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PAC Brochure, Image Research Earn PRism AwardsRosanna Condello06/13/2007
PAC Center's first week a successTom Garigen11/07/2008
PAC Center Achieves LEED Gold Ranking!Rosanna Condello12/18/2009
PAC Center Bricks and PaversR. Thomas Flynn12/18/2007
PAC Center Campaign Success StoriesRosanna Condello01/25/2008
PAC Center Campaign Surpasses Goal!Rosanna Condello01/22/2008
PAC Center closed for ThanksgivingTom Garigen11/24/2009
PAC Center Field HouseNelson Cupello10/24/2011
PAC Center Fitness and Track Summer HoursCupello, Nelson05/19/2017
PAC Center Fitness Hoilday HoursNelson Cupello11/23/2010
PAC Center Gets Boost From M&T BankDiane Shoger03/30/2007
PAC Center Groundbreaking TodayRosanna Condello09/20/2007
PAC Center Holiday HoursNelson Cupello12/10/2014
PAC Center hours for Spring BreakTom Garigen04/17/2009
PAC Center hours for spring recessTom Garigen04/16/2010
PAC Center in the NewsCynthia Cooper07/23/2008
PAC Center intersession hoursTom Garigen12/05/2008
PAC Center Intersession HoursTom Garigen12/15/2009
PAC Center LEED Gold AnnouncementRosanna Condello01/14/2010
PAC Center LEED Gold Announcement: PostponedRosanna Condello12/22/2009
PAC Center OpeningRosanna Condello10/16/2008
PAC Center Opens to College Community Nov. 3Tom Garigen10/30/2008
PAC Center receives ACEC's Silver Award for Structural SystemsRosanna Condello04/21/2010
PAC Center receives Project of the Year Award Valarie Avalone02/01/2010
PAC Center to open at 6 a.m.Tom Garigen09/07/2010
PAC Center Turf and Track Closed TodayTom Garigen11/18/2008
PAC Center Wins ACEC of New York Silver AwardRosanna Condello03/29/2010
PAC Fitness and Fieldhouse Winter Break HoursNelson Cupello02/10/2015
PAC Fitness CenterNelson Cupello11/22/2011
PAC Fitness Center - Extended Morning HoursLisa Curatalo03/09/2015
PAC Fitness Center - Open HoursLisa Curatalo12/19/2012
PAC Fitness Center - Summer HoursCuratalo, Lisa05/17/2018
PAC Fitness Center and HPL Hours for the FallTom Garigen09/09/2009
PAC Fitness Center and Track OpenBouyea, Aaron08/03/2021
PAC Fitness Center Closed Feb. 20 & 21 Nelson Cupello02/14/2012
PAC Fitness Center Early Morning HoursNelson Cupello09/15/2011
PAC Fitness Center Exam Week HoursNelson Cupello12/14/2015
PAC Fitness Center Hoilday HoursNelson Cupello12/13/2011
PAC Fitness Center Holiday HoursNelson Cupello12/16/2010
PAC Fitness Center Hours - Spring 2020Curatalo, Lisa02/03/2020
PAC Fitness Center Hours - Summer 2019Curatalo, Lisa06/04/2019
PAC Fitness Center Hours for Fall 2018Curatalo, Lisa08/27/2018
PAC Fitness Center Spring Break HoursNelson Cupello04/03/2012
PAC Fitness Center Summer HoursNelson Cupello05/18/2016
PAC Fitness Center to Offer Early HoursTom Garigen01/25/2011
PAC Fitness Center: Mask ReminderChiappone, Kaci12/01/2021
Pace Bike-sharing Service Available for MCC EmployeesDelate, John08/21/2019
Pace Bike-sharing Service Available for MCC EmployeesDelate, John09/10/2019
PACE Bike Share Program Halts at MCC and in RochesterDelate, John04/08/2020
PAETEC OutageJames Clement05/28/2009
Painting with a Purpose to benefit the American Heart AssociationNoonan, Susan02/08/2018
Painting with a Twist FundraiserAimee Shaver10/07/2015
Painting With A Twist FundraiserAimee Shaver10/20/2015
Painting with a Twist FundraiserAimee Shaver09/29/2015
Painting with a Twist fundraiser for Education studentsAimee Shaver09/21/2016
Painting w/ a Twist : Black History EditionBrooks, Errika02/24/2020
Pajama Drive - Change in DeadlineCarol Wilkinson12/11/2002
Pajama Drive Ends This ThursdayCarol Wilkinson12/10/2002
Pajama Drive to Benefit Alternatives for Battered Women of RochesterCarol Wilkinson11/13/2002
Pajamas Delivered to ABWValarie Avalone12/17/2002
Palma's Book Review Published in Catholic CourierJanet Ekis11/07/2006
Palma's Book Reviews published in the Catholic CourierCathryn Smith12/11/2014
Palma's List of Summer Reading Recommendations is PublishedTina Morrill07/14/2010
Palma's Work PublishedDonna Cox12/16/2005
Palma in The Catholic CourierTina Woodruff12/15/2015
Palma is Published Cathryn Smith12/14/2011
Palma Offers Summer Reading RecommendationsDonna Cox06/22/2007
Palma Published in Catholic CourierCathryn Smith12/11/2013
Palmer and Dorsey Present at National ConferenceShelley Fess10/22/2013
Palmer Assists in Superstorm Sandy RecoveryShelley Fess11/08/2012
Palmer Awarded For Teaching ExcellenceShelley Fess05/14/2012
Palmer Earns National CertificationLaurel Sanger11/20/2003
Palmer honored by Honor Flight RochesterShelley Fess01/20/2016
Palmer Published in Oncology TimesRosanna Condello09/13/2005
Pam Czaja and Alice Wilson Present on Mobile Nursing Librarian Project07/05/2017
Pam Czaja Named Contributing Editor for New York Online Access to HealthTed Ciambor08/25/2011
Pam Dretto Is Retiring!Christine Abbott12/04/2002
Pam Emigh-Murphy Nominated for Pushcart Prize!Maria Brandt11/05/2013
Pam Kone Scholarship EventBob Lasch04/04/2012
Pam Kone Wins MCC Toastmasters Tall Tales ContestAlice Harrington01/26/2006
Pam Kone, Karen Frantz Win Annual Speaking ContestsRosanna Condello02/28/2008
Pam Korte Contributes to Nursing Education Perspectives JournalRosanna Condello04/27/2006
Pam Korte Quoted in College Planning & Management MagazineRosanna Condello03/03/2006
Pamela Korte and her Dog, India, Highlighted in Celebrating GreyhoundsRosanna Condello05/04/2010
Pandemic Flu Open ForumsLeah Dyer03/14/2007
Panel Discussion on Equal Education at DamonSusan Spinetti03/10/2008
Panel Discussion TODAY!Cathryn Smith10/21/2003
Panel Discussion Today!Karen Coffey04/04/2007
Panel Discussion with Judicial CandidatesJodi Oriel10/09/2008
Panel Discussion: "If All of Rochester Reads" Book and Experiences of Students who Have ImmigratedDaniels, April03/09/2018
Panel on Men's Health at the Damon City CampusSusan Spinetti04/21/2008
Panel on Selecting Supreme Court Judges PostponedKaren Morris03/18/2016
Panel Presentation and Book DiscussionCathryn Smith10/10/2003
Panel Presentation and Book DiscussionCathryn Smith10/15/2003
Panel Presentation: ARC of Monroe County Self-Advocacy GroupPaula Fahy04/03/2009
Panel Talk on the Common Read, Spare Parts, and the Experience of Undocumented StudentsApril Daniels09/28/2016
Panera Fundraiser Event for MCC's H.I.T. ClubToepfer, Maryjo04/10/2018
Paper Documents Also Have to Be ProtectedPogroszewski, Donna10/06/2017
PaperCut InstallationWilliam Wagoner06/03/2010
Papercut Saves Trees! And oh, Yeah, the College a Few Bucks TooTed Ciambor03/26/2014
Paper, Pencils and Parking “Virtual” Permits - A Back to School Reminder from Your Parking Services Office Debra Dwyer and Christina Stewart08/26/2014
PAR President and Many Officers Have MCC ConnectionDianne E McConkey06/09/2006
Parade of Merryment Continues...Janet Ekis12/15/2005
Paralegal Program Garners ABA ApprovalElizabeth Clifford03/03/2004
PARC Office RelocationTrung Nguyen, Orientation and First Year Experience Program09/28/2009
Pardon Our Appearance - During ConstructionCustodio, Antonia10/19/2021
Pardon Our DustChiristine Casalinuovo-Adams02/14/2013
Pardon our dustCarroll, Michael10/23/2018
Pardon Our DustCharlton, James10/02/2020
Pardon Our DustCharlton, James08/03/2021
Pardon Our Dust- Building 4 & 5 Backup Generator WorkSleight, Travis12/11/2018
Pardon Our Dust- Building 4 & 5 Backup Generator Work AgainSleight, Travis12/21/2018
Pardon Our Dust-Sidewalk shutdown near building 7/1Sleight, Travis08/01/2019
Pardon Our Dust - Brick LoungeFord, Douglas04/09/2019
Pardon Our Dust - Building 1 Sign InstallationRhodes, Quent06/19/2019
Pardon Our Dust - Building 11 Disruptions over spring breakSleight, Travis04/15/2019
Pardon Our Dust - Building 12 DisruptionsSleight, Travis04/12/2019
Pardon Our Dust - Building 4Charlton, James04/09/2019
Pardon Our Dust - More Parking DisruptionsSleight, Travis05/12/2017
Pardon our Dust - Ongoing Parking DisruptionsSleight, Travis05/22/2017
Pardon Our Dust - Sidewalk closure buildings 7/8Sleight, Travis05/05/2022
Pardon Our Dust - Summer Construction Building 12Sleight, Travis04/23/2019
Pardon Our Dust - Summer Construction Building 12Sleight, Travis05/21/2019
Pardon Our Dust - Summer Construction Building 7Sleight, Travis04/23/2019
Pardon Our Dust - Summer Construction Building 7Sleight, Travis05/21/2019
Pardon Our Dust ... Changes in the MarketPlaceMaureen Wheelden08/06/2010
Pardon Our Dust: Building 10 Gym Lobby ClosureSleight, Travis12/13/2019
Parent Talk February ScheduleMary Louise Musler01/31/2006
Parenting During COVID-19Lee, Stephanie05/11/2020
Pares-Kane and Callan participate in CCHA/Freeman Foundation Workshop SeriesNayda Pares-Kane02/02/2004
Parker Presents at Student Retention Conference Amy Burns09/21/2011
Parker, Belin named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen02/25/2009
Parking and Transit ExpensesKaren Rheinheimer11/11/2009
Parking and Transit ExpensesThe Human Resources Team11/09/2010
Parking Area Closed for PSTF EVOC trainingLeah Dyer08/13/2003
Parking Area Closed for PSTF EVOC trainingLeah Dyer08/13/2003
Parking Area Closed for PSTF EVOC TrainingLeah S. Dyer08/17/2005
Parking at St. Joseph's GarageTiffany Brecker09/22/2009
Parking Disruptions - UpdateSleight, Travis06/01/2017
Parking Disruptions - UpdateSleight, Travis06/16/2017
Parking for PGALeah Dyer08/05/2003
Parking for PGALeah Dyer08/05/2003
Parking for the Fall SemesterPerez, Tony08/25/2020
Parking for the Fall SemesterPerez, Tony09/02/2020
Parking for the Fall SemesterPerez, Tony09/02/2020
Parking Gate Operations 101Leah Dyer08/29/2005
Parking Gate UpdateLeah Dyer08/04/2005
Parking GatesLeah Dyer05/24/2005
Parking Keycards for St. Joseph GarageRay, Catherin05/09/2017
Parking Lot A - Spring FlingJodi Oriel05/10/2006
Parking Lot A to close for ResurfacingGrindle, Blaine08/10/2017
Parking Lot AA at the Downtown Campus is Under Construction - Temporary Alternative Parking is AvailableDwyer, Debra05/17/2017
Parking Lot A/B Closed Tomorrow for Spring FlingLeah Santirocco05/05/2009
Parking Lot BB closureSprague, Courtney08/26/2019
Parking Lot BB Closure for the Winter SeasonCustodio, Antonia01/04/2022
Parking Lot ClosureKevin Walton08/23/2006
Parking Lot ClosureCourtney Belluccio05/08/2007
Parking Lot Closure - H1Travis Sleight04/11/2017
Parking lot closuresKevin Walton07/31/2006
Parking lot closures for stripingBlaine Grindle08/15/2007
Parking Lot G Closed 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., June 13- 16Julianna Frisch06/10/2011
Parking Lot G ClosureLeah S. Dyer07/01/2004
Parking Lot G ClosureLeah S. Dyer07/05/2005
Parking Lot KLeah Dyer08/30/2007
Parking Lot KLeah Dyer08/30/2007
Parking Lot K ClosureJim Charlton07/08/2015
Parking Lot M ChangesKevin Walton06/18/2004
Parking Lot MarkingsRoger Straub08/26/2003
Parking Lot P Closed Tomorrow June 6, 2018 for MCC Employee Field Day Activities!Frisch, Julianna06/05/2018
Parking Lot P Closed Tomorrow, June 5, 2019, for MCC Employee Field Day Activities!Benedict, Sarah06/04/2019
Parking Lot Paving at ATC Building 23Charlton, James08/01/2019
Parking Lot Paving at ATC Building 23Charlton, James08/02/2019
Parking Lot Q ClosureSleight, Travis06/27/2017
Parking Lot Striping This Week - Lots E, F, A and DSandy Wolf08/16/2012
Parking Lot V -  Reserved as a Welcoming Place for Visitors and GuestsDenise Calarco and Deb Dwyer08/04/2014
Parking lot work to beginBlaine Grindle08/02/2007
Parking Lot "M" ClosureKevin Walton08/25/2004
Parking lots H1 and M1 to re-open todayDoug Ford04/01/2016
Parking News for Part-Time Hourly EmployeesDenise Calarco07/12/2013
Parking On Campus - What You Need to KnowHall, Kevin01/23/2020
Parking Permits for Downtown CampusDebra Dwyer (Public Safety) and11/17/2016
Parking Permits for Downtown CampusDebra Dwyer and Denise Calarco01/23/2017
Parking Permits for Downtown CampusDebra Dwyer (Public Safety) and12/08/2016
Parking Program at MCC Recognized by Local Colleges  Debra M. Dwyer05/13/2013
Parking Services is Hiring!Denise Calarco03/13/2017
Parking Services Offers "New Office Hours"Denise Calarco03/01/2011
Parking Services Receives Worldwide RecognitionSal Simonetti06/17/2014
Parking Window at the Bursars office will be movingLeah Dyer05/15/2007
Parkinsons Walk at MCC and Closure of Lot JCourtney Sprague09/28/2016
Park, Ride or Bike: MCC helps students get from here to thereDelate, John08/09/2019
Parnell, Belin named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen01/13/2009
Parrinello reaches milestone at nationalsTom Garigen03/26/2010
Parrino named NATYCAA Scholar-Athlete of the YearTom Garigen05/26/2011
Part-Time Job FairPam Miller10/03/2005
Part-Time Job FairPam Miller09/18/2008
Part-Time Job FairPam Miller10/02/2008
Part-Time Job FairPam Miller10/05/2009
Part-time Job FairMark Basinski10/04/2016
Part-Time Job Fair 2002Sherry Sweet09/17/2002
Part-Time Job Fair on 10/17Anne Hughes10/15/2012
Part-Time Job Fair on October 3rdAnne Hughes10/02/2007
Part-Time Job Fair on Wednesday, October 7thPam Miller09/17/2009
Part-Time Job Fair to be Held Wednesday, October 3Pam Miller09/18/2007
Part-Time Job Fair to be Held Wednesday, Oct. 4thPam Miller09/20/2006
Part-Time Job Fair to be Held Wednesday, Oct. 4thPam Miller10/02/2006
Part-Time Job Fair to be Held Wednesday, Oct. 5thPam Miller09/22/2005
Part-Time Job Fair to be held Wednesday, Oct. 6Pam Miller09/20/2010
Part-Time Job Fair to be held Wednesday, Oct. 6 Pam Miller10/04/2010
Part-Time Job Fair TodayBasinski, Mark10/09/2019
Part-Time Job Fair Today!Michelle Gosier09/24/2003
Part-Time Job Fair Tomorrow, 11 AM to 1 PMPam Miller10/11/2011
Part-Time Job Fair Tomorrow, October 7Pam Lazio10/06/2015
Part-time Job Opportunity: Financial Aid Workshop AssistantRamon L. Rodriguez06/02/2011
Part-Time Pay ClarificationAnonymous04/03/2020
Part-time Position Available - Brighton Psychology Learning CenterCindy Kindle06/07/2011
Part-Year AmeriCorps Enrollment OpportunityMurphy, Erin11/05/2018
Part 2 of Conversations Across the Curriculum: Faculty Expectations of Student WritingJason Anderson03/23/2012
Part II - Democratic Decay or Growth? Understanding Polarization in American Politics TodayScanlon, Joseph03/23/2022
Part Time Job FairGreg Bocchino10/04/2004
PART TWO Celebrating Hispanic Heritage MonthBatistta-Provost, Shirley10/10/2017
Partial Closing of Lot G for MCC Field DayJohnson, Yolanda05/29/2017
Partial Perimeter Road ClosingValarie Avalone05/25/2007
Participants of the MCC/Brighton High School Early College Program Receive CertificatesJanet Ekis03/04/2008
Participants Wanted for Writing in the Disciplines Curriculum Design WorkshopsBurtner, Amy09/13/2018
Participate in a Public Forum on Health CareMuhlnickel, Robert02/25/2020
Participate in New Student Orientation College Resource Fairs!Matthew Lawson05/15/2015
Participate in New Student Orientation College Resource Fairs!Lawson, Matthew10/28/2019
Participate in the Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive! November 9-16Carmen Powers11/05/2009
Participate in the Daylight Hour global initiativeTravis Sleight06/16/2016
Mary Timmons03/17/2003
Partner College Visits to CampusMack, Rebecca09/20/2019
Partnering for Student Success:  A 2+2 Teacher Education ProgramSusan M. Salvador10/04/2011
Partnering to fill jobsCynthia Cooper10/15/2012
Partnering to Support Early Care Students through SUNY Paid Internship ProgramRadigan, Eileen04/13/2022
Partnership Announcement: Be A Healthy Hero Summer CampDiane L. Shoger07/09/2014
Parts of Monroe County Designated a COVID-19 Orange Warning ZoneYule, Rosanna11/24/2020
Party in the COVEGue, Melissa01/22/2020
Party like a Leprechaun at Reflections on March 18th!Diane Cheasty03/12/2013
Pass Information to Students:  Mathematics ScholarshipsMichael Eames03/05/2013
Passing of Adjunct Assistant Professor Chris BrothersKress, Anne08/08/2017
Passing of Adjunct Lecturer Antoinette ElderkinKress, Anne06/26/2019
Passing of Adjunct Psychology Professor Robert HunterKress, Anne02/12/2019
Passing of Agnes Burke, mother of Donna Burke Susan M. Salvador05/02/2012
Passing of Agnes CoffeyKimberley Collins, Interim Vice President12/10/2010
Passing of Albert RegisterHeze Simmons, Vice President01/20/2010
Passing of Albert W. Wagner, Father of Michael WagnerJeffrey P. Bartkovich06/06/2014
Passing of Alberto Colon, Father of Toni CustodioSimmons, Hezekiah04/02/2021
Passing of Alex KurmanHeze Simmons, Vice President11/12/2009
Passing of Alfred Leopold, Father of Valarie AvaloneSimmons, Hezekiah12/18/2019
Passing of Alfred Topping, Father of Sharon InseroJeffrey P. Bartkovich07/08/2014
Passing of Alice Bakewicz, Mother-in-law of Christina BakewiczOldham, Todd10/13/2020
Passing of Alvin Hargro, Stepfather of Shawnadre CrewsHolmes, Lloyd03/14/2018
Passing of Amy Houseknecht Ramadan, Sister of Katie FergusonJachim-Moore, Darrell04/21/2022
Passing of Angelo D'OrtonaDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President01/27/2009
Passing of Angelo D'OrtonaDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President06/23/2009
Passing of Angelo M. Maddalena, father of Lori ScipioniSimmons, Hezekiah11/16/2020
Passing of Anita Manuele's MotherEmeterio M Otero02/21/2011
Passing of Ann L. Pastorella, mother of Mark PastorellaDiane L. Shoger05/08/2014
Passing of Ann M. Archer, Mother of William ArcherWade, Andrea08/12/2021
Passing of Ann Napier, Mother of Suzanne AdrionMichael J. McDonough, Provost and Vice President10/21/2011
Passing of Ann SheaHeze Simmons, Vice President04/07/2011
Passing of Anna Perham, Mother of Carol BarcombRichard Degus07/27/2007
Passing of Anne Arcarese, Mother of Rosalie MorabitoDr. Susan Salvador09/13/2005
Passing of Anne Cabot Putnam, Mother of Judy DeanMichael J. McDonough07/31/2012
Passing of Anne Samson, mother of Nancy PriceR. Thomas Flynn09/07/2006
Passing of Anne Weir Gunther, Mother of Susan GuntherWade, Andrea06/25/2019
Passing of Annie Tate, Sam Tate, Jr's MotherHeze Simmons04/03/2009
Passing of Anthony Revello, husband of Sara RevelloMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly03/22/2022
Passing of Anthony TorcelloDr. Susan Salvador11/24/2004
Passing of Antonio Galvano, Father of Sal GalvanoHolmes, Lloyd08/07/2018
Passing of Arnita Louise Nixon, Mother of Kim NixonHolmes, Lloyd10/29/2019
Passing of Arthur G. HiginsonDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President10/02/2006
Passing of Associate Professor Emerita Anne M. ScheuermanKress, Anne06/23/2017
Passing of Associate Professor Emerita Elaine NaviasAnne M. Kress08/11/2011
Passing of Associate Professor Emeritus Pete PatallAnne M. Kress04/24/2013
Passing of Bailey Burritt's FatherJeff Bartkovich04/10/2013
Passing of Barbara EtzelJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost and Vice President02/20/2015
Passing of Barbara Grace Merliss, Mother of Eugenia MerlissAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President10/20/2016
Passing of Barbara Hammond, Mother of Daren HammondTodd M. Oldham, Vice President06/22/2016
Passing of Barbara Johnston, Mother of Debbie AkeWade, Andrea07/14/2021
Passing of Barbara J. Bottoni (Fern), grandmother of Sarah Hagreen Lloyd A. Holmes, Vice President03/10/2015
Passing of Barbara Lohr, Mother of Paulette PetersonMichael J. McDonough05/16/2013
Passing of Barbara L. ShogerBrenda Babitz04/23/2007
Passing of Barbara Mullen, mother of Pam RendeMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly11/19/2021
Passing of Barbara Sue Colombo, Former ClerkDouglas, Katherine04/13/2021
Passing of Barbara VitranoJanet J. Glocker09/23/2005
Passing of Barbara ZinckDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President12/15/2006
Passing Of Barry Walker's FatherPhyllis Clair06/01/2005
Passing of Bennie Lou HaygoodDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President04/23/2008
Passing of Bernice HarrisonDr. Janet J. Glocker08/02/2006
Passing of Bernice Karolinski, Mother of Naomi KarolinskiMichael J. McDonough10/24/2013
Passing of Betty June Tabbert Estel, Mother of Sharron WaideJeffrey Bartkovich08/08/2005
Passing of Betty Weider, Mother of  Steve WeiderJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Vice President09/27/2013
Passing of Beverly Ann Powers Navarro, Mother of Diane NavarroWade, Andrea02/04/2020
Passing of Beverly HiginsonDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President02/24/2010
Passing of Beverly Widman's MotherChester Grzelak05/02/2007
Passing of Beverly Zoe Stanek, Mother of Annette LeopardDr. Andrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President02/17/2017
Passing of Bill Sigismond, Director of Experiential and Adult Learning (retired)Douglas, Katherine06/05/2020
Passing of Blanche EricksonDr. Janet J. Glocker01/20/2006
Passing of Bob GrantR. Thomas Flynn02/27/2007
Passing of Bob ZajkowskiR. Thomas Flynn09/12/2006
Passing of Brenda Muller, Bursar's OfficeLarry W. Tyree05/06/2009
Passing of Calvin DeBoseEmeterio (Pete) Otero12/20/2004
Passing of Carl W. Treat, Retired Grounds SupervisorAnne M. Kress05/26/2010
Passing of Carmen PowersAnne M. Kress and Michael McDonough12/13/2012
Passing of Carmencita SiarraSimmons, Hezekiah05/30/2019
Passing of Carol Ann Belluccio, Mother of Courtney SpragueSimmons, Hezekiah12/23/2019
Passing of Carol Barcomb's FatherR. Thomas Flynn06/03/2005
Passing of Caryl AmbroDr. Susan Salvador10/21/2003
Passing of Catherine D'Ortona, Mother of Lorraine D'OrtonaTodd Oldham10/15/2014
Passing of Catherine Denson, mother of Kendra DensonAndrea C. Wade11/10/2016
Passing of Catherine SpotoHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President10/25/2011
Passing of Celeste F. Brinkman Kimberley Collins, interim vice president03/18/2011
Passing of Charles Burr, MCC RetireeAnne M. Kress
Passing of Charles Dean, Father of Judy DeanJeffrey P. Bartkovich09/30/2014
Passing of Charles Fowlks, Sr.Heze Simmons, Vice President08/05/2010
Passing of Charles Lewis' FatherChester Grzelak01/12/2007
Passing of Charles Lewis' MotherChet Grzelak03/22/2005
Passing of Charles Schwartz, father of Mark SchwartzLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President07/23/2015
Passing of Charles Smith, Husband of Betty SmithLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President03/19/2015
Passing of Charlotte Hillsberg, Grandmother of Rebecca HorwitzMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly02/11/2022
Passing of Cheryl Condello, Mother of Rosanna YuleWood, Gretchen06/08/2021
Passing of Cheryl Gleba, Partner of Philip DoyleHeze Simmons04/07/2014
Passing of Cheryl (Brown) Ward, Physical Education and RecreationKress, Anne10/05/2017
Passing of Chief Sal Simonetti's FatherHeze Simmons01/20/2016
Passing of Chris Abbott's MotherJanet J. Glocker06/01/2010
Passing of Chris Doles FatherChet Grzelak, Vice President07/02/2004
Passing of Chris Seely, Son of Mary SeelyWade, Andrea07/10/2017
Passing of Christian (Monacelli) Snell, Daughter of Peter MonacelliMichael J. McDonough05/16/2014
Passing of Christine Matta Bohannon, Sister of Mary Ann DeMarioWade, Andrea06/30/2017
Passing of Christine SmithGinny Geer-Mentry01/06/2017
Passing of Christopher Harris' Mother-in-Law - Helen KramacykHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President04/05/2013
Passing of Claire RuffJanet J. Glocker03/03/2004
Passing of Clare Ruff - Messages of Sympathy to the Ruff FamilyJanet J. Glocker03/04/2004
Passing of Clarence BurkeDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President06/07/2006
Passing of Cletius Whitfield, mother of Sheila StrongKress, Anne06/27/2018
Passing of Cortney BrownDr. Susan Salvador09/05/2006
Passing of Cynthia Clark Inman's fatherAlberta G. Lee04/17/2008
Passing of Cynthia Clark Inman's MotherKress, Anne07/03/2019
Passing of Cynthia Mandelker, Wife of Larry MandelkerJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost and Vice President12/02/2014
Passing of C. Thomas Gilbert III, chair, Information and Computer Technologies DepartmentAnne M. Kress and Todd Oldham12/17/2012
Passing of Daisy Matthew, Mother of Ivan MatthewDr. Ann V. Topping11/15/2016
Passing of Dale FonesAnne M. Kress11/16/2009
Passing of Daniel A. BarrowsR. Thomas Flynn11/13/2007
Passing of Daniel O'Brien, Brother of Peggy VanKirkJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost06/23/2014
Passing of Danielle RobinsonSusan M. Salvador03/07/2011
Passing of Darvin F. PegelowR. Thomas Flynn03/13/2007
Passing of Daryl Ellsworth, Facilities RetireeAnne M. Kress02/02/2017
Passing of David Noyes, VaPAKress, Anne11/20/2019
Passing of Dawn Douglas's FatherDr. Susan M. Salvador11/20/2009
Passing of Dawn Douglas's MotherDr. Susan M. Salvador08/26/2009
Passing of Dawn Ellwanger - Wife, Mother, and Mother-in-lawSimmons, Hezekiah07/25/2018
Passing of Debbi Lynn Stark, Sister of Craig RandWade, Andrea02/27/2018
Passing of Deborah L. CampbellTodd M. Oldham07/24/2013
Passing of Deborah MillerJanet J. Glocker09/08/2005
Passing of Debra Dudley, Purchasing DepartmentR. Thomas Flynn05/23/2008
Passing of DeForest W. Truman, Father of David TrumanHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President07/12/2016
Passing of Denise Anne DellaPortaHeze Simmons09/12/2014
Passing of Dennis Bouyea, father of Aaron BouyeaHolmes, Lloyd07/29/2019
Passing of Desmond McNamara, Father of Susan NoonanJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost and Vice President05/08/2015
Passing of Diane Richardson, mother of Robin LemckeDr. Susan Salvador11/19/2004
Passing of Diane SpallinaDr. Larry W. Tyree04/24/2009
Passing of Dolphan B. McFadden Jr., Brother of Dr. Melany SilasWade, Andrea03/17/2021
Passing of Domenic SantiroccoHeze Simmons, Vice President03/30/2011
Passing of Dominic Cook, Grandson of Betty ClapperHezekiah Simmons, CFO and Vice President12/07/2016
Passing of Dominic P. Montulli, Alumnus and VolunteerMark Pastorella12/10/2003
Passing of Dominick J. Leone, Jr., Father-in-law of Juanita LeoneOldham, Todd06/28/2021
Passing of Don O'Brien's BrotherChet Grzelak12/20/2006
Passing of Donald Contrera, Father of Amy AriolaSimmons, Hezekiah12/12/2017
Passing of Donald H. Buckley, Brother of April BuckleySimmons, Hezekiah05/26/2020
Passing of Donald Idecker, father of Margaret KaminskyAndrea C. Wade05/02/2016
Passing of Donald Smith, father of Yolonda StewardHolmes, Lloyd12/20/2018
Passing of Donna Gifaldi, Sister of Karen RheinheimerHuman Resources Team04/06/2010
Passing of Donna LynessDr. Susan Salvador01/13/2006
Passing of Donna M. Ramer, Mother of Julianna FrischLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President05/09/2014
Passing of Donna Parent, Mother of Laurie PalmerJeffrey P. Bartkovich01/08/2015
Passing of Donna Utter's FatherHeze Simmons07/12/2007
Passing of Dorothy Baxter, Mother of Nancy SoregiDr. Susan Salvador03/30/2007
Passing of Dorothy Coaxum, Mother of Nicole TatumAndrea C. Wade10/01/2015
Passing of Dorothy Laco, Mother of Lori Laco-SchianoWade, Andrea12/02/2020
Passing of Dorothy Whittingham, Mother of Elizabeth WhittinghamMichael J. McDonough01/25/2013
Passing of Dorris Lawrence, Mother of David Lawrence, Health ProfessionsAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President06/01/2016
Passing of Doug Ford’s StepfatherHeze Simmons, CFO, Vice President11/02/2012
Passing of Douglas Tyner, Father of Krista TynerMichael McDonough, Provost and Vice President03/26/2014
Passing of Dr. Dale J. Lonis, Husband of Kelly Brown LonisSine-Kinz, Kristin03/23/2022
Passing of Dr. Gennarino, Professor EmeritaR. Thomas Flynn12/03/2007
Passing of Dr. Joel Frater's FatherKress, Anne09/23/2019
Passing of Dr. Lewis Lansky, Founding MCC Faculty MemberAnne M. Kress02/17/2016
Passing of Dr. Lewis Lansky, Founding MCC Faculty MemberAnne M. Kress02/18/2016
Passing of Dr. M.K. NagarajanJanet J. Glocker08/16/2005
Passing of Dr. Raymond T. Ruff, Jr., Professor Emeritus of Business Administration/Economics, and Father of Mike Ruff Anne M. Kress09/15/2015
Passing of Dr. Sydney Roy CableDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President06/03/2010
Passing of Durward LewinDr. Susan M. Salvador11/24/2008
Passing of Earl Tieppo, Biology (Retired)Burt-Nanna, DeAnna11/04/2021
Passing of Edith BorkDr. Susan M. Salvador10/30/2008
Passing of Eduardo Crespo, Calling Hours TodayDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President06/05/2007
Passing of Edward Buekers, Father of Christine FogalAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President05/16/2016
Passing of Edward Stanek, Father of Annette Leopard & Father-in-Law of Robert LeopardMichael J. McDonough07/13/2012
Passing of Eladio Ortiz, husband of Margarita OrtizMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly06/23/2022
Passing of Elaine WempleTodd M. Oldham04/19/2011
Passing of Eleanor Mary Willard, mother of Wanda WillardMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly03/18/2022
Passing of Elizabeth Lee Wise, Mother of Nancy WilsonMichael J. McDonough09/18/2012
Passing of Elizabeth Parker, mother of Michelle ParkerMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly05/13/2022
Passing of Elizabeth Ryan Dunker, Mother of Jeffrey DunkerOldham, Todd05/09/2019
Passing of Ellen HoseDr. Susan Salvador04/01/2005
Passing of Elma Davis, Mother of Susan DavisRichard Degus04/24/2008
Passing of Elouise Gillam Everett, mother of Joan MooreheadLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President10/18/2016
Passing of Emilia RicottaKimberley Collins, Interim Vice President03/29/2011
Passing of Emma Mae Barnes, Grandmother, and Barry Barnes, Uncle, of Charlene LinzyWade, Andrea11/20/2018
Passing of Employee Joseph MasonKress, Anne12/20/2018
Passing of Employee Mary NolanAnne Kress and Lloyd Holmes07/21/2014
Passing of Eric Hanson's FatherHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President04/04/2014
Passing of Eric Hanson, Central Receiving RetireeAnne M. Kress06/03/2016
Passing of Eric Johannisson, Archives & Records Management RetireeKress, Anne11/16/2017
Passing of Ernest P. Shilo Heze Simmons, CFO/Vice President11/20/2014
Passing of Estella PollockJanet J. Glocker03/08/2004
Passing of Estelle Touati, Professor EmeritusR. Thomas Flynn08/09/2007
Passing of Eufemia EscaleraDr. Janet J. Glocker,Vice President06/09/2006
Passing of Eufemia SerranoDr. Janet J. Glocker03/13/2006
Passing of Eugene Coon, retired director of campus securityKress, Anne03/29/2018
Passing of Eugenio Santos, Father of Joann Santos and Grandfather of Loida LagaresWade, Andrea10/19/2018
Passing of Evelyn DamonR. Thomas Flynn09/20/2002
Passing of Evelyn M. Sarley, Mother of Doug FordHeze Simmons12/04/2012
Passing of Evelyn R. Ofsowitz, Mother of Professor Michael OfsowitzJacobs, Michael04/27/2021
Passing of Faye Bello, wife of Robert BelloChester M. Grzelak05/14/2003
Passing of Felicia Kay Smith, MCC Association Richard M. Guon Child Care CenterGeer-Mentry, Ginny11/20/2019
Passing of Floyd Mallory, Father of Peggy StallworthAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President06/29/2016
Passing of Former Adjunct Associate Professor John LevesqueLarry Tyree05/20/2009
Passing of Former Employee Bradley LangAnne M. Kress01/23/2012
Passing of Former Employee Pamela Kone Anne M. Kress04/25/2012
Passing of Former Instructor Mary Pat Dennis-AndreAnne M. Kress10/28/2009
Passing of Francesca VanDermeer, mother of Paula BurnsideDick Degus05/06/2005
Passing of Francis Pollizi, Father of Tom PolliziHeze Simmons07/30/2014
Passing of Frank J. Nelson Jr., Grandfather of Christina StewartHeze Simmons01/27/2016
Passing of Fred BlomgrenR. Thomas Flynn05/19/2005
Passing of Freda ByerDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President11/30/2005
Passing of Fredrick LippTodd M. Oldham06/18/2015
Passing of Fritzie Levine, Mother of Brenda BabitzR. Thomas Flynn12/07/2006
Passing of F. Joseph Flatley, M.D., Father of Anne FlatleyAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President06/10/2016
Passing of F. Lance Bennett, Father of Kelley BennettLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President12/09/2014
Passing of Gary Reilich, Applied TechnologiesKress, Anne11/29/2018
Passing of Gene Marie Braselton, Mother-in-law of Joy Braselton Susan M. Salvador01/23/2012
Passing of Gene Simmons, Father of Kevin SimmonsSimmons, Hezekiah10/14/2019
Passing of George Carter, Father of Delovis OlaodeWade, Andrea12/21/2018
Passing of George GlasserR. Thomas Flynn12/18/2002
Passing of George Glasser--Further DetailsCynthia Cooper12/20/2002
Passing of George Haines, father of John HainesSimmons, Hezekiah06/11/2019
Passing of George SturnickDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President09/03/2009
Passing of Georgine Parks, Mother of Sherry ParksChet Grzelak, Vice President08/05/2005
Passing of Gerald CoxfordDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President04/28/2009
Passing of Gerald Fingar, Father of Melissa FingarKress, Anne09/11/2018
Passing of Gilbert BlewKimberley P. Collins, Interim Vice President11/23/2010
Passing of Gilbert KunzerJanet J. Glocker, Vice President06/02/2004
Passing of Gina CuccaroR. Thomas Flynn06/13/2003
Passing of Gisela HausinAnne M. Kress04/19/2016
Passing of Gladys RodriguezSusan M. Salvador05/25/2010
Passing of Glee Treichler, Mother of Gail TerhaarDiane L. Shoger05/08/2015
Passing of Glen WitteFred McCullough, Director12/15/2005
Passing of Glenn W. Weeks Jr. Todd M. Oldham, Vice President12/03/2014
Passing of Goldie Mae Felton, mother-in-law of Richard RytherDr. Susan Salvador05/29/2003
Passing of Gordon Kilner, Father of Steven KilnerWade, Andrea11/29/2017
Passing of Gordon Stewart, husband of Betty Stewart, Director of the Campus CenterDr. Susan M. Salvador05/09/2008
Passing of Grover Johnson, Step-Father of Vickie AlessandraChester M. Grzelak, Vice President06/03/2003
Passing of Gwen LitterioJanet J. Glocker04/13/2004
Passing of Harold Miller, Father of Sandy WarrenRichard Degus09/08/2005
Passing of Harriet RytherSusan M. Salvador06/25/2010
Passing of Harvey M. Heel, Father of Michael HeelMichael J. McDonough, Vice President06/29/2012
Passing of Haydn V. McCombs, Son of Mary RanghelliHeze Simmons05/10/2016
Passing of Helen A. Drumright, Mother and Mother-in-law of Bill and Patti DrumrightWade, Andrea10/14/2021
Passing of Helen Kennedy, Mother of Robert KennedyDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President08/25/2009
Passing of Helen LomickaLarry W. Tyree12/02/2008
Passing of Henry J. Rudy, Father of Michele SkehanSimmons, Hezekiah11/19/2019
Passing of Henry OfsowitzDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President03/28/2006
Passing of Henry "Pete" French, Jr. Anne M. Kress02/15/2012
Passing of Herman HaygoodJanet J. Glocker, Vice President03/10/2005
Passing of Heze Simmons' MotherSherry Parks, Administrative Services08/12/2008
Passing of Hilton Morgan Sr.Dr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President11/09/2007
Passing of Honorary Trustee Wayne GilmanKress, Anne01/17/2018
Passing of Howard T. Harrington, Father of Alice WilsonJeff Bartkovich02/04/2013
Passing of Ida ArthurtonAnne M. Kress04/04/2014
Passing of Ida SilasDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President02/07/2006
Passing of Irene MacaulayR. Thomas Flynn11/18/2002
Passing of Irma M. SleepDr. Susan Salvador12/21/2004
Passing of Ismael Torres, Building Services RetireeKress, Anne02/28/2019
Passing of Izetter LouderChester Grzelak09/18/2006
Passing of Jack LeopardKimberley Collins, interim vice president01/04/2011
Passing of James A. "Bud" Welsh, Father of Andrew WelshMichael J. McDonough, Provost and Vice President05/06/2014
Passing of James D. St. Croix, father of Jerome St. CroixHolmes, Lloyd06/10/2019
Passing of James E. BartellTodd M. Oldham, Vice President05/10/2011
Passing of James Hart, Professor Emeritus of MathDouglas, Katherine04/14/2021
Passing of James L. Fox, Father of Matthew FoxWade, Andrea09/21/2017
Passing of James Salvatore - Father of David SalvatoreSimmons, Hezekiah05/30/2018
Passing of James TerrellR. Thomas Flynn10/02/2007
Passing of James Wheeler, Brother of Holly WheelerWade, Andrea11/09/2018
Passing of Janet Glocker’s MotherAnne M. Kress08/05/2009
Passing of Janice G. Scanlon, Mother of Sean ScanlonWade, Andrea07/24/2020
Passing of Janice St. Croix, mother of Jerome St. CroixHolmes, Lloyd07/28/2017
Passing of Janis Caswell, Mother of Chris CaswellHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President06/04/2014
Passing of Janis Tremper DowdAnne M. Kress03/30/2016
Passing of Jean Hernon McDadeJanet J. Glocker, Vice President06/02/2004
Passing of Jean LuddenJeff Bartkovich12/08/2011
Passing of Jeanne CaplanR. Thomas Flynn02/18/2004
Passing of Jeff Bartkovich's motherR. Thomas Flynn10/15/2004
Passing of Jennie MontagilanoDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President05/04/2006
Passing of Jeremiah (Bob) Robert Maney, Father-in-law of Kevin FrenchOldham, Todd08/09/2018
Passing of Jerome Vollmer, Father of Judie LopezAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President07/21/2015
Passing of Jim Schwender, Professor Emeritus with Distinguished Service in Registration and RecordsBurt-Nanna, DeAnna06/15/2022
Passing of Jim SwanR. Thomas Flynn07/26/2005
Passing of Joan Claire Maher, Mother of Martha Maher-Garcia, Human ResourcesAlberta Lee, Assistant to the President05/07/2013
Passing of Joan Fingar, Mother of Melissa FingarAnne M. Kress03/22/2017
Passing of Joan GiblinJeff Bartkovich12/16/2011
Passing of Joan Limpert, retired publications specialistAnne M. Kress09/02/2015
Passing of JoAnn Demler, Sister of Gail Terhaar, MCC FoundationDiane L. Shoger10/26/2012
Passing of Joanne Hackett, Mother of Mary GilliganSimmons, Hezekiah10/02/2020
Passing of Joanne Sittner - Mother of Tiffany VanAuker, Assistant Director - Guon Child Care CenterLeenhouts, Justin09/30/2021
Passing of Jocelyn Everett, sister of Joan MooreheadLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President08/28/2015
Passing of Joe Angora's FatherHeze Simmons01/03/2008
Passing of Joe Calhoun Sr., Father of Joe CalhounSimmons, Hezekiah01/14/2020
Passing of Joe Carr, FacilitiesR. Thomas Flynn03/09/2007
Passing of Joella Rand, Mother of Craig RandMichael J. McDonough10/18/2013
Passing of John AdamsDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President04/16/2008
Passing of John Baxter Sr.Michele Deagman Reed04/19/2004
Passing of John D. Shaw, Brother of Maryjane StarrLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President08/07/2015
Passing of John E. French, Father of Kevin FrenchOldham, Todd10/12/2020
Passing of John Fess, father of Shelley FessLaurel Sanger01/20/2006
Passing of John McCarthy, Honorary TrusteeAnne M. Kress04/17/2015
Passing of John RooneyJachim-Moore, Darrell01/03/2022
Passing of John Tiberio, Business Administration/EconomicsR. Thomas Flynn01/03/2003
Passing of John Tillinghast, Husband of MCC Trustee Grace TillinghastAnne M. Kress09/14/2012
Passing of John Timmons, Father of Mary TimmonsWade, Andrea06/16/2017
Passing of John Trevisan, Founding Director of Student ActivitiesAnne M. Kress09/24/2015
Passing of Jonathan (Jon) Toepfer, Husband of Mary Jo Toepfer Michael J. McDonough, Provost and Vice President07/30/2013
Passing of Jonna Williams (Everett), sister of Joan MooreheadLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President03/20/2015
Passing of Joseph A. FelicettiDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President05/16/2007
Passing of Joseph BrennanJanet J. Glocker, Vice President02/16/2005
Passing of Joseph Goodrell, Sr., Father of Geoffrey GoodrellChester Grzelak01/04/2007
Passing of Joseph Richardson, AdmissionsR. Thomas Flynn01/30/2004
Passing of Joseph Vitrano, Funeral Planned for TodayJanet J. Glocker, Vice President04/27/2005
Passing of Joseph "Joe" Baker, Engineering Technologies RetireeKress, Anne11/20/2019
Passing of Joyce MarcheseJeffrey Bartkovich07/29/2014
Passing of Juanita Coley, mother of Rochelle McKnightDr. Janet Glocker08/02/2005
Passing of Judge Elma Bellini, MCC Law & Criminal Justice Adjunct and Hall of Fame RecipientKress, Anne03/07/2018
Passing of Judy M. Calarco, Step-Mother of Denise CalarcoHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President02/17/2017
Passing of Juliane MarinoDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President04/01/2008
Passing of Julianne PalmaAnne M. Kress01/24/2017
Passing of Karen Cooper, Mother of Cynthia CooperRichard Degus01/05/2007
Passing of Karen GillbertKimberley Collins, Interim Vice President11/30/2010
Passing of Kathleen Borbee, Wife of Donald Borbee & Mother of Kathleen ConklinMichael J. McDonough, Provost and Vice President06/22/2012
Passing of Kathleen Richardson, Nate Richardson's MotherHeze Simmons, Vice President10/15/2008
Passing of Kathryn Sample, Mother of Mark SampleWade, Andrea02/04/2020
Passing of Kathy Rock - Sister of Susan RockDr. Susan Salvador05/02/2006
Passing of Kay Spector, Mother of Steven SpectorSimmons, Hezekiah10/15/2019
Passing of Kazimiera ChrzanHeze Simmons, CFO & Vice President10/04/2011
Passing of Kelvin Young, father of Shawn SwankMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly09/04/2020
Passing of Kenneth FoleyDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President09/08/2008
Passing of Kerry Lemcke's MotherHeze Simmons,CFO and Vice President12/10/2015
Passing of Kevin E. Quatro, husband of Dawn QuatroLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President10/29/2015
Passing of Kim Laurion’s Father Linda Crowner04/11/2013
Passing of Krystyna Katta's FatherHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President04/03/2013
Passing of K.C. Dennis' FatherHeze Simmons, Vice President12/18/2014
Passing of Larry McPhee, Husband of Marcia McPhee and Father-in-law of Jill McPheeWade, Andrea04/29/2021
Passing of Larry Weiss, Father of Ilene BenzWade, Andrea10/15/2018
Passing of Laura Armstrong Kruspe, Sister of Rebecca BabcockWade, Andrea09/10/2021
Passing of Laura Coriddi's SisterJeff Bartkovich02/24/2011
Passing of Laura Richardson HarveySusan M. Salvador08/23/2011
Passing of Laura Tarricone, RetireeR. Thomas Flynn03/17/2004
Passing of Lawrence LaschDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President11/10/2009
Passing of Lawrence SmithDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President01/11/2010
Passing of Lawrence WalkowiakDr. Susan M. Salvador11/24/2009
Passing of Lawrence Walsh, Father of Sandra ChamberlainWade, Andrea02/05/2019
Passing of Leah Gale, Mother of Ann GilbertAndrea C. Wade, Provost and VIce President08/26/2016
Passing of Leland DeGraffKress, Anne07/16/2018
Passing of Lena Nyerges, Mother of John NyergesDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President01/04/2007
Passing of Leon EdwardsJanet J. Glocker, Vice President02/09/2005
Passing of Leona M. StewartMichael J. McDonough05/12/2011
Passing of Leonard Scardino, father of Marlene GohoKimberley P. Collins02/01/2011
Passing of Leroy BoesterDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President09/30/2009
Passing of Les WetherbeeR. Thomas Flynn07/17/2008
Passing of Leslie Moore, Sr. - Father of Darrell Jachim-MooreSimmons, Hezekiah07/21/2017
Passing of Lillian Costello, mother of James Costello, Building ServicesHeze Simmons03/20/2012
Passing of Linda FitzSimons, mother of John FitzSimonsHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President01/19/2017
Passing of Linda Ruth Tippett, Mother of Ann Tippett Andrea C. Wade09/16/2015
Passing of Linda Williams' FatherHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President08/10/2012
Passing of Ljupco Sifkarovski, Husband of Silvana SifkarovskiOldham, Todd07/27/2021
Passing of Lois Scarfia, Mother of Christine CormackAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President06/09/2016
Passing of Lorraine E. Fess, Mother of Ron FessChester Grzelak01/02/2004
Passing of Lou Edna Buggs, Building Services RetireeAnne M. Kress02/20/2013
Passing of Louis SurgentR. Thomas Flynn02/05/2008
Passing of Lucille TatakisDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President09/01/2009
Passing of Lucille WilliamsR. Thomas Flynn06/25/2008
Passing of Luis Emilio Santos, father of Mary Ann (Annie) VershayMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly05/31/2022
Passing of Lynn Briggs Todd, Father of Allyson Todd-HoweDr. Susan Salvador06/03/2005
Passing of L.D. IronsHeze Simmons, CFO and VP08/05/2011
Passing of Magdalen Smith, Grandmother of Jaime SmithGeer-Mentry, Ginny05/20/2021
Passing of Marcel E. Blaakman, Father of Etienne (Chen) BlaakmanRichard Ryther03/12/2013
Passing of Marcia McDowellR. Thomas Flynn03/03/2008
Passing of Margaret Cullis, Mother of Sean FleschHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President12/02/2016
Passing of Margaret Joan ClarkeDr. Janet J. Glocker04/20/2007
Passing of Margaret Mathias Caldwell, Mother of Ebony CaldwellAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President06/22/2016
Passing of Margaret PetersMichael J. McDonough05/12/2011
Passing of Margaret RoscheDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President07/09/2008
Passing of Margarita Medina-Perez's FatherFrater, Joel10/04/2019
Passing of Maria Echaniz, Professor EmeritusAnne M. Kress09/08/2015
Passing of Marilyn KunzerTodd M. Oldham05/18/2011
Passing of Marilynn Dyer, Mother of Virginia (Ginger) RichMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly05/14/2021
Passing of Marion A. ShiloSimmons, Hezekiah05/20/2019
Passing of Marion Dorsey (Batz), Mother of Marianne DorseyHeze Simmons02/03/2012
Passing of Marion J. Fullerton, mother of Dawn QuatroLloyd A. Holmes07/05/2016
Passing of Marion M. Freeman, Mother of Charlotte DowningMichael J. McDonough09/05/2012
Passing of Marion SardoneMichael J. McDonough04/25/2011
Passing of Marion Strand (Scipioni), Mother-In-Law of Lori ScipioniSheila M. Strong07/17/2015
Passing of Marion Wowkowych, Mother of Anne KirkpatrickWade, Andrea02/04/2020
Passing of Marise McCauleyDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President11/18/2009
Passing of Marjorie Osterling, Mother of Phil OsterlingMapes, Cynthia02/01/2019
Passing of Marjorie Roblee, Mother of Brenda EmbreyAndrea Wade09/10/2015
Passing of Marjorie RoweChristine Casalinuovo-Adams02/17/2015
Passing of Mark M. Gress, Husband of Katherine Bolognese-GressWade, Andrea08/20/2020
Passing of Mark Schwartz's MotherDr. Susan M. Salvador11/20/2009
Passing of Martin Dvorin, Professor Emeritus in Optical TechnologyKress, Anne03/26/2019
Passing of Mary Ann SweetserDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President11/24/2009
Passing of Mary Bauer, Mother of Ann BauerWade, Andrea04/01/2021
Passing of Mary Beth GohoKimberley P. Collins10/18/2010
Passing of Mary Chukwu ChiDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President10/07/2009
Passing of Mary Clancy, Sister of Betty StewartHolmes, Lloyd04/26/2018
Passing of Mary DeLaney Hale Anne M. Kress06/16/2014
Passing of Mary E. Flatley, Mother of Anne FlatleyWade, Andrea08/20/2021
Passing of Mary Hallett-BrownWade, Andrea10/27/2020
Passing of Mary Jean Muhlnickel, Mother of Robert L. MuhlnickelWade, Andrea12/10/2021
Passing of Mary J. Waasdorp, Mother-in-law of Janet WaasdorpWade, Andrea10/15/2021
Passing of Mary ParisiDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President08/09/2006
Passing of Mary Raimondo, Mother of Dan RaimondoOldham, Todd01/23/2018
Passing of Mary Tracy, Mother of Don TracySimmons, Hezekiah01/03/2018
Passing of Mary Veronica FittipaldiDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President09/25/2006
Passing of Maryann Amos, Mother of David SkehanSimmons, Hezekiah02/20/2018
Passing of Maryjane Starr's BrotherAndrew W. Freeman12/19/2006
Passing of Math Adjunct Instructor Michael AtkinsonKress, Anne03/27/2018
Passing of MCC’s Official Dog, “Luke”Heze Simmons04/22/2008
Passing of MCC Retiree Ethel LewisKress, Anne08/04/2017
Passing of MCC Retiree Pamela KeyesAnne M. Kress01/26/2016
Passing of MCC Student Adam MarronLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President11/22/2016
Passing of MCC Student Alexander JohnstonHolmes, Lloyd09/25/2018
Passing of MCC Student Alexander SmallHolmes, Lloyd04/09/2019
Passing of MCC Student Angela JazwieckiLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President12/03/2015
Passing of MCC Student Anthony WindLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President06/05/2015
Passing of MCC Student Brandon DelcorvoSusan M. Salvador09/21/2012
Passing of MCC Student Bruce KaneHolmes, Lloyd09/17/2018
Passing of MCC Student Cameron CarusoLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President01/13/2016
Passing of MCC Student Celine N'DobiHolmes, Lloyd11/16/2017
Passing of MCC Student Charles ChelebianLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President07/20/2016
Passing of MCC Student Che’ RileyLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President11/29/2016
Passing of MCC Student Christine DefisherSusan M. Salvador04/04/2011
Passing of MCC Student Courtney DeWolfLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President02/23/2016
Passing of MCC Student Darci DegnanSusan M. Salvador03/15/2011
Passing of MCC Student David FountainLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President06/26/2014
Passing of MCC Student David GroffSusan M. Salvador02/23/2012
Passing of MCC Student Domatis FranklinLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President06/17/2015
Passing of MCC Student Elizabeth MahanMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly10/26/2020
Passing of MCC Student Emily Maffett-BozzaHolmes, Lloyd02/04/2019
Passing of MCC Student Eric WilsonSusan M. Salvador03/16/2011
Passing of MCC Student Erick BarronSusan M. Salvador08/14/2012
Passing of MCC Student Franklin HoffmanSusan M. Salvador04/11/2011
Passing of MCC Student Jacob AeckerleHolmes, Lloyd10/29/2018
Passing of MCC Student James JonesHolmes, Lloyd08/15/2018
Passing of MCC Student James McDonaldSusan M. Salvador04/28/2011
Passing of MCC Student Jaquayla YoungDouglas, Katherine09/21/2020
Passing of MCC Student Jeffrey PoehlmanSusan M. Salvador05/09/2011
Passing of MCC Student Jessica CastroSusan M. Salvador09/12/2011
Passing of MCC Student Jill PikeLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President08/31/2016
Passing of MCC Student Jodie PrinceLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President05/20/2015
Passing of MCC Student Joel AjavonG. Christopher Belle-Isle08/30/2013
Passing of MCC Student John KirkendallLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President07/28/2015
Passing of MCC Student Joshua BuermanMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly10/04/2021
Passing of MCC Student Joshua CurtisHolmes, Lloyd06/12/2020
Passing of MCC Student Kade O’BrienSusan M. Salvador04/19/2011
Passing of MCC Student Katherine MagarSusan M. Salvador02/05/2013
Passing of MCC Student Kaylee Rizzo-BrienSusan M. Salvador02/23/2012
Passing of MCC Student Keenen GreenSusan M. Salvador05/30/2012
Passing of MCC Student Kevin SappG. Christopher Belle-Isle09/27/2013
Passing of MCC Student Laticia FortuneLloyd A. Holmes07/24/2014
Passing of MCC Student Lauren VasquezHolmes, Lloyd06/28/2018
Passing of MCC Student Lynaya GriffinLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President09/08/2016
Passing of MCC Student Madeline GeeLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President09/08/2014
Passing of MCC Student Malay'Jah MitchellMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly11/24/2020
Passing of MCC Student Mark AshfordLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President12/10/2014
Passing of MCC Student Martin StarkweatherHolmes, Lloyd12/11/2017
Passing of MCC Student Matthew FarashLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President08/14/2015
Passing of MCC Student Matthew GruenewaldSusan M. Salvador03/21/2011
Passing of MCC Student Matthew LoomisSusan M. Salvador08/19/2011
Passing of MCC Student Matthew MayleSusan M. Salvador07/28/2011
Passing of MCC Student Maxwell UnderhillHolmes, Lloyd10/11/2018
Passing of MCC Student Montre BradleySusan M. Salvador09/05/2012
Passing of MCC Student Nathan CooperSusan M. Salvador06/08/2011
Passing of MCC Student Patrick SullivanHolmes, Lloyd06/19/2017
Passing of MCC Student Paul AwuolSusan M. Salvador05/17/2012
Passing of MCC Student Robert Grasta Jr.Holmes, Lloyd08/18/2017
Passing of MCC Student Rodney CooperLloyd A. Holmes05/16/2014
Passing of MCC Student Russell HogueSusan M. Salvador03/16/2011
Passing of MCC Student Ryan LatterellLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President12/13/2016
Passing of MCC Student Sarah KangHolmes, Lloyd01/21/2020
Passing of MCC Student Savannah DuemmelLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President02/16/2017
Passing of MCC Student Thomas HicksLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President01/11/2017
Passing of MCC Student Timothy McCulloughG. Christopher Belle-Isle02/10/2014
Passing of MCC Student Trystan SylvesterMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly09/17/2021
Passing of MCC Student Zachary HarringtonLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President04/04/2017
Passing of MCC Student Zachary ScialdoneLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President07/19/2016
Passing of Mel Le Bar, Father of Aimee CalhounMichael J. McDonough06/18/2013
Passing of Melvina G. Robinson, mother of Brenda SmithHolmes, Lloyd05/08/2017
Passing of Michael Tatelbaum, Son of Christine WolskijAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President05/06/2016
Passing of Michael W. CorriganR. Thomas Flynn12/21/2006
Passing of Michael W. Stratton, Father of David StrattonSimmons, Hezekiah12/06/2018
Passing of Micheline MichaudDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President05/17/2010
Passing of Mike Khemmow's MotherChet Grzelak02/20/2004
Passing of Minister Lawrance L. Evans, Sr., Father-In-Law of Shawanda EvansWade, Andrea09/13/2018
Passing of Mrs. Charity ButlerTodd M. Oldham, Vice President05/12/2014
Passing of Mrs. Daina JarkowskiDr. Susan Salvador02/21/2006
Passing of Muriel HoppoughJanet J. Glocker04/02/2004
Passing of Myron MandiakR. Thomas Flynn08/31/2006
Passing of Nancy Fortunato, sister of Linda Hickey and aunt of Joseph Shevlin Richard H. Ryther06/12/2013
Passing of Nancy Soregi’s FatherDr. Susan M. Salvador07/28/2010
Passing of Nathanial JacksonChester Grzelak01/06/2006
Passing of Nellie Taillie, mother of Jean TaillieLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President03/01/2017
Passing of Newell Wagoner, Father of William WagonerSimmons, Hezekiah12/13/2018
Passing of Nicole Baxtrum, Mail ServicesKress, Anne05/17/2017
Passing of Nora Sample, Daughter of Mark SampleAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President03/17/2016
Passing of Norman S. Titus, father of Teresa SchichlerTodd Oldham02/20/2014
Passing of Norman Williams, Husband of Karen SardiscoMichael J. McDonough01/12/2012
Passing of Olga Mandeville, Mother-in-law of James GertnerOldham, Todd10/12/2018
Passing of Otis Caldwell, Father of Ebony CaldwellAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President07/28/2016
Passing of Otto MyersHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President08/01/2011
Passing of Owen Schwartz, son of Mark SchwartzHolmes, Lloyd03/06/2018
Passing of Pam PerlsteinR. Thomas Flynn12/18/2003
Passing of Pat ChapmanSusan M. Salvador04/21/2011
Passing of Patricia A. Keiling, Mother of Dawn MurphyWade, Andrea07/11/2018
Passing of Patricia Bessey, Mother of Deborah BenjaminMichael J. McDonough08/14/2012
Passing of Patricia Cahill, Mother of Kathrine NicholasHolmes, Lloyd04/02/2018
Passing of Patricia FalangaAnne M. Kress03/17/2015
Passing of Patricia Salsburg, Mother of Judi Salsburg TaylorJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost and Vice President06/23/2015
Passing of Patricia Trill, Sister of Donald O'BrienChester Grzelak, Vice President05/23/2006
Passing of Patricia Wilson, mother of Pamela CaulkinsHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President06/24/2015
Passing of Patrick James Scanlon, Father of Sean ScanlonJeff Bartkovich02/03/2014
Passing of Paul Finley, RetireeKress, Anne01/10/2019
Passing of Paul Meath, Father of Debra DwyerHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President01/31/2017
Passing of Paul Pierce, Professor EmeritusR. Thomas Flynn01/13/2004
Passing of Paul Starzynski, Husband of Beth StarzynskiWade, Andrea05/12/2021
Passing of Phyllis A. JohnstonKimberley Collins, interim vice president03/18/2011
Passing of Pia FreundDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President01/24/2007
Passing of Polly L. Heel, Mother of Michael A. HeelAndrea C. Wade09/02/2015
Passing of Professor Emerita Ana M. RodriguezKress, Anne11/05/2018
Passing of Professor Emerita Anne CooneyAnne M. Kress09/17/2013
Passing of Professor Emerita Connie MillerAnne M. Kress05/11/2016
Passing of Professor Emerita Jeanne GhentKress, Anne01/31/2018
Passing of Professor Emerita Julianna Furlong WilliamsAnne M. Kress08/11/2011
Passing of Professor Emerita Marilyn (Froehler) SemrauAnne M. Kress12/09/2014
Passing of Professor Emerita Nancy Comer Tobin (Nursing)Anne M. Kress03/16/2016
Passing of Professor Emerita Stasia CallanAnne M. Kress12/15/2015
Passing of Professor Emeritus Charles MoreyKress, Anne06/21/2018
Passing of Professor Emeritus Clement Finch Hapeman Anne M. Kress11/30/2016
Passing of Professor Emeritus David J. TemplemanAnne M. Kress03/23/2017
Passing of Professor Emeritus Eldon F. BockLarry W. Tyree02/19/2009
Passing of Professor Emeritus George Campbell McDadeAnne M. Kress11/16/2016
Passing of Professor Emeritus James ConnollyKress, Anne12/07/2018
Passing of Professor Emeritus John ParisAnne M. Kress06/22/2011
Passing of Professor Emeritus Lowell McCaw, Electronic Technology/Instrumentation Anne M. Kress04/05/2017
Passing of Professor Emeritus Marian Stephenson, Anne M. Kress04/03/2014
Passing of Professor Emeritus of History James SnyderKress, Anne10/05/2017
Passing of Professor Emeritus Paul HarringtonAnne M. Kress05/06/2013
Passing of Professor Emeritus Richard O'KeefeR. Thomas Flynn06/26/2007
Passing of Professor Emeritus Robert Flanigan, ChemistryKress, Anne02/07/2019
Passing of Professor Emeritus Robert LivermanAnne M. Kress03/30/2012
Passing of Professor Emeritus Thomas FabianoAnne M. Kress01/18/2012
Passing of Professor Emeritus Thomas Mendenhall, Law and Criminal JusticeAnne M. Kress05/05/2010
Passing of Raffaele DeMichele, Father of Dominick DeMicheleJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost and Vice President05/13/2015
Passing of Ray E. Mandeville, Father-in-law of James GertnerOldham, Todd11/09/2020
Passing of Registration and Records Clerk Linda CurranAnne M. Kress04/09/2013
Passing of Renato AgneseR. Thomas Flynn08/16/2006
Passing of Retired Administrator Donald Nickason Anne M. Kress12/15/2015
Passing of Retired Associate Professor Roger BookoutAnne M. Kress02/21/2017
Passing of Retired Math Professor Hubert D. HaefnerAnne M. Kress08/25/2009
Passing of Retired Professor Frank Kinsman, Mechanical TechnologyAnne M. Kress01/06/2017
Passing of Retiree Arlene CopelandAnne M. Kress, Ph.D.02/16/2012
Passing of Retiree Barbara HasbrouckAnne M. Kress04/04/2016
Passing of Retiree Bruce Brown, Visual and Performing Arts DepartmentAnne M. Kress06/24/2014
Passing of Retiree Catherine Jurs, Computing ServicesAnne M. Kress01/08/2015
Passing of Retiree Chet GrzelakKress, Anne05/10/2017
Passing of Retiree Colette FeganKress, Anne05/23/2017
Passing of Retiree Dianna DiPrimaKress, Anne03/15/2018
Passing of Retiree Dianna DiPrima including Service DetailsKress, Anne03/16/2018
Passing of Retiree Elaine DerrenbacherKress, Anne05/17/2018
Passing of Retiree Elaine DerrenbacherKress, Anne05/21/2018
Passing of Retiree George BahrenburgAnne M. Kress12/16/2010
Passing of Retiree Hector CortesKress, Anne03/07/2019
Passing of Retiree Hugh Shields, AuditorAnne M. Kress05/19/2010
Passing of Retiree Ina JohnsonKress, Anne12/05/2018
Passing of Retiree Jean C. FreeceR. Thomas Flynn07/13/2007
Passing of Retiree Jeanne TomkinsonAnne M. Kress04/16/2014
Passing of Retiree Jerry WidzinskiLarry W. Tyree02/05/2009
Passing of Retiree John L. BrownKress, Anne03/08/2019
Passing of Retiree Judith Ogden KinneyAnne M. Kress02/25/2011
Passing of Retiree Kathleen SiekierskiAnne M. Kress03/25/2015
Passing of Retiree Kevin P. O'BrienAnne M. Kress08/28/2009
Passing of Retiree Lucy MezzopreteAnne M. Kress01/24/2017
Passing of Retiree Michael J. HarringtonKress, Anne01/04/2018
Passing of Retiree Nancy MosesKress, Anne12/18/2018
Passing of Retiree Ruth B. Kane; Services TodayR. Thomas Flynn04/09/2008
Passing of Retiree Sharron E. Waide '97, Educational Technology ServicesKress, Anne04/15/2019
Passing of Retiree Sophie FreedlandAnne M. Kress05/21/2013
Passing of Retiree Susan K. CableAnne M. Kress07/20/2016
Passing of Richard Loveland - Father of Rick LovelandSimmons, Hezekiah11/15/2017
Passing of Richard PetersenDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President01/23/2008
Passing of Richard Schroedel, MCC RetireeAnne M. Kress03/09/2016
Passing of Richard (Dick) Maher, father of Martha Maher PalermoThe Human Resources Staff09/02/2008
Passing of Robert Allen Susan M. Salvador07/27/2011
Passing of Robert Caswell, father of Chris CaswellDr. Susan Salvador06/18/2004
Passing of Robert E. HershR. Thomas Flynn11/26/2007
Passing of Robert Hodges, Facilities RetireeKress, Anne10/29/2019
Passing of Robert Ionta, father of Donna Baxter and grandfather of Elizabeth BaxterLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President08/10/2016
Passing of Robert L. JoseyJeff Bartkovich01/25/2013
Passing of Robert Martini, Father of Laura TepperWade, Andrea06/02/2021
Passing of Robert McCauleyJanet J. Glocker, Vice President12/22/2004
Passing of Robert Novak, Associate Professor Emeritus in Engineering TechnologiesAnne M. Kress12/10/2014
Passing of Robert Otto, Father of Kathy BuckertWade, Andrea11/28/2018
Passing of Robert S. Long, Father-In-Law of Suzanne LongJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost06/10/2014
Passing of Robert Watkins, Father of E. Jamall WatkinsSusan M. Salvador02/07/2013
Passing of Roberta Childers, Mother of Jason ChildersGeer-Mentry, Ginny08/21/2018
Passing of Roberta Thornton, Mother of Debra Alimentato and Grandmother of Andrea GilbertAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President08/16/2016
Passing of Roger PlosslDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President12/13/2005
Passing of Ron DellaPortaAnne M. Kress08/16/2016
Passing of Rosalind Watson - Sister of Alberta LeeRichard Degus04/24/2006
Passing of Rose CascaranoAnne M. Kress01/19/2012
Passing of Royal Chamberlain, husband of Sandy ChamberlainMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly01/03/2022
Passing of RPD Officer Donald Agnello, Father-in-Law of Mike Farrow (Public Safety)Simmons, Hezekiah03/19/2021
Passing of Rubye Roberts' FatherChet Grzelak, Vice President02/26/2004
Passing of Russell Bolognese, Father of Katherine Bolognese-GressWade, Andrea09/19/2018
Passing of Ruth Ann Delate, mother of John DelateHolmes, Lloyd01/10/2020
Passing of Ruth ForsythR. Thomas Flynn06/29/2004
Passing of Ruth Mathison, Retired ProfessorAnne M. Kress02/23/2012
Passing of Ruth ParmenterJanet J. Glocker, Vice President04/26/2005
Passing of Ruth Teresa O'Connor, Mother of Matthew O'ConnorOldham, Todd06/28/2019
Passing of Ruth ZlatnerDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President12/02/2005
Passing of Ruth (Rita) Perrin, MCC RetireeR. Thomas Flynn12/17/2003
Passing of Ryan McPheeJanet Glocker07/05/2006
Passing of R. Gordon EddyAnne M. Kress12/08/2009
Passing of Sallie Carter, Mother of Delovis OlaodeJeffrey P. Bartkovich07/07/2014
Passing of Sally Ann BorateAnne M. Kress07/30/2009
Passing of Salvador AnchondoR. Thomas Flynn12/17/2004
Passing of Salvatore Meli, Father of Debra MeliSimmons, Hezekiah06/02/2017
Passing of Sammie Peterson, Building Services RetireeKress, Anne03/08/2018
Passing of Samuel RedloDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President07/27/2010
Passing of Sandor E. Nyerges, Father of John NyergesMichael J. McDonough05/17/2013
Passing of Sandra SchmidtR. Thomas Flynn04/11/2008
Passing of Sara Sturnick, Mother of Joe SturnickWade, Andrea06/20/2018
Passing of Sarah L. Matthews, Sister of Joy BraseltonJacobs, Michael08/28/2020
Passing of Sarah Oyeladun OlaodeDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President06/05/2007
Passing of Scott Karlnoski, Husband of Maureen KarlnoskiWade, Andrea07/31/2018
Passing of Sharon Insero's motherJanet Glocker10/03/2003
Passing of Sherry Parks' FatherHeze Simmons12/18/2007
Passing of Shirley Fess, Mother of Shelley FessMichael J. McDonough03/02/2012
Passing of Shirley Sayre, Mother of Jackie DorseyWade, Andrea12/12/2018
Passing of Sidney Putnam, Father of Emily PutnamWade, Andrea04/15/2021
Passing of Stanley Pogroszewski, father of Donna PogroszwskiHeze Simmons07/29/2015
Passing of Stella Majors, Building Services RetireeKress, Anne02/13/2018
Passing of Stuart Porter, Math RetireeKress, Anne10/25/2017
Passing of Sue HoyerHeze Simmons09/10/2013
Passing of Susan HorwitzDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President10/01/2009
Passing of Susan P. Atkinson, sister of Jenny PetersenAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President08/31/2015
Passing of Susan Schickler, Sister of Meg LeBeauHeze Simmons03/29/2016
Passing of Susan Wehle, mother-in-law of Ryan MessengerMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly11/30/2020
Passing of Sylvalan Frederick Plimpton, Father of Deborah SeelosMichael J. McDonough, Provost and Vice President09/21/2012
Passing of Ted Weber, retired assistant director, FacilitiesAnne M. Kress01/13/2015
Passing of Teresa SchottlerHeze Simmons05/19/2011
Passing of Teri Merliss-Mendelson, Sister of Gena MerlissWade, Andrea05/08/2018
Passing of the Honorable Edward B. Davis, father-in-law of Anne M. KressPresident's Staff05/26/2010
Passing of Thomas Lynn Stoughtenger, Father of Rebecca GriffinSine-Kinz, Kristin04/27/2022
Passing of Tina Massey’s MotherHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President04/11/2012
Passing of Tinsley D. Major, Brother of Sauntevia MajorSine-Kinz, Kristin02/21/2022
Passing of Transitional Studies Adjunct Judith Oliver Anne M. Kress01/27/2017
Passing of Travis Regan's Brother - Trevor ReganHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President05/06/2013
Passing of Trustee Kenneth GoodeAnne M. Kress03/07/2016
Passing of Urano Joseph Salvador, Father of Susan SalvadorAnne M. Kress01/04/2013
Passing of Valerie Jean Cross, Mother of Patricia KressWade, Andrea03/14/2019
Passing of Vanza Rudy, Mother of Michele SkehanSimmons, Hezekiah03/13/2018
Passing of Velma LucasR. Thomas Flynn08/06/2004
Passing of Velvia Benjamin, Mother of Athesia BenjaminWade, Andrea11/28/2017
Passing of Velvia Benjamin, Mother of Athesia BenjaminWade, Andrea11/23/2017
Passing of Vicky SuttonJeff Bartkovich08/02/2012
Passing of Viola SchweikertAnne M. Kress07/03/2013
Passing of Violet Czaja, Mother of Pam CzajaAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President04/25/2017
Passing of Violet NegrilleChester Grzelak, Vice President03/22/2006
Passing of Virginia A. DienstJanet J. Glocker, Vice President10/20/2004
Passing of Virginia G. Armstrong, mother of Becky BabcockLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President05/13/2015
Passing of Virginia Smith, Mother of Suzanne LongMichael J. McDonough08/09/2012
Passing of Wanda Malin, mother of Bruce MalinChester Grzelak05/21/2003
Passing of Warren Ryther, father of Richard RytherDr. Susan Salvador01/14/2004
Passing of Warren Singleton, Father of Jasma SingletonSimmons, Hezekiah12/13/2018
Passing of Wayne H. Van ThofHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President05/06/2011
Passing of Wieslaw Kondratowicz spouse of Krystyna Katta, Building ServicesSimmons, Hezekiah08/01/2019
Passing of Wilbert RoscheDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President10/07/2008
Passing of Wilford HulbertKimberley Collins, interim vice president01/04/2011
Passing of William CampbellR. Thomas Flynn06/08/2004
Passing of William D. FellowsHezekiah Simmons, CFO & Vice President06/30/2011
Passing of William H. "Bill" HamiltonMichael J. McDonough09/27/2011
Passing of William Knittel, Father of Mary O'ReillyR. Thomas Flynn01/18/2008
Passing of William V. Wamser, Father of Mary Nolan Susan M. Salvador01/12/2012
Passing of William Wagoner's motherSimmons, Hezekiah11/05/2019
Passing of William (Bill) Mitchell, Father of Patricia SarantisWade, Andrea03/09/2018
Passing of William (Red) FerronJeffrey P. Bartkovich05/10/2012
Passing of Willie B. MasseyHezekiah Simmons04/15/2011
Passing of Willie RavenellR. Thomas Flynn09/18/2006
Passing of Willy Straubhaar, Sr., Father of Rita StraubhaarWade, Andrea12/09/2020
Passing of W. David BordenR. Thomas Flynn02/27/2007
Passing of Zdzislawa (Jessie) DztabkowskiR. Thomas Flynn06/10/2008
Passing of  Professor Emeritus Vincent J. NataleAnne M. Kress03/19/2012
Passing of  Professor Emeritus Vincent PrestianniAnne M. Kress01/05/2016
Passing of Kevin Krueger, MathematicsAnne M. Kress08/11/2016
Passport Applications Offered on CampusHuman Resources Team09/10/2009
Passport Applications Offered on Campus Human Resources Team09/26/2012
Passport Applications To Be Processed On CampusHuman Resources Team08/31/2011
Passport Applications to be Processed on Campus Human Resources Team08/27/2012
Passport Processing to be done on CampusHR Team04/02/2008
Password ManagersPogroszewski, Donna10/10/2017
PasswordsJeff Willard10/13/2014
Passwords vs PassphrasesPogroszewski, Donna10/05/2017
Past director of academic services recognized at SUNY CortlandKelly Ogiba10/16/2008
Past Due Cyber Training will result in 7 Day Password Expiration as of MondayWirley, Eileen10/28/2021
Pasta Dinner to Benefit David DeHondJenny Lorenz08/02/2007
Pasto-Ziobro Appointed to Rochester Credit Union BoardNancy Wilson11/28/2007
Pasto-Ziobro Chairs Supervisory Committee of Rochester and Monroe County Credit UnionNancy Wilson11/16/2004
Pasto-Ziobro Elected to District DirectorStephen Warren09/26/2002
Pasto-Ziobro Elected to Rochester Catholic Press Association Board of DirectorsNancy Wilson07/15/2009
Pasto-Ziobro Facilitates Tobacco-Free Initiative at NYS Community College Business Officers June ConferenceHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President07/17/2013
Pasto-Ziobro Presents at SUNY Tobacco-Free Regional Educational Session Heze Simmons, CFO/Vice President11/18/2014
Pasto-Ziobro Presents at the SUNY Community College Grants SymposiumHeze Simmons06/26/2014
Pastorella Helps Colleagues Tap into Alumni Giving PotentialRosanna Condello10/18/2007
Pastorella Joins SUNY Planned Giving CommitteeRosanna Condello12/22/2008
Pastorella Presents at CASE ConferenceRosanna Condello12/12/2008
Past, Present and Future Project PlansGoodrell, Geoffrey06/14/2018
Pat Bates Family Featured in Ad for Bishop KearneyCynthia Cooper10/04/2002
Pat Donahue Visits FLCC as External ReviewerMichael Heel05/26/2009
Pat On the BackJanet M. Waasdorp10/04/2012
Pataki's Budget Address on Your ComputerCynthia Cooper01/28/2003
Patall is Guest Essayist in Aug. 18 D&Cjanet ekis09/02/2003
Paterson Visit PostponedCynthia Cooper02/05/2009
Pathway and Career Exploration EventBanks Manns, Sheila10/11/2019
Pathway and Career Exploration EventBanks Manns, Sheila10/17/2019
Pathway and Career Exploration EventBanks Manns, Sheila10/17/2019
Pathways to Agricultural Careers Sharon Scurlock01/18/2011
Pathways to Agricultural Careers - Deadline ExtendedSharon Scurlock02/01/2011
Pathways to College and Strong FoundationsSaltzberg, Jessica02/09/2021
Pathways to College Spring 2022Saltzberg, Jessica02/09/2022
Pathways to Engineering CareerBanks Manns, Sheila04/04/2019
Pathways to Entrepreneurial Success Forum: Nov. 18 Sherry Tshibangu11/03/2010
Pathways to Success Needs New or Gently Used Baby Clothing!Natasja Rudge10/26/2015
Pathways to Success Needs Your Help!Natasja Rudge11/20/2015
Patricia Donahue Visits GCC as External ReviewerMichael Heel04/28/2010
Patricia Kuby Earns Toastmasters' Competent Communicator AwardDiane Navarro Dawson05/27/2009
Patricia O'Neill's Memorial Service to be Held this EveningAnne M. Kress02/08/2013
Patricia O’Neill, Associate Professor Emerita, Chemistry (Retired)Anne M. Kress02/01/2013
Patricia Williams Appointed Regional Director for CRDRaymond C. Shea11/12/2008
Patricia Wolff Joining DCC Student ServicesDr. Ann Topping05/31/2007
Patrick Callan and Nayda Pares-Kane present papers at conference in EnglandPatrick Callan10/27/2006
Patrick Miller Completes DoctorateMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly04/08/2020
Patriot Act: A Jeffrey Ross Home Movie at DCCChristine Plumeri11/30/2006
Patrol Staff Chuck DiSalvo's Busy SummerLeah Santirocco08/16/2010
Patterson and Mendez Rizzo Present at SUNY Brockport Student Leadership ConferenceMary Mendez Rizzo02/27/2013
Patti Ronsvalle Publishes Susan B & MeRosanna Condello09/27/2006
Paul DesOrmeaux Article on "Chiropractic History" PublishedEnglish/Philosophy08/15/2008
Paul DesOrmeaux publishes articleTina Morrill01/27/2009
Paul DesOrmeaux writes article for Skeptical InquirerTina Morrill11/12/2008
Paul Pfenniger Advances to the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS U.S. Pro and Collegiate ChampionshipsDavid A. Schottler, P.E.05/08/2013
Paul Seeburger Receives Award for Outstanding Contributions to Mathematics EducationAnnette Leopard04/22/2015
Paul Seeburger Wins ICTCM AwardAnnette Leopard03/15/2010
Paul Seeburger wins MERLOT Award for Exemplary Online Learning Resources – MERLOT Classics 2011Annette Leopard07/13/2011
Paul Seeburger, CalcPlot3D Graphing Program featured in NSF's 2020 STEM for All Video ShowcaseYule, Rosanna05/05/2020
Paul Sowinski Retirement CelebrationSuter, Charlene05/24/2018
Paul Wurster becomes First Vice President of New York State APPA & Graduates from APPA’s Leadership AcademyHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President02/05/2016
Paula Blue article in Adult Education QuarterlyDugan, Lawrence01/11/2019
Paula Fahy and Diana Robinson's Retirement CelebrationHuman Services Department06/08/2016
Paula Vogel Visit Spring 2012Thomas Blake11/21/2011
Paulette Peterson Recogized by the NYSSRSEileen Doyle11/08/2012
Pauly ShoreJodi Oriel09/11/2008
Pavia Basketball Tournament On Tap For This WeekendTom Garigen12/12/2014
Pavia Basketball Tournament On Tap This WeekendTom Garigen12/06/2013
Pavia Basketball Tournament this WeekendTom Garigen12/06/2011
Pavia Basketball Tourney on Tap for this WeekendTom Garigen12/07/2012
Pavia Basketball Tourney set for this weekendTom Garigen12/10/2010
Pavia Hoops Tournament On Tap This WeekendTom Garigen12/11/2015
Pavia Tournament on tap for this weekendTom Garigen11/09/2006
Pavia Tourney on tap for this weekendTom Garigen11/20/2009
Paving Continues on East Henrietta RoadRosanna Condello10/06/2008
Paving of East Henrietta roadKevin Walton06/16/2008
Paving the Way for Hispanic/Latino Student Academic SuccessDr. Emeterio M. Otero04/06/2004
Paws For ConsiderationSimmons, Kevin10/27/2020
Paychecks for the 2011/2012 Fiscal Year Martha Maher-Garcia08/30/2011
Payroll Direct DepositQuinn, Michael03/13/2020
Payroll for Part-Time Employees ClarificationOliver, Deborah04/06/2020
Payroll of December 30, 2004Chuck White12/20/2004
Payroll UpdateFingar, Melissa03/24/2020
PBS Radio Show Features Dr. Joel FraterAnita Manuele07/01/2016
PBS, WXXI Need to Know Programs Focus on Salva Dut, Sudan ReferendumRosanna Condello01/06/2011
PB&J Event for Open Door MissionMurphy, Heather03/20/2018
PD Week: Web Accessibility WorkshopsWatkins, Craig06/03/2019
Peace Corps presentationDebbie Mohr11/13/2003
Peace Corps TalesDebbie Mohr04/19/2004
Peace Officer Discussion at DamonLinda Williams03/04/2008
Peace Officer DiscussionsLee Struble02/26/2008
Peace Officer DiscussionsLinda Williams02/29/2008
Peace Officer Stan Knutowicz Appointed Chief of Police for Sodus Point Police DepartmentLeah Santirocco04/07/2010
Peace Officers ArmingHeze Simmons & Debra Dwyer09/05/2013
Peace RallyJudi Salsburg10/21/2002
Peace & Justice Coalition Civil Liberties Panel DiscussionBethany Gizzi11/28/2006
Peace & Justice Coalition: Debate on the Iraq WarBethany Gizzi03/22/2006
Peace & Justice Coalition: Waging Peace at MCCBethany Gizzi03/17/2006
Pedagogy 201 for Distance Learning: Enhancing Interactivity - STARLINK Satellite SeminarCarol Wilkinson09/22/2005
Pedagogy 202 for Distance Learning: Measuring What Matters - STARLINK Satellite ConferenceCarol Wilkinson11/09/2005
Pedersen Selected to Participate in College Board ForumJanet Ekis02/21/2006
Peebles, Ford named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen02/23/2010
Peebles, Williams Named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen12/15/2010
Peeps & Spring Puppy are back! (Seasonal Phone Background Images)Brad & Deb04/02/2014
Peer Advisor Application Deadline Has Been Extended to May 13Patricia Ornt04/28/2011
Peer Advisor Community ProjectPatricia Ornt10/09/2014
Peer Advisors making Lap Blankets for the ElderlyPatricia Ornt12/13/2006
Peer Assistance Network Looking for Motivated StudentsBette Bovenzi, Orientation Coordinator04/25/2007
Peer Assistance Network Looking for Motivated StudentsCatherine Higgins04/08/2009
Peer Assistance Resource Center to Hold Open House
Bette Bovenzi, Orientation Coordinator10/08/2007
Peer Assistant Network Offers Excellent Job Opportunities for StudentsCatherine Higgins05/04/2009
Peer Assistant Network RecruitmentCatherine Higgins03/21/2006
Peer Assistant Network RecruitmentBette Bovenzi04/02/2007
Peer Leaders Needed for the New Downtown Campus! Corinne Shanahan02/02/2017
Peer Mentor Applications AvailableCatherine Higgins03/07/2013
Peer Mentor Program Gets Media AttentionDianne E McConkey04/14/2006
Peer Mentor Project: Helping a Family in Need.Peer Mentors06/03/2005
Peer Mentor to Hold Holiday Food and Supply DriveCatherine Higgins12/01/2009
Peer Mentors Adopt a Family for the HolidaysBette Bovenzi, Orientation Coordinator11/29/2006
Peer Mentors Celebrate MCC History MonthBette Bovenzi10/01/2008
Peer Mentors Collect Holiday Donations for the Richard M. Guon Child Care CenterCatherine Higgins12/20/2011
Peer Mentors Collecting for Holiday BasketBette Bovenzi11/17/2008
Peer Mentors Collecting Ink CartridgesBette Bovenzi11/09/2006
Peer Mentors Host Bella BagsCatherine Higgins12/02/2009
Peer Mentors Host Carnations for PatientsCatherine Higgins03/19/2010
Peer Mentors Involved in Local Community Service ProjectsBette Bovenzi, Orientation Coordinator10/28/2003
Peer Mentors Plan Safe Trick-or-TreatTrung Nguyen10/23/2009
Peer Mentors Present Anti-Violence WorkshopBette Bovenzi04/10/2006
Peer Mentors Present Carnations for CancerCatherine Higgins04/29/2009
Peer Mentors Present Ice Cream Social for First-Year International StudentsCatherine Higgins11/18/2010
Peer Mentors Present Safe Halloween Trick or TreatCatherine Higgins10/26/2010
Peer Mentors Present "Welcome to the Neighborhood"Trung Nguyen10/14/2009
Peer Mentors Presentation on ADD/ADHD CancelledCatherine Higgins03/04/2008
Peer Mentors Seeking DonationsCatherine Higgins05/07/2013
Peer Mentors Sponsor Bella Bags Catherine Higgins11/02/2010
Peer Mentors Sponsor Financial Management PresentationBette Bovenzi, Orientation Coordinator12/04/2007
Peer Mentors Sponsor HIV/AIDS Awareness PresentationBette Bovenzi, Orientation Coordinator12/03/2007
Peer Mentors Sponsor Trip to the Susan B. Anthony HouseCatherine Higgins09/28/2010
Peer Mentors Sponsors Bella BagsCatherine Higgins12/08/2010
Peer Mentors to Change FocusTrung Nguyen09/17/2009
Peer Mentors to Collect School SuppliesBette Bovenzi02/28/2008
Peer Mentors to Collect School SuppliesCatherine Higgins03/23/2009
Peer Mentors to Collect Soap and SocksCatherine Higgins02/16/2009
Peer Mentors to Display Clothesline Project for Anti-Violence MonthBette Bovenzi04/07/2008
Peer Mentors to Help Pet ShelterBette Bovenzi09/09/2008
Peer Mentors to Hold Alcohol Awareness ProgramBette Bovenzi10/27/2008
Peer Mentors to Hold Annual Health FairBette Bovenzi03/04/2008
Peer Mentors to Hold Annual Health FairCatherine Higgins03/03/2009
Peer Mentors to Hold Credit Abuse ProgramBette Bovenzi10/20/2006
Peer Mentors To Hold Dating Violence Presentation TodayBette Bovenzi, Orientation Coordinator10/29/2007
Peer Mentors to Hold Part Two of “Epilepsy: Dispel the Myths”Bette Bovenzi02/16/2007
Peer Mentors to Hold “Epilepsy: Dispel the Myths.”Bette Bovenzi02/08/2007
Peer Mentors to Host Clothing DriveCatherine Higgins02/11/2009
Peer Mentors to Host the Honorable Judge Charles Crimi, Jr.Catherine Higgins04/01/2009
Peer Mentors to Participate in Lake Clean UpBette Bovenzi09/18/2008
Peer Mentors to Present Anti D.W.I. ProgramBette Bovenzi11/03/2008
Peer Mentors to Volunteer at Special OlympicsBette Bovenzi10/02/2008
Peer Mentors WantedCatherine Higgins02/01/2011
Peer Mentors WantedCatherine Higgins02/08/2012
Peer Mentors WantedCatherine Higgins11/07/2012
Peer Mentors WantedCatherine Higgins01/31/2013
Peggy VanKirk Presents at Assembly Hearings on LibrariesPeggy VanKirk10/22/2004
Pencil it in! TCC Spring Symposium Feb. 26, 2016Julie Damerell01/27/2016
Pencils and Paper: Tools for Learning Supply DriveHall, Linda04/23/2018
Pencils and Paper: Tools for Learning Supply DriveRende, Pamela08/19/2019
Penultimate Question Workshop Scheduled June 11Marlene Goho05/22/2003
Pepicelli to Coach at Syracuse UniversityTracey Britton07/21/2005
Per Diem Rate IncreaseChuck White09/01/2005
Per Diem RatesMike Quinn08/31/2007
Peregrine Hawthorne Presents at Global Plastics SummitJohn Wadach10/04/2016
Perez Appointed Chief of Public SafetySimmons, Hezekiah08/17/2017
Perfect Bosses Day Gift – International Reflections Gift PackJanet Zinck10/13/2010
Perfect gifts for Mom in the BookstoreJenna Keefe05/05/2014
Perfect weather for poetryJulie Damerell12/10/2012
Perimeter road partial closing – 10/23 to 10/27Valarie Avalone10/20/2006
Perimeter Roadway Closing at the Daycare CenterKevin Walton03/18/2003
Periodic Review of MSCHE Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of AffiliationMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly02/03/2022
Perkins GrantsSusan H. Forsyth03/07/2003
Perkins Internal Process ChangeTish Williams12/08/2014
Perlasca: An Italian HeroJodi Oriel02/25/2008
Perrone's Guest Essay Published in Local NewspaperHency Yuen-Eng05/11/2011
Perrone's Opinion Piece Appears in National Trade PublicationHency Yuen-Eng05/06/2011
Perrone Interviewed at High Tech Business Council EventMark Sommer01/26/2006
Perrone Interviewed on Port SecurityMark Sommer02/24/2006
Perrone Provides Remarks for Vietnam Moving Wall Opening CeremoniesSheila Manns06/21/2016
Perrone to Discuss Homeland Security on WXXIMark Sommer09/11/2006
Personal Defense DayLeah Dyer12/02/2005
Personal Safety and Self-Defense AwarenessJulie White04/20/2006
Personal Safety Tips Debra Dwyer10/09/2013
Perspectives and Principles for Designing LearningDr. Susan Salvador07/08/2004
Perspectives on Corporate Recruiting for Latinos and African-Americans by a Fortune 500 CorporationEdwin Nguti04/07/2009
PertussisDonna Mueller10/18/2005
Pestilence FairSuzanne Long04/16/2009
Pestilence FairSuzanne Long05/04/2010
Pet a Therapy Dog! Milli, Gretta and Friends in the LVG Library Today 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.Navarro, Diane05/14/2019
Pete French to Speak on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis03/17/2003
Pete Otero Named Rochester's 2011 Hispanic Business Person of the YearAnne M. Kress07/14/2011
Pete Otero to RetireAnne M. Kress12/06/2013
Pete Pavia Basketball Tournament to be held in NovemberRobyn Pepicelli10/31/2003
Pete Pavia Men and Women's Basketball TournamentRobyn Malloy11/06/2002
Pete Pavia Tournament on tap this weekendTom Garigen11/06/2007
Pete Pavia Tournament RecapTom Garigen11/15/2005
Pete Pavia Tournament ScheduleRobyn Pepicelli11/11/2004
Peter Francione Is New Instructor with the Law and Criminal Justice DepartmentKim McKinsey-Mabry, Ed.D.09/04/2014
Peter Genovese's Retirement Party Today!Lori Annesi05/23/2008
Peter Genovese is Retiring!Lori Annesi05/02/2008
Peter Genovese is Retiring!Lori Annesi05/15/2008
Peter Monacelli is the Recipient of the 2014 Betty Strasenburgh Award for ActivismPat Barnes12/04/2014
Petersen, McDermott Win Public Speaking ContestsIlene Benz09/16/2010
Peterson Delivers Commencement Speech at Monroe #1 BOCES O'Connor AcademyFrench, Kevin07/24/2018
Peterson Selected For Coalition of Allied Health Leadership ProjectFrank Rinehart03/11/2003
Petrosino Serves as Camp Connect NurseBonnie Petrosino10/22/2003
PGA Parking at MCCRichard Degus08/07/2003
PGA Parking August 5 - 9 May Impact Your "Regular" Parking Lot!Julianna Frisch07/31/2013
PGA Tickets Human Resources Team05/22/2013
Phantom Students: Disinterested Scholars or Super Heroes?Deborah Benjamin04/07/2009
Pharmacy Information SessionSally Dingee02/27/2007
Phase I of Campus Drive Construction Project CompletedHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President08/07/2013
Phase One of the COVID-19 Vaccination Delivered for Frontline Personnel at SUNY HospitalsYule, Rosanna12/17/2020
Phased In Retirement Application Deadline Extended to May 21stBureau, Suzanne05/02/2018
Phi Theta Kappa’s Complete to Compete Kick Off, featuring Keynote Speaker Carlos Medina from SUNYTrung Nguyen11/14/2011
Phi Theta Kappa's International Convention Chapter AwardsOriel, Jodi04/15/2021
Phi Theta Kappa's NY Regional Convention Chapter AwardsRappenecker, Sharon03/18/2021
Phi Theta Kappa's Regional Virtual Awards CeremonyOriel, Jodi03/19/2020
Phi Theta Kappa Bowling Tournament FundraiserPhi Theta Kappa10/20/2004
Phi Theta Kappa Carnival DayCarolyn Spencer11/17/2010
Phi Theta Kappa Chapter is among the Top 100 Chapters in the World!Oriel, Jodi04/23/2020
Phi Theta Kappa Community Service ProjectJodi Oriel09/15/2003
Phi Theta Kappa Completion Day at the Downtown CampusBritton, Tracey11/08/2017
Phi Theta Kappa Discount CardCaruana, Colleen02/15/2021
Phi Theta Kappa Fall InductionJodi Oriel09/30/2002
Phi Theta Kappa Fall InductionJodi Oriel10/05/2004
Phi Theta Kappa Fall InductionJodi Oriel11/19/2014
Phi Theta Kappa Fall Induction CeremonyMichelle Macirella10/05/2005
Phi Theta Kappa Fall Induction CeremonyJodi Oriel11/28/2005
Phi Theta Kappa Fall Induction CeremonyJodi Oriel11/27/2006
Phi Theta Kappa Fall Induction CeremonyJodi Oriel12/01/2008
Phi Theta Kappa Fall Induction CeremonyJodi Oriel11/22/2010
Phi Theta Kappa Fall Induction CeremonyTrung Nguyen, Assistant Director11/29/2011
Phi Theta Kappa Fall Induction CeremonyJodi Oriel11/26/2012
Phi Theta Kappa Fall Induction CeremonyJodi Oriel11/25/2013
Phi Theta Kappa Honored AgainJodi Oriel03/12/2004
Phi Theta Kappa Honors Betty StewartOriel, Jodi02/11/2020
Phi Theta Kappa InductionJodi Oriel10/28/2002
Phi Theta Kappa InductionJodi Oriel, Program Manager10/22/2003
Phi Theta Kappa Induction CeremonyMaryjane Starr03/23/2016
Phi Theta Kappa Induction CeremonyOriel, Jodi04/14/2022
Phi Theta Kappa International Honors OrielDianne E McConkey04/26/2005
Phi Theta Kappa is Collecting & Recycling BatteriesJodi Oriel11/02/2007
Phi Theta Kappa Membership MeetingCaruana, Colleen10/14/2020
Phi Theta Kappa Monthly MeetingCaruana, Colleen10/28/2020
Phi Theta Kappa Offers Free Hearing ScreeningsJodi Oriel, Program Manager11/14/2003
Phi Theta Kappa OutreachMaryjane Starr03/02/2016
Phi Theta Kappa Receives Distinguished AwardOriel, Jodi03/23/2020
Phi Theta Kappa receives Regional and International AwardsSharon Rappenecker04/24/2017
Phi Theta Kappa Satellite Seminar Series: "Fashion Culture", Oct. 11thMichelle Macirella10/07/2005
Phi Theta Kappa Satellite Seminar Series: "Sexing the Sale," Sept. 27Michelle Macirella09/19/2005
Phi Theta Kappa Spring 2003 Induction CeremonyJodi Oriel02/12/2003
Phi Theta Kappa Spring InductionJodi Oriel, Program Manager01/14/2004
Phi Theta Kappa Spring InductionJodi Oriel03/15/2005
Phi Theta Kappa Spring InductionJodi Oriel02/02/2015
Phi Theta Kappa Spring Induction CeremonyMichelle Macirella04/21/2008
Phi Theta Kappa Spring Induction CeremonyJodi Oriel04/22/2013
Phi Theta Kappa Spring Induction CeremonyJodi Oriel04/21/2014
Phi Theta Kappa Spring Induction CeremonyOriel, Jodi04/10/2019
Phi Theta Kappa Spring Induction CeremonyOriel, Jodi03/02/2020
Phi Theta Kappa Students Sweep AwardsDianne E McConkey03/16/2005
Phi Theta Kappa Students Sweep NY AwardsDianne E McConkey03/13/2008
Phi Theta Kappa Summer Induction CeremonyCampus Center08/08/2006
Phi Theta Kappa Summer Induction CeremonyJodi Oriel08/02/2007
Phi Theta Kappa Summer Induction CeremonyMichelle Macirella08/05/2008
Phi Theta Kappa Summer Induction PlannedJodi Oriel07/14/2004
Phi Theta Kappa Summer Induction to be Held Next WeekJodi Oriel07/31/2003
Phi Theta Kappa to Hold Spring Induction CeremonyTrung Nguyen, Assistant Director04/09/2012
Philanthropy Makes a Difference at MCC!Diane L. Shoger09/22/2009
Philanthropy Makes a Difference at MCC!Diane L. Shoger09/28/2010
Philanthropy Makes a Difference at Monroe Community CollegeSusan D. Gurak02/15/2010
Philanthropy makes a difference at Monroe Community College!Brenda Babitz01/09/2007
Philanthropy makes a difference at Monroe Community College!Brenda Babitz02/05/2008
Philanthropy makes a difference at Monroe Community College!Diane L. Shoger09/23/2008
Philip Lange Photography - Artist Reception Tonight!Flack, Jason01/24/2019
Philip Lange Photography - Mercer Gallery ExhibitFlack, Jason01/10/2019
Phillips' AppointmentDianne E McConkey12/07/2005
Phillips Named to Allendale Columbia BoardJanet J. Glocker, Vice President06/12/2008
Philosopher Bob Muhlnickel Awarded NEH OpportunityCathryn Smith04/04/2012
Philosophy as Transformative ProcessElizabeth Laidlaw04/20/2007
Philosophy Club to Discuss Female Genital MutilationLynn Bartholome05/01/2003
Philosophy Terms in ASL Now Available on WebsiteRita Straubhaar03/23/2017
Philosophy Week is here!!!Elizabeth Laidlaw04/27/2006
Phishers don't take vacationsWirley, Eileen07/10/2020
Phishing AttackGallion, Christine09/06/2019
Phishing AttackGallion, Christine09/12/2019
Phishing Email ScamsDonna Pogroszewski08/20/2013
Phishing Email Tax ScamsDonna Pogroszewski03/15/2013
Phishing emails from student accountsWirley, Eileen03/04/2020
Phishing Vs Spear Phishing ScamsDonna Pogroszewski02/24/2014
Phone and SLN maintenance Saturday 12:00am to 4:00amJames Clement06/11/2010
Phone Maintenance on Incoming Calls This MorningClement, James01/19/2018
Phone System Down for Upgrades During Holiday BreakJeff Bartkovich12/16/2011
Phone System MaintenanceClement, James02/15/2022
Phone System Maintenance Friday March 26th 7:00pm - MidnightClement, James03/25/2021
Phone System Maintenance Thursday 11/11Clement, James11/10/2021
Phone System OutageJames Clement12/18/2008
Phone System UpgradesJames Clement12/23/2008
Phones in ClassroomsRichard Degus10/17/2003
Photo by Goldfarb Selected to Headline International Watch ForumBarry Goldfarb06/10/2009
Photo IDCraig Proctor, Operations Manager05/28/2003
Photo ID and Student Email Helpdesk Holiday HoursDonna Allen11/24/2008
Photo ID Break Week HoursDonna Allen04/18/2011
Photo ID Cards for New Students at the Brigthon CampusBetty Stewart01/04/2007
Photo ID ClosedDonna Allen08/09/2007
Photo ID Closing for Thanksgiving HolidayCraig Proctor11/20/2012
Photo ID Closure ReminderCraig Proctor01/03/2013
Photo ID Extended HoursCraig Proctor01/31/2005
Photo ID Extended HoursHiggins, Catherine01/22/2018
Photo ID Finals Week ScheduleDonna Allen05/19/2011
Photo ID Holiday HoursDonna Allen11/23/2005
Photo ID Holiday HoursDonna Allen11/21/2006
Photo ID Holiday HoursDonna Allen11/22/2011
Photo ID Holiday HoursCatherine Higgins11/24/2015
Photo ID HoursDonna Allen05/23/2005
Photo ID HoursDonna Allen09/09/2005
Photo ID HoursDonna Allen02/16/2006
Photo ID HoursDonna Allen08/27/2012
Photo ID HoursDonna Allen08/31/2012
Photo ID HoursDonna Allen08/27/2013
Photo ID HoursDonna Allen08/15/2014
Photo ID HoursCraig Proctor12/09/2014
Photo ID HoursHiggins, Catherine08/16/2017
Photo ID HoursHiggins, Catherine08/30/2018
Photo ID Hours during Finals WeekDonna Allen05/18/2007
Photo ID hours during Spring BreakDonna Allen04/04/2007
Photo ID Hours for Break Catherine Higgins04/17/2017
Photo ID Hours for Finals WeekDonna Allen12/15/2011
Photo ID hours for Finals WeekCraig Proctor05/16/2014
Photo ID Hours for Finals Week and IntersessionDonna Allen12/14/2007
Photo ID Hours for Finals Week and IntersessionDonna Allen12/22/2010
Photo ID Hours for Finals week and IntersessionDonna Allen12/17/2012
Photo ID Hours for Finals Week and IntersessionHiggins, Catherine12/08/2017
Photo ID Hours for IntersessionDonna Allen12/21/2004
Photo ID Hours for IntersessionDonna Allen12/20/2006
Photo ID Hours for IntersessionCatherine Higgins12/24/2015
Photo ID Hours for Spring BreakCatherine Higgins03/28/2016
Photo ID Hours for Spring FlingCraig Proctor05/11/2005
Photo ID Hours for Start of SemesterHiggins, Catherine01/22/2019
Photo ID Hours for Thanksgiving WeekHiggins, Catherine11/25/2019
Photo ID Hours for the Week of 1/18/16 and 1/23/16Catherine Higgins01/19/2016
Photo ID Hours for Thursday, August 13thCatherine Higgins08/12/2015
Photo ID Hours for Winter RecessSmith, Jaime02/19/2018
Photo ID Hours Over February BreakJaime Smith02/16/2017
Photo ID Hours Resume TodayCraig Proctor03/07/2005
Photo ID is now at the Service Desk!Smith, Jaime11/12/2019
Photo ID OfficeDonna Allen11/25/2014
Photo ID Office Closed During Spring BreakDonna Allen04/12/2006
Photo ID Office Closed TodayDonna Allen08/22/2008
Photo ID Office Finals Week ScheduleDonna Allen05/15/2012
Photo ID Office HoursDonna Allen01/23/2006
Photo ID Office HoursDonna Allen02/16/2009
Photo ID Office HoursDonna Allen01/21/2014
Photo ID Office HoursDonna Allen01/16/2015
Photo ID Office HoursCatherine Higgins09/03/2015
Photo ID Office Hours During BreakDonna Allen12/21/2009
Photo ID Office Hours During BreakDonna Allen03/30/2015
Photo ID Office Hours for Break WeekHiggins, Catherine03/30/2018
Photo ID Open During BreakDonna Allen02/16/2007
Photo ID semester break hoursCraig Proctor12/12/2003
Photo ID Spring Break HoursCraig Proctor04/18/2005
Photo ID Spring Break HoursCraig Proctor04/10/2008
Photo ID Spring Recess HoursDonna Allen04/06/2004
Photo ID Summer HoursCraig Proctor, Operations Manager06/30/2003
Photo ID Summer HoursCraig Proctor05/24/2004
Photo ID Summer HoursDonna Allen05/22/2006
Photo ID Summer HoursDonna Allen06/05/2009
Photo ID Summer HoursCraig Proctor07/05/2013
Photo ID Summer HoursCatherine Higgins07/01/2016
Photo ID Summer HoursHiggins, Catherine05/17/2018
Photo ID System UpdatesCraig Proctor02/17/2005
Photo ID Thanksgiving Holiday HoursCraig Proctor11/27/2013
Photo ID / E-Lounge / Break Room Holiday & Intersession HoursDonna Allen12/17/2013
Photo ID/Break Room/e-Lounge Hours for Finals Week and IntercessionCatherine Higgins12/15/2016
Photo ID/Break Room/e-Lounge Hours for Finals Week and IntersessionCatherine Higgins12/14/2015
Photo ID/Student E-mail Helpdesk Summer HoursDonna Allen05/22/2007
Photographers to Shoot 1st Day of Classes & We Need a FavorEkis, Janet08/17/2018
Photography Exhibit Opens Today at Brighton Campus Library!Jacobs, Michael12/02/2021
Photography of ItalySuzanne El Rayess06/04/2003
Photography student is a finalist in the 31st Annual Student Photography ContestVaPA03/15/2011
Photography Students Publish A Book Together With Design Students In TaiwanLeite, Katherine09/11/2017
Photography Students Publish A Book Together With Design Students In Taiwan07/17/2017
Photos from Big Sky Send Off Now OnlineCynthia Cooper07/17/2008
Photos from Dedication of the Alice Holloway Young CommonsCynthia Cooper07/18/2003
Physical and Mental Health DayMelany Silas05/08/2013
Physical Fitness OpportunitiesJanet Dalke05/16/2008
Physical Therapy Transfer PlanningBabcock, Rebecca10/30/2017
Physics DayKumar, Christopher05/08/2018
Physics Students Change the Past at University of RochesterPaul D'Alessandris03/29/2013
Physics Students Explore “Quantum Weirdness” at University of RochesterPaul D'Alessandris03/24/2011
Physics, A.S. – New Degree Registered with NYSED to Begin Fall 2016MaryJo Witz09/14/2015
Pi Day Competition ResultsPeter Collinge, Chair03/16/2006
Pick up Thursday Night's Dinner and Dessert at the Food For Thought Bakeshop Kim Joyce02/26/2015
Pick Up Your Free MCC Global Faces Calendar!Gale Lynch09/13/2016
Picking the Perfect Pumpkin More Challenging This YearBob King, Ph.D.10/07/2008
Pickup of Graduation Regalia - Caps & GownsBlaakman, Etienne05/12/2017
Pictometry: State-of-the-Art Geospatial Imaging in the Image Capital of the WorldLori Annesi11/05/2008
Pie Sale for ThanksgivingLawrence, Andrew11/13/2017
Pierce Accepted to 2005 CCCC Panel in San FranciscoRobert DeFelice03/23/2004
Pierce Appointed to Who's WhoDonna Cox11/04/2005
Pierce Published in "Business Quarterly Communication"Janet Ekis09/06/2007
Pierce Selected for "Who's Who Among America's Teachers"Donna Cox02/28/2006
Pierce, Annesi Led Book DiscusssionDawn Quatro04/07/2010
Pies and Cakes for ThanksgivingDrew Lawrence11/09/2012
Pink Ribbon Time at the BookstorePeggy Ansaldi10/12/2012
Pioneers of TechnologyPeggy VanKirk02/08/2007
Pirjo Berg: Blue Wind - Recent Paintings on Nostalgia (Mercer Gallery)Flack, Jason10/25/2018
Pirooz Kalayeh-Tony Leuzzi Interview Appears in THE BROOKLYN RAILWoodruff, Tina05/02/2018
Pirooz Kalayeh (Visual and Performing Arts) to Present at Filling Station: September 29Leuzzi, Anthony09/25/2017
Pivnick and Goho Present at NYSUT Community College ConferenceMarlene Goho11/17/2003
Pivnick Named to United Way Public Policy TeamJanet Ekis03/11/2005
Pixley Co-authors Article in Bioscience JournalElizabeth Pixley09/19/2002
Pixley Named to Kodak Community BoardCynthia Cooper03/20/2003
PIYO Class for MCC Employees and Guests- Registration is Open!Frisch, Julianna12/20/2017
PIYO Class for MCC Employees!Frisch, Julianna08/29/2017
PIYO for Employees- Still Time to Register!Frisch, Julianna09/12/2017
Pizza with a PurposeSue George, RN02/03/2014
Placement Strategies During COVID-19 Debrief Meeting RecordingJohnson, Gary04/30/2020
Placement Strategies During COVID-19 Webinar Recording and Debrief MeetingJohnson, Gary04/21/2020
Placement Testing Center to MoveDr. Harry Merryman06/05/2003
Placement Testing Center updatesStephen Palmer10/11/2007
Placement Testing Launches New Website & Online SchedulingDan Raimondo06/06/2013
Placement Testing Update: English for Speakers of Other Languages Test Available On Walk-In Basis Starting Today
Dr. Jeanne M. Hinkelman02/28/2005
Placement Testing Update: Next Generation Accuplacer is HereWhite, Sarah10/03/2018
Plan a PartyDianne E McConkey06/29/2006
Planned Brighton Campus Power OutageBlaine Grindle12/19/2006
Planned Intermittent Phone OutageJames Clement01/16/2009
Planned Outage for myMCC/BlackboardAriola, Amy04/02/2018
Planned Outage for myMCC/BlackboardHoover, Jamie04/11/2019
Planned Outage for myMCC/BlackboardHoover, Jamie08/12/2020
Planned Outage for myMCC/BlackboardHoover, Jamie12/18/2020
Planned Outage for myMCC/BlackboardHoover, Jamie05/18/2021
Planned Power OutageRoger Straub04/09/2004
Planned Power OutageRoger Straub06/02/2004
Planned Power Outage 11/24/06Blaine Grindle11/03/2006
Planned Power Outage on Emergency Lights and ExitsDoug Ford07/06/2007
Planned travel to Guinea, Liberia, or Sierra Leone - What You Need to Know Prior to TravelingJacqueline Carson12/15/2014
Planning a College Event? Be Sure to Promote it on MCC's Events CalendarYule, Rosanna08/09/2019
Planning a Spring Event? Please put it on the Events Calendar!Janet Ekis02/03/2016
Planning Begins for Downtown Campus CelebrationsDr. Joel Frater03/28/2017
Planning Begins for Downtown Campus CelebrationsDr. Joel Frater03/09/2017
Planning for Adult SuccessWilliam Sigismond10/10/2013
Planning for financial successPatterson, Vilma02/14/2018
Planning for next fall? Schedule me to present to your class!Gallaro, Shelby05/17/2019
Planning for Summer/Fall Catering EventsAnnette Agness06/08/2010
Planning for the holiday break or looking ahead to your class schedule in February and March....Sue George, RN12/15/2014
Planning for the Holidays - Without Breaking the BankBureau, Suzanne11/03/2017
Planning for the Holidays - Without Breaking the Bank!Patterson, Vilma11/04/2019
Planning for the New Year - Without Breaking the Bank!Patterson, Vilma11/19/2019
Planning Successful Events: Parts 1 and 2 will be offered to faculty and staff during February breakYolanda D. Johnson02/01/2012
Planning to Transfer in the Time of COVIDMack, Rebecca04/17/2020
Plant SaleJan Peters05/06/2005
Plant SaleJennifer Markham11/25/2014
Plant Sale Dec. 8 through Dec. 10Peters, Janet12/08/2021
Planting PartyAnne Barker05/22/2009
Plants Leads MCC to 2nd Place FinishJohn Wadach06/23/2015
Play Black Jack with President Flynn for Charity!Michelle Macirella03/01/2005
Play in the MCC Foundation Scholarship Open July 19!Mark Pastorella06/25/2004
Play the Cross Culture GameDonna Podgorny04/22/2004
Players Needed for Faculty vs. Students Basketball Game!Shaw, Karen09/13/2017
Playing in the Brightspace SandboxGilbert, Andrea12/22/2021
Playwright John Cariani Visits MCC in March!Maria Brandt02/11/2016
Playwright Lauren Gunderson to Visit MCCMaria Brandt01/18/2017
Playwright Molly Smith Metzler at MCC in March! Alice Wilson02/08/2013
Playwright Molly Smith Metzler at MCC This Week! Alice Wilson03/11/2013
Playwright Molly Smith Metzler Visit Spring 2013Alice Wilson11/13/2012
Playwright/Actor John Cariani Visits MCC on Thursday, March 24Maria Brandt03/22/2016
Please be aware ...Set-up for Spirit Week and HomecomingYolanda D. Johnson09/12/2007
Please Check your Tech Before ClassKeys, Terrance02/03/2022
Please come to the Employee Expo TODAY- Wednesday, September 2ndHuman Resources Team09/02/2009
Please Congratulate Otis Young Speak-off Participants!Ilene Benz05/10/2010
Please Consider Participating in Daylight Hour 2019Sleight, Travis06/19/2019
Please consider the CASH program!Ted Limpert12/09/2010
Please consider turning off your lights and participating in Daylight Hour 2018Sleight, Travis06/21/2018
Please Donate Now to the FA Scholarship FundJessica Barone03/24/2016
Please Encourage Students to Apply: Abbott and Fenner Scholarship ProgramRamon L. Rodriguez10/26/2012
Please Encourage your Latino students to Apply for Scholarships for LatinosRamon L. Rodriguez10/08/2008
Please encourage your students to attend:  Get LinkedIn or Get LeftOut!Pam Lazio09/30/2013
Please encourage your students to drop into the RAF Math Learning Center through ZoomErnsthausen, Mark10/06/2020
Please encourage your students to drop into the RAF Math Learning Center through Zoom (Corrected Percentages)Ernsthausen, Mark10/07/2020
Please encourage your talented advisees and students to consider taking Honors Studies courses in Fall 2007Matthew Hachee02/27/2007
Please give us your input on the candidateGrindle, Blaine06/13/2017
Please Give Your Input on the CandidateGrindle, Blaine06/19/2017
Please Help Hospitality Students Earn Money for Educational Trips!!!Diane Cheasty02/06/2013
Please Help Our Community: Food DriveLisa Wallace10/08/2010
Please Help Pets in NeedBette Bovenzi10/27/2008
Please Help Phi Theta Kappa by Sponsoring a Child for Christmas!Maryjane Starr11/21/2016
Please help Phi Theta Kappa by sponsoring a child this holiday season!Jodi Oriel11/09/2015
Please Help Spread the Word: Get the Classes You Want. Register Early!Janet Ekis on behalf of Michael McDonough, Susan Salvador05/10/2012
Please help the MCC Travel Club by shopping at Five Below!Diane Cheasty08/25/2016
Please help the Travel Club, the Hospitality Club and Reflections aid the victims of Hurricane KatrinaJanet Zinck09/26/2005
Please help to bring Christmas to the Oregon Leopold Daycare Center!Jodi Oriel12/09/2009
Please Help Us Cover the Tiny Heinies at the YWCA Adopt-A-Family ProgramPatricia Ornt12/03/2009
Please Help Us Prepare Students for the Part-time Job Fair On Oct. 4th!Sweet, Sherry09/27/2017
Please inform our students: Resources for Students with Disabilities in Need of Financial AssistanceRamon L. Rodriguez02/03/2009
Please Inform Students Interested in the Civil Engineering or Construction Technology Field About Available Scholarships Ramon Luis Rodriguez04/01/2013
Please inform students with disabilities about available resources Ramon L. Rodriguez02/16/2012
Please Inform Students, $5,000 scholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez04/09/2009
Please Inform Students: Elements That May Impact Federal Fnancial AidRamon L. Rodriguez10/08/2012
Please inform students: Governmental Scholarships Ramon L. Rodriguez04/14/2010
Please inform students: Governmental Scholarships Ramon L. Rodriguez04/21/2011
Please Inform Students: Governmental Scholarships Ramon Luis Rodriguez04/12/2013
Please Inform Students: Last Day to Use Bookstore Credit and Late Start ClassesRamon L. Rodriguez09/28/2009
Please inform students: Last day to use bookstore credit and late start classes.Ramon L. Rodriguez09/14/2009
Please inform students: Loan Entrance CounselingRamon L. Rodriguez03/26/2009
Please inform students: Summer Bookstore CreditsRamon L. Rodriguez05/13/2010
Please Inform Students: What to Do if  FSA ID is LockedRamon L. Rodriguez02/08/2016
Please inform your Civil Engineering or Construction Technology StudentsRamon L. Rodriguez04/03/2009
Please Inform Your Civil Engineering or Construction Technology StudentsRamon L. Rodriguez04/08/2010
Please inform your students--Workshop is for Latino male students onlyRamon L. Rodriguez, Instructor03/26/2009
Please inform your students - Paying for College Student Resource GuideRamon L. Rodriguez10/10/2008
Please inform your students: American Society for Quality-Rochester $1000 scholarshipsRamon L. Rodriguez10/02/2009
Please inform your students: ISA Educational Foundation ScholarshipsRamon L. Rodriguez09/17/2009
Please inform your students: National Scholarship Competition for college students with disabilitiesRamon L. Rodriguez09/16/2009
Please Inform Your Students: Repeated Courses and Financial AidRamon L. Rodriguez03/13/2009
Please inform your students: Summer 2009 Bookstore CreditsRamon L. Rodriguez05/14/2009
Please Inform Your Students: Withdrawals Impact Financial AidRamon L. Rodriguez01/29/2010
Please inform your students: $5,000 scholarship availableRamon L. Rodriguez11/11/2008
Please join me in congratulating Janet Zinck, recently honored as a 2018 Woman of Distinction.Oldham, Todd05/14/2018
Please join us in the Brighton Room for the following specials this week!Tony Struzik09/21/2009
Please join us in the Brighton Room for the following specials this week!Tony Struzik11/02/2009
Please join us in the Brighton Room for the following specials this week:Tony Struzik, Dining Services Manager03/22/2010
Please join us Monday, October 15th to learn more about the MCC TPSID/TEAM ProgramMorelli, Jessica10/12/2018
Please join us today for an EAB Webinar: Redesign College Programming to Meet the Needs of Adult StudentsCasalinuovo-Adams, Christine04/16/2019
Please Join us Today! Including Students with Intellectual Disabilities in the College ExperienceMorelli, Jessica10/15/2018
Please join us!!Petersen, Jenny11/01/2021
Please Join Us: AAWCC Day of Dialogue Discussions March 1 and March 6Julianna Frisch02/28/2017
Please Keep Classrooms LockedLeah Dyer09/14/2006
Please Leave your Computer OnDonna Pogroszewski05/05/2004
Please Leave your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski07/20/2004
Please Leave your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski08/16/2004
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski09/22/2004
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski10/27/2004
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski02/14/2005
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski04/25/2005
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski06/21/2005
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski07/26/2005
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski08/16/2005
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski10/19/2005
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski11/15/2005
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski01/31/2006
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski03/21/2006
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski04/25/2006
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski05/31/2006
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski08/17/2006
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski10/10/2006
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski10/17/2006
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski11/29/2006
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski12/19/2006
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski01/24/2007
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski02/13/2007
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski03/06/2007
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski05/08/2007
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski06/27/2007
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski08/28/2007
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski10/02/2007
Please Leave Your Computer On...Donna Pogroszewski01/24/2008
Please Leave Your Computer On... (DCC Only)Donna Pogroszewski03/14/2007
Please Leave Your Computers On…Donna Pogroszewski03/06/2006
Please Let Our Students Know: How to Fulfill the Tax Return Transcript Requirement.Ramon L. Rodriguez08/13/2013
Please Let Students Know: International Business Scholarship $500.00Ramon L. Rodriguez03/25/2008
Please let students know: scholarship available for computer majorsSandra McCormack11/25/2008
Please Let Students Know: Service-Learning Scholarship AvailableTracy Wyant11/07/2013
Please Let Students Know: Six Scholarships in Life-Science Programs AvailableRamon L. Rodriguez11/07/2012
Please Mark Your Calendar and Attend MCC Scholars' Day 2022Oriel, Jodi05/05/2022
Please Note: Change in Default Program Code for 2005-2006 BudgetJodee Biller08/17/2005
Please Note: March 1st Deadline for Leaves ApplicationCarmen Powers01/30/2012
Please Note: Schedule Change for MCC's Annual All College Day ReceptionEkis, Janet08/23/2017
Please Plan to Attend a Faculty Association Membership MeetingMarlene Goho01/14/2003
Please Plan to Attend a Faculty Association Membership MeetingMarlene Goho01/23/2003
Please Plan to Attend an Info Session on the Purchasing ProcessLinda Hall10/26/2016
Please Plan to Attend MCC's 13th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-Off Saturday, May 5th!Ilene Benz04/25/2012
Please Plan to ROC the Day for MCC!Diane Shoger12/02/2013
Please Plan to ROC the Day for MCC!Diane Shoger11/13/2014
Please press the button for pricing for your vending needs!Craig Proctor11/09/2015
Please Promote the Snowball ScholarshipSusan Bender03/03/2009
Please Re-certify WR Courses for Intersession and Spring 2020Burtner, Amy10/09/2019
Please Re-certify WR Courses for Spring 2019Burtner, Amy10/02/2018
Please Re-certify WR Courses for Summer and Fall 2019Burtner, Amy03/05/2019
Please Recertify WR Courses for Intersession and Spring 2017—New Online Tool for Doing SoAmy Burtner10/10/2016
Please Recertify WR Courses for Spring 2015Amy Burtner09/22/2014
Please Recertify WR Courses for Spring 2016 Amy Burtner10/05/2015
Please Recertify WR Courses for Summer and Fall 2014MaryJo Witz02/26/2014
Please Recertify WR Courses for Summer and Fall 2016 Amy Burtner02/11/2016
Please Recertify WR Courses for Summer and Fall 2017Amy Burtner03/02/2017
Please Recertify WR Courses for Summer and Fall 2018Burtner, Amy03/09/2018
Please Refer Your Talented and Motivated Students to the Honors InstituteScott Rudd03/05/2014
Please Remember 292-BABY in Your United Way Pledge (Donor #2406)Jim Coffey03/13/2013
Please Remember MCC Child Care Center during the United Way CampaignAudrey Abbondanzieri04/18/2005
Please Remember the MCC Child Care CenterAudrey Abbondanzieri03/09/2006
Please remind our students to apply for federal student aid for the 2015-2016 school yearRamon L. Rodriguez02/06/2015
Please Remind Students: Brighton Campus Library Open Sunday, December 18thAlice Wilson12/14/2016
Please Remind Students: Free College-Wide Tutoring Available!Patricia Kennedy, Director02/02/2010
Please Remind Students: Online Financial Aid Application Workshops to Be HeldRamon L. Rodriguez02/03/2010
Please Remind Students: Writing Center & WAC Workshop: "How to Succeed in a Writing-Intensive (WR) Course"Jean McDonough04/07/2015
Please Remind Transfer StudentsRamon L. Rodriguez01/27/2010
Please Remind Transfer StudentsRamon L. Rodriguez01/11/2011
Please Remind Your StudentsPamela Mullen09/18/2014
Please Remind Your Students to Register for Fall!Deborah Benjamin05/12/2006
Please Remind Your Students to VoteDonna Brennan05/08/2007
Please Save the Date: FS Presents Open Panel Discussion on Chancellor, NISOD and Hanson AwardsMary-jo Popovici05/15/2009
Please Share with Our Students: Bookstore Credit for the Fall SemesterRamon L. Rodriguez08/20/2013
Please Share with Students: Financial Aid TipsRamon L. Rodriguez12/17/2012
Please Share with Students: FREE College-Wide Tutoring Available!Patricia Kennedy02/08/2016
Please Share with Students: Free College-wide Tutoring Available!Patricia Kennedy06/06/2016
Please Share with Your Students: Mandatory Pooled Testing Before, After Thanksgiving RecessMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly11/10/2020
Please Share with Your Students: Reminder About Mandatory Pooled Testing This WeekMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly11/30/2020
Please Share Your Biden Pictures!Janet Ekis01/31/2014
Please share your thoughts about global education at MCCDebbie Mohr03/04/2011
Please Share: Can students use the FSA ID right away?Ramon L. Rodriguez02/26/2016
Please spread the word about unique scholarship for womenRamon L. Rodriguez11/12/2008
Please support 292-BABY( Donor Designation #2406) when you contribute to the United Way. JimCoffey03/16/2011
Please Take the ETS Technology Planning SurveyTerry Keys04/07/2008
Please Take the ETS Technology Planning SurveyTerry Keys04/25/2008
Please Tell Students about Satisfactory Academic Progress for Federal Financial AidRamon L. Rodriguez10/05/2012
Please tell your students about MCC's college transfer toursCindy Blacklaw03/22/2010
Please Tell Your Students! Career Forum on Wednesday, May 2nd, "What Do Employers Look for When Hiring New College Graduates?"Pam Miller05/01/2012
Please tell your students! MCC's Part-Time Job Fair is Wednesday, October 5   from 11:00am - 1:00pmPam Lazio09/20/2016
Please tell your students! Resume Writing WorkshopPam Miller03/02/2012
Please Tell Your Students: New Program Connects Students to Community ResourcesLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President10/17/2016
Please Tell Your Students: "Interviewing Skills: How to Make the Best Impression"Pam Miller11/03/2011
Please Warn Your Students about Scholarship Scams Ramon L. Rodriguez04/27/2010
Please Welcome Community College TrusteesCynthia Cooper04/14/2011
Please Welcome Gale Lynch, Director of GEISMaryJo Witz10/08/2014
Please Welcome Nancy Lillis to the Grants OfficeRemegia Mitchell03/08/2017
Please Welcome New Assistant Vice President for Administrative Services Darrell Jachim-MooreHezekiah N. Simmons08/07/2009
Please Welcome Our New Catering DirectorTony Struzik, Food Service Director10/24/2006
Pledge to the United Way Campaign before it's too late!Messenger, Ryan04/11/2018
Plenty of games for Homecoming WeekendTom Garigen10/06/2006
Plumeri in Who's Who, Chairs Roundtable DiscussionLauren Pivnick09/24/2007
Plumeri in Who's Who, Chairs Roundtable DiscussionLauren Pivnick09/24/2007
Plumeri Included in Who's WhoJanet Ekis10/02/2007
Plumeri Nominated for Who's WhoSusan Belair05/13/2005
Plumeri Presents at American Sociological Association MeetingsChristine Plumeri09/09/2004
Plumeri Reviews Text, Chairs RoundtableJanet Ekis12/17/2008
Plumeri to Discuss MVP curriculum on WXXIHency Yuen-Eng04/04/2011
Plus 50 Information TableWilliam Sigismond03/12/2013
PLUS Brown Bag Session – Preparing for TenureJoann Santos10/30/2009
PLUS Brown Bag Session Information-CorrectionJoann Santos11/02/2009
Plush Bears in the BookstorePeggy Ansaldi05/09/2012
Podcast of Show on MCC Corporate College Program AvailableYuen-Eng, Hency09/12/2017
Poem published by RainfordTina Morrill02/04/2011
Poet and Fiction Writer Victoria Redel to Speak on CampusJodi Oriel03/02/2004
Poet and Nonfiction Writer Michael Klein Visiting MCCMaria Brandt02/12/2013
Poet and Professor Gary Rainford (English/Philosophy) Poetry reading: April 26Leuzzi, Anthony04/24/2018
Poet Gary Rainford to Read at MCCTony Leuzzi03/16/2015
Poet Gary Rainford to Read at MCCTony Leuzzi03/11/2015
Poet Jane Hirshfield - Evening Reading & Book SigningJanet Ekis04/23/2003
Poet Jane Hirshfield - Evening Reading & Book SigningJanet Ekis03/31/2003
Poet Joan Larkin Reading and WorkshopTony Leuzzi10/14/2014
Poet Mary Oliver to Give Two Presentations on Wednesday, April 25thJodi Oriel04/16/2007
Poet Patricia Smith Leads Discussion about Slam PoetryElizabeth Johnston03/13/2008
Poet Wayne Koestenbaum - Lecture and ReadingMaria Brandt09/25/2007
Poet Wayne Koestenbaum TODAYMaria Brandt10/18/2007
Poetic Minds presents Open Mic at the Damon City CampusSusan Spinetti10/09/2007
Poetry Author Lola Haskins at MCC This EveningJanet Ekis10/19/2005
Poetry Lecture in LibraryLori Annesi04/04/2012
Poetry Lecture in LibraryLori Annesi04/10/2014
Poetry Lecture in Library FridayLori Annesi04/24/2014
Poetry of and Interview with Gary RainfordCathryn Smith11/07/2012
Poetry Published by FaberRobert DeFelice05/05/2005
Poetry Reading--Michael WatersMaria Brandt10/30/2006
Poetry Reading CANCELLEDLori Annesi04/11/2006
Poetry Reading Events Featuring MCC Professor and Author, Dr. Elizabeth JohnstonGale Lynch04/07/2016
Poetry Reading Events Featuring MCC Professor and Author, Dr. Elizabeth JohnstonGale Lynch04/14/2016
Poetry Reading in the MCC Poetry GardenKathy O'Shea04/07/2004
Poetry Reading to Raise Money for Storm ReliefJanet Ekis09/12/2005
Poetry Slam 2005Susan Spinetti02/02/2005
Poetry Slam and Open Mic with Carlos RobsonPeter Fiannaca11/13/2015
Poetry Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/24/2013
Poetry Week: Poetry Reading TONIGHTMaria Brandt04/06/2006
Poetry Week: Student Slam and Faculty Reading TODAYMaria Brandt04/07/2006
Poetry Week: Verse Drama TONIGHTMaria Brandt04/04/2006
Poets and Composers: The Creative Experience at MCCDavid Shaw04/23/2015
Poets in the PondJulie Damerell02/08/2010
Poets & Composers: The Creative Experience at MCCDave Shaw04/08/2014
Poet, Author Gary Soto at MCC Thursday, Oct. 29Tony Leuzzi09/30/2009
Pogroszewski Participates on  Panel at Higher Education Technology Leadership SummitEileen Scorgie10/07/2013
Point of Dispensing ExerciseCoordinator Richard Schill11/03/2014
Point of Dispensing ExerciseRichard Schill01/28/2015
Point of Dispensing Exercise This Friday Richard Schill01/07/2015
Poison Prevention Awareness MonthBenedict, Sarah03/09/2022
Polar Cat Race Series @ MCCJeff Parrinello12/10/2009
Polar Plunge MaryJo Toepfer02/05/2014
Police Accountability Boards: A Panel Discussion and Community ForumScanlon, Joseph11/08/2018
Police Community Relations ForumCoon, Amy12/03/2018
Police Exam Review SessionSmalls, Adrian11/06/2017
Police Response to Kodak Headquarters YesterdayPerez, Tony12/12/2017
Policies - College Community Review and Answers to QuestionsChin, Karen12/14/2021
Policies, Procedures, and ProtocolsWood, Gretchen01/28/2021
Policy Portal ReminderFrisch, Julianna05/16/2019
Policy Portal Reminder!Frisch, Julianna05/09/2019
Policy Portal Update: Academic Honesty PolicyChin, Karen04/28/2021
Policy Portal Update: Cyber Security Awareness and Education PolicyChin, Karen02/19/2021
Policy Portal Update: Data Classification PolicyChin, Karen12/22/2021
Policy Portal Update: Draft Student Attendance PolicyFrisch, Julianna08/06/2019
Policy Portal Update: Freedom of Information Law PolicyFrisch, Julianna05/30/2019
Policy Portal Update: General Education PolicyFrisch, Julianna01/23/2020
Policy Portal Update: Information Technology Security PolicyChin, Karen12/22/2021
Policy Portal Update: Preferred First Name PolicyChin, Karen06/25/2021
Policy Portal Update: Revised 2.4 College Contracts PolicyChin, Karen05/06/2021
Policy Portal Update: Revised 2.7 Assembly, Picketing, and Demonstrating PolicyFrisch, Julianna05/30/2019
Policy Website UpdatesFrisch, Julianna11/25/2019
Policy, Procedure, and Protocol ResourcesFrisch, Julianna06/23/2020
Polish Heritage MonthGary Krolikowski09/24/2002
Political Activist Joan Mandle to Speak on "Money in Politics"Charles Clarke09/17/2009
Political Activities On Campus & Inviting Elected Officials To MCC.Jones, Clayton10/17/2018
Political Activities & Elections RemindersJones, Clayton10/30/2019
Political Activities & Elections RemindersJones, Clayton06/16/2020
Political Campaign ActivitiesDiane M. Cecero10/18/2012
Political Campaign Activities by Public EmployeesCynthia Cooper09/24/2008
Political Campaign Activities by State EmployeesCynthia Cooper10/10/2003
Political Campaign Activities by State EmployeesCynthia Cooper09/15/2004
Political Film Series -- Dr. StrangeloveKevin Eirich01/26/2006
Political Film Series -- Wednesday, October 26, 7:00 p.m.Kevin Eirich10/20/2005
Political ForumRick Sadwick03/15/2004
Political Speech or Incitement to Riot ... Where is the line located?Batistta-Provost, Shirley04/05/2021
Politics at Play in the Selection and Confirmation of a US Supreme Court JudgeBatistta-Provost, Shirley10/06/2020
Pool Hour Update for February BreakPearce, Dale02/16/2022
Pool Maintenance and ShutdownDan Dubois06/22/2004
Pool To Close For ConstructionTom Garigen11/18/2015
Pooled Testing Schedule to Change Next MondayYule, Rosanna05/12/2021
Pooled Testing Schedule: Week of Jan. 31, 2022Yule, Rosanna01/31/2022
Pooled Testing Session TodayYule, Rosanna10/13/2020
Pooled Testing to Begin Next WeekDouglas, Katherine09/23/2020
Pooled Testing? Stop in the MCC Bookstore!Smith, Jaime04/21/2021
Poor Corn Crops Mean More Expensive Food for ShoppersRosanna Condello09/15/2011
Pop Culture DiscussionJodi Oriel04/12/2004
Pop Quiz AnswerCynthia Cooper11/20/2007
Pop Quiz ResultsCynthia Cooper10/24/2006
Pop Quiz Winner Jackie DiMarcoCynthia Cooper04/10/2007
Pop Quiz Winner Judith HillCynthia Cooper12/12/2006
Pop Quiz!Cynthia Cooper10/23/2006
Pop Quiz!Cynthia Cooper12/11/2006
Pop Quiz!Cynthia Cooper02/26/2007
Pop Quiz!Cynthia Cooper04/09/2007
Pop Quiz!Cynthia Cooper05/21/2007
Pop Quiz!Cynthia Cooper10/08/2007
Pop Quiz!Cynthia Cooper11/19/2007
Popovici Quoted in Gates-Chili PostJanet Ekis11/06/2003
Popovici, Proietti & Public Relations Society of America ConferenceTom Proietti09/26/2007
Porcari Family Helps MCC Student-Nurses Complete Degrees, Provides Protective EquipmentWood, Gretchen04/27/2020
Port Point Man Attended MCCDianne E McConkey01/09/2007
Portable Computer InventoryMike Quinn05/13/2010
Portable Computer InventoryMike Quinn05/04/2011
Portable Computer InventoryMike Quinn03/30/2012
Portable Computer InventoryMike Quinn03/29/2013
Portable Computer InventoryMike Quinn05/20/2013
Portable Computer InventoryMike Quinn03/26/2014
Portable Computer InventoryPatrick Bates04/01/2016
Portable Computer InventoryPatrick Bates04/14/2015
Portable Computer InventoryPatrick Bates04/18/2016
Portable Computer InventoryMike Quinn03/31/2015
Portable Computer InventoryPatrick Bates04/10/2017
Portable Computer InventoryPatrick Bates04/24/2017
Portable Computer InventoryBates, Patrick03/14/2018
Portable Computer InventoryBates, Patrick04/12/2018
Portable Computer InventoryBates, Patrick03/20/2019
Portable Computer InventoryBates, Patrick04/03/2019
Portable Computer Inventory:  PostponedPatrick Bates04/15/2013
Portable Computers Appropriate Use and Responsibility AgreementMike Quinn, Controller's Office11/13/2009
Portal Training Today, 10am!Rehbaum, Michael06/30/2022
Portion of Lot Q will be closed Wednesday, September 12Doug Ford09/11/2012
Position Realignment, Reorganization to Move Forward in January 2022Burt-Nanna, DeAnna12/02/2021
Position Realignment, Reorg. Update - VP, Diversity, Equity and Belonging/Exec. Dir. of Downtown CampusLowe, Kristin02/16/2022
Positive Outcomes for Veterans Early Alert ProgramTaine Vinci02/06/2015
Positive Pooled Testing NotificationsPerez, Tony12/10/2020
Positivity DayJohnson, Yolanda03/16/2022
Possible Expansion of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)Gantt, Calvin06/08/2021
Post-St. Patrick's Day Cup of CaffeineJeffery Jones03/18/2015
Post Election Analysis: The AftermathBatistta-Provost, Shirley11/03/2020
Post Season ResultsRobyn Pepicelli03/11/2005
Post Your Event InformationMapes, Cynthia10/29/2018
Postage Stamps-Campus Center Service DeskBrasfield, Sarah01/14/2019
Postage Stamps-Campus Center Service DeskBrasfield, Sarah01/28/2019
Posting of Information at the CollegeBetty Stewart11/20/2015
Posting of Information at the CollegeHolmes, Lloyd02/01/2018
Posting of Information at the CollegeBetty Stewart10/26/2016
Posting of Information at the CollegeHolmes, Lloyd10/15/2018
Postponed -- Student Trustee to Join Dialogue on Radio ProgramYuen-Eng, Hency04/07/2020
Postponed - College-wide Forum on Faculty-Initiated WithdrawalsMurphy, Heather02/16/2018
Postponed Retirement Party for Rick WilkinsonMary Ranghelli04/26/2013
Postponed: Today's Dove Bar DayBenedict, Sarah10/07/2020
Postponement of "Scholarship Is a Conversation," an Information Literacy EventAndrea Kingston, Deborah Mohr, and Alice Wilson02/24/2015
Pot and MunchiesRebecca Herzog, Program Coordinator10/04/2010
Potential Phone System Disruption on the Morning of Friday January 12thClement, James01/11/2018
Poverty MattersTracey Britton11/12/2015
Power change-over this Saturday (8/27) to affect buildings 1, 5, 6, and 7 and campus wide air conditioningBlaine Grindle08/25/2011
Power Disruptions (Weekend of August 20-22)David Schottler08/18/2004
Power Down Computers before Leaving for Break!Doug Ford12/19/2016
Power Interruption SaturdayBlaine Grindle07/17/2014
Power of Diversity Presentation to be Web Cast to DCCAlberta G. Lee10/25/2005
Power of Diversity Series Events Coming Wednesday, ThursdayDonna Pogroszewski, Joann Santos and Charlotte Downing11/16/2010
Power of Positive Human Interaction with Ken Nwadike Jr.Fiannaca, Peter09/28/2017
Power of Positive Human Interaction with Ken Nwadike Jr.Fiannaca, Peter10/02/2017
Power OutageDavid Schottler04/16/2003
Power OutageDavid Schottler04/18/2003
Power outage reminderGrindle, Blaine01/02/2020
Power Outage ReminderGrindle, Blaine06/30/2020
Power Outage Scheduled Tonight/Tomorrow for Buildings, 1, 6, 7 & 21 Blaine Grindle02/24/2012
Power outage this Saturday for buildings 8, 9 and 10Kevin Walton07/25/2008
Power outages in Building 5 this weekendBlaine Grindle03/04/2011
Power Outages PlannedBlaine Grindle12/15/2011
Power Outages Planned for Construction ActivityBlaine Grindle02/17/2011
Power Shut Down for Specific Rooms in Building 4 on December 1st, 2017Charlton, James11/30/2017
Power Shut Down of Buildings 8, 9, 9A and 10Kevin Walton04/07/2008
PowerPoint from "Basics of Search Committees" June 3 WorkshopLavin, Sylvia06/11/2021
PowerPoint Training Available Through ETS Technology Training Program! Ellen Z. Gozik03/09/2010
PowerPoint & Q&A Followup from 3/2/21 Tech Brown BagsLavin, Sylvia03/12/2021
Powers Nominated for Who's WhoRosanna Condello04/04/2005
Powers Quoted in News 10NBC StoryDianne E McConkey04/18/2006
Powers Reflects on Tea Business in Local NewsRosanna Condello05/24/2005
Powers Tapped for Marketing Expertise by Local MediaRosanna Condello02/17/2005
Practical Implementation of Restorative Expanded Functions LectureMary Jo Toepfer03/24/2009
Practicing Moments of GratitudeLee, Stephanie11/22/2021
Practicing Self-Care 101: Getting Back to BalanceSilas, Melany10/01/2018
Practicing Self-Care 101: Getting Back to Balance - Today At Noon!Camp, Alisa10/10/2018
Pratt Joins Men's Lacrosse StaffTom Garigen12/22/2006
Pratt Selected Firefighter of the YearVince Pratt02/28/2008
Prayer and/or Contemplation Space for StudentsGale Lynch11/14/2016
Prayer Service for MCC StudentHenry Brown04/25/2011
Pre-Bid for Gala Auction Items OnlineRosanna Condello04/10/2003
Pre-Collegiate Programs at the Rochester Museum and Science CenterSpencer Sisson01/20/2011
Pre-collegiate programs host third annual Shadow DayCarmelita Brown-Wallace11/11/2011
Pre-Collegiate Service Scholars Group to Foster Service Learning, Community InvolvementDonna Augustine01/27/2010
Pre-Collegiate Shadow DayCarmelita Brown-Wallace11/30/2009
Pre-Collegiate Shadow DayIsac Lee12/06/2012
Pre-Collegiate Students Explore Forensic ScienceCarmelita Brown-Wallace11/15/2010
Pre-Hanukkah PartyKaren Morris12/06/2005
Pre-Migration eMailbox CleanupDonna Pogroszewski12/19/2013
Pre-Register by Monday for Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day – April 9thAnne J. Perry03/27/2009
Pre-Register for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work DayYolanda D. Johnson04/17/2012
Pre-Register for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day Brigitte Martineau04/10/2013
Pre-register for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day by April 8 Yolanda Johnson & Brigitte Martineau03/30/2011
Pre-Register NOW for Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day – April 26Anne J. Perry04/17/2007
Pre-retirement planning seminarsAlberta G. Lee, Director01/11/2007
Pre-Retirement Planning Workshop on February 2The Human Resources Team01/25/2011
Pre-Thanksgiving Coupon SaleIris Mand11/08/2007
Pre-Thanksgiving Food Service HoursDouglas J. Brown, Director11/18/2004
Pre-Thanksgiving SaleIris Mand11/09/2004
Pre-Thanksgiving SaleIris Mand11/18/2008
Pre-Thanksgiving Sale at the BookstoreIris Mand11/06/2006
Pre-Thanksgiving Sale at the Bookstore TODAYPeggy Ansaldi11/21/2012
Pre-Thanksgiving Sale at the MCC BookstoresIris Mand11/20/2009
Pre Thanksgiving SalePeggy Ansaldi11/22/2011
Precision MachiningDianne E McConkey01/07/2008
Preordered Sandwich Wraps Available at OutFlakesJamison Baker, Manager10/13/2006
Prepare and E-file Your Income Tax Return for FreeHarvey-Lee, Peggy02/24/2020
Prepare and E-File Your Income Tax Return for Free on CampusHarvey-Lee, Peggy01/29/2020
Prepare and E-File your Income Tax Return for Free on the Brighton or Downtown CampusHarvey-Lee, Peggy03/09/2020
Prepare and E-file your income tax returns on campus - for FREE. NY State Tax Staff will help you!Harvey-Lee, Peggy02/11/2019
Prepare and E-file your income tax returns on campus - for FREE. NY State Tax Staff will help you!Harvey-Lee, Peggy03/26/2019
Prepare and E-file your income tax returns on campus - for FREE. NY State Tax Staff will help you!.Harvey-Lee, Peggy03/29/2019
Prepare and E-File your income tax returns on campus - for FREE. NY State Tax Staff will help you.Harvey-Lee, Peggy01/30/2019
Prepare and E-file your income tax returns on campus - for FREE. The IRS will help you do it.Harvey-Lee, Peggy01/25/2019
Prepare and E-file your income tax returns on campus - for FREE. The IRS will help you do it.Harvey-Lee, Peggy01/25/2019
Prepare Your Car for That Hot August TripDouglas Rivers07/18/2007
Preparing for Fall 2010 – Campus Wide Social – Wed. March 3, 12-1 PM- 5th floor atrium Rick Sadwick02/25/2010
Preparing for Fall 2010 SemesterAnne M. Kress06/10/2010
Preparing for the Upcoming Job Fair at Damon City CampusIvan Matthew03/13/2006
Preparing Future Teachers for Meaningful Urban EducationDianne E McConkey06/03/2008
Preparing Public Safety Staff for Emergencies on CampusHall, Kevin09/16/2021
Preparing the Local WorkforceCynthia Cooper10/16/2006
Preretirement Planning SeminarsMartha Palermo11/11/2008
Preschool Openings at Child Care CenterSandy Torres02/04/2008
PReschool PRograms at Guon Child Care CenterBarker, Anne10/05/2017
Presentation-- Components of an Integrated Student Support Approach: Building Urgency and EnthusiasmWilkie, Jessica01/23/2018
Presentation - "Israeli Elections - What's at Stake?"Karen Morris03/27/2006
Presentation at New York State United Teachers Professional Issues Forum on Health CareSusan H. Forsyth03/20/2008
Presentation by Ricardo Arnaiz, Mexican Writer, Film Director and ProducerLouis Silvers10/15/2013
Presentation News from MCC Libraries Terry Keys, AVP Instructional Services06/17/2014
Presentation on Anger ManagementBette Bovenzi03/06/2006
Presentation on Bidding, Writing and Designing a BookMarj Crum11/26/2008
Presentation on CARE - Credit Abuse Resistance EducationJanet Townsend10/28/2003
Presentation on Educational Interpreting Program at RIT/NTIDHolly Wynn-Preische03/25/2005
Presentation on Gangs & Youth Violence in RochesterSusan Spinetti03/14/2006
Presentation on Hospitality Law by Professor Karen MorrisKaren Morris02/03/2004
Presentation on military culture by Eric WheelerTaine Vinci03/25/2015
Presentation open to the College Community about MCC students who are parents and how we can help them succeedWanek, Allison11/06/2018
Presentation Today at 12:15 pm - Leaders of Sarayaku: Connecting Indigenous Roots in EcuadorLee, Christina02/24/2021
Presentations at Pop Culture Association ConferenceTina Morrill04/18/2007
Presentations at SUNGARD ConferenceAndrew W. Freeman12/13/2006
Presentation: Growing up Muslim in AmericaO'Keefe, Carly11/18/2019
Presentation: How to Become a School PsychologistSusan Thompson05/09/2011
Presentation: Promoting Autism AcceptanceLee, Stephanie04/08/2021
Presenting 2020 Presidential Elections Webinar; Passionate Disagreements, Perceived Acts of Bias, on campusesBatistta-Provost, Shirley12/05/2019
Presenting a Diversity ExperienceShirley Batistta-Provost01/21/2015
Presenting China Night, The Splendor of ChinaShirley Batistta-Provost04/08/2011
Presenting Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr.Gantt, Calvin09/14/2020
PRESENTING DR. IBRAM KENDI (Awarding Winning author)Batistta-Provost, Shirley09/21/2017
Presenting Epic Rap Performers "Bert and Det"Batistta-Provost, Shirley02/28/2022
Presenting International Day Shirley Batistta-Provost04/24/2014
Presenting International Day (a cultural experience)Shirley Batistta-Provost04/18/2013
Presenting Quiara Alegria Hudes award winning play Water by the SpoonfulBatistta-Provost, Shirley03/05/2019
Presenting Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining"Carl Silvio09/24/2004
Presenting the 14th Annual Model United Nations ProgramShirley Batistta-Provost09/10/2014
Presenting the 2012 MCC National Model United Nations ProgramShirley Batistta-Provost09/22/2011
Presenting the 2015 International Day EventShirley Batistta-Provost04/22/2015
Presenting the 2020 Model United Nations ProgramBatistta-Provost, Shirley09/09/2019
Presenting the 5th Annual Model United Nations ProgramShirley Batistta-Provost10/11/2005
Presenting the Splendor of ChinaShirley Batistta-Provost12/01/2015
Presenting Xtreme Sports "Enemy Opposition"Shirley Batistta-Provost04/24/2008
Presenting "No Home But the Heart" a storytelling/dance performanceBatistta-Provost, Shirley09/27/2018
Presenting: Escuchando Su Voz, (Rochester Area Colleges Listen to the Puerto Rican Community)Batistta-Provost, Shirley10/20/2021
Preserving College ResourcesBob Cunningham11/02/2012
Preserving Our World, Advancing Our Campus: An Update on MCC's Sustainability InitiativesLori Annesi04/16/2007
Preserving your Privacy OnlineCommunications and Network Services03/28/2005
President's Briefing SheetSheila Strong03/02/2012
President's Briefing SheetStrong, Sheila08/29/2018
President's Day Mail ServiceCarol Battles02/17/2014
President's First Week at MCC Generates Media InterestYuen-Eng, Hency05/13/2021
President's Holiday ReceptionNancy Price12/12/2002
President's Holiday ReceptionNancy A. Price10/20/2004
President's Holiday ReceptionNancy A. Price11/02/2005
President's Holiday ReceptionNancy Price12/20/2005
President's Holiday ReceptionNancy A. Price11/14/2006
President's Holiday ReceptionNancy A. Price11/14/2007
President's Holiday ReceptionNancy Price10/17/2008
President's Holiday ReceptionNancy Price10/20/2009
President's Holiday Reception -- Monday, December 17, 2012Sheila M. Strong12/10/2012
President's Holiday Reception -- Save the DateSheila M. Strong11/26/2012
President's Holiday Reception - December 12Strong, Sheila12/09/2019
President's Holiday Reception - Save the DateSheila M. Strong11/14/2014
President's Holiday Reception - Save the Date!Sheila M. Strong11/16/2015
President's Holiday Reception - Save the Date!Strong, Sheila11/14/2017
President's Holiday Reception - Save the Date!Sheila Strong11/09/2016
President's Holiday Reception - Save the Date!Strong, Sheila11/19/2018
President's Holiday Reception - Save the Date!Strong, Sheila11/18/2019
President's Holiday Reception -  Save the DateSheila M. Strong11/14/2013
President's Holiday Reception ReminderSheila Strong12/06/2016
President's Holiday Reception ReminderSheila M. Strong12/01/2015
President's Holiday Reception ReminderStrong, Sheila12/04/2018
President's Holiday Reception Reminder - December 13Strong, Sheila12/04/2017
President's Holiday Reception Reminder - TodayBenedict, Sarah12/13/2017
President's Holiday Reception TodaySheila M. Strong12/15/2015
President's Ice Cream Social ReceptionAlberta G. Lee05/27/2010
President's Learning CircleAnne M. Kress02/25/2010
President's Learning Circle - VolunteersAnne M. Kress03/02/2010
President's MessageAnne M. Kress01/10/2013
President's MessageAnne M. Kress04/03/2014
President's Message to the College CommunitySheila M. Strong03/03/2015
President's Message to the College CommunitySheila M. Strong09/23/2015
President's Message to the College CommunitySheila M. Strong04/13/2016
President's Message to the College CommunityStrong, Sheila09/25/2017
President's Message to the College CommunityStrong, Sheila10/24/2018
President's Message to the College CommunityStrong, Sheila04/02/2019
President's Message to the College CommunityBenedict, Sarah09/23/2019
President's Message to the College Community - Online VideoStrong, Sheila10/16/2017
President's Monthly Birthday Celebration & ConversationNancy Price05/12/2011
President's Open HouseCynthia Cooper06/22/2009
President's Report to the Community PublishedJanet Ekis01/23/2013
President's Report to the Community PublishedJanet Ekis01/24/2014
President's Staff in the MCC LibrariesGhidiu, Katherine01/28/2019
President's Staff in the MCC LibrariesGhidiu, Katherine09/12/2019
President's Staff Office Hours at First Year Experience BoothStrong, Sheila02/07/2019
President's Thursday MessageAnne M. Kress12/01/2011
President's Town Hall Today, February 18 (Virtual Event)Yule, Rosanna02/18/2022
President's Town Hall: Friday, February 18Burt-Nanna, DeAnna02/09/2022
President's Town Hall: Wednesday, April 27Burt-Nanna, DeAnna04/13/2022
President's Town Hall: Wednesday, April 27Burt-Nanna, DeAnna04/21/2022
President's Wednesday's MessageAnne M. Kress02/16/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress09/16/2009
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress10/07/2009
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress10/14/2009
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress10/21/2009
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress10/28/2009
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/04/2009
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress11/11/2009
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress11/18/2009
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress11/25/2009
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress12/02/2009
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress, PhD12/09/2009
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress, Ph.D.12/16/2009
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress01/13/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress01/20/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress01/27/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress02/10/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress02/24/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/03/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress03/10/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress03/17/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress03/31/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/07/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/14/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/28/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress05/05/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress05/12/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress05/19/2010
President's Wednesday MessageCynthia Cooper05/26/2010
President's Wednesday MessageNancy L. Zimpher06/02/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress06/23/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress07/08/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress07/21/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress08/04/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress09/08/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress09/15/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress09/22/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress10/06/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress10/13/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress10/20/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress10/27/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress11/03/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/10/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress11/17/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress12/01/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress12/08/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress12/15/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress12/22/2010
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress01/12/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress01/26/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/02/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress02/09/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/23/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/09/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/23/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/06/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/27/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress, Ph.D.05/04/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress05/18/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress06/15/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress08/31/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress09/14/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress09/21/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress10/05/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress10/12/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress10/26/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress11/02/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/09/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress11/23/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress11/30/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress12/07/2011
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress, Ph.D.01/11/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress01/25/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress02/01/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/08/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/15/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress03/14/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/21/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress04/11/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress04/18/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/25/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress05/02/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress05/16/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress05/23/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress05/30/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress06/13/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress06/20/2012
President's Wednesday MessageJeff Bartkovich, Vice President06/27/2012
President's Wednesday MessageDiane Cecero07/05/2012
President's Wednesday MessageCynthia Cooper07/11/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAlberta Lee07/18/2012
President's Wednesday MessageMichael J. McDonough, Provost and Vice President,07/25/2012
President's Wednesday MessageTodd M. Oldham, Vice President08/01/2012
President's Wednesday MessageEmeterio Otero08/15/2012
President's Wednesday MessageSusan M. Salvador08/22/2012
President’s Wednesday MessageHeze Simmons08/29/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress09/12/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress09/19/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress10/03/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress10/10/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress10/17/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress10/24/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress10/31/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/07/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/14/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress11/28/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress12/05/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress12/12/2012
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress01/23/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress01/30/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/06/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/27/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/06/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress03/20/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress04/17/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress05/01/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress05/15/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress05/29/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress06/12/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress06/26/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress07/10/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress07/24/2013
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President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress09/18/2013
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President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress10/16/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress10/23/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/06/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress, Ph.D.11/13/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/20/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/27/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress12/04/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress12/11/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress12/18/2013
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress01/15/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress01/22/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress, Ph.D.02/05/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/12/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress, Ph.D.02/26/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/05/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/12/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/19/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress, Ph.D.03/26/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/09/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/16/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/23/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress05/07/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress05/15/2014
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President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress05/28/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress06/11/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress07/02/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress07/16/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress07/30/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress08/20/2014
President's Wednesday MessageJeff Bartkovich09/10/2014
President's Wednesday MessageTodd M. Oldham09/17/2014
President's Wednesday MessageJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost and Vice President, Academic Services and09/24/2014
President's Wednesday MessageDiane Shoger/Todd Oldham10/02/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress10/29/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/05/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/12/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/19/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/26/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress12/03/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress12/10/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress12/17/2014
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress01/21/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/16/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress01/28/2015
President’s Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress01/11/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/04/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/01/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/11/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/25/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/25/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/26/2017
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne09/27/2017
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne02/14/2018
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/04/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/20/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress07/22/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress, Ph.D.03/02/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/27/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress06/03/2015
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne05/24/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress05/11/2016
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne05/17/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress07/13/2016
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne01/10/2018
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress06/29/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/22/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/17/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/22/2017
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne12/13/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress01/06/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/08/2017
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne02/07/2018
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress05/13/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress10/19/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress08/24/2016
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne11/29/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress09/14/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress05/20/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/12/2017
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne11/08/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress10/21/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress01/27/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/20/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne Kress05/18/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/08/2015
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne10/25/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress09/23/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress08/10/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress10/12/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/16/2016
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne11/22/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress10/28/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/01/2017
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne08/02/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress08/31/2016
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne11/15/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/15/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/23/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress01/25/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress10/26/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/24/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress05/04/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/20/2016
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne09/13/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/13/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/04/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress09/21/2016
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne06/07/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress08/19/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress08/17/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress05/25/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress01/13/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress09/07/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress09/30/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress01/20/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress06/01/2016
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne07/19/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress06/15/2016
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne01/17/2018
President's Wednesday MessageCynthia Cooper Mapes03/30/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress06/24/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress09/28/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/09/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress12/07/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/02/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress10/05/2016
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne01/31/2018
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/09/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/25/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress12/16/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/15/2015
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne05/10/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/03/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/15/2017
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne11/01/2017
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne12/07/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress09/09/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/10/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress05/06/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/06/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/11/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress07/08/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress02/08/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress12/02/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress12/21/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress12/09/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/22/2017
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne09/20/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress12/14/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress10/07/2015
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne01/24/2018
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress10/14/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/18/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress08/05/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress06/17/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/23/2016
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne06/21/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress04/05/2017
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne05/31/2017
President's Wednesday MessageHency Yuen-Eng05/27/2015
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress07/27/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/30/2016
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress03/29/2017
President's Wednesday MessageAnne M. Kress11/18/2015
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne02/28/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne03/07/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne03/14/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne03/21/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne03/28/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne04/04/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne04/18/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne04/25/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne05/02/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne05/09/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne05/16/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne05/23/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne05/30/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne06/13/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne07/11/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne08/08/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne08/22/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne08/29/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne09/05/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne09/12/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne09/19/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne09/26/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne10/03/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne10/10/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne10/17/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne10/24/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne10/31/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne11/07/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne11/14/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne11/21/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne11/28/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne12/05/2018
President's Wednesday MessageMapes, Cynthia12/12/2018
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne01/23/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne01/30/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne02/06/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne02/13/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne02/20/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne02/27/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne03/06/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne03/13/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne03/20/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne03/27/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne04/03/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne04/24/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne05/01/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne05/08/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne05/15/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne05/22/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne06/12/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne06/26/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne07/10/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne07/24/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne08/14/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne08/28/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne09/04/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne09/11/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne09/18/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne09/25/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne10/02/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne10/16/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne10/23/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne10/30/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne11/06/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne11/13/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne11/20/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne12/04/2019
President's Wednesday MessageKress, Anne12/11/2019
President's Wednesday Message on ThursdayAnne M. Kress01/19/2012
President's Wednesday Message to Return Next WeekKress, Anne04/17/2019
President's Wednesday Message: Empowering Community Colleges to Build the Nation’s Future Jeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost and Vice President, and Lloyd A. Holmes, Vice President09/03/2014
President's Wednesday Message: Proposed Downtown Campus at KodakAnne M. Kress12/14/2011
President's Weekly MessageAnne Kress05/09/2012
President's Weekly MessageDiane Shoger09/06/2012
President's Weekly MessageAnne M. Kress01/30/2014
President's Weekly MessageKress, Anne08/16/2017
President's Weekly MessageAnne M. Kress04/20/2017
President's Weekly MessageAnne M. Kress03/17/2016
President's Weekly Message to be Shared on ThursdayAnne M. Kress01/29/2014
President Attends Inauguration of Daan BravemanNancy A. Price10/11/2005
President Burt-Nanna Discusses Diversity, Equity, Inclusion on WROC-TVYuen-Eng, Hency09/16/2021
President Burt-Nanna Joins Rep. Morelle in Advocating for Affordable, Quality Education for More FamiliesYuen-Eng, Hency06/11/2021
President Burt-Nanna Presents at MI-ACE Annual ConferenceHall, Linda06/21/2021
President Bush's Featured Meal at Reflections on MondayDrew Lawrence and Jodi Oriel10/03/2008
President Bush in TownCynthia Cooper05/24/2005
President Clinton's Featured Meal at Reflections on WednesdayJodi Oriel10/07/2008
President Donald J. Trump on Flying the Flag at Half-Staff for the Passing of Barbara BushFord, Douglas04/19/2018
President Flynn's Commencement Speech Now AvailableJanet Ekis07/07/2008
President Flynn’s Retirement GiftCynthia Cooper05/13/2008
President Flynn's "Great Year"Cynthia Cooper08/27/2008
President Flynn addresses EDU500 Course FacultyNancy Price10/10/2003
President Flynn Addresses Empire State Honors Scholarship RecipientsNancy Price05/02/2003
President Flynn Addresses Engineering Leadership CouncilNancy Price03/31/2003
President Flynn Addresses Higher Education Committee, New York State AssemblyNancy Price11/04/2004
President Flynn Addresses Leadership Class at Damon CampusNancy Price03/26/2003
President Flynn Addresses Students at #44 SchoolNancy Price12/04/2002
President Flynn Addresses the New York Association of Consulting EngineersNancy Price01/11/2003
President Flynn and Jessica Brown '02 Interviewed for Infinity RadioNancy Price09/06/2002
President Flynn Appointed to AACC CommissionNancy Price09/20/2006
President Flynn Appointed to AACC Task Force on Homeland SecurityNancy Price02/12/2004
President Flynn Delivers Commencement AddressNancy Price11/04/2004
President Flynn Discusses Health Care Partnership on WHAM-1180AMRosanna Condello12/07/2007
President Flynn Honorary Chairman Armed Forces DayNancy Price05/21/2008
President Flynn Honored at AACC Annual ConventionNancy A. Price04/15/2008
President Flynn Honored at PTK International ConventionNancy A Price04/14/2008
President Flynn Joins Night Shift for Team Building EventHeze Simmons05/06/2008
President Flynn Keynote Speaker at Johnson County Community CollegeNancy A. Price05/15/2006
President Flynn Keynote Speaker at Workforce Development WorkshopNancy Price04/13/2007
President Flynn Named to Interactive Webcast Panel Led by Senator ClintonCynthia Cooper04/13/2004
President Flynn on 10 NBC on SundayCynthia Cooper06/12/2008
President Flynn Panelist on ForumNancy Price11/13/2007
President Flynn Participates in College Presidents SummitRosanna Condello12/18/2006
President Flynn Participates in the Inauguraton of Dr. Mason H. SomervilleNancy A. Price05/02/2003
President Flynn Presentation at AGB Leadership ForumNancy Price02/12/2004
President Flynn Presents at Presidents' Leadership SeminarNancy Price10/25/2006
President Flynn Quoted in University Business MagazineCynthia Cooper12/16/2002
President Flynn receives a $1,000 Scholarship CheckHeze Simmons06/24/2008
President Flynn Receives President of the Year AwardNancy Price03/24/2004
President Flynn Retirement Reception PhotosCynthia Cooper06/11/2008
President Flynn Testifies Before Assembly Higher Education CommitteeCynthia Cooper10/22/2004
President Flynn to Address Open Forum TodayMary Timmons10/17/2007
President Flynn to Appear on 1370 ConnectionCynthia Cooper06/29/2004
President Flynn to be on WXXI RadioCynthia Cooper01/23/2006
President Flynn to Chair ASACC National Advisory CouncilNancy Price02/12/2004
President Flynn to Retire After 33 Years at MCCCynthia Cooper05/31/2007
President Flynn, Wolk Foundation Trustees to Receive Salute to ExcellenceRenee St. Louis11/19/2007
President Kress's Budget Presentation SlidesMapes, Cynthia04/16/2018
President Kress's Message to the College CommunityCynthia L. Cooper10/21/2010
President Kress's Message to the College CommunityHency Yuen-Eng02/28/2011
President Kress's Message to the College CommunityCynthia Cooper03/04/2011
President Kress's Message to the College CommunityHency Yuen-Eng02/13/2012
President Kress's Message to the College CommunitySheila M. Strong03/06/2014
President Kress's Message to the College CommunitySheila M. Strong09/23/2014
President Kress's Message to the College Community Hency Yuen-Eng02/08/2011
President Kress's Message to the College Community Video RecordingStrong, Sheila05/08/2018
President Kress's "Best of Rochester" Community NotebookCynthia Cooper06/30/2009
President Kress and Bob LonsberryCynthia Cooper10/21/2013
President Kress honored as Woman of DistinctionCynthia Cooper05/25/2011
President Kress Interviewed for WDKX Podcast by MCC StudentMapes, Cynthia08/27/2019
President Kress Named Co-chair of Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development CouncilCynthia Cooper Mapes04/28/2016
President Kress on 1370 Connection TodayCynthia Cooper12/17/2012
President Kress on MentorshipCynthia Cooper Mapes01/17/2017
President Kress on Need to Know RochesterCynthia Cooper08/17/2012
President Kress on the Radio Sunday EveningCynthia Cooper04/02/2015
President Kress on the Radio TodayCynthia Cooper10/12/2009
President Kress on the Radio TomorrowCynthia Cooper Mapes02/20/2017
President Kress on WBEE; Recording AvailableCynthia Cooper04/06/2015
President Kress Out of the Office, Recovering from IllnessMapes, Cynthia06/29/2018
President Kress Presentation on Social Media for AACC Online Leadership AcademyCynthia Cooper04/04/2014
President Kress Profiled in Article on Social MediaColleen Brennan-Barry09/06/2012
President Kress quoted in The Chronicle of Higher EducationCynthia Cooper Mapes03/31/2017
President Kress responds to question about community college effectivenessRosanna Condello07/18/2012
President Kress Responds to the Budget Resource Committee’s RecommendationsDarrell Jachim-Moore and Mitchell Redlo06/20/2016
President Kress Shares her Inspiring BookKimberley Collins, Kristen Love, Mark McBride, Shirley Provost04/23/2014
President Kress Talks Downtown Campus Saturday MorningCynthia Cooper01/20/2012
President Kress to be Guest on WXXI's 1370 Connection with Bob SmithJanet Ekis09/17/2012
President Kress to be on Saturday Radio ProgramCynthia Cooper09/18/2009
President Kress to Faciliate Conversation on ‘Why Don’t Students Like School?’Gene Marino09/15/2010
President Obama's "America's College Promise" Proposal Creates Spotlight on MCCCynthia Cooper01/13/2015
President Obama Announces Community College InitiativesCynthia Cooper07/15/2009
President Talks Renaissance SquareCynthia Cooper10/11/2007
President Tyree is Guest on WXXI Radio Program TodayCynthia Cooper09/08/2008
Presidential Candidate WithdrawsCynthia Cooper04/21/2008
Presidential Debate Watch PartyJoseph Scanlon09/23/2016
Presidential Finalist Open HearingsBonnie Connell04/14/2009
Presidential Finalists Open ForumsRichard Degus05/07/2008
Presidential Finalists Open HearingsBonnie Connell04/15/2009
Presidential Finalists to be AnnouncedLarry W. Tyree03/30/2009
Presidential InaugurationIlene Benz and Terry Keys11/17/2009
Presidential Inauguration -- Don't forget to order regaliaIlene Benz and Terry Keys02/24/2010
Presidential Inauguration 2013:  Watch and TalkProfessor Verdis Robinson01/17/2013
Presidential Inauguration BroadcastSteve Weider01/20/2009
Presidential Inauguration Festivities Televised at Damon City CampusRick Sadwick01/15/2009
Presidential Inauguration UpdateCynthia Cooper and Terri Tugel10/15/2009
Presidential Open HouseAnne M. Kress06/09/2009
Presidential Primary Analysis and Q & AJoseph Scanlon04/26/2016
Presidential Scholarships Reward High Achievers, Target Local Workforce NeedsRosanna Condello04/25/2006
Presidential Search - Opportunity for InputRichard Degus11/05/2008
Presidential Search Advisory Committee EstablishedLovenheim, Barbara02/24/2020
Presidential Search Advisory Committee NamedCynthia Cooper12/09/2008
Presidential Search Committee Formation InformationBabcock, Rebecca05/01/2020
Presidential Search Consultant VisitRichard Degus10/27/2008
Presidential Search Finalists' Interview DatesBabcock, Rebecca10/30/2020
Presidential Search Finalists' Interviews Re-scheduledCynthia Cooper04/09/2008
Presidential Search Finalists Interview Schedule SetCynthia Cooper03/28/2008
Presidential Search in the NewsCynthia Cooper11/08/2007
Presidential Search InputBonnie Connell12/15/2008
Presidential Search Input - Corrected Email AddressRichard Degus11/07/2008
Presidential Search Input SurveyMary Timmons10/15/2007
Presidential Search Interviews Postponed; Board Meeting ScheduledRich Guon03/31/2008
Presidential Search Site Goes LiveCynthia Cooper12/01/2008
Presidential Search Survey ResultsDixon, William02/15/2021
Presidential Search UpdatesBabcock, Rebecca09/09/2020
Presidential Search: Next StepsLovenheim, Barbara11/20/2020
Presidential Transition Town Hall Video AvailableYule, Rosanna05/11/2021
Presidential Transitions and Their Impact on the Subsequent AdministrationBatistta-Provost, Shirley12/09/2020
Pres. Flynn to Address Open ForumMary Timmons10/09/2007
Prevenative Care and Making the Most out of Your Healthcare Plan - PowerPointBenedict, Sarah06/03/2021
Prevent Expiring Software Licenses While Working RemotelyGallion, Christine02/08/2021
Prevent Losing Your FilesGallion, Christine08/14/2018
Prevent Losing Your FilesGallion, Christine08/28/2018
Preventative Care and Making the Most Out of Your Health Care Plan with Excellus BlueCross BlueShieldBenedict, Sarah05/26/2021
Preventing Identity Theft - What you can doJeff Dunker10/07/2015
Preventing Loss of Academic ResearchJohn Perrone06/17/2015
Prevention-Health Habits to RememberDonna Mueller06/24/2009
Prevention & Education Instagram (@LoveBetterMCC)Gallaro, Shelby02/13/2019
Preview New Sodexo Catering Menus or Place an Order Online.Higgins, Catherine09/03/2020
Price Change for Rhinos Tickets for SaturdayHuman Resources Team09/30/2016
Price Participates in Women United Fashion FinaleDr. Susan Salvador04/30/2004
Pride Alliance 2009 Drag ShowShirley Batistta-Provost11/18/2009
Pride Gathering at the Bachelors Forum on July 17Debbie Mohr06/28/2013
Pride Gathering at the Bachelors Forum on July 17Debbie Mohr07/15/2013
Pride Month Film Series: Equality UJessica Wilkie04/19/2012
Pride Month Film Series: Ready? OK!Jessica Wilkie04/06/2012
Pride Month Film Series: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the DesertJessica Wilkie04/25/2012
Princeton, Yale, Amherst, Williams, and Pomona - Oh My!Mack, Rebecca09/30/2021
Print-On-The-GoETS Communications09/05/2012
Print Queues Changing on PCsDonna Pogroszewski06/26/2015
Printer/Copier InventoryTerry Keys08/02/2013
Printing Changes at Applied Technologies CenterClement, James01/04/2018
Printing Course Book Lists and Clerk ServiceSuter, Charlene08/22/2017
Printing Services is OpenSkehan, Michele08/13/2020
Printing Services Launches New Online Request for Services FormBill Gruhn05/27/2009
Prioetti on WXXI'S 1370 ConnectionTom Proietti01/25/2010
Priority Registration Downtown CelebrationMiller, Douglas10/13/2017
Priority Registration for Fall 2016 Begins TodayRick Sadwick03/07/2016
Priority Registration for Fall 2017 Rick Sadwick03/06/2017
Priority Registration for Spring 2017 Rick Sadwick10/27/2016
PRISM Multicultural Center's Open HouseGantt, Calvin09/04/2019
Prism Multicultural Center and Veteran Services Open HouseBatistta-Provost, Shirley03/04/2022
PRISM Multicultural Center Presents Graffiti 101 Today Shirley Batistta-Provost10/19/2016
PRISM Multicultural Center Presents: Introducing Kemetic Yoga “Taking Care of Mind and Body”Shirley Batistta-Provost10/19/2016
PRISM Multicultural Center Says Hello and Welcome BackShirley Batistta-Provost01/24/2017
Privacy Roundtable -- Tonight!!Kevin Eirich10/10/2005
Private Benjamin to be shown for Sociology Film Series at DamonChristine Plumeri05/16/2005
Private ScholarshipsRamon L. Rodriguez04/04/2008
Private ScholarshipsRamon L. Rodriguez04/06/2015
Private Scholarships Ramon L. Rodriguez04/19/2011
Private Scholarships Ramon Luis Rodriguez04/19/2013
Prizes & the Rules of the Game - Commencing this Coming Thursday, the 22nd!Etienne Blaakman10/19/2015
Problem Gambling Presentation TodayNazzaro, Robert12/04/2019
Procedure for Presentations at Future League ConferencesDr. Susan Salvador03/12/2004
Proeitti Elected Board of Directors President of Little TheatreJanet Ekis06/29/2005
Proeitti Inducted Into the Jack Palvino Communication/Journalism Hall
of Fame at St. John Fisher College
Janet Ekis10/08/2002
Profesor Morris Makes PresentationKaren Morris03/08/2005
Professional Development - What the Best College Teachers Do.Jeffrey W. Thompson12/21/2006
Professional Development Event--Academies Lunch and LearnKaren McCarthy12/18/2014
Professional Development Event--Academies Lunch and LearnKaren McCarthy01/06/2015
Professional Development Event: Helicopter ParentsBonnie Connell01/10/2008
Professional Development for All EmployeesEmeterio M. Otero04/26/2006
Professional Development ForumDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel11/11/2002
Professional Development ForumDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel11/18/2002
Professional Development on Nov. 10Emeterio M. Otero10/16/2006
Professional Development Opportunities – 3D Printing, and Using Video Clips!Ellen Z. Gozik02/25/2008
Professional Development Opportunities for April - eWAY, VoIP and ANGEL!Ellen Z. Gozik03/27/2007
Professional Development Opportunities for December - SynchronEyes (Classroom Management Software) and Turning Point Clickers (Student Response System)!Ellen Z. Gozik11/27/2006
Professional Development Opportunities for October!Ellen Z. Gozik09/27/2006
Professional Development Opportunities for October!Ellen Z. Gozik10/03/2007
Professional Development Opportunities on Campus – Using E-Reserves and Second Life!Ellen Z. Gozik09/29/2008
Professional Development Opportunities, On Campus and Free – Digital TV Conversion, I-Stream and Talking Heads!Ellen Z. Gozik10/15/2008
Professional Development OpportunityDiane M. Cecero09/14/2011
Professional Development Opportunity– Second Life!Ellen Z. Gozik10/31/2007
Professional Development Opportunity - Fighting Food FraudRobert King05/17/2016
Professional Development Opportunity Rescheduled from January 5Bakewicz, Christina02/06/2018
Professional Development Opportunity Rescheduled from January 5Bakewicz, Christina01/16/2018
Professional Development Opportunity: Mental Health First Aid for Faculty, Staff and AdministratorsGlasgow, Shannon02/01/2018
Professional Development Opportunity: Mental Health First Aid for Faculty, Staff and AdministratorsGlasgow, Shannon02/13/2018
Professional Development Opportunity: Mental Health First Aid for Faculty, Staff and AdministratorsGlasgow, Shannon12/08/2017
Professional Development Opportunity: Mental Health First Aid for Faculty, Staff and AdministratorsGlasgow, Shannon04/18/2018
Professional Development Opportunity: Mental Health First Aid for Faculty, Staff and AdministratorsGlasgow, Shannon04/20/2018
Professional Development Opportunity: Mental Health First Aid for Faculty, Staff and AdministratorsGlasgow, Shannon04/20/2018
Professional Development Opportunity: Recruitment and Hiring Best PracticesDiane M. Cecero12/22/2010
Professional Development Opportunties - Office 2007 Overviews and Citation Generators!Ellen Z. Gozik02/04/2008
Professional Development RescheduledEmeterio M. Otero05/23/2006
Professional Development SeriesDelate, John02/05/2020
Professional Development Series: Creating an Inclusive EnvironmentBatistta-Provost, Shirley12/04/2019
Professional Development Session on Differentiated InstructionRedlo, Jesse05/28/2018
Professional Development Session on Differentiated InstructionRedlo, Jesse06/05/2018
Professional Development Sessions Offered by GEISGale Lynch06/04/2015
Professional Development Week Program, June 6-10Salsburg Taylor, Judi05/27/2022
Professional Development Week Proposals Due February 23rdScanlon, Joseph02/15/2018
Professional Development Week Schedule Available!Amanda Colosimo05/10/2016
Professional Development Week Workshop: The MCC Libraries' College Research Badging ProgramWilson, Alice06/02/2020
Professional Development Week: Schedule at-a-glanceSalsburg Taylor, Judi05/05/2022
Professional Development Workshop for MCC Faculty - “The Changing Aesthetics of Holocaust Art and Memorials”Tony Leuzzi05/24/2010
Professional Development WorkshopsFaculty Senate12/15/2005
Professional Development: Transfer Admissions Application Review Process for The College at Brockport, RIT, St. John Fisher College, & SUNY Geneseo Christian Kull03/18/2013
Professional Enrichment OpportunitiesDelate, John12/14/2020
Professional Leave Proposal DeadlineAnne Hughes02/01/2005
Professional LeavesMark Sample10/17/2013
Professional Wellness MonthBenedict, Sarah06/09/2022
Professional Women's Soccer Stars to Play at MCCRobyn Malloy04/11/2003
Professional Women's Soccer Teams to Play at MCCTracey Britton04/08/2003
Professional Workshop Series: Recognizing and Challenging Gifted StudentsDeborah Scott03/15/2006
Professor Alexis Vogt Addresses the Skilled Labor Crisis in Optics and Photonics in SPIE ArticleNoonan, Susan02/16/2022
Professor and Director Emeritus Douglas J. Brown, Health and Physical Education and Campus CenterBurt-Nanna, DeAnna03/10/2022
Professor Angelique Johnston to Join CCHA Panel on Community College Faculty ScholarshipJacobs, Michael03/17/2021
Professor Angelique Stevens Presents at the Finger Lakes ForumTina Morrill10/22/2012
Professor Angelique Stevens Selected for Writing Award at Bread Loaf 2019Woodruff, Tina06/18/2019
Professor Banke Awopetu-McCullough Produces Commercial for the RCSDBanke Awopetu-McCullough07/05/2016
Professor Cathy Smith's Art Installation "Embedded" at Visual Studies WorkshopLeuzzi, Anthony10/17/2017
Professor Christopher Kumar (Engineering Science and Physics) to Present at Filling Station, December 1Leuzzi, Anthony11/28/2017
Professor Dale Abbey, Geosciences (Retired)Burt-Nanna, DeAnna09/27/2021
Professor Demario Brantley Interviewed on Soulstainable Living Radio ShowGraham, Tokeya12/06/2017
Professor Diane Fitton Presents at Bucks County Community CollegeAmy Burns06/18/2012
Professor Diane Fitton Presents at League for Innovation Conference Diane Fitton03/08/2012
Professor Diane Fitton Presents at NISODAmy Burns06/07/2012
Professor Drumright Presents at Genesee Community College on the Civil WarNayda Pares-Kane03/08/2012
Professor Elizabeth Johnston (English/Philosophy) Wins National Poetry AwardLeuzzi, Anthony09/20/2021
Professor Elizabeth Laidlaw Article is Published Tina Morrill06/12/2012
Professor Emerita Eileen T. Morton-Cubitt, Office TechnologyBurt-Nanna, DeAnna04/26/2022
Professor Emerita Helene S. “Kay” Charron, RN, NursingAnne M. Kress08/09/2010
Professor Emerita Jill Snyder, Office TechnologyKress, Anne11/01/2019
Professor Emerita Lesta C. Wren, English/PhilosophySimmons, Hezekiah01/31/2020
Professor Emerita Mary Lou Miller, NursingLarry Tyree, Ed.D.10/23/2008
Professor Emerita of Dental Hygiene Kjellaug "Chell" Gilda, DMDDouglas, Katherine11/23/2020
Professor Emerita Patricia Donahue, Information and Computer TechnologiesBurt-Nanna, DeAnna07/16/2021
Professor Emeritus David Day Quoted in D&C ArticleJanet Ekis01/30/2008
Professor Emeritus Donald J. Bell, Physical Education Anne M. Kress10/21/2014
Professor Emeritus Eddy Callens, CEC, CCE Anne M. Kress05/19/2011
Professor Emeritus Gustav J. Garay, Ph.D., BiologyAnne M. Kress08/01/2012
Professor Emeritus John W. Brown, Jr. (Business Administration)Burt-Nanna, DeAnna11/03/2021
Professor Emeritus John W. Lloyd, Business Administration/EconomicsAnne M. Kress02/05/2010
Professor Emeritus Joseph E. Berger, MCC’s First Associate Vice President for Academic AffairsAnne M. Kress02/01/2017
Professor Emeritus McDade Plays the DevilGeorge Campbell McDade03/07/2005
Professor Emeritus of Geosciences Thomas X. GrassoBurt-Nanna, DeAnna06/13/2022
Professor Emeritus Pete French to Guest on WXXIJanet Ekis01/19/2006
Professor Emeritus Robert A. Gullo, MathematicsBurt-Nanna, DeAnna11/17/2021
Professor Emeritus Ronald Kostecke, Ed.D., Counseling CenterDouglas, Katherine08/14/2020
Professor Emeritus Setek Receives Brockport Alumni AwardAnnette Leopard03/06/2013
Professor Emeritus Steven J. Lesko, Jr., Civil TechnologyAnne M. Kress03/19/2013
Professor Emeritus Thomas Wells, GeosciencesDouglas, Katherine08/14/2020
Professor Emeritus to be Sept. 11th Guest on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis09/09/2008
Professor Emeritus Wins Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser Award Diane L. Shoger11/09/2010
Professor Emeritus Wren Records Hole-in-OneJanet Ekis06/20/2006
Professor Ernsthausen to Participate in Federal ProjectMichael McDonough04/27/2011
Professor E. Jethro Gaede to Present at Filling Station: A Faculty Research Presentation SeriesMargarita Ortiz10/16/2015
Professor Finch Interviewed About Victim Advocate TrainingYuen-Eng, Hency04/20/2021
Professor James Coffey awarded the 2011 Dr. Wesley T. Hanson Award for Teaching ExcellenceCarmen Powers04/28/2011
Professor James Norman Receives Distinguished Alumnus AwardPares-Kane, Nayda11/23/2021
Professor James R. Cronmiller Presented at the 2014 STEMtech ConferenceSusan Warner11/18/2014
Professor Janice Volland to Represent Faculty at the 2021 Commencement as the Faculty MarshalWade, Andrea05/17/2021
Professor Jasna Bogdanovska and her Photography Students Exhibit Work in South KoreaJacobs, Michael10/05/2021
Professor Joe Marchese Identifies Factors Driving 'Staycations'Rosanna Condello08/07/2008
Professor Joe Marchese Presentation on "Retirement Savings Options" Sonja Lenhard04/21/2016
Professor John Nyerges to be the Featured Pianist for the Buffalo PhilharmonicJacobs, Michael04/28/2021
Professor Jon Little presents at Cornell University conferenceLee, Christina03/14/2018
Professor Jonathon Little to Present at Filling Station This FridayLeuzzi, Anthony03/02/2020
Professor Jonathon Little Wins the 2021 James Kweku Mentoring AwardLee, Christina04/26/2021
Professor Karen Morris Gives PresentationKaren Morris02/07/2006
Professor Karen Morris Gives Presentation at Annual Conference of Hospitality LawyersKaren Morris03/05/2012
Professor Karen Morris Gives Presentation at Business Law ConferenceKaren Morris04/26/2005
Professor Karen Morris Gives PresentationsKaren Morris05/12/2011
Professor Karen Morris Gives Presentation, Wins AwardMorris, Karen08/02/2018
Professor Karen Morris Gives SermonKaren Morris02/03/2004
Professor Karen Morris Gives Two PresentationsKaren Morris06/07/2012
Professor Karen Morris In Podcast on Harry Potter and the LawKaren Morris06/21/2012
Professor Karen Morris Makes A Conference PresentationMorris, Karen05/10/2018
Professor Karen Morris Presents at American Bar Association-Sponsored ConferenceKaren Morris03/24/2009
Professor Karen Morris Wins Award for Service to EducationKaren Morris05/03/2012
Professor Kathleen Farrell Discusses Student Project on WHAM13Janet Ekis12/20/2013
Professor Kathleen O'Shea Groundbreaking Literature AnthologyLeuzzi, Anthony08/24/2020
Professor Kathy O'Shea Receives "Best Book Awards" HonorLeuzzi, Anthony11/19/2021
Professor Kathy O'Shea to Speak at the Pittsford Community LibraryLeuzzi, Anthony07/09/2021
Professor Laurie Palmer Wins March of Dimes Nurse Educator of the Year AwardShafer, Audrey10/16/2018
Professor Listed in Who's WhoJan Wiranowski05/12/2004
Professor Louis Silvers to Present at Filling Station: A Faculty Research Presentation Series, February 9Leuzzi, Anthony02/02/2018
Professor Marchese Interviewed about Spending Tax RebatesRosanna Condello04/30/2008
Professor Maria Brandt Co-Authors Newly Published Critical ArticleLeuzzi, Anthony09/01/2020
Professor Marisol Galarza-Ruiz Selected for Cornell University FellowshipLee, Christina05/15/2019
Professor Mary DiSano to Represent Faculty at the 2022 Commencement as the Faculty MarshalMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly05/17/2022
Professor Melany J. Silas Appointed Chair to the African American Affinity GroupMelany J. Silas10/24/2016
Professor Melany J. Silas Hosts Angela DavisMelany J. Silas09/26/2016
Professor Melany Silas Facilitates Professional Development TrainingMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly10/19/2017
Professor Melany Silas Honored in the CommunityAnne Kirkpatrick06/23/2014
Professor Michael Boester to Present at Filling Station: A Faculty Research Presentation SeriesTony Leuzzi11/17/2015
Professor Morris Featured in Podcast; Also Gives Two Book ReviewsKaren Morris05/10/2013
Professor Morris Gave a Presentation and Appeared on TVKaren Morris02/26/2014
Professor Morris Gives PresentationKaren Morris08/18/2011
Professor Morris Gives Several PresentationsKaren Morris03/25/2015
Professor Morris Is Featured Speaker at National ConferenceMorris, Karen04/27/2018
Professor Morris Presents at the Academy of Legal Studies in Business, Northeast RegionMorris, Karen05/21/2018
Professor Morris Reviews 'Billy' by Albert FrenchKaren Morris01/27/2005
Professor Natasha Christensen to Speak at LSU's Manship School of Mass CommunicationJacobs, Michael09/28/2021
Professor Nyerges a Featured Guest Artist and Soloist with the RPOJohn NYerges04/23/2015
Professor of Philosophy Emeritus Derek Harrison to Give McMurry LectureRobert L. Muhlnickel09/28/2016
Professor Paul D’Alessandris Featured in Campus TechnologyJeffrey P. Bartkovich, Interim Provost & Vice President07/11/2014
Professor Richard Stevens' Salamander Research Featured in Rochester Academy of Sciences BulletinKaminsky, Margaret07/28/2022
Professor Robert Brown appointed as Vice Chair for National ASEKathleen Schiefen03/11/2005
Professor Robert B. Nenno, Mathematics (Retiree)Burt-Nanna, DeAnna12/15/2021
Professor Robert Leopard Presents at HAPS ColumbusLeopard, Robert07/05/2018
Professor Robert Muhlnickel Selected for Cornell University FellowshipLeuzzi, Anthony04/23/2019
Professor Sherry Tshibangu Participates in Stevens Initiative Webinar On Thursday - Please Join UsLee, Christina06/19/2019
Professor Sherry Tshibangu Presents at Internationalization Web ConferenceLee, Christina12/08/2020
Professor Sherry Tshibangu Presents at the 2019 IVEC ConferenceLee, Christina11/04/2019
Professor Stasia Callan Recipient of Writing Across The Curriculum AwardTony Leuzzi04/29/2003
Professor Terrill Tugel selected as the 2012 Legacy Lecture HonoreeCarmen Powers03/29/2012
Professor Tokeya C. Graham Featured in the Democrat and Chronicle and on 13WHAM's "Many Voices, Many Visions"Tokeya C. Graham11/29/2016
Professor Tom Proietti Shares His "Living United" StoryAnnette Agness03/16/2009
Professor Tony Leuzzi Interviews Acclaimed Poet and Critic Albert MobilioJacobs, Michael02/08/2021
Professor Tracey Graney Presents at ASCLS-NYMurphy, James06/19/2017
Professor Vogt Attends SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing ConferenceNoonan, Susan04/28/2022
Professor Vogt Interviewed About Optics Program in PodcastYuen-Eng, Hency06/15/2021
Professor Vogt to Participate in STEM Webinar on June 18Oldham, Todd06/16/2021
Professor William Drumright Featured in City NewspaperWilliam Drumright09/11/2009
Professor William G. Yanklowski, Engineering TechnologiesBurt-Nanna, DeAnna05/11/2022
Professors Barone and Colosimo Partner with SUNY Geneseo Professors to Prepare Future STEM TeachersKaminsky, Margaret03/28/2022
Professors Diane Fitton and Lisa Bierre Present at NY Model Transition Winter ConferenceDiane Fitton, COS Coordinator12/15/2008
Professors Fitton and Bierre Present at NYCLSA 32nd SymposiumDiane Fitton04/02/2009
Professors Jann Avery & Tracy Wyant Named to Rochester Early College International High School Planning Team. Kate Schiefen11/03/2010
Professors Jon Little and Jorge Alas are awarded a 100K Strong in the Americas Grant!Lee, Christina06/04/2018
Professors Pares-Kane and Galarza-Ruiz Moderate Dialogue on Rochester's Puerto Rican CommunityJacobs, Michael10/29/2021
Profile of Timothy Wentworth '80 published in Community College DailyDiane L. Shoger03/25/2016
Prof. Bogdanovska Presents RAVA Media Scholar AwardMaryann Cianciotto05/01/2014
Prof. Joseph T. Marchese to Chair Golf Outing in Support of Teaching ExcellenceKaren Shaw08/20/2012
Prof. Scott Rudd's Recognized as "Honors Professional of the Year"Blake, Thomas04/12/2022
Program Alignment for Community and Economic SustainabilitySusan M. Salvador05/06/2011
Program Graduate SpotlightedHency Yuen-Eng11/14/2014
Program Today: Dealing with Helicopter ParentsStuart Blacklaw10/15/2008
Programming Students Get Real World ExperienceGloria A. Morgan (Anderson)11/09/2007
Programs to Meet Community NeedsCynthia Cooper09/10/2007
Progress Made During Holiday Break and IntersessionSimmons, Hezekiah01/16/2020
Progress Report: Space Planning and Management CommitteeWurster, Paul08/15/2017
Proietti -- He's EverywhereJanet Ekis06/27/2003
Proietti Addresses Downtown Presbyterian ChurchTom Proietti04/30/2009
Proietti and Post-Debate Analysis on CW16 Morning NewsTom Proietti10/08/2008
Proietti and the Brockport Film SocietyJanet Ekis12/06/2002
Proietti Appears on 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis09/02/2008
Proietti Appears on Radio, Gives Keynote at Roberts Wesleyan CollegeJanet Ekis10/06/2003
Proietti Discusses FCC rules and media ownershipJanet Ekis06/04/2003
Proietti Discusses Media on 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis09/19/2006
Proietti Discusses Media Trends on WXXIJanet Ekis05/20/2008
Proietti Discusses Newscaster Death on Local Radio, TVJanet Ekis08/11/2005
Proietti Helps Debunk Five Community College MythsJanet Ekis04/29/2009
Proietti Hosts Live Discussion at Little, Makes Guest Appearance on WXXI-AM's 1370 ConnectionThomas Proietti09/30/2009
Proietti in Newspaper, on RadioJanet Ekis04/16/2007
Proietti Interviewed on 13WHAMJanet Ekis10/29/2008
Proietti Interviewed on News 10NBCJanet Ekis03/27/2007
Proietti is Keynote SpeakerJanet Ekis06/24/2003
Proietti is Recipient of Fisher's 2006 Peace and Justice Spirit AwardJanet Ekis11/20/2006
Proietti is today's guest on 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis01/27/2004
Proietti Joins Celebrity Cast to Raise Funds for Geva's Educational ProgramsJanet Ekis05/31/2007
Proietti Leads Assessment Team at Cayuga Community CollegeTom Proietti05/28/2009
Proietti Named Chair of Fair Elections Practices CommitteeJanet Ekis06/25/2008
Proietti Named to Clear Channel Radio Local Advisory BoardTom Proietti07/13/2009
Proietti Offers Campaign Ad CommentaryCynthia Cooper10/11/2006
Proietti on 1370 CONNECTIONTom Proietti11/14/2007
Proietti on 1370 ConnectionTom Proietti03/10/2008
Proietti on 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis07/24/2008
Proietti on 1370 Connection This Coming FridayJanet Ekis02/20/2007
Proietti On McLuhan PanelTom Proietti11/19/2008
Proietti on the OscarsTom Proietti02/15/2008
Proietti on WXXITom Proietti10/17/2006
Proietti on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis10/19/2005
Proietti on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionTom Proietti02/06/2008
Proietti on WXXI-AMTom Proietti10/22/2007
PROIETTI ON WXXI-AM'S 1370 CONNECTIONTom Proietti03/23/2007
Proietti on WXXI-AM'S 1370 Connection on MondayTom Proietti12/08/2008
Proietti on WXXI-Radio to Support Membership, Fund DriveTom Proietti05/06/2009
Proietti Participates in Ad Council of Rochester RoundtableTom Proietti02/06/2008
Proietti Presents at Cayuga Community CollegeTom Proietti04/28/2009
Proietti Presents at Northeast Conference on GivingTom Proietti03/26/2009
Proietti Presents at Northeast Regional Conference of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).Tom Proietti10/08/2009
Proietti Presents at PRSA ConferenceJanet Ekis10/12/2005
Proietti Presents at St. John FisherJanet Ekis12/09/2002
Proietti Quoted in D&CJanet Ekis04/10/2003
Proietti Quoted in D&CJanet Ekis10/27/2006
Proietti Quoted in D&C ArticleJanet Ekis11/27/2006
Proietti Quoted in Messenger Post ArticleJanet Ekis09/20/2007
Proietti Quoted on SpitzerJanet Ekis03/18/2008
Proietti Serves on Ad Council's Strategic RoundtableTom Proietti05/05/2009
Proietti Speaks on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis06/25/2008
Proietti Speaks to Members of Geneseo Torch ClubJanet Ekis09/16/2008
Proietti to Address Divinity StudentsTom Proietti10/04/2006
Proietti to appear on 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis03/30/2005
Proietti to Appear on WXXI' s 1370 Connection, Live Host on NPRJanet Ekis05/14/2007
Proietti to Appear on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis06/14/2007
Proietti to Appear on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis09/09/2009
Proietti to Appear on WXXI-AM's 1370 ConnectionTom Proietti12/13/2007
Proietti to Appear on WXXI-AM'S 1370 ConnectionTom Proietti07/13/2009
Proietti to appear on WXXI TodayJanet Ekis08/24/2004
Proietti to be guest on 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis09/05/2002
Proietti to be Guest on 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis02/03/2005
Proietti to be Guest on WXXIJanet Ekis04/29/2005
Proietti to be guest on WXXI's 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis10/31/2002
Proietti to be guest on WXXI 1370 ConnectionJanet Ekis12/20/2002
Proietti to be on WXXI todayJanet Ekis12/08/2004
Proietti to be Tonight's Guest on WXXI TV's Need to KnowJanet Ekis05/14/2004
Proietti to Host Panel on Journalism & the First AmendmentTom Proietti04/16/2007
Proietti to Interview Phillip Seymour HoffmanJanet Ekis09/06/2006
Proietti to Moderate Panel at GEVATom Proietti10/17/2007
Proietti to Speak on WXXI'S 1370 ConnectionTom Proietti09/26/2007
Proietti & Kenyon Featured on WXXI'S 1370 ConnectionTom Proietti06/18/2009
Proietti & McGonigle on WXXI-AM'S 1370 ConnectionTom Proietti05/20/2009
Proietti @ The LittleTom Proietti10/17/2006
Proietti: Guest, Co-Anchor and Keynote SpeakerJanet Ekis05/23/2006
Project Announces Essay Contest WinnersRosanna Condello06/25/2004
Project Censored The Movie: Ending the Reign of Junk Food NewsFabbro, Regina02/06/2018
Project for Hospitalized Chemo/Transplant PatientsJanet Zinck02/11/2008
Project GraduationJodi Oriel05/19/2003
Project GraduationPhi Theta Kappa05/16/2007
Project GraduationJodi Oriel05/29/2007
Project Kaleidoscope Upstate NY Regional MeetingLydia Tien02/13/2014
Project LIVE: Learning in a Virtual Environment - An Exploration of Second LifeTerry Keys11/26/2007
Project LIVE: Learning in a Virtual Environment - Round 2 - Nov. 30thTerry Keys10/31/2007
Project LIVE: Learning in a Virtual Environment, An Exploration of Second LifeTerry Keys04/17/2007
Project News - Library RenovationSleight, Travis12/20/2017
Project WISE Launches Web Site, Encourages Applications from Area Science TeachersWilliam Ryan02/10/2004
Project Zero - Be a Better You this holiday season!Miller, Douglas11/04/2019
Project Zero - Be a Better YOU this Season!LeBeau, Margaret10/19/2017
Project Zero - Maintain, Don't GainLannak, Evelyn11/06/2018
Project Zero - Maintain, Don't Gain this Season!LeBeau, Margaret11/02/2017
Project Zero 2020 gets under weighSimmons, Kevin12/01/2020
Project Zero has best year yet!Miller, Douglas02/07/2020
Project Zero Starts Today! Weigh-In at Brighton and DowntownMiller, Douglas11/14/2018
Prominent Irish Writer Colm Toibin at MCC This Thursday and Friday!Maria Brandt03/02/2010
Promote your event to MCC retireesCynthia Cooper01/30/2003
Promoting A Culture of RespectGantt, Calvin10/22/2018
Promoting Civility in the ClassroomMaureen Skehan09/06/2002
Promoting Financial Literacy at MCCRamon L. Rodriguez01/28/2010
Promoting Financial Literacy at MCCRamon L. Rodriguez11/12/2012
Promoting Financial Literacy at Monroe Community CollegeRamon L. Rodriguez11/02/2010
Promoting Financial Literacy at Monroe Community College Ramon L. Rodriguez01/18/2011
Promoting Financial Literacy at Monroe Community College Ramon L. Rodriguez01/25/2012
Promoting Financial Literacy at Monroe Community College Ramon L. Rodriguez01/14/2013
Promoting Financial Literacy at Monroe Community College Ramon L. Rodriguez01/13/2014
Promoting Growth Mindset in our Students by OUR Making Mistakes (… can anyone spot mine below?)Joe Sturnick11/02/2016
Promoting Scintillating Online Communication - ITC AudioconferenceMelissa Burley11/29/2006
Promoting Your Events to MCC RetireesCynthia Cooper01/07/2003
Promotion AbstractsR. Thomas Flynn03/11/2004
Promotion of Instructor to Assistant ProfessorBurt-Nanna, DeAnna06/08/2021
PromotionsR. Thomas Flynn03/12/2003
PromotionsR. Thomas Flynn03/10/2004
PromotionsDr. Susan Salvador09/08/2004
PromotionsR. Thomas Flynn03/23/2005
PromotionsR. Thomas Flynn03/31/2005
PromotionsR. Thomas Flynn03/29/2006
PromotionsR. Thomas Flynn03/27/2007
PromotionsR. Thomas Flynn08/14/2007
PromotionsR. Thomas Flynn03/25/2008
PromotionsR. Thomas Flynn08/12/2008
PromotionsAnne M. Kress08/11/2009
PromotionsAnne M. Kress08/11/2010
PromotionsAnne M. Kress08/02/2011
PromotionsAnne M. Kress08/07/2012
Promotions of Adjunct Assistant Professor to Adjunct Associate ProfessorBurt-Nanna, DeAnna12/07/2021
Promotions of Associate Professor and Assistant ProfessorsDouglas, Katherine04/13/2021
Promotions of Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and InstructorsLarry W. Tyree03/24/2009
Promotions of Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and InstructorsAnne M. Kress03/23/2010
Promotions of Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and InstructorsPresident Anne M. Kress03/13/2012
Promotions of Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and InstructorsAnne M. Kress03/12/2013
Promotions of Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and InstructorsPresident Anne M. Kress03/04/2014
Promotions of Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and InstructorsAnne M. Kress03/03/2015
Promotions of Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and InstructorsAnne M. Kress03/08/2016
Promotions of Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and InstructorsAnne M. Kress03/07/2017
Promotions of Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and InstructorsKress, Anne03/06/2018
Promotions of Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and InstructorsKress, Anne03/05/2019
Promotions of Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and InstructorsDouglas, Katherine03/10/2020
Promotions of Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and InstructorsDouglas, Katherine03/02/2021
Promotions of Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and InstructorsBurt-Nanna, DeAnna03/08/2022
Promotions of Instructors, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, and Part-time Associate ProfessorAnne M. Kress03/15/2011
Promotions: Adjunct and Non-Rank FacultyKress, Anne08/15/2017
Promotions: Adjunct and Non-Rank FacultyAnne M. Kress08/09/2016
Promotions: Adjunct and Non-Rank FacultyKress, Anne08/14/2018
Promotions: Adjunct and Non-Rank FacultyKress, Anne08/13/2019
Promotions: Adjunct and Non-Rank FacultyBurt-Nanna, DeAnna08/10/2021
Promotions: Adjunct and Non-Rank FacultyBurt-Nanna, DeAnna08/02/2022
Promotions: Adjunct and Non-Rank Faculty Anne M. Kress08/05/2014
Promotions: Adjunct and Non-Rank Faculty Anne M. Kress08/18/2015
Promotions: Adjunct, Rank and Non-Rank FacultyDouglas, Katherine08/11/2020
Promotions: Non-Rank and Adjunct FacultyAnne M. Kress08/06/2013
Property Control During Remote WorkingDouglas, Katherine06/03/2020
Proposal Deadline Approaching--Summer Instructional Development Stipends (IDS)Gena Merliss04/05/2017
Proposed Academic Grade Grievance Policy and Procedure Draft Is Available For Review and CommentChin, Karen04/07/2022
Proposed Academic Grade Grievance Policy Draft Is Available For College Community Review and CommentChin, Karen03/29/2022
Proposed Academic Honesty Policy and Procedure Draft Is Available For College Community Review and CommentChin, Karen03/02/2021
Proposed Credit/Contact Hour Policy Draft Is Available For College Community Review and CommentFrisch, Julianna10/17/2018
Proposed Data Classification Policy Draft Is Available For College Community Review and CommentChin, Karen11/18/2021
Proposed General Education Policy and Procedure Draft Is Available for Review and CommentFrisch, Julianna11/21/2019
Proposed Legislation Prompts WROC to Explore Programs that Support Student-ParentsYule, Rosanna01/16/2020
Proposed Preferred First Name Policy Draft Is Available For College Community Review and CommentChin, Karen05/05/2021
Proposed Program Review Process GuidelinesSandy Wynne06/05/2008
Proposed Provisional Changes to Grading and Testing PoliciesBaxter, Elizabeth04/01/2020
Proposed State Budget -- Impact on MCCHezekiah Simmons12/22/2008
Proposed Student Attendance Policy Available for College Community ReviewFrisch, Julianna05/16/2019
Proposed SUNY Endowment to be DiscussedCynthia Cooper03/04/2008
Proposed Title IX Grievance Policy and Procedure is open for College Community Review Until Aug. 3, 2020Frisch, Julianna07/29/2020
Proposed Wayne County Extension SiteR. Thomas Flynn11/12/2002
Prospects For Venezuela - Conference Call With Council On Foreign RelationsLee, Christina09/27/2019
Protect Your IdentityTeresa Schichler11/28/2005
Protect Your Portable DevicesDonna Pogroszewski12/17/2012
Protect Yourself from Email Phishing AttacksDonna Pogroszewski05/14/2013
Protect Yourself from Online Tax ScamsDonna Pogroszewski03/21/2014
Protecting Your Identity – Additional StepsJeff Dunker10/13/2015
Protecting Your PCJeff Willard10/17/2014
Protecting Your WorkstationJeff Willard10/12/2015
Protecting yourself Against CybercrimeDonna Pogroszewski02/27/2015
Provide COS OER Feedback TODAY at Noon in 406 Downtown CampusShamblin, Terry03/26/2018
Provide COS OER Feedback TODAY at Noon in 9-247 on Brighton CampusShamblin, Terry03/28/2018
Provide Input on MCC's College Success OER TextShamblin, Terry03/12/2018
Providing Comprehensive Student Support Services OnlinePeggy VanKirk01/24/2012
Provost's Fall Update: Coordinating Efforts and Funneling Support for Student SuccessWade, Andrea11/04/2019
Provost's Town Hall and Conversation: Current Priorities in Academic Services and the Use of DataWade, Andrea03/08/2019
Provost's Town Hall and Conversation: Status of the Schools at MCC and Other Academic InitiativesWade, Andrea10/10/2018
Provost McDonough and Vice President Oldham to Present at DCCPaula Burnside05/23/2011
Provost McDonough and Vice President Oldham to Present to College CommunityPaula Burnside, Executive Secretary05/11/2011
Provost McDonough Shares his Inspiring BookKristen Love, Kimberley Collins, Mark McBride, Shirley Provost04/30/2014
Provost Town Hall and Conversation: The Schools@MCC UpdatesJessica Wilkie04/25/2017
Provost Town Hall SummaryHolly Wheeler05/18/2016
Provost Wade Comments on the New York State Student Success Coaching AcademyYule, Rosanna05/05/2021
Provost Wade Participates in WXXI Connections Roundtable on Pandemic SafetyYule, Rosanna09/07/2021
Provost/Vice President Academic Services Open Forum Location ChangeKate Smith, Doug Henneberg01/28/2015
Provost/Vice President Academic Services Open Forum ScheduleMarlene Fine, Bonnie Connell01/24/2011
Provost/Vice President Academic Services Open ForumsMarlene Fine, Bonnie Connell01/21/2011
Provost/Vice President Candidates on Campus: ScheduleKate Smith, Doug Hennenberg01/23/2015
Provost/Vice President for Academic Services Open ForumMarlene Fine, Bonnie Connell01/25/2011
Provost/Vice President for Academic Services Open ForumMarlene Fine, Bonnie Connell01/28/2011
PSTC Trains Firefighters in MilitaryJames Harrington08/09/2004
PSTF Network Services Downtime NotificationDonna Pogroszewski07/14/2006
PSTF Video Production wins LEVA Shield AwardJohn Frontuto11/13/2008
PSTF Video Production Wins LEVA Shield AwardJohn Frontuto12/09/2009
PSTF Visit by PAC-TAC and CRJ/TRS Learning CommunitiesNolan, Michael04/02/2019
PSY-101 Has a New NameOfsowitz, Michael02/26/2019
Psychology 101 to be Available ONLINE! Celia Reaves11/10/2016
Psychology Career ForumBeth Wilson10/31/2016
Psychology Career ForumWarner, Susan10/23/2017
Psychology Career ForumWilson, Mary04/24/2018
Psychology Career ForumWilson, Mary10/17/2018
Psychology Career ForumWarner, Susan03/28/2019
Psychology Career Forum RescheduledMary Wilson04/11/2017
Psychology Career Forum TODAYWilson, Mary10/31/2019
Psychology Career Forum TODAY!Wilson, Mary10/22/2018
Psychology Career Forum TODAY!Wilson, Mary10/23/2018
Psychology Career Forum TODAY!Warner, Susan04/03/2019
Psychology Career Forum Today!Wilson, Mary10/31/2019
Psychology Career Forum Today!Wilson, Mary10/31/2019
Psychology Club Career EventRenee Coleman03/20/2015
Psychology Club De-Stress Fest and Silent AuctionWilson, Mary05/08/2017
Psychology Club EventRenee Coleman04/24/2015
Psychology Club Forming!Susan Thompson09/21/2009
Psychology Club Guest SpeakerSusan Thompson05/04/2009
Psychology Club Kick-Off MeetingSusan Thompson09/21/2009
Psychology Club / Psi Beta Informational Kick-Off MeetingMichael Ofsowitz and Susan Thompson10/25/2007
Psychology, A.S. - New Degree Registered with NYSED to Begin Spring 2016MaryJo Witz10/23/2015
PTK Raises $1,087 For Hope LodgeJodi Oriel12/02/2004
PTK Satellite Seminar on Infectious DiseasesMark Sommer10/21/2002
Public Affairs Office Cited in Article on Strategic CommunicationsDick Degus01/18/2005
Public Forum on Health Insurance TodayCynthia Cooper11/26/2007
Public Information Sessions on Downtown Campus Scheduled at DCCEmeterio Otero01/22/2013
Public Reading & Student Workshop with Poet Elana BellRegina Fabbro10/16/2012
Public Safety Achieves CALEA Accredited StatusSimmons, Hezekiah12/03/2020
Public Safety and Emergency PreparednessSal Simonetti10/06/2015
Public Safety Award Named in Honor of Retired Brighton Police Chief Thomas M. VoelklLee Struble08/03/2010
Public Safety Bike PatrolFerguson, Katie06/06/2022
Public Safety Brown BagLinda Williams03/29/2005
Public Safety Crime Prevention Tip of the MonthLee Struble03/10/2009
Public Safety Crime Prevention Tip of the MonthLee Struble01/29/2010
Public Safety Crime Prevention Tip of the Month: Holiday SafetyLee Struble12/08/2009
Public Safety Crisis Intervention Team TrainingFerguson, Katie06/22/2022
Public Safety Dispatch Moving to Building 21Sal Simonetti05/29/2015
Public Safety Dispatcher's Basic Training CourseLinda Williams12/10/2002
Public Safety has a new home!Sal Simonetti02/09/2015
Public Safety Message - Recognizing and Managing the Risk of Theft Kevin A. Hall11/10/2014
Public Safety Offers Operation Identification ProgramLee Struble10/07/2010
Public Safety Officer Stan Knutowicz awarded by Brighton Police DepartmentLeah Dyer05/24/2005
Public Safety Officer Stephen Gogol RetiresLinda Williams10/24/2002
Public Safety PromotionsHall, Kevin08/14/2018
Public Safety ResourcesPerez, Tony08/06/2019
Public Safety Starts at MCCCynthia Cooper03/12/2007
Public Safety Training Diversity QuiltDebbie Alimentato01/08/2013
Public Safety Training EventLeah Dyer10/22/2007
Public Safety Training Facility's Video Department Wins Community Service AwardJohn Frontuto06/17/2005
Public Safety Transition to Peace Officer StatusLee Struble01/30/2009
Publication to print white paperDusty Swanger12/18/2003
Puerto Plata Delegation Visits MCCRosanna Condello08/01/2008
Pulitzer-Finalist Playwright Lisa D'Amour Visiting MCCMaria Brandt01/27/2014
Pulitzer-Nominated Playwright Lisa D'Amour THIS WEEK!Maria Brandt03/04/2014
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Playwright Paula Vogel at MCC!Maria Brandt02/28/2012
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Poet to Read at MCC TodayTony Leuzzi11/19/2014
Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist to Lecture MondayLori Annesi04/03/2008
Pumpkin Bars are today's specialty item at the Food For Thought BakeshopKimberly Joyce11/04/2016
Purchase a Ticket for HAIRSPRAY and Make a Difference!Rosanna Condello11/06/2003
Purchase of Kodak Properties for Downtown Campus NearingAnne M. Kress01/29/2013
Purchase of Netbooks, Laptops and Desktop ComputersMike Quinn06/10/2009
Purchase your Downtown Campus Winter Ball Tickets TODAY!Voldan-Curry, Dana11/16/2017
Purchase Your MCC Good Food Collective Share OnlineJulianna Frisch05/19/2015
Purchase Your MCC Good Food Collective Share Online Today!Julianna Frisch06/09/2015
Purchasing at MCC: Plan, Process, Parameters, and PitfallsScanlon, Joseph06/06/2019
Purchasing Department Role at MCCSimmons, Hezekiah08/09/2019
Purchasing TipsPatrick Bates06/23/2011
Pushing the Elephant Documentary Screening at Brighton Today, DCC TomorrowMichelle Parker02/28/2012
Put Down That Cell Phone MCC!Kara Kupinski01/28/2015
Putting the spotlight on Hispanic Employees at MCC SeriesCustodio, Antonia09/23/2021
Putting the spotlight on Hispanic Employees at MCC Series - Final WeekCustodio, Antonia10/14/2021
Putting the spotlight on Hispanic Employees at MCC Series - Week ThreeCustodio, Antonia10/06/2021
Putting the spotlight on Hispanic Employees at MCC Series - Week TwoCustodio, Antonia09/29/2021
Pyramid Skylight Crowns Campus CenterRosanna Condello12/19/2002
P.S....I Love YouAlyson03/09/2004
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