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12/06/2018MCC Hosts the Finger Lakes STEM Hub's Fall Forum.Sine-Kinz, Kristin
12/06/2018The Latest Issue of "Inside IR" is AvailableDeMario, Mary Ann
11/26/2018Optics Chair's Essay PublishedYuen-Eng, Hency
11/20/2018Jachim-Moore Presents at SUNY IC-ERM RoundtableSimmons, Hezekiah
11/16/2018Méndez Rizzo at National NACEP ConferenceO'Brien, Suzanne
11/16/2018Reminder! Open presentation about MCC students who are parents and how we can help them succeed.Wanek, Allison
11/14/2018Méndez Rizzo at National NACEP ConferenceO'Brien, Suzanne
11/13/2018Former MCC Chemistry and Biology Students Present at RASStevens, Richard
11/07/2018Nancy O'Donnell Profile Rochester's little known military museumO'Donnell, Nancy
11/06/2018Presentation open to the College Community about MCC students who are parents and how we can help them succeedWanek, Allison
10/31/2018Matthew Lawson Presents at Association for Orientation, Transition, and Retention Conference (NODA)Hagreen, Sarah
10/29/2018Dr. Kim McKinsey-Mabry and Jean McCrumb present at the State of the Art Conference on Postsecondary EducationMontrois, Patricia
10/29/2018MCC Presenters at Open Ed **Corrected Link**Beechey, Michelle
10/18/2018Summer 2019 On-site Israel Homeland Security Course HSM 181Perrone, John
10/17/2018Méndez, Patterson, and Rizzo are Influencers at Hispanic Heritage EventRizzo, Mary
10/10/2018Avalone facilitates workshop for SUNY Geneseo Alumni AssociationSimmons, Hezekiah
09/10/2018Adjunct Associate Professor Nancy O'Donnell profiles MCC artist professor in Rochester Magazine and D&CO'Donnell, Nancy
08/29/2018Amanuel Malik Presented at FredoniaParker, Jason
08/20/2018Resource Committee submits blog to Student ARCPatterson, Vilma
08/14/2018Trade Magazine Publishes Vogt's Essay on Efforts to Build Optics WorkforceYuen-Eng, Hency
08/02/2018James Cronmiller, Biology, presented at the STEM Institute 2018 ConferenceCronmiller, James
07/31/2018Dr. Frater delivers Keynote AddressManuele, Anita
07/24/2018MCC Toastmasters Help Lead Leadership Institute at RITYule, Rosanna
07/24/2018Peterson Delivers Commencement Speech at Monroe #1 BOCES O'Connor AcademyFrench, Kevin
07/23/2018Former MCC students and Biology faculty present paper at JMIHStevens, Richard
07/20/2018MCC Presentation at SCUP ConferenceManuele, Anita
07/10/2018Essay on MCC Students' Summer Learning in Israel Published in NewspaperYuen-Eng, Hency
07/05/2018Professor Robert Leopard Presents at HAPS ColumbusLeopard, Robert
07/02/2018Eric Wheeler Presents on Veterans in Higher EdMayo, Michelle
06/20/2018Advocating for Affordability, Transparency, President Kress Contributes to BlogMapes, Cynthia
06/14/2018Mary Ann M. DeMario Speaks at National Convening about Postsecondary SuccessDeMario, Mary Ann
06/12/2018"Presenting the Integrated Advising Model" session recording now availableDingee, Sally
06/06/2018Avalone Serves as Trainer for SUNY Construction FundSimmons, Hezekiah
06/04/2018Safe Zone TrainingGizzi, Bethany
06/01/2018James Cronmiller Presented at Human Anatomy and Physiology Society National MeetingCronmiller, James
05/28/2018Professional Development Session on Differentiated InstructionRedlo, Jesse
05/21/2018Professor Morris Presents at the Academy of Legal Studies in Business, Northeast RegionMorris, Karen
05/16/2018Dr. Todd Oldham, a featured speaker, at the Capital Region Workforce Development Implementation Summit.Sine-Kinz, Kristin
05/10/2018Professor Karen Morris Makes A Conference PresentationMorris, Karen
05/07/2018Adjunct Faculty Workshops This Week @ Brighton & DowntownGutnik, Arseniy
05/02/2018Dr. Todd Oldham invited to the 2018 National Benchmarking Conference.Sine-Kinz, Kristin
05/01/2018Adjunct Faculty Workshops - May 2 and May 8Gutnik, Arseniy
04/27/2018Professor Morris Is Featured Speaker at National ConferenceMorris, Karen
04/24/2018Executive Dean Frater speaks on the First AmendmentManuele, Anita
04/11/2018Jason Flack (Visual and Performing Arts) to Present at Filling Station: April 20Leuzzi, Anthony
04/10/2018Dr. Joel Frater Meets with SUNY Diversity Advisory CouncilManuele, Anita
04/09/2018Local Food Trends in Rochester, NYGriffin, Rebecca
04/06/2018Eric Wheeler Presents on Veterans in Higher EdMayo, Michelle
03/27/2018MCC COIL Presenters at National and International ConferencesLee, Christina
03/22/2018MCC COIL Presenters at National and International ConferencesLee, Christina
03/22/2018MCC Presenters at Innovations 2018Holmes, Lloyd
03/21/2018Anderson and Edelbach describe innovative organic laboratory approachTien, Lydia
03/20/2018The Latest Issue of "Inside IR" is AvailableDeMario, Mary Ann
03/14/2018Professor Jon Little presents at Cornell University conferenceLee, Christina
03/14/2018RocRestorative Honors Joan MooreheadHagreen, Sarah
03/09/2018A Global Perspective​ on Undergraduate ResearchToepfer, Maryjo
03/07/2018Dr. Dugan Opens the Open SUNY 2018 SummitKeys, Terrance
03/06/2018Wheeler Speaks at Community Veterans ForumMayo, Michelle
03/01/2018Executive Dean Frater featured at the Downtown Central LibraryManuele, Anita
02/12/2018Bogdanovska invited to show her latest work in Main Street Arts GalleryBogdanovska, Jasna
02/05/2018Avalone Facilitates Training for SUNY, PPAA, and NYAPPASimmons, Hezekiah
02/02/2018Professor Louis Silvers to Present at Filling Station: A Faculty Research Presentation Series, February 9Leuzzi, Anthony
02/02/2018Tony Leuzzi and Peter Monacelli's "Meditations: An Art and Poetry Collaboration" on Display in Building 12Ortiz, Margarita
01/22/2018Eric Wheeler Presents on Veterans in Higher EdMayo, Michelle
01/17/2018Michael Heel Leads Curriculum Training at Niagara County Community CollegeFreeman, Andrew
12/08/2017MCC Leads the Way in Online LearningWade, Andrea
12/07/20172017 Conference for the Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of Southern AfricaRodriguez, Krista
12/06/2017Professor Demario Brantley Interviewed on Soulstainable Living Radio ShowGraham, Tokeya
11/29/2017Members of the TCC present at the Professional and Organizational Development Network Conference in MontrealCollins, Kimberley
11/20/2017Dr. Joel Frater presents at Washington, D.C. ConferenceManuele, Anita
11/17/2017Math Professors Santiago and Wells Present Ideas for Writing in Math CoursesBurtner, Amy
11/14/2017Conference PresentationPerrone, John
11/14/2017Dr. Thomas Blake Co-Edits Groundbreaking Handbook on Affect StudiesLeuzzi, Anthony
11/13/2017Biology Faculty Publish ArticleCronmiller, James
11/02/2017Chemistry Professor Lydia Tien's Research Published in Journal of Chemical EducationKaminsky, Margaret
10/30/2017Geologists Go West!Kaminsky, Margaret
10/27/2017Tokeya Graham Presents to Teachers and Librarians of the Webster Center School DistrictLeuzzi, Anthony
10/26/2017Tony Leuzzi featured speaker on 104.3 FM talk showWoodruff, Tina
10/24/2017Showcasing Student Work in Lake Placid, NYPierce, Heather
10/19/2017Avalone Serves on Final Committee on Periodic Review Reports for MSCHESimmons, Hezekiah
10/19/2017Professor Melany Silas Facilitates Professional Development TrainingMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly
10/18/2017Marjory Marshall (ENG/PHL) as Volumnia in Shakespeare's Coriolanus at MuCCCLeuzzi, Anthony
10/18/2017Mark Pastorella and Gretchen Wood present at the Conference for Community College AdvancementWood, Gretchen
10/17/2017Professor Cathy Smith's Art Installation "Embedded" at Visual Studies WorkshopLeuzzi, Anthony
10/12/2017English/Philosophy Adjunct Gary Rainford's New Book of PoemsLeuzzi, Anthony
10/11/2017Tom Capuano Presents at Technology and Learning ConferenceKeys, Terrance
10/10/2017Melissa Santiago Presents at CoHEsion SummitJarkowski, Melissa
10/03/2017Ryan Messenger Presents at National College Testing ConferenceCasalinuovo-Adams, Christine
09/27/2017Marcus Blythers Presents at Section V Sportsmanship ConferenceHagreen, Sarah
09/11/2017Dr. Joel Frater Addresses U of R Faculty Diversity Officers RetreatManuele, Anita
09/11/2017Photography Students Publish A Book Together With Design Students In TaiwanLeite, Katherine
08/01/2017Eileen Wirley serves on Information Technology conference panelsWirley, Eileen
07/17/2017Photography Students Publish A Book Together With Design Students In Taiwan
07/05/2017Pam Czaja and Alice Wilson Present on Mobile Nursing Librarian Project
06/30/2017Dr. Lawrence Dugan Presents at SUNY Chief Financial Officers MeetingDugan, Lawrence
06/27/2017John Striebich Makes Presentation to American Marketing Association Conference on Predictive AnalyticsStriebich, John
06/27/2017MCC Presented Multiple Sessions at SUNY Conference on Instruction and Technology - CIT 2017Keys, Terrance
06/27/2017Ryan Messenger presented at ACCUPLACER/CLEP National ConferenceDuff, Richard
06/26/2017Ebony Caldwell Presented at NCOREDimino, Renee
06/26/2017Ivan Matthew Serves on Rochester Works! PanelTopping, Ann
06/20/2017Rebecca Mack presents at NYSACAC conferencePreische, Holly
06/19/2017Professor Tracey Graney Presents at ASCLS-NYMurphy, James
05/31/2017Research Conducted by Biology Faculty Presented at 2017 Human Anatomy and Physiology Society ConferenceCronmiller, James
05/30/2017Avalone Facilitates Training for SUNY Construction Fund and Physical Plant Administrators Association (PPAA)Simmons, Hezekiah
05/24/2017STARS presented at St. John Fisher CollegeWade, Andrea
05/16/2017Film Edited by MCC Adjunct Faculty Member Don Casper to Show at the Little Theatre This Saturday!Cianciotto, Maryann
05/12/2017Sustainability (SUS 101) Students Learn About Green Building and Sustainability in ConstructionAvalone, Valarie
04/24/2017WR Faculty Present at ConferenceAmy Burtner
04/11/2017Three TRS Faculty Present at CRLA-NE Terry Shamblin
03/31/2017John Striebich Presents at RIT's Saunders College of Business Innovation Through Collaboration ConferenceJohn Striebich
03/30/2017Kimberly McKinsey-Mabry and Ebony Caldwell Present at AAC&U Conference
03/29/2017Anne Barker and Lena Shiao Present at National Coalition for Campus Child- Care CentersJoan Mullaney
03/28/2017NSF Review Panel Margaret Kaminsky
03/28/2017Vocabulary and Names Used in English Literature, Writing Courses and Drama are Now Available in ASL.  Rita Straubhaar
03/23/2017Philosophy Terms in ASL Now Available on WebsiteRita Straubhaar
03/21/2017MCC Presenters at Innovations 2017Lloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
03/09/2017Simmons Interviewed - CBO SpeaksEileen Scorgie
03/07/2017Gretchen Wood Co-Chairs CASE DII AwardsDiane Shoger
03/03/2017Matthew Lawson Presents at Region IX NODA ConferenceSarah Hagreen
01/27/2017Diane Shoger Featured in CASE Currents January/February IssueGretchen Wood
01/27/2017MCC Represented at Urban-Suburban College and Career NightMary Mendez Rizzo
12/20/2016Nancy O'Donnell Published in Democrat and ChronicleMargarita Ortiz
12/19/2016Assistant Athletic TrainerMike Cerame, Head Athletic Trai
12/16/2016Michael Heel delivers presentation at Middle States Annual ConferenceMaryJo Vest
12/08/2016The Latest Issue of "Inside IR" is Available Mary Ann M. DeMario
11/15/2016STEMtech 2016 PresentersLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
11/14/2016Avalone Facilitates Training at Pima Community CollegeHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
11/14/2016Christie Smith and Matthew Lawson Present at National ConferenceChristine Casalinuovo-Adams
11/10/2016Article by English Professor Johnston Published in Atlantic Monthly Maria Brandt
11/07/2016Geospatial Technology PresentationMargaret Kaminsky
11/03/2016College Hour Roundtable on Title IXKristin Lowe and Melissa Fingar
10/28/2016Brennan-Barry Leads, Presents at HighEdWeb Annual ConferenceCynthia Mapes
10/28/2016Giovanelli and Scanlon Attend Kettering Foundation ConferenceSusan J. Belair
10/24/2016Avalone Serves on Committee on Periodic Review Reports for MSCHEHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
10/17/2016Faculty/Staff Rate Available for Salute to ExcellenceAyana Harrington
10/13/2016Ann Bauer Presents at National College Learning Center AssociationDr. Delovis Olaode
10/12/2016Diane Shoger and Gretchen Wood Present at CCCA Alicia Zona
09/14/2016Jeffrey Baker (Psychology) Presents at International ConferenceJeffrey Baker
09/13/2016Tony Leuzzi's Poems Translated into SpanishMargarita Ortiz
09/09/2016Metro YMCA Looking for Guest SpeakersCynthia Cooper Mapes
08/11/2016Dina Giovanelli Collaborates with YWCADina Giovanelli
08/04/2016TRS Professor's Writing in the NewsBanke Awopetu-McCullough
07/29/2016Sally Dingee Presents Session at the University of Rochester, Warner School of EducationMarlene Fine
07/25/2016Dugan Presents at Digital Rochester's Technology Leaders EventTerry Keys
07/22/2016HSMI Director Presents at the New York State Fire Chief’s ConferenceSheila Manns
07/21/2016Avalone Presents at Society for College and University Planning Annual ConferenceHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
07/05/2016Professor Banke Awopetu-McCullough Produces Commercial for the RCSDBanke Awopetu-McCullough
07/01/2016PBS Radio Show Features Dr. Joel FraterAnita Manuele
06/28/2016MCC Presenters at SUNY CITTerry Keys
06/21/2016Perrone Provides Remarks for Vietnam Moving Wall Opening CeremoniesSheila Manns
06/17/2016Executive Dean Frater Key Planner for ACE Council of FellowsAnita Manuele
06/09/2016CityAge Panel Features Joel FraterAnita Manuele
05/23/2016TRS Faculty 2015-2016 PresentionsTerry Shamblin
05/20/2016Eight staff and faculty present at international COIL conferenceGale Lynch
05/11/2016TRS Faculty PublicationsTerry Shamblin
05/10/2016Latest Issue of "Inside IR" is AvailableMary Ann M. DeMario
05/09/2016The Latest Issue of "Inside IR" is Available Mary Ann M. DeMario
04/27/2016Robinson and McBride Present at SUNY/CUNY OER ConferenceTerry Keys
04/21/2016MCC: A Student-Ready CollegeDarrell Jachim-Moore and Mitchell Redlo
04/21/2016Radigan Presents at American Educational Research Association Annual MeetingJoan Mullaney
04/14/2016Santiago and Wells Present at New York State Mathematics Association of Two Year Colleges Annual ConferenceAnnette Leopard
04/11/2016Avalone Presents to the Research and Planning (RP) Group for California Community CollegesHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President
03/29/2016MCC Presenters at Innovations 2016Lloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
03/25/2016Carmen Powers Legacy Lecture Series Honorees NamedJoseph Scanlon
02/23/2016Mayo and McBride Present at SUNY ESFTerry Keys
02/16/2016Eric Wheeler represents SUNY TEAM at 2016 TAACCCT Convening in Washington, D.C.Eric Paul Wheeler, MPA, MA
01/21/2016Brennan-Barry, Savage, Wagoner Present at SUNY WizardCynthia Cooper Mapes & David Lane
12/16/2015Jodi Oriel & Angelique Stevens to Present at Innovations 2016Andrea Wade & Lloyd Holmes
12/08/2015Scholarly EssaysDr. Joel Helfrich
11/12/2015Brandt Plays Available for PublicationCathryn Smith
11/09/2015Geology Professors and Student Present at Geological Society of AmericaMargaret Kaminsky
11/06/2015ASL Philosophy Resource Website goes live!Rita Straubhaar
10/27/2015Assistant Professor of Biology James Cronmiller's Article PublishedSusan Warner
09/24/2015Melany J. Silas is the Keynote Speaker for The Healthy Baby NetworkDr. Kimberly McKinsey-Mabry, Interim Dean
09/16/2015Admissions Counselor, Christie Smith and Student Peer Ambassador Amber Jackson, co-present at NYSACAC Student Leaders in Admissions Forum at the University at Albany. Christine Casalinuovo-Adams
09/08/2015First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival Tina Woodruff
08/12/2015Wheeler Presents at VA Summit Taine Vinci
07/17/2015 Robert Leopard Presented at HAPS ConferenceSusan Warner
07/14/2015MCC Presenters at 2015 CITEileen Scorgie
07/14/2015Veteran Services Participates in “Capitol for a Day”Taine Vinci
06/29/2015Julie Slate and Christie Smith Present at NYSACACChristine Casalinuovo-Adams
06/29/2015MCC Admissions Counselors Present at SUNYCAP ConferenceChristine Casalinuovo-Adams
06/10/2015Brennan-Barry Presents at SUNYCUAD Annual ConferenceCynthia Cooper
06/09/2015Foundation Employees Present at SUNYCUADGretchen Wood
06/05/2015James Cronmiller Presented at SUNY 4E Network of ExcellenceSusan Warner
05/22/2015Nancy O'Donnell published in Democrat and ChronicleMargarita Ortiz
05/13/2015Admissions Counselors spoke at the Training the Trainers Panel Julie Slate
05/13/2015Nancy O'Donnell published in the Democrat and ChronicleMargarita Ortiz
05/12/2015MCC Presenters at AACC's 95th Annual ConventionSheila M. Strong
04/29/2015Avalone Presents at Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) Workshop Heze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
04/29/2015Shelitha Williams, Featured Panelist in WDKX Women for Women Up Close and Personal EventDr. Ann V. Topping
04/28/2015Ramon L. Rodriguez Presents at Financial Aid Professionals Conference Ramon L. Rodriguez
04/24/2015Santiago and Wells Present at NYSMATYC ConferenceAnnette Leopard
04/23/2015Judy Dean Presents on the Flipped ClassroomAnnette Leopard
04/23/2015Mathematics Professor Nita Primo Presents at POD ConferenceAnnette Leopard
04/21/2015Bob Fathergill, Sarah Hagreen and Christine Accorso Present at Ellucian Live 2015David Lane
04/17/2015Dr. Holmes, Vice President of Student Services and Christie Smith, Admissions Counselor, co-present at the Career In Education ConferenceChristine Casalinuovo-Adams
04/16/2015Building Services Hosts Monroe County Recycling Advisory Committee (RAC)Fred McCullough
04/08/2015Adjunct Instructor Awopetu-McCullough presented at Nazareth CollegeAnne Kirkpatrick
04/03/2015Librarians Present at the Rochester Regional Library Council's "Silo-Busting Bonanza!"Alice Wilson
03/30/2015HSMI Director Guest Speaker on Vietnam Veterans DaySheila Manns
03/30/2015Mark McBride Presents at Publishing in LibrariesTerry Keys
03/26/2015Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP-MCC) Updates!Christine Plumeri
03/25/2015Presentation on military culture by Eric WheelerTaine Vinci
03/25/2015Professor Morris Gives Several PresentationsKaren Morris
03/24/2015Bethany Gizzi Presents at the AFT/NEA Higher Education ConferenceSonja Lenhard
03/19/2015Michael Heel Delivers Keynote Presentation at Stony Brook UniversityMaryJo Witz
03/13/2015MCC Presenters at Innovations 2015Lloyd A. Holmes, Vice President
03/11/2015Stephen Palmer and Richard Schill present at the Uniting Across Campuses ConferenceSally Dingee
03/10/2015The Spring Issue of "Inside IR" is Available Mary Ann M. DeMario
03/09/2015Admissions Counselors Present Lunch and Learn Webinar Through SUNY Oswego Alumni OfficeChristine Casalinuovo-Adams
03/06/2015Bailey Burritt Interviewed for Online Video MarketingTerry Keys
03/06/2015Wheeler Attends Educator's Workshop at Parris IslandTaine Vinci
03/02/2015Alice Wilson Presents at High School to College Information Literacy Panel Discussion Peg Stallworth
02/25/2015Nancy O’Donnell Published in Democrat & ChronicleMargarita Oritz
02/18/2015Sally Dingee Presents Session at the College at Brockport’s Annual Student Leadership ConferenceMarlene Fine
02/09/2015Nancy O’Donnell Published in D&CMargarita Ortiz
01/23/2015Rochester Mentoring Summit PanelistTaine Vinci
01/15/2015Rosanna Yule Moderates Panel Discussion on Race Relations in RochesterRosanna Yule
01/14/2015Diane Navarro Presents at Toastmasters Leadership InstituteRosanna Yule
12/16/2014Nancy O'Donnell Articles in Rochester MagazineMargarita Ortiz
11/26/2014Thomas Felton Helps Recruit Cybersecurity StudentsThomas Felton, Jr.
11/21/2014Two TRS Faculty Present, Seven Attend College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) ConferenceTerry Shamblin
11/19/2014Strategic Resource Development and Grant Management Staff Present at National ConferenceSusan Davis
11/18/2014David Lawrence Introduces New Outreach Program at DHASNY Empire Conference Rosanna Yule
11/18/2014Pasto-Ziobro Presents at SUNY Tobacco-Free Regional Educational Session Heze Simmons, CFO/Vice President
11/18/2014Professor James R. Cronmiller Presented at the 2014 STEMtech ConferenceSusan Warner
11/17/2014Denise Calarco Presents at Parking ConferenceDebra Dwyer
11/14/2014George & Pasto-Ziobro Present at New York State College Health Association 2014 Annual MeetingHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President
10/28/2014Brennan-Barry Presents at CrowdSource Summit, HighEdWeb Annual ConferenceCynthia Cooper
10/08/2014Nancy O'Donnell published in the Democrat & Chronicle Margarita Ortiz
09/19/2014Karen Morris Gave Three Conference PresentationsKaren Morris
09/19/2014O'Donnell Interview PublishedCathryn Smith
09/17/2014Two roads divergedJulie Damerell
09/15/2014Jon Iuzzini delivers keynote for Cayuga Community CollegeKimberley P. Collins
09/09/2014Eric Wheeler, Coordinator for the Academy for Veterans’ Success, presented “Military Cultural Competence: The Missing Link in Engaging Veterans and their Families”Taine Vinci
07/28/2014Sally Dingee Presents Session at the University of Rochester, Warner School of EducationMarlene Fine
07/17/2014Bowen and Casalinuovo-Adams Present at Noel Levitz National Conference on Student Recruitment, Marketing and RetentionJeffrey P. Bartkovich
07/11/2014Professor Paul D’Alessandris Featured in Campus TechnologyJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost & Vice President
07/07/2014Jon Iuzzini Presents Workshops at Leadership Development InstituteKimberley Collins
07/01/2014Jasna Bogdanovska, assistant professor in Photography, to exhibit her work in NYCLori Moses
06/26/2014Pasto-Ziobro Presents at the SUNY Community College Grants SymposiumHeze Simmons
06/24/2014Dale Pearce Gives Graduation Address for the Orleans/Niagara Career CenterBob Lasch
06/17/2014Presentation News from MCC Libraries Terry Keys, AVP Instructional Services
06/16/2014Brennan-Barry presents sessions at Penn StateCynthia Cooper
05/30/2014Eric Wheeler Presents at SUNY Veterans ConferenceTaine Vinci
05/22/2014Fitton Presents at Schenectady County Community CollegeJulie Damerell
05/19/2014HSMI Director Presents at the Project Management Institute (PMI)Sheila Manns
05/06/2014Academy for Veterans’ Success Coordinator Eric Wheeler Participates in the Transitioning Veterans Summit in Washington, DCTaine Vinci
04/29/2014Eric Wheeler presented on Military Culture and Transitional Challenges at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Legal Summit Taine Vinci
04/29/2014Ramon L. Rodriguez Presents at Financial Aid Professionals ConferenceRamon L. Rodriguez
04/14/2014Dolores Pasto-Ziobro Presented at CUPA-HRHeze Simmons
04/09/2014Department of Education Students Learn About Economic DisparitiesRick Costanza
04/09/2014The Spring Issue of "Inside IR" is Available Mary Ann Matta DeMario
04/04/2014President Kress Presentation on Social Media for AACC Online Leadership AcademyCynthia Cooper
04/01/2014Avalone Presents at Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) Workshop Heze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
04/01/2014Come Hear Dr. Susan Thompson Talk on the Science of Willpower!Susan Thompson
03/31/2014Michael Heel Presents Assessment Workshops DownstateCharlotte Downing
03/25/2014Clarke Presents at Annual Scholars' ConferenceDale Doty
03/25/2014Eric Wheeler Presents at NASPA and Attends Governor Cuomo's Veterans SummitPeggy Harvey-Lee
03/25/2014Micquel Little Presents at the International ILLiad ConferenceMark McBride
03/14/2014Health, Physical Education and Wellness Club Members Attend  NYS AHPERD Central Western Zone ConferencePenny Sayles
03/07/2014MCC Presenters at Innovations 2014Michael J. McDonough
03/06/2014Work of MCC Artists Featured in Upcoming "for drawing sake" ExhibitKathleen Farrell
02/26/2014Professor Morris Gave a Presentation and Appeared on TVKaren Morris
02/24/2014Diane Navarro Leads Speechcraft Session for League of Women VotersRosanna Condello
02/03/2014Avalone Participates at 7th Annual Campus Sustainability ConferenceHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
01/29/2014Nancy O'Donnell Publishes ArticlesMargarita Ortiz
12/18/2013McDonough and Avalone Present at Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)Heze Simmons
12/11/2013Palma Published in Catholic CourierCathryn Smith
12/05/2013Eric Wheeler Presents on "Dynamics of Advising Veteran Students"Taine Vinci
11/26/2013Thankful for poetryJulie Damerell
11/22/2013Dr. Ayala Presents to RHBA MembersMaria Karras
11/15/2013English Philosophy Adjunct Professor Gary Rainford is Published and is InterviewedTina Woodruff Morrill
11/12/2013Veterans in Continuing Education: Transition, Enrollment, and Retention PracticesTaine Vinci
11/08/2013MCC Co-Hosts Information Technology Security ConferenceEileen Scorgie
11/04/2013Mentors in Violence Prevention at MCC Preparing for 5th Train the Trainers ProgramChristine Plumeri
10/30/2013Brennan-Barry Presents on Web Project Management CommunicationCynthia Cooper
10/24/2013Mark McBride Presents at SUNY GeneseoTerry Keys
10/21/2013Avalone’s Book Review Published in Planning for Higher Education JournalHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
10/21/2013Mark McBride Presents at Educause 2013Terry Keys
10/15/2013Brennan-Barry Helps Organize, Presents at HighEdWeb 2013Cynthia Cooper
10/08/2013Calhoun, Cameron and Carson Present at Mathematics ConferenceAnnette Leopard
10/07/2013Pogroszewski Participates on  Panel at Higher Education Technology Leadership SummitEileen Scorgie
10/04/2013Dr.Jeffrey Bartkovich Moderates SUNY IT PanelEileen Scorgie
09/25/2013Two Employees Involved in Musical Production during Fringe FestJanet Ekis
09/20/2013Eric Wheeler Presents at League SummitTaine Vinci
09/09/2013O'Donnell Published Tina Woodruff Morrill
09/06/2013Dr. Aubrey Zamiara’s Article Published in Autism SpeaksDr. Susan D. Baker
09/04/2013Campbell Serves as Keynote SpeakerTodd M. Oldham
08/19/2013DCC Executive Dean Otero Addresses UW LLDP CohortAnita Manuele
08/15/2013Jachim-Moore and Avalone Represent MCC at SCUP 48Heze Simmons
08/13/2013Avalone Serves as “Expert on Hand” at Society for College and University Planning Annual Conference Heze Simmons, CFO and Vice President
08/05/2013Bess Watts Publishes in Labor NotesMark McBride
07/24/2013HSMI Director Presents at the Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Conference (CSHEMA)Sheila Manns
07/10/2013Avalone Contributes to American Council on Education ArticleMaureen Skehan
07/08/2013Brennan-Barry Invited Speaker at College Media ConferenceCynthia Cooper
07/03/2013Bill Wagoner and Steve Kuhaneck Present at STCJeffrey P. Bartkovich
07/02/2013DCC Executive Dean Addresses RCSD GraduatesAnita Manuele
06/18/2013Jenkins and Timmons Present at SUNYLA ConferenceAlice Wilson
06/13/2013HSMI Director presents Preparedness Program at the Community College of GuamSheila Manns
06/11/2013MCC Activities at SUNY CIT 2013Peggy VanKirk
06/06/2013James Cronmiller and Lisa Flick of the Biology Department Present at the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society Annual Meeting.James R. Cronmiller
05/29/2013HSMI Director Keynote Speaker at Memorial Day CelebrationSheila Manns
05/10/2013Professor Morris Featured in Podcast; Also Gives Two Book ReviewsKaren Morris
05/01/2013Tony Falzano Presented "Composing Grief"Tony Falzano
04/23/2013Executve Dean Otero participates in SUNY Diversity EventAnita Manuele
04/22/2013Marie Fetzner Publishes and Presents Marie Fetzner
04/18/2013Neeta Primo Presents at NYSMATYC ConferenceAnnette Leopard
04/18/2013The Spring Issue of "Inside IR" is Available Mary Ann M. DeMario
04/08/2013Heel Trains Faculty and Staff at Suffolk County Community CollegeCharlotte Downing
04/08/2013O'Donnell Article in Rochester MagazineTina Morrill
03/26/2013HSMI Director presents at University of New Orleans Disaster Mitigation ConferenceSheila Manns
03/15/2013MCC Presenters at Innovations 2013Michael J. McDonough
03/14/2013Best Women's Travel Writing AwardCathryn Smith
03/12/2013Health & Physical Education Faculty and MCC students present at NYSAHPERD ConferenceJanet Dalke
03/06/2013Dr. Susan Baker Participates in a Panel Discussion at the SUNY Balancing Safety ConferenceJoy Braselton
03/01/2013Sigismond Co-Authors 9th Edition of Business Law TextbookWilliam Sigismond
02/27/2013Patterson and Mendez Rizzo Present at SUNY Brockport Student Leadership ConferenceMary Mendez Rizzo
01/23/2013O'Donnell's Profile of Cathryn Smith PublishedTina Morrill
01/18/2013Jim Coffey presents to Monroe County's Children's Librarians on Infant Brain Development.Jim Coffey
12/20/2012Falzano Presents at St. Bernard's SeminaryPatricia Barnes
12/18/2012Visual and Performing Arts Professor's Art Work on Display at The Little Theatre CafeFranzie Weldgen
12/12/2012Avalone Presents at Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) Maureen Skehan
12/12/2012Julianne Palma's Book Review Column in Catholic CourierCathryn Smith
12/10/2012Perfect weather for poetryJulie Damerell
12/03/2012MCC Staff Present at SUNY Wizard 2012Eileen Scorgie
11/29/2012Julie White Presents at the Association for the Study of Higher EducationDr. Ann V. Topping, Dean of Students
11/28/2012William "Bill"  Drumright presents on Ukranian HolodomorNayda Pares-Kane
11/21/2012Avalone Pens Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Bulletin ColumnMaureen Skehan
11/16/2012“New Directions,” by sculptor Susan Ferrari RowleyLori Moses
11/15/2012Mathematics Faculty Members Present at Regional ConferenceAnnette Leopard
11/14/2012Drumright and Dilai Partner with HGHRP to Commemorate the Ukrainian Holodomor, Soviet Manmade Famine of 1932-33Elena Dilai
11/12/2012Casalinuovo-Adams Presents at SUNY WorkshopsSarah Hagreen
11/09/2012MCC Faculty Attend Internationalization Meeting in Washington, D.C.Charlotte Downing and Kristen Fragnoli
11/08/2012Welsh Presents at Regional Institutional Research Conference Angel Andreu
11/07/2012Poetry of and Interview with Gary RainfordCathryn Smith
11/05/2012ATC Faculty Appear in VideosHency Yuen-Eng
11/02/2012Essay by Janet Ekis Appears in D&CCynthia Cooper
10/30/2012Undergraduate Research Project Leads to PublicationLydia Tien
10/26/2012English Faculty Member Tony Leuzzi Authors "Passwords Primeval: 20 American Poets in Their Own Words"Janet Ekis
10/25/2012Alberta Lee and Holly Ciccconi-Eggleston featured in Business OfficerHuman Resources Department
10/23/2012Michael Heel presents at SUNY Geneseo Assessment DayCharlotte Downing
10/22/2012Professor Angelique Stevens Presents at the Finger Lakes ForumTina Morrill
10/18/2012MCC Faculty Participate in the Hispanic/Latino Heritage Family Day at the Memorial Art GalleryLouis Silvers
10/16/2012China: Globalization and InterdependenceNayda Pares-Kane
10/16/2012Michael Heel Leads Workshop at Suffolk Community CollegeCharlotte Downing
10/09/2012Bridgette Yaxley gets Published in Oak Orchard ReviewTina Morrill
09/20/2012MCC Librarian McCullough PublishedAlice Wilson
09/19/2012Faculty Perform During Fringe FestivalLori Moses
09/19/2012Veteran Student Article Published by Holly WheelerTina Morrill
09/17/2012Amy Greer and Rebecca Herzog to Participate in Innovator SpotlightSusan M. Salvador
09/17/2012President Kress to be Guest on WXXI's 1370 Connection with Bob SmithJanet Ekis
08/31/2012MCC, Grow Monroe Represented at Great NYS FairRosanna Condello
08/17/2012Dr. Otero Addresses UW CohortAnita Manuele
07/24/2012Todd Oldham Speaks at the Aspen Labor Market Outcomes Forum in Washington, DCKristin Sine-Kinz
07/20/2012Burgers' Photography featured at the Little Theatre Cafe GalleryFrederick P. Burger
07/18/2012President Kress responds to question about community college effectivenessRosanna Condello
07/18/2012Simmons, Avalone, and Jachim-Moore Present at SCUP 47  Lynn Rivers
07/17/2012Condello Presents at Toastmasters District Officer TrainingRosanna Condello
06/29/2012Executive Dean Otero Delivers Charter School AddressAnita Manuele
06/28/2012A Beautiful Day for a PoemJulie Damerell
06/27/2012Todd Oldham Presents to Monroe County/Rochester Youth CouncilJoan Moorehead
06/22/2012Elizabeth Johnston Publishes PoetryCathryn Smith
06/21/2012Professor Karen Morris In Podcast on Harry Potter and the LawKaren Morris
06/20/2012Brennan-Barry Presents at Penn State, SUNY-CUADCynthia Cooper
06/18/2012Professor Diane Fitton Presents at Bucks County Community CollegeAmy Burns
06/15/2012Dr. Otero Speaks to OACES GraduatesAnita Manuele
06/14/2012Terry Shamblin Presents at NISODAmy Burns
06/13/2012Jasna Bogdanovska recently interviewed for Internet TVPat Barnes
06/12/2012Professor Elizabeth Laidlaw Article is Published Tina Morrill
06/11/2012Kate Jenkins Presents at SUNY Librarians Association ConferenceAlice Wilson
06/07/2012Professor Diane Fitton Presents at NISODAmy Burns
06/07/2012Professor Karen Morris Gives Two PresentationsKaren Morris
06/05/2012Wilson & Palmer's Teaching Strategy Published to Quality Safety Education for NursesLaurie Palmer
05/29/2012Dr. Otero Addresses Rochester Latino Rotary MembersAnita Manuele
05/24/2012Dr. David Shaw Composes Musical Score for RIT Student FilmLori Moses
05/22/2012"Realized or not, goals help us learn to succeed"Rosanna Condello
05/21/2012Fetzner's Presentation Selected for "Best In Track"Jeff Bartkovich
05/18/2012Janet M. Waasdorp to Present on Indirect InstructionJanet M. Waasdorp
05/04/2012Holly Wheeler Has Two Articles on Veterans PublishedTina Morrill
05/02/2012Julie White Presents at SUNY BrockportDr. Ann V. Topping
04/27/2012Marie Fetzner Co-Presents Workshop on Online Student RetentionJeff Bartkovich
04/20/2012College Readiness ConversationKate Smith, Interim Dean
04/18/2012English Professors Present at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association's conferenceCathryn Smith
04/16/2012O'Donnell's Interview is Reprinted in Rochester MagazineTina Morrill
04/12/2012Brennan-Barry Authors Article for LINK JournalCynthia Cooper
04/06/2012Democrat & Chronicle Publishes Letter on Hoodies and  Free Speech by Professor Karen MorrisKaren Morris, Professor
04/06/2012Heel Visits Laguardia Community College for Middle StatesCharlotte Downing
04/03/2012"Pursuing a Health Administration degree at Roberts Wesleyan College with your MCC Health Studies degree"Delia H. Rhodes
03/30/2012Daily Record Features Judge Karen Morris' Education BlogKaren Morris
03/27/2012Nancy O'Donnell gets published online in Her MagazineTina Morrill
03/21/2012Congratulations, Jean McDonough!Patricia Kennedy
03/19/2012James Cronmiller presented at  MedTech's Annual Conference, Tuesday March 13, 2012James Murphy
03/14/2012FA Members Meet with LegislatorsEllen Mancuso
03/14/2012HSMI Director featured at Veterans Court GraduationSheila Manns
03/14/2012Silas'  Work Highlighted at City HallJanet Dalke
03/12/2012MCC Presenters at Innovations 2012Susan M. Salvador
03/08/2012Professor Diane Fitton Presents at League for Innovation Conference Diane Fitton
03/08/2012Professor Drumright Presents at Genesee Community College on the Civil WarNayda Pares-Kane
03/08/2012Sally Dingee Presents at UAC Conference in Buffalo, New YorkPeggy Harvey-Lee
03/05/2012Professor Karen Morris Gives Presentation at Annual Conference of Hospitality LawyersKaren Morris
02/29/2012Johnston and Bartholome present papers at Popular Culture Conference in Las VegasTina Morrill
02/22/2012Celebration of Black HistoryDr. Njeru Murage
01/30/2012Rand, Maher-Garcia and Cicconi-Eggleston Present at CUPA-HR National ConferenceAlberta Lee, Assistant to the President
01/26/2012MCC Foundation - SUNY Retreat for Chief Advancement Officers Kathy Davies
01/24/2012MCC Librarian McCullough PublishedAlice Wilson
12/22/2011Avalone and McDonough Present at Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)Lynn Rivers
12/14/2011Palma is Published Cathryn Smith
12/13/2011MCC Faculty Present at  44th Annual College Reading and Learning Association’s  ConferenceAmy Burns
12/13/2011Oldham Presents to Monroe County Business Educators’ Association (MCBEA)Paula Burnside
12/12/2011AmeriCorps Director Participates in National Endowment for the Humanities Site VisitMarilyn Rosche
12/12/2011O'Donnell Published in the Democrat & Chronicle's Her MagazineTina Morrill
12/08/2011O'Donnell Published in the Democrat & ChronicleTina Morrill
12/06/2011Melany J. Silas:  Keynote for World AIDS DayJanet Dalke
12/02/2011 Distinguished Professor Karen Morris Has Letter Published in D&C, Presents at Book FestivalKaren Morris
12/01/2011Karen Sardisco, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, Exhibiting Work in Show "Prologues"Karen Sardisco
11/30/2011Doolin Interviewed for Article  Tina Morrill
11/28/2011MCC Presenters at Wizard 2011Eileen Scorgie
11/16/2011Featured Guest Speaker at Veterans Foreign Wars EventSheila Manns
11/16/2011Lomax Campbell Speaks at Urban League EventTodd M. Oldham
11/16/2011Oldham Presents to Optical SocietyPaula Burnside
11/15/2011D’Alessandris Leads Instructional Strategies WorkshopPaul D'Alessandris
11/15/2011Humphrey Presents at ASACC Conference in NashvilleAmy Burns
11/11/2011Holly Wheeler Presents on Teaching Student-VeteransTina Morrill
11/03/2011AmeriCorps Member Development Highlighted at NYS TrainingMarilyn Rosche
11/01/2011Avalone Presents at AASHERaymond Shea
11/01/2011Brennan-Barry Presents at HighEdWeb 2011Cynthia Cooper
10/31/2011Webster Chamber of Commerce Hosts Sigismond & FitchJanet Ekis
10/25/2011Graham presents at International Conference on Mothering, Education and Maternal Pedagogies in TorontoTina Morrill
10/24/2011MCC Coordinator of Assessment Trains North Country Community College FacultyCharlotte Downing
10/24/2011Oldham Presents to RTMAPaula Burnside
10/17/2011Morris Presents at ConferenceLaurel Sanger
10/11/2011Faculty Present at STEMtech ConferenceLaurel Sanger
09/29/2011O'Donnell publishes two articles Tina Morrill
09/21/2011Parker Presents at Student Retention Conference Amy Burns
08/22/2011Dr. Otero Addresses United Way Graduates Anita Manuele
08/18/2011Professor Morris Gives PresentationKaren Morris
08/11/2011Avalone Presents at SCUP 46  Lynn Rivers
08/09/2011HSMI Presents at Miami-Dade CollegeSheila Manns
08/09/2011Julianne Palma's Review PublishedCathryn Smith
07/19/2011Brennan-Barry Appears on HigherEd LiveCynthia Cooper
07/12/2011Brennan-Barry Presents at Penn StateCynthia Cooper
06/29/2011Bartkovich Authors Book ChapterMarie Fetzner
06/29/2011Yaxley featured in Rochester Woman MagazineTina Morrill
06/28/2011Julie White's Presentation at SFARN ConferenceDr. Ann V. Topping
06/27/2011Money Management, Investing, and the EconomyJoe Marchese
06/23/2011ETS Presenters at SUNY Technology ConferenceEileen Scorgie
06/23/2011Ilene Benz Presents Workshop for Admissions CounselorsRosanna Condello
06/21/2011MCC Participates at NYSACAC ConferenceAndrew W. Freeman
06/20/2011Connie Herrera Presents at SUNYCUAD Annual Education ConferenceMichael J. McDonough
06/15/2011Dr. Otero Delivers Keynote at SUNY Gathering   Anita Manuele
06/15/2011Squires Presents at St. Louis's VincentennialJanet Ekis
06/13/2011Sally Dingee presents at SUNY Career Development Organizatioins's 35th Annual ConferencePeggy Harvey-Lee
06/10/2011Executive Dean Otero Speaks to Young InmatesAnita Manuele
06/10/2011Robert Leopard and Jim Cronmiller Present at HAPS Annual ConferenceJames Murphy
06/01/2011"60 Fun Things to Do Within 60 Miles of Rochester" Published by Connie HerreraConnie Herrera
05/19/2011Suzanne Long Presented Low Tech Strategies to Engage StudentsJames Murphy
05/13/20112-Year College: A Stepping Stone to Many Future OpportunitiesAndrew Freeman
05/12/2011Professor Karen Morris Gives PresentationsKaren Morris
05/04/2011Lena Shiao and Tracy Wyant Present at National ConferenceRick Costanza
05/02/2011Answers to Questions about the Economy, Money Management, and Investing Joe Marchese
04/29/2011MCC Assessment Coordinator Trains Faculty at Dutchess Community CollegeCharlotte Downing
04/28/2011Stopping by the pond in AprilJulie Damerell
04/27/2011National College FairsAndrew Freeman
04/27/2011Vice President Salvador Presents at ACPA ConferenceLinda Ziegler
04/26/2011Joe Marchese Interview on the Economy, Money Management featured on WXXI-1370 AM this Afternoon Joseph T. Marchese
04/26/2011Next Steps Presentation Andrew Freeman
04/25/2011Dr. Ann Topping Presents at American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Annual ConventionSusan M. Salvador
04/20/2011Suzanne Long, James Murphy Present at Successful Teaching ConferenceJames Murphy
04/19/2011Dr. Susan M. Salvador Presents on Community College HousingLinda Ziegler
04/19/2011MCC Counselor Presents Workshop at ACPA Annual Conference Peggy Harvey-Lee, Director
04/18/2011Cheasty's band on local TV next week!Diane Cheasty
04/11/2011The Latest Issue of "Inside IR" is AvailableMary Ann Matta
04/08/2011Christian Kull and Rebecca Mack Present at ACPAHolly Preische
04/05/2011Dr. Otero Addresses Spanish ScholarsAnita Manuele
03/30/2011Work of Sardisco, Winkie Selected for "Made in NY 2011" ExhibitJanet Ekis
03/29/2011Joe Marchese Answers Questions about Money Management, Investing and Economics on 1370 Connection Today Joe Marchese
03/29/2011Melany Silas Interviewed on 13WHAMRosanna Condello
03/28/2011Carol Fisher presents at Joint Meeting Peggy Ansaldi
03/28/2011Executive Dean Otero Addresses ConferenceAnita Manuele
03/23/2011Whittingham's Article Published in New BookElizabeth A. Whittingham
03/17/2011MCC Presentations at the SLN SOL SummitPeggy VanKirk
03/14/2011MCC Presenters at Innovations 2011Susan M. Salvador
03/09/2011Julie White Selected as Blogger for The Chronicle of Higher EducationCynthia Cooper
03/07/2011Cooper, Tyree Quoted in Article on Interim PresidenciesCynthia Cooper
03/03/2011Melany Silas’ Choreopoem to Premiere at Nextstage at GEVA on April 1Melany J. Silas
03/03/2011Stopping by the pond on a March morningJulie Damerell
02/09/2011The “What Happened to the Class of 2009?” Report Is Now AvailableMary Ann Matta
02/04/2011Poem published by RainfordTina Morrill
01/24/2011HSMI DIrector to Speak at the Homeland Security Defense Education COnsortiumSheila Manns
01/10/2011MCC Employee Composes "Welcome to Rochester" for Second City Show at GEVA Ted Limpert
12/17/2010Dr. Susan M. Salvador Presents at ACPA Consolidation WebinarLinda Ziegler
12/15/2010Michael Heel Provides Assessment Training at SUNY PlattsburghCharlotte Downing
12/14/2010Drumright Publishes Book on the Tennessee Valley AuthorityNayda Pares-Kane
12/14/2010Julie White Presents at the Association for the Study of Higher Education ConferenceAnn Topping
12/13/2010Radiologic Technology Journal Publishes Article by Cynthia PatrickRosanna Condello
11/30/201090th Annual NYS Dental Hygiene Association MeetingSharon Insero
11/23/2010Assocate Professor Laidlaw presents to two area business organizationsJanet Ekis
11/23/2010Laurie Palmer Helps Others Reduce Fatigue Caused by Shift WorkRosanna Condello
11/22/2010 Article in Diverse Magazine Features MCC Executive Dean and Associate ProfessorJanet Ekis
11/18/2010Bogdanovska Reviews Macedonian Film for Eastman Young ProfessionalsKristen Fragnoli
11/16/2010Damerell and Lanzafame Present at Corning Community CollegeEileen Lanzafame
11/16/2010Stopping by the Pond in NovemberJulie Damerell
11/12/2010Gary Rainford's Poems to Appear in The Aputamkon ReviewTina Morrill
11/10/2010Brian Legg Presents at EAUBO Annual MeetingMike Quinn
11/09/2010Julie A. White Presents at the Research on Women and Education's Fall ConferenceAnn Topping
11/09/2010Michael Boester Presents at Honeoye Falls–Town of Mendon Historical Society Michael Boester
11/08/2010HSMI  to Present at ACCC’s Workforce Development Institute(WDI) ConferenceJohn Perrone
11/05/2010MCC Presenters at STEMtechEileen Scorgie
11/04/2010Lena Shiao Conducts Student Workshops at Richard M. Guon Child Care CenterTracy Wyant
11/04/2010Méndez Rizzo Presents at Local Diversity ConferenceAndrew W. Freeman
11/01/2010DCC Hosts Workshop for RCSD Parents & StudentsEmeterio M. Otero
11/01/2010Susan Cable and Elizabeth Clifford present at CJEANYSPhyllis Schirano
10/29/2010"Defending Accessibility with the New Normal" by President KressRosanna Condello
10/28/2010Robert Muhlnickel presentation at Society for Ethics Across the CurriculumRobert L. Muhlnickel
10/28/2010“Making Smart Decisions to Improve Success in College and Life” Curriculum Guide Developed by Dr. Ann ToppingDr. Susan M. Salvador
10/27/2010The Power of Sleep and Effective Sleep StrategiesNilda Rodriguez
10/26/2010Marchese to be guest on WXXI's 1370 Connection TodayJoe Marchese
10/25/2010Marie Fetzner Facilitates Workshop on Online Student RetentionMarie Fetzner
10/22/2010MCC AmeriCorps Highlighted at ConferenceMarilyn Rosche
10/06/2010RIT Panel features Emeterio M. OteroAnita Manuele
10/05/2010Dr. Otero Delivers KeynoteAnita Manuele
10/01/2010Tony Falzano presented “Composing Grief” Pat Barnes
09/28/2010Money Management, Investing, and the EconomyJoe Marchese
09/21/2010Sardisco Included in Nazareth College ExhibitionKristen Fragnoli
09/15/2010Sherry Tshibangu Emphasizes the Importance of Partnerships at SCORE LuncheonJim Petrosino
09/09/2010Mary DiSano and Maryann Marino present at BCCEMary DiSano (CHE/GEO) and Maryann Marino (BIO)
09/02/2010Dr. Susan Salvador Featured in Student Affairs TodayEileen Scorgie
09/01/2010Benz Presents at Nonverbal Communication Skills ProgramJanet Ekis
08/26/2010Liz Kelly helps parents prepare their children for school and fall sportsRosanna Condello
07/28/2010D’Alessandris Chairs National Two-Year College Physics MeetingMargarita Ortiz
07/23/2010Avalone Presents at SCUP 45Heze Simmons
07/14/2010Palma's List of Summer Reading Recommendations is PublishedTina Morrill
06/28/2010Sally Dingee Presents at WNYACCC Conference Peggy Harvey-Lee
06/24/2010Bartkovich and Fetzner Present at STCMarie Fetzner
06/24/2010Michael Heel Presents at AIRPOStuart Blacklaw
06/23/2010Michael Boester to Lead Mount Hope Cemetery Tour this SundayJonathon Little
06/23/2010Support Staff Professional Development Event a SuccessSupport Staff Professional Development Committee
06/22/2010Stacey Lautenslager and Gloria Morgan Present at the 2010 SUNY Conference on Instructional TechnologiesDr. Dianna G. Phillips
06/17/2010Betty Stewart and Dr. David Lawrence Participate in League for Innovation Research ProjectSusan M. Salvador
06/10/2010Julie White Presents at the American College Health Association MeetingAnn Topping
06/07/2010Executive Dean Otero Addresses AdvisorsAnita Manuele
06/07/2010Tracy Wyant and Susan Bender Present at National Service-Learning ConferenceTed Limpert
06/03/2010Benz and Hallett Present at NYS IAAP Annual MeetingCarol Wilkinson
06/03/2010Rebecca Mack Presents at Amherst College Transfer Student Collaborative WorkshopHolly Wynn-Preische
05/17/2010Salvador Presents at NTID Innovation ForumEileen Scorgie
05/17/2010Stopping by the pond on a spring dayJulie Damerell
05/14/2010Reading and Math:  Hand in HandJulie Damerell
05/12/2010Jack Kent Cooke Community College Transfer InitiativeHolly Wynn-Preische
05/03/2010Damerell and Lanzafame present at NYCLSA SymposiumEileen Lanzafame
04/29/2010Gary Rainford Publishes PoemTina Morrill
04/29/2010Joann Santos Helps the YWCA Celebrate Women in HistoryRosanna Condello
04/29/2010Williams Leads Presentation on ToastmastersCarol Wilkinson
04/27/2010Marie Fetzner Presents Workshop on Online Student RetentionMarie Fetzner
04/26/2010Janet Glocker Represents MCC, Community Colleges in Recent SUNY Health Affairs ConversationRosanna Condello
04/21/2010Charlie Clarke Presents at 40th Annual Scholars' ConferenceRosanna Condello
04/14/2010“Skinny jeans, ice cream, Aunt Jeanne and other motivational factors in maintaining wellness.”  The Wellness Committee's Second Brown Bag EventCraig M. Rand, Alberta Lee, Donna Mueller
04/08/2010Tony Leuzzi Reading Poetry in Mercer GalleryMargarita Ortiz
04/07/2010Pierce, Annesi Led Book DiscusssionDawn Quatro
04/02/2010MCC Presenters at 2010 Innovations ConferenceSusan M. Salvador
03/31/2010Julie White Presents at ACPA Dr. Ann Topping
03/31/2010Trelawney McKnight Presents at McNair ConferenceJulie White
03/30/2010Brenda Embrey & MCC Student Kimberly White Participate in AHIMA’s 2010 Hill DayRosanna Condello
03/25/2010Sherry Tshibangu Lends Voice to Support Rochester International Women’s Day Rosanna Condello
03/18/2010Bob King Introduces County Assessors to MCC’s Agricultural Programming, GROW MonroeRosanna Condello
03/11/2010Dingee Presents at "Uniting Across Campuses" ConferenceSally Barton Dingee
03/05/2010Gary Rainford Publishes Two PoemsTina Morrill
03/02/2010Stephen Palmer Presents CPR Training to Support Staff EmployeesCynthia Clark Inman
02/22/2010Sherry Tshibangu Shares MCC’s Entrepreneurial Success Stories through NACCE Webinar, PublicationRosanna Condello
02/08/2010Poets in the PondJulie Damerell
02/02/2010Dr. Otero Delivers Keynote AddressAnita Manuele
02/02/2010Mary Mendez Rizzo Speaks About Admissions at PRYD College Fair Anita Manuele
02/01/2010Leanne Ferreri featured in D & C article on exercising at homeJanet Dalke
01/20/2010Two DCC Librarians PublishedMary Timmons
12/11/2009Stasia Callan Presents in BostonCathryn Smith
12/10/2009Nancy O'Donnell Article Published in Canandaigua MagazineTina Morrill
12/09/2009Maryann Cianciotto and Karen Cardillo Featured in Health MagazineMaryann Cianciotto
11/24/2009AmeriCorps Member Speaks at NYS Kick-OffMarilyn Rosche
11/24/2009Grasso, Little, and McDonnell Present at GeoFest 2009Michael Boester
11/23/2009Charlie Clarke Composition Published in Zachor Society JournalRosanna Condello
11/20/2009Sherry Tshibangu Article Published in Community College Entrepreneurship MagazineRosanna Condello
11/18/2009Suzanne Long and James Murphy Present at Pearson Education's Strategies for Success WorkshopJames Murphy
11/16/2009Bartkovich Participates in DR CIO RoundtableCarol Wilkinson
11/16/2009John Nyerges guest speaker at SUNY Brockport's Department of Liberal ArtsJohn Nyerges
11/16/2009Tom Proietti was the keynote speaker at St. John Fisher College’s annual Scholarship Award DinnerTom Proietti
11/12/2009Tom Proietti guest speaker at SUNY Brockport's Department of CommunicationTom Proietti
11/10/2009Dianna Phillips presents at the ETLI ConferenceDianna G. Phillips, Ph.D.
11/10/2009Michael Boester Presents at Honeoye Falls–Town of Mendon Historical SocietyJonathon Little
11/03/2009Tom Proietti Organized, Hosted Seminar on AdvertisingTom Proietti
11/02/2009Marie Fetzner Co-authors JALN VolumeMarie Fetzner
10/28/2009Technical Education and Workforce Development Participated at "Eyes of the Future Expo"Ross Micali
10/23/2009Joann Santos Serves on Hispanic Leaders Panel DiscussionRosanna Condello
10/20/2009Karen Chin Receives Employee AwardHezekiah Simmons, vice president
10/20/2009O'Donnell Authors Newspaper Article on Luxury Riverboat FamilyTina Morrill
10/19/2009MCC Presenters at the League CIT ConferenceCarol Wilkinson
10/15/2009Jonathon Little Presents at National Conference on Geography EducationMichael Boester
10/08/2009Proietti Presents at Northeast Regional Conference of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).Tom Proietti
10/07/2009A Presentation to area Dental Assistants on Expanded restorative functionsMary Jo Toepfer
10/06/2009Eighteen Poets in the PondJulie Damerell
10/02/2009Leuzzi's interview to be published in Kenyon ReviewJanet Ekis
09/30/2009Messenger Post Article Features VaPA's CianciottoJanet Ekis
09/30/2009Proietti Hosts Live Discussion at Little, Makes Guest Appearance on WXXI-AM's 1370 ConnectionThomas Proietti
09/29/2009Marilyn Rosche Presents at Statewide TrainingMarilyn Rosche
09/22/2009Executive Dean Otero Addresses Ibero-American Action LeagueAnita Manuele
09/15/2009Congratulations Jean McDonough!Patricia Kennedy
09/15/2009Lee Struble Featured in EACUBOSusan M. Salvador, Ed.D.
09/10/2009French to be guest on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis
09/10/2009O'Donnell Authors Three Articles Published in Rochester MagJanet Ekis
09/09/2009Proietti to Appear on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis
09/02/2009Farrell, Smith Among Exhibiting Artists at Schweinfurth Memorial Art CenterJanet Ekis
08/25/2009Bartkovich Quoted in EDTECH MagazineCarol Wilkinson
08/12/2009Karen Morris Authors Recent Letter to the EditorJanet Ekis
08/06/2009D’Alessandris Leads New Faculty Training ConferencePaul D'Alessandris
08/05/2009VaPA Faculty Member Lori Moses Presents at National ConferenceJanet Ekis
07/30/2009MCC Alumni, Faculty Participate in StoryCorps InterviewsRosanna Condello
07/29/2009Boester, McDonnell Present at New York City Geography InstituteRosanna Condello
07/27/2009Donna & Tom Proietti Part of NPR StoryCorpsTom Proietti
07/23/2009Innovations 2009Dr. Susan M. Salvador
07/16/2009Essay by MCC's Monshipour Appears in Local DailyJanet Ekis
07/15/2009Monshipour Participates in Archaeological Field WorkJanet Ekis
07/13/2009Proietti to Appear on WXXI-AM'S 1370 ConnectionTom Proietti
06/18/2009Proietti & Kenyon Featured on WXXI'S 1370 ConnectionTom Proietti
06/03/2009For Your Summer Reading PleasureEileen Lanzafame
05/29/2009John Nyerges will perform acoustic piano on 13 WHAMJohn Nyerges
05/28/2009Kevin French Presents at Buffalo Psychiatric CenterDianna G. Phillips, Ph.D.
05/28/2009Stephanie Hranjec Artwork on Display at NazarethMary E. Timmons
05/27/2009Kevin French Presents at SUNY GeneseoDianna G. Phillips, Ph.D.
05/20/2009Proietti & McGonigle on WXXI-AM'S 1370 ConnectionTom Proietti
05/11/2009Ilene Benz Emcees Leadership Rochester Game ShowIlene Benz
05/08/2009Bartholome on NPR's All Things ConsideredJanet Ekis
05/07/2009Bartkovich Participates in Panel on Innovation and Collaboration at RITCarol Wilkinson
05/05/2009Proietti Serves on Ad Council's Strategic RoundtableTom Proietti
04/30/2009Laidlaw presents at Science and Humanities ConferenceElizabeth Laidlaw
04/30/2009Proietti Addresses Downtown Presbyterian ChurchTom Proietti
04/29/2009Bob Smith to Interview Proietti and McGonigle on WXXI-AM's 1370 Connection TodayTom Proietti
04/29/2009Proietti Helps Debunk Five Community College MythsJanet Ekis
04/29/2009Tony Vinci Presents and Publishes new Scholarly ArticleChristine Plumeri
04/28/2009Proietti Presents at Cayuga Community CollegeTom Proietti
04/15/2009Salvador Presents at 2009 NASPA and Innovations ConferencesEileen Scorgie
04/13/2009Dianna Phillips and Gloria Morgan Present at the 89th Annual Convention of the American Association of Community CollegesDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
04/09/2009MCC Second Life Island Hosts CIO ConferenceJeffrey Bartkovich
04/07/2009Terry Keys Presents on Second Life at Virtual and State ConferencesTerry Keys
04/06/2009Simmons presents at New York Community College Trustees’ ConferenceSherry Parks
04/02/2009Professors Fitton and Bierre Present at NYCLSA 32nd SymposiumDiane Fitton
04/01/2009MCC Celtic Scholars Present at SUNY CID Research SymposiumCarol Wilkinson
03/26/2009Proietti Presents at Northeast Conference on GivingTom Proietti
03/24/2009Practical Implementation of Restorative Expanded Functions LectureMary Jo Toepfer
03/24/2009Professor Karen Morris Presents at American Bar Association-Sponsored ConferenceKaren Morris
03/17/2009McDonough Presents at 18th Annual International Chair Academy ConferenceJanet Ekis
03/17/2009Sardisco Exhibits Work in Two-Person ShowJanet Ekis
02/26/2009Charlie Clarke Helps Professors, Administrators Respond to Students in DistressRosanna Condello
02/25/2009Valarie Avalone Presents at SCUP InstituteLynn Rivers
02/12/2009Goldfarb & Proietti on 1370 ConnectionTom Proietti
02/11/2009Media & the New PresidentTom Proietti
02/09/2009Mark Sample Presents at Honeoye Falls-Mendon Historical SocietyJanet Ekis
01/27/2009Coffey Presents Workshop at Victor Central SchoolJanet Ekis
01/27/2009Paul DesOrmeaux publishes articleTina Morrill
01/22/2009Ilene Benz Presents to Zonta Club of RochesterRosanna Condello
12/18/2008Rainford Published in North Dakota QuarterlyJanet Ekis
12/17/2008Plumeri Reviews Text, Chairs RoundtableJanet Ekis
12/15/2008Professors Diane Fitton and Lisa Bierre Present at NY Model Transition Winter ConferenceDiane Fitton, COS Coordinator
12/12/2008Pastorella Presents at CASE ConferenceRosanna Condello
12/12/2008Weldgen's Work Featured at Little Theatre CafeJanet Ekis
12/10/2008Article by Bruce Pennington published in Math Horizons magazinePeter Collinge
12/10/2008Julianne Palma's Column is PublishedDonna Cox
12/08/2008Proietti on WXXI-AM'S 1370 Connection on MondayTom Proietti
12/08/2008Workshop: Test Preparation StrategiesLisa Bierre, Ann Bauer
12/04/2008Math Professor Paul Seeburger Presents Workshop at National ConferencePeter Collinge
12/02/2008Math faculty K. Wells and A. Leopard present on Cooperative Learning at National ConferencePeter Collinge
11/25/2008Falzano Presents "Healing Notes" at Lifetime CareJanet Ekis
11/25/2008Laidlaw Presents at World Philosophy Day ObservanceElizabeth Laidlaw
11/24/2008Michael Boester, Timothy McDonnell Present at WSTCSS Fall ConferenceRosanna Condello
11/20/2008Marie Fetzner Presents at the AASHE ConferenceMarie Fetzner
11/19/2008Proietti On McLuhan PanelTom Proietti
11/12/2008Paul DesOrmeaux writes article for Skeptical InquirerTina Morrill
11/10/2008DCC Student Services Staff Present at the National Conference on Student DevelopmentDr. Ann Topping
11/07/2008Catharine Ganze Smith interviewed by WXXIDonna Cox
11/07/2008ETS Staff Present at SUNY Wizard ConferenceJeffrey Bartkovich
11/06/2008Susan Bender Presented at the ICCD ConferenceTed Limper
11/05/2008Dr. Susan Salvador Presents at ACUHO-IEileen Scorgie
11/04/2008Donna Mueller Published in Leadership ExchangeDr. Susan M. Salvador
10/31/2008Karen Morris Publishes Column for Hotel & Motel ManagementRosanna Condello
10/30/2008Falzano Presents at Local HospiceJanet Ekis
10/29/2008Crum Co-Authors "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Graphic Design"Janet Ekis
10/27/2008Jean McDonough to Have Essay PublishedPatricia Kennedy, Director
10/27/2008MCC Faculty and Staff Present at the League for Innovation CITJeff Bartkovich
10/27/2008Monshipour Presents at Rochester Women's ClubJanet Ekis
10/23/2008Dr. Otero Addresses VeteransAnita Manuele
10/08/2008French to Review Fantastic StoryJanet Ekis
10/08/2008Proietti and Post-Debate Analysis on CW16 Morning NewsTom Proietti
10/07/2008Chris Hirschler, Ph.D. presents in Banff, CanandaJanet Dalke
10/07/2008Tune in -- Proietti on CW at WHAM-TVJanet Ekis
10/02/2008Laurie Snyder Presents at National Symposium on Student RetentionInterim Dean Craig Rand
09/30/2008NY Times Publishes Letter to the Editor from MCC's OfsowitzJanet Ekis
09/25/2008Media and Politics -- 2008Tom Proietti
09/24/2008Research of Jeffrey Baker Published as a MonographJanet Ekis
09/17/2008Andolino Quoted in D&CJanet Ekis
09/16/2008Proietti Speaks to Members of Geneseo Torch ClubJanet Ekis
09/12/2008The Glory of BooksKaren Morris
09/11/2008Salvador Quoted in "About Campus"Eileen Scorgie
09/09/2008Keys Co-Authors Educause ArticleJanet Ekis
09/09/2008Professor Emeritus to be Sept. 11th Guest on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis
09/05/2008Moses Authors TextbookJanet Ekis
09/02/2008Proietti Appears on 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis
08/15/2008Paul DesOrmeaux Article on "Chiropractic History" PublishedEnglish/Philosophy
08/11/2008Laurie Snyder's article published in League for Innovation's Learning AbstractsBarbara Connolly
08/07/2008ETS Staff Visit Anne Arundel Community CollegeJanet Ekis
07/29/2008Monshipour Speaks on VOAJanet Ekis
07/24/2008Proietti on 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis
07/23/2008Chris Hirschler, Ph.D. presents at National Wellness ConferenceJanet Dalke
07/18/2008Quinn and Ripton Present at CCBOAHeze Simmons, Interim Vice President
07/14/2008Director of Public Safety Presents at Regional ConferenceLee Struble
07/10/2008Article Authored by McDonough Appears in Community College HumanistJanet Ekis
07/09/2008Diversity & Leadership: The Latino PerspectiveEmeterio M. Otero, Ph.D.
07/08/2008Bartholome Quoted in Articles on Adult DatingJanet Ekis
07/08/2008MCC Faculty Attend, Present at SUNY BinghamtonPaul Wakem, Ph.D.
06/25/2008Proietti Speaks on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis
06/17/2008MCC Presentations at SUNY CIT 2008Peggy VanKirk
06/12/2008French Presents at 2-Day LectureDianna G. Phillips, Ph.D.
06/10/2008Stephanie Hranjec's Artwork on DisplayAnn Penwarden
05/23/2008Joanna Tsai Promotes Taiwanese American Heritage MonthRosanna Condello
05/20/2008Charlie Clarke Speaks Out on Disclosure of Student HistoriesRosanna Condello
05/20/2008Proietti Discusses Media Trends on WXXIJanet Ekis
05/14/2008Cecero Speaks on E-InformationDianne E McConkey
05/09/2008Guest Essay by Michael Ofsowitz Appears in Brighton-Pittsford PostJanet Ekis
05/08/2008Genesee Reading SeriesRamona C. Moore
05/01/2008Correction to iStream articlePeggy VanKirk
04/30/2008MCC Foundation President Highlighted in iStream - April 2008Peggy VanKirk
04/25/2008Systemic Challenges vs. Academic Potential - April 12 Community PresentationJames Winston
04/24/2008Brenda Babitz Speaks about Managing Multiple Roles at CASE IRF ConferenceRosanna Condello
04/11/2008O'Donnell Authors Articles in Canandaigua Magazine, Rochester MagazineJanet Ekis
04/10/2008Charlie Clarke Presents at NEA-AFT Higher Education Joint ConferenceRosanna Condello
04/07/2008MCC Featured on Cover of CCW Spring Technology SupplementJanet Ekis
04/07/2008Michael Johnson and Lisa Bierre speak to area students and professionalsJulie White
04/02/2008Mark Pastorella Leads Annual Giving Web ConferenceRosanna Condello
04/02/2008Tony Leuzzi Discusses Writing Across the Curriculum in Higher Ed PublicationJanet Ekis
03/26/2008Julie Damerell Presents at NADE 2008Eileen Lanzafame
03/19/2008Dr. Susan Salvador Presents at 90th NASPA Annual ConferenceEileen Scorgie
03/18/2008Fitton Authors "On Campus: An Interactive Guide to CollegeEllen Baker
03/18/2008Proietti Quoted on SpitzerJanet Ekis
03/14/2008Monshipour Presents in CanadaJanet Ekis
03/12/2008McDonough Authors Academic Leader ArticleJanet Ekis
03/12/2008Sample Presents at Historical SocietyJanet Ekis
03/11/2008MCC Presenters at the League ConferenceCynthia Cooper
03/10/2008Proietti on 1370 ConnectionTom Proietti
03/07/2008Holly Wheeler Interviewed on Environmental Impact of Bottled WaterRosanna Condello
03/06/2008Musler presents at early childhood conferenceRosanna Condello
02/25/2008Dr. Susan Salvador Presents at NASPA Student Services InstituteEileen Scorgie
02/15/2008Proietti on the OscarsTom Proietti
02/13/2008Drumright Gives Two Tea TalksJanet Ekis
02/11/2008Dr. Ann White Presents at Western New York State Career Counseling Center Association ConferenceSusan D. Baker, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President and Acting Director
02/11/2008Dr. Susan Salvador - Keynote SpeakerEileen Scorgie
02/07/2008Nyerges A Guest Artist with Hartford Symphony OrchestraJanet Ekis
02/06/2008Gamory and Moorehead Participate in True Networking ThursdaysRosanna Condello
02/06/2008Monshipour to be guest speaker at Friends of Library eventJanet Ekis
02/06/2008Proietti on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionTom Proietti
02/06/2008Proietti Participates in Ad Council of Rochester RoundtableTom Proietti
02/05/2008Monshipour's completed book translation is published on Iranian.comJanet Ekis
02/04/2008Dr. Dianna Phillips Participates in Panel Discussion, PresentationDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President
01/31/2008Bartholome Quoted in USA Today ArticleJanet Ekis
01/31/2008Morris Authors Brighton-Pittsford Post Letter to the EditorJanet Ekis
01/29/2008Avalone Serves as Faculty Member for Society of College and University Planning InstituteRichard Degus
01/18/2008Drumright Presents to Women's Council of the RMSCJanet Ekis
01/18/2008Reading at BordersDonna Cox
01/15/2008Bartholome Quoted in Baltimore SunJanet EKis
01/15/2008Drumright Gives Presentation at Bertrand Russell SocietyJanet EKis
01/11/2008MCC Participates in Information Literacy InitiativeTed Ciambor
01/11/2008Ofsowitz and Proietti Quoted in Brighton-Pittsford Post ArticleJanet Ekis
01/10/2008O'Donnell Authors Three Articles in Canandaigua MagazineJanet Ekis
12/21/2007Ofsowitz, Proietti Quoted in Article on Holiday MoviesJanet Ekis
12/13/2007Proietti to Appear on WXXI-AM's 1370 ConnectionTom Proietti
12/12/2007Sigismond Quoted in "Rochester Woman"Janet Ekis
12/10/2007Mark Pastorella Speaks at CASE ConferenceRosanna Condello
12/10/2007Shaw Presents at Project LIVE ConferenceJanet Ekis
12/10/2007Sociology 101 Students Learn Real Life LessonsMaureen Erickson
12/07/2007Article Written by Julianne Palma Appears in Catholic CourierJanet Ekis
12/06/2007Latest Textbook by Math Professor Chris AbbottPeter Collinge, Chair
11/28/2007Marlene Goho and Patricia Kress Take MCC Mediation Model to NYSUT ConferenceRosanna Condello
11/26/2007Jan Wiranowski Presents a Valuable Life Lesson to Sociology 101 StudentsMaureen Erickson
11/20/2007Dr. Emeterio Otero Participates in a Panel Discussion on Latino Ethnicity and GenderPhyllis Schirano
11/20/2007Lee Struble Published in Campus Law Enforcement JournalDr. Susan M. Salvador
11/14/2007Proietti on 1370 CONNECTIONTom Proietti
11/13/2007Campus Center Staff Members Present at Regional ConferenceBetty Stewart
11/13/2007Dr. Otero Participates at Distinguished Community Leaders ForumPhyllis Schirano
11/12/2007Math Faculty Speak at National ConferencePeter Collinge
11/07/2007Dr. Emeterio Otero Lead Presenter at AALDP and LLDP Joint SessionPhyllis Schirano
10/30/2007Stasia J Callan Presented at the 2007 TYCA-NE Conference
Janet Ekis
10/22/2007For Drawing Sake Moves to Hobart & William Smith GalleryJanet Ekis
10/22/2007Proietti on WXXI-AMTom Proietti
10/18/2007Charlie Clarke Presents at Educator's WorkshopRosanna Condello
10/18/2007Pastorella Helps Colleagues Tap into Alumni Giving PotentialRosanna Condello
10/17/2007Proietti to Moderate Panel at GEVATom Proietti
10/17/2007TRS Faculty in Poetry Reading Oct. 20Julie Damerell
10/16/2007Rinehart Brings Dental Hygiene Pilot Program to National, Regional ConferencesRosanna Condello
10/05/2007French to Review "Ike's Final Battle"Janet Ekis
10/04/2007Whittingham's book is publishedDonna Cox
10/02/2007O'Donnell in Rochester Magazine and Canandaigua MagazineJanet Ekis
09/28/2007Morris Elaborates on Harry Potter's WorldKaren Morris
09/26/2007Popovici, Proietti & Public Relations Society of America ConferenceTom Proietti
09/21/2007Julie Hutchinson Interviewed on WDKXRosanna Condello
09/20/2007Proietti Quoted in Messenger Post ArticleJanet Ekis
09/18/2007Ofsowitz on "The Wrinkling Age of Dependence"Janet Ekis
09/18/2007Squires Appears in DVD SetJanet Ekis
09/17/2007Ferrari Rowley Show Garners Local Media AttentionJanet Ekis
09/14/2007Encyclopedia of Popular Culture Edited, Authored by MCC FacultyJanet Ekis
09/11/2007Harry Potter articleDonna Cox
09/10/2007French to Be Guest on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet EKis
09/06/2007Karen Morris Presents at National Hospitality ConferenceKaren Morris
09/06/2007Pierce Published in "Business Quarterly Communication"Janet Ekis
09/05/2007Damerell to read at Writers & BooksJulie Damerell
07/11/2007Dr. Susan Salvador Presents at Learning Reconsidered InstituteEileen Scorgie
07/05/2007Jones and Smithgall Present at SUNYCAP PresentationAndy Freeman
06/27/2007Diane M. Cecero Presents at SUNY 2007 Technology ConferenceDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel
06/26/2007MCC's Online Catalog Production Featured in New BookJeff Bartkovich
06/21/2007Baker, Burritt, Ekis and Reynolds present at SUNYCUADCarol Burritt
06/21/2007Mary Mendez Rizzo presents at EASFAA ConferenceJerome St. Croix
06/21/2007Musler Takes Local GREEN Effort to National InstituteRosanna Condello
06/20/2007Ward Presents at Regional Institutional Research ConferenceAngel Andreu
06/19/2007Maureen Erickson presents at Bucks County Community CollegeMaureen Erickson
06/14/2007Gizzi, Plumeri Essay Becomes Part of Virginia Tech's ArchiveJanet Ekis
06/14/2007Proietti to Appear on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis
06/12/2007Getaway with Chef BrinkmanDianne E McConkey
05/14/2007CARE About Your Credit Cards! - Watch WXXI Panel with MCC Assoc. Prof. Ranczuch & Student Janet MeijasDebra Dwyer
05/03/2007Benjamin Serves as Panelist for Voices of Experience 2007Janet Ekis
05/03/2007Liz Kelly writes about how self talk creates self imageRosanna Condello
05/02/2007Karen Morris Authored Speaking Out Piece for the Democrat & ChronicleKaren Morris
04/26/2007Matt Fox Presents Monologue to Honor Local Holocaust SurvivorRosanna Condello
04/20/2007Philosophy as Transformative ProcessElizabeth Laidlaw
04/18/2007Presentations at Pop Culture Association ConferenceTina Morrill
04/16/2007Harrington Quoted in Educator's Spotlight DigestJanet Ekis
04/16/2007Proietti in Newspaper, on RadioJanet Ekis
04/13/2007Squires Interviewed for Special DVDJanet Ekis
04/02/2007Adjunct English Instructor Featured on 13WHAM News This MorningJanet Ekis
03/30/2007Joann Santos Featured in D&C Health GuideRosanna Condello
03/29/2007Making ConnectionsEileen Morris
03/29/2007Work of Ferrari-Rowley Featured at NY City GalleryJanet Ekis
03/27/2007Joe Marchese to be a Guest on WXXI's "1370 Connection" TomorrowJoseph Marchese
03/27/2007Proietti Interviewed on News 10NBCJanet Ekis
03/23/2007Best Practices in Preparing Students for Technical CareersDianne E McConkey
03/23/2007PROIETTI ON WXXI-AM'S 1370 CONNECTIONTom Proietti
03/22/2007Clarke Explores Altruism at Local Speaker SeriesRosanna Condello
03/22/2007MCC Presenters at the League ConferenceCynthia Cooper
03/20/2007Doolin Quoted in Boston Sunday Globe ArticleJanet Ekis
03/19/2007Weldgen's artwork currently on display at the National Museum of the American IndianJanet Ekis
03/16/2007MCC Foundation's Babitz, Pastorella Present at League ConferenceRosanna Condello
03/15/2007Clarke Presents at Scholars Conference on the Holocaust and the ChurchesRosanna Condello
03/06/2007O'Donnell Article Published in Lastest Issue of Rochester MagazineJanet Ekis
03/05/2007Silvio, Vinci and a Book on Star WarsJanet Ekis
02/28/2007Bartholome's Oscar Picks Included in Inside Higher EducationJanet Ekis
02/28/2007Bauman Essay Appears in Chronicle of Higher EducationJanet Ekis
02/20/2007Proietti on 1370 Connection This Coming FridayJanet Ekis
02/01/2007Brighton-Pittsford Post Publishes Guest Essay by Professor Emeritus DayJanet Ekis
01/31/2007Karen Morris Gives Ethics PresentationKaren Morris
01/18/2007Dean Otero Keynotes Martin Luther King Jr CelebrationDianne E McConkey
01/04/2007O'Donnell Articles Published in Latest Edition of Rochester MagazineJanet Ekis
12/20/2006Calhoun Assists in Writing of Three TexbooksJanet Ekis
12/19/2006Herrera presents at regional marketing conferencesConnie Herrera
12/13/2006Dr. Robbins' PresentationAlberta Lee
12/13/2006Presentations at SUNGARD ConferenceAndrew W. Freeman
12/06/2006Joanna Tsai Speaks at the Rochester Society of Radiologic TechnologistsRosanna Condello
11/30/2006So much poetry, so little timeJulie Damerell
11/30/2006Tshibangu Participates in Mayor's Summit on LiteracyRosanna Condello
11/29/2006Cheerleaders and ParadesKaren Morris
11/21/2006Spinetti and Stewart present at the ACUI Region Two ConferenceSusan Spinetti
11/17/2006Bartholome Serves as Keynote at St. John Fisher's Philosophy DayJanet Ekis
11/14/2006Winston Presents at Women's Network ConferenceDianne E McConkey
11/09/2006Damerell Shares Journey at ConferenceJulie Damerell
11/08/2006Seventh Edition of Sigismond Book PublishedJanet Ekis
11/07/2006Palma's Book Review Published in Catholic CourierJanet Ekis
10/31/2006MCC "Leaders" present an Innovative Diversity Session to United Way particpantsEmeterio M. Otero
10/27/2006Patrick Callan and Nayda Pares-Kane present papers at conference in EnglandPatrick Callan
10/26/2006Karen Morris Gives Presentation on Hospitality LawKaren Morris
10/26/2006MCC Faculty Exhibit at School of the ArtsJanet Ekis
10/26/2006MCC Presentations at the League ConferenceCarol Wilkinson
10/25/2006President Flynn Presents at Presidents' Leadership SeminarNancy Price
10/23/2006Babitz Shares Insights on "Growing Giving" in Nation's CapitalRosanna Condello
10/23/2006Day One with Gerry BrinkmanDianne E McConkey
10/18/2006Stainton Essay Appears in Rochester D&CJanet Ekis
10/17/2006Clarke Quoted in D&C articleJanet Ekis
10/17/2006Proietti on WXXITom Proietti
10/17/2006Proietti @ The LittleTom Proietti
10/13/2006MCC Employees featured on radio WROC AM 950Dawn Wendt
10/11/2006Proietti Offers Campaign Ad CommentaryCynthia Cooper
10/10/2006Leuzzi Profiled in Rochester D&CJanet Ekis
10/10/2006Nyerges to Play with RPOJanet Ekis
10/09/2006Humphrey Presents at National ConferenceJanet Ekis
09/28/2006Article in Journal of College Student RetentionKate Schiefen
09/28/2006Dr. Susan Salvador Presents at Student Affairs Speakers SeriesEileen Scorgie, Executive Secretary to the Vice President
09/27/2006Patti Ronsvalle Publishes Susan B & MeRosanna Condello
09/22/2006Ferrera-Rowley, Sardisco Exhibit at Honeoye Falls GalleryJanet Ekis
09/19/2006Proietti Discusses Media on 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis
09/13/2006Bartholome Quoted in San Antonio Express-NewsJanet Ekis
09/12/2006O'Donnell Articles Published in Sept/Oct Rochester MagazineJanet Ekis
09/11/2006Perrone to Discuss Homeland Security on WXXIMark Sommer
09/08/2006Bromley on WXXI 1370 Connection TodayRosanna Condello
09/08/2006French on WXXI Connection at Noon, MondayJanet Ekis
09/07/2006Julie White presents at Ohio Wesleyan UniversityDr. Ann V. Topping
09/05/2006Ferrari Rowley Exhibit at Wells CollegeJanet Ekis
09/01/2006Bartholome Quoted in Albuquerque JournalJanet Ekis
08/30/2006Chris Biehler to Appear on NBC's Today ShowChristopher Biehler
08/28/2006Betty Stewart Published in Adult Learner GuideDr. Susan Salvador
08/21/2006Karen Morris Gives Harry Potter PresentationKaren Morris
08/17/2006Beech Quoted in Chronicle of Higher Education ArticleJanet Ekis
08/09/2006Michael Johnson Continues to Move AHEADDr. Ann Topping
08/08/2006Karen Morris Gives Presentation to the Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional EducationKaren Morris
07/27/2006Fahy Presents to City StudentsDianne E McConkey
07/19/2006O'Donnell Authors Two Articles in Current Rochester MagazineJanet Ekis
07/11/2006Article Features Interview with Bartkovich, VanKirkJanet Ekis
07/05/2006Casalinuovo-Adams and Jones Appear on Rochester Community TelevisionJanet Ekis
07/05/2006French on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis
06/28/2006Harrington Presents at SUNY Librarians ConferenceRosanna Condello
06/26/2006Babitz and Pavelka Emphasize Annual Giving in CASE Online Speaker SeriesRosanna Condello
06/13/2006Ovations, the MCC Toastmasters NewsletterAlice Harrington
06/05/2006Lee Struble Published in "The Clipboard" by NECUSADr. Susan Salvador
05/23/2006Proietti: Guest, Co-Anchor and Keynote SpeakerJanet Ekis
05/22/2006Michael Johnson’s Leadership Moves AHEADJulie White
05/18/2006Exhibit of Farrell's Work to Open at Little TheatreJanet Ekis
05/16/2006Eastern Academy of Management PresentationJudith Bulin
05/15/2006President Flynn Keynote Speaker at Johnson County Community CollegeNancy A. Price
05/12/2006VaPA Faculty Members to Participate in Local Exhibit, AuctionJanet Ekis
05/09/2006Glover, Skehan, Williams Speak at Eleutheria '06Janet Ekis
05/08/2006Dr. Susan Salvador Published in Community College TimesEileen Scorgie
05/03/2006Law Day Book Review by Karen MorrisKaren Morris
05/03/2006Nolan Featured in Rochester MagazineCynthia Cooper
04/27/2006Pam Korte Contributes to Nursing Education Perspectives JournalRosanna Condello
04/26/2006Hallett, Proietti Present at SUNY Brockport ConferenceThomas Proietti
04/25/2006Marriott Presents 'Total Rewards' at Friday Business BriefingMarcia A. Marriott, Ph.D.
04/24/2006Teacher Ed Adjunct Speaks Out in D&CDianne E McConkey
04/20/20061370 ConnectionTom Proietti
04/19/2006Otero Speaks on Dropout TrendsDianne E McConkey
04/07/2006McConkey presents to Human Services classCynthia Cooper
04/06/2006Lanzafame and Damerell at NYCLSAJulie Damerell
04/06/2006Sally Barton Dingee Presents on Undecided StudentsDr. Harry Merryman
03/28/2006MCC Presenters at the League ConferenceCynthia Cooper
03/15/2006Faculty Attend Assessment ConferenceMaureen Erickson
03/10/2006Clarke Discusses Concurrent Enrollment at AFT-NEA ConferenceMarlene Goho
03/07/2006Essay by Julie Donofrio Published in the Greece PostJanet Ekis
03/07/2006MCC Art Faculty Work Included in Area ExhibitsJanet Ekis
03/01/2006New edition of Johnson/Kuby textbook releasedPeter Collinge, Chair
03/01/2006O'Donnell Articles, Poem PublishedJanet Ekis
02/27/2006ETS VP Staff Present at ITCMarie Fetzner
02/24/2006Perrone Interviewed on Port SecurityMark Sommer
02/22/2006French to be 1370 Connection GuestJanet Ekis
02/16/2006Willard Authors Article for Teaching Tips Instructor's SupplementJanet Ekis
02/15/2006Babitz Helps Fellow Leaders Leverage Resources at ICCD ConferenceRosanna Condello
02/14/2006Callan Presents at Japan Studies Association ConferenceJanet Ekis
02/14/2006Opportunities Presentation to Youth GroupDianne E McConkey
02/07/2006Professor Karen Morris Gives PresentationKaren Morris
02/06/2006David Monroe Trains Students in Civic EngagementMarilyn Rosche
02/02/2006Abbondanzieri Quoted in PEP Talk MagazineRosanna Condello
01/30/2006Mellas Returns from Teaching Marine Ecology Course in the BahamasRosanna Condello
01/25/2006Bartholome Editorial PublishedJanet Ekis
01/24/2006O'Donnell Articles Appear in Rochester MagazineJanet Ekis
01/23/2006Jason Smith Exhibits Recent Works at Little Theatre CafeJanet Ekis
01/23/2006President Flynn to be on WXXI RadioCynthia Cooper
01/19/2006Professor Emeritus Pete French to Guest on WXXIJanet Ekis
01/10/2006Bartholome Quoted in Record SearchlightJanet Ekis
12/19/2005MCC Toastmasters Speak at Benefit to Honor Cancer PatientAlice Harrington
12/16/2005Palma's Work PublishedDonna Cox
12/15/2005Bartkovich Presents at SUNY TLT ConferenceCarol Wilkinson
12/12/2005Article by Doolin Appears in NextSTEP magazineJanet Ekis
12/07/2005MCC Students, Employees Perform KaraokeDavid Shaw
12/01/2005When in WisconsinJulie Damerell
11/23/2005Otero Participates in Panel DiscussionDianne E McConkey
11/18/2005Flynn Presents with Milliron at NTIDNancy Price
11/18/2005Rao Presents at Regional Institutional Research ConferenceElina Belyablya
11/17/2005Christine Abbott Speaks at National Math ConferencePeter Collinge, Chair
11/17/2005Grzelak Participates in Panel DiscussionSherry Parks
11/17/2005Wells Presents at SUNY GeneseoJanet Ekis
11/16/2005Coffey Introduces 292-BABY to New MothersRosanna Condello
11/15/2005Musler Presents at RAEYC Fall ConferenceRosanna Condello
11/14/2005Callan Presents at Teachers of English ConferenceStasia Callan
11/09/2005To Be a LeaderToni J. Robbins
11/08/2005Bauman in The Chronicle of Higher EducationCynthia Cooper
11/07/2005Jerome St. Croix Represents MCC at SUNY Financial Aid WorkshopMark Schwartz
11/07/2005Nyerges Performs as Guest ArtistJanet Ekis
11/02/2005Morris Presents to Monroe County Bar AssociationJanet Ekis
11/01/2005Bartholome Serves as Keynote TwiceJanet Ekis
10/31/2005Biology Professors Talk Barr Bodies in Pioneer!Liz Pierce
10/28/2005Cecero Presents at SUNY Chancellor's SymposiumDiane M. Cecero
10/19/2005Proietti on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis
10/17/2005Sally Barton Dingee Presents to NACADADr. Harry Merryman
10/12/2005Proietti Presents at PRSA ConferenceJanet Ekis
10/06/2005Information Night at Lancaster SpeedwayDianne E McConkey
10/04/2005Damerell Will Read from Anthology of Women PoetsJanet Ekis
09/29/2005Bartholome Interview for BBC BroadcastJanet Ekis
09/28/2005Leuzzi to Read at Daily Perks Coffee HouseJanet Ekis
09/28/2005MCC Hosts SUNY College Night 2005Ranae Hanson
09/27/2005CSPA-NYS Annual ConferenceNancy Price
09/23/2005MCC Staff Members present at SETAMarie Fetzner
09/22/2005Drumright Presents at Tennesee Conference of HistoriansJanet Ekis