColleen Lunney11/17/2006
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) deadline November 30thBureau, Suzanne11/28/2017
Flexible Spending and Salary Reduction agreementsColleen Lunney10/20/2004
Flexible Spending and Tax Deferred Annuity AccountsColleen Lunney10/25/2005
Flexible Spending Claims Due by March 31, 2006Colleen Lunney02/28/2006
FLexible Spending Claims Due by March 31, 2006Colleen Lunney03/08/2006
Flexible Spending Claims Due by March 31, 2007Colleen Lunney01/31/2007
Flexible Spending Claims for 2002Colleen Lunney02/21/2003
Flexible Spending Claims for 2003 Due March 31Colleen Lunney01/30/2004
Flexible Spending Claims for 2004 Due March 31Colleen Lunney02/10/2005
Flexible Spending Claims for 2004 Due March 31Colleen Lunney03/14/2005
Flexible Spending Deadline is April 29 This YearThe Human Resources Team04/16/2012
Flexible Spending Forms SentHuman Resources Team11/02/2010
Flexible Spending IncreaseKaren Rheinheimer11/06/2014
Flexible Spending Open Enrollment for 2015 Due NowKaren Rheinheimer10/27/2014
Flexible Spending Reminder and InformationKaren Rheinheimer11/10/2009
Flexible Spending Rollover Option Now Available for 2013 Plan YearThe Human Resources Team11/15/2013
Flipped Classroom Webinar This Thursday!Carmen Powers08/20/2012
Flipped Classroom: Tips for Getting Started (TCC Workshop)Neeta Primo03/03/2014
Floating Scapes Opens Today at the Mercer GalleryJanet Ekis01/30/2004
Flor Colon Joins MCC Foundation BoardDiane L. Shoger12/14/2012
Florence Nightingale Caught MoonlightingJenny Lorenz11/27/2007
Florida Reception Held for MCC Retirees, Alumni and FriendsMark Pastorella02/07/2003
Flower City Habitat for Humanity's new "ReStore"Betty Stewart10/06/2016
Flower City Habitat for Humanity Academia Day!Julianna Frisch05/29/2015
Flower City ReviewBarbara Lovenheim05/23/2003
FLPPS Partners with MCC to Expand Workforce Pool Through $4 Million GrantYuen-Eng, Hency12/03/2021
Flu Clinic - Brighton CampusHuman Resources Team11/02/2016
Flu Clinic and Health Fair November 12, 2014The Human Resources Team11/10/2014
Flu Clinic at Brighton Campus on Tuesday, November 13Karen Rheinheimer11/09/2012
Flu Clinic at DCC--This Thursday, 10-2, Wellness Center!Julie White10/31/2007
Flu Clinic location changeWarren, Sandy10/07/2019
Flu Clinic This Week at Damon City CampusHuman Resource Team10/11/2011
Flu ClinicsWarren, Sandy10/10/2018
Flu Clinics and Health Fairs Coming Soon!The Human Resources Team10/03/2014
Flu Clinics for Faculty and StaffWarren, Sandy09/19/2019
Flu Clinics for MCC EmployeesDonna Mueller and Karen Rheinheimer10/13/2009
Flu Clinics in Monroe CountyHuman Resources Team10/09/2009
Flu Shot ClinicSandy Warren10/30/2002
Flu Shot Clinic at BrightonMelissa J. Gue11/05/2007
Flu Shot Clinic at DCCMelissa J. Gue10/20/2008
Flu Shot Clinic at DCC TodayMelissa J. Gue10/29/2008
Flu Shot Clinic Monday, September 23Kenyon-Leederman, Karen09/17/2019
Flu Shot Clinic October 21Kenyon-Leederman, Karen10/16/2019
Flu Shot Clinic Today at the Brighton CampusKenyon-Leederman, Karen10/21/2019
Flu Shot Clinics Coming SoonWarren, Sandy09/29/2017
Flu Shot REMINDERMelissa J. Gue11/08/2006
Flu Shot ReminderMelissa J. Gue12/08/2010
Flu ShotsHealth Services10/14/2003
Flu ShotsHEALTH SERVICES12/15/2003
Flu ShotsMelissa J. Gue10/29/2008
Flu Shots Available in Health ServicesMelissa J. Gue11/02/2006
Flu Shots Still AvailableHealth Services11/15/2002
FLU SHOTS STILL AVAILABLEHealth Services11/10/2003
Flu Shots Still AvailableMelissa Terilli/Bonnie Heil11/09/2005
Flu Shots to be OfferedSandy Warren10/16/2002
Flu Shots, Insurance and Healthcare for StudentsFlanagan, Jeanne11/06/2017
Flu Vaccination Clinic in Health ServicesDonna Mueller10/22/2007
Flu vaccinationsDonna Mueller10/25/2005
Flu Vaccinations by AppointmentJacqueline Carson12/17/2014
Flu VaccineDonna Mueller10/18/2004
Flu VaccineCarson, Jacqueline12/11/2020
Flu Vaccine Clinic at Damon City Campus, November 1Julie White10/24/2007
Flu Vaccine Clinic at Damon City Campus, November 1Julie White10/24/2007
Flu Vaccine For Staff and Students at No ChargeFlanagan, Jeanne12/05/2017
Flu Vaccine Still AvailableMelissa J. Gue12/12/2012
Flu Vaccine Still Available.Melissa J. Gue02/11/2008
Flu Vaccines for StudentsSusan Warner10/10/2011
Flu Vaccines for StudentsJones, Charniece11/20/2019
Flu Vaccines Now Available for Faculty/StaffSusan Warner10/31/2011
Flu Vaccines Offered on Campus in OctoberSandy Warren10/06/2004
Flu Vaccines UpdateDonna Mueller11/03/2004
Flynn Campus Center Service Desk Summer HoursSue Teerlinck05/25/2011
Flynn Center Featured in RBJDianne McConkey05/06/2004
Flynn Essay on Homeland Security in Democrat and ChronicleCynthia Cooper09/13/2004
Flynn Essay on Nursing Shortage in Community College TimesCynthia Cooper12/06/2002
Flynn Honored by Rochester Tooling and Machining AssociationCynthia Cooper01/08/2003
Flynn on WXXI 1370 AM TodayCynthia Cooper01/30/2003
Flynn Presents with Milliron at NTIDNancy Price11/18/2005
Flynn Receives Prestigious Phi Theta Kappa AwardCynthia L. Cooper03/14/2008
Flynn Retirement Celebrations - Save the DatesCynthia Cooper01/09/2008
Flynn Retirement Celebrations - Save the Dates!Cynthia Cooper02/28/2008
Flynn Retirement Web Site UnveiledJanet Ekis05/20/2008
Flynn to Speak to Brighton Town BoardCynthia Cooper03/10/2003
Focus Group Meeting to Improve MCC's Service to Latino MenMarcus Watts11/03/2010
Focus on Learning: A Community College Counseling Center RespondsDr. Susan Salvador10/05/2004
Focus on TransferChristian Kull11/05/2009
FOIL, FERPA, etc.Mapes, Cynthia08/27/2019
Follow-up Budget Town Hall Friday, April 17 at 12 noon. Submit Your Questions Early.Douglas, Katherine04/14/2020
Follow-up Message Regarding Interim President Candidates' VisitYule, Rosanna11/27/2019
Follow-up on Mindagus BorutaTom Garigen02/09/2007
Follow-up to Lockdown DrillKress, Anne03/14/2018
Follow MCCEkis, Janet11/04/2019
Follow MCC Geology 295 around the WEST ... on Instagram!Barone, Jessica06/10/2019
Follow MCC Geology Students around Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho ... virtually on Instagram!Barone, Jessica06/06/2022
Follow MCC hockey live at nationalsTom Garigen02/27/2009
Follow MCC!Colleen Brennan Barry and Janet Ekis09/12/2014
Follow Our Students as They Defend MCC's National Engineering Design TitleJohn Wadach06/27/2011
Follow Student Life on Social Media, #MCCPossibleBrooks, Errika03/24/2020
Follow the Broken RoadBette Bovenzi05/02/2007
Follow the Path to Your New MarketplaceValarie Avalone05/21/2003
Follow the Rainbow to Reflections Restaurant on St. Patrick’s Day!Diane Cheasty03/15/2010
Follow up from Artificial Intelligence presentation during the Winter Teaching InstituteDugan, Lawrence02/14/2019
Follow Up from Jan. 13th Mental Health WorkshopBill Brewer01/20/2004
Follow up Interview from 2016 HIPs Institute Part 2Gena Merliss03/24/2017
Follow us for the 12 Days of Deals!Suter, Charlene12/02/2019
Food Allergy Action MonthBenedict, Sarah05/24/2022
Food Baskets for Needy FamiliesSusan H. Forsyth, Chairperson12/08/2004
Food Chains: Third Documentary in the Human Rights Film SeriesMichelle Parker03/29/2017
Food Donations for Savvy CheffingMcCusker, James03/27/2019
Food DriveDianne E McConkey03/14/2007
FOOD DRIVE - Final Day TomorrowDawn Quatro10/07/2010
Food Drive - Your Help Provides Meals and HopeMaureen Karlnoski10/20/2016
Food drive for DWIGHTPetersen, Jenny11/17/2021
Food Drive for Student Food CupboardDawn Quatro09/30/2010
Food for FinesDenise Calarco11/22/2016
Food for Fines ResultsDenise Calarco12/13/2016
Food For ThoughtAlyson Levine09/22/2003
Food For Thought's NEW Menu starts today!Griffin, Rebecca04/22/2019
Food for Thought - last week for a few popular menu itemsZinck, Janet11/13/2017
Food For Thought - MCC's Student Restaurant is Featuring a New Menu.Griffin, Rebecca10/11/2021
Food For Thought - MCC's student restaurant is Open for dine-in and take-out orders!Griffin, Rebecca10/04/2021
Food For Thought - MCC's student restaurant is Open for dine-in and take-out orders!Wolff, Andrea02/14/2022
Food For Thought - MCC's student restaurant is open!Wolff, Andrea03/07/2022
Food For Thought - MCC's Tribune run restaurant is taking orders.Griffin, Rebecca09/20/2021
Food for Thought - new menu - what does this mean to me?Janet Zinck04/20/2015
Food for Thought - new menu items to explore starting Monday, October 9th!Zinck, Janet10/06/2017
Food for Thought - Think "outside" the boxJanet B. Zinck04/14/2015
Food For Thought Bake Shop - OPEN this SaturdayGriffin, Rebecca10/13/2017
Food For Thought BakeshopKim Joyce04/16/2015
Food For Thought Bakeshop's Specialty Item This Week is our Flourless Chocolate Chewy CookieKimberly Joyce02/17/2017
Food For Thought Bakeshop Has Specialty Items For Your Holiday TableKim Joyce11/18/2016
Food For Thought Bakeshop is backKimberly Joyce03/17/2017
Food For Thought Bakeshop Is Now Open For Business For The Spring SemesterMassey, Chiana03/09/2018
Food For Thought Bakeshop Last DayKimberly Joyce04/28/2017
Food for Thought Bakeshop Opens for Business March 2ndRich, Tanya03/02/2018
Food For Thought Bakeshop Opens Today for the Spring SemesterKim Joyce02/26/2016
Food For Thought Bakeshop Spring Semester Opening on 2/10/17Kimberly Joyce02/03/2017
Food for Thought celebrates the 67th Birthday of Silly PuttyJanet B. Zinck03/03/2017
Food For Thought Closed on May 1.Zinck, Janet04/30/2018
Food For Thought Closed Tomorrow, 4/26. Join Us at International Sampling!Diane Cheasty04/25/2016
Food For Thought Closed Tuesday. Join Us Upstairs for an International Sampling for Only $3!Diane Cheasty04/27/2015
Food For Thought Closes for the Semester on 12/6.Zinck, Janet12/03/2018
Food for Thought Does it All:  Dine in, Take out or make reservationsJanet Zinck03/16/2015
Food for Thought HappeningsJanet Zinck11/21/2016
Food for Thought has some great Fall favorites!Zinck, Janet09/25/2017
Food for Thought is appealing to the taste buds and to the eyes!Janet B. Zinck03/09/2015
Food For Thought is CLOSED todayGriffin, Rebecca05/06/2019
Food For Thought is closed today! Only 3 Weeks Left to Dine with Us! Check out our NEW menu!  Diane Cheasty04/24/2017
Food For Thought is Featuring New Menu Items!Griffin, Rebecca11/01/2021
Food For Thought is featuring new menu options for the week of 11/22Griffin, Rebecca11/19/2021
Food For Thought is featuring new menu options starting the week of 4/25Griffin, Rebecca04/25/2022
Food for Thought is NOW open!Zinck, Janet02/12/2018
Food For Thought is Now Open!Griffin, Rebecca09/16/2019
Food For Thought Is Only Open For 1 More Week!Zinck, Janet04/30/2018
Food For Thought is open for Lunch, from 11:30am -1:15pmWolff, Andrea11/09/2021
Food For Thought Is Open For The Spring SemesterGriffin, Rebecca02/10/2020
Food For Thought is Open!Griffin, Rebecca09/29/2020
Food For Thought is Waiting for YOU!Janet Zinck02/23/2016
Food For Thought Limited Service TodayGriffin, Rebecca11/12/2019
Food For Thought Menu Items for the Week of April 19thGriffin, Rebecca04/19/2021
Food For Thought Menu Items for the Week of April 26thGriffin, Rebecca04/26/2021
Food For Thought Menu Items for the Week of April 5thGriffin, Rebecca04/05/2021
Food For Thought Menu Items for the Week of April12thGriffin, Rebecca04/12/2021
Food For Thought Menu Items for the Week of March 15thGriffin, Rebecca03/15/2021
Food For Thought Menu Items for the Week of March 22ndGriffin, Rebecca03/22/2021
Food For Thought Menu Items for the Week of March 29thGriffin, Rebecca03/29/2021
Food For Thought New Menu Starts Next Week!!!Diane Cheasty11/20/2015
Food For Thought now has Grab & Go options!Griffin, Rebecca10/15/2019
Food for Thought Now OpenJanet Zinck09/29/2015
Food for Thought Officially Opens Wednesday, September 20thZinck, Janet09/18/2017
Food for Thought Open for BusinessZinck, Janet09/19/2018
Food for Thought opens for Spring 2015 semesterJanet B. Zinck02/02/2015
Food For Thought Opens Today!Griffin, Rebecca09/16/2020
Food For Thought Opens Wednesday, September 15th!Griffin, Rebecca09/13/2021
Food for Thought Restaurant is Open!Janet Zinck10/13/2014
Food For Thought Restaurant is Open!Griffin, Rebecca02/25/2019
Food For Thought Service on ThursdayLawrence, Andrew11/30/2017
Food for Thought Special Music Monday, April 3Janet B. Zinck03/30/2017
Food For Thought starts up next Monday!  Dine-in customers will receive FREE iced tea or lemoade with their meal!!Diane Cheasty02/04/2016
Food For Thought Student Promotion TODAY!Griffin, Rebecca03/07/2019
Food For Thought Student Promotion TODAY!Wolff, Andrea03/18/2019
Food For Thought Weekly MenuGriffin, Rebecca11/09/2020
Food For Thought Weekly Update!Griffin, Rebecca11/16/2020
Food For Thought Will Be Closed Monday and Tuesday Next Week! Diane Cheasty04/28/2016
Food For Thought "Soft Opening" on 9/11, to Honor Active Duty Military, Veterans, and First RespondersZinck, Janet09/09/2019
Food for Thought (formerly Reflections); Now open!Janet Zinck09/24/2014
Food For Thoughts Weekly Heat & Eat Menu optionsGriffin, Rebecca10/19/2020
Food For Thoughts Weekly Heat & Eat Menu OptionsGriffin, Rebecca10/26/2020
Food For Thoughts Weekly Heat & Eat Menu OptionsGriffin, Rebecca11/02/2020
Food for thought, give a can today!Howell, Ambika10/04/2019
Food Inc. Showing Tonight!Bethany Gizzi04/27/2010
Food of the Month - ApplesSandy Warren, Deneen Rhode, Tanya Mack, Matt Farley10/07/2015
Food Of The Month - SquashSandy Warren, Tanya Mack Deneen Rhode, Matt Farley09/16/2015
Food of the Month for April is … Tropical Fruit!Sandy Warren, Deneen Rhode, Tanya Mack, Matt Farley03/25/2016
Food Offerings during Fall FestDouglas J. Brown, Director09/21/2004
Food Offerings During Fall Fest!Annette Agness, Director09/28/2005
Food Offerings During Fall Fest!Annette Agness, Director10/06/2006
Food Offerings During Spring Fling!Annette Agness, Director05/08/2006
Food Pantry- D.W.I.G.H.T @ the Downtown CampusHowell, Ambika01/29/2018
Food ResourcesDillion, Junior02/21/2019
Food Safety VideoconferenceKim Wightman11/12/2002
Food Service Abbreviated HoursAnnette Agness, Director03/20/2008
Food Service ClosuresDianne McConkey09/20/2004
Food Service Director TransitionAnnette Agness, Director04/02/2010
Food Service Holiday / Intersession Closings and Abbreviated HoursGinny Geer-Mentry12/14/2011
Food Service Holiday/Intersession Closings and Abbreviated HoursAnnette Agness, Director12/17/2007
Food Service Holiday/Intersession Closings and Abbreviated HoursAnnette Agness12/15/2008
Food Service Holiday/Intersession Closings and Abbreviated HoursAnnette Agness12/14/2009
Food Service Holiday/Intersession Closings and Abbreviated HoursAnnette Agness12/15/2010
Food Service Locations and Hours for Fall 2006 SemesterAnnette Agness, Director09/05/2006
Food Service Locations and Hours for Fall, 2005 SemesterAnnette Agness, Director08/31/2005
Food Service Summer Hours UpdateAnnette Agness07/31/2006
Food Service Transition and Abbreviated ServiceAnnette Agness, Director06/22/2010
Food Service Vendors Announce Locations and Hours for Fall SemesterAnnette Agness08/28/2007
Food Services Hours Abbreviated During Spring BreakAnnette Agness, Director04/09/2008
Food Services Hours Abbreviated During Spring BreakAnnette Agness, Director04/15/2009
Food Services on Channel 13Dianne E McConkey11/22/2006
Food Vendor Fair at DCC TodayLisa Truman11/18/2015
Food Venues during Spring FlingDouglas J. Brown, Director05/05/2005
Food Waiver on the MCC Association WebsiteAnnette Agness02/01/2011
Food Wine and Culture of TuscanyDrew Lawrence12/05/2006
Food Writer Gives International Fridays Cuisine Thumbs-upHency Yuen-Eng10/21/2011
Foodlink  – Community Fridays for a CauseMartha Maher-Garcia12/10/2010
Foodlink/Sunnking Technology Donations ProgramMartha Maher-Garcia03/04/2011
Food, Inc. at DCC!Christine Plumeri10/11/2011
Food/Beverage PurchasesPatrick M. Bates01/10/2005
Food: Our Health, Our PlanetMatthew Fox10/20/2008
Fooks, Labrecque Named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen02/11/2009
Football Day at Reflections this Wednesday!!! Diane Cheasty10/24/2011
Football Tailgate Party in Reflections Restaurant this Wednesday!!Diane Cheasty10/15/2007
For a Limited Time:  Turkey Sugar Cookies at the Reflections-To-Go Food CartChris Reynolds11/25/2013
For Drawing Sake Moves to Hobart & William Smith GalleryJanet Ekis10/22/2007
For Faculty Advisors: Placement Information UpdatePantaleo, Sarah05/27/2021
For Faculty, Staff and Students: WIN! WIN! WIN! Extreme Info Challenge is here!Stephanie Hranjec03/11/2009
For Faculty: How to Help your Students Schedule their Accommodated ExamsPantaleo, Sarah10/27/2021
For Faculty: New Accommodated Test Submission ProcessPantaleo, Sarah02/18/2022
For Plagiarists, No Veil Over Past MistakesPeggy VanKirk06/15/2005
For Professors: New Electronic Option for Sending Accommodated TestsPantaleo, Sarah Elizabeth08/28/2019
For Students, Faculty and Staff: WIN! WIN! WIN! Extreme Info Challenge is Here!Stephanie Hranjec04/08/2009
For students, faculty, and staff: Win! Win! Win! Extreme Info Challenge is here!Stephanie Hranjec03/25/2009
For students, faculty, and staff: Win! Win! Win! Extreme Info Challenge is here!Stephanie Hranjec05/06/2009
For Students: FAQ for Accessing Testing Accommodations while Remote LearningPantaleo, Sarah Elizabeth09/11/2020
For Students: Important information regarding the Financial Aid Freeze dateDingee, Sally09/15/2020
For Students: Important information regarding the Financial Aid Freeze dateDingee, Sally02/19/2021
For Students: Important information regarding the Financial Aid Freeze dateDingee, Sally09/16/2021
For Students: Important information regarding the Financial Aid Freeze dateDingee, Sally02/18/2022
For Students: Important information regarding the Financial Aid Freeze dateDingee, Sally07/11/2022
For Students: Time Management Tips for Online LearningLee, Stephanie09/14/2020
For the Culture Trivia NightBrooks, Errika11/18/2020
For Your Summer Reading PleasureEileen Lanzafame06/03/2009
Forced to Write About Incomplete Grades with Christmas Cards Still UndoneDeborah Benjamin12/18/2007
Ford EcoBoost Challenge at MCC June 11-13th, 2015Courtney Sprague06/10/2015
Foreign Film Fest Closes This Week - Don't Miss the Last ShowsLouis Silvers11/20/2002
Foreign Film Fest ContinuesLouis Silvers11/07/2002
Foreign Film Fest Starts This WeekLouis Silvers11/05/2002
Foreign Firefighters Sharpen their Skills in Monroe CountyRosanna Condello06/29/2011
Forensic Science Career ForumSally Barton Dingee11/08/2006
Forensics Library Lecture CANCELLEDLori Annesi11/02/2006
Form W-2Chuck White02/04/2004
Form W-2Chuck White01/30/2006
Form W-2Michael Quinn02/01/2007
Format Change for New Student Email AddressesBob Bertram09/03/2009
Former Coach Britton Honored by NSCAA, William Smith CollegeSkip Bailey02/11/2010
Former Honors Institute Student to Give TED TalkMuhlnickel, Robert02/27/2018
Former Human Services Student Named Social Worker of the YearDebbie Alimentato03/21/2003
Former Mayor William Johnson at DCCRick Sadwick01/28/2009
Former MCC basketball player battling illnessTom Garigen02/07/2007
Former MCC Chemistry and Biology Students Present at RASStevens, Richard11/13/2018
Former MCC Star Redding Signs with New York MetsTom Garigen01/15/2009
Former MCC star Urckfitz excelling in Astros systemTom Garigen07/09/2009
Former MCC student starts dance festival at WellesleyFranzie Weldgen03/28/2013
Former MCC Student Wins Food Network's Cupcake WarsJohn Striebich03/01/2012
Former MCC students and Biology faculty present paper at JMIHStevens, Richard07/23/2018
Former Rochester Mayor’s Talk Kicks off Black History Month at MCCHency Yuen-Eng02/09/2009
Former Trib Belin leads St. Peter's to NCAA TourneyTom Garigen03/17/2011
Former Tribune Brownsten drafted by Atlanta BravesTom Garigen06/10/2010
Former Tribune Reid Joins the WNBATom Garigen02/09/2011
Former Tribune Star Taylor Sets Scoring Record at MiamiTom Garigen12/21/2006
Forsyth to Begin Role as ADA Curriculum ConsultantRosanna Condello08/10/2006
Forty-four Students Certified to Perform Motor Vehicle InspectionsGeorge Behrens04/22/2010
Forum on Careers in Entrepreneurship, Business, & Construction Management on Nov. 30Pam Miller11/29/2011
Forums for Director of Public SafetyGrindle, Blaine06/09/2017
FORUMS THIS WEEK : "What's On Your Mind?" Heather Murphy05/04/2015
Forums This Week: What's on your mind? Heather Murphy10/18/2016
Forward gives MCC a veteran's perspective (D & C)Tom Garigen01/27/2006
Forward Into the PastDaniel Robertson05/15/2012
Foster Parenting Info Session at MCC – Wednesday evening, September 25Cristin Finch09/05/2013
Fostering Interaction in Distance Learning AudioconferenceCarol Wilkinson02/04/2005
Fostering Learning: An Adjunct Faculty Development Model - ITC AudioconferenceMelissa Burley12/06/2006
Found A JobDeborah Benjamin08/20/2013
Found USB DrivesJeff Willard10/09/2015
Foundation Accomplishments - Dec 2004 and Jan 2005Brenda Babitz02/21/2005
Foundation Activity Report - April and May 2007Brenda Babitz06/19/2007
Foundation Activity Report - January and February 2006Diane Shoger03/20/2006
Foundation Activity Report - October and November 2004Brenda Babitz12/17/2004
Foundation Activity Report - October to November 2008Diane Shoger01/14/2009
Foundation Annual Report, Campus News Earn Regional HonorsDick Degus and Brenda Babitz10/14/2004
Foundation Directors Challenge All to ROC the Day for MCC TomorrowDiane L. Shoger12/11/2012
Foundation Employees Present at SUNYCUADGretchen Wood06/09/2015
Foundation for Student Success (FSS) Webinar - Hiring Strategies for Promoting EquityFrater, Joel11/07/2018
Foundation for Student Success (FSS) Webinar - Strategies for Engaging LeadersFrater, Joel08/23/2018
Foundation for Student Success (FSS) Webinar - The More Things Change, the More They Stay the SameFrater, Joel01/16/2019
Foundation Gains Momentum, Transfers $559K to CollegeSusan Gurak09/18/2014
Foundation Gold Star Gala Invitation Wins ADDY AwardsPastorella, Mark05/06/2022
Foundation Provides Legacy ScholarshipsDiane Shoger04/22/2011
Foundation Quarterly ReportBrenda Babitz02/12/2008
Foundation Quarterly ReportDiane Shoger10/14/2008
Foundation Quarterly Report - February - June 2008Brenda Babitz07/07/2008
Foundation Quarterly Report - February - May 2005Brenda Babitz06/10/2005
Foundation Quarterly Report - January - April 2007Brenda Babitz04/30/2007
Foundation Quarterly Report - June 1 - August 31, 2005Brenda Babitz09/12/2005
Foundation Quarterly Report - June 2002 to August 2002Brenda Babitz09/10/2002
Foundation Quarterly Report - June 2003 to September 2003Brenda Babitz10/17/2003
Foundation Quarterly Report - June 2007 to August 2007Brenda Babitz09/27/2007
Foundation Quarterly Report - March 2006 - June 2006Brenda Babitz07/06/2006
Foundation Quarterly Report - October 2003 to December 2003Brenda Babitz01/26/2004
Foundation Quarterly Report - October to December 2006Brenda Babitz01/22/2007
Foundation Quarterly Report - September 2002 to December 2002Brenda Babitz01/27/2003
Foundation Quarterly Report - September to December 2005Brenda Babitz12/19/2005
Foundation Quarterly Report April - May 2003Brenda Babitz06/13/2003
Foundation Quarterly Report: Jan - March 2003Brenda Babitz04/14/2003
Foundation Quarterly Report: June - September 2006Brenda Babitz10/26/2006
Foundation Quarterly Report: September - November 2007Brenda Babitz12/05/2007
Foundation Scholarship Transfer Brings Total Support to Over $860,000Diane Shoger02/03/2006
Foundation Staff Elected to AFP BoardAlicia M. Zona12/15/2016
Foundation to Host Financial Planning Luncheon for RetireesMark Pastorella10/05/2007
Foundation Transfers $442K to CollegeSusan Gurak01/27/2016
Foundation Transfers $476,593 to CollegeGurak, Susan09/22/2017
Foundation Transfers $531K to CollegeSusan Gurak01/22/2015
Foundation Transfers $536K to CollegeSusan Gurak09/21/2016
Foundation Transfers $595K to CollegeSusan Gurak10/02/2015
Foundation Transfers $602,344 to CollegeSusan Gurak02/01/2017
Founding Faculty Member, L. Louise Rozwell, PassesKress, Anne04/16/2019
Founding Faculty Member, Professor Emeritus William Claxton Nash Anne M. Kress09/13/2010
Four-Year College Application AssistanceMack, Rebecca11/05/2018
Four-Year College Application AssistanceMack, Rebecca02/14/2019
Four-Year College Visits to MCC are Back!Mack, Rebecca02/15/2022
Four-Year College Visits to the Brighton CampusMack, Rebecca09/13/2018
Four-year Transfer Admissions Panel - Advising the Transfer StudentChristian Kull02/27/2013
Four Agreements of SuccessMary Bleier07/03/2003
Four Alumni to be Inducted into Hall of FameMark Pastorella12/10/2003
Four Different 20-minute Meditation Sessions to be held on Monday, June 13thShamblin, Terry06/10/2022
Four English Faculty and their connection to the First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival highlighted in Rochester MagazineTina Woodruff09/12/2014
Four Health Care, Business Leaders Join MCC Alumni Hall of FameShaw, Karen11/20/2018
Four International Scholars Visiting MCC in SeptemberLee, Christina08/28/2019
Four MCC Athletes Named All-AmericanTom Garigen12/23/2008
Four Student-Parents Win Gift Cards for Completing SurveyDeMario, Mary Ann11/12/2019
Four to be Inducted into Sports Hall of FameTom Garigen08/20/2010
Four to Enter MCC Alumni Hall of FameMark Pastorella12/01/2008
Four (4) Curriculum Proposals for Faculty CommentBarnet, David12/04/2019
Four (4) Curriculum Proposals for Faculty CommentBarnet, David12/18/2019
Four (4) Curriculum Proposals for Faculty CommentBarnet, David04/15/2020
Four (4) Curriculum proposals posted for faculty commentBarnet, David11/06/2019
Four (4) Curriculum Proposals Posted for Faculty CommentBarnet, David11/20/2019
Four (4) new curriculum proposals for faculty review and commentBarnet, David01/22/2020
Fourth Annual Alan B. Shaw Memorial Essay AwardJean McDonough03/10/2006
Fourth Annual A.J. Sperr Benefit Hockey GameMark Pastorella04/25/2011
Fourth Annual Scone Bake-off HeldJanet Ekis02/28/2007
Fourth Annual Women's Wellness ConferenceMelany J. Silas and Melissa Santiago03/30/2010
Fourth of July Observance: MCC Closed July 5Yule, Rosanna06/25/2021
Fourth Starkweather Forum to be held Wednesday, Nov. 13Ed Lundberg11/12/2002
Fourth Stop for President Kress's Listening TourCynthia Cooper11/17/2009
Fourth Vice President Student Services Candidate Visit Open Forum - Thursday, February 6Marlene Fine and Emeterio Otero02/05/2014
FOX News and Channel 10 Visit MCC's Archeological "Dig."Janet Ekis07/23/2004
Fox News to Cover Law & Criminal Justice CourseDianne McConkey03/05/2004
Fox8 Story on Student Loans Features Financial Aid Director, MCC StudentJanet Ekis04/08/2009
Fox, Gorman named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen03/30/2011
Fragnoli and Nolan present at League/Vanguard Learning College ConferenceKristen Fragnoli05/27/2004
Fragnoli and Nolan present at Successful Teaching ConferenceKristen Fragnoli10/21/2003
Fragnoli Selected for Who's WhoKristen Fragnoli04/26/2005
Framework Fridays PD @ Downtown CampusDeLardge, Kimberly05/29/2018
Frank Alessandra, Sr.Heze Simmons12/20/2011
Frank Rinehart is RetiringSusan Nupp01/26/2011
Frankenstein's Legacies: Faculty Panel DiscussionTony Vinci03/20/2007
Frantz Achieves COMPETENT TOASTMASTER (CTM)Audrey Abbondanzieri03/14/2005
Frantz Elected District TreasurerAudrey Abbondanzieri06/01/2005
Frantz Named to Rochester Oratorio Society BoardRosanna Condello05/09/2003
Frantz, Lorenz Compete at Area 6 Public Speaking ContestRosanna Condello03/12/2008
Frantz, Malone and Wagoner Perform with RPORosanna Condello05/29/2008
Frater Discusses Downtown Campus on TV ProgramHency Yuen-Eng12/24/2015
Fraudulent vs. Legitimate Email NotificationsCarol Battles12/21/2010
Fraudulent vs. Legitimate Email NotificationsCarol A. Battles02/22/2011
Fred McCullough completes Institute of Facilities ManagementDavid Schottler03/01/2005
Frederick Douglass' Newpapers Now Available in the LibraryLori Annesi03/02/2009
Frederick Douglass Display in LibraryLori Annesi02/25/2010
Free A Cappella Performance Featuring m-pact and the MCC Tributones!Fisher, Rollo09/22/2017
Free AAC&U Webinar Today: "Safeguarding Quality, Equity, and Inclusion as Learning Moves Online"Burtner, Amy03/27/2020
Free Admission to 50s Sci-Phi Film Series at the Dryden TheatreMichelle Macirella03/13/2006
Free Admission to the Glass Show This WeekendDrumright, Patricia09/13/2018
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2012-2013 academic yearRamon L. Rodriguez01/04/2012
Free April 23 Webinar Sponsored by the American Association of Community CollegesBurtner, Amy04/14/2020
Free Assistive TechnologyLee, Stephanie04/29/2020
Free Assistive TechnologyLee, Stephanie06/02/2020
Free Breakfast at Mario'sBill Brewer05/05/2003
Free Bus Transportation for MCC Students, Employees between Brighton and Downtown CampusesSimmons, Hezekiah06/16/2017
Free Coffee and Cookies @ the LeRoy V. Good LibraryAlice Wilson12/10/2008
Free College-wide TutoringPatricia Kennedy07/11/2016
Free College-wide Tutoring Available for Summer Session I!Patricia Kennedy06/01/2010
FREE College-Wide Tutoring Available!Patricia Kennedy, Director01/26/2009
Free College-Wide Tutoring Available!Patricia Kennedy09/20/2010
Free College-Wide Tutoring Available!Patricia Kennedy09/26/2011
Free College-Wide Tutoring Available!Patricia Kennedy02/06/2012
Free College-Wide Tutoring Available!Patricia Kennedy09/17/2012
Free College-Wide Tutoring Available!Patricia Kennedy09/16/2013
Free College-Wide Tutoring Available!Patricia Kennedy02/03/2014
Free College-Wide Tutoring Available!Patricia Kennedy09/15/2014
Free College-Wide Tutoring Available!Patricia Kennedy02/02/2015
FREE College-Wide Tutoring Available!Patricia Kennedy09/21/2015
Free College-wide Tutoring for Summer Session IPatricia Kennedy05/26/2015
Free College-Wide Tutoring for Summer Session IIPatricia Kennedy07/06/2015
Free College-Wide Tutoring is Here!Patricia Kennedy09/19/2016
Free Computer and Electronics Recycling Starts Tomorrow! Jessica Barone10/27/2011
Free Computer and Electronics Recycling!Jessica Barone10/19/2011
Free Credit Report workshopVilma Morrow11/16/2012
Free Cyber Security Training for Your FamilyWirley, Eileen10/08/2020
Free depression screening offered on October 11Donna Mueller10/10/2002
Free Depression Screenings Available in FebruaryJodi Oriel02/03/2004
Free Depression Screenings Offered on Oct. 11Bonita Heil10/04/2002
Free Downtown Parking Ends After June 30Leah Santirocco06/29/2010
Free Electronic Recycling EventDavid A. Schottler, P.E.08/19/2011
Free Ellucian Live Virtual ConferenceWirley, Eileen05/29/2020
Free Events for MCC students: SUNY Transfer Application Workshop, Transfer Tours, and Scholarship Search Workshops.Krysta Banke02/26/2007
Free Facebook Live mini-training sessions provided by MCC Corporate CollegeGertner, James04/27/2020
Free Financial Wellness Counseling for Students, Faculty and StaffCruz, Heather02/14/2020
Free Flu Clinic for Students TodayJeanne Flanagan, RN, BSN10/24/2013
Free Flu Shot for Students @ Downtown Campus Today!DeLardge, Kimberly11/15/2018
Free Flu Shots for DCC Students this Wednesday!Jeanne Flanagan, RN, BSN11/04/2013
Free Flu Shots for Downtown Campus StudentsDeLardge, Kimberly11/12/2018
Free Flu Shots for StudentsJeanne Flanagan, RN, BSN11/18/2014
Free Flu Shots for StudentsFlanagan, Jeanne10/31/2018
Free Flu Shots for Students and StaffJeanne Flanagan, RN, BSN02/05/2014
Free Flu Shots for Students Continue!Jeanne Flanagan, RN, BSN12/07/2016
Free Flu Vaccine Clinics for StudentsJeanne Flanagan, RN11/02/2015
Free Flu Vaccine for All!Jeanne Flanagan, RN, BSN03/01/2016
Free Flu Vaccine for StudentsJeanne Flanagan, RN12/04/2013
Free Flu Vaccine for Students and Employees AvailableJeanne Flanagan, RN03/03/2017
Free Flu Vaccine for Students Starting November 1stJeanne Flanagan RN10/31/2016
Free Flu Vaccine for Students!Jeanne Flanagan, RN, BSN10/08/2014
Free Flu Vaccines for Students, Th. 11/17 at DCCJeanne Flanagan, RN, BSN11/16/2016
FREE Grab & Go Summer MealsBrooks, Errika08/03/2020
Free Healthy Cooking Classes Offered for DCC StudentsTracey Britton03/13/2009
Free HIV and Hepatitis C Testing, Brighton Campus, Wednesdays 11am-1pmFlanagan, Jeanne03/14/2018
Free HIV and STI TestingSilas, Melany09/27/2017
FREE HIV & STD Testing @ Downtown CampusSilas, Melany03/05/2019
Free HIV & STI Testing at the Downtown CampusSilas, Melany01/31/2018
Free Information Session on Small Unmanned Aerial SystemsCarly Hewitt08/22/2016
Free Information Session on Small Unmanned Aerial SystemsCarly Hewitt01/19/2017
Free Information Session on Small Unmanned Aerial Systems Carly Hewitt08/09/2016
Free Information Session: Introduction to Small Unmanned Aerial SystemsCarly Hewitt05/24/2016
Free JAVA at JAVA'SThomas Christopher Priester02/01/2008
Free JAVA at JAVA'SThomas Christopher Priester03/03/2008
Free JAVA at JAVA's!Thomas Christopher Priester02/04/2008
Free Java @ JAVA'sThomas Christopher Priester04/07/2008
FREE KIDNEY SCREENINGBette Bovenzi10/17/2005
Free League Webinar: Engaging College Students Using Active Learning TechniquesGantt, Calvin09/25/2020
Free League Webinar: Supporting Student Transfer During COVID-19Gantt, Calvin11/30/2020
Free Lunch at the Annual Theatre Pizza Party!Heather Fox09/15/2016
Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (and Stick You with the Bill)Lori Annesi03/17/2008
Free Mathematics Tutoring via ZoomMartineau, Brigitte07/08/2020
Free Mathematics Tutoring via ZoomMartineau, Brigitte09/01/2020
Free Meditation SessionsBurke, Donna08/27/2018
Free Mercer Gallery WorkshopsKathy Farrell03/29/2017
Free Name Badge Offer Hits Quota in Two DaysJanet Ekis08/07/2013
Free Nutrition and Parenting Skills Workshop Series at DCCDr. Ann Topping02/14/2007
Free On-Line Transfer Planning MagazineMack, Rebecca02/02/2021
Free Open Skate Opportunities at ESLMike Kelly03/31/2005
Free Parking Available to DCC-Bound Students, EmployeesLeah Santirocco03/29/2010
Free Performance of Seussical!Heather Fox06/08/2016
Free Professional Development Course on iStreamPeggy VanKirk11/16/2010
Free Professional HeadshotsMayo, Michelle02/03/2022
Free Rapid HIV Testing, Brighton CampusFlanagan, Jeanne09/10/2018
Free Renaissance Concert Set for Dec. 10Shirley Batistta-Provost12/01/2004
Free Resources and College Researcher Badging Program from MCC LibrariesGhidiu, Katherine04/03/2020
Free RPO ConcertHolmes, Lloyd10/11/2017
Free Samples of New Energy Drink!Tony Struzik, Dining Services Manager04/04/2006
Free Screening of An Inconvenient SequelAvalone, Valarie04/17/2018
Free Self-Care Activity - Tues. Feb. 14th - Healthy Relationship/Friendship Valentine’s Day CardsCounseling Center and RESTORE02/14/2017
Free Self-Care Activity - Tues. Feb. 7th - Healthy Relationship/Friendship Valentine’s Day CardsKristin Lowe02/07/2017
Free Soul Food Luncheon on Wednesday, February 24Batistta-Provost, Shirley02/22/2021
Free STD/HIV Testing Available On Brighton & Downtown CampusZamiara, Aubrey04/25/2022
Free Step Aerobics Program OfferedJanet Townsend01/27/2004
Free Student Health FairJeanne Flanagan, RN, BSN03/18/2013
FREE Student Workers!Beatriz LeBron12/03/2007
Free Summer Tutoring!Patricia Kennedy07/16/2012
Free SUNY Transfer Application workshop Tuesday October 10th at 12:30Krysta Banke10/06/2006
Free Tax Consultation for Eligible MCC Students and Employees Still AvailableDelate, John03/29/2021
Free Tax Preparation for students, faculty and staff who qualify! Vilma Morrow03/16/2012
FREE TAX SERVICESHarvey-Lee, Peggy03/02/2018
Free Tdap still available in Health Services for Staff & StudentsJeanne Flanagan, RN, BSN06/07/2011
Free Tdap Vaccine AvailableJeanne Flanagan, RN, BSN05/31/2011
Free Thanksgiving baskets and dinners in the Rochester communityAmbika Howell11/21/2014
Free Tickets to the Rochester Red Wings Game: First come, first served!Strong, Sheila06/15/2018
Free Tickets to the Senior PGA Championship: First come, first served!Strong, Sheila05/06/2019
Free Tickets: Canal Society Winter Symposium Saturday March 7Kaminsky, Margaret03/02/2020
Free Treat for you and your pet in Reflections Restaurant tomorrow!Diane Cheasty04/04/2006
Free Tutoring AvailableParker, Jason07/11/2022
FREE Tutoring Available!Patricia Kennedy, Director09/22/2008
FREE Tutoring Available!Patricia Kennedy, Director10/01/2009
Free Tutoring for Military StudentsBartkovich, Lori02/27/2018
Free Tutoring for Military Students!The Veteran Services Team09/10/2014
Free Tutoring for Summer Session IPatricia Kennedy05/29/2013
Free Tutoring for Summer Session IPatricia Kennedy05/27/2014
Free Tutoring for Summer Session IIPatricia Kennedy07/08/2013
FREE Tutoring for Summer Session IIPatricia Kennedy07/07/2014
Free Tutoring!Parker, Jason07/18/2022
Free Two-Part Webinar: Enlisting Faculty to Build Pathways That Reflect Students' PrioritiesGantt, Calvin10/20/2020
Free Virtual Conferences: The University Global Coalition and SUNY Oswego's Global Awareness ConferenceLee, Christina09/15/2020
Free Virtual NYCAS Conference at SUNY Brockport This FridayLee, Christina09/10/2020
Free Virtual SUNY Online Summit This Week!Gilbert, Andrea02/28/2022
Free Webinar Series Focused on Digital LearningHolmes, Lloyd01/30/2020
Free Webinars Hosted By The Einaudi Center For International Studies At Cornell UniversityLee, Christina10/12/2020
Free Webinar: Pathways to Public Health for Community College Students WebinarGantt, Calvin11/09/2020
Free Zoom Math Tutoring via the Robert A. Fratangelo Mathematics Learning Center - RAFMLCMartineau, Brigitte07/08/2021
Free "Insurance" Against the Flu for Students!Jeanne Flanagan, RN12/04/2015
Free "Labor Film Series" Movie Passes Courtesy of the Faculty AssociationLenhard, Sonja08/30/2021
FreeCycleJennifer Markham04/05/2017
FreeCycle with the Biology ClubMarkham, Jennifer05/02/2017
Freedom School - A Presentation by George Moses at DCCPaula Fahy10/23/2008
Freeman Quoted in Messenger Post PublicationJanet Ekis10/02/2006
FreeOn-Campus  Performance of MCC's Fringe Fest Production "The Ninth Circle"Heather Fox09/25/2013
Freestyle FridayThomas Christopher Priester12/01/2006
Freestyle Friday at the Pond on May 6thCampus Activities Board04/13/2005
Free, Cheap, and Easy Online Tools to Support Instruction AudioconferenceCarol Wilkinson12/08/2004
French Actor, Director to Present His Latest Short FilmLouis Silvers04/04/2012
French Appears on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis01/27/2003
French Cultural Event (Soirée Bretonne)Farrington, Steven02/01/2018
French Encounters of the Recent KindDonna Podgorny04/22/2004
French Included in Who's WhoJanet Ekis05/14/2004
French Interviewed About Female Student Enrollment in Applied Technologies ProgramsHency Yuen-Eng10/06/2015
French Invited to Manufacturers CouncilJavier Ayala, Ph.D.05/28/2014
French Named to Industry Facility BoardDianna G. Phillips06/10/2008
French on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis07/05/2006
French on WXXI 1370 ConnectionCynthia Cooper09/09/2002
French on WXXI 1370ConnectionJanet Ekis04/07/2008
French on WXXI Connection at Noon, MondayJanet Ekis09/08/2006
French Presents at 2-Day LectureDianna G. Phillips, Ph.D.06/12/2008
French Quoted in Brighton-Pittsford PostJanet Ekis08/31/2004
French Quoted in Brighton-Pittsford PostJanet Ekis11/01/2004
French Quoted in Greece PostJanet Ekis02/04/2003
French Quoted in Greece PostJanet Ekis08/18/2003
French Receives 2008 Harold Hacker Library Lifetime Achievement AwardJanet Ekis11/19/2008
French Serves as Resource for Local MediaJanet Ekis11/22/2004
French Talks with Media on Hot Topic
Dianne McConkey10/14/2005
French to Analyze 9/11 Commission Hearings on WXXIJanet Ekis04/14/2004
French to be 1370 Connection GuestJanet Ekis02/22/2006
French to Be Guest on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet EKis09/10/2007
French to be guest on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis09/10/2009
French to Review Fantastic StoryJanet Ekis10/08/2008
French to Review "Ike's Final Battle"Janet Ekis10/05/2007
French to Speak on WXXI RadioJanet Ekis10/02/2003
Frequently Asked Questions About WithdrawalsDeborah Benjamin04/17/2007
Frequently Asked Questions About Withdrawals #2Deborah Benjamin04/18/2007
Fresh Check Day Wednesday in Lot F from 11am - 3pm!Danzy, Jamia10/03/2018
Fresh Flowers Raise Funds and HopeRosanna Condello03/04/2003
Fresh Prepared Food for Dinner Made for YouDrew Lawrence09/22/2011
Fricano, Olijnyk named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen04/02/2008
Friday's Presentation by the Ambassador of the Republic of Cameroon CanceledCharlotte Downing11/15/2011
Friday's TCC Workshop ReminderKaren Coffey01/07/2009
Friday--End Your Day with The United WayJohn Curry03/22/2017
Friday Flex Day and the Fourth of JulyHuman Resources Team06/25/2009
Friday Food For Thought Bakeshop is Open Kimberly Joyce10/07/2016
Friday International Cuisine at ReflectionsJanet Zinck10/09/2013
Friday is the Last Day to use Financial Aid in the MCC Bookstores!MCC Bookstores09/29/2016
Friday is the Withdrawal Deadline!Deborah Benjamin04/27/2005
Friday Open Forums: Dean of Science, Health and BusinessMarlene Fine11/10/2011
Friday Portal Training and an Update on the New O365 Email Live TileRehbaum, Michael08/05/2022
Friday salePeggy Ansaldi07/08/2011
Friday With Friends Continues!Frisch, Julianna05/28/2020
Fridays with Friends!Frisch, Julianna05/20/2020
Friendly Parking Reminder - Kodak Lot DCalarco, Denise10/12/2017
Friendly Reminder - Time to Check Your PaycheckKaren Rheinheimer01/07/2013
Friendly Reminder: Check out Dr. Ibram X. Kendi on Tuesday, March 14Shirley Batistta-Provost03/13/2017
Friendly Reminder: Frontier Field is hosting 98 PXY Summer Jam - Thursday, June 14thCalarco, Denise06/13/2018
Friendly Reminder: Parking Services is Moving! Denise Calarco01/12/2016
Friendly Winter RemindersCalarco, Denise11/06/2017
Friends of Bill W.Jim McKenna09/14/2009
Friends of Bill W.Donna Burke02/07/2011
Friends of Bill W.Donna Burke09/09/2013
Friends of Bill W.Donna Burke09/05/2014
Friends of Bill W. Jim McKenna09/22/2010
Friends of Bill W. Donna Burke01/27/2014
Friends on Friday! Join the Crossovers for an hour of collegiality on the First Friday of the Month!Ellen Mancuso09/03/2008
Frisch Scheduled for 13WHAM/Fox Rochester Tomorrow MorningCynthia Cooper07/21/2015
From Advisement and Graduation Services: Did You Know...Sally Dingee and Toni Robbins10/02/2013
From Bed to Front Door in 13 MinutesDeborah Benjamin01/25/2013
From Gov. Cuomo: Important update for New Yorkers as fall approachesYule, Rosanna09/09/2020
From Havoc to Harvard: Relating to Students in the 21st CenturyAnne Hughes, Chair Faculty Senate Professional Development Committee05/02/2005
From Healthy Diets to Triplets, "Parent Talk" Explores Great Topics in May!Mary Louise Musler05/05/2008
From Sea to Shining Sea ... or Lake!Jessica Barone07/02/2015
From Services for Students with Disabilities: Summer 2013 Accommodation Letters Kathleen Fellegara05/28/2013
From Silos to Strip Malls - League July Learning AbstractDr. Susan Salvador07/27/2005
From the Attic: The Work of Daniel Fisher at MCC's Mercer GalleryKathleen Farrell11/13/2008
From the Controller's Office/Travel DeskChuck White05/29/2003
From the Land of Mt. Everest to the Streets of Rochester, NY: The Bhutanese-Nepalese Refugee Predicant: How Community & Interfaith Intervened to Help and How You Can TooAudra Dion03/23/2015
From the Services for Students with Disabilities Office: Summer 2013 Accomodation LettersKathleen Fellegara, Secretary05/20/2013
Front Entrance Ramp ReopenedRoger Straub08/20/2003
Front Ramp Rehabilitation PlannedRoger Straub07/01/2003
Frontier Field July EventsCalarco, Denise06/30/2017
Frontier Field Parking Attendant OpportunityDebra M. Dwyer04/14/2017
Frontier Field Parking Attendant OpportunityDwyer, Debra02/28/2018
Frontline Customer Service in Higher Education: 10 Key Responses To Diffuse Frustration & AngerSusan Noonan03/04/2015
Frost Protection MeasuresBob King09/22/2008
Frost WarningBob King05/28/2008
Fruit Sale - MCC Men's Soccer 6th Annual Holiday Citrus Fruit SaleNelson Cupello11/08/2005
FSA ID Implementation Date: May 10, 2015 Ramon L. Rodriguez05/07/2015
FSA ID/PIN Replacement new implementation date: May 10, 2015Ramon L. Rodriguez04/23/2015
FSA News from Benefit Resource!Bureau, Suzanne01/14/2022
Fuego Coffee End of Semester Closing DateLisa Truman05/11/2016
Fuego Coffee now open at MCC!Ginny Geer-Mentry09/23/2015
Fuel-Up and Button-Up to Finish-Up Take a Brain Break Week!Navarro, Diane05/16/2019
Fulbright Opportunities and ExperiencesDonna Podgorny11/14/2003
Fulbright ProgramGale Lynch01/14/2016
Fulbright Representative to Present WorkshopGale Lynch03/21/2017
Fulbright Specialist Information Session for Faculty TodayO'Keefe, Carly11/20/2019
Fulbright Visiting Scholar Wen Huei Choi Open Campus LectureGale Lynch04/26/2016
Fulbright Visiting Specialists: Direct Access to the Muslim WorldPatrick Callan09/29/2003
Fulbright Webinar on "Hidden Gems in the Western Hemisphere" (gems=awards!)Gale Lynch06/01/2016
FULBRIGHTS for faculty - THIS WEDNESDAY 9/23 in Room 3-172 @ 12 pmGale Lynch09/21/2015
Fulbrights for Faculty Lunch and Learn at DCC on 10/27Gale Lynch10/24/2016
Fulbrights for Faculty Lunch and Learn, Part II - This Wed at 12:00Gale Lynch10/13/2015
Fulbrights for Faculty: Application Workshop, Today at Noon!Gale Lynch12/07/2015
Full Circle Home Fundraiser Today 11-2pm in the Campus Center Atrium!Julianna Frisch04/05/2017
Full Scale Exercise: Point of Dispensing Richard Schill12/19/2014
Full STE[AH]M Ahead!Jacobs, Michael03/06/2019
Full Tuition Scholarship Available: Keuka College Accelerated Studies for Adults Program Julianna Frisch03/23/2017
Fuller honored at WHAM Sportswomen LuncheonTom Garigen04/24/2007
Fuller, Prince named MCC Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen01/23/2007
Fuller, Uda Honored as MCC's Top AthletesTom Garigen05/23/2007
Fully Funded Community College Faculty Development Seminars in India, Senegal, and JordanLee, Christina08/07/2019
Fully Funded International Opportunities - March DeadlinesLee, Christina01/30/2020
Fully Funded Opportunity to Develop A COIL CourseLee, Christina02/01/2019
Fully Online Faculty Training in ANGEL!Peggy VanKirk04/07/2010
Fun FridayLee, Stephanie03/12/2021
Fun Friday sale at the bookstoreJenna Keefe10/18/2013
Fun Friday Sale! Jenna Keefe10/11/2013
Fun Friday!Jenna Keefe09/27/2013
Fun in the Sun Day-IntramuralTara Jehlen05/09/2016
Fun New Degree Works Videos Produced by Students!Torcello, Jody02/25/2019
Fun Summer ReadingIris Mand07/14/2010
Fun Times at the Scholars BowlJenee Skinner11/08/2016
Funding for Open Educational Resources (OER) CoursesBeechey, Michelle09/10/2018
Funding for Open Educational Resources (OER) CoursesBeechey, Michelle11/02/2018
Funding for Summer Development of Open Educational Resources (OER) CoursesDeRusso, Katherine04/04/2019
Funding restored to AmeriCorps programMarilyn Rosche12/12/2003
Fundraiser for Camp Good DaysPresident's Office11/29/2005
Fundraiser to benefit Puerto RicoAlas, Jorge12/13/2017
Fundraiser Underway for MCC Child Care CenterRosanna Condello09/25/2003
Fundraisers Through May 13th for students in HSP 204 - Advanced Conference & Event PlanningGriffin, Rebecca05/06/2020
Funeral Mass for Carmen Powers to be held Thursday MorningAnne M. Kress and Michael McDonough12/18/2012
Funeral Service and Donations for Brittany RayBette Bovenzi04/12/2004
Funeral Service for Joseph CarrR. Thomas Flynn03/12/2007
Furniture in the HallwaysMartin Gilmore08/04/2003
Future college students at home? Join us at College 101 for Parents.Rosanne Rivers11/12/2009
Future Educators' CryptosJanet M. Waasdorp12/01/2006
Future Educators Club Collecting Materials for DCC Wellness Center and Guest Speaker on Monday, Jan 26.Aimee Shaver01/13/2015
Future Educators Club Painting with a Twist Fund Raiser!Dina Giovanelli02/28/2017
Future Educators Club Puzzler of the MonthJanet Waasdorp11/01/2006
Future Educators club responds to homeless students' needsAimee Shaver04/16/2015
Future Educators Club To MeetJanet Waasdorp11/02/2010
Future Scholarships Put Kindergarteners on the Path to MCCDiane L. Shoger03/31/2014
FWD Center's Grand Opening Garners Coverage from Buffalo to SyracuseYuen-Eng, Hency05/25/2022
FWD Center at the Downtown Campus Featured in RBJ COVID Recovery EditionSine-Kinz, Kristin03/26/2021
FWD Center Construction Kickoff Event Was a Success!Yuen-Eng, Hency08/05/2021
FWD Center Open House on Saturday, August 13, from 10AM - 1PMCole Jr., Robin08/11/2022
FWS students will be paid for two time periods this pay week!Rodriguez, Ramon04/15/2020
FY21 Budget Caucus Friday, April 17 at 12 noon: Log In InformationDouglas, Katherine04/15/2020
FY21 Cyber Security Awareness TrainingWirley, Eileen09/24/2020
FY22 Cyber Security Awareness TrainingWirley, Eileen09/21/2021
FYE Clothing Exchange- Clothing Donations NeededLawson, Matthew11/02/2018
FYE Coat Drive - Downtown CampusVoldan-Curry, Dana12/04/2017
FYE hosting free Ice Cream Social for MCC StudentsLawson, Matthew08/24/2021
FYE Sleep Program- Turn Your Z's into A's Matthew Lawson09/30/2016
FYE Under the Stars Free Outdoor Movie NightsLawson, Matthew08/24/2021
F.A.S.T - Help Save a LifeBenedict, Sarah05/19/2022
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