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08/04/2022Bicycling SustainabilitySimmons, Kevin
08/04/2022National Eye Exam MonthBenedict, Sarah
08/01/2022Monroe Movers: Desk to 5K Wellness ProgramKennell, Morgan
08/01/2022World Lung Cancer DayBenedict, Sarah
07/25/2022DWIGHTMartin, Denee
07/05/2022Compliment Your Mirror Day!Kennell, Morgan
06/29/2022Last Coloring Pages until September!Benedict, Sarah
06/27/2022Week 4 - Hydration Challenge (Every Sip Counts)Benedict, Sarah
06/27/2022Weekly Intention Setting - PrintableBenedict, Sarah
06/24/2022Week 7 - Gratitude Journal PromptsBenedict, Sarah
06/22/2022Color! Color! Color!Benedict, Sarah
06/21/2022Week 3 - Hydration Challenge (Every Sip Counts)Benedict, Sarah
06/21/2022Weekly Intention Setting - PrintableBenedict, Sarah
06/21/2022World Infertility Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
06/17/2022National PTSD Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
06/17/2022Week 6 - Gratitude Journal PromptsBenedict, Sarah
06/16/2022Happy Pride MonthKennell, Morgan
06/16/2022National Migraine and Headache Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
06/16/2022Open Basketball Today 12 - 2 PMRapp, Jordan
06/16/2022Today! Wellness Council Cookbook PickupBenedict, Sarah
06/15/2022National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables MonthBenedict, Sarah
06/15/2022This Week's Coloring PagesBenedict, Sarah
06/14/2022Child Vision Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
06/13/2022Men's Health WeekBenedict, Sarah
06/13/2022Open BasketballRapp, Jordan
06/13/2022Week 2 - Hydration Challenge (Every Sip Counts)Benedict, Sarah
06/13/2022Weekly Intention Setting - PrintableBenedict, Sarah
06/10/2022Beautiful in Your Own Skin MonthBenedict, Sarah
06/10/2022Four Different 20-minute Meditation Sessions to be held on Monday, June 13thShamblin, Terry
06/10/2022Week 5 - Gratitude Journal PromptBenedict, Sarah
06/09/2022Kicking It With Kevin Heart WalkSimmons, Kevin
06/09/2022Professional Wellness MonthBenedict, Sarah
06/09/2022Today! Mini Field Day!Benedict, Sarah
06/08/2022Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
06/08/2022Color it out!Benedict, Sarah
06/08/2022On Campus Walk for American Heart Association June 9thWinslow, Jr., Tom
06/07/2022Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin
06/06/2022Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin
06/06/2022Mini Field Day - Thursday, June 9Benedict, Sarah
06/06/2022National Scoliosis Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
06/06/2022Week 1 - Hydration Challenge (Every Sip Counts)Benedict, Sarah
06/06/2022Weekly Intention Setting - PrintableBenedict, Sarah
06/03/2022Kicking It With Kevin MondaySimmons, Kevin
06/03/2022Last Chance: Healthy Events for Professional Development Week - RSVPs RequiredBenedict, Sarah
06/03/2022Oral Health MonthBenedict, Sarah
06/03/2022Week 4 - Gratitude Journal PromptsBenedict, Sarah
06/02/2022Save the Date: Monday, June 13th for Meditation with Donna BurkeShamblin, Terry
06/02/2022Still Time! Healthy Events for Professional Development Week - RSVPs RequiredBenedict, Sarah
06/02/2022Sun SafetyBenedict, Sarah
06/01/2022National Say Something Nice TodayBenedict, Sarah
06/01/2022This Week's Coloring PagesBenedict, Sarah
05/31/2022Exciting Healthy Events for Professional Development WeekBenedict, Sarah
05/31/2022Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin
05/31/2022National Smile DayBenedict, Sarah
05/31/2022Weekly Intention Setting - PrintableBenedict, Sarah
05/27/2022Gifts from the Garden MonthBenedict, Sarah
05/27/2022National Sunscreen DayBenedict, Sarah
05/27/2022Week 3 - Gratitude Journal PromptsBenedict, Sarah
05/26/2022American Heart Association Benefit Raffle - Only Two Days Left to Purchase Tickets!Camp, Alisa
05/25/2022Healthy Vision Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
05/25/2022Mental Health Resources During an EmergencyKennell, Morgan
05/25/2022Time for a color break!Benedict, Sarah
05/24/2022Food Allergy Action MonthBenedict, Sarah
05/24/2022Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin
05/23/2022Celiac Disease Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
05/23/2022Healthy Summer Grilling DemoCzaja, Pamela
05/23/2022Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin
05/23/2022Weekly Intention Setting - PrintableBenedict, Sarah
05/23/2022Wellness Council's Drive to Benefit DWIGHTBenedict, Sarah
05/20/2022Saturday: Eat More Fruits and Vegetables DayBenedict, Sarah
05/20/2022Week 2 - Gratitude Journal PromptsBenedict, Sarah
05/19/2022Brain Cancer Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
05/19/2022F.A.S.T - Help Save a LifeBenedict, Sarah
05/19/2022Let's get coloring!Benedict, Sarah
05/19/2022Raffle to Benefit the American Heart Association - Truly Amazing Prizes - Don't Miss Out!Winslow, Jr., Tom
05/18/2022Bladder Cancer Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
05/18/2022What if there were no hypothetical questions?Simmons, Kevin
05/17/2022Arthritis Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
05/17/2022Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin
05/16/2022National Blood Pressure MonthBenedict, Sarah
05/13/2022Five Reasons Keeping a Gratitude Journal Will Change Your Life (with Printables)Benedict, Sarah
05/13/2022Teen Self Esteem Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
05/13/2022Today! Meditation Sessions with the Calm AppBenedict, Sarah
05/12/2022National Lyme Disease Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
05/12/2022Today! Meditation Sessions with the Calm AppBenedict, Sarah
05/11/2022Adult Coloring Benefits and PagesBenedict, Sarah
05/11/2022Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin
05/11/2022National Lupus Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
05/11/2022Stop By Our Mental Health Awareness Table TodayKennell, Morgan
05/10/2022Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin
05/10/2022National Asthma and Allergy Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
05/10/2022This Week's Wellness Council Bites and ActivitiesBenedict, Sarah
05/09/2022Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin
05/09/2022National Women's Checkup DayBenedict, Sarah
05/06/2022MCC Wellness Council - Book ClubBenedict, Sarah
05/05/2022Excellus Mental Health ResourcesBenedict, Sarah
05/05/2022MCC Wellness Council - Punch Card (Additional date for pick-up)Benedict, Sarah
05/05/2022Mental Health Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
05/04/2022May is National Correct Posture MonthBenedict, Sarah
05/03/2022MCC Wellness Council - Challenge Punch CardBenedict, Sarah
05/02/2022May Mental Health Awareness MonthKennell, Morgan
05/02/2022Melanoma / Skin Cancer Detection & Prevention MonthBenedict, Sarah
04/25/2022Free STD/HIV Testing Available On Brighton & Downtown CampusZamiara, Aubrey
04/20/2022Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin
04/18/2022Kicking it with KevinSimmons, Kevin
04/15/2022National Alcohol Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
04/13/2022Kicking it With KevinSimmons, Kevin
04/13/2022National Child Abuse Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
04/12/2022Financial Literacy MonthBenedict, Sarah
04/12/2022Kicking it with KevinSimmons, Kevin
04/11/2022Kicking it with KevinSimmons, Kevin
04/11/2022National Pet DayBenedict, Sarah
04/08/2022Stress Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
04/07/2022World Health DayBenedict, Sarah
04/06/2022Kicking it with KevinSimmons, Kevin
04/06/2022Move More MonthBenedict, Sarah
04/05/2022Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin
04/05/2022Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention MonthBenedict, Sarah
04/04/2022Kicking It With KevinSimmons, Kevin
04/04/2022National Donate Life MonthBenedict, Sarah
04/01/2022National Autism Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
03/25/2022National Kidney MonthBenedict, Sarah
03/22/2022American Diabetes Association Alert DayBenedict, Sarah
03/21/2022Learning to Meditate: Is It for Me?Kennell, Morgan
03/16/2022National Colorectal Cancer Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
03/14/2022National Sleep Awareness WeekBenedict, Sarah
03/10/2022Multiple Sclerosis Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
03/09/2022Poison Prevention Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
03/08/2022International Women's DayBenedict, Sarah
03/07/2022National Nutrition MonthBenedict, Sarah
03/04/2022Healthy Italian Cooking DemoBenedict, Sarah
03/04/2022World Obesity DayBenedict, Sarah
03/03/2022Tomorrow! National Day of UnpluggingBenedict, Sarah
03/03/2022Virtual Single Parent Talk on Wednesday, March 9 at 12PMGonzalez, Julissa
03/01/2022World Compliment DayBenedict, Sarah
02/28/2022National Eating Disorders AwarenessKennell, Morgan
02/23/20225th Annual MCC Employee Ice Skating Event - Registration Deadline Approaching!Pasto-Ziobro, Dolores
02/23/2022Teen Dating and Violence Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
02/21/2022National Cancer Prevention MonthBenedict, Sarah
02/17/2022Random Act of Kindness DayBenedict, Sarah
02/16/2022Pool Hour Update for February BreakPearce, Dale
02/15/20225th Annual MCC Employee Ice Skating Event - It's back and is still free!Pasto-Ziobro, Dolores
02/14/2022National Donor DayBenedict, Sarah
02/10/2022National Children's Dental Health MonthBenedict, Sarah
02/09/2022National Wear Red Day (Rescheduled) 2/10/22Winslow, Jr., Tom
02/08/2022Safer Internet DayBenedict, Sarah
02/02/2022National Wear Red Day - February 4thWinslow, Jr., Tom
02/01/2022American Heart MonthBenedict, Sarah
02/01/2022Another Healthy and Successful Year with Project ZeroRapp, Jordan
01/31/2022Emergency Room, Urgent Care or Telemedicine? Where should you go?Benedict, Sarah
01/28/2022Data Privacy DayBenedict, Sarah
01/27/2022Aquatics Update and Pool Times for SemesterPearce, Dale
01/24/2022National Compliment DayBenedict, Sarah
01/18/2022National Glaucoma Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
01/14/2022Thyroid Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
01/10/2022National Blood Donor MonthBenedict, Sarah
01/07/2022Cervical Health Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
01/03/2022International Mind-Body Wellness DayBenedict, Sarah
12/23/2021Happy Holidays from the Wellness Council and Excellus!Benedict, Sarah
12/23/2021Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)Benedict, Sarah
12/21/2021Are you interested in joining a committee to help others?Winslow, Jr., Tom
12/13/2021Day 1 of Take a Brain Break WeekBeechey, Michelle
12/06/2021National Influenza Vaccination WeekBenedict, Sarah
12/03/2021National Handwashing Awareness WeekBenedict, Sarah
12/01/2021Facilities Department Food Drive December 1 through December 17Joram, Patricia
12/01/2021World AIDS DayBenedict, Sarah
11/24/2021Do you have an Accountability Partner?Simmons, Kevin
11/24/2021White Ribbon Day - Thursday, November 25Benedict, Sarah
11/23/2021Don't Weight Another Minute. Registration for Project Zero Is Open Now!Simmons, Kevin
11/23/2021Sweet Holiday TreatsSimmons, Kevin
11/22/2021Are You Ready To Get Under Weigh?Simmons, Kevin
11/22/2021National Healthy Skin MonthBenedict, Sarah
11/19/2021Will You Accept the MCC Project Zero 2021 Challenge?Simmons, Kevin
11/18/2021Great American Smoke outBenedict, Sarah
11/15/2021National Epilepsy Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
11/12/2021World Kindness Day - Saturday, November 13Benedict, Sarah
11/08/2021November is National Alzheimer MonthBenedict, Sarah
11/03/2021National Stress Awareness DayBenedict, Sarah
11/03/2021Updated Pool Hours for Faculty, Staff and StudentsPearce, Dale
11/01/2021No-Shave NovemberBenedict, Sarah
10/29/2021World Stroke DayBenedict, Sarah
10/27/2021National Protect Your Hearing MonthBenedict, Sarah
10/26/2021National Dental Hygiene MonthBenedict, Sarah
10/25/2021October is Healthy Lung MonthBenedict, Sarah
10/22/2021Saturday, October 23 - National Prescription Take Back DayBenedict, Sarah
10/21/2021Financial Planning MonthBenedict, Sarah
10/20/2021Excellus BCBS: The value of the flu vaccineBenedict, Sarah
10/20/2021Highlighting International Pronouns DayKennell, Morgan
10/19/2021Eat Better, Eat Together MonthBenedict, Sarah
10/18/2021October is Liver Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
10/15/2021Today is National Mammography DayBenedict, Sarah
10/14/2021Excellus BCBS: Q&A on COVID Vaccine BoostersBenedict, Sarah
09/22/2021SUNY Offering Ongoing Free Mental Health Crisis TrainingKennell, Morgan
09/21/2021Self-care Workshop on September 22 at 12PMGonzalez, Julissa
09/16/2021Healthy Indian Curry & Okra PartyBenedict, Sarah
09/15/2021Wellness Wednesday Week 7: Building Body PositivityKennell, Morgan
09/15/2021When is a bicycle not a bicycle?Simmons, Kevin
09/10/2021National Suicide Prevention Day: Highlighting Resources & Safety TipsKennell, Morgan
09/08/2021Self-care Workshop on September 22 at 12PMGonzalez, Julissa
09/08/2021Wellness Wednesday Week 6: Staying Socially Connected Through ExerciseKennell, Morgan
09/07/2021Healthy Stir Fry PartyBenedict, Sarah
09/07/2021Raising Awareness During September 2021 Suicide Prevention MonthKennell, Morgan
09/03/2021Are you interested in joining the MCC Wellness Council?Benedict, Sarah
09/01/2021Don't Forget About the FluBenedict, Sarah
09/01/2021Wellness Wednesday Week 5: Becoming a Cheerleader in Your Own HeadKennell, Morgan
08/30/2021Welcome Back from the MCC Counseling CenterKennell, Morgan
08/26/2021Asthma and ChildrenBenedict, Sarah
08/26/2021Managing Anxiety with the Return to CampusKennell, Morgan
08/25/2021Wellness Wednesday Week 4: Healthy EatingGhidiu, Katherine
08/18/2021Wellness Wednesday Week 3: Building Motivation and Staying on Track With GoalsGhidiu, Katherine
08/16/2021Healthy Taco PartyBenedict, Sarah
08/11/2021Wellness Wednesday Week 2: The Connection Between Exercise and Emotional RegulationKennell, Morgan
08/10/2021Still time to Register! Healthy Pizza PartyBenedict, Sarah
08/09/2021Still time to Register! Healthy Pizza PartyBenedict, Sarah
08/09/2021Still time to Register! Healthy Pizza PartyBenedict, Sarah
08/04/2021Returning to Work and Your Mental HealthBenedict, Sarah
08/04/2021Wellness Wednesday week 1: Getting started with a Couch to 5K programKennell, Morgan
08/02/2021Couch to 5K Wellness Program Starts This WeekShaw, Karen
07/19/20215K Walk/Run for Scholarships Wellness ProgramShaw, Karen
06/09/2021Last Chance to Support the 2021 MCC Heart Walk & Run TeamRaimondo, Daniel
06/09/2021Today's the day, Dove Bar Day!Benedict, Sarah
06/07/2021I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice CreamBenedict, Sarah
06/03/2021Prevenative Care and Making the Most out of Your Healthcare Plan - PowerPointBenedict, Sarah
06/01/2021Today! Preventative Care and Making the Most Out of Your Health Care PlanBenedict, Sarah
05/26/2021Preventative Care and Making the Most Out of Your Health Care Plan with Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldBenedict, Sarah
05/25/2021Join the 2021 Rochester Heart Walk & Run Digital ExperienceRaimondo, Daniel
05/17/2021Still Spaces Left! Craft Night with the Wellness Council and Diane Wilson!Benedict, Sarah
05/13/2021Craft Night with the MCC Wellness Council and Diane WilsonBenedict, Sarah
05/07/2021Wellness Council Presents Yoga with JulieBenedict, Sarah
04/26/2021Join the MCC Advanced Conference and Event Planning Students for "The Blue and Gold Benefit" Reimagined!Benedict, Sarah
04/22/2021Feeling stressed? You need a healthy break!Simmons, Kevin
04/16/2021Kicking it with KevinSimmons, Kevin
04/13/2021Kicking it with Kevin 2Simmons, Kevin
04/12/2021Kicking it with Kevin 2Simmons, Kevin
04/06/2021Kicking it with KevinSimmons, Kevin
04/05/2021April Wellness Council CalendarBenedict, Sarah
04/05/2021Donate Life CampaignBenedict, Sarah
04/05/2021Kicking it with KevinSimmons, Kevin
04/02/2021Virtual Stress Relief Friday drop-in for students today, April 2ndKennell, Morgan
03/31/2021There is still time to register: Cooking with Kids, A hands-on virtual eventBenedict, Sarah
03/23/2021Managing Potential Burn-OutKennell, Morgan
03/22/202110 Day Real Food Challenge begins Today!Benedict, Sarah
03/22/2021Wellness Council to Sponsor Virtual Herb Gardening Workshop on 3/24/21Benedict, Sarah
03/19/2021Excellus Active & Fit Direct ProgramBenedict, Sarah
03/18/2021National Colorectal Cancer Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah
03/17/2021Wellness Council and Hospitality present: Cooking with Kids, A hands-on virtual eventBenedict, Sarah
03/16/2021March is National Nutrition Month and 10 Day Real Food ChallengeBenedict, Sarah
03/15/2021Wellness Council Sponsoring Virtual Herb Gardening Workshop on 3/24/21Benedict, Sarah
03/12/2021Fun FridayLee, Stephanie
03/11/2021Thoughtful ThursdayLee, Stephanie
03/09/2021Try Something New TuesdayLee, Stephanie
03/08/2021March Wellness CalendarBenedict, Sarah
03/08/2021Motivation Monday: Set Healthy Intentions for the Week AheadKennell, Morgan
03/05/2021Wellness Week: 3/8-12Lee, Stephanie
03/02/2021Excellus BCBS Behavioral Health ResourcesBenedict, Sarah
02/08/2021Use SNAP Benefits at the MCC BookstoreSmith, Jaime
02/05/2021February Wellness CalendarBenedict, Sarah
12/17/2020Holiday Season & Winter Break StressZamiara, Aubrey
12/11/2020Flu VaccineCarson, Jacqueline
12/04/2020A Weigh to Beat TemptationSimmons, Kevin
12/01/2020Project Zero 2020 gets under weighSimmons, Kevin
11/24/2020Join Project Zero 2020Simmons, Kevin