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SADHA Fundraiser - Toothbrush Sale!Marsha Bower04/05/2004
Safe Campus Featured on News 10 NBCDianne E McConkey08/28/2006
Safe Cooking PresentationChuck DiSalvo09/11/2013
Safe Exiting During Summer ConstructionDavid Blackburn06/11/2013
Safe Handling, Storage & Disposal of Lithium BatteriesMarini, Sharon02/11/2019
Safe Sex! Learn about STDs and Contraception and Get Yourself Tested!Sue George, RN03/11/2014
Safe Trick or Treating in the Residence HallsMichael Sloyka10/20/2008
Safe Zone TrainingJean Parker12/15/2010
Safe Zone TrainingCraig Rand and Shelitha Williams06/01/2015
Safe Zone TrainingCraig M. Rand, Chair of Diversity Council05/10/2016
Safe Zone TrainingGizzi, Bethany05/10/2017
Safe Zone TrainingGizzi, Bethany06/04/2018
Safe Zone Training I & II - Registration is Still OpenGizzi, Bethany05/31/2017
Safeguard Your Data Donna Pogroszewski01/11/2013
SAFETY ALERT: Update to Lot Closures for EVOCLeah Dyer08/18/2005
Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) Now Available on MCC’s M Drive at M:MCC/Chemical SafetySharon Marini11/07/2014
Safety Incident on Brighton CampusDavid Moore12/14/2011
Safety Incident on Clinton AvenueDr. Susan Salvador and Dr. Emeterio M. Otero03/06/2007
Safety on Campus is Everyone’s ResponsibilityLarry W. Tyree11/24/2008
Safety ReminderLee Struble02/19/2008
Safety Tips - Ice and Snow HazardsSharon Marini12/12/2013
Safety Tips for Navigating Around Campus This WinterNickason, Gregory11/13/2017
Safety Tips for Navigating Around Campus This WinterNickason, Gregory12/03/2018
Safety tips to consider for end of the school yearDavid Blackburn05/23/2012
Safety & Hazard Prevention Transitions to a New NameSal Simonetti04/04/2014
Safety/Hazard Prevention on Campus PresentationDawn Quatro03/17/2005
Saint Xavier University Shares National Award with MCC for Peer-Led
Learning Initiatives
Rosanna Condello10/21/2002
Salads are Back!Carol McKeown01/28/2014
SaladWorks offering MCC Employee DiscountHuman Resources Team11/12/2014
Salary Report for Fiscal Year 2015Melissa Fingar, Assistant to the President12/15/2015
Salary Report for Fiscal Year 2016Melissa A. Fingar10/28/2016
Sale-Sale-SalePeggy Ansaldi06/14/2012
Sale At The BookstoreAlyson Levine03/06/2003
Sale at the BookstoreIris Mand03/16/2006
Sale at the MCC Brighton BookstoreIris Mand10/19/2004
Sale in the Bookstores!Farruggia, Alyssa09/20/2018
Sale in the Bookstores!Farruggia, Alyssa12/11/2018
Sale of College VehiclePatrick Bates09/30/2003
Sale of College VehiclePatrick Bates06/01/2004
Sale of College VehiclePatrick Bates04/27/2010
Sale of Land for Residence Halls Approved; Information ClarifiedCynthia Cooper04/13/2006
SALE SALE SALE!!!!Iris Mand11/12/2004
SALE *** SALE *** SALE ***Iris Mand04/13/2010
Sales in the Bookstores start this week!Farruggia, Alyssa12/11/2017
Sales, sales, sales in the Bookstore!Farruggia, Alyssa03/29/2018
Sale!Peggy Ansaldi06/16/2011
Sale! Sale! Sale! Jenna Keefe03/19/2014
SALE!!Alyson Levine12/12/2002
Sallie Mae Fund's 2009-2010 Scholarship Season Now OpenRamon L. Rodriguez02/09/2009
Sallie Mae Fund Scholarships  Ramon L. Rodriguez01/31/2012
Sally Barton Dingee appointed to the American College Personnel Association(ACPA) Commission XI: Student Development in Two-Year Colleges
Pam Donofrio05/05/2003
Sally Barton Dingee HonoredDr. Harry Merryman11/03/2004
Sally Barton Dingee presented at the 19th Annual Residence Life ConferenceSally Barton Dingee11/06/2002
Sally Barton Dingee presented at the 20th Annual Residence Life ConferenceSally Barton Dingee11/17/2003
Sally Barton Dingee Presents on Undecided StudentsDr. Harry Merryman04/06/2006
Sally Barton Dingee presents sessions at annual ACPA conventionSally Barton Dingee04/15/2005
Sally Barton Dingee Presents to NACADADr. Harry Merryman10/17/2005
Sally Barton Dingee Recognized at ACPA Annual ConventionSally Barton Dingee04/14/2005
Sally Dingee presents at SUNY Career Development Organizatioins's 35th Annual ConferencePeggy Harvey-Lee06/13/2011
Sally Dingee Presents at UAC Conference in Buffalo, New YorkPeggy Harvey-Lee03/08/2012
Sally Dingee Presents at WNYACCC Conference Peggy Harvey-Lee06/28/2010
Sally Dingee Presents Session at the College at Brockport’s Annual Student Leadership ConferenceMarlene Fine02/18/2015
Sally Dingee Presents Session at the University of Rochester, Warner School of EducationMarlene Fine07/28/2014
Sally Dingee Presents Session at the University of Rochester, Warner School of EducationMarlene Fine07/29/2016
Salsburg Quoted in Daily Messengerjanet ekis01/16/2003
Salsburg Taylor Elected President of College Reading and Learning Association’s Northeast ChapterTerry Shamblin and Renee Dimino06/11/2013
Salsburg Taylor Named CRLA-NE 2016-17 Outstanding EducatorTerry Shamblin04/12/2017
SALT - MCC StudentsSamantha Perez10/09/2014
SALT for MCC StudentsJerome St. Croix10/09/2013
Salute to ExcellenceR. Thomas Flynn11/22/2004
Salute to Excellence a Success!Diane L. Shoger12/17/2013
Salute to Excellence Faculty/Staff Rate Tickets AvailableGretchen Wood10/16/2014
Salute to Excellence Tickets– Faculty/Staff RateRenee St. Louis11/30/2007
Salute to Excellence Tickets AvailableBrian Hendrick01/05/2004
Salute to Excellence Tickets Offered at Discounted RateRenee St. Louis11/12/2004
Salute to Excellence to be held on Dec. 11President R. Thomas Flynn10/31/2002
Salute to Excellence: Jan. 11, 2006Renee St. Louis11/22/2005
Salute to Excellence: MCC Employee-Rate Tickets Still Available Gretchen Wood11/04/2011
Salute to Excellence: Special Employee Ticket Rate Gretchen Wood10/21/2011
Salute to Excellence: Special Ticket Rate for MCC Faculty/StaffGretchen D. Wood10/17/2013
Salute to Excellence: Special Ticket Rate for MCC Faculty/Staff and their Guests Gretchen Wood10/17/2012
Salute to our Service People, PAST, PRESENT & FUTUREJoyce Medwin04/23/2003
Salute to the Service IndividualsBette Bovenzi05/05/2004
Salvador appointed President of the Board of Directors for Ronald McDonald House CharitiesEileen Scorgie09/15/2008
Salvador Appointed to National Advisory Group for the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID)Eileen Scorgie10/30/2007
Salvador is Athena NomineeCynthia Cooper12/15/2003
Salvador named AAWCC’s Mildred Bulpitt Woman of the YearValarie Avalone04/28/2004
Salvador Presents at 2009 NASPA and Innovations ConferencesEileen Scorgie04/15/2009
Salvador Presents at NTID Innovation ForumEileen Scorgie05/17/2010
Salvador Quoted in "About Campus"Eileen Scorgie09/11/2008
Salvador Receives Distinguished College Administrator AwardLinda Ziegler04/03/2012
Salvador selected for the 2005 Faces of Women UnitedEileen Scorgie01/14/2005
Salvador Serves as Keynote SpeakerEileen Scorgie02/03/2005
Salvador Writes Article for Commuter PerspectivesDr. Susan Salvador06/15/2004
Salvador, Ryther Appear in 'College Services' MagazineDianne McConkey07/29/2004
Sam Snyder Finished Among Top in Music CompetitionJohn Nyerges11/03/2009
Samantha Power on WXXI's 1370 Connection TodayRosanna Condello11/06/2006
Samite: Soul of AfricaDebbie Mohr04/11/2008
Samite: Soul of AfricaDebbie Mohr04/23/2008
Samite: The Soul of AfricaDebbie Mohr04/02/2008
Sample Nominated for Who's WhoJanet Ekis05/17/2005
Sample Presents at Historical SocietyJanet Ekis03/12/2008
Samson Olaode Achieves Competent Toastmaster Award (CTM)Audrey Abbondanzieri12/22/2004
Samson Olaode Earns Toastmasters' Competent Leader AwardAlice Harrington02/20/2006
Samson Olaode Wins MCC Toastmaster's International Speech ContestAlice Harrington03/02/2006
Samson Ushe PassesR. Thomas Flynn07/22/2003
Samuel J. Stabins Display DedicatedRosanna Condello06/18/2004
Samuels, Stoklosa named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen09/29/2010
Sanders to Speak at Brighton Campus Iceplex on TuesdayClayton Jones and Cynthia Mapes04/11/2016
Sandra Chamberlain Receives M.S. DegreePatricia Kennedy, Director05/16/2007
Sandwiches, Soups and Salads in the MCC BookstoreIris Mand02/12/2009
Sandy McNitt Transplant Fund (Retiree David McNitt's Daughter)Ellen Mancuso06/23/2010
Sandy Parker and John “Dutch” Summers Establish MCC Foundation Scholarship to Inspire University Prep GraduatesDiane L. Shoger10/31/2016
Sandy Warren Receives G.E.M AwardHuman Resources Team06/17/2010
Sanger Appointed to the Executive Board of the Associate Degree Nursing ProgramsFrank Rinehart10/18/2007
Sanger Essay Informs About MCC's Role Combating Nursing ShortageRosanna Condello08/07/2007
Santa's HelpersTaine Vinci12/13/2012
Santa Claus is Coming to TownJodi Oriel11/09/2005
Santa Fe says goodbye to Provost Anne KressJanet Ekis05/29/2009
Santa is coming to MCC!Gue, Melissa11/25/2019
Santiago and Wells Present at New York State Mathematics Association of Two Year Colleges Annual ConferenceAnnette Leopard04/14/2016
Santiago and Wells Present at NYSMATYC ConferenceAnnette Leopard04/24/2015
Santiago, Watkis named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen09/15/2009
Santos Participates in Round Table, Helps to Create Bridges to Hispanic CommunityRosanna Condello04/18/2005
Santos Volunteers within Rochester City School DistrictRosanna Condello04/15/2005
Santos, men's lax defense named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen04/13/2010
SAP Overview for Faculty and Staff today!Sally Dingee01/20/2017
Sarah Freligh Poetry Reading on Friday, February 12Tony Leuzzi02/09/2016
Sarah Hagreen Appointed Director of AdmissionsCasalinuovo-Adams, Christine08/20/2018
Sarah Rook (Reeves) '04 Gives Back to MCC Engineering Science StudentsJohn Wadach03/06/2012
Sarantis Recognized as "Teacher of the Year"Laurel Sanger04/26/2007
Sardisco's Work Included in National ExhibitionJanet Ekis06/06/2007
Sardisco's Work Joins U of R Collection and Included in National American Art ExhibitionJanet Ekis10/07/2008
Sardisco Exhibits Work in Two-Person ShowJanet Ekis03/17/2009
Sardisco Included in Nazareth College ExhibitionKristen Fragnoli09/21/2010
Saroj and T.K. Viswanathan Recognized by Dental Hygiene AssociationDavid Lawrence, DDS03/03/2011
Satellite Broadcast - Untangling the Web: Making Online Teaching and Learning AccessiblePeggy Vankirk04/20/2004
Satellite Seminar Series: "Born to Buy", Nov. 8thMchelle Macirella11/01/2005
Satellite Seminar Series: "Jesus in America," Nov. 15Jodi Oriel11/10/2005
Satellite Seminar Series: "Shattering Stereotypes," Oct. 25Michelle Macirella10/21/2005
Satisfactory Academic Progress Presentation to Faculty and StaffTerry Keys04/18/2017
Saturday's MCC Fall Open House Julie Slate10/21/2016
Saturday ANGEL Training in May! Peggy VanKirk04/05/2012
Saturday ANGEL Training in May! Peggy VanKirk04/25/2012
Saturday ANGEL Training in November! Peggy VanKirk10/25/2012
Saturday ANGEL Training Slots Available!Peggy VanKirk07/29/2011
Saturday Car Wash to support Water for SudanRosanna Condello10/25/2007
Saturday Coffee Breaks!Tony Struzik11/03/2009
Saturday is Game Day!Chiappone, Kaci11/01/2019
Saturday Placement Testing - November 11Dr. Harry Merryman11/10/2006
Saturday (4/26) Schedule Change for LeRoy V. Good LibraryTed Ciambor04/23/2003
Sat. May 14 Incident on Brighton CampusDr. Susan Salvador and Lee Struble05/17/2011
Saunders Serves as Keynote Speaker for Teacher In-Service DayRosanna Condello03/18/2004
Saunders Speaks at Junior League of Rochester MeetingJanet Ekis11/24/2003
Savannah College of Art and Design coming to Brighton CampusMack, Rebecca11/13/2018
Savannah College of Art and Design Information SessionRebecca Mack09/15/2016
Savannah College of Art and Design Information SessionMack, Rebecca11/07/2017
Save-the-Dates for MCC Open House and Admitted Student DayChristine Casalinuovo-Adams09/02/2014
Save 75% at MCC BookstoresIris Mand04/05/2006
Save a Life TourJodi Oriel03/24/2005
Save April 17 for "New Land, New Home, New Life: Refugees' Experiences and Services"Debbie Mohr03/15/2012
Save Around Rochester BooksZinck, Janet11/13/2017
Save Around Rochester Coupon BooksGriffin, Rebecca12/18/2017
Save for Success PathStone grant no longer accepting applicationsPatterson, Vilma04/23/2018
Save for Success Program Highlighted on 13WHAM's Many Voices, Many VisionsRosanna Condello05/29/2014
Save for Success: A New Way to Help MCC StudentsRosanna Yule07/15/2014
Save June 13th for Professional Development Workshop!Carmen Powers05/10/2012
Save June 6th for a Great Professional Development WorkshopBill Brewer04/24/2003
Save Me From the Banner Terrors!Deborah Benjamin02/14/2006
SAVE MONEY - Bid on Silent Auction items!!!Diane Cheasty04/04/2006
Save Money on LodgingMike Quinn10/26/2010
Save Money on LodgingMike Quinn10/04/2011
Save Over 25% on MCC Apparel During Textbook Buyback!MCC Bookstore12/14/2016
Save the Best Gift for LastJenna Keefe12/11/2012
SAVE THE DATEAlyson Levine10/23/2003
Save the DateKelley Bennett03/05/2004
Save the DateShirley Batistta-Provost04/22/2005
SAVE THE DATEDonna Brennan09/21/2005
Save the DateBonnie Connell03/17/2008
Save the DateGene Marino03/23/2009
Save the DateDelia H. Rhodes10/28/2013
Save the DateDiane M. Cecero02/05/2014
Save the DateMark Sample02/06/2014
Save The DateJodi Oriel03/02/2015
Save the Date- AAWCCAnne J. Perry08/12/2005
Save the Date -- All College Day 2008Cynthia Cooper09/11/2007
Save the Date -- Campus Center Open HouseMichelle Macirella11/08/2006
Save the Date -- Employee's Recognition CeremonyHR TEAM04/14/2011
Save the Date -- Employee Expo is ComingHuman Resources Staff08/07/2008
Save the Date -- High Tech Expo April 16thRosanne Rivers04/03/2009
Save the Date -- PTK Spring InductionMichelle Macirella03/11/2009
Save the Date -- Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work DayJanet Ekis03/11/2003
Save the Date - Alice H. Young, Ed.D. Diversity SeriesDiane M. Cecero, Chief Diversity Officer09/24/2007
Save the Date - Alice H. Young, Ed.D. Diversity SeriesDiane M. Cecero, Chief Diversity Officer09/24/2007
Save the Date - Annual College-Wide Open HouseAndrew Freeman05/10/2011
Save the Date - Annual College-Wide Open HouseAndrew Freeman05/16/2012
Save the Date - April 26, 2012Patricia Kennedy02/13/2012
Save the Date - Barbara O'Connell is RetiringHuman Resources Team02/06/2012
SAVE THE DATE – Casino Night Charity EventMichelle Macirella02/15/2006
Save the Date - Class of 2016 Celebrations #MCC2016Karen Shaw and Mark Pastorella02/25/2016
Save the Date - Colleen Lunney Retirement ReceptionHuman Resources Team06/24/2009
Save the Date - David Monk Retirement Celebration at the Public Safety Training FacilityPeter Brunett06/11/2012
Save the Date – Employee Recognition Awards CeremonyHuman Resources Team04/06/2016
Save the Date - Employee Recognition Awards CeremonyHuman Resources Team04/05/2017
Save the Date - Employee Recognition Awards CeremonyGilligan, Mary04/10/2018
Save the Date - Employee Recognition CeremonyHuman Resources Team05/10/2012
Save the Date - Employee Recognition CeremonyHuman Resources Team05/01/2014
Save the Date - Employee Recognition Ceremony Human Resources Team04/25/2013
Save the Date - Express Enrollment Days - Liberal Arts FocusRandy Bowen04/02/2014
Save the Date - James Maley, Maryann Marino, Marilyn Rosche Retirement Celebration at DCCAnne Kirkpatrick05/14/2012
Save the Date - Judy Bertram is RetiringMike Quinn01/30/2013
Save the Date - Judy Bertram is RetiringMike Quinn02/25/2013
Save the Date - Kevin Drew is RetiringDavid T. Moore07/30/2012
Save the Date - Marty Gilmore is RetiringPatricia Neary04/04/2012
SAVE THE DATE - MCC's Phi Theta Kappa Fall Induction CeremonyTung Nguyen, Assistant Director, Phi Theta Kappa Advisor10/03/2011
Save the Date - MCC's Phi Theta Kappa Fall Induction CeremonyTrung Nguyen10/08/2012
Save the Date - MCC's Phi Theta Kappa Spring Induction CeremonyTrung Nguyen02/06/2012
Save the Date - Nelson Cupello's Retirement PartyCuratalo, Lisa12/10/2018
Save the Date - Nelson Cupello's Retirement PartyCuratalo, Lisa12/10/2018
Save the Date - Online Teaching Discussion Group Beth Wilson and Andrea Gilbert02/28/2017
Save the Date – Open Forums for AVP Enrollment ManagementAnita Manuele02/27/2017
Save the Date - Phi Theta Kappa Fall Induction CeremonyJodi Oriel, Assistant Director10/02/2009
Save the Date - Phi Theta Kappa Fall Induction CeremonyJodi Oriel11/04/2013
Save the Date - Phi Theta Kappa Spring InductionJodi Oriel, Assistant Director, Campus Center03/01/2010
Save the Date - Phi Theta Kappa Spring Induction CeremonyJodi Oriel03/05/2013
SAVE THE DATE - Phi Theta Kappa Spring Induction CeremonyJodi Oriel03/05/2014
Save the Date - PTK Spring InductionMichelle Macirella03/06/2007
SAVE THE DATE - Racist Messages on Campus: Respond, Recover & Rebuild from Vandalism, Symbols & SlursHolmes, Lloyd01/02/2018
SAVE THE DATE - Racist Messages on Campus: Respond, Recover & Rebuild from Vandalism, Symbols & SlursHolmes, Lloyd02/14/2018
Save the Date - Rize! at DCC on February 14thChristine Plumeri01/30/2007
Save the Date – Roger Miles is Retiring Donna Pogroszewski07/03/2012
Save the Date - Save a LifeDeborah Smith09/25/2012
Save the Date - Sherry Sweet is Retiring!Mayo, Michelle04/29/2019
Save the Date - SiCKO and Donna Smith at DCC!Christine Plumeri06/26/2008
Save The Date - Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2014Yolanda D. Johnson02/12/2014
Save the Date - Terry Plumart Retirement PartyAndrew Freeman06/02/2011
Save the Date - The MCC Human LibraryAlice Wilson11/15/2016
Save The Date - Thursday, March 16Donna Noce02/08/2006
Save the Date – Wednesday, March 29thJeffrey Bartkovich03/21/2006
Save The Date - Wellness Event - April 29Craig Rand, Donna Mueller, Alberta Lee04/14/2009
Save the Date - "Enriching Advisement:  The Workshop Series" in June Michele Vitale04/21/2014
Save the Date – College-wide discussion of Academies Model!Mark Ernsthausen12/06/2013
Save the Date – College-wide Discussion of Academies Model!Mark Ernsthausen12/20/2013
Save the Date – Phi Theta Kappa Spring Induction CeremonyJodi Oriel03/07/2011
Save the date –  Identity Theft Presentation Edie Horwath03/17/2014
Save the Date and Register Now for MCC's 12th Annual Homecoming 5K Walk/Run for Scholarships!Shaw, Karen05/23/2018
Save the Date and Register Now for MCC's Homecoming 5K Walk/Run for Scholarships!Shaw, Karen05/01/2019
Save the Date and Register Now: ETS Technology WeekMarie Gibson12/09/2009
Save the Date Change!Eileen Scorgie11/13/2006
Save the Date February 23 for MCC's Next Essential Discussion on "Student Success at Scale: Guided Pathways"Anne M. Kress01/19/2016
Save the Date for Academic Advisement DayPam Donofrio02/11/2008
Save The Date For Advisement DayJennifer Kinslow, Denise Klein, Kathy O'Shea02/12/2010
Save the Date for April's "What’s on Your Mind?"Heather Murphy03/18/2015
Save the Date for Doug Brown's Retirement CelebrationBetty Stewart, Associate Director05/02/2005
Save the Date for Earth Day - Refuse Art Exhibition Kathleen Farrell04/02/2014
Save the date for Maggie BrooksShirley Batistta-Provost02/25/2004
Save the Date for MCC's 5K Walk/Run for Scholarships and 2017 Homecoming Celebration!Shaw, Karen08/08/2017
Save the Date for MCC's Next Essential Discussion!Laurel Sanger11/27/2012
Save the Date for Our Annual Tradition: All College Days on 8/30 & 8/31Ekis, Janet06/22/2017
Save the Date for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day!Kelley Bennett03/20/2006
Save the Date for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day! Yolanda Johnson and Brigitte Martineau02/09/2010
Save the Date for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day! Brigitte Martineau02/11/2013
Save the Date for TCC Event!Karen Coffey10/06/2009
Save the Date for TCC Fall Conversations!Jonathan Iuzzini09/07/2012
SAVE THE DATE for the 27th Annual Student Awards BanquetBetty Stewart01/26/2009
Save the Date for the 6th Annual Winter Teaching Institute!Gena Merliss10/31/2016
Save the Date for the Career Fair on 4/28Anne Hughes03/02/2010
Save the Date for The Corporate Challenge: May 21st, 2013 Donna Burke03/04/2013
Save the Date for the June 2018 Teaching & Learning Conference!Burtner, Amy04/13/2018
Save the Date for the MCC Career FairAnne Hughes03/13/2012
Save the date for the second annual Employee Field Day on Wednesday, May 31st!Field Day Committee03/08/2017
Save the Date for the TCC's Teaching & Learning Conference: June 15!Jonathan Iuzzini05/02/2012
Save the Date for the TCC's Teaching & Learning Conference: Thursday, June 12thJonathan Iuzzini04/30/2014
Save the Date For Two Global Events in SeptemberLee, Christina08/08/2019
Save the Date for Two Upcoming Films Sponsored by the Holocaust Genocide Studies ProjectJodi Oriel09/20/2007
Save the Date for United Way's 100th Birthday Party!Daniels, April04/05/2018
Save the Date for "Blurred Lines/Clear Lines:  Consent in a Rape Culture" at DCC!Christine Plumeri09/23/2013
Save The Date for  MCC's Annual Career Fair!Pam Lazio03/28/2017
Save the Date Friday, November 2: MCC Celebrates Local Entrepreneurs, Launch Your Business! FinalistsBorbee, Kathleen10/12/2018
Save the Date to Celebrate Dick Degus!Rosanna Condello07/08/2008
Save the Date to Save a LifeMaryjane Starr07/19/2012
Save the Date to Save a Life!Donna Brennan11/30/2007
Save the Date to Save a Life!Donna Brennan07/14/2009
Save the Date to Save a Life!Lisa Truman11/08/2013
Save the Date to Save a Life!Lisa Truman11/27/2013
Save the Date to Save a Life!Lisa Truman01/23/2014
Save the Date to Save a Life!Lisa Truman11/17/2014
Save the Date to Save a Life!  MCC Blood DriveLisa Truman10/07/2013
SAVE the Date Wednesday 12/7/05 Self Defense ProgramLeah Dyer11/22/2005
Save the Date (April 17): New Land, New Home, New Life: Refugees' Experiences and ServicesDebbie Mohr03/12/2012
Save the Date ~ PTK Fall InductionMichelle Macirella10/23/2006
Save the DAte ~ PTK Fall InductionMichelle Macirella10/09/2008
Save the Date ~ PTK Spring InductionMichelle Macirella03/05/2008
SAVE THE DATE ~ PTK SUMMER INDUCTIONMichelle Macirella06/24/2008
Save The Dates - Academic Services Ice Cream SocialsAlice Wilson09/10/2015
Save the Dates – Professional Leave, Awards, June PD Week from your Faculty Senate Professional Development CommitteeProfessional Development Committee12/19/2016
Save the Dates - VP Student Services Candidates Open ForumsMarlene Fine, Emeterio Otero01/23/2014
Save the Dates for Commencement and Honors Convocation 2011Richard Ryther03/09/2011
Save the Dates for Filling Station's Spring 2020 SeasonLeuzzi, Anthony12/06/2019
Save the Dates for Season Eight of Filling Station: A Faculty Research Presentation SeriesLeuzzi, Anthony08/23/2019
Save the Dates for the 2012-2013 Visiting Scholar Series Jodi Oriel, Assistant Director08/15/2012
Save the Dates for the 2013-2014 Visiting Scholar Series Jodi Oriel09/10/2013
Save the Dates for the 2014-2015 Visiting Scholar Series Jodi Oriel09/10/2014
Save the Dates for the Next Express Enrollment Days!Michael J. McDonough, Provost and Vice President03/25/2013
Save the Dates for the TCC's Fall Adjunct Faculty SuppersGena Merliss09/09/2016
Save the Dates for the TCC's Fall ConversationsGena Merliss09/07/2016
Save the Dates for the TCC's Spring Adjunct Faculty SuppersMark Sample02/16/2017
Save the Dates (revised): What's on your mind? Heather Murphy10/06/2015
Save the Dates! Fall 2010 Career Forum SchedulePam Miller09/09/2010
Save the Dates! Fall 2011 Career Forum SchedulePam Miller09/16/2011
Save the Dates! Spring TCC Events at DCCErin Nelson03/02/2017
Save the Dates! Strong Start to Finish Series of Leadership WebinarsCollins, Kimberley01/27/2020
Save the Dates! What's on Your Mind?Heather Murphy02/13/2015
Save the Dates! Writing Center Poetry SeriesPatricia Kennedy04/01/2014
Save the dates!  Spring 2016 Academies Model Sessions Karen McCarthy, Ed.D.01/21/2016
SAVE THE DATES: Faculty Senate Meetings for 2017-2018Murphy, Heather06/01/2017
Save the Dates: Faculty Senate Professional DevelopmentProfessional Development Committee01/23/2017
Save the Dates: Filling Station's Spring 2017 Lineup has ArrivedTony Leuzzi12/06/2016
Save the Dates: Filling Station Announces its Fifth Season for Fall 2017Leuzzi, Anthony05/16/2017
Save the Dates: Flu Clinics Are ReturningHuman Resources Team09/07/2016
Save the Dates: MCC Fall College-Wide Open House and Admitted Student DaySlate, Julie09/13/2017
Save the Dates: Open Forums for Dean of Liberal Arts Marlene Fine03/28/2012
Save the Dates: Open Forums for Executive Dean, Damon City Campus Onsite Visits ScheduleAnn Topping, Eileen Lanzafame02/20/2015
Save the Dates: Open Forums for Provost/VP Academic Services Onsite VisitsKate Smith, Doug Henneberg01/21/2015
Save the Dates: President's Message to the College CommunityRosanna Condello10/01/2012
Save the Dates: Reflections All-You-Can-Eat Buffets Next WeekDiane Cheasty11/27/2012
Save the Dates: Reflections All-You-Can-Eat Buffets will be Monday - Thursday next week! Diane Cheasty04/23/2014
Save the Dates: Reflections All-You-Can-Eat Buffets will be the week after Thanksgiving! Diane Cheasty11/21/2013
Save the Dates: Sept. 7-14 for SSPDC School Supply CollectionSandy Warren08/15/2005
Save the Dates: Social Lunch Heather Murphy01/26/2016
Save the Dates: Social Lunches Heather Murphy09/07/2016
Save the Dates: Technology Week – January, 2009Marie Gibson11/24/2008
Save the Dates: Veterans Appreciation Week Nov. 10-14Holly Wheeler10/29/2014
Save the Dates: What's on Your Mind?Heather Murphy01/27/2016
SAVE THE DATES: What's On Your Mind? Heather Murphy04/14/2015
Save the Date!Jodi Oriel02/07/2007
Save the Date!Jodi Oriel03/01/2007
Save the Date!Karen Coffey03/22/2007
Save the Date!Bonnie Connell12/10/2007
Save the Date!Carmen Powers02/11/2010
Save the Date!Dr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President04/09/2010
Save the Date! 28th Annual Salute to ExcellenceMarullo, Emily09/11/2017
Save the Date! 29th Annual Salute to ExcellenceWood, Gretchen09/24/2018
Save the Date! 30th Annual Salute to ExcellenceWood, Gretchen09/05/2019
Save the Date! A Human Books Event is Coming to the Downtown CampusWilson, Alice02/05/2018
Save the Date! A Research Paper Clinic for StudentsKean McDonough & Alice Wilson10/21/2014
Save the Date! AAWCC Day of Dialogue March 13 and March 21Scipioni, Lori02/01/2018
Save The Date! Annual Career Fair, April 13Pamela Lazio03/23/2016
Save the date! Career Forum: “I Was Undecided…” Panel Discussion, Wednesday, September 21stPam Miller09/14/2011
Save the Date! Criminal Justice Club Hosts Annual Professional DayAmy Coon04/12/2017
Save the Date! Identity Theft Brown Bag, April 13, 2016 Amy Coon03/09/2016
SAVE THE DATE! Integrated Advising and Student Support presentationWilkie, Jessica01/09/2018
Save the Date! International Women's Day Conference, Saturday March 19th Audra Dion03/07/2016
Save the Date! June 16, 2006 Coping with Stress and Change at the Worksite - A Wellness PerspectiveKaren Cardillo03/17/2006
Save the Date! Kendra Tuttle is Retiring!Carol Adams11/19/2008
Save the Date! Linda Ryan's Retirement Party is Dec. 12th from 12pm - 2pmSweet, Sherry11/27/2018
Save the Date! MCC's Annual Career Fair is Tuesday, April 23rd  Pam Miller03/13/2013
Save the Date! MCC's Annual Career Fair is Wednesday, April 23 from 11:00am-1:30pmPam Lazio03/31/2014
Save the Date! MCC's Annual Career Fair is Wednesday, April 23 from 11:00am - 1:30pmPam Lazio03/10/2014
Save the Date! MCC's Annual Career Fair is Wednesday, April 25Pam Miller04/02/2012
Save The Date! MCC Career Fair on April 10thBasinski, Mark03/06/2019
Save the Date! MCC Career Fair on April 11thBasinski, Mark03/12/2018
Save The Date! MCC Nursing Career Fair- January 10th Pam Miller01/03/2013
Save the Date! MCC Nursing Career Fair, Thursday January 8th, 2015 Pam Lazio11/19/2014
Save the Date! MCC Nursing Career Fair, Thursday January 9th, 2014Pam Lazio11/13/2013
Save The Date! MCC Part-Time Job Fair on October 9thBasinski, Mark09/16/2019
Save the Date! MCC Summer Jobs Mini Fair, Monday March 18thLazio, Pamela03/06/2019
Save the Date! Millie Lewis is RetiringMarie Gibson06/30/2008
Save the Date! Millie Lewis is Retiring!Marie Gibson07/29/2008
SAVE THE DATE! New Downtown Campus : 321 Open House & Campus Warming - for continuing students!DeLardge, Kimberly07/31/2017
Save the Date! Next Essential Discussions -  Closing the Skills Gap: Challenges and Opportunities for Higher EducationAnne M. Kress02/27/2014
Save the Date! Next Essential Discussions: Conversations at MCC - March 18Strong, Sheila01/21/2020
Save the Date! Next Essential Discussions:Conversations at MCC - March 13, 2019Kress, Anne12/06/2018
Save the Date! Next Essential Discussions:Conversations at MCC - March 7, 2018Kress, Anne10/17/2017
Save the Date! Online Faculty Event Thursday, June 20thPeggy VanKirk03/15/2013
Save the Date! Part-Time Job Fair on Wednesday, October 10th, 2018Basinski, Mark09/20/2018
Save the Date! Part-Time Job Fair on Wednesday, October 12th Pam Miller09/12/2011
Save the Date! Part-Time Job Fair on Wednesday, October 12th Anne Hughes09/27/2011
Save the Date! Part-Time Job Fair on Wednesday, October 16th Pam Lazio09/16/2013
Save the Date! Part-Time Job Fair on Wednesday, October 16th Pam Lazio09/30/2013
Save the Date! Part-Time Job Fair on Wednesday, October 7, 2015. Pam Lazio09/23/2015
Save the Date! Part-Time Job Fair on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 Pam Lazio09/24/2014
Save the Date! Part-Time Job Fair on Wednesday, October 8.Pam Lazio09/10/2014
Save the Date! Part-Time Job Fair on Wednesday, Oct. 5Pam Lazio09/08/2016
Save the Date! Professional Development Week June 3rd-6thScanlon, Joseph04/22/2019
Save the Date! Professional Development Week June 4th - 8thScanlon, Joseph05/08/2018
Save the Date! Professional Development Week June 5 - 9Lynch, Gale05/19/2017
Save the Date! PTK Spring InductionMichelle Macirella02/17/2005
Save the Date! Save the Date! Forsyth Memorial LectureDavid Day04/12/2005
Save the Date! Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work DayPatricia Kennedy01/26/2012
Save the date! TCC Open HouseKaren Coffey12/04/2008
Save the Date! TCC Professional Development EventKaren Coffey05/05/2008
Save the Date! "Enriching Advisement: The Workshop Series" In JunePam Donofrio04/08/2008
Save the Date!  Carol Adams' Retirement Dinner Celebration Debbie Ake06/02/2011
Save the Date!  Empowering Women Social HourIvonne Ponicsan11/15/2012
Save the Date!  International Education Week Kick-Off with Flags of the Nations ParadeGale Lynch11/04/2014
Save the Date!  Part-Time Job Fair, Wednesday, October 17thPam Miller09/17/2012
Save the Date!  Part-Time Job Fair, Wednesday, October 17th from 11:00 AM. to 1:00 PMPam Miller10/01/2012
Save the Date!  "Bullying Grows Up: When Colleagues Cross the Line"  WorkshopCarmen Powers04/16/2010
Save the Date!! Careers in Business- Career Forum  02/06/13Pam MIller02/05/2013
Save the Date!!!Michelle Macirella12/15/2004
Save the Date(s)!  Check out Global Ed events for Spring 2016Gale Lynch02/03/2016
Save the Date, Strategic Plan Open Forum: October 10 and 12Julianna Frisch09/22/2016
Save the Date: 11th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-offIlene Benz03/22/2010
Save the Date: 25th Annual Yom HaShoah Commemoration on Thursday, April 23Holocaust, Genocide03/19/2015
Save the Date: 2nd Annual Winter Teaching InstituteJonathan Iuzzini12/05/2012
Save the Date: A Celebration to Honor Dr. Janet GlockerDonna Burke04/05/2010
Save the Date: A Conversation with Dr. YoungJanet M. Waasdorp04/16/2013
Save the Date: A Writing Center Workshop: "New Journalism - Then and Now" Featuring Jim McCusker Jean McDonough04/14/2015
Save the Date: AAWCC Day of Dialogue March 1 and March 6 Julianna Frisch02/07/2017
Save the Date: Admitted Student Day is Saturday, March 14Hagreen, Sarah02/07/2020
Save The Date: Admitted Student Day, April 30thChristine Casalinuovo-Adams01/20/2016
Save the Date: Advising Diverse Populations: How To Be Inclusive Using Appreciative Advising WebinarDingee, Sally04/13/2018
Save the Date: Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here Founder Beau Beausoleil Holly Wheeler03/19/2014
Save the Date: Alice H. Young, Ed.D. Diversity Series, Featuring Steve L. Robbins, Ph.DMark Sommer09/29/2006
Save the Date: All College Day 2010Cynthia Cooper05/27/2010
Save the Date: All College Days on Aug. 27-28Hency Yuen-Eng05/09/2014
Save the Date: All College Days on Aug. 27-28Hency Yuen-Eng05/30/2014
Save the Date: April STARS Sessions Holly Wheeler03/26/2012
Save the Date: Beth Zemsky, Power of Diversity SpeakerCharlotte Downing & Craig Rand10/05/2009
Save the Date: College-Wide Discussion of Academies ModelNancy Soregi01/10/2014
Save the Date: College-wide Forum on Faculty-Initiated WithdrawalsMurphy, Heather02/05/2018
Save the Date: College Readiness Conference Hosted by MCCAngelique Johnston03/01/2017
Save the Date: Continuing the Conversation: Creating an Inclusive EnvironmentGlasgow, Shannon10/10/2019
Save the Date: Dean, Academic Foundations ForumsCharlotte Downing05/30/2013
Save The Date: Dialogues on DiversityThomas Christopher Priester03/18/2008
Save the Date: Employee Recognition Reception, Wednesday, June 2ndHuman Resources Team04/15/2010
Save the Date: ETS June Technology Week – June 23-25, 2009Marie Gibson05/12/2009
Save the Date: ETS Technology Week June 2011Marie Gibson04/29/2011
Save the Date: Excelsior Webinar - December 4, 2017Jarkowski, Melissa11/21/2017
Save the date: FA Holiday Party!Melissa Jarkowski11/06/2015
Save the Date: Faculty Fulbright Grants Informational SessionGale Lynch04/13/2015
Save the Date: Human Books Event on April 29Kingston, Andrea01/30/2020
Save the Date: International Education Week Events November 16 - 20!Gale Lynch10/27/2015
Save the Date: International Pronouns Day EventGlasgow, Shannon09/10/2019
Save the DATE: June 14th, 2005Kathleen Schiefen03/11/2005
Save the Date: June 2012 ETS Technology WeekMarie Gibson04/30/2012
Save the Date: June 6, Professional Development Week--Presentation about interpreting and analyzing dataSalsburg Taylor, Judi05/16/2019
Save the Date: June 7, 2016 Amy Coon05/20/2016
Save the Date: June 7, 2017Davies, Brenda05/15/2017
Save the Date: Kristen Fragnoli is LeavingNancy Soregi05/06/2014
Save the Date: Master Schedule Open ForumHeather Murphy11/23/2015
Save the Date: May 2nd Social LunchHeather Murphy04/14/2016
Save the Date: MCC's 28th Annual Student Awards BanquetBetty Stewart02/01/2010
Save the Date: MCC's 8th Annual Academic Advisement DayDenise Klein, Coordinator02/24/2009
Save the Date: MCC Fall Open HouseBecky Babcock08/20/2015
Save the Date: MCC Holiday ReceptionAnne M. Kress11/07/2011
Save the Date: MLK Day 2014Henry Brown11/11/2013
SAVE THE DATE: Nov. 20 for Time in ReflectionsFaculty Senate11/11/2002
Save the Date: Open Forum for Academic Foundations DeanBethany Gizzi11/22/2016
Save the Date: Pete Otero's Retirement CelebrationAnita Manuele01/13/2014
Save The Date: Phi Theta Kappa Spring InductionMaryjane Starr01/11/2016
SAVE THE DATE: Police Community Relations ForumCoon, Amy11/20/2018
Save the Date: Presenting Dr. Ibram X. KendiShirley Batistta-Provost03/01/2017
Save the Date: President Kress's Message to the College Community Hency Yuen-Eng10/05/2011
Save the Date: PTK Summer InductionJodi Oriel07/21/2005
Save the Date: PTK Summer InductionMichelle Macirella07/10/2007
Save the Date: Reflections All-You-Can-Eat Buffets April 30th, May 1st, and May 2nd! Diane Cheasty04/15/2013
Save the Date: Reflections All-You-Can-Eat Buffets are the Week of April 30th!Diane Cheasty04/18/2012
Save the Date: Retaining and Serving Diverse Students WorkshopGene Marino11/30/2009
Save the Date: Retirement Celebration for Debbie AlimentatoMaryJo Witz10/14/2015
Save the Date: Retirement Celebration for Interim Provost and Vice President Jeff Bartkovich Eileen Scorgie05/13/2015
Save the Date: Retirement Celebration for Laurel SangerAndrea C. Wade06/28/2016
Save the Date: Richard Ryther Retirement CelebrationDawn Quatro08/06/2013
Save the Date: STARS Certification Workshops in June at DCCHolly Wheeler04/18/2013
Save the Date: STARS Certification Workshops in June!Holly Wheeler05/14/2015
Save the Date: Support Staff Holiday Network SocialWilson, Diane10/16/2018
Save the Date: Support Staff Holiday Network SocialWilson, Diane10/18/2019
Save the Date: Support Staff Holiday Network SocialWilson, Diane10/18/2019
Save the Date: Support Staff Holiday Network SocialWilson, Diane10/18/2019
Save The Date: Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work DayLaura Coriddi03/02/2004
Save the Date: TCC Teaching & Learning Conference on June 9!Amy Burtner03/02/2017
Save the Date: Technology Week June 26-30Marie Gibson06/07/2006
Save the Date: The COIL Experience: Students Connecting Around the WorldLee, Christina10/22/2018
Save the Date: Third Annual Human Books Event on May 1Kingston, Andrea01/29/2019
Save the Date: Tracy Archie Farewell PartyAndrew Freeman07/05/2007
Save the Date: What's on Your Mind? Heather Murphy09/28/2015
Save the Date: "Cognitive Scientist" Daniel Willingham to Visit MCCGene Marino02/04/2011
Save the date: "Creating an MCC Renaissance" on 3/9/11 3-5 PMDebbie Mohr02/18/2011
Save the Date: "Guided Pathways: Making a Case for Building Urgency"Wade, Andrea01/25/2018
Save the Date:  Dale and Nancy Mallory Retirement Celebration Jeff Bartkovich01/07/2014
Save the Date:  Join in the fun at a Retirement Celebration for Alberta Lee and Char DowningDeb Alimentato, April Hill, Karen Rheinheimer, and Kimberley Willis05/19/2014
Save the Date:  Online Faculty Event Tuesday, June 19thPeggy VanKirk04/04/2012
Save the Date:  Safe Zone Training in June!Jean Parker04/25/2011
SAVE THE DATE:  Support Staff Event Thursday, June 17thSue Smith05/13/2010
Save the Date: Former Middle States VP Linda Suskie to Conduct Faculty Workshop at MCCMichael Heel12/08/2015
Save the Date: Guswenta: Renewing the Two Row WampumChar Guess Bardques10/06/2014
Save the Date: Teaching & Creativity Center's Fall Forum, October 16Jonathan Iuzzini09/03/2015
Save the Date: "Columbus Day, Thanksgiving & Native Americans--What Else is There to Know?"Char Guess Bardques11/03/2014
Save the Date: "Safe Zone" Training in JuneJean Parker05/20/2011
Save the Date~ PTK Fall InductionMichelle Macirella10/04/2007
Save These DatesDianne E McConkey04/03/2006
Save Your Appetite for Thanksgiving Pies and Cakes!Diane Cheasty11/09/2010
Save Your Spot! 2nd Annual Martha Maher-Garcia Memorial InvitationalGilligan, Mary06/06/2018
Save Yourself Grief with Help from HSMIDianne E McConkey11/28/2006
SaveAround Rochester coupon books are now available!Griffin, Rebecca10/04/2019
Saving Lives One Withdrawal at a TimeDeborah Benjamin09/25/2009
Saving the SudanShirley Batistta-Provost05/11/2005
Savor the Dates: The Mind and Your ClassroomGene Marino05/26/2010
Savvy Cheffing this Thursday: Learn, Eat, Repeat!McCusker, James04/01/2019
Saying "Thank You" can go a long way.Osterling, Philip02/18/2019
SCAA's Ad Hoc Presidential Search CommitteeTerri Tugel12/09/2008
SCAA Needs Your Help!​David Shaw (VAPA), Interim Chair of SCAA;
Kimberly Aquila (Nursing);
Michael Bates (Counseling, Intl and Veteran Svcs);
Karen Chin (Internal Audit);
Anthony Conte (Business Administration & Economics);
Douglas Henneberg (Health & Physical Education);
Eileen Lanzafame (ESOL_TRS);
Jodi Oriel (Office of Student Life and Leadership Development)
SCAA needs your help!David Shaw05/29/2014
SCAA Open ForumsAnne Flatley02/10/2016
SCAA Open Forums on the Proposed New Organizational StructureDave Shaw (VAPA)04/25/2014
SCAA to Conduct Open Hearings for Dean of Student Sevices CandidatesJoseph McCauley06/25/2004
Scam Of The Week: Apple ID SuspensionDonna Pogroszewski12/09/2015
Scam Targeting College and University StudentsKevin A. Hall01/30/2015
Scary Good Savings in the BookstoreSuter, Charlene10/23/2019
Scary good savings in the Bookstores today!Farruggia, Alyssa10/31/2018
Scenario-Based Learning for a More Relevant Student ExperienceDr. Susan Salvador01/23/2006
Schedule a Library Instruction SessionWilson, Alice01/08/2019
Schedule for 2018-2019 Faculty Senate MeetingsMurphy, Heather05/25/2018
Schedule for Enough is Enough weekNicholas, Kathrine04/23/2018
Schedule Library/Research Instruction for Your Fall 2019 CoursesWilson, Alice06/18/2019
Schedule of Events for National Sustainability Day at MCCSusan Bender10/19/2007
Schedule of Flu Clinics for Fall 2013The Human Resources Team10/02/2013
Schedule of Middle States Evaluation Team’s VisitHolly Preische and Bill Dunning03/07/2016
Schedule Planner for Advisement TrainingRipton, Elizabeth05/14/2018
Schedule Update for Diversity Council Breakfast Series ProgramCharlotte Downing and Christopher Otero-Piersante03/02/2009
Schedule Your Massage Therapy Appointments Next WeekBrenda Washington01/11/2006
Scheduled Downtime for employees.monroecc.eduReynolds, Robert02/09/2018
Scheduled downtime today for employees.monroecc.eduReynolds, Robert11/21/2018
Scheduled Internet Outage Donna Pogroszewski09/01/2011
Scheduled Network Maintenance Saturday December 1stClement, James11/30/2018
Scheduled Network Maintenance Sunday October 22ndClement, James10/20/2017
Scheduled Network OutageJames Clement05/05/2016
Scheduled Phone MaintenanceClement, James08/20/2019
Scheduled Power OutageJames Charlton08/25/2006
Scheduled Power Outage for Brighton Campus: August 11 and 12, 2012Rosanna Condello08/07/2012
Scheduled power outage in buildings 8 and 9 on December 29thTravis Sleight12/10/2015
Scheduled SUNY ITEC MaintenanceFathergill, Robert05/01/2018
Schiefen Helps Homeowners Keep CoolDianne E McConkey08/02/2005
Scholarly EssaysDr. Joel Helfrich12/08/2015
Scholars' Day '18 Events Hosted on Both CampusesOriel, Jodi04/03/2018
Scholars' Day 2010 - Abstract Deadline Extended to Friday, February 12, 2010Matthew Hachee01/27/2010
Scholars' Day 2010 - Last Call for SubmissionsMatthew Hachee02/11/2010
Scholars' Day 2012 - Call for ParticipationMatthew Hachee11/03/2011
Scholars' Day 2012 Submission Deadline Has Now Passed - Thank You to All Participants!Matthew Hachee03/06/2012
Scholars' Day 2012: Plan AheadMichael Ofsowitz05/20/2011
Scholars' Day 2013Michael Ofsowitz10/09/2012
Scholars' Day 2013 - Call for Participation Michael Ofsowitz11/08/2012
Scholars' Day and Visiting Scholar Margot Lee ShetterlyThe Scholars' Day Committee09/07/2016
Scholars' Day Application DeadlineMichael Ofsowitz02/25/2013
Scholars' Day Call for ParticipationMichael Ofsowitz02/06/2013
Scholars' Day Colloquia, Damon City CampusJanet Ekis04/06/2011
Scholars' Day is this Saturday, April 29: Admission Free & Lunch ProvidedMichael Ofsowitz & Jodi Oriel04/27/2017
Scholars' Day Keynote Speaker Nicholas Kristof's New Documentary PremiersJodi Oriel01/23/2015
Scholars' Day May 6, 2020 Keynote: Soledad O'BrienOriel, Jodi01/28/2020
Scholars' Day PreviewParker, Michelle04/23/2019
Scholars' Day PreviewParker, Michelle04/24/2019
Scholars' Day PreviewMarkham, Jennifer04/25/2019
Scholars' Day PreviewMarkham, Jennifer04/26/2019
Scholars' Day PreviewCronmiller, James04/29/2019
Scholars' Day PreviewSmith, Catharine05/01/2019
Scholars' Day PreviewSmith, Catharine05/02/2019
Scholars' Day Public DebateKeith, Jay05/06/2019
Scholars' Day ReviewScholars' Day Committee05/06/2013
Scholars' Day Scholarship RecipientsOriel, Jodi04/18/2018
Scholars' Day selects two CSTEP students as winners Jackie Mendez05/07/2013
Scholars' Day Student Presenters Receive ScholarshipsMichael Ofsowitz04/29/2016
Scholars' Day Submissions Jodi Oriel02/26/2014
Scholars' Day To Celebrate Students Like Carly Cook Janet Ekis04/20/2016
Scholars' Day To Celebrate Students Like Carly Cook Janet Ekis04/20/2016
Scholars' Day To Celebrate Students Like Carly Cook Janet Ekis04/20/2016
Scholarship and Transfer WorkshopsJoshua Maldonado01/24/2006
Scholarship Application Deadline ApproachingTed Ciambor03/08/2017
Scholarship Deadline ApproachingBates, Michael03/13/2018
Scholarship for Hispanic FemalesRamon L. Rodriguez06/03/2015
Scholarship for Incoming Computer MajorsSandra McCormack05/18/2010
Scholarship for Paralegal StudentsRamon L. Rodriguez03/06/2015
Scholarship for Students who Take Care of Aging or Elderly Loved OnesRamon L. Rodriguez04/21/2015
Scholarship FundCourtney Belluccio04/21/2008
Scholarship Honors Anne MulcahyRenee St. Louis01/08/2007
Scholarship Honors Lives of Fallen FirefightersMark Pastorella02/08/2013
Scholarship Open a SuccessGretchen Wood06/27/2014
Scholarship Open Moves to the Country Club of RochesterRenee St. Louis05/03/2011
Scholarship Open Raises a Record Breaking $120,000 for MCC StudentsShoger, Diane06/28/2017
Scholarship Open Raises More Than $110,000 for MCC StudentsWood, Gretchen06/28/2018
Scholarship Open Raises over $65,000 for MCC StudentsRenee St. Louis08/07/2008
Scholarship Open Raises over $72,000 for MCC StudentsKristy Guerra07/31/2007
Scholarship Open Raises $45,763 for MCCRosanna Condello07/20/2005
Scholarship Open Raises $45,763 for MCCRosanna Condello07/20/2005
Scholarship Open Raises $90,000 for StudentsGretchen D. Wood07/14/2011
Scholarship Open Sets New Record!Gretchen Wood07/02/2012
Scholarship Opportunities for Math MajorsHolly Preische12/01/2010
Scholarship Opportunities for MCC StudentsLisa Fluman05/06/2015
Scholarship Opportunities for Your StudentsJodi Oriel10/06/2006
Scholarship opportunities offered through Community Foundation Ramon L. Rodriguez02/01/2012
Scholarship Opportunities Offered through the Biology DepartmentPaul Emerick03/08/2012
Scholarship Opportunities Offered Through the Department of MathematicsElena Dilai02/12/2008
Scholarship Opportunities Offered Through the Department of MathematicsElena Dilai02/13/2009
Scholarship Opportunities Offered Through the Department of MathematicsElena Dilai03/17/2009
Scholarship Opportunities Offered Through the Department of MathematicsElena Dilai02/11/2010
Scholarship Opportunities Offered through the Department of MathematicsElena Dilai03/26/2010
Scholarship Opportunities Offered through the Department of MathematicsElena Dilai02/07/2011
Scholarship Opportunities Offered Through the Department of MathematicsElena Dilai03/14/2011
Scholarship Opportunities Offered Through the Department of MathematicsElena Dilai12/09/2011
Scholarship Opportunities Offered Through the Department of MathematicsElena Dilai03/05/2012
Scholarship Opportunities Offered through the Mathematics DepartmentElena Dilai03/03/2010
Scholarship Opportunities Offered through the Mathematics DepartmentElena Dilai02/01/2012
Scholarship opportunity for students interested in the automotive aftermarket or related fieldRamon L. Rodriguez10/17/2007
Scholarship Opportunity for Your Students!Jodi Oriel10/15/2007
SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Snowball ScholarshipTed Limpert03/22/2011
Scholarship Programs for Asian & Pacific Islander StudentsRamon L. Rodriguez02/22/2012
Scholarship Programs for Asian & Pacific Islander studentsRamon L. Rodriguez02/18/2013
Scholarship Programs for Asian & Pacific Islander studentsRamon L. Rodriguez03/21/2014
Scholarship ScamsRamon L. Rodriguez04/08/2008
Scholarship ScamsRamon L. Rodriguez03/23/2015
Scholarship Scams Ramon L. Rodriguez04/26/2011
Scholarship Search WorkshopKrysta Banke11/22/2006
Scholarship Thank You Letter Writing Workshops OfferedDorothy Evans12/03/2007
Scholarship to Improve Hispanic Student Access to Degrees in STEMRamon L. Rodriguez01/19/2010
Scholarship WorkshopsCindy Blacklaw02/11/2010
Scholarships Are Back!Wood, Gretchen02/03/2020
Scholarships are game changers for Rochester's futureRosanna Yule01/20/2016
Scholarships available for Civil Engineering or Construction Technology Students Ramon L. Rodriguez04/14/2011
Scholarships Available for Criminal Justice and Paralegal StudentsPhyllis Schirano10/12/2010
Scholarships Available for Holocaust Memorial Museum TripLinda Ingraham02/02/2006
Scholarships Available to Encourage Business Development in Monroe CountySherry Tshibangu07/28/2009
Scholarships Awarded on the Spot at Homecoming 5KMark Pastorella and Karen Shaw09/18/2009
Scholarships Deadline ApproachingTed Ciambor10/26/2016
Scholarships for Nursing and Medical Assisting, Art and Design, Online Associate Degree, and Computer Technology and Information SystemsRamon L. Rodriguez05/13/2010
Scholarships for Students Available from AES EngineersRamon L. Rodriguez01/29/2008
Scholarships for Students Available from AES Engineers Ramon L. Rodriguez02/12/2010
Scholarships for Students Available from AES Engineers Ramon L. Rodriguez02/04/2011
Scholarships for Students Planning to Pursue Mathematics or Mathematics Related FieldsMartello, Kimberley11/29/2017
Scholarships for Students Planning to Pursue Mathematics or Mathematics Related FieldsMartello, Kimberley02/11/2019
Scholarships for Students Planning to Pursue Mathematics or Mathematics Related FieldsMartello, Kimberley02/24/2020
Scholarships Now Open for Fall 2019!Bates, Michael09/13/2019
Scholarships to Help Students Pay for Their EducationRamon L. Rodriguez03/20/2015
Scholastic Book Fair Comes to the Guon Child Care CenterAnne Barker03/11/2013
Scholastic Book Fair!!Tiffany VanAuker11/07/2016
School Is Almost Over for the SummerAnne Barker06/03/2015
School Just Started and They Want to Withdraw!Deborah Benjamin01/26/2004
School of Applied Sciences and Technologies has busy week showcasing programs to over 1,200 StudentsPearce, Dale10/17/2017
School of Applied Sciences & Technologies Launches TodayWilkie, Jessica09/01/2017
School of Business & Entrepreneurial Studies - Meet & GreetPalmer, Stephen01/29/2020
School of Community Engagement and Development Event Great SuccessBender, Susan03/13/2019
School of Community Engagement & Development Career Exploration EventCoon, Amy03/04/2019
School Supplies Collection for Hillside Children's CenterCarol Wilkinson09/08/2005
School Supplies for School 20Carol Wilkinson04/11/2008
School Supplies for School #20Carol Wilkinson03/25/2008
School Supply Collection for ABW September 23 - 29Sandy Warren09/23/2004
School Supply Collection for Hillside Children's CenterSandy Warren09/19/2005
School Supply Drive for Richard M. Guon Child Care CenterLinda Bryce09/23/2009
School to Work or Work to School?Gloria A. Anderson10/26/2007
School #15 Students Visit MCCLori Annesi05/11/2011
School #9 Students Visit the Downtown CampusDeLardge, Kimberly12/11/2018
Schoolhouse Rock Live!Chang, Heather05/21/2019
Schools Information for Faculty & Staff Now in BlackboardJessica Wilkie04/11/2017
Schools of Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences & Global Studies Meet & GreetPankratz, Vicki10/13/2017
Schools Student Success Network UpdatedJessica Wilkie10/11/2016
Schools @ MCC and guided pathways in 15 minutes or less each week: New Podcast for faculty and staffWilkie, Jessica04/10/2018
Schools @ MCC Student Success Network UpdatesWilkie, Jessica07/21/2017
Schwartz and Barbara recognized by SUNYFAPJerome St. Croix05/18/2004
SCI 132  Students Bring Science to Life with World of Inquiry First GradersTracy Wyant04/14/2011
Science and Religion to be Topic of MCC's Forsyth Memorial Lecturedavid day04/27/2005
Science Bowl Media CoverageDianne E McConkey02/05/2007
Science Faculty Attend Bridges Faculty Workshop at Binghamton UniversityPaul Wakem, Ph.D.07/01/2014
Science Fiction Writer Nancy Kress TODAYCarl Silvio03/15/2006
Science Friday Wows Upward Bound StudentsPaul Stack11/18/2014
Science on Stage: Today!Maria Brandt10/03/2006
Scone Bake Off Buys School BooksJanet Ekis01/24/2005
Scone Event Supports MCC Heart Walk TeamEileen Scorgie03/18/2014
Scott Rudd Appointed New Honors Institute CoordinatorKristen Fragnoli12/18/2013
Scottish HospitalityFiona Candotti10/06/2009
Screen "Song of the Sea" with Celtic SocietyJeffery Jones05/07/2015
Screening of “Black Gold” Today!Phi Theta Kappa10/01/2007
SCRUBSToni Jaye Robbins12/12/2006
SCT Presents Gift on Earth DayCynthia Cooper04/22/2003
SDR - Scholars' Day Review - is PublishedMichael Ofsowitz, Psychology11/13/2013
Seabreeze TicketsSusan Teerlinck07/17/2007
Seabreeze Tickets are here!Brasfield, Sarah06/18/2018
Seal Coat and Striping Campus Parking LotsJim Charlton08/06/2014
Seal Coat & Striping Campus Parking Lots: Date ChangeJim Charlton08/01/2014
Sealing Our Tradition within the New Campus CenterValarie Avalone03/12/2003
Sealing Parking Lots Next Monday & Tuesday Could Impact Your Parking RoutineCharlton, James07/19/2019
Sealing Parking Lots UpdateCharlton, James07/23/2019
Seal, Coat, and Striping Campus Parking LotsJim Charlton07/29/2014
Sean Baker Appointed Interim Associate Director, Web Communications, Marketing and Community RelationsMapes, Cynthia03/07/2018
Sean Flesch Receives the Distinguished Support Staff AwardDistinguished Support Staff Award Committee01/10/2013
Sean Soper of AmeriCorps and STEP recognized by Rochester Deaf RotaryDonna Augustine12/05/2008
Search Committee Orientation SessionsAlberta G. Lee12/15/2004
Search Committee Orientation SessionsMartha Palermo12/21/2007
Search Committee Orientation SessionsAlberta G. Lee01/09/2009
Search Committee Orientation SessionsHuman Resources Team12/16/2009
Search Committee Orientation SessionsHuman Resources Team12/22/2011
Search Committee Orientation SessionsHuman Resources Team01/26/2012
Search Committee Orientation Sessions - ReminderMartha Palermo01/04/2008
Search Committee OrientationsHuman Resources Team12/23/2010
Search Committee Orientation/Affirmative Action Training SessionsAlberta G. Lee10/07/2002
Search Committees FormedMike Bates and Anne Kress09/12/2014
Search for Assistant to the PresidentAlberta Lee06/30/2008
Search for Executive Dean - Damon City CampusR. Thomas Flynn03/03/2003
Search for Executive Dean, Damon City Campus ContinuesR. Thomas Flynn01/16/2003
Searching Google: Tips and TricksSandy Chamberlain, Stephanie Hranjec, and Alice Wilson04/06/2015
Season's GreetingsBill Dunning and Holly Preische12/18/2014
Seasonal Background Image for Your Office Phone!Bradley Roehrig07/03/2012
Seasonal Background Image for Your Office Phone!Bradley Roehrig10/23/2012
Seasonal Background Image for Your Office Phone!Bradley Roehrig12/11/2012
Seasonal Background Image for Your Office Phone!Bradley Roehrig03/26/2013
Seasonal Background Image for Your Office Phone!Bradley Roehrig12/09/2013
Seasonal Background Image for Your Office Phone! Brad Roehrig & Deb Smith05/16/2013
Seasonal Blowout in the Bookstore Continues!Farruggia, Alyssa04/25/2018
Seasonal Blowout in the Bookstore!Farruggia, Alyssa04/23/2018
Seating for 2017 Academic Awards Ceremony today 5/18, 4:00 pmLavin, Sylvia05/18/2017
Seats Open for Take Back the News Writing WorkshopAngelique Stevens02/12/2009
Seats still available for Gala Honoring Dr. YoungStuart Blacklaw10/15/2009
Second Amendment JurisprudenceShirley Batistta-Provost03/11/2004
Second Annual Veterans' Regional Conference: "The Welcome Beyond the Welcome" Peggy Harvey-Lee03/04/2011
SECOND CALL- Residence Hall Helping Hands Volunteers NeededMartin Glieco08/30/2006
Second call for Middle States VolunteersBill Dunning and Holly Preische02/25/2014
Second Candidate for Vice President, Student Services, on Campus Feb. 4Marlene Fine, Emetrio Otero01/31/2014
Second Edition of the Service-Learning Newsletter!!Ted Limpert04/01/2009
Second episode of This Week in Guided Pathways and Schools (TWIGS) Podcast now availableWilkie, Jessica04/18/2018
Second Flu Clinic for Brighton CampusHuman Resources Team10/12/2010
Second flu clinic for Brighton CampusHuman Resource Team10/28/2011
Second Recruitment Call for College-Wide Mentors Dave Boni05/22/2015
Second Recruitment Call for College-wide Mentors for New FacultyDavid Boni05/28/2009
Second Session in Diversity Council's Program Series Begins TuesdayCharlotte Downing and Christopher Otero-Piersante03/23/2009
Second Spring Workshop in the Innovative Teaching Practices Series - Taught by Professor Joe McCauleyTricia Storms03/17/2014
Second Stop for President Kress's Listening TourCynthia Cooper11/04/2009
Second Summer Session Attendance SheetsGinger Toth07/20/2005
Second Summer Session Attendance SheetsGinger Toth07/20/2005
Second Summer Session Attendance/Variable Length CoursesGinger Toth07/20/2006
Second Summer Session Class RostersGinger Toth07/12/2010
Second Summer Session/Variable Attendance SheetsGinger Toth08/08/2006
Secret Lives Film Viewing and Holocaust Survivor PresentationAngelique Stevens03/29/2005
Secretaries Day Continental Breakfast Offered at DCCEtienne Blaakman04/27/2005
Secrets of the field revealedDan Roibertson06/09/2014
Secure Shopping Online Donna Pogroszewski12/06/2012
Securing a New Downtown Campus for our StudentsEmeterio Otero12/06/2012
Securing Confidential Information in the MCC Daily TribuneMapes, Cynthia08/21/2018
Securing Your Financial Future Long-Term Planning LuncheonMark J. Pastorella05/06/2010
Securing Your Financial Future SeminarMark Pastorella10/26/2004
Securing Your Financial Future: Financial Tools You Need Today!Mark Pastorella04/25/2006
Securing Your Mobile DeviceDonna Pogroszewski02/28/2014
Securing Your New Computer or DeviceDonna Pogroszewski12/04/2014
Securing Your TabletDonna Pogroszewski10/25/2016
Security Alert: Compromised MCC Email AccountsGallion, Christine07/09/2018
Security Infrastructure Improvement ProjectDiSalvo, Charles08/20/2018
Security ReminderDonna Pogroszewski05/12/2014
Security Tips for Mobile DevicesDonna Pogroszewski04/19/2013
Security Tips for Public WiFi Hotspots Donna Pogroszewski08/05/2013
Security Tips for Smart PhonesJeffrey Willard03/11/2014
Security Warning Appearing in Chrome BrowserDavid Lane04/24/2015
See Award-Winning, Controversial Film 'Fahrenheit 9/11' On Campus in OctoberJodi Oriel10/04/2004
See How She RanShelley Fess11/08/2011
See MCC Faculty & Staff Read Don QuixoteJeremy Case04/06/2005
See Souvenir at a DiscountJanet Ekis09/28/2009
See the Movie HARRIET for Free TodayBrooks, Errika02/13/2020
See this year's MCC Favorite Poem Video Project Readers on the Web!Jeremy Case04/14/2003
See What's New at the Employee Expo!The Human Resources Office08/28/2013
See what's new in the BookstoreJenna Keefe10/21/2014
See what's new in the Brighton BookstoreCarol McKeown04/18/2016
See "Cabaret" at Geva Theatre; 15% off for MCC EmployeesCynthia Cooper01/04/2008
Seeds of SuccessDr. Ron Kostecke09/17/2002
Seeds of SuccessMark Basinski09/22/2009
Seeds of SuccessMark Basinski02/25/2010
Seeds of Success Student Workshop: September 19th!Glasgow, Shannon09/17/2018
Seeds of Success Student Workshop: Today at 4:00pm!Glasgow, Shannon09/19/2018
Seeds of Success Student Workshop: Today at 4:00pm!Glasgow, Shannon09/19/2018
Seeds of Success Student Workshop: Today at 4:00pm!Glasgow, Shannon10/17/2018
Seeds of Success Student Workshop: Wednesday, October 17th!Glasgow, Shannon10/15/2018
Seeds of Success WorkshopMark Basinski02/15/2013
Seeds of Success Workshop Next Wednesday February 13th!Glasgow, Shannon02/06/2019
Seeds of Success Workshop Next Wednesday February 13th!Glasgow, Shannon02/06/2019
Seeds of Success Workshop Series!! All students welcome!Glasgow, Shannon09/19/2017
Seeds of Success Workshop Series!! All students welcome!Glasgow, Shannon03/06/2018
Seeds of Success Workshop this EveningMark Basinski03/04/2010
Seeds of Success Workshop Today at 3:30!Glasgow, Shannon01/24/2019
Seeds of Success Workshop Today at 3:30!Glasgow, Shannon02/13/2019
Seeds of Success WorkshopsPatrick Taricone, Ph.D.02/09/2004
Seeds of Success Workshop: All students welcome!Glasgow, Shannon03/20/2018
Seeds of Success Workshop: All students welcome!Glasgow, Shannon03/20/2018
Seeds of Success Workshop: Tuesday, March 27th, All students welcome!Glasgow, Shannon03/26/2018
Seeds of Success Workshop: Tuesday, March 27th, All students welcome!Glasgow, Shannon03/27/2018
Seeds of Success (SOS) Returns Fall 2003Patrick F. Taricone06/16/2003
Seeking a few good mentors for Women on the Move program!Trelawney McKnight10/09/2009
Seeking a Greener Rochester?Jessica Barone05/09/2011
Seeking all Windows 7 Laptops & PCsGallion, Christine06/25/2019
Seeking all Windows 7 PCsGallion, Christine10/13/2017
Seeking all Windows 7 PCsGallion, Christine02/12/2018
Seeking Artists and Photographers for Publication!!!David Pihl06/01/2006
Seeking Child Care Center AlumniAnne Barker08/10/2011
Seeking Faculty Advisor for the Brighton Campus Student Government AssociationBetty Stewart05/05/2014
Seeking Governance Faculty Advisor for the Damon City Campus Student Events and Governance Association Lisa Ekiert10/15/2015
Seeking Input Regarding Best Practices for Targeted Populations at MCCGantt, Calvin02/04/2019
Seeking JusticeBette Bovenzi04/15/2005
Seeking Offices to Host Office Technology Interns for Spring 2016 SemesterStacey Lautenslager01/27/2016
Seeking professional development? Come to Wednesday's panel discussion.Karen Coffey04/02/2007
Seeking Women on the MoveJulie White01/17/2007
Seeking Women on the Move!Julie White06/22/2007
Seeking Women on the Move!Julie White08/21/2007
Seeking Women on the Move!Julie White09/12/2007
SEGA - Give Thanks!Eileen Lanzafame11/21/2011
SEGA Coordinator Positions Available!Lisa Wallace06/11/2010
SEGA Elections Poll Workers NeededCatherin E. Ray04/29/2014
SEGA elects new executive team for 2013-2014 academic year!Lisa Wallace05/07/2013
SEGA Hosts Family Fun Night at DCC Tonight!Alyssa Ginevra04/20/2012
SEGA Information Session Today!Voldan-Curry, Dana09/18/2019
SEGA Meeting AgendaLisa Wallace06/28/2010
SEGA Meeting mintues from 1.18.16Catherin Ray04/26/2016
SEGA Meeting MinutesCatherin E. Ray09/19/2016
SEGA Meeting Minutes Catherin E. Ray04/20/2016
SEGA Meeting Minutes Catherin E. Ray04/20/2016
SEGA Meeting Minutes Catherin E. Ray04/20/2016
SEGA Meeting minutes 12.16.16Catherin E. Ray02/02/2017
SEGA Meeting Minutes .9.16.16Catherin E. Ray10/04/2016
SEGA Minute to Win It!Eileen Lanzafame11/07/2011
SEGA presents: Murder Mystery DinnerBrasfield, Sarah12/13/2019
SEGA presents: Murder Mystery DinnerBrasfield, Sarah12/13/2019
SEGA presents: Murder Mystery DinnerBrasfield, Sarah12/13/2019
SEGA to Celebrate Constitution Day!Lisa Wallace09/16/2014
SEGA to host Poetry Events and Book DriveShawnitea Thompson10/04/2011
Segment on Excelsior Program Includes MCC Student InterviewsYuen-Eng, Hency08/24/2017
Selected to ask questions of Donald TrumpMarcia A. Marriott, Ph.D.12/13/2005
Selecting MCC's Next PresidentKenneth Goode04/14/2009
Selective Service Registration and Federal Financial AidRamon L. Rodriguez02/05/2013
Selective Service Registration and Federal Financial AidRamon L. Rodriguez03/04/2014
Self-Service Password Reset Requires 2nd Security QuestionETS Communications01/25/2012
Self-Study Design Accepted by Middle StatesValarie Avalone07/14/2004
Self Defense Class at DamonSusan Spinetti04/25/2008
Self Defense For Women WorkshopMartineau, Brigitte04/29/2019
Self Defense WorkshopMartineau, Brigitte05/01/2019
Semester Abroad Fair, Tues, Nov. 18thGreg Bocchino11/14/2003
Semester SequencesCharlotte Downing10/18/2012
Semi-annual Appeal on Classroom IssuesBob Cunningham09/04/2012
Seminar - How to Climb Your EverestETS Professional Development Committee02/04/2003
Seminar Reminder: Securing Your Financial FutureMark Pastorella11/10/2004
Semrau, Collis named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen10/08/2009
Senate Call for Ad Hoc Committee VolunteeersFaculty Senate10/25/2004
Senator Charles Schumer Press Conference TodayDiane M. Cecero02/24/2014
Senator Clinton Endorses Community Colleges as Providers of Homeland Security TrainingCynthia Cooper04/02/2004
Senator Clinton to Visit MCC TodayCynthia Cooper03/26/2004
Senator Gillibrand visits Public Safety Training FacilityCynthia Cooper04/25/2011
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand town hall at MCCJones, Clayton10/08/2019
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand town hall meeting at MCCJones, Clayton07/19/2018
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Mayor Lovely Warren to Appear at BSU @ DC's Rock the Vote Event TODAY!!!Graham, Tokeya11/05/2018
Senators Elected and Re-Elected for 2018-19Heel, Michael06/11/2018
Send Off for Pete OteroAnita Manuele02/14/2014
Send Us Your Materials for Spring 2015 Orientation PacketsCatherine Higgins11/25/2014
Seneca Falls Dialogues -- Call for Student and/or Faculty ProposalsMaria Brandt02/06/2012
Seneca Falls Dialogues and Eco-Feminism: Call for Proposals!Maria Brandt11/22/2013
Seneca Falls Dialogues: Call for Dialogues from Faculty/Administrators/StudentsMaria Brandt01/28/2016
Seneca Falls Dialogues: Call for ProposalsBrandt, Maria01/28/2020
Senior Citizen AuditorsTaine Vinci01/23/2007
Senior PGA FREE ticketsLawrence, Andrew05/24/2019
Sensening Appears on WHEC-TV10 Morning ShowJanet Ekis11/22/2002
Sen. Gillibrand Visits Sibley Building to Promote Jobs for Urban YouthsHency Yuen-Eng05/09/2011
September's First Friday - On ScheduleJeff Bartkovich09/02/2009
September's First Friday - On ScheduleJeff Bartkovich08/31/2011
September 11 Remembrance CeremonyMark Sommer09/09/2003
September 11 Remembrance CeremonyBetty Stewart09/10/2007
September 11 Remembrance CeremonyDonna Brennan09/10/2009
September 11 Remembrance CeremonyBetty Stewart09/10/2010
September 11 Remembrance CeremonyBetty Stewart09/10/2012
September 11th Memorial Ceremony at MCCJenna Breen, President09/07/2004
September 11th Remembrance Walk Dedication CeremonyRosanna Condello09/11/2002
September 19 Faculty Senate MeetingFaculty Senate09/13/2002
September 20, 2012 Faculty Senate Meeting MinutesHeather Murphy10/24/2012
September 28th Faculty Development Program -- RSVP by this Friday!Jonathan Iuzzini09/19/2012
September Brief: Pathways to CollegeAnne M. Kress09/02/2015
September Career Events & ActivitiesRichardson, Robin09/05/2017
September Events at Your Teaching & Creativity CenterJonathan Iuzzini09/05/2014
September Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes Heather Murphy10/26/2011
September Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes Heather Murphy10/22/2013
September Financial Aid Application Workshops Ramon L. Rodriguez08/29/2012
September First FridaysJeff Bartkovich09/05/2012
September First FridaysJeff Bartkovich09/04/2013
September First FridaysDavid Shaw09/05/2014
September First Fridays is HereEileen Scorgie09/04/2015
September is National Preparedness MonthDiSalvo, Charles09/04/2018
September is Suicide Prevention Awareness MonthWatkins, E.09/13/2019
Sept. 11 Moments of SilenceCynthia Cooper09/06/2002
Sept. 18 Faculty Senate MeetingFaculty Senate09/12/2003
Servants of the Map Sale!!Chris Ryther02/10/2005
Server Patches on 2-18David Lane02/17/2010
Service-Learning's Ted Limpert Profiled in D & C InsiderDonna Augustine01/18/2011
Service-learning and the Tsunami in Pacific IslandsSusan Bender10/06/2009
Service-Learning Class Project Featured on Front CoverHency Yuen-Eng05/17/2012
Service-Learning DistinctionDebra Dwyer06/05/2007
Service-Learning Gets Published TwiceDianne E McConkey12/06/2005
Service-Learning Gets UnderwayDianne McConkey02/09/2004
Service-Learning Goes LiveSusan Bender03/03/2004
Service-Learning Informational SessionSusan Bender10/29/2008
Service-Learning Informational Session- ADV 164Susan Bender10/14/2008
Service-Learning is Accepting Applications for the Snowball ScholarshipTracy Wyant11/04/2014
Service-Learning on 10Dianne E McConkey07/17/2006
Service-Learning Sees SuccessDianne McConkey04/21/2004
Service-Learning Student Featured in the Democrat and ChronicleSusan Bender02/18/2005
Service-Learning Students Present Drug & Alcohol Information to On-campus ResidentsDebra Dwyer03/27/2007
Service-Learning Students, Learning "Along the Silk Road"! Susan Bender02/01/2010
Service-Learning to Offer DistinctionDianne McConkey04/09/2004
Service Animal OverviewSSD Staff02/02/2017
Service Animal OverviewMorelli, Jessica10/21/2019
Service Desk ClosingLori Ketchum08/18/2003
Service Desk ClosureCatherine Higgins02/03/2004
Service Desk Holiday HoursSue Teerlinck11/23/2010
Service Desk Holiday HoursSue Teerlinck11/21/2011
Service Desk Holiday HoursSue Teerlinck12/10/2012
Service Desk Holiday HoursSue Teerlinck11/20/2014
Service Desk Summer HoursSue Teerlinck05/21/2013
Service Desk Summer HoursBrasfield, Sarah05/30/2017
Service Desk Thanksgiving Holiday HoursSue Teerlinck11/26/2013
Service Desk: Shortened Hours for Week of Spring BreakSue Teerlinck04/02/2012
Service Excellence Plus 1%Carol Wilkinson10/01/2003
Service Learning Assistant ProgramDavid Pihl10/12/2005
Service Learning Project - There's No Excuse for Domestic Violence and No Reason for Substance AbuseLesley Shakespeare-Brogan04/13/2009
Service learning students assist in a culture and art show at Arts and Cultural Council of RochesterJanet Ekis02/24/2009
Service Learning WorksJanet M. Waasdorp12/14/2010
Service Learning: Successful Programs and Best Practices - STARLINK VideoconferenceCarol Wilkinson01/25/2005
Service Set for Trustee GoodeAnne M. Kress03/09/2016
Services for Board Chair Richard M. GuonLarry W. Tyree04/07/2009
Services for Brenda MullerLarry W. Tyree05/08/2009
Services for Students with Disabilities at DCCJulie White01/16/2013
Services for Students with Disabilities has moved!Arlene Phillips and Mark Preston10/15/2003
Services for Students with Disabilities Office Closed on February 28Sylvia Lavin02/27/2006
Services for Students with Disabilities Office UpdateSusan M. Salvador08/27/2012
Services Scheduled for Henry "Pete" FrenchJanet Ekis02/16/2012
Services Set for Honorary Trustee Wayne GilmanKress, Anne01/19/2018
Services Set for Richard SchroedelHency Yuen-Eng03/10/2016
Services Today for Charles Levine, Stepfather of Brenda BabitzR. Thomas Flynn10/30/2007
Serving for Veteran's DayCatherine Farrell11/12/2014
Serving Native American StudentsCynthia Cooper08/10/2012
Serving our Students InclusivelyDr. Lloyd Holmes03/30/2015
Session on Dealing with Distressed Students Today at NoonDr. Harry Merryman10/19/2005
Setting TuitionSimmons, Hezekiah05/23/2019
Seven New Brown Bag Lunch Sessions Scheduled For NovemberEllen Z. Gozik10/30/2002
Seven Principles for Establishing a Culturally Responsive FacultyDr. Susan Salvador01/06/2005
Seven Science Students Accepted for the 2012 SUNY Upstate, Bridges to the Baccalaureate Summer Research ProgramPaul Wakem04/24/2012
Seven Strategies for Presidents to Stay in Touch with Teaching and LearningDr. Susan Salvador05/19/2004
Seven (7) Curriculum Proposals for Faculty Comment: Correction of Comment Posting Close DateBarnet, David02/06/2020
Seven (7) Curriculum Proposals for Faculty Review and CommentBarnet, David02/05/2020
Seventh Edition of Sigismond Book PublishedJanet Ekis11/08/2006
Seventy MCC Students Join National Organization in HVAC.Kate Schiefen04/01/2005
Several Internal Grant Deadlines ExtendedSusan Davis02/04/2010
Several Math Scholarships Available: Do You Know a Student Who Should Apply?Michael Eames01/16/2013
Sewing Skills NOT Required:  MCC Diversity Quilt MeetingSylvia Lavin10/12/2010
Sexual Assault Awareness MonthLeah Dyer04/18/2006
Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) Programs ReminderLeah S. Dyer04/26/2005
Sexual HarassmentEileen Scorgie11/06/2006
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training ReminderSusan Baker and Diane Cecero03/28/2012
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training ReminderSusan Baker, Ph.D. and Diane Cecero06/07/2012
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Reminder09/27/2012
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training ReminderSusan Baker, Ph.D. and Diane Cecero10/10/2012
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training ReminderSusan Baker, Ph.D. and Diane Cecero03/01/2013
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training ReminderSusan Baker, Ph.D. and Diane Cecero10/15/2013
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Session For All MCC EmployeesDr. Susan Baker and Diane Cecero02/26/2014
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Session for All MCC EmployeesDr. Susan Baker and Diane Cecero09/18/2014
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Session For All MCC Employees Dr. Susan Baker and Diane Cecero03/17/2014
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Session for All MCC Employees Dr. Susan Baker10/15/2014
Sexual Harassment Prevention WorkshopSusan Baker and Diane Cecero03/05/2012
Sexual Harassment Prevention WorkshopSusan Baker, Ph.D. and Diane Cecero05/21/2012
Sexual Harassment Prevention WorkshopSusan Baker and Diane Cecero02/14/2013
Sexual Harassment SeminarDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel09/25/2002
Sexual Harassment SeminarDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel02/12/2003
Sexual Harassment SeminarDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel02/11/2003
Sexual Harassment SeminarDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel05/28/2003
Sexual Harassment SeminarDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel07/17/2003
Sexual Harassment SeminarDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel07/10/2003
SEXUAL HARASSMENT SEMINARDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel10/20/2003
Sexual Harassment TrainingDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel09/13/2004
Sexual Harassment TrainingSusan Baker09/12/2005
Sexual Harassment TrainingSusan Baker09/15/2005
Sexual Harassment TrainingSusan Baker12/05/2005
Sexual Harassment Training Reminder Thursday 11/3/2011Dr. Susan Baker and Diane Cecero11/01/2011
Sexual Harassment Training SeminarDr. Susan Baker05/01/2008
Sexual Harassment Training SeminarDr. Susan Baker01/26/2009
Sexual Harassment Training SeminarDr. Susan Baker, Assistant Vice President02/19/2009
Sexual Harassment Training SeminarDr. Susan Baker09/10/2009
Sexual Harassment Training SeminarDr. Susan Baker09/22/2009
Sexual Harassment Training SeminarDr. Susan Baker and Diane Cecero11/04/2009
Sexual Harassment Training Seminar ReminderSusan Baker and Diane Cecero05/31/2011
Sexual Harassment Training SeriesDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel09/19/2002
Sexual Harassment Training SeriesDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel10/10/2002
Sexual Harassment Training SeriesDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel02/03/2003
Sexual Harassment Training SeriesDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel03/06/2003
Sexual Harassment Training WorkshopSusan D. Baker, PhD.,Assistant Vice President09/11/2006
Sexual Harassment Training WorkshopSusan D. Baker, PhD., Assistant Vice President09/21/2006
Sexual Harassment Training WorkshopSusan Baker, Ph.D, Assistant Vice President02/13/2007
Sexual Harassment Training WorkshopDr. Susan D. Baker, Assistant Vice President02/26/2007
Sexual Harassment Training WorkshopDr. Susan Baker09/04/2007
Sexual Harassment Training WorkshopDr. Susan Baker09/14/2007
Sexual Harassment Training WorkshopDr. Susan Baker09/03/2008
Sexual Harassment Training WorkshopSusan Baker, Assistant Vice President09/17/2008
Sexual Harassment WorkshopDr. Susan Baker10/19/2009
Sexual Harassment WorkshopDr. Susan Baker and Diane Cecero01/20/2011
Sexual Harassment WorkshopDr. Susan Baker and Diane Cecero01/05/2012
Sexual Harassment Workshop – DCC LocationSusan Baker and Diane Cecero04/28/2011
Sexual Harassment Workshop - Room ChangeDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel01/14/2004
Sexual Harassment Workshop PlannedDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel01/12/2004
Sexual Harassment WorkshopsDr. Susan Baker and Diane Cecero05/21/2010
Sexual Harassment WorkshopsDr. Susan Baker and Diane Cecero05/26/2010
Sexual Harassment WorkshopsDr. Susan Baker and Diane Cecero09/09/2010
Sexual Harassment WorkshopsDr. Susan Baker and Diane Cecero09/08/2011
Sexual Harrassment Seminar -- A ReminderDiane M. Cecero, General Counsel06/10/2003
Sexual Harrassment Workshop OfferedLeah Dyer03/09/2004
Sexuality and Self-Defense--Strategies for Women's Empowerment in MyanmarLee, Christina09/06/2019
Sex, Passion, and IntimacyThomas Christopher Priester02/07/2007
SGA-sponsored Red Cross Blood DriveLisa Truman10/07/2014
SGA Agenda for May 7, 2013 MeetingE.V. Flanagan05/06/2013
SGA Agenda for Meeting of April 30, 2013E.V. Flanagan04/30/2013
SGA Agenda for Meeting of February 5, 2013E.V. Flanagan02/04/2013
SGA Agenda for Meeting of March 19, 2013E.V. Flanagan03/18/2013
SGA Agenda for Nov. 13, 2012E.V. Flanagan11/12/2012
SGA April 22nd Minutes Addendum on Lockdown ProcedureLisa Truman05/02/2014
SGA Elections--Meet the Candidates Today!Lisa Truman04/30/2014
SGA Elections Poll Workers NeededLisa Truman04/28/2014
SGA Meeting 10/23/2012 AgendaE.V. Flanagan10/22/2012
SGA Meeting Agenda for April 16, 2013E.V. Flanagan04/12/2013
SGA Meeting Agenda for April 23, 2013E.V. Flanagan04/22/2013
SGA Meeting Agenda for February 12, 013E.V. Flanagan02/11/2013
SGA Meeting Agenda for February 26, 2013E.V. Flanagan02/25/2013
SGA Meeting Agenda for March 12, 2013E.V. Flanagan03/11/2013
SGA Meeting Agenda for March 26, 2013E.V. Flanagan03/25/2013
SGA Meeting Agenda for March 5, 2013E.V. Flanagan03/04/2013
SGA Meeting Agenda for May 14, 2013E.V. Flanagan05/13/2013
SGA Meeting Agenda, December 11, 2012E.V. Flanagan12/10/2012
SGA Meeting Agenda, December 4, 2012E.V. Flanagan11/30/2012
SGA Meeting Agenda, November 20, 2012E.V. Flanagan11/19/2012
SGA Meeting Agenda, November 27, 2012E.V. Flanagan11/27/2012
SGA Meeting January 27th: Student Life Fee DiscussionLisa Truman01/22/2015
SGA Meeting Minutes for 10/9/2012E.V. Flanagan10/17/2012
SGA Meeting Minutes of March 12, 2013E.V. Flanagan03/22/2013
SGA Meeting Minutes, April 23, 2013E.V. Flanagan05/01/2013
SGA Meeting Minutes, December 11, 2012E.V. Flanagan01/31/2013
SGA Meeting Minutes, February 12, 2013E.V. Flanagan02/27/2013
SGA Meeting Minutes, February 26, 2013E.V. Flanagan03/07/2013
SGA Meeting Minutes, February 5, 2013E.V. Flanagan02/13/2013
SGA Meeting Minutes, January 29, 2013E.V. Flanagan02/07/2013
SGA Meeting Minutes, March 19, 2013E.V. Flanagan03/29/2013
SGA Meeting Minutes, November 27, 2012E.V. Flanagan12/06/2012
SGA Meeting: Nov 6, 2012 AgendaE.V. Flanagan11/05/2012
SGA Minutes 10/16/2012E.V. Flanagan10/25/2012
SGA Minutes 10/23/2012E.V. Flanagan11/09/2012
SGA Minutes of April 16, 2013E.V. Flanagan04/24/2013
SGA Minutes of April 9, 2013E.V. Flanagan04/22/2013
SGA Minutes, 9/18/2012E.V. Flanagan09/27/2012
SGA Minutes, April 30, 2013 and May 7, 2013E.V. Flanagan05/17/2013
SGA Minutes, December 4, 2012E.V. Flanagan12/13/2012
SGA Minutes, November 20, 2012E.V. Flanagan11/29/2012
SGA Minutes, November 6, 2012E.V. Flanagan11/19/2012
SGA Mtg 10/9/2012 AgendaE.V. Flanagan10/08/2012
SGA Red Cross Blood DriveLisa Truman02/02/2015
SGA September 22, 2015 MinutesMaryjane Starr10/02/2015
SGA Speak to the Senate Topic:  School SpiritLisa Truman10/14/2014
SGA Sponsored Red Cross Blood DriveLisa Truman12/08/2014
Sgt. Knutowicz to Serve as MCC Public Safety Mental Health LiaisonKevin A. Hall06/09/2015
Shadow Day Success for MCC Upward Bound and Liberty Partnerships ProgramPaul Stack11/24/2014
Shadow Day will be held on Monday, November 11th, 2013Carmelita Brown-Wallace11/07/2013
Shamrocks for HopeTamara Hillabush Walker03/02/2009
Shamrocks for Hope-TONIGHT!Tamara Hillabush Walker03/17/2009
Shapiro featured in Messenger Post articleTom Garigen12/02/2009
Shapiro retirement party set for April 30MCC Athletics04/16/2010
Share a Message of Kindness and Friendship today!Glasgow, Shannon02/14/2018
Share in Celebration of MCC's Best & Brightest at Tomorrow's 3rd Annual Scholars' DayJanet Ekis04/08/2011
Share messages of Kindness Today!!Glasgow, Shannon04/18/2018
Share with our students: IRS tax information automatically inserted into the FAFSARamon L. Rodriguez02/21/2014
Share with our Students: Tips and Useful Financial Aid SuggestionsRamon L. Rodriguez04/27/2015
Share with Students: Income Not Reported on the FAFSARamon L. Rodriguez01/30/2013
Share Your Presidential Election StoryEllen Mancuso03/03/2009
Share Your Story - MCC United Way CampaignAnnette Agness02/08/2010
Share your Talents with ChildrenAnne Barker02/09/2007
Share Your Thoughts in CN's Next Views & Perspectives ColumnJanet Ekis10/26/2006
Shared Leadership Coordinating CouncilMark Ernsthausen10/31/2016
Sharing and Caring for KidsBette Bovenzi11/01/2004
Sharing Our Success: Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day Thank You!Yolanda Johnson and Brigitte Martineau05/10/2010
Sharing our worlds... two events for First Fridays!Ellen Mancuso02/04/2009
Sharing the Governance by Engaging the PeopleColosimo, Amanda11/20/2018
Sharing the Magic: Philosophy, Methods, and Approaches of Highly Effective Faculty - TCC Panel DiscussionSuzanne Long10/27/2004
Sharing the Magic: Philosophy, Methods, and Approaches of Highly Effective Faculty Panel DiscussionSuzanne Long11/03/2004
Sharing & Caring Fundraiser Raises $3,500 for CampBette Bovenzi05/19/2005
Sharitta Gross Selected for Forty Under 40 AwardJeffrey P. Bartkovich10/03/2014
Sharon Dwyer is RetiringJanet Townsend05/11/2005
Sharon Insero Earns NYHIMA Educator AwardToepfer, Maryjo06/10/2019
Sharon Marini to Lead Safety-Hazard Prevention OfficeDebra Dwyer10/22/2013
Sharpen Your Saw at the TCC Today!Beth Wilson10/26/2015
Sharron Waide Earns Toastmasters AwardPatricia Williams05/29/2008
Shaw and Harrington Wilson Co-Present at Project Live ConferenceTed Ciambor12/11/2007
Shaw Judges Eastern Monroe County Piano CompetitionJanet Ekis03/07/2006
Shaw Presents at Project LIVE ConferenceJanet Ekis12/10/2007
Shaw Receives DoctorateBarry Goldfarb05/19/2004
Shaw Serves as Judge for National Federation of Music ClubsJanet Ekis03/08/2005
Shea appointed Assistant to President at Board MeetingR. Thomas Flynn08/12/2008
Shea Appointed to Aquinas Institute’s Board of DirectorsCynthia L. Cooper09/10/2008
Shea Named Special Assistant to the PresidentR. Thomas Flynn09/13/2007
Sheila Manns Appointed as School Specialist, School of Applied Sciences and TechnologiesOldham, Todd08/23/2018
Sheila Manns Recognized by ASIS InternationalJohn Perrone06/23/2015
Sheila Strong Earns Education DoctorateKress, Anne09/21/2018
Sheila Strong Joins President’s OfficeAnne M. Kress, Ph.D.10/11/2011
Shelia Manns Earns Distinguished Support Staff AwardCynthia Clark Inman12/01/2008
Shelitha Williams Completes DoctorateAnn V. Topping, Ed.D.09/11/2015
Shelitha Williams, Director of Student Engagement at DCCVirginia Geer-Mentry09/18/2013
Shelitha Williams, Featured Panelist in WDKX Women for Women Up Close and Personal EventDr. Ann V. Topping04/29/2015
Shelley Fess Achieves Certification as Certified Nurse Educator (CNE)Laurie Palmer09/14/2012
Shelley Fess Appointed NLN AmbassadorLaurel Sanger11/07/2007
Shelving Emergencies and Room Book MeditationDeborah Benjamin09/02/2010
Sherry Tshibangu Article Published in Community College Entrepreneurship MagazineRosanna Condello11/20/2009
Sherry Tshibangu elected to WXXI Trustee CouncilSherry Tshibangu10/03/2008
Sherry Tshibangu Emphasizes the Importance of Partnerships at SCORE LuncheonJim Petrosino09/15/2010
Sherry Tshibangu Highlighted in The Journal of Blacks in Higher EducationRosanna Condello03/29/2010
Sherry Tshibangu Lends Voice to Support Rochester International Women’s Day Rosanna Condello03/25/2010
Sherry Tshibangu Noted in Community College Entrepreneurship MagazineRosanna Condello05/04/2010
Sherry Tshibangu selected as Fellow in the SUNY COIL Stevens Initiative05/17/2017
Sherry Tshibangu Selected for the AACC's Dale P. Parnell Faculty Distinction Recognition AwardWade, Andrea02/04/2020
Sherry Tshibangu Shares MCC’s Entrepreneurial Success Stories through NACCE Webinar, PublicationRosanna Condello02/22/2010
Sherry Tshibangu Sparks Entrepreneurial Spirit for Region, Strengthens MCC RelationshipsFrank Rinehart11/17/2009
Sherry Tshibangu to Serve as Northeast Regional Membership Chair for NACCERosanna Condello03/23/2009
Shine the Light on Domestic Violence: Go Purple on October 19th!Lowe, Kristin10/16/2017
Shining Through Mentoring II: Learn it! Live it! Love It!Valarie Avalone02/12/2003
Shoah Documentary: 25th Anniversary Viewing and DiscussionMatthew Hachee11/21/2011
Shock and Awe – Taking Civility to the Classroom!Karen Coffey10/24/2007
Shoger and Bailey Interviewed by CBS RadioRosanna Condello06/26/2007
Shoger and Wood Participate at CASE Conference for Community College AdvancementAlicia M. Zona10/11/2013
Shop and Save...Mother's Day Sale in the Bookstore! Jenna Keefe04/11/2013
Shop at Barnes & Noble, Support the Rochester Oratorio SocietyKaren Frantz03/17/2008
Shop for a Cause!Eileen Scorgie10/14/2009
Shop today at the MCC Bookstore for great sales!Iris Mand03/14/2007
Shopping Online Securely - Is This Deal For Real?Pogroszewski, Donna11/02/2017
Shopping Online Securely - Protecting Your InformationPogroszewski, Donna11/03/2017
Shopping Safely OnlinePogroszewski, Donna11/22/2017
Short-Fiction Writer Toni Jensen Coming to MCCMaria Brandt02/21/2011
Short Essay on MCC's Online Learning Program Appears in D&CJanet Ekis12/13/2007
Short on Cash???????Patrick Bates02/14/2006
Shortened Hours for Campus Center Service Desk During Spring BreakSue Teerlinck04/15/2010
Shortened Hours for Week of Spring BreakSue Teerlinck04/11/2008
Shortened Hours for Week of Spring BreakSue Teerlinck04/16/2009
Shortened Hours for Week of Spring BreakSue Teerlinck03/28/2013
Shortened Hours for Week of Spring BreakSue Teerlinck04/11/2014
Show Me The Money! Help students learn more about hot careers that pay good moneyIvonne Ponicson and Trelawney Seldon10/18/2013
Show Me the Money! Keeping Your Finances SafeVilma Morrow03/21/2012
Show Me The Money! (Part 2) Learn about hot careers that pay good moneyIvonne Ponicson and Trelawney Seldon10/24/2013
Show Me The Money! (Part 3) Learn more about hot careers that pay good moneyIvonne Ponicson and Trelawney Seldon10/31/2013
Show Me the Rooms!Deborah Benjamin02/16/2006
Show of MCC Artists ExtendedJanet Ekis10/03/2007
Show Support for Our TroopsBette Bovenzi10/05/2006
Show your Irish "green" spirit and dine in at Food for Thought on Monday!Janet Zinck03/17/2017
Show Your MCC Spirit and Run/Walk or Ride! Susan Bender03/18/2010
Show Your MCC Spirit: Wear Black & Gold on All College DayCynthia Cooper09/01/2010
Show Your Spirit Carol Fisher08/30/2012
Show Your Spirit Campaign!Bette Bovenzi, Orientation Coordinator01/26/2004
Show Your Support for Denim Day on Wednesday, April 26!Kristin Lowe04/24/2017
Show your "I Voted" Sticker get a special discount at the MCC Bookstore!MCC Bookstores11/07/2016
Showcase Rochester - This Thursday!Sherry Sweet12/01/2004
Showcasing Student Work in Lake Placid, NYPierce, Heather10/24/2017
Showing Our Support of the MCC FoundationAnne M. Kress11/16/2009
Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Informational Meeting -Wednesday, March 14th!Benjamin, Athesia03/08/2018
Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Meeting -Wednesday, April 18th!Benjamin, Athesia04/17/2018
Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Meeting -Wednesday, March 28th!Benjamin, Athesia03/26/2018
Shutting Down Your Computer for System MaintenanceDonna Pogroszewski07/29/2009
Shuttle Adjustment for End of Semester ExamsAnnette Agness12/06/2010
Shuttle Bus ReminderLisa Truman02/13/2017
Shuttle Schedule--Finals WeekLisa Truman12/14/2015
Shuttle Schedule--Finals WeekLisa Truman12/13/2016
Shuttle Schedule--Spring 2016Lisa Truman01/25/2016
Shuttle Schedule-Fall 2015Ginny Geer-Mentry09/08/2015
Shuttle Schedule ChangeVirginia Geer-Mentry09/27/2013
Shuttle Schedule for Finals WeekTruman, Lisa05/17/2017
Shuttle Schedule for Thanksgiving WeekLisa Truman11/24/2015
Shuttle Schedule: Spring 2017Lisa Truman01/25/2017
Shuttle Service and Thanksgiving HolidayAnnette Agness11/22/2010
Shuttle Service During Spring BreakMaryjane Starr03/27/2015
Shuttle Service During the Thanksgiving Holiday Virginia Geer-Mentry11/20/2012
Sibley Building SafetyDr. Susan Salvador03/31/2006
Sibley Building SafetyDr. Emeterio Otero, Executive Dean, Damon City Campus02/10/2009
Sibley Building Safety ConcernsDr. Susan Salvador03/09/2006
Sibley Building TheftLee Struble01/24/2011
Sibley Building to Host Balloon Adventure SculptureAntonia Custodio01/21/2016
Sibley Building to Host Balloon SculptureAntonia Custodio02/06/2015
SiCKO and Donna Smith at DCC on Thursday!Christine Plumeri09/03/2008
Sidewalk and Parking Lot WorkSleight, Travis09/29/2017
Sidewalk ClosureKevin Walton10/24/2003
Sidewalk Closure-Building 3Sleight, Travis09/07/2017
Sidewalk Repair Around Lots E and FDoug Ford07/03/2012
Sidewalk Replacement around Lots A and CDoug Ford07/02/2014
Sidewalk Sale at the Brighton Bookstore!Farruggia, Alyssa05/16/2018
Sigismond Co-Authors 9th Edition of Business Law TextbookWilliam Sigismond03/01/2013
Sigismond Included in Who's Who Among America's TeachersJanet Ekis06/09/2004
Sigismond Nominated for Who's WhoJanet Ekis05/05/2005
Sigismond Quoted in "Rochester Woman"Janet Ekis12/12/2007
Sign installation at Downtown Campus Attracts Media AttentionYuen-Eng, Hency06/19/2019
Sign the Freedom Medal Petition to Honor Firefighters' MemoriesVincent R. Pratt01/07/2013
Sign up for Mental Health First Aid Training!Glasgow, Shannon05/22/2019
Sign up for SUNY NY-AlertLee Struble02/22/2010
Sign up for the Maverick Aquatic ClubDaniel S. Dubois09/01/2004
Sign Up For The MCC Intramural Basketball LeagueJehlen, Tara01/23/2018
Sign Up Now for Next Week's Enriching Advisement: ADV WorkshopsSally Dingee03/03/2017
Sign Up Now!Brian Legg04/29/2013
Sign Up to be a Book BuddyJulie Damerell09/22/2003
Sign Up Today for Diversity WorkshopChris Otero-Piersante11/01/2007
Sign Up Today!Brian Legg03/28/2013
Sign Up Today! Identity Theft Brown Bag, April 13, 2016Amy Coon04/05/2016
Signage Change RequestsDoug Ford09/05/2008
Signage Change RequestsPaul Wurster09/30/2016
Signed Beam Set in Campus CenterValarie Avalone09/30/2002
Signing Classes at MCC Change One Man's LifeJanet Ekis09/28/2006
Signing of Guest Book for Nancy PriceCarol Cascarano06/03/2011
Signs of an Unhealthy RelationshipPatterson, Vilma11/29/2017
Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship #BehindThePostPatterson, Vilma11/26/2018
Sigrist Essay Published in Democrat and ChronicleRosanna Condello04/05/2004
Silas'  Work Highlighted at City HallJanet Dalke03/14/2012
Silas to Make Rochester Theatrical DebutRosanna Condello09/22/2006
Silent Auction Bid-off Tomorrow at Noon in Atrium!!Diane Cheasty12/06/2007
Silent Auction Items Needed for Children's Arts FestivalElizabeth Stewart04/24/2003
Silk and Wool, Carpet Creations Along the Silk RoadShahin Monshipour03/31/2010
Silver Sweep for MCC’s Marketing CommunicationsConnie Herrera11/21/2008
Silvio Published in New Essay CollectionTony Vinci04/12/2006
Silvio, Vinci and a Book on Star WarsJanet Ekis03/05/2007
Simmons Appointed to SUNY Group Looking at System CC Finances; MCC Financial Responsibility NotedKress, Anne06/11/2019
Simmons Appointed Vice President, Administrative ServicesLarry W. Tyree10/07/2008
Simmons Interviewed - CBO SpeaksEileen Scorgie03/09/2017
Simmons Named Interim Vice President, Administrative ServicesR. Thomas Flynn06/28/2007
Simmons presents at New York Community College Trustees’ ConferenceSherry Parks04/06/2009
Simmons, Avalone, and Jachim-Moore Present at SCUP 47  Lynn Rivers07/18/2012
Simple Signs and Communication Tips for Communicating with Deaf and Hard of Hearing PeopleRita Straubhaar11/17/2009
Simple Steps Program for Aspiring EntrepreneursSherry Tshibangu09/15/2011
Simple Steps Program for Aspiring Entrepreneurs on March 12Sherry Tshibangu03/09/2011
Simple Ways to Create a Complex PasswordDonna Pogroszewski11/14/2007
Simplified Class SearchDoug Miller11/14/2011
Simply CrepesDouglas Brown, Director12/23/2004
Simply Crepes Spring Fling SpecialPat Burdick05/10/2005
Simulated DWI Event to Help Educate Students - 10/20/10 Lee Struble10/19/2010
Sing for Charity at Kickin' Karaoke CompetitonJodi Oriel03/30/2006
Sing For Hope ChallengePhi Theta Kappa03/27/2007
Sing for Hope ChallengePhi Theta Kappa03/15/2007
Sing the Song of the Sea with Celtic SocietyJeffery Jones04/23/2015
Singers Set for MCC Night at the Rochester Red WingsCatherine L'Esperance07/19/2006
Single Mom WorkshopsGonzalez, Julissa02/06/2020
Single Sign On Comes to the SUNY PortalWilliam Wagoner10/28/2013
Single Stop at MCC Generates Media InterestHency Yuen-Eng10/26/2016
Singleton, Williams named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen11/17/2009
SIS Address Updates - Training Session at DCCDebra Watson12/06/2002
SIS Address Updates - Training SessionsDebra Watson12/04/2002
SIS TrainingMary Timmons10/24/2003
Sisters Do You Hear Me Production This FridayMelany J. Silas02/27/2013
Sisters Do You Hear Me?Melany Silas02/05/2013
Sisters of Murphy Help MCC Celebrate Celtic NightJeff Jones04/18/2014
Sit Back and Enjoy Nonstop Reading of African-American WorksHency Yuen-Eng02/07/2011
Site Lighting Project UpdateSleight, Travis08/25/2017
Site Lighting Project Updates - Moving to the Applied Technologies CenterSleight, Travis10/16/2017
Site Lighting Replacement in Lot PRhodes, Quent08/31/2017
Six Compete in Tall Tales ContestRosanna Condello03/19/2004
Six Curriculum Proposals Posted for Faculty ReviewBarnet, David09/26/2019
Six from MCC Nominated for Frontier Field Walk of FameRosanna Condello04/27/2009
Six Months Ahead But Can’t Be ReadDeborah Benjamin09/28/2006
Six Student-Athletes Named Academic All-AmericanTom Garigen07/02/2009
Six Student Athletes named Academic All-AmericanTom Garigen07/15/2010
Six Things for Faculty to Know About the MCC LibrariesWilson, Alice08/19/2019
Six Word Memoirs: Your Life in Exactly Six WordsCharlene Rezabek02/24/2014
Sixth Act Annual Student Playwriting CompetitionCathryn Smith11/14/2012
Sixth Act Bake-Off This Saturday at 7 pm!Brandt, Maria10/04/2019
Sixth Act Bake-Off/24-Hour PlayMaria Brandt09/14/2016
Sixth Act Night at A Streetcar Named Desire!Maria Brandt04/01/2014
Sixth Act Night at CABARET!Maria Brandt10/24/2012
Sixth Act Night at Lapin AgileMaria Brandt03/27/2013
Sixth Act Night at RENTMaria Brandt11/05/2013
Sixth Act Night at ROCKY HORRORMaria Brandt11/13/2015
Sixth Act Night at SUBURBIAMaria Brandt11/16/2016
Sixth Act Night at VaPAMaria Brandt04/08/2016
SIXTH ACT NIGHT at VaPASardisco, Karen11/08/2018
Sixth Act Night at VaPASardisco, Karen03/11/2019
Sixth Act Night at VaPASardisco, Karen04/03/2019
Sixth Act Night at VaPA is This Friday!Maria Brandt, Karen Sardisco and Heather Chang03/28/2017
Sixth Act Night at "An Inspector Calls"Maria Brandt03/27/2015
SIxth Act Professional Workshop: Tennessee WilliamsThomas Blake09/24/2013
Sixth Act Resources for MCC Faculty and StudentsBrandt, Maria09/23/2019
Sixth Act Student Playwriting CompetitionMaria Brandt11/23/2016
Sixth Act Student Playwriting Competition Winners AnnouncedJames Senden04/24/2015
Sixth Act Tennessee Williams WorkshopThomas Blake10/15/2013
Sixth Annual AAWCC Book DriveJulie Slate11/29/2010
Sixth Annual Academic Advisement DayPam Donofrio03/12/2007
Sixth Annual Academic Advisement Day a Success!

Pam Donofrio03/22/2007
Sixth Annual Enough is Enough Campaign hosted by The Civility Project, April 6-9, 2015Catherine Higgins03/11/2015
Sixth Edition of Sigismond Book PublishedJanet Ekis09/02/2003
Sizzling-Hot Summer Clearance Sale!Jenna Keefe06/12/2013
Sí, Se Puede: Latina Success StoriesLori Annesi09/15/2006
Ski Trip to the Adirondack Mountains OfferedErnest Mellas12/01/2003
Skills Competition Brings CTE and STEM to MCCJavier Ayala, Ph.D.05/06/2014
SkillSoft eLearning: Improving Computer and Professional Development Skills 24/7 Free of Charge!Mary Hallett09/26/2003
SkillSoft: Learn Something for Nothing over Break!Mary Hallett12/19/2003
SkillsUSA in the Community College:  A Significant Workforce Development PartnerSusan M. Salvador11/30/2011
Skip Bailey Honored For Service To NJCAATom Garigen04/06/2016
Skip Bailey Named Athletic DirectorSusan M. Salvador06/15/2010
Skip Bailey Named Regional Athletic Director of the YearTom Garigen08/18/2011
Skipping Christmas....Alyson11/19/2003
Skunk HourPhilip Snyder10/28/2004
Skunk HourPhilip Snyder12/15/2004
Skunk HourPhilip Snyder12/13/2005
Skunk Hour--Featuring Scott Rudd and Tony Vinci--This Friday, April 20th!Tony Vinci04/18/2007
Skunk Hour -- featuring new poetry and drama by Scott Rudd and Maria BrandtTony Vinci04/29/2008
SKUNK HOUR - Calling All WritersDouglas Brooks05/27/2005
SKUNK HOUR CancelledPhilip Snyder12/15/2005
Skunk Hour Debuts at DCCJulie Damerell09/11/2003
Skunk Hour ReminderJanet Ekis03/18/2004
Skunk Hour to Feature Student, Faculty AuthorsTony Leuzzi12/01/2004
Skunk Hour TodayPhilip Snyder10/21/2005
SKUNK HOUR TODAY - 12 Noon - Featuring Dr. Lynn BartholomeDoug Brooks12/08/2006
Skunk Hour, Damon City CampusJulie Damerell09/03/2003
Skunk Hour, Downtown!Julie Damerell10/21/2003
Skunk Hour, Downtown!Julie Damerell11/11/2003
Skunk Hour, Downtown!Julie Damerell03/04/2004
Skunk Hour, Downtown!Julie Damerell04/21/2004
Skunk Hour, Downtown!Julie Damerell09/20/2004
Skunk Hour, Downtown!Julie Damerell02/02/2005
Skunk Hour, Downtown!Julie Damerell03/04/2005
Skunk Hour, Downtown!Julie Damerell09/21/2005
Skunk Hour, Downtown!Julie Damerell02/03/2006
Skunk Hour, Downtown!Julie Damerell04/12/2006
Skunk Hour, Downtown! Celebrates International Education WeekJulie Damerell11/11/2004
Skunk Hour, Downtown! postponedJulie Damerell09/27/2005
Skunk Hour: A Creative Reading Series -- Friday, Feb. 4thJanet Ekis01/31/2005
Skunk Hour: A Harold Pinter ReadingJames McCusker04/08/2009
Skunks, Cabbages & Kings!Tony Vinci05/01/2007
Sleep in a Supervolcano!Jessica Barone12/09/2013
SLN Angel TrainingPeggy VanKirk02/02/2009
SLN ANGEL Training for fall 2009Peggy VanKirk09/10/2009
SLN ANGEL Training for Fall 2010Peggy VanKirk09/20/2010
SLN ANGEL Training for Fall 2010 Peggy VanKirk08/03/2010
SLN ANGEL Training for Fall 2011 Peggy VanKirk08/30/2011
SLN ANGEL Training for Fall 2012Peggy VanKirk08/27/2012
SLN ANGEL Training for Late Spring 2011 Peggy VanKirk03/29/2011
SLN ANGEL Training for Spring 2010Peggy VanKirk12/16/2009
SLN ANGEL Training for Spring 2011Peggy VanKirk01/18/2011
SLN ANGEL Training for Spring 2012Peggy VanKirk01/27/2012
SLN ANGEL Training for Spring 2013 Peggy VanKirk01/29/2013
SLN ANGEL Training "Boot Camp"Peggy VanKirk03/16/2009
SLN Enrollment On the RiseJanet Ekis06/09/2004
SLN Hosted ANGEL Training WorkshopsPeggy VanKirk03/22/2010
SLN REGISTRATION DATESStuart Blacklaw01/13/2004
Sloan-C Online Learning Seminar at MCCMarie Fetzner07/25/2005
Slow Down Driving through Residence Hall Work ZoneLeah Dyer09/08/2006
Slumber Party at Reflections Restaurant Diane Cheasty11/17/2011
Slutzky Makes Radio AppearanceJanet Ekis09/24/2003
Smart Classroom lamp lifePaul J. Tracy02/03/2004
Smart Classroom TechnologyJeff Bartkovich10/12/2010
Smart Classroom Technology TrainingTerry Keys09/11/2008
Smart ClassroomsTerry Keys03/03/2005
Smart Classrooms to be UpgradedDonna Pogroszewski02/11/2003
Smart Consoles lock up can help deter theftPaul J. Tracy11/01/2006
Smart Saving Tips with Easy Coupon StrategiesJulie Slate05/10/2016
Smart StartDorothy Evans05/10/2003
Smile – A Message from the Civility ProjectChris Hamm03/28/2013
Smith Named to Rush-Henrietta School BoardRosanna Condello06/05/2003
Smokey Joe's Cafe Debuts in NovemberJodi Oriel11/21/2002
Smoking Cessation Program through Excellus being offered at MCCThe MCC Wellness Team02/25/2013
Smoking Policy ReminderLeah Santirocco09/10/2009
Smooth Sailing into Employee Parking Lots P, N and K – No ID Swipe Required  Debra Dwyer09/11/2013
SnapshotNY: A Day in the Life of a LibraryCharlene Rezabek02/22/2011
Snow Removal/Vehicles left OvernightLeah Dyer12/11/2003
Snow Removal/Vehicles left OvernightLeah Santirocco02/11/2008
Snow Season Parking Rules in EffectLeah Santirocco11/25/2008
Snow Season Parking Rules in EffectDenise Calarco12/01/2009
Snow & visions of sugar plums did that get me to Gradebooks? The mind is a mysterious thing!Martha Kendall11/17/2014
Snowball Scholarship Deadline ApproachingSusan Bender03/26/2010
Snowflake Scholarship FundDiane L. Shoger01/24/2013
Snyder and Bartholome Published in The Journal of American CultureBob De Felice02/27/2004
So much poetry, so little timeJulie Damerell11/30/2006
So You Think You Can Spell...Patricia Kennedy12/15/2010
So You Think You Can Spell...Patricia Kennedy02/15/2012
SoBig e-mail VirusDonna Pogroszewski08/22/2003
Soccer Team Hosts Educational SessionsRobyn Pepicelli03/18/2004
Soccer teams open up at home this weekendTom Garigen08/30/2007
Soccer Teams to Host Region III TournamentRobyn Pepicelli10/29/2003
Soccer teams to host regionals this weekendTom Garigen10/26/2007
Social Class in AmericaKevin Eirich05/01/2006
Social EngineeringPogroszewski, Donna11/13/2017
Social Engineering Through the InternetDonna Pogroszewski06/24/2015
Social Gathering at the ESL's Centre IceRobyn Malloy01/24/2003
Social Lunch Rescheduled for March 21 Heather Murphy02/23/2016
Social Lunch This Week Heather Murphy11/14/2016
Social Media and College PresidentsCynthia Cooper08/23/2013
Social Media Course open to MCC EmployeesPerrone, John10/26/2017
Social Media SafetyJohn Perrone12/24/2014
Social Media ScamsDonna Pogroszewski10/02/2014
Social Media ScamsDonna Pogroszewski10/07/2014
Social Networking Brown Bag Lunch/DWIGHTJosey, Carman02/17/2020
Social Security Benefits and Achieving Financial Independence through Voluntary Retirement SavingsGavigan, Cheryl03/19/2019
Social Security & Retirement Presentation on June 19thBureau, Suzanne06/14/2018
Social Security & Retirement Presentation Today!Bureau, Suzanne06/19/2018
Social Work Department Chair from Nazareth College Visits Human Services Students at DCCPaula M. Fahy11/10/2014
Social, Cultural, and Economic Costs of the Deepwater Horizon Oil SpillMatthew Fox04/15/2011
Socio-Political View of Puerto Rico After Hurricane MariaRowley, Cristina10/23/2019
Sociology 101 Students Learn Real Life LessonsMaureen Erickson12/10/2007
Sociology Film SeriesBethany Gizzi04/01/2004
Sociology Film SeriesBethany Gizzi04/21/2004
Sociology Film SeriesBethany Gizzi05/04/2004
Sociology Film SeriesBethany Gizzi10/27/2004
Sociology Film SeriesBethany Gizzi04/10/2006
Sociology Film Series - Tonight!Bethany Gizzi10/28/2008
Sociology Film Series at BrightonBethany Gizzi03/14/2006
Sociology Film Series at DamonChristine Plumeri02/10/2005
Sociology Film Series at Damon presents Thelma & LouiseChristine Plumeri02/25/2004
Sociology Film Series at DCC Continues!Christine Plumeri10/12/2004
Sociology Film Series at DCC presents Eddie Murphy's "Delirious"Christine Plumeri11/19/2009
Sociology Film Series at DCC presents North CountryChristine Plumeri02/13/2006
Sociology Film Series at DCC Presents "Crash"Christine Plumeri11/08/2005
Sociology Film Series at DCC Presents "SuperSize Me"Christine Plumeri12/08/2005
Sociology Film Series Begins TonightBethany Gizzi10/06/2004
Sociology Film Series Event Presents American History XGiovanelli, ina11/03/2017
Sociology Film Series Presents The Economics of HappinessBethany Gizzi04/28/2011
Sociology Film Series Presents V for VendettaBethany Gizzi11/07/2006
Sociology Film Series Presents "An Inconvenient Truth" at BrightonBethany Gizzi05/01/2007
Sociology Film Series Presents "Precious" May 4th & May 10thBethany Gizzi04/29/2010
Sociology Film Series Presents: BulliedBethany Gizzi11/12/2010
Sociology Film Series Presents: FLOW: For Love of WaterBethany Gizzi05/12/2009
Sociology Film Series Presents: I Am A ManBethany Gizzi02/08/2011
Sociology Film Series Presents: Who Killed the Electric Car?Bethany Gizzi04/23/2008
Sociology Film Series Tonight at 6pmBethany Gizzi03/10/2011
Sociology Film Series Tonight!Bethany Gizzi05/14/2009
Sociology Film Series: Roger & MeDina Giovanelli03/16/2016
Sodexo April HighlightsLisa Truman04/03/2017
Sodexo Canned Food DriveLisa Truman11/18/2015
SODEXO Celebrates Earth DayLisa Truman04/06/2016
SODEXO Customer SurveyLisa Truman and Matt Farley02/15/2017
Sodexo Dining Customer SurveyVan Pelt, Thomas10/17/2017
Sodexo Dining Customer SurveyVan Pelt, Thomas10/30/2017
Sodexo Dining End of Semester HoursLisa Truman11/30/2015
Sodexo Dining End of Semester HoursLisa Truman12/07/2015
Sodexo Dining Experience SurveyMarueen Wheelden09/29/2011
Sodexo Dining Hours for End of Semester and SummerHiggins, Catherine05/15/2019
Sodexo End of Semester and Summer HoursLisa Truman05/16/2016
Sodexo End of Spring Term & Summer HoursMarueen Wheelden05/01/2015
Sodexo End of Term and Summer HoursMarueen Wheelden05/20/2015
Sodexo Food Service Hours Winter BreakMaureen Wheelden02/10/2014
Sodexo Holiday HoursMaureen Wheelden12/04/2014
Sodexo Hours of Operation Maureen Wheelden08/27/2012
Sodexo January 2017 Intersession MenuLisa Truman01/04/2017
Sodexo March HighlightsLisa Truman03/01/2017
Sodexo MarketPlace Summer SpecialsMaureen Wheelden06/03/2013
Sodexo May HighlightsLisa Truman04/26/2017
Sodexo Menu for the Week of March 6thLisa Truman03/06/2017
Sodexo Menu week of March 13thLisa Truman03/13/2017
Sodexo Offers Flex Dollars for Faculty and StaffMaryjane Starr10/06/2014
Sodexo September SpecialsLisa Truman09/06/2016
Sodexo Summer HoursMaureen Wheelden05/13/2013
Sodexo Thanks All for Their Participation!Maureen Wheelden03/07/2012
Sodexo Thanksgiving Week HoursMaureen Wheelden11/25/2013
Sodexo TransitionAnnette Agness07/02/2010
Sodexo Wants To Know Your Thoughts!Lisa Truman03/14/2016
Sodexo Weekly MenuLisa Truman02/15/2017
SODEXO Winter Break HoursLisa Truman02/15/2017
Softball Staff Receives National HonorTom Garigen06/26/2007
Softball Team Earns Trip to NationalsTom Garigen05/16/2006
Softball team wins national titleTom Garigen05/23/2006
Softball to host regional game TuesdayTom Garigen05/09/2006
Softball, women's lacrosse, golf continue postseason playTom Garigen05/11/2007
Solar Students Celebrate Successful Summer Session at STAR unitPearce, Dale08/23/2017
Solar Thermal Certificate Gets the Go AheadJavier Ayala, Dean08/16/2012
Solar Thermal Technology Certificate & Sport Management, A.S., approved by New York State Education DepartmentCharlotte Downing09/06/2012
Solo Exhibition by Jasna Bogdanovska at The Little TheatreJasna Bogdanovska01/11/2012
Solutions: Adjuncts as Academic Advisors by Maribeth E. AndersonDr. Susan Salvador12/02/2005
Some Facts About Long-Term CareColleen Lunney03/03/2003
Some New Additions in Food for Thought!Zinck, Janet11/20/2017
Some new items on the menu for Food for Thought!Janet Zinck03/03/2015
Somebody Get Me An Interpreter!!Deborah Benjamin05/25/2006
Someone Is An Idiot!Deborah Benjamin05/15/2006
Something New on www.monroecc.eduCynthia Cooper & Colleen Brennan-Barry04/26/2012
Somos Amigos in Dominican RepublicSuzanne El Rayess02/11/2009
Songs for Unity - Vocal and Instrumental MusicFisher, Rollo02/27/2018
Sophisticated Phishing ScamsDonna Pogroszewski06/01/2015
Sorelle's Open During Summer SemestersPat Burdick06/07/2005
Soup of the Day!Peggy Ansaldi10/17/2012
Soups and Pasta Meals Available at the BookstorePeggy Ansaldi02/29/2012
Soups Now Available in the Brighton BookstoreIris Mand02/16/2009
So, Why Hold an Inauguration?Cynthia L. Cooper and Terri Tugel09/30/2009
SPA 221 On Location Information Session (Costa Rica)Alas, Jorge11/06/2018
Space Planning and Management Committee: Updated Membership ListingHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President10/20/2016
Spaghetti Dinner to Benefit Mark Preston's WidowCynthia Cooper10/17/2011
Spaghetti Dinner to Benefit MCC Child Care CenterBetty Stewart03/31/2009
Spaghetti with SantaThomas Christopher Priester, Program Coordinator12/01/2006
Spam email messagesDavid Lane11/25/2009
Spam Extortion ScamGallion, Christine11/09/2018
Spam Extortion ScamGallion, Christine03/12/2019
Spam Extortion ScamGallion, Christine05/07/2019
Spam, Spam, Go AwayDonna Pogroszewski03/28/2016  (New)Drew Mead01/14/2014
Spanish-language Publication Highlights 3 MCC ProgramsHency Yuen-Eng08/23/2011
Spanish Club Hosts First Salsa DanceShirley Batistta-Provost01/29/2004
Spanish Cultural Event - Film and Panel DiscussionLouis Silvers04/23/2015
Spanish Director to Present His Latest Short FilmLouis Silvers04/18/2013
Speak Out MCC Students!Donna Brennan12/13/2007
Speak Out Rochester Against Child Abuse and Domestic ViolenceMaggie L. Watson07/20/2006
Speak Out Rochester! 2007 Call for WorkMaggie Watson03/16/2007
Speak Up! Improving the Lives of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered YouthChristine Plumeri03/29/2006
SPEAK UP!: Improving the Lives of GLBT YouthChristine Plumeri04/11/2006
Speak Your Mind, First Annual Poetry SlamShirley Batistta-Provost04/19/2007
Speaker from AIDS RochesterSusan H. Forsyth11/05/2003
Speaker Gary Wolk: "So, you want to be a counselor?"Susan Thompson03/01/2010
Speaker Panel to Discuss Anxiety and DepressionJodi Oriel02/03/2004
Speaker Series Focusing on DisabilitiesPaula Fahy02/27/2009
Speaker Series Focusing on DisabilitiesPaula Fahy03/06/2009
Speakers of Foreign Languages Needed to Assist Students, Families!Diane M. Cecero05/03/2010
Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Iuzzini on the Psychology of DiversitySusan Thompson11/04/2010
Spear PhishingDavid Lane10/20/2009
Special Announcement Today from the MCC Foundation!Brenda Babitz01/17/2007
Special Bookstore Sale! Stop 'Buy' Soon for the Best SelectionCarol McKeown03/07/2016
Special Campus Fire Safety BulletinMartin Gilmore01/29/2007
Special Day in the Bookstore!Iris Mand11/30/2009
Special Edition of League Connections - Sept 11, 2002Dr. Susan Salvador09/16/2002
SPECIAL EDITION: 2009 Employee Recognition Celebration HeldJanet Ekis05/28/2009
SPECIAL EDITION: MCC Employee Recognition CeremonyJanet Ekis06/07/2006
SPECIAL EDITION: MCC Employee Recognition Ceremony HeldJanet Ekis05/31/2007
Special Event Parking BulletinLeah Dyer04/22/2003
Special Event Parking Summer 2013Julianna Frisch06/03/2013
Special Guests at Faculty Senate MeetingDonna Cox, President01/28/2004
Special Information Session on New Accelerated Business Degree, Tuesday, August 6McKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly08/05/2019
Special MCC Showing of "This Film is Not Yet Rated" @ The Little TheatreTom Proietti11/17/2006
Special Message from the PresidentKress, Anne10/02/2017
Special Message from the President: Follow-upKress, Anne10/03/2017
Special Offer from Geva on A Christmas StoryJanet Ekis12/08/2009
Special PurchaseIris Mand09/28/2006
Special Screening: The Joy Luck ClubJodi Oriel10/27/2008
Special Section: Convocation and Commencement 2007Janet Ekis06/06/2007
SPECIAL SKUNK HOUR -- FRIDAY, DEC. 5Janet Ekis12/01/2003
Special St. Patty's Day Meal Today in the Brighton Room!Tony Struzik03/11/2009
Special today only Food for Thought!Zinck, Janet10/25/2017
Special Varied Length AttendanceGinger Toth07/01/2004
Specialist, Institutional Research OfficeAngel Andreu02/20/2006
Speciality Food Service Vendors Operating Hours for the 2008 Fall SemesterAnnette Agness, Director09/02/2008
Speciality Food Service Vendors Operating Hours for the 2009 Fall SemesterAnnette Agness, Director09/03/2009
Specially Marked Parking Spaces in Lot ALeah Santirocco06/02/2010
Specials at Reflections the Monday after Spring Break!Diane Cheasty04/21/2011
Specifications Grading Work SessionGena Merliss12/22/2016
Spectator Bus Offered to Support Tribunes HockeyDouglas J. Brown03/01/2004
Spectrum News Highlights MCC Guardian Campus Safety AppYule, Rosanna09/21/2018
Spencer, Krajewski named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen09/16/2008
Spend Part of Your Summer in a Supervolcano! Information SessionsAmanda Colosimo11/05/2013
Spend Part of your Summer Inside a Volcano!Amanda Colosimo01/26/2011
Spend Spring Break in JapanStasia Callan09/17/2009
Spend Spring Break in the Land of the Rising Sun!Stasia Callan10/02/2009
Spend Spring Recess in Greece: Athens and the IslandsStasia Callan10/27/2003
SPENDonLIFE $500 to $5000 a year ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez04/22/2008
Sperr Heroism, New Criminal Justice Scholarship Highlighted by Local MediaRosanna Condello12/06/2006
Sperrs, State Police Continue Support of Memorial ScholarshipDiane L. Shoger10/21/2010
Spina Administration Building Front Entrances ClosuresJim Charlton05/01/2013
Spina Administration Building Front Entrances ClosuresJames Charlton05/31/2013
Spina Administration Building Front Patio Entrance Closing for Final FinishingBlaine Grindle08/07/2014
Spina Named Interim President of Thomas Nelson Community CollegeCynthia Cooper07/15/2003
Spine Lounge Renovation - a Big Hit! Help us find another.Grindle, Blaine12/23/2019
Spinetti and Stewart present at the ACUI Region Two ConferenceSusan Spinetti11/21/2006
Spirit DayRebecca Herzog, Program Coordinator09/21/2010
Spirit Day Faculty vs. Student's Basketball GameKaren Shaw10/03/2016
Spirit Day Faculty vs. Students Basketball Game Today!Shaw, Karen10/06/2017
Spirit Day Reminder!Bette Bovenzi, Orientation Coordinator01/30/2004
Spirit SalePeggy Ansaldi09/22/2011
SPIRIT SALE! Peggy Ansaldi10/08/2012
Spitfire Grill SuccessJim Simmonds11/26/2008
Spoken Word Poet to Present at MCCJodi Oriel03/27/2003
Spoken Word Poet: Staceyann ChinJanet Ekis03/26/2003
Sponsor A Child This ChristmasOriel, Jodi11/16/2017
Sponsor A Child This ChristmasOriel, Jodi12/04/2017
SPOOKtacular savings at the BookstoreFarruggia, Alyssa10/22/2018
Spooky Side of Cyber SecurityDonna Pogroszewski10/31/2014
Sports Hall of Fame DinnerRobyn Pepicelli01/20/2005
Sports Hall of Fame Members Get in on the Red Wings Action!Cynthia Cooper08/23/2005
Sports Management Program Now OfferedMelissa Fromm10/10/2012
Sports theme in Reflections Restaurant next Tuesday!!Diane Cheasty04/30/2010
Sportsmanship DayTom Garigen03/09/2007
Sportswear on Sale at BookstoreAlyson Levine07/03/2003
Sportswear Sale at the BookstoreIris Mand04/24/2006
Sportswear Sale!Iris Mand06/01/2007
Spot Fake SoftwareDonna Pogroszewski03/31/2014
Spotlight on Films on Demand Brown BagEllen Z. Gozik03/18/2010
Spotlight on Films on Demand  Brown Bag Lunch Session sponsored by Educational Technology Services.  Ellen Mancuso10/01/2010
Spotlight on Mobile Computing: Stories of Mobile LearningPeggy VanKirk01/19/2011
Spots Still Available for ANGEL Training Workshops #4 and #5!Peggy VanKirk11/15/2011
Spots Still Available for July ANGEL Training at Damon! Peggy VanKirk06/22/2011
Sprague Appointed Manager of FacilitiesWurster, Paul06/19/2017
Sprandel Mentions MCC in Sprinkler StoryDianne E McConkey08/12/2005
Spread a Little Kindness Today!Glasgow, Shannon02/08/2018
Spread the good news for our students: Changes to the Federal Pell Grant ProgramRamon L. Rodriguez05/15/2009
Spread the News - $1 Million in Scholarships Ramon L. Rodriguez02/11/2010
Spread the News about our Downtown Campus with the Updated Email Signature App Debra Davis03/21/2017
Spread the News: 2011- 2012 MCC Scholarships Ramon L. Rodriguez05/05/2011
Spread the news: Deadline for Aid for Part-Time Study (APTS) Grant 2008-2009Ramon L. Rodriguez01/29/2009
Spread the news: Deadline for the Benjamin Gilman Scholarship to study  abroadRamon L. Rodriguez09/30/2010
Spread the news: Federal financial aid application (FAFSA) changes for 2009-2010Ramon L. Rodriguez03/12/2009
Spread the News: Financial aid refund checks for the spring semesterRamon L. Rodriguez02/02/2009
Spread the News: Gates Millennium Scholars ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez12/10/2012
Spread the news: Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) scholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez12/21/2010
Spread the news: Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) scholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez11/27/2012
Spread the news: Grants to help Haitian students in the U.S. to continue their studiesRamon L. Rodriguez02/01/2010
Spread the News: Hispanic Scholarships Available Ramon L. Rodriguez11/17/2010
Spread the News: Ibero-American Action League Hispanic ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez01/14/2010
Spread the News: Indian Health Services ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez01/12/2010
Spread the News: ISA Educational Foundation Scholarships Ramon L. Rodriguez09/27/2010
Spread the News: ISA Educational Foundation Scholarships Ramon L. Rodriguez09/26/2012
Spread the news: John and Mary Koch Liberal Arts ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez04/05/2012
Spread the News: John and Mary Koch Liberal Arts ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez04/23/2013
Spread the news: MCC Scholarships accessible now!Ramon L. Rodriguez03/18/2010
Spread the News: National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Program Ramon L. Rodriguez12/14/2010
Spread the News: National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Program Ramon L. Rodriguez12/03/2012
Spread the News: New Student Loan Income-Based Repayment ProgramRamon L. Rodriguez02/04/2010
Spread the News: Nursing Scholarship ProgramRamon L. Rodriguez04/09/2010
Spread the News: Opportunity for Minority Students Ramon L. Rodriguez09/19/2012
Spread the news: $1,000 ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez05/23/2014
Spread the News: Scholarship for Latino StudentsRamon L. Roriguez11/24/2008
Spread the news: Scholarship for Latino StudentsRamon L. Rodriguez09/11/2009
Spread the News: Scholarship for Latino Students Ramon L. Rodriguez08/25/2010
Spread the News: Scholarship for Students from Foster CareRamon L. Rodriguez01/19/2010
Spread the News: Scholarship to Study AbroadRamon L. Rodriguez09/12/2012
Spread the News: Scholarships for Native American students Ramon L. Rodriguez10/25/2010
Spread the News: Scholarships for Native American Students Ramon L. Rodriguez11/20/2012
Spread the News: Scholarships Provide up to $20,000 to Study AbroadRamon L. Rodriguez10/04/2010
Spread the News: Scholarships to Study Abroad Ramon L. Rodriguez11/23/2010
Spread the News: Scholarships to Study Abroad Ramon L. Rodriguez11/26/2012
Spread the News: Summer & Fall 2010 Scholarship Application to Study AbroadRamon L. Rodriguez02/22/2010
Spread the news: The Alliance/Merck Ciencia (Science) Hispanic Scholars ProgramRamon L. Rodriguez12/11/2008
Spread the news: The Alliance/Merck Ciencia (Science) Hispanic Scholars Program Ramon L. Rodriguez12/07/2010
Spread the News: the Dana Fry ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez03/31/2010
Spread the news: Thompson Family Scholarship Ramon L. Rodriguez04/29/2011
Spread the news: Thompson Family Scholarship available Ramon L. Rodriguez03/22/2010
Spread the News: Tops/Links $1,500 ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez05/29/2014
Spread the News: Up to $5,000 Scholarship to Study AbroadRamon L. Rodriguez02/24/2014
Spread the news: Women’s Scholarship ProgramRamon L. Rodriguez02/18/2011
Spread the News: Women’s Scholarship Program Ramon L. Rodriguez02/07/2012
Spread the News: Workforce Investment Act Career Scholarship Workshops 2009Ramon L. Rodriguez12/19/2008
Spread the News: Xerox Scholarship for New and Continuing STEM Students (Spring and Fall 2014 Awards Available) Kristen Love10/08/2013
Spread the News: Xerox Scholarship for New and Continuing STEM Students (Spring and Fall Awards Available)Kim McKinsey-Mabry, Ed.D01/22/2013
Spread the News: $1 Million in Scholarships Ramon L. Rodriguez12/20/2010
Spread the news: $1,000 ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez03/22/2011
Spread the news: $1,000 to 3,000 YMCA Diversity ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez01/08/2010
Spread the News: $1,500 Antoinette Brown Blackwell ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez02/26/2014
Spread the news: $1,500 Athletic ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez04/20/2011
Spread the News: $1,500 Reliant Donald K. Rhine College ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez01/20/2010
Spread the News: $1,500 Scholarship for Women Ramon L. Rodriguez02/23/2012
Spread the news: $250,000 in Tylenol ScholarshipsRamon L. Rodriguez03/30/2009
Spread the News: $250,000 Tylenol Scholarship Ramon L. Rodriguez04/20/2010
Spread the news: $2,000 scholarship for transferring female studentsRamon L. Rodriguez04/13/2011
Spread the News: $2,000 Scholarship for WomenRamon L. Rodriguez02/01/2011
Spread the News: $2,000 Transfer Scholarship for WomenRamon L. Rodriguez02/10/2014
Spread the News: $2,000 Women Scholarship for Transferring StudentsRamon Luis Rodriguez04/08/2013
Spread the News: $2,500 Scholarship to Students Interested in a Career in the Public SectorRamon L. Rodriguez05/04/2010
Spread the news: $30,000 Scholarship to study abroadRamon L. Rodriguez11/13/2012
Spread the News: $30,000 Scholarship to Study Abroad.Ramon L. Rodriguez02/10/2014
Spread the news: $500 Thomas G. Cantine Memorial ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez03/10/2014
Spread the news: $5,000 Workforce Investment Act Career Scholarship WorkshopRamon L. Rodriguez09/15/2009
Spread the news: $5,000 Workforce Investment Act Career Scholarship WorkshopRamon L. Rodriguez10/12/2009
Spread the news: $5,000 Workforce Investment Act Career Scholarship WorkshopsRamon L. Rodirguez02/27/2009
Spread the news: $5,000 Workforce Investment Act Career Scholarship WorkshopsRamon L. Rodriguez05/29/2009
Spread the news: $5,000 Workforce Investment Act Career Scholarship Workshops
Ramon L. Rodriguez03/27/2009
Spread the News:  January 28th is the Last Day to Apply for the Aid for Part-Time Study Grant Ramon L. Rodriguez01/05/2011
Spread the News:  Mathematics Department ScholarshipsMichael Eames12/18/2012
Spread the Word - Department of Homeland Security is Hiring VeteransPerrone, John07/17/2017
Spread the Word about Extended Hours in the Writing Center!Jean McDonough10/06/2004
Spread the word about the Gartner Foundation annual essay contest!Rosanna Condello12/13/2004
Spread the Word and Pre-register for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work DayYolanda Johnson and Brigitte Martineau03/25/2010
Spread The Word! IT Job Prospects in Rochester for Students!Pam Miller10/07/2008
Spread the word: Intersession 2009 and Financial AidRamon L. Rodriguez11/21/2008
Spread the Word: Mathematics Department ScholarshipsMichael Eames12/11/2013
Spread the Word: MCC Students Can Save Green, Go GreenLeah Santirocco08/23/2010
Spread the Word: New Program Connects Students to Community Resources, Removes Barriers to EducationLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President09/15/2016
Spread the word: Scholarship for African-American StudentsRamon L. Rodriguez11/26/2008
Spread the Word: Scholarship for African-American Students Ramon L. Rodriguez11/16/2010
Spread the word: Scholarship for African-American Students Ramon L. Rodriguez11/19/2012
Spread the Word:  Mathematics scholarshipsMichael Eames02/25/2014
Spread the Word:  Native American Education Scholarship Char Guess Bardques12/03/2012
Spring '05 Curriculum Proposals ApprovedElsie V. Beach07/20/2005
Spring 2003 Final ExamsGinger Toth05/16/2003
Spring 2003 Fire Drill Schedule for the Brighton CampusMartin Gilmore04/04/2003
Spring 2004 Exam ScheduleGinger Toth05/20/2004
Spring 2004 Foreign Film Fest Starts this ThursdayLouis Silvers04/21/2004
Spring 2005 BulletinsBetsy Ripton10/18/2004
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Spring 2005 Foreign Film Festival Starts This WeekJulie Donofrio04/25/2005
Spring 2005 UpdateR. Thomas Flynn03/07/2005
Spring 2006 Final Exam ScheduleGinger Toth04/03/2006
Spring 2006 Foreign Film Fest Starts This MonthLouis Silvers04/03/2006
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Spring 2010 Class RostersGinger Toth01/25/2010
Spring 2010 Class RostersGinger Toth02/01/2010
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Spring 2015 and The Sixth ActMaria Brandt12/10/2014
Spring 2015 Break UPDATED!Kimberley Willis04/11/2014
Spring 2015 Honors CoursesRobert L. Muhlnickel10/02/2014
Spring 2015 TRS Faculty Presentations about Course RedesignsTerry Shamblin04/21/2015
Spring 2016 Final ExamsLyndsey Presutti01/26/2016
Spring 2016 High Impact Practices BriefAlison Albright02/24/2016
Spring 2016 New Student Orientation Dates- Brighton Campus Matthew Lawson12/17/2015
Spring 2016 Sixth Act NIght Features "Almost, Maine"Maria Brandt03/09/2016
Spring 2017 Human Performance Lab Open HoursCraig M. Rand01/24/2017
Spring 2017 Knitting GroupKelley Bennett01/31/2017
Spring 2018 Excelsior Application Now AvailableSt. Croix, Jerome10/30/2017
Spring 2018 Starfish Attendance Early Intervention ProjectKeys, Terrance01/26/2018
Spring 2019 Diversity Conference: The Intersectionality of Women and Girls of Color and Mental HealthGantt, Calvin03/22/2019
Spring 2019 Hybrid TRS ClassesFox, Matthew11/07/2018
Spring 2019 PIYO Class for MCC Employees and Guests- Registration is Open!Frisch, Julianna01/17/2019
Spring 2019 Recruitment Campaign Goes DigitalDavis, Debra11/20/2018
Spring 2019 Recruitment Marketing ContinuesDavis, Debra12/10/2018
Spring 2019 Room AssignmentsPresutti, Lyndsey12/10/2018
Spring 2019 Virtual Campus Learning OpportunitiesBlue, Paula03/04/2019
Spring 2020 Faculty Advisor AssignmentsRampe, Amanda02/03/2020
Spring 2020 Title IX EventsTrudeau, Shelby01/22/2020
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Spring Activities Camp correctionTom Garigen03/30/2007
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Spring Ahead, Fall BackDavid A. Schottler03/10/2011
Spring Ahead, Fall BackDavid A. Schottler, P.E.11/01/2011
Spring Ahead, Fall BackDavid A. Schottler03/12/2012
Spring Ahead, Fall BackDavid A. Schottler, P.E.11/02/2012
Spring Ahead, Fall BackPaul Wurster03/07/2014
Spring Ahead, Fall Back David A. Schottler03/08/2013
Spring and Intersession-Priority Registration datesSadwick, Rick09/21/2017
Spring and Intersession-Priority Registration datesSadwick, Rick06/27/2018
Spring and Intersession-Priority Registration datesSadwick, Rick10/15/2018
Spring and Intersession Schedules on the WebAndrew Morris10/10/2008
Spring AttendanceElizabeth Ripton02/02/2015
Spring AttendanceRipton, Elizabeth02/06/2018
Spring Basketball CampJerry Burns03/18/2003
Spring Bookstore Credits: Encourage Students to Use Credits by Feb 13Ramon L. Rodriguez01/05/2009
Spring Break Bookstore HoursKaleigh Shannon04/13/2017
Spring Break Dining HoursHiggins, Catherine04/15/2019
Spring Break Hours - Brighton HPLDoug Henneberg04/06/2012
Spring Break Hours for Photo ID, Break Room & E-LoungeDonna Allen04/05/2012
Spring Break Hours for the Fitness CenterDouglas Henneberg04/03/2006
Spring Break in FranceLouis Silvers09/17/2003
Spring Break in Spain!Louis Silvers09/06/2002
Spring Break Service Desk HoursAmy Wischnowski03/24/2016
Spring Class Roster ScheduleDoug Miller01/18/2012
Spring Clean Your Cookbooks and Submit Your Recipes Support Staff Professional Development Committee03/22/2011
Spring Cleaning Blowout Sale05/24/2017
Spring Cleaning Your Class ListDeborah Benjamin04/14/2005
Spring Cleaning?  Think AAWCC Spring Clothing Drive!Gale LePore04/13/2011
Spring Clothing Drive is This WeekLaurel Sanger04/23/2012
Spring Clothing SaleEtienne Blaakman04/02/2008
Spring Clothing SalePeggy Ansaldi04/11/2011
Spring ConcertJanet Ekis04/30/2003
Spring ConcertJanet Ekis04/07/2003
Spring E-RecyclingAmanda Colosimo04/15/2010
Spring E-recycling!Amanda Colosimo04/18/2012
Spring Enrollment Advertising Campaign Underway!Debra Davis12/05/2013
Spring Enrollment HighlightsElina Belyablya04/21/2016
Spring Enrollment HighlightsBelyablya, Elina04/24/2018
Spring Enrollment Highlights Elina Belyablya03/26/2012
Spring Final Exam Schedule Time Already!Deborah Benjamin02/06/2012
Spring Final Exams - Exam date change!Presutti, Lyndsey01/23/2019
Spring Final Grades Due May 26th Rick Sadwick05/18/2015
Spring Final Grades Due May 27thDoug Miller05/16/2014
Spring Final Grades Due May 31 Rick Sadwick05/20/2016
Spring Final Grades & Grade RollingDoug Miller05/21/2013
Spring FlingDillion, Junior04/29/2019
SPRING FLING 2007 is finally here!The Campus Activities Board05/09/2007
Spring Fling 2008Campus Association for Student Activities05/06/2008
Spring Fling 2009 Planned for May 6!Campus Association for Student Activities04/30/2009
Spring Fling Beach Party Next WednesdayCampus Activities Board05/04/2005
Spring Fling ChangesDillion, Junior05/01/2019
Spring Fling Food Service InformationMaureen Wheelden05/03/2011
Spring Fling is Almost Here!Jodi Oriel04/30/2004
Spring Fling is Only a Week Away!!Jodi Oriel05/06/2004
Spring Fling Mardi Gras 2012Rebecca Herzog04/30/2012
Spring Fling Parking Notice for Lot ARebecca Herzog04/27/2012
Spring Fling Pau Hana Party 2015 TomorrowRebecca Herzog05/05/2015
Spring Fling presents FUSESTOCKRebecca Herzog04/29/2013
Spring Fling Sale Peggy Ansaldi05/02/2012
Spring Fling: Block Party!Peter Fiannaca04/28/2016
Spring Foreign Film Fest Held This MonthLouis Silvers04/01/2004
Spring Foreign Film Fest Starts April 26Louis Silvers04/04/2005
Spring Foreign Film Fest to start next weekLouis Silvers02/26/2003
Spring Grade Rosters Have Arrived!Deborah Benjamin05/16/2005
Spring has sprung and so has a NEW menu at Food For Thought!  Diane Cheasty03/28/2017
Spring Has Sprung! Come Celebrate with Song!Janet Ekis04/28/2008
Spring High School Counselor Workshops Hosted by MCC Admissions OfficeConnie Herrera05/10/2006
Spring is comingCarol McKeown04/06/2015
Spring is Here and So is a New Menu at Food For Thought!!Diane Cheasty03/20/2015
Spring Items 75% off in the Bookstore!Farruggia, Alyssa04/05/2018
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Spring Open House at DCCMark Sommer03/28/2003
Spring open pool hoursTom Garigen01/29/2008
Spring open swim hoursTom Garigen01/26/2009
Spring Open Swim HoursTom Garigen02/05/2010
Spring OrientationBette Bovenzi12/02/2002
Spring Play Auditions Rescheduled for Thursday and FridayHeather R. Fox02/02/2011
Spring Production Nominated for Kennedy Center HonorsJanet Ekis10/17/2008
Spring Reading Group on "Educated: A Memoir"Kress, Anne03/21/2019
Spring Reading Group to Discuss "Educated: A Memoir" by Tara WestoverKress, Anne03/05/2019
Spring Recess 2008 in Italy - On Location Study OpportunityLouis Silvers11/07/2007
Spring Recess Course in ItalyStasia Callan10/04/2004
Spring Sale at the BookstorePeggy Ansaldi03/23/2012
Spring Sale at the Brighton Bookstore ContinuesIris Mand03/10/2005
Spring Sale in the Bookstore!Jenna Keefe04/04/2013
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Spring Semester Parking Available for DCC StudentsRick Sadwick11/29/2006
Spring Semester Testing Services NewsRyan E. Messenger01/24/2017
Spring Service Project Extended - Webster Comfort CareMaureen Karlnoski03/17/2017
Spring Service Project to Benefit Webster Comfort CareMaureen Karlnoski02/14/2017
Spring Session of Weight Watchers at MCCDebbie Ake01/26/2011
Spring Sexual Health Workshop Series Sue George02/25/2013
Spring Sports Enter Post SeasonRobyn Malloy04/30/2003
Spring Sports Enter Post SeasonRobyn Pepicelli05/06/2005
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Spring Time Watch Gift with PurchaseIris Mand03/17/2005
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Spring Transfer DaysRobin Richardson03/11/2014
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Spring Vocal ConcertJohn Owen05/15/2013
Spring Vocal Concert - May 16 - Save the Date!Fisher, Rollo05/02/2018
Spring Vocal Concert TonightFisher, Rollo05/16/2018
Spring Withdrawal Deadline is April 26!Deborah Benjamin04/24/2008
Spring ZumbaJeff Parrinello01/27/2016
Spring & Intersession 2020 Priority Registration DatesSadwick, Rick05/07/2019
Spring & Intersession 2020 Priority Registration DatesSadwick, Rick09/30/2019
Sprint PCSJoan Smith10/29/2002
Squeeze Your Stress Away: Create Your Own Stress BallWilson, Alice12/12/2017
Squires Appears in DVD SetJanet Ekis09/18/2007
Squires Interviewed for Special DVDJanet Ekis04/13/2007
Squires Presents at St. Louis's VincentennialJanet Ekis06/15/2011
Squires to be Featured Author at Book Launch ReceptionJanet Ekis01/09/2007
SRDGM Satellite OfficeSusan Davis09/05/2014
SRDGM Satellite OfficeTish Williams, Director01/23/2015
SSPC Travel WorkshopToni Fontaine10/12/2016
St Croix Appears in WHAM13 Financial Aid StoryJanet Ekis03/20/2008
St Croix Quoted in University BusinessJanet Ekis09/26/2011
St Patrick's Day SalePeggy Ansaldi03/14/2012
Stacey Lautenslager and Gloria Morgan Present at the 2010 SUNY Conference on Instructional TechnologiesDr. Dianna G. Phillips06/22/2010
Staff vs. Students - Flag Football GameJeff Parrinello11/16/2011
STAGE ProgramDianne E McConkey01/10/2006
STAGE ProgramDianne E McConkey08/06/2007
STAGE Program seeking donations for annual auctionAmy Will10/26/2006
STAGE Students GraduateSamson Olaode08/16/2004
STAGE Students Graduate From MCCDianne McConkey08/10/2004
Staged Readings of Paula Vogel's Baltimore WaltzThomas Blake12/08/2011
Stageworks Presents CompanyDonald Brown03/28/2014
Stainton Essay Appears in Rochester D&CJanet Ekis10/18/2006
Stand Against Racism 2013Tokeya C. Graham04/18/2013
Stand and Deliver at DCC!Christine Plumeri09/30/2011
Stand with SUNY Legislative and Budget Advocacy Campaign InformationClayton Jones01/26/2016
Stand Your Ground - Spot Slipping HazardsDavid Blackburn11/05/2012
Staples Orders and SustainabilityPatrick Bates03/16/2011
Staples, Paper Clips, Pencils -- Oh My!Donna Pogroszewski06/22/2015
STAR Power Donors Raise $112,500 for Single Parent StudentsWood, Gretchen10/09/2017
Star Wars and Culture: A Roundtable Discussion on the Star Wars TrilogiesTony Vinci11/30/2005
Starfish Announcement: Attendance Survey opens Friday!Kulak, John08/30/2018
Starfish Announcement: The Academic Progress Survey Opens Soon!Kulak, John02/07/2020
Starfish Announcement: The Kudos Survey Opens Next Week!Kulak, John04/18/2019
Starfish Announcement: The Midterm Progress Survey Opens Soon!Kulak, John10/11/2019
Starfish Announcement: The Spring 2019 Attendance Survey Opens Thursday!Kulak, John01/22/2019
Starfish Announcement: The Spring 2019 Midterm Progress Survey Opens Monday!Kulak, John03/08/2019
Starfish Attendance Early Intervention Project: Survey #2 open next week!Keys, Terrance09/29/2017
Starfish Attendance Soft RolloutWade, Andrea08/27/2019
Starfish College-Wide Fall 2016Andrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President06/08/2016
Starfish Insights:  Fine-Tuning our ApproachKim Ross10/17/2016
Starfish Leadership Team Continues Focus on RetentionRenee Dimino02/03/2017
Starfish NewsRenee Dimino, Interim Dean03/06/2017
Starfish News--A New Academic Progress Report and Expectations for the Rest of Fall SemesterRoss, Kim10/24/2017
Starfish News--Info to share with studentsRoss, Kim08/23/2017
Starfish News--Starfish Support is on BlackboardRoss, Kim08/29/2017
Starfish News--Training dates this week OR use online tutorialsRoss, Kim09/05/2017
Starfish News -- the Academic Progress Report is now ready for faculty to completeRoss, Kim09/26/2017
Starfish News -- the Midterm Progress Report will open on Monday, March 12Kulak, John03/09/2018
Starfish News - Thank You!Kulak, John04/05/2018
Starfish News - Thank You!Kulak, John09/13/2018
Starfish News - Thank you!Kulak, John10/09/2018
Starfish News - Thank you!Kulak, John11/05/2018
Starfish News - Thank You!Kulak, John12/06/2018
Starfish News - Thank You!Kulak, John02/07/2019
Starfish News - The Academic Progress Report will open on Monday, September 16Kulak, John09/13/2019
Starfish News - The Academic Progress Report will open on Wednesday, September 26Kulak, John09/24/2018
Starfish News - The Kudos Survey! Coming SoonKulak, John11/14/2018
Starfish News - the Midterm Progress Report opens on Monday, October 22Kulak, John10/19/2018
Starfish News: Faculty Training to Use the Starfish Calendar for Student AdvisingRoss, Kim10/10/2017
Starfish News: Feedback, Changes, and Moving ForwardRoss, Kim10/17/2017
Starfish News: Revised Schedule for Starfish Calendar TrainingRoss, Kim10/12/2017
Starfish News: Using the "Notes" FeatureKim Ross04/10/2017
Starfish Progress Survey 2 Training SessionsCarol Wilkinson03/16/2016
Starfish Progress Survey Training Sessions Begin This WeekCarol Wilkinson02/08/2016
Starfish Progress Surveys and Training Sessions for Spring 2016Carol Wilkinson02/03/2016
Starfish Surveys!Ebony Caldwell10/05/2015
Starfish TrainingEbony Caldwell and Larry Dugan09/10/2015
Starfish Training--for New and Seasoned UsersKim Ross02/02/2017
Starfish Training - Thursday AfternoonCarol Wilkinson09/02/2015
Starfish Training Date ChangeKim Ross11/09/2016
Starfish Training for FacultyJessica Saltzberg08/16/2016
Starfish Training for FacultyThe Starfish Team10/05/2016
Starfish UpdateEbony Caldwell11/04/2015
Starfish UpdatesKulak, John02/27/2019
Starfish UpdatesKulak, John12/12/2019
Starfish UpdatesKulak, John12/16/2019
Starfish UpdatesKulak, John01/23/2020
Starfish: 1st Survey Results and Midterm Survey DatesCarol Wilkinson03/15/2016
Starry NightsJoe Marchese07/18/2011
Starry NitesAnnette Agness01/15/2010
Starry Nites and Sorelles Holiday HoursGinny Geer-Mentry12/09/2013
Starry Nites Closed Until SeptemberAnnette Agness07/27/2010
Starry Nites Closing for the WeekAnnette Agness06/30/2009
Starry Nites December/January HoursMaryjane Starr12/19/2012
STARS Certification in One Afternoon on June 7!Jessica Barone05/19/2016
STARS Certification in One Day!Holly Wheeler12/03/2012
STARS Certification in One Day!Holly Wheeler06/05/2013
STARS Certification in One Day!Wheeler, Holly05/31/2018
STARS Certification in One MorningBarone, Jessica06/05/2017
STARS Events: Save the DatesHolly Wheeler10/08/2012
STARS presented at St. John Fisher CollegeWade, Andrea05/24/2017
STARS Session I - Military Culture and Transition to Civilian and Academic Culture - Today at 12:00Sweet, Sherry11/08/2017
STARS Session I Workshop: Military Culture and Transition to Civilian and Academic Culture - Downtown CampusWheeler, Eric11/09/2017
STARS Session I (1-1:30pm) ForumEllis, Barbara06/05/2018
STARS Session II (1:45-2:30pm) ForumEllis, Barbara06/05/2018
STARS Session III (2:45-3:30pm) ForumEllis, Barbara06/05/2018
STARS Session IV-A (3:45-4:30pm) ForumEllis, Barbara06/05/2018
STARS Session IV-B (3:45-4:30pm) Empire RoomEllis, Barbara06/05/2018
STARS (Supporting Transitioning And Returning Service members) November PresentationsHollly Wheeler11/01/2011
STARS (Supporting Transitioning And Returning Service members) Project: Save the dates!Holly Wheeler09/26/2011
Start off the semester with KindnessGlasgow, Shannon01/23/2018
Start your Black Friday Shopping early!Suter, Charlene11/16/2018
Start Your Holiday Shopping at the MCC BookstoreCarol Fisher11/22/2010
Start Your Spring Cleaning Now!Peer Mentors03/18/2005
Start Your Weekend Off  Right with Bread and Dessert from the Food For Thought Bakeshop Kim Joyce03/04/2016
Stasia Callan elected to serve on Committee for TYCADonna Cox10/29/2008
Stasia Callan Presents in BostonCathryn Smith12/11/2009
Stasia Callan Publishes Memoir in The Rochester Polonia NewsBob De Felice05/24/2005
Stasia Callan Serves on TYCA CommitteeCathryn Smith03/29/2011
Stasia J Callan Presented at the 2007 TYCA-NE Conference
Janet Ekis10/30/2007
State Budget Deliberations in the Home StretchLarry W. Tyree03/12/2009
State budget includes funding for MCC's new downtown campusCynthia L. Cooper04/15/2015
State Budget: Add Your Voice to the Call for SupportAnne M. Kress03/24/2015
State Funding for New Downtown CampusAnne M. Kress02/24/2014
State Legislators AwardDianne E McConkey02/26/2007
State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda, featuring Ann Mann Millin, Ph.D.Holocaust, Genocide11/07/2011
State of the County Address to be Held at MCCCynthia Cooper05/10/2010
State of the State AddressCynthia Cooper01/11/2008
State of the State Address on Your ComputerCynthia Cooper01/07/2008
State of the Students AddressDonna Brennan03/08/2007
State of the University AddressCynthia Cooper01/20/2011
State of the University AddressCynthia Cooper Mapes01/18/2017
State of the University System AddressMapes, Cynthia01/29/2019
State Passes 2011-12 Budget:  Restores Some Aid to Community CollegesDarrell Jachim-Moore04/06/2011
State Travel BansHeze Simmons04/15/2016
State Troopers Honor A.J. Sperr’s Memory with GiftDiane L. Shoger08/21/2015
State University of New York Board of Trustees to Hold Public HearingCynthia Cooper02/02/2005
Stategic Planning InitiativesFaculty Senate02/25/2003
Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on the Tragic Attacks in Orlando, Florida Paul Wurster06/14/2016
Statement from Governor Cuomo on the Passing of New York State Trooper Timothy PrattPaul Wurster10/27/2016
Statement of Intent for Faculty Administration Tuition Reimbursement for 2014-2015 AvailableSandy Warren05/12/2014
Statement of Intent for Tuition Reimbursement Forms Available for 2012 - 2013 Academic YearHuman Resources Team06/29/2012
Statement to the College CommunityKress, Anne09/19/2019
Statewide Collection of Worn American Flags for Proper DisposalFord, Douglas05/08/2018
Statewide Mathematics ContestBond, Laura10/30/2017
Statewide Mathematics ContestBond, Laura03/12/2018
Statewide Mathematics ContestBond, Laura11/05/2018
Statewide Mathematics ContestBond, Laura03/11/2019
Statewide Mathematics ContestBond, Laura11/04/2019
Statewide Mathematics Contest Laura Bond03/06/2017
Statics (ENR 251) class project was featured in PRISM magazineChristopher Kumar10/09/2015
Statistics Students Partner With RCSD and FIRST RoboticsTracy Wyant12/06/2011
Stay Safe on Social Networking  Donna Pogroszewski02/19/2013
Stay up to date on MCC athletic teamsTom Garigen09/06/2006
Stay up to date on MCC sports teamsTom Garigen03/20/2007
Stay Warm and CozyJenna Keefe02/07/2013
Staying Healthy During Finals WorkshopShannon Glasgow12/01/2014
Staying Safe from Tax ScamsPogroszewski, Donna04/02/2018
Stefan P. Karmedar, Father of Chris MontaglianoJeffrey Bartkovich02/07/2005
Stefaniw, Beinetti named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen09/24/2008
Stella V. BertramJeffrey Bartkovich01/03/2007
STEM - Engineering Science Advisement Institute Application Deadline is 5/11Tyner, Krista05/07/2018
STEM - Engineering Science Advisement Institute: Now Accepting Faculty Applications!Tyner, Krista04/23/2018
STEM Career Slam on Thursday, February 26Pam Lazio02/23/2015
STEM Education on the Holodeck:  The Future Has ArrivedSusan M. Salvador09/20/2011
STEM & Health Meet and GreetHauschild, Krista01/29/2020
STEMtech 2010 - Call for ProposalsSusan M. Salvador03/03/2010
STEMtech 2011 – Call for ProposalsSusan M. Salvador03/10/2011
STEMtech 2011 – Early Registration and Discounted Hotel Reservation Deadline Fast ApproachingSusan M. Salvador09/01/2011
STEMtech 2011 – Where the Rubber Meets the Road!Susan M. Salvador04/06/2011
STEMtech 2011 OnlineSusan M. Salvador09/07/2010
STEMtech 2012 – Call for ProposalsSusan M. Salvador03/20/2012
STEMtech 2012 – Call for ProposalsSusan M. Salvador02/17/2012
STEMtech 2012 – Discounted Registration Now AvailableSusan M. Salvador06/21/2012
STEMtech 2012 – Early Registration and Discounted Hotel Reservation Deadlines Fast ApproachingSusan M. Salvador09/19/2012
STEMtech 2013 – Call for ProposalsMichael J. McDonough03/05/2013
STEMtech 2014 – Call for ProposalsMichael J. McDonough03/19/2014
STEMtech 2015 – Early Registration and Discounted Hotel Reservation Deadlines Fast ApproachingLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President09/24/2015
STEMtech 2016 – Call for ProposalsLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President04/25/2016
STEMtech 2016 – Early Registration and Discounted Hotel Reservation Deadlines Fast ApproachingLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President09/16/2016
STEMtech 2016 PresentersLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President11/15/2016
STEMtech 2016: Early Registration & Discounted Hotel Reservations Now OpenLloyd A. Holmes, Vice President07/06/2016
STEM/Applied STEM Institute for Faculty:  Course Redesign for Active & Collaborative LearningNeeta Primo01/30/2014
STEM/Applied STEM Institute for Faculty:  Course Redesign for Active & Collaborative Learning Neeta Primo02/04/2015
STEP's Doriean Broady recognized as Channel 10's Scholar/Athlete of the Week Donna Augustine05/21/2010
STEP 7th Graders Present Science Research at State Conference!Donna Augustine05/08/2008
Step Aerobic Class Hours - Open to the College CommunityLisa Curatalo01/25/2008
Step AerobicsJanet Townsend09/09/2004
Step AerobicsMike Kelly01/24/2005
Step Aerobics beginning Tuesday, 9/6Barbara Litterio09/01/2005
Step Aerobics begins Tuesday, Sept. 5Barb Litterio08/28/2006
Step Aerobics ClassLisa Curatalo01/16/2009
Step Aerobics Offered This FallJanet Townsend08/27/2003
Step Aerobics Offered this SpringMike Kelly01/20/2006
Step Aerobics to begin Sept. 2Tom Garigen09/02/2008
STEP and Upward Bound Annual SpooktacularCarmelita Brown-Wallace11/08/2011
STEP and Upward Bound Celebrate Holidays 2010Spencer Sisson01/12/2011
STEP and Upward Bound Welcome 2010-2011 ParticipantsCarmelita Brown Wallace10/08/2010
STEP awarded Finger Lakes WIRED grant to support science & technology pre-collegiate summer programDonna Augustine04/30/2009
STEP CSTEP Reach Over 2,500 at Local High SchoolsRosanna Condello03/28/2007
STEP Essay Featured in Science Trade PublicationDianne E. McConkey02/28/2007
STEP Film and DiscussionSilas, Melany09/26/2017
STEP LEGO Team Recognized for Best Project, Proceeds to the Finger Lakes Championship RoundDonna Augustine12/07/2010
STEP LEGO Team takes First Place for project on seasonal water quality and river insects - Team proceeds to Regional ChampionshipDonna Augustine11/25/2008
STEP LEGO team takes Judges' Award at Finger Lakes FIRST LEGO League ChampionshipDonna Augustine12/11/2008
STEP LEGO team wins, proceeds to Championship Tournament.Donna Augustine11/24/2009
Step Out Walk to Stop DiabetesMartha Maher-Garcia10/17/2012
STEP Science Bowl 2008 - A Tremendous Success!Donna M. Augustine02/15/2008
STEP Science Bowl 2008 - this Saturday at DCC!Donna Augustine02/08/2008
STEP students are utilizing MCC's Career CoachArian Martin02/14/2013
STEP Students Attend the SNMA Pre-Medical Conference at University of RochesterJoann Santos02/02/2017
STEP Students Attend the YWCA Empowering LuncheonJoann Santos10/14/2015
STEP Students Build and Bust BridgesJoann Santos12/17/2015
STEP Students Participate in First Lego League!Donna Augustine11/20/2007
STEP students participate in NSBE Fall Regional ConferenceDonna Augustine11/19/2009
STEP Students Participate in the Pre-Medical ConferenceJoann Santos04/18/2016
STEP students place 9th at the First Lego League TournamentJoann Santos12/10/2015
STEP Students Present Their Research ProjectsJoann Santos10/14/2016
STEP students take part in  Global Youth Service Day, Interviewed by WROC-TVDonna Augustine04/30/2010
STEP Students Win 2nd Place in LEGO Robotics Competition Ashley Simmons11/28/2011
STEP Students Win 6 Medals at Science Olympiad CompetitionArian Martin02/11/2013
STEP Team takes 3rd in RIT Math BowlDonna Augustine05/22/2009
STEP Wins 2nd Place in Science Research Competition at Statewide ConferenceDonna Augustine03/30/2010
STEP Wins HonorJoann Santos04/01/2004
Stephanie Hranjec's Artwork on DisplayAnn Penwarden06/10/2008
Stephanie Hranjec's "Library Story" cited in NY Library Association WebsiteTed Ciambor12/01/2009
Stephanie Hranjec Artwork on Display at NazarethMary E. Timmons05/28/2009
Stephen Palmer and Richard Schill present at the Uniting Across Campuses ConferenceSally Dingee03/11/2015
Stephen Palmer Presents CPR Training to Support Staff EmployeesCynthia Clark Inman03/02/2010
STEP/MCC Triumphs at Rochester Science Bowl CompetitionMaria Martinez02/23/2006
Steve Kuhaneck - Friday Celebration!Christine Accorso05/28/2014
Steve Kuhaneck - Friday Celebration!Christine Accorso05/30/2014
Steve Wallace Chosen as National ConsultantDr. Harry Merryman07/24/2003
Steve Wallace presents at national conferenceDr. Harry Merryman06/10/2003
Steven Sasson, Inventor of the First Digital Camera, Visits MCC Photography ClassDawn Murphy05/23/2016
Still a few more tables available for Reflections on Ice Holiday Luncheons!!Diane Cheasty12/03/2002
Still Accepting Applications For The 9th Annual Academic Advisement ContestMichele Vitale12/01/2010
Still Have Questions/Thoughts Regarding President's Proposals?Eileen Lanzafame03/15/2010
Still Need Kids Books for TODASTWDBrigitte Martineau04/09/2013
Still Time to attend a wonderful play, Water by the SpoonfulBatistta-Provost, Shirley03/27/2019
Still Time to Audition for International DayShirley Batistta-Provost03/04/2013
Still Time to be a Pop Quiz WinnerCynthia Cooper10/09/2007
Still time to Get Happy!Jeremy Case, John Frontuto, Jasna Bogdanovska, Julianna Frisch, Alberta Lee04/30/2014
Still time to join the party for Liz and John!Jan Peters06/03/2005
Still Time to Join Weight Watchers!Debbie Ake09/19/2011
Still time to register: Emotional Well-being 2.0 Brown Bag hosted by MCC Wellness CouncilBenedict, Sarah09/24/2019
Stock-Up DWIGHT week for the holidays Nov 12th - 16thNavarro, Diane11/12/2018
Stocking StufferLinda Crowner12/12/2012
Stocking StuffersPatty Giblin12/10/2014
Stop by Eco-Day Today!Bethany Gizzi05/03/2006
Stop by SPRING FLING Tomorrow!Jodi Oriel05/09/2006
Stop Making SenseDeborah Benjamin08/21/2013
Stop Messing with My Classroom!Deborah Benjamin08/18/2004
Stop the ViolenceBette Bovenzi04/19/2004
Stop Watering Your House Plants!Christopher Kumar04/25/2017
Stopping by the pond in AprilJulie Damerell04/28/2011
Stopping by the Pond in NovemberJulie Damerell11/16/2010
Stopping by the pond on a March morningJulie Damerell03/03/2011
Stopping by the pond on a spring dayJulie Damerell05/17/2010
Stop! Don't give in to all of that candy tonight! We have an answer for you!Benedict, Sarah10/31/2019
Storm Drain Repair in Lots E, G, H and PCharlton, James08/10/2018
Storm Drain Repairs on Brighton CampusCharlton, James08/12/2019
Story Teller Almeta WhitisJodi Oriel, Program Manager10/03/2003
Strategic Plan 2017-2021, Your Input Is AppreciatedJulianna Frisch10/06/2016
STRATEGIC PLAN DRAFT FOR 2007-2010Valarie Avalone06/09/2006
Strategic Plan Presentation to Faculty SenateValarie Avalone10/19/2006
Strategic Planning Committee March Update: Strength in NumbersValarie Avalone and David Shaw03/23/2011
Strategic Planning Committee on Track, Hits MilestoneValarie Avalone and David Shaw10/21/2011
Strategic Planning Committee Update: Information Gathering CompleteValarie Avalone and David Shaw06/14/2011
Strategic Planning Initiative DeadlineEmerick, Paul12/11/2017
Strategic Planning Initiative Informational SessionsEmerick, Paul11/07/2018
Strategic Planning Initiatives Informational Meeting (Correction)Emerick, Paul11/08/2017
Strategic Planning Leadership Team Update: Information Gathering CompleteHeze Simmons, CFO/Vice President05/31/2016
Strategic Planning Team NamedR. Thomas Flynn11/15/2005
Strategic Planning Team NamedAnne M. Kress03/01/2011
Strategic Planning Team Seeks Your InputAngel Andreu03/28/2011
Strategic Planning Team Seeks Your InputHezekiah Simmons02/03/2016
Strategic Planning Team Seeks Your Input -- Survey ExtendedAngel Andreu04/11/2011
Strategic Planning UpdateValarie Avalone04/24/2006
Strategic Planning Update To Be Given at All College Faculty Senate MeetingValarie Avalone06/08/2006
Strategic Resource Development and Grant Management Staff Present at National ConferenceSusan Davis11/19/2014
Strategies for Identifying and Interviewing with At-Risk Online Students - ITC AudioconferenceCarol Wilkinson05/17/2006
Strawberry Season BeginsBob King06/12/2007
Streaming Media - A Professional Development Audio ConferenceJeff Bartkovich05/12/2003
Streamlined Purchasing Process for Memberships & Subscriptions Effective for Fiscal Year 2013Patrick Bates08/16/2012
Streamlining Procurement for Western NY SUNY CampusesHeze Simmons, CFO and Vice President03/23/2016
Strengthening Leadership for a Diverse Campus EnvironmentJulie White02/27/2009
Stress break for students, staff and faculty-Come and walk the Indoor Labyrinth Craig Rand12/10/2014
Stress Free Slime and Button Making @ the Library Today!Navarro, Diane05/17/2018
Stress Free Zone and Chair Massages at DCC!Susan Spinetti05/07/2008
Stress Free Zone During Exam WeekJodi Oriel, Program Manager11/13/2003
Stress Free Zone in the Leroy V. Good Library, Dec. 14-23Diane Navarro12/11/2015
Stress Free Zone in the library May 16th - May 20th Diane Navarro05/10/2016
Stress Less WeekDillion, Junior04/18/2018
Stress Reduction Opportunities Offered During Exam WeekJanet Dalke12/14/2007
Stress Relief Workshop for Students at LeRoy V. Good LibraryWilson, Alice10/12/2018
Stressed out? Try relaxing with sticks and string!Betsy Ripton10/10/2016
Striebich Offers Tips for Black Friday Report Hency Yuen-Eng11/20/2012
Striebich Particpates in Curriculum Review at FLCC and Fairport CSDJohn Striebich09/11/2009
Striping of Parking Lots A, C, and DJames Charlton07/24/2014
Strong MCC Presence in March Edition of La Voz Janet Ekis03/27/2012
Struble Co-chairs Event that Raises Thousands for Rochester Area Crime StoppersLee Struble08/03/2010
Struble Highlighted in Campus Security Report newsletterCynthia Cooper03/29/2007
Struble Presents at Workshop to Virginia Community CollegesDr. Susan Salvador08/23/2007
Structural Building Material Survey of Buildings 6, 7 & 8Marini, Sharon08/14/2018
Structural Building Materials Survey Continues This WeekMarini, Sharon08/20/2018
Stuart Blacklaw Defends His DissertationDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President08/29/2008
Stuckless, Rollins named Athletes of the WeekTom Garigen04/18/2007
Student-Athlete Tracking ReleaseTracey Britton04/26/2005
Student-initiated WithdrawalsCarson, Jacqueline11/07/2019
Student-organized Conference Garners TV Coverage Hency Yuen-Eng04/27/2016
Student-Sponsored Art Exhibit in the LibraryLori Annesi04/25/2005
Student Access to Medical Transcripts for Transfer and Admission to Other SchoolsDonna Mueller08/10/2010
Student Add/Drop and WithdrawalsMessenger, Ryan01/31/2018
Student Aide PaychecksChuck White12/24/2002
Student Allison Bebee Elected to MCC Board of TrusteesCynthia Cooper07/22/2003
Student Altercation UpdateDr. Susan M. Salvador11/13/2008
Student Annual "Activity Day" CelebrationShirley Batistta-Provost09/04/2008
Student Art Exhibit in LibraryLori Annesi05/09/2016
Student Artwork featured in Armenian Genocide ExhibitHolocaust, Genocide04/14/2015
Student Attendance Forms Requiring Faculty SignaturesBeatriz LeBron02/10/2010
Student Attendance Taking Process UpdateWade, Andrea10/02/2019
Student Auditions for Spring Vocal GroupsRoland Fisher11/09/2016
Student Awards Banquet ReminderDonna Brennan04/14/2011
Student Caps and Gowns for Commencement Peggy Ansaldi05/18/2011
Student CaregiverAudrey Abbondanzieri09/05/2002
Student Center Service Desk HoursCatherine Higgins12/12/2002
Student Center Service Desk Offers Variety of ServicesCatherine Higgins09/04/2002
Student Clothing CupboardPatricia Ornt03/21/2017
Student Code of ConductGreer, Amy09/20/2017
Student Code of Conduct: Compliance Updates CompletedGreer, Amy10/22/2018
Student Consumer InformationAmy Greer11/29/2016
Student Consumer InformationGreer, Amy09/20/2017
Student Consumer Information PageGreer, Amy10/22/2018
Student Delight: MCC ScholarshipsRamon L. Rodriguez04/18/2013
Student Diversity on Area College CampusesCynthia Cooper03/07/2007
Student E-mail Account Informationtony wagahoff09/16/2004
Student E-mail Accounts and Distribution ListsDonna Pogroszewski09/04/2002
Student E-Mail IssuesAnnette Agness, Director09/04/2008
Student E-Mail to be UpgradedDonna Pogroszewski02/11/2013
Student Effort to Sell Stones Featured in City NewsRosanna Condello10/21/2005
Student Email IssuesDale Mallory12/11/2008
Student Email Migration to Microsoft Office 365 CompleteDonna Progroszewski02/25/2013
Student Email Status UpdateDavid Lane09/18/2008
Student Email to Return Later TodayDonna Pogroszewski06/22/2005
Student Email UpdateDavid Lane12/12/2008
Student EMail UpdateDonna Pogroszewski12/17/2008
Student Email UpdateDavid Lane03/05/2009
Student emails being blockedAnnette Agness, Director09/05/2008
Student Employee Development TrainingCraig Proctor09/28/2004
Student Employee Development Training WorkshopCraig Proctor10/07/2004
Student Employees Fall AssignmentsCynthia Clark Inman08/25/2015
Student EmploymentCynthia Clark Inman08/13/2007
Student Employment AssignmentsCynthia Clark Inman08/15/2008
Student Employment AssignmentsCynthia Clark Inman08/23/2011
Student Employment AssignmentsCynthia Clark Inman08/16/2012
Student Employment AssignmentsCynthia Clark Inman08/23/2013
Student Employment / Financial Aid Lab Workshop AssistantRamon L. Rodriguez06/23/2010
Student Employment / Financial Aid Lab Workshop AssistantRamon L. Rodiriguez01/12/2012
Student Entrepreneurs Present New Business Ideas, Receive Access to Mentors and Venture FundingMcKinsey-Mabry, Kimberly04/24/2018
Student eRefund - No More Waiting for Checks in the Mail!Brian Legg02/07/2013
Student eRefundsTiffany Brecker01/23/2013
Student Essay ContestRebecca Mack12/03/2015
STUDENT EVALUATION OF FACULTYKimberley Canfield10/02/2002
Student Event and Governance Association Meeting MinuteCatherin Ray02/01/2016
Student Event and Governance Association Meeting MinutesCatherin Ray02/15/2016
Student Event and Governance Association Meeting MinutesCatherin E. Ray10/18/2016
Student Events and Governance Association Catherin E. Ray04/05/2016
Student Events And Governance Association (SEGA)Catherin Ray03/09/2016
Student Events and Governance Association (SEGA) Meeting MinutesCatherin E. Ray10/31/2016
Student Events and Governance Association (SEGA) Meeting MinutesCatherin Ray12/06/2016
Student Events and Governance Association (SEGA) Meeting MinutesCatherin E. Ray12/12/2016
Student Events and Governance Association (SEGA) Meeting minutes from 1.27.2017Catherin Ray02/07/2017
Student Events & Governance Association Meeting MinutesCatherin Ray03/16/2016
Student Events & Governance Association (SEGA) Meeting mintuesCatherin E. Ray04/12/2016
Student Expectations Survey ResultsSherrill Ison02/26/2003
Student Expresses Appreciation to Computing Faculty and StaffKate Schiefen03/22/2005
Student Federal Aid Account Access: Find Information OnlineRamon L. Rodriguez02/10/2016
Student Flu Clinic Schedule: Save the DatesDonna Mueller09/14/2010
Student Flu Vaccination ClinicSue George, RN11/25/2014
Student Food Cupboard - Food DriveDawn Quatro01/15/2015
Student Food Cupboard Food DriveDawn Quatro01/16/2015
Student Food Cupboard Food Drive - THIS WEEKDawn Quatro10/05/2010
Student Fundraiser to Benefit Full Circle Home- Today!Julianna Frisch03/23/2017
Student Fundraiser to Benefit Full Circle Home: April 27th & May 4th!Julianna Frisch04/20/2016
Student Fundraiser to Benefit Full Circle Home: April 27th & May 4th!Julianna Frisch04/20/2016
Student Fundraiser to Benefit Full Circle Home: April 27th & May 4th!Julianna Frisch04/20/2016
Student Government Association AgendaBetty Stewart10/12/2015
Student Government Association Agenda 9-29-15Lisa Truman09/28/2015
Student Government Association Agenda for 11/03/15Betty Stewart11/02/2015
Student Government Association Agenda for 9-22-15Lisa Truman09/21/2015
Student Government Association Agenda for November 10, 2015Maryjane Starr11/09/2015
Student Government Association Food PantryBlake Moore09/19/2016
Student Government Association Meeting AgendaBetty Stewart10/19/2015
Student Government Association Meeting Agenda, January 29E.V. Flanagan01/28/2013
Student Government Association Minutes for Meeting of March 5, 2013E.V. Flanagan03/14/2013
Student Government Association Minutes of March 26, 2013E.V. Flanagan04/12/2013
Student Government Association Minutes, November 13, 2012E.V. Flanagan11/26/2012
Student Government Association Senate Meeting AgendaBetty Stewart02/08/2016
Student Government Association Senate Meeting AgendaMaryjane Starr04/18/2016
Student Government Association Senate Meeting Agenda for 5-17-16Betty Stewart05/16/2016
Student Government Association Senate Meeting Agenda for 9-10-19Stewart, Elizabeth09/09/2019
Student Government Association Senate Meeting Agenda for April 5Maryjane Starr04/04/2016
Student Government Association Senate Meeting Agenda for March 14Maryjane Starr03/14/2016
Student Government Association Senate Meeting Agenda for March 8Betty Stewart03/07/2016
Student Government Association Senate Meeting Agenda for Tuesday, March 22, 2016Betty Stewart03/21/2016
Student Government Association to Host Blood DriveRosanna Condello10/25/2002
Student Government Elections Lisa Truman04/21/2015
Student Government Elections Concerns on BlackboardStewart, Elizabeth05/04/2017
Student Government Elections Today and TomorrowLisa Truman05/05/2015
Student Government Fund RaiserJoyce Medwin11/07/2002
Student Government Meeting Agenda for Tuesday, November 17Betty Stewart11/16/2015
Student Government Senate Meeting MinutesDonna Brennan09/20/2007
Student Group Connections Meeting today! 3:00-4:00pmGlasgow, Shannon02/07/2018
Student Group Event- Game Day with Connections!!!!Glasgow, Shannon04/18/2018
Student Group "Connections" Meeting today! 3:00-4:00pm!Glasgow, Shannon02/14/2018
Student Group "Connections" Meeting today! 3:00-4:00pm!Glasgow, Shannon02/28/2018
Student Group "Connections" meets today!Glasgow, Shannon10/10/2018
Student Group "Connections" meets today!Glasgow, Shannon10/10/2018
Student Group "Connections" meets today!Glasgow, Shannon10/17/2018
Student Group "Connections" meets today!Glasgow, Shannon10/17/2018
Student Group "Connections" starts next week!Glasgow, Shannon09/14/2018
Student Group "Connections" starts today!Glasgow, Shannon09/19/2018
Student Group "Connections" starts today!Glasgow, Shannon09/19/2018
Student Guide to Technology at MCCPeggy VanKirk09/29/2004
Student Health Insurance Re-visitedAnne M. Kress06/29/2010
Student Health RequirementsDonna Mueller11/10/2005
Student Holds ExplainedMessenger, Ryan04/26/2019
Student Housing Available for 2019-2020!Danzy, Jamia05/21/2019
Student Housing Available for Spring 2018!Danzy, Jamia12/06/2017
Student Housing Available for Spring 2018!Danzy, Jamia01/19/2018
Student Housing Available for Spring 2019!Danzy, Jamia12/05/2018
Student Housing Available for Spring 2019!Danzy, Jamia12/20/2018
Student Housing for 2018-2019!Danzy, Jamia04/03/2018
Student Housing for 2018-2019!Danzy, Jamia05/02/2018
Student Hygienists Raise $1,900 for Empire Project for Oral HealthShanon Gibson10/08/2008
Student ID Price IncreaseEtienne Blaakman10/29/2010
Student Incident, Use of NY AlertLee Struble11/12/2008
Student Information Session -- Find Out About MCC's Writing-Intensive CoursesTony Leuzzi03/02/2005
Student Information Session Today (Wednesday) on SUNY Puerto Rico Recovery and Rebuilding InitiativeLee, Christina05/16/2018
Student Interviewed for Article About Grads' Job ProspectsHency Yuen-Eng05/20/2016
Student Karen Gottermeier Honored by Local Business EducatorsTony Conte05/14/2007
Student Leader Katie Eberhart Participates in NASA WorkshopRosanna Yule12/04/2014
Student Leaders celebrate "Activity Day"Shirley Batistta-Provost09/11/2006
Student Leaders Commencement MessageDelate, John05/30/2019
Student Leaders Honored by Monroe County LegislatureCynthia Cooper12/09/2002
Student Leaders Plan Children's Arts FairRosanna Condello04/10/2003
Student Leaders Present $15,000 Check to Salva Dut, Water for SudanRosanna Condello06/23/2009
Student Leaders Raise $2,500 for Water for SudanRosanna Condello08/13/2007
Student Leaders Raise $2,500 for Water for SudanRosanna Condello06/24/2008
Student Leaders to Appear on 13WHAM's Many Voices Many VisionsRosanna Condello02/19/2010
Student Leaders to Sponsor Blood Drive Oct. 14Rosanna Condello09/29/2003
Student Leadership Opportunities AvailableChristopher Hollander01/31/2011
Student Leadership Workshop at DCCLisa Wallace02/06/2012
Student Leadership Workshop at DCCLisa Wallace02/27/2012
Student Leadership Workshop at DCCLisa Wallace03/12/2012
Student Leadership Workshop at DCCLisa Wallace03/26/2012
Student Leadership Workshop at DCCLisa Wallace04/17/2012
Student Leadership Workshop at DCCLisa Wallace04/23/2012
Student Learning OutcomesDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President02/06/2007
Student Life FairOriel, Jodi09/10/2018
Student Life FairOriel, Jodi09/09/2019
Student Life FairOriel, Jodi02/03/2020
Student Loans and BudgetingKaren Frantz03/30/2010
Student LockersRay, Catherin05/09/2017
Student Meeting with Regional Transit Service (RTS)Donna Brennan10/31/2007
Student Mural at DCCDianne E McConkey05/28/2008
Student Music Association plays smooth jazz in the PRISM Multicultural CenterBatistta-Provost, Shirley09/14/2018
Student Music is playing for "Paws"Batistta-Provost, Shirley05/08/2019
Student Must Know: Alternative Aid ProgramsRamon L. Rodriguez05/01/2013
Student Nurses' Association Panera Bread FundraiserAudrey Shafer04/06/2017
Student Nurses' Association Silent AuctionAudrey Shafer03/28/2017
Student Nurses' Association Silent Auction and Easter Treat Sale!Shafer, Audrey03/27/2018
Student Nurses' Association Silent Auction!Shafer, Audrey03/14/2019
Student Nurses' Association Silent Auction!Shafer, Audrey03/18/2019
Student Nurses Association Drive to Support Our TroopsJim Petrosino04/25/2008
Student Nurses Association Drive to Support Our Troops – Thank youJim Petrosino06/17/2008
Student Nurses Association Silent AuctionMaryjane Starr03/17/2016
Student Nurses Association Supports Arthritis Foundation MarathonAnne Vogtle09/26/2012
Student Opinion Questionnaire ReminderKimberley P. Collins10/31/2008
Student Opinion Questionnaire Reminder Kim McKinsey-Mabry04/04/2012
Student Parking Information for Fall SemesterDianne E McConkey08/31/2005
Student Parking Program at the Midtown GarageEmeterio M. Otero11/20/2003
Student Password Must Be ChangedDale Mallory02/15/2011
Student Photo Idea Gains MomentumDianne E McConkey02/20/2006
Student Planner CorrectionMatthew Lawson02/09/2016
Student Poetry SlamElizabeth Johnston03/26/2008
Student Provides Official Federal Courtroom SketchFranzie Weldgen10/20/2014
Student READ Posters Featured in LibraryPam Czaja03/02/2012
Student Reception Center FEMA DemonstrationHeze Simmons, CFO & Vice President10/04/2013
Student Reception Center FEMA DemonstrationHeze Simmons10/11/2013
Student Recognition Award NominationsRichard Ryther02/13/2003
Student Recognition Award NominationsRichard Ryther02/24/2004
Student Recognition Award NominationsRichard Ryther02/11/2005
Student Recognition Awards - Nomination RequestRichard Ryther02/02/2009
Student Recognition Awards - Nomination Request Richard Ryther02/02/2011
Student Recognition Awards - Nomination Request Richard Ryther01/23/2012
Student Recognition Awards - Nomination Request Richard Ryther02/04/2013
Student Recognition Awards - Nomination Request Elizabeth Ripton02/07/2014
Student Recognition Awards - Nomination Request Susan D. Baker02/02/2015
Student Recognition Awards - Nomination Request Susan D. Baker, Ph.D.01/29/2016
Student Recognition Awards - Nomination Request - Deadline ApproachingRichard Ryther02/15/2011
Student Recognition Awards - Nomination Request - Deadline Approaching Richard Ryther02/16/2012
Student Recognition Awards - Nomination Request DEADLINERichard Ryther02/26/2013
Student Recognition Awards - Nomination Request DeadlineElizabeth Ripton02/26/2014
Student Recognition Awards - Nomination Request DeadlineSusan D. Baker02/24/2015
Student Recognition Awards Deadline ExtendedRichard Ryther03/09/2007
Student Recognition Awards Deadline ReminderRichard Ryther03/11/2004
Student Resource Center November Events ScheduleEdie Horwath11/11/2013
Student Resource Center Upcoming EventsEdie Horwath10/01/2013
Student Resource Guide Now Available OnlineKingston, Andrea04/08/2019
Student Rights and Responsibilities and Title IX Office's Have MovedStappenbeck, Kimberly05/25/2018
Student Saves Nephew’s LifeDianne E McConkey12/17/2007
Student Service Desk ScheduleCatherine Higgins05/17/2003
Student Service Desk ScheduleCatherine Higgins05/20/2003
Student Service Desk to RelocateCatherine Higgins06/06/2003
Student Services Division Departmental ReorganizationSusan M. Salvador, Vice President01/11/2013
Student Services Division Goes GreenG. Christopher Belle-Isle10/21/2013
Student Services Fall Expanded Professional Development SeriesDelate, John09/27/2019
Student Services Fall Professional Development SeriesDelate, John09/24/2019
Student Services Fall Student Development PresentationsDelate, John09/30/2019
Student Services Innovations Brown Bag SessionSusan Salvador04/30/2004
Student Services Innovations Brown Bag SessionSusan Salvador05/05/2004
Student Services Innovations Brown Bag SessionSusan Salvador05/10/2004
Student Services Innovations Brown Bag SessionsSusan Salvador04/23/2004
Student Services Leadership at Downtown CampusHolmes, Lloyd08/08/2018
Student Services Offers Diversity Film TodayKathy Baxter and Kelley Bennett02/26/2004
Student Services Personal Empowerment Summer SeriesDelate, John06/28/2019
Student Services Professional Development Series ContinuesDelate, John04/23/2019
Student Services Professional Development Series: Additional Fall WorkshopsDelate, John11/05/2019
Student Services Professional Empowerment Series ContinuesDelate, John11/25/2019
Student Services Spring Expanded Professional Development SeriesDelate, John02/13/2020
Student Services Spring Professional Development SeriesDelate, John02/06/2019
Student Services Spring Professional Development Series Information and ScheduleDelate, John02/19/2019
Student Services Staff Development Committee Call for ProposalsRebecca Herzog09/11/2013
Student Services Staff Development Committee Diversity Film Series Part IIKelley Bennett04/13/2004
Student Services Student Success Series ContinuesDelate, John11/06/2019
Student Services Student Success Series ContinuesDelate, John11/25/2019
Student Services Summer Professional Development Series ExtendedDelate, John08/02/2019
Student Services Vice President Suite Has MovedHolmes, Lloyd05/10/2018
Student Services: Assessment, Advising, Transfer TeleconferenceCarol Wilkinson11/03/2004
Student Storage Server MaintenanceDonna Pogroszewski10/15/2010
Student Success CommitteesAnonymous08/29/2019
Student Success Efforts in the NewsCynthia Cooper09/21/2010
Student Success Spring SeriesDelate, John02/03/2020
Student Success Support Strategies supported by Civitas Information SessionCasalinuovo-Adams, Christine11/10/2017
Student Success Support Strategies Supported by Civitas Information SessionCasalinuovo-Adams, Christine11/22/2017
Student Support Services Gets Boost from Federal TRIO GrantRosanna Condello06/15/2005
Student Survey - Opportunity to Win $100Ghidiu, Katherine11/02/2018
Student Technology HelpDesk- Damon City Campus Location Live for Fall SemesterAndrew Eggleston09/04/2012
Student Technology HelpDesk Goes Live for Fall SemesterAndrew Eggleston09/06/2011
Student Technology HelpDesk is Moving September 3rdAndrew Eggleston09/01/2015
Student to Present Idea on Outdoor MuseumDianne E McConkey02/14/2006
Student Transportation Fee InformationDelate, John06/28/2019
Student Trip to Letchworth State ParkAudra Dion10/20/2015
Student Trustee Elected to MCC BoardCynthia Cooper07/20/2004
Student Trustee PositionLisa Truman03/18/2014
Student Trustee PositionLisa Truman02/05/2015
Student Vivian Navarro recognized through SPAN programLaurie Snyder, Retention Advisor10/30/2007
Student Voter Registration Drive--Last Chance!Athesia Benjamin03/22/2016
Student WorkshopsJanet M. Waasdorp11/30/2010
Student Workshop: A Prescription for Writing in the Health ProfessionsJason Anderson03/30/2012
Student Workshop: A Prescription for Writing in the Health ProfessionsJason Anderson11/07/2012
Student Writes Essay for Community NewspaperDianne E. McConkey11/28/2005
Student Writing Workshop OpportunityEmigh-Murphy, Pamela03/28/2019
Student  Employee Assignments for Fall SemesterCynthia Clark Inman08/18/2014
Students' Bottled Water/Fund Drive Garners Media CoverageHency Yuen-Eng03/03/2016
Students Against Violence- Candlelight VigilBette Bovenzi05/17/2004
Students and EthicsBette Bovenzi11/17/2005
Students and Faculty Participate in Geological Field StudiesLaurel Sanger09/26/2011
Students Answer the Call for WXXI, Rwanda TonightRosanna Condello10/24/2005
Students Awarded Kennedy Fellow ScholarshipsLaurel Sanger & Ann Marie John12/04/2003
Students Bring Holiday Cheer to People with Special NeedsDianne E McConkey12/13/2005
Students Can Chat Online with a LibrarianStephanie Hranjec11/05/2013
Students Can Now View Accuplacer ScoresPeter Osborn12/16/2009
Students can register now for Intersession classes Connie Herrera11/29/2010
Students can schedule Health Services appointmentsMelissa Gue09/30/2010
Students Can Study in Italy 2017Drew Lawrence10/04/2016
Students Can Win up to $500 for BooksRamon L. Rodriguez05/27/2014
Students celebrating the beginning of a new semester with "Activity Day"Shirley Batistta-Provost01/23/2009
Students Collecting Donations to Help Katrina VictimsDianne E McConkey10/25/2005
Students Compete at Regional Level to Retain the BrainsRosanna Condello04/18/2005
Students Compete for Spot in "Retain the Brains" Marketing Plan CompetitionRosanna Condello04/28/2004
Students Compete for $225K in the Regional NYS Business Plan CompetitionSherry Tshibangu01/23/2013
Students Compete in annual TYESA CompetitionRosanna Condello05/12/2003
Students Dazed from Too Much Turkey? Let Us Help!Cathryn Smith12/01/2003
Students Demonstrate Making Mulled Apple Cider TodayBob King, Ph.D.10/17/2011
Students Displaced by Hurricane Katrina Join the MCC FamilyCynthia Cooper09/08/2005
Students Earn Leadership ScholarshipsDoug Brown02/04/2004
Students Excel at Otis Young Motivational Speak-offIlene Benz05/06/2015
Students from Cartagena Colombia Visit to MCC!Custodio, Antonia05/09/2019
Students Get Help With Child Care CostsJames Cunningham10/31/2005
Students get Spooked at the "Science Spook-tacular!"Kyle Fletcher11/12/2015
Students Host "Idols at MCC"Rosanna Condello03/25/2003
Students in MCC's TEAM/TPSID Grant Programs to Participate in CommencementYuen-Eng, Hency05/17/2018
Students increase their chances of success in reading-intensive courses when they enroll in REA 100Terry Shamblin11/21/2013
Students Inspire Audience at the Otis Young Motivational Speak-offIlene Benz05/07/2008
Students Inspire Community to Think Globally and Promote Human RightsHolocaust, Genocide10/10/2014
Students Invest in the Future of Nursing, Establish ScholarshipJackie Dorsey & Audrey Shafer05/12/2015
Students may be eligible for up to $10,000 through the Workforce Investment Act Scholarship.Ramon L. Rodriguez05/15/2007
Students may be eligible for $10,000 through the Workforce Investment Act ScholarshipRamon L. Rodriguez07/17/2007
Students Must Follow up on Financial AidRamon L. Rodriguez06/23/2011
Students Need to Create FSA ID to Access Federal Financial Aid Ramon L. Rodriguez01/05/2016
Students Needed for WMCCTamara Hillabush Walker09/09/2008
Students Needed: Community College Citizen Preparedness Program FEMA Pilot Guy Rossi05/26/2010
Students Nominate Marriott for Who's WhoRosanna Condello05/03/2005
Students Parking On Campus - What You Need to KnowCalarco, Denise09/04/2019
Students perform at Lincoln CenterDr. Rollo Fisher03/21/2014
Students Placed on Academic Suspension and Financial AidRamon L. Rodriguez10/12/2012
Students Present at National Biology ConferenceRosanna Condello11/08/2006
Students Present Research at Northeast Regional Honors Council ConferencePaul D'Alessandris04/20/2012
Students Present Research at Regional Honors ConferencePaul D'Alessandris04/15/2013
Students Promote Give Kids A Smile Day on WHECRosanna Yule01/31/2017
Students Raise $1,300 for Left to Tell Charitable FoundationRosanna Condello04/14/2008
Students Ready for SUNY Two-Year Engineering Science Association CompetitionChristopher Kumar04/27/2009
Students Receive Leader ScholarshipsPat Burdick06/03/2004
Students Receive Nelson Rich Memorial ScholarshipsJackie Donofrio06/07/2004
Students Remember Rwanda, Save Lives in SudanAngelique Stevens10/19/2005
Students Represent MCC at RIT Flag Football ChampionshipsJeff Parrinello04/28/2010
Students Shine at 15th Annual Otis Young Motivational Speak-offIlene Benz05/07/2014
Students still seeking answers on Excelsior ScholarshipYule, Rosanna08/23/2017
Students Strive to Create Legacy of ChangeEmeterio M. Otero11/15/2007
Students Succeed through PREPRobert Kennedy03/15/2006
Students Support “Darfur Now” Showing at the Little TheatreRosanna Condello11/27/2007
Students Take 1st and 2nd Place in SUNY Engine Business Idea CompetitionSherry Tshibangu03/25/2013
Students to benefit from the Workforce Investment Act
Ramon L. Rodriguez03/15/2007
Students to Demonstrate Making Mulled Apple Cider TodayBob King10/20/2010
Students to Host E-Recycling Event at MCCDan Robertson04/22/2008
Students to Present Check to Water for Sudan, View “Just Add Water”Rosanna Condello05/28/2009
Students to study in Italy May/June 2017: Informational MeetingsDrew Lawrence10/24/2016
Students Who Register for Fall by March 12 May Win Free Tickets To Greentopia Film FestivalDebra Davis03/06/2015
Students :: Let's Start a Kindness Club! Informational Meeting Next Week!Benjamin, Athesia10/29/2018
Students! Join Us For An Important Call: International Cooperation on Climate Change on Wednesday, Sept. 11Lee, Christina09/10/2019
Students! Stand Out at MCC's Career Fair on April 24thAnne Hughes04/09/2013
Students, Faculty Volunteer for Honor Flight RochesterLaurie Palmer09/15/2010
Students, Faculty, Administrators Pitch in for Brighton's Clean SweepCynthia Cooper and Pete Otero05/02/2008
Students, Faculty, & Staff Raise Funds for Immaculee Ilibagiza’s Left to Tell Charitable FundAngelique Stevens03/25/2008
Students, Staff and Faculty Build Public Speaking SkillsBetty Saunders and Ilene Benz03/17/2003
Students, Stay Well and Don't Get Sick on Winter Break...Get a Free Flu Shot This WeekSue George, RN12/08/2014
Students: How to Use your Test AccommodationsPantaleo, Sarah Elizabeth08/28/2019
Students: Please Check Your MCC Email for the Faculty and Course Opinion Survey!Kristen Love12/04/2014
Student, Faculty and Program Use of Electronic Portfolios AudioconferenceCarol Wilkinson02/23/2005
Student, Faculty, and Program Use of Electronic Portfolios, ITC AudioconferenceCarol Wilkinson03/20/2006
Student/Faculty Poetry Reading in the Writing CenterJean McDonough04/23/2003
Study Abroad and the Community College TeleconferenceDonna Podgorny10/24/2003
Study Abroad information sessionAlas, Jorge12/13/2017
Study Abroad Information TableMichelle Mayo02/15/2011
Study Abroad Italy 2018Lawrence, Andrew11/20/2017
Study Abroad Opportunites through BrockportHolly Wheeler12/13/2013
Study Abroad Options WorkshopGreg Bocchino04/23/2004
Study Abroad Options WorkshopGreg Bocchino04/13/2005
Study Abroad Options WorkshopGreg Bocchino09/16/2005
Study Abroad Options Workshop, Mon, Nov 17thGreg Bocchino11/14/2003
Study Abroad ScholarshipsRamon L. Rodriguez06/25/2009
Study Abroad Scholarships Ramon L. Rodriguez06/16/2015
Study Abroad Veterans Speak!Scott M. Vrooman04/20/2004
Study in Florence Italy May 22-June 6, 2008, Food, Wine, & Culture of Tuscany

Drew Lawrence11/12/2007
Study in Italy Class Offered June 2016Drew Lawrence09/10/2015
Study in Italy informational meetingDrew Lawrence09/09/2013
Study in Italy Informational MeetingLawrence, Andrew09/11/2018
Study in Italy informational meetings scheduled for OctoberLawrence, Andrew10/03/2019
Study in Italy May 2008, Food Wine and Culture of TuscanyDrew Lawrence12/03/2007
Study in Italy Next Summer!Drew Lawrence10/30/2013
Study in Italy Summer 2011 Informational meetingDrew Lawrence11/23/2010
Study in Italy Summer 2012 Informational MeetingDrew Lawrence10/24/2011
Study in Italy Summer 2014Drew Lawrence03/18/2013
Study in Italy Summer 2014Drew Lawrence04/11/2013
Study in Italy Summer 2016Drew Lawrence05/01/2015
Study in Italy this June 2014Drew Lawrence01/23/2014
Study in Italy, Israel, or Spain - sign up now!Lee, Christina12/08/2017
Study Japanese Mythology on Location: May 25 - June 15, 2011Stasia Callan12/13/2010
Study Skills Workshop - Reading StrategiesAnn Bauer and Eileen Radigan02/29/2012
Study Skills Workshop - Reading & Note-taking StrategiesAnn Bauer & Eileen Radigan11/07/2012
Study Skills Workshop - Time ManagementAnn Bauer and Eileen Radigan02/06/2012
Study Skills Workshop at DCC: Reading for UnderstandingEileen Radigan and Ann Bauer11/14/2011
Study Skills Workshop at DCC: "Test Anxiety and Preparation"Ann Bauer and Eileen Radigan12/05/2011
Study Skills Workshop Series # 3 Remember What You ReadLisa Bierre and Ann Bauer03/15/2010
Study Skills Workshop Series # 3 "Remember What You Read" at DCCLisa Bierre and Ann Bauer03/16/2010
Study Skills Workshop Series #1 Lisa Bierre and Ann Bauer02/08/2010
Study Skills Workshop # 5 Test AnxietyLisa Bierre and Ann Bauer11/23/2009
Study Skills Workshop #2 - Note Taking StrategiesLisa Bierre and Ann Bauer03/02/2010
Study Skills Workshop #4: Memorization TipsLisa Bierre and Ann Bauer03/30/2010
Study Skills WorkshopsSuzanne Pollock12/06/2010
Study Skills Workshop: Test AnxietyAnn Bauer & Eileen Radigan05/07/2012
Study Skills Workshop: Test PreparationAnn Bauer and Eileen Radigan03/28/2012
Study Skills Workshop: Test Preparation and Test-Taking Skills Ann Bauer& Eileen Radigan11/28/2012
Study Skills Workshop: Time & Stress ManagementAnn Bauer & Eileen Radigan10/08/2012
Study Teams FormingValarie Avalone05/04/2004
Sturgeons of the Genesee River: Presentation & Dissection with Dr. Jeff WyattMarkham, Jennifer05/14/2018
St. Andrew's Day (Observed) Photo ShootChilders, Jason11/27/2018
St. Croix Appears in 13WHAM Financial Aid StoryJanet Ekis10/01/2008
St. Croix Interviewed on Student Loan Interest RatesHency Yuen-Eng07/05/2013
St. John Fisher and SUNY Brockport to Visit DCCVivian M. Quimbaya-Winship04/02/2004
St. John Fisher College on Campus 3/19/03 for Advisor-In-ResidenceSherry Sweet03/18/2003
St. John Fisher College School of Pharmacy coming to MCC CSTEPShirley Rodriguez03/25/2009
St. John Fisher College, MCC Partner on MBA Program Christopher Belle-Isle03/03/2011
St. John Fisher Instant Admit Day At MCCHolly Wynn-Preische04/16/2007
St. Joseph's Garage Parking InformationAntonia Custodio09/09/2009
St. Patrick's Day Celebration in Reflections on Tuesday, March 18th!!!Diane Cheasty03/14/2008
Subcommittee Members WantedGene Marino02/11/2009
Submission Deadline Extension: April 4th, English/Philosophy Department's 48th Annual Writing Contest!Callan, Patrick04/02/2019
Submission Deadline ReminderCynthia Cooper11/26/2002
Submission Deadline Reminder: March 29th, English/Philosophy Department's 48th Annual Writing Contest!Callan, Patrick03/26/2019
Submit art and writing to Cabbages and Kings by March 9Gail Bouk03/05/2007
Submit Your Event for the Democrat and Chronicle Events CalendarCynthia Cooper08/11/2014
Submit Your Poems!Patricia Kennedy02/24/2014
Submit your winning grant proposal by next Wednesday!Kathleen Bolton12/15/2004
Submit your Work to Cabbages and KingsShirley Batistta-Provost09/24/2009
Submitting News to the MCC Daily TribuneCynthia Cooper09/08/2003
Submitting News to the MCC Daily TribuneCynthia Cooper09/10/2004
Submitting News to the MCC Daily TribuneCynthia Cooper09/07/2005
Submitting News to the MCC Daily TribuneCynthia Cooper09/05/2006
Submitting News to the MCC Daily TribuneCynthia Cooper09/06/2007
Submitting News to the MCC Daily TribuneCynthia Cooper09/29/2008
Submitting News to the MCC Daily TribuneCynthia Cooper09/10/2009
Submitting News to the MCC Daily TribuneCynthia Cooper09/20/2011
Submitting News to the MCC Daily TribuneCynthia Cooper09/28/2012
Submitting News to the MCC Daily TribuneCynthia Cooper03/25/2013
Submitting News to the MCC Daily TribuneCynthia Cooper09/17/2013
Submitting News to the MCC Daily TribuneCynthia Cooper02/06/2014
Submitting News to the MCC Daily TribuneCynthia Cooper09/11/2014
Submitting News to the MCC Daily TribuneCynthia Cooper01/29/2015
Submitting News to the MCC Daily TribuneCynthia Cooper Mapes09/18/2015
Submitting News to the MCC Daily TribuneCynthia Cooper Mapes02/02/2017
Submitting News to the MCC Daily Tribune Cynthia Cooper09/21/2010
Submitting News to the MCC Daily Tribune Cynthia Cooper Mapes02/04/2016
Submitting News to the MCC Daily Tribune Cynthia Cooper Mapes09/20/2016
Submitting to the Daily Trib -- Just a ReminderJanet Ekis05/02/2005
Substance Abuse in our Students: Advice for FacultyDebbie Alimentato10/13/2009
Substance Abuse in the ClassroomDebbie Alimentato11/04/2009
Substance Abuse: Prevention and Treatment Providers on Brighton CampusPeterson, Komekia04/08/2019
Substitute Shuttle BusAnnette Agness09/24/2010
Subway's Foot-Long CampaignMaureen Wheelden04/15/2011
Subway to Extend Open HoursTony Struzik, Director04/25/2005
Success for Multicutual Recruitment InitiativesMelissa M Santiago10/22/2013
Success is Sweet! Thank You, Heart Walk Donors!Camp, Alisa04/17/2018
Success of Lean Six SigmaDianne E McConkey03/15/2007
Successful College 101 for Parents - Financial Aid PresentationAndrew W. Freeman02/13/2009
Successful Damon City Campus National Voter Registration DayVerdis Robinson09/29/2014
Successful High Tech Exploration Night and Skills CompetitionsJavier Ayala, Ph.D.04/29/2013
Successful Journey Through the JungleBrenda Babitz03/23/2004
Successful MCC Matching Day for Finger Lakes Youth Apprenticeship ProgramPearce, Dale12/11/2019
Successful MCC Open HouseChristine Casalinuovo-Adams10/21/2014
Successful Open HouseChristine Casalinuovo-Adams11/06/2013
Successful Open House Andrew Freeman10/18/2011
Successful Phishing AttackGallion, Christine03/08/2018
Successful Scientific Seminar Sends Sterling SignalsDaniel Robertson11/04/2011
Successful SUNY Guided Pathways Institute hosted at MCCDimino, Renee03/21/2019
Successful Teaching Conference (STC)  2011Peggy VanKirk10/04/2011
Successful "Go Red for Women" CampaignJanet Ekis02/10/2005
SUCCESS! Take our Daughters and Sons to Work DayAnne J. Perry04/30/2007
Sue Cable Receives CAPE Career Achievement in Assessment Award, 2013-2014Michael Heel05/07/2015
Sue Fish's Retirement PartyAndrew W. Freeman09/02/2010
Sue Josephson is Retiring from ETS LibrariesPeter Genovese11/16/2006
Sue Smith Elected to Rush-Henrietta School BoardDr. Janet J. Glocker05/18/2006
Sue Smith Featured in Feb. 12 Henrietta PostJanet Ekis03/06/2003
Sue Smith Receives School Board AwardKimberley Collins03/03/2010
Sue Smith Recognized for Her Work with Cystic FibrosisKimberley P. Collins10/31/2008
Suicide Prevention Event -- Film Screening of "Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1"Eric Wheeler09/16/2016
Suicide Prevention Event: Film Screening: "Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1"Shannon Glasgow09/20/2016
Sumati Devadutt's Celebration of Retirement & TeachingChristine Plumeri02/13/2009
Summaries of Benefits and Coverage for 2014 Available On LineKaren Rheinheimer01/15/2014
Summary of Material ModificationKaren Rheinheimer05/23/2014
Summary of the NYCCT Board of Trustees Meeting / Institute and election to the boardDr. Kenneth G. Goode09/18/2009
Summer 2003 Enrollment HighlightsElina Belyablya08/15/2003
Summer 2005 attendance sheetsGinger Toth06/15/2005
Summer 2006 Registration InformationGinger Toth01/11/2006
Summer 2007 Pre-retirement Planning Seminar ScheduleColleen Lunney06/05/2007
Summer 2007 Workforce Investment Act Career Scholarship WorkshopsRamon L. Rodriguez06/13/2007
Summer 2008 Book Store CreditsRamon L. Rodriguez05/06/2008
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Summer 2010 Facilities NewsletterDavid Schottler06/15/2010
Summer 2013 FIC HoursPeggy VanKirk05/31/2013
Summer 2013 Important DatesKimberley Willis05/14/2013
Summer 2015 AttendanceElizabeth Ripton06/08/2015
Summer 2018 -Study Abroad in Málaga, SpainAlas, Jorge02/09/2018
Summer 2018 -Study Abroad in Málaga, SpainAlas, Jorge02/27/2018
Summer 2019 On-site Israel Homeland Security Course HSM 181Perrone, John10/18/2018
Summer 2019 RegistrationSadwick, Rick12/03/2018
Summer Abroad Program in RomeLouis Silvers02/16/2006
Summer Attendance CollectionGinger Toth06/20/2007
Summer Attendance Sheets Due YesterdayGinger Toth06/16/2004
Summer Basketball Camp to be held in AugustRobyn Malloy05/09/2003
Summer Beach Party in Reflections next Monday!Diane Cheasty03/26/2008
Summer Blood Drive Scheduled for July 15Betty Stewart06/28/2005
Summer Blow-Out Sale!Jenna Keefe06/26/2013
Summer Bookstore Credit & Disbursement of AidRamon L. Rodriguez04/13/2015
Summer Bookstore CreditsRamon L. Rodriguez04/24/2013
Summer Camp Discounted Rate for MCC EmployeesLeanne A. Fisher06/08/2010
Summer Child Care at MCC!Anne Barker04/23/2014
Summer ClassroomsLyndsey Presutti05/16/2016
Summer ClassroomsPresutti, Lyndsey05/08/2017
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Summer College for KidsMolly Cupello07/03/2012
Summer College for Kids and The Leadership CampAnne Barker07/09/2014
Summer College for Kids Early Registration Deadline Approaching!Anne Barker04/08/2015
Summer College for Kids Position OpeningMolly Cupello06/29/2004
Summer College for Kids & The Leadership CampAnne Barker02/26/2014
Summer Computer DeploymentETS Communications07/31/2013
Summer Construction ProjectsSimmons, Hezekiah09/05/2019
Summer Employment Opportunity: Controller's OperationPatrick Bates06/05/2003
Summer Employment Opportunity: Controller's OperationPatrick Bates06/01/2004
Summer Employment Opportunity: Controller's OperationPatrick Bates06/08/2005
Summer Employment Opportunity: Controller's OperationPatrick Bates06/08/2006
Summer Employment Opportunity: Controller's OperationPatrick Bates06/05/2007
Summer Employment Opportunity: Controller's OperationPatrick Bates06/11/2009
Summer Employment Opportunity: Controller's Operation Patrick Bates06/08/2011
Summer Enrollment HighlightsElina Belyablya10/14/2015
Summer Enrollment HighlightsElina Belyablya09/22/2016
Summer FIC InformationPeggy VanKirk06/07/2012
Summer Financial AidRamon L. Rodriguez05/12/2009
Summer Financial AidRamon L. Rodriguez04/06/2015
Summer Financial Aid AvailableRamon L. Rodriguez05/06/2010
Summer Financial Aid Available Ramon L. Rodriguez04/05/2011
Summer Financial Aid Available Ramon Luis Rodriguez04/10/2013
Summer Financial Aid Bookstore Credits Close FridayPeggy Ansaldi07/13/2012
Summer Financial Aid Brown Bag: Financial Aid for the Summer Term, How Does it Work?Ramon L. Rodriguez05/16/2016
Summer Financial Aid Part 1- EligibilityRamon L. Rodriguez04/15/2009
Summer Financial Aid Part 1 – Application and Types of Financial Aid for Summer SemesterRamon L. Rodriguez04/30/2008
Summer Financial Aid Part 2 – Types of Financial Aid for the SummerRamon L. Rodriguez04/15/2009
Summer Financial Aid Part 3 – Book Store Credit and Refund ChecksRamon L. Rodriguez04/20/2009
Summer Financial Aid Part II – Eligibility for Summer AidRamon L. Rodriguez05/01/2008
Summer Financial Aid Part III – Book Store Credit and Summer Refund ChecksRamon L. Rodriguez05/02/2008
Summer Financial Aid: Bookstore Credit & Disbursement of Aid Ramon L. Rodriguez04/07/2011
Summer Financial Aid: Deferments, Bookstore Credit & Disbursement of AidRamon L. Rodriguez05/11/2010
Summer Flex Hours - June 1, 2012 - August 16, 2012Alberta Lee, Assistant to the President, Human Resources and Organizational Development02/27/2012
Summer Frequent Buyer Card for the Market PlaceCatherine Higgins05/28/2015
Summer Funding OpportunitiesMerliss, Eugenia02/26/2019
Summer Grading-What Could Possibly Go Wrong?Deborah Benjamin09/15/2004
Summer HoursSherry D. Ralston08/12/2005
Summer HoursSherry D. Ralston08/15/2006
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Summer Hours - June 1, 2007 to August 16, 2007Alberta G. Lee04/02/2007
Summer Hours - June 1, 2007 to August 16, 2007Alberta G. Lee05/25/2007
Summer Hours - June 2, 2006 to August 17, 2006Sherry D. Ralston03/06/2006
Summer Hours - June 3, 2005 to August 18, 2005Sherry D. Ralston03/23/2005
Summer Hours - June 3, 2005 to August 18, 2005Sherry D. Ralston06/01/2005
Summer Hours - June 4 to August 19, 2004Sherry Ralston03/12/2004
Summer Hours - June 4, 2004 to August 19, 2004Sherry D. Ralston08/17/2004
Summer Hours - May 29, 2009 to August 13, 2009Alberta G. Lee03/23/2009
Summer Hours - May 30, 2003 to August 14, 2003Sherry D. Ralston04/02/2003
Summer Hours - May 30, 2003 to August 14, 2003Sherry D. Ralston08/13/2003
Summer Hours - May 30, 2003 to August 14, 2003Sherry D. Ralston08/13/2003
Summer Hours - May 30, 2008 to August 14, 2008Alberta G. Lee03/10/2008
Summer Hours commencingEtienne Blaakman05/19/2015
Summer Hours for 2016Human Resources Team03/04/2016
Summer Hours for 2018Fingar, Melissa03/20/2018
Summer Hours for 2019Fingar, Melissa03/26/2019
Summer Hours for 2019Fingar, Melissa04/08/2019
Summer Hours for Campus Center Service DeskSue Teerlinck05/16/2014
Summer Hours for Food Service on the Brighton CampusDouglas J. Brown05/18/2004
Summer Hours for the Fitness CenterDoug Henneberg05/24/2006
Summer Hours Reminder - May 30 to August 14, 2008Alberta Lee05/21/2008
Summer Hours Schedule for 2015Melissa A. Fingar03/17/2015
Summer Hours UpdateMelissa A. Fingar03/25/2015
Summer Hours (June 3, 2011 to August 18, 2011)Alberta G. Lee03/08/2011
Summer Hours (June 4, 2010 to August 19, 2010)Alberta G. Lee02/08/2010
Summer Housekeeping:  Logo Clean Up Debra Davis05/20/2014
Summer in Florence - Italian Language and Culture On LocationLouis Silvers04/03/2007
Summer Institute for Faculty:  Integrating Courses for High Impact Learning CommunitiesJonathan Iuzzini02/12/2015
Summer Instructional Development Stipends--Call for ProposalsGena Merliss02/17/2017
Summer Internship Course OfferingJanet Zinck05/01/2008
Summer Late Start AttendanceKimberley Willis07/07/2014
Summer Late Start Attendance is Due Today!Kimberley Willis07/22/2014
Summer Machining Program, Student Participants HighlightedYuen-Eng, Hency08/01/2017
Summer Marketing HighlightsDebra Davis06/20/2016
Summer Master Schedule Now OnlineAndrew Morris12/21/2007
Summer Master Schedule Now OnlineAndrew Morris12/12/2008
Summer Master Schedule OnlineAndrew Morris12/15/2009
Summer Network Maintenance ScheduleETS Communications05/16/2013
Summer of Fun with Liberty Partnerships ProgramAppel, Elizabeth08/28/2017
Summer On Location Course in Costa RicaLouis Silvers02/10/2004
Summer On Location Course in Costa Rica - Deadline ApproachingLouis Silvers02/26/2004
Summer On Location Study in IsraelLouis Silvers02/08/2006
Summer Open Pool HoursTom Garigen06/26/2007
Summer Open Pool HoursTom Garigen07/01/2010
Summer Open Pool HoursLisa Curatalo07/02/2013
Summer Open Pool HoursGarigen, Tom07/06/2017
Summer Open Swim HoursTom Garigen06/30/2011
Summer Optics SizzlerDianna G. Phillips07/13/2010
Summer Optics SizzlerRoss Micali06/29/2011
Summer Parking Permits Available for Pick-upLeah Dyer05/03/2005
Summer ReadingDonna Cox06/11/2008
Summer Room Change RequestsDeborah Benjamin05/13/2003
Summer Room ChangesDeborah Benjamin05/21/2003
Summer SalePeggy Ansaldi07/14/2011
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Summer Sale!!!Iris Mand07/07/2005
SUMMER SALE!!!!!Iris Mand06/07/2006
Summer Schedule 2014Alberta Lee04/16/2014
Summer Scholarship to Study AbroadRamon L. Rodriguez01/28/2011
Summer Scholarship to Study AbroadRamon L. Rodriguez01/30/2012
Summer Scholarship to Study AbroadRamon L. Rodriguez01/25/2013
Summer School Classes in Italy in 2012 - Informational MeetingDrew Lawrence10/07/2011
Summer Session I Attendance SheetsGinger Toth06/06/2005
Summer Session I Tutoring Available!Patricia Kennedy06/04/2012
Summer Session I Tutoring Begins Today!Kennedy, Patricia06/04/2018
Summer Session II Interdisciplinary Programs Learning Center and Writing Center ServicesPatricia Kennedy07/16/2004
Summer Session II Schedules: Writing Center and Interdisciplinary Programs Learning CenterPatricia Kennedy07/10/2003
Summer Session II Tutoring Available!Kennedy, Patricia07/17/2018
Summer Session Marketing Campaign Starts this WeekDebra Davis03/29/2017
Summer Session VARIED LENGTH Courses Attendance SheetsGinger Toth07/13/2005
Summer Sessions Start May 28 and July 8Sue Tingey05/16/2013
Summer Sessions Start May 28 and July 8. Register Today.Susan Tingey04/30/2013
Summer Snacks To GoDianne E McConkey07/07/2006
Summer Speechcraft SessionRosanna Condello & Diane Navarro05/06/2013
Summer Stipends AvailableStuart Blacklaw04/16/2007
Summer Stipends AvailableStuart Blacklaw04/07/2008
Summer Stipends AvailableStuart Blacklaw03/02/2009
Summer Stipends Available Stuart Blacklaw03/02/2010
Summer Student Employment Opportunities - Frontier Field ParkingCalarco, Denise03/07/2019
Summer TextbooksShannon, Kaleigh04/30/2018
Summer Trade Book Sale!Iris Mand07/09/2007
Summer travel plans? Pick up some toothbrushes!Giblin, Patricia05/14/2019
Summer Tutoring is Available!Patricia Kennedy06/07/2011
Summer Work Schedule: Fri., May 31 -Th., Aug. 22, 2013 Alberta Lee, Assistant to the President03/08/2013
Summer ZumbaJeff Parrinello06/29/2010
Summer ZumbaJeff Parrinello07/17/2013
Summer ZumbaJeff Parrinello07/01/2014
Summertime and the Livin' Isn't Easy if You are MeDeborah Benjamin05/20/2005
Summertime and Your Voice MailboxMarilyn Christian06/07/2007
Summer/Fall Employment Opportunity: ETS Libraries (Brighton)Ellen Mancuso07/11/2007
Sunday is Final Day of Mercer Gallery ExhibitHency Yuen-Eng02/24/2011
Sunset Strips Grand Opening!Tony Struzik, Manager of Dining Services10/27/2005
SUNY's 30 Days of GivingCynthia Cooper Mapes12/08/2016
SUNY's 30 Days of Giving CampaignCynthia Cooper Mapes11/12/2015
SUNY's Free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to Explore New TechnologiesMerliss, Eugenia05/01/2019
SUNY 30 Days of GivingCynthia Cooper Mapes11/30/2015
SUNY Advance Executive Advisory CouncilKathy Davies05/03/2011
SUNY And NY Stands With Puerto Rico Recovery and Rebuilding Application Deadline is Monday, May 6 At MidnightLee, Christina05/06/2019
SUNY Announces Online Degree AccessJeff Bartkovich05/16/2012
SUNY Application Workshop at DCCTracey Britton03/13/2009
SUNY at NYC Pride ParadeCynthia Cooper Mapes on behalf of SUNY05/16/2016
SUNY Awards Honorary Doctorate to Board Chair Emerita Dr. Alice Holloway YoungSimmons, Hezekiah01/30/2020
SUNY Blog Features Farash ScholarRosanna Condello08/16/2012
SUNY Blog Features MCC ProgramJanet Ekis02/15/2012
SUNY Board of Trustees Approves the Appointment of Anne M. Kress as President of Monroe Community CollegeCynthia Cooper05/13/2009
SUNY Board of Trustees Names Dr. Nancy L. Zimpher as ChancellorCynthia Cooper02/11/2009
SUNY Brockport (for Social Work Major only) will be on Campus 3/27/03 for Advisor-In-ResidenceSherry Sweet03/21/2003
SUNY Chancellor's Awards for Excellence Call for NominationsWarren, Sandy11/02/2018
SUNY Chancellor's Awards For Excellence Call for NominationsWarren, Sandy11/04/2019
SUNY Chancellor's Awards For Excellence Call for Nominations Deadline TodayWarren, Sandy11/13/2019
SUNY Chancellor's Awards for Excellence call for Nominations.Warren, Sandy09/29/2017
SUNY Chancellor's Excellence in Teaching and Excellence in Faculty Service AwardsCarmen Powers11/01/2011
SUNY Chancellor's Op-Ed on Applied LearningYuen-Eng, Hency09/04/2019
SUNY Chancellor's State of the University Address Available Online Hency Yuen-Eng01/11/2012
SUNY Chancellor Concludes 64-campus Tour with Press ConferenceCynthia Cooper09/03/2009
SUNY Chancellor Honors MCC Students with Awards of ExcellenceCynthia Cooper04/28/2003
SUNY Chancellor Johnson Delivers 2020 State of the University System AddressYule, Rosanna01/24/2020
SUNY Chancellor King Guest on WXXI TVCynthia Cooper01/07/2005
SUNY Chancellor King Visiting on FridayCynthia Cooper01/05/2005
SUNY Chancellor on Rochester Radio Call-in Program Cynthia Cooper03/15/2010
SUNY Chief Diversity Officer RecommendationsHolmes, Lloyd11/03/2017
SUNY Chief Diversity Officer to Host Listening Sessions at MCCHolmes, Lloyd10/13/2017
SUNY Colleagues Re-elect Dr. ToppingEmeterio M. Otero07/23/2012
SUNY Colleagues Re-elect Dr. ToppingLloyd Holmes, Vice President07/07/2014
SUNY College Fair at MCCChristine Casalinuovo-Adams09/07/2012
SUNY College Fair at MCC Christine Casalinuovo-Adams09/16/2013
SUNY College Fair Comes to MCCAndrew Freeman09/13/2004
SUNY College Fair on Monday, Sept. 17Hagreen, Sarah09/17/2018
SUNY confers rank of Distinguished Teaching Professor to John B. WadachHuman Resources Team05/23/2011
SUNY Consortium, MCC Pursue Educational Initiative in LebanonKimberley Collins, Academic Services03/07/2011
SUNY Coordinates Hurricane Sandy HelpCynthia Cooper for Elise Newkirk11/21/2012
SUNY Critical Issues in Higher Education ConferenceCynthia Cooper on behalf of SUNY System Administration05/22/2012
SUNY Critical Issues in Higher Education ConferenceSUNY10/04/2012
SUNY Critical Issues in Higher Education Conference Janet Ekis on behalf of SUNY System Administration02/26/2014
SUNY Critical Issues in Higher Education Conference: Big Data, Innovation and IngenuityCynthia Cooper04/09/2013
SUNY DistinctionAndrew Freeman09/24/2002
SUNY Distinguished AwardsDr. Janet J. Glocker, Vice President11/16/2006
SUNY Distinguished Teaching ProfessorshipAnne Kress10/15/2009
SUNY Empire State Honors Scholarship Reception HeldJanet Ekis05/08/2006
SUNY Enrollment of 413,000 Sets RecordCynthia Cooper09/15/2004
SUNY Excels Feedback Due This WeekAndrea Wade10/13/2015
SUNY Featured in Sunday New York TimesCynthia Cooper07/27/2010
SUNY Financial Aid Days / FAFSA Fest a SuccessMiller, Douglas12/08/2017
SUNY Financial Aid Professionals Honor Brenda SmithMark Schwartz04/29/2005
SUNY Forms Chancellor Search CommitteeCynthia Cooper01/15/2008
SUNY General Education 2015-2016 UpdateDebbie Alimentato03/18/2015
SUNY General Education Live DatabaseDebbie Alimentato10/05/2015
SUNY General Education UpdateChar Downing/Taine Vinci03/10/2008
SUNY General Education UpdateDr. Stuart Blacklaw, Taine Vinci03/09/2009
SUNY General Education UpdateTaine Vinci, Counseling and Advising08/28/2009
SUNY General Education UpdateDr. Stuart Blacklaw, Taine Vinci03/02/2010
SUNY General Education UpdateTaine Vinci, Counseling and Advising03/03/2011
SUNY General Education UpdateBonnie Dery03/08/2013
SUNY General Education UpdateMichele Vitale11/20/2013
SUNY General Education UpdateBonnie Dery04/17/2014
SUNY General Education UpdatesTaine Vinci07/10/2008
SUNY Grant Provides funds for Transfer Program, Underrepresented StudentsRosanna Condello11/05/2002
SUNY Guided Pathways Cohort II Begins with Institute #1 Hosted at Finger Lakes Community CollegeDimino, Renee10/01/2019
SUNY Guided Pathways Institute #3 at Mohawk Valley Community CollegeDimino, Renee10/02/2018
SUNY Guided Pathways Institute #4 Hosted at Orange County Community CollegeDimino, Renee01/29/2019
SUNY Guided Pathways January 16 Webinar EventDimino, Renee01/22/2020
SUNY Guided Pathways Pre-institute EventsJohnson, Gary09/19/2019
SUNY Guided Pathways Project Facilitates Successful InstituteDimino, Renee07/09/2018
SUNY Guided Pathways returns to MCC for Institute #5Dimino, Renee03/08/2019
SUNY HelpsDiane L. Shoger09/22/2011
SUNY Impact Grant AwardedSmith, Brenda02/13/2018
SUNY IT on Campus 3/25/03 for Advisor-In-ResidenceSherry Sweet03/21/2003
SUNY Launches Partnership with Read Aloud 15 MinutesDavid Doyle10/24/2014
SUNY Launches Report CardCynthia Cooper for Dave Belsky05/13/2011
SUNY Launches Strategic Plan at MCCCynthia Cooper04/16/2010
SUNY Launches Strategic Plan at MCC Cynthia Cooper04/26/2010
SUNY Launches System-Wide Student Mental Health Task ForceYule, Rosanna10/11/2019
SUNY Leaders Call for Increased State FundingRosanna Yule03/03/2015
SUNY Learning Network Advisory Committee and SLN Proposal ReminderMichael McDonough11/04/2013
SUNY Learning Network Wins Online Education AwardCynthia Cooper10/04/2002
SUNY Links Updated in MyMCC Curriculum TabCharlotte Downing04/23/2014
SUNY Martin Luther King Jr. Day of ServiceClayton Jones01/10/2014
SUNY Names Officer in ChargeCynthia Cooper12/23/2008
SUNY News -- Colleges Earn High RankingsCynthia Cooper09/17/2002
SUNY Newsletter Features MCC Retirees ProgramJanet Ekis03/29/2016
SUNY Oswego Professor Ed O’Shea to Lead Discussion of Author Colm ToibinGail Bouk12/08/2009
SUNY Perks Program Offering a Holiday Savings Fair and Wellness BenefitsHuman Resources Team11/25/2013
SUNY Planned Giving Newsletter - June 2010 IssueMark J. Pastorella06/25/2010
SUNY Plattsburgh Information Session for Faculty and StaffRebecca Mack09/16/2014
SUNY program aims to lessen student loan debtYule, Rosanna03/04/2019
SUNY Read Aloud PartnershipClayton Jones03/26/2014
SUNY Request: Brag on MCC!Cynthia Cooper02/11/2015
SUNY robot design competition at MCCKumar, Christopher05/08/2017
SUNY Russia Programs Network Faculty OpportunitiesLee, Christina01/22/2018
SUNY Schools are Ensuring Students Stay Nourished and Healthy to Increase Success in CollegeMapes, Cynthia01/28/2019
SUNY Sexual Violence Prevention Campus Climate Survey - please take a few moments to submit your responseLowe, Kristin03/08/2019
SUNY Sexual Violence Prevention SurveyGallaro, Shelby02/28/2019
SUNY Shared Governance Award -  Call for Nominations Sandy Warren09/14/2016
SUNY Shared ServicesPatrick Bates02/26/2014
SUNY Shares Professor of the Year Story, InterviewRosanna Yule12/10/2014
SUNY Student Information SurveyAndrea C. Wade, Provost and Vice President of Academic Services, and12/22/2015
SUNY Student Resource Center Provides Services for Students and Facilities for FacultyPeter D. Genovese04/05/2004
SUNY Supports New York State Dairies!Maureen Wheeldon04/22/2013
SUNY Training Center Offers Academic Assessment ConferenceStuart Blacklaw01/22/2003
SUNY Training Center: An Important Campus ResourceCynthia Cooper09/03/2002
SUNY Transfer Application DaysRebecca Mack04/20/2012
SUNY Trustees to Appoint MCC Interim President on Tuesday Evening, January 28, 2020Lovenheim, Barbara01/17/2020
SUNY Trustees to Appoint MCC Interim President Tomorrow Evening, January 28Lovenheim, Barbara01/27/2020
SUNY Tuition Waiver Form Now AvailableWarren, Sandy11/21/2019
SUNY Tuition WaiversBernadine Merante11/22/2002
SUNY tuition waiversBernadine Merante11/24/2003
SUNY Tuition WaiversBernadine Merante11/19/2004
SUNY Tuition WaiversCarol Barcomb11/28/2005
SUNY Tuition WaiversCarol Barcomb11/28/2006
SUNY Tuition WaiversCarol Barcomb11/30/2007
SUNY Tuition WaiversCarol Barcomb12/03/2008
SUNY Tuition WaiversSandy Warren11/16/2009
SUNY Tuition Waivers AvailableSandy Warren11/04/2010
SUNY Tuition Waivers AvailableSandy Warren11/25/2014
SUNY Tuition Waivers AvailableWarren, Sandy12/11/2018
SUNY Tuition Waivers Available for Spring 2012 SemesterSandy Warren10/26/2011
SUNY Tuition Waivers Available for Spring 2012 Semester Sandy Warren12/07/2011
SUNY Tuition Waivers Available for Spring 2013 SemesterSandy Warren11/19/2012
SUNY Tuition Waivers Available for Spring 2014 Semester Sandy Warren11/22/2013
SUNY Tuition Waivers Available for Spring 2016Sandy Warren12/01/2015
SUNY Tuition Waivers Available for Spring 2017Sandy Warren12/09/2016
SUNY Tuition Waivers DeadlineSandy Warren12/02/2009
SUNY Tuition Waivers Now AvailableWarren, Sandy11/23/2017
SUNY Tuition Waivers Now AvailableWarren, Sandy11/28/2017
SUNY Tuition Waivers Submission Deadline ApproachingSandy Warren11/19/2010
SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference (SURC)Blake, Thomas01/30/2019
SUNY Upstate Medical Center presentation to faculty and staffRebecca Mack09/24/2014
SUNY Upstate Medical University Information SessionsGreg Bocchino09/18/2007
SUNY Upstate Medical University Skype session for studentsHolly Preische04/25/2012
SUNY Voluntary Savings Quiet NoticeKaren Rheinheimer, Benefits Manager02/13/2013
SUNYFAP $1,000 Scholarship for Fall 2008Ramon L. Rodriguez02/28/2008
SUNY, MCC to Host Undergraduates From Sichuan Province, ChinaRosanna Condello08/01/2008
Super sale in the BookstoreJenna Keefe07/11/2014
Super Tuesday and beyond!Kevin Eirich01/31/2008
Supersize Me!Bethany Gizzi04/06/2005
Supplemental Life Insurance Information Sessions Held Today and TomorrowHuman Resources Team05/06/2009
Supplemental Term Life InsuranceHuman Resources Team05/01/2009
Supplies for New Student Orientation BagsBette Bovenzi06/02/2004
Support 292-Baby through the United Way CampaignJim Coffey03/25/2008
Support 292-BABY with United Way Donor Designated Funds #2406Jim Coffey04/14/2015
Support Athletics at MCC!Karen Shaw10/05/2015
Support Breast Cancer Awareness!!Diane Cheasty04/08/2009
Support Community Unity at DCC!Rick Sadwick09/09/2008
Support Fund for the family of Patricia OrntDr. Harry Merryman10/20/2003
Support Local Veterans by Wearing a Memorial PoppyJulianna Frisch05/15/2013
Support MCC's Homecoming 5K Walk/Run when you purchase lunch from Le Petit Poutine on Move-in Day!Shaw, Karen08/22/2018
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Support Men’s and Women's Swimming at MCC!Karen Shaw02/16/2016
Support of our Veterans acknowledged in Middle States ReportTaine Vinci04/18/2016
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Support Staff Planning Council Presents an American Red Cross Presentation: Learn To Prepare YourselfWilson, Diane11/07/2017
Support Staff Planning Council Presents MCC TIPSAmy Coon03/07/2016
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Support the American Heart Association for a Chance to Win One of Three Heart-Themed Baskets!Camp, Alisa03/29/2018
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Support the Teresa C. Schottler Memorial Scholarship Fund in Honor of Fred J. McCullough '82Shaw, Karen07/05/2017
Support the Travel Club in providing Thanksgiving meals to families in need.Zinck, Janet11/14/2018
Support the United WayR. Thomas Flynn05/04/2005
Support the "Stuff-a-Bag: Children's Giveaway" this Week to Support Student FamiliesDeMario, Mary Ann12/09/2019
Support Through the Finals and the HolidaysE. Jamall Watkins12/05/2016
Support Transitioning and Returning Service Members (STARS) SESSIONS 1 & 2 offered todayBartkovich, Lori11/05/2018
Support Water for Sudan, See a Film TonightRosanna Condello12/11/2006
Support Women’s and Men’s Swimming at MCC!Karen Shaw11/28/2016
Support "Virtual" Adjunct Faculty: Revisiting the Seven Principles of Good Practice ITC AudioconferenceCarol Wilkinson04/12/2005
Supporting and Retaining Adjunct Faculty Web ConferenceKimberley Collins02/11/2010
Supporting and Retaining Adjunct Faculty Web Conference- REMINDERKimberley Collins03/01/2010
Supporting Student Development Needs of Veteran Students: STARS Workshop ReminderHolly Wheeler04/10/2012
Supporting Students with Food Insecurity - DWIGHT Weekly Donation RequestPatterson, Vilma08/26/2019
Supporting the Retention of African American StudentsJulie White03/27/2006
Supporting the United WayR. Thomas Flynn05/02/2006
Supreme Court Judge Candidates on Campus MondayKaren Morris10/20/2008
Supreme Court Lecture in LibraryLori Annesi09/21/2005
Supreme Court Librarian Presents at Damon City CampusKathleen Schiefen04/28/2010
Supreme Court Nominee Has Background in Higher EducationPeggy VanKirk07/26/2005
SURC 2018 - First Call for ProposalsRobertson, Daniel01/15/2018
SURC 2018 - First Call for ProposalsRobertson, Daniel01/22/2018
SURC 2018 - Second Call for ProposalsRobertson, Daniel02/05/2018
SURC Abstracts Due THIS Friday, 3/8Blake, Thomas03/06/2019
Surge in Farmers MarketsDianne E McConkey05/07/2008
Surgical Demonstration in the AtriumSeely, Mary09/20/2018
Surgical Tech students attend NYAST Conference and Scrub BowlSeely, Mary04/02/2019
Surgical Technology Careers and BeyondBabcock, Rebecca03/06/2019
Surgical Technology heart surgery demonstrationSeely, Mary02/07/2020
Surgical Technology Heart Surgery DemonstrationSeely, Mary02/11/2020
Surgical Technology Information MeetingsMary Seely10/01/2015
Surgical Technology Open House for faculty and staffMary Seely09/21/2015
Surgical Technology Program Application Deadline: Friday, January 31Seely, Mary01/29/2020
Surplus College Property Available for Public AuctionPatrick Bates03/28/2012
Surplus College Property Available for Public AuctionBates, Patrick05/11/2017
Surplus College Property Available for Public AuctionBates, Patrick02/12/2018
Surplus College Property Available for Public AuctionBates, Patrick05/25/2018
Surplus College Property Available for Public AuctionBates, Patrick05/22/2019
Surplus College Property Available for Public Auction Patrick Bates02/07/2011
Surplus College Property Available for Public Auction Patrick Bates05/18/2011
Surplus College Property Available for Public Auction Patrick Bates10/06/2011
Surplus College Property Available for Public Auction Patrick Bates10/29/2013
Surplus College Property Available for Public Auction Patrick Bates11/12/2013
Surplus College Property Available for Public Auction Patrick Bates01/27/2014
Surplus College Property Available for Public Auction Patrick Bates11/13/2014
Surplus College Property Available for Public Auction Patrick Bates03/11/2015
Surplus College Property Available on Western New York Online Bid SystemPatrick Bates12/10/2010
Surplus College Property Soon to be Available for Auction on GovDeal Online MarketplacePatrick Bates09/16/2016
Surplus Office SuppliesHall, Linda10/15/2019
Surplus Office SuppliesHall, Linda01/23/2020
Surplus Property Soon to be on EBAYPatrick Bates06/25/2004
Survey and Focus Group/Interviews Participants Wanted!Cynthia P. Smith04/03/2008
Survey AVP Student Services candidate, Dr. Lisandra DeJesusHenneberg, Douglas10/25/2017
Survey AVP Student Services candidate, Heather CruzHenneberg, Douglas11/08/2017
Survey AVP Student Services candidate, John DelateHenneberg, Douglas11/01/2017
Survey AVP Student Services candidate, Mary Kay HartonHenneberg, Douglas10/31/2017
Survey AVP Student Services Dr. Aubrey ZamiaraHenneberg, Douglas10/17/2017
Survey Follow Up to Today's Diversity Presentation at BrightonBert Gamory11/17/2010
Survey Follow Up to Today's Diversity Presentation at DCCBert Gamory11/18/2010
Survey is still open - Please take it!Grindle, Blaine01/22/2020
Survey of Brighton Classrooms from the Faculty Senate's Classroom CommitteeAmanda Malone11/15/2006
Survey of Online Student Services Programs - Web ConferencePeggy VanKirk10/02/2006
Survey Says...Cynthia Cooper06/02/2011
Survey Says....Cynthia Cooper and the entire All College Days Planning Team06/15/2011
Surveys for the Dean of Academic FoundationsWells, Karen05/11/2017
Surveys for the Dean of Academic FoundationsWells, Karen05/17/2017
Survival in Auschwitz: Book and Panel DiscussionHolocaust, Genocide10/17/2011
Susan Bee Challenge - April 5, 2006Dr.Susan Salvador03/29/2006
Susan Bender Named the Urban League of Rochester's 2010 Outstanding EducatorKathleen Schiefen04/07/2010
Susan Bender Presented at the ICCD ConferenceTed Limper11/06/2008
Susan B. Anthony - Insights into to a Local HeroineCarol Wilkinson02/13/2007
Susan B. Anthony House Tour and TeaThe Campus Association for Student Activities03/25/2008
Susan Cable and Elizabeth Clifford present at CJEANYSPhyllis Schirano11/01/2010
Susan Cable (Law/Criminal Justice) is Retiring after 27 yearsAnne Kirkpatrick04/13/2015
Susan Davis RetiringTish Williams12/08/2014
Susan Ferrari Rowley will be Honored as the Recipient of the Visual Artist AwardKaren Sardisco10/08/2013
Susan Gunther Honored for Work with YouthRick Costanza05/03/2010
Susan Gunther Receives the Quality Leadership AwardNancy Robertson12/12/2012
Susan Gunther recognized as mentor in the Democrat and ChronicleDonna Augustine03/24/2009
Susan Gurak named Financial Executive of the YearDiane Shoger05/22/2014
Susan M. Salvador - Diamond Honoree Award WinnerEileen F. Scorgie04/11/2005
Susan Noonan Earns Master's DegreeCollins, Kimberley05/21/2019
Susan Noonan receives Distinguished Support Staff AwardDistinguished Support Staff Award Committee07/15/2014
Susan Noonan Receives Joint Presidential Scholarship!Frisch, Julianna07/20/2017
Susan Salvador addresses EDU 500 CourseDr. Susan Salvador10/17/2003
Susan Salvador presented at 2003 Annual Conference of CSPADr. Susan Salvador10/16/2003
Susan Salvador RetiresAnne M. Kress02/11/2013
Susan Spinetti Earns Master's DegreeRick Sadwick05/22/2007
Sushi is Back!Maryjane Starr01/27/2014
SustainabilitySimmons, Hezekiah11/20/2019
Sustainability - Travel CostsMike Quinn12/03/2008
Sustainability at MCCPatricia Williams11/13/2013
Sustainability Certificate Interest MeetingMatthew Fox10/08/2008
Sustainability Circular Cycle RideValarie Avalone05/06/2016
Sustainability Circular Cycle Ride, May 5Valarie Avalone04/25/2016
Sustainability DayJodi Oriel10/11/2007
Sustainability Day at DCC - Wed. October 22Rick Sadwick10/20/2008
Sustainability Day: Opportunity to Recycle Books & TextilesJenna Keefe10/21/2013
Sustainability Expo: Promoting Sustainability on the MCC Campus and within the Rochester CommunityRudd, Scott11/27/2017
Sustainability Fair at DCC Today, October 29!Julie White10/29/2007
Sustainability in STEM Education Meeting at Ithaca CollegeLydia Tien10/15/2014
Sustainability Steering Committee NewsAvalone, Valarie01/23/2020
Sustainability Tip of the WeekBrian Managan04/01/2008
Sustainability Tip of the Week: Avoiding Phantom LoadsMatthew Fox & Clay Munnings10/29/2007
Sustainability (SUS 101) Students Learn About Green Building and Sustainability in ConstructionAvalone, Valarie05/12/2017
Sustainability: Beyond Recycling and Green BuildingsPeggy VanKirk10/08/2008
Sustainability: SUNY InitiativesJames R. Cronmiller, Assistant Professor02/25/2015
Sustainability: What's it all about?Sue Smith10/01/2007
Sustainability: What's it all about?Sue Smith10/03/2007
Sustainable Forester Robots to RunJohn Wadach12/15/2010
Sustainable Gardening PresentationMatthew Fox04/08/2009
Suzanne Elrayess: 2011-2012 Outstanding WAC Faculty Award WinnerTony Leuzzi05/10/2012
Suzanne Fava, Public Relations Major, Wins AAWCC Region II ScholarshipJulie Slate05/16/2013
Suzanne Long and James Murphy Present at Pearson Education's Strategies for Success WorkshopJames Murphy11/18/2009
Suzanne Long Presented Low Tech Strategies to Engage StudentsJames Murphy05/19/2011
Suzanne Long, James Murphy Present at Successful Teaching ConferenceJames Murphy04/20/2011
Suzanne Long: Winner of the 2010-2011 Outstanding WAC Faculty AwardTony Leuzzi05/18/2011
Swamp PadresJodi Oriel05/01/2003
Swanger Editorial Appears in Community College WeekRosanna Condello06/25/2003
Swanger Installed as Fulton-Montgomery PresidentJanet Ekis05/01/2007
Swanger Speaks on MCC ProgramsJanet Ekis06/27/2003
Swanger to Present at ACCTDianne McConkey06/14/2004
SWANS College HourBrandt, Maria04/24/2018
Sweet and Savory Buffet in Reflections Today!!!Diane Cheasty05/02/2012
Sweet Treats for Valentine's Day! Jenna Keefe02/11/2013
Sweetheart of a SaleSuter, Charlene02/13/2018
Sweetheart Sale in the Bookstores!Farruggia, Alyssa02/11/2019
Sweetheart Special!Jenna Keefe02/10/2015
Swim regionals kick off Friday morningTom Garigen02/17/2012
Swimmers revel in two more titlesTom Garigen02/16/2011
Swimming Adds Home ContestTom Garigen10/22/2010
Swimming and Diving Alumni Meet a SuccessDale Pearce10/19/2016
Swimming And Diving Honored By County LegislatureTom Garigen05/14/2015
Swimming and Diving Program Excels at National MeetGarigen, Tom03/13/2018
Swimming and Diving Teams Place 1st and 2ndDaniel S. Dubois02/20/2004
Swimming Standout Commits to Rice UniversityRobyn Malloy07/15/2003
Swimming teams place third at nationalsTom Garigen03/07/2006
Swimming, Hoops, Hockey on Tap this WeekendTom Garigen02/11/2011
Swine FluSusan M. Salvador, Ed.D.04/27/2009
Swine flu concernsDonna Mueller04/30/2009
Swing Into Action with Ping Golf Apparel at the Bookstore! Jenna Keefe07/11/2013
Symposium on Youth and Career FairPaula Fahy04/06/2004
Symposium: Stop the Bullying: Understanding - Alternatives - SolutionsSusan Bender02/02/2005
Synthetic Turf Replacement Begins TodayFord, Douglas05/18/2018
Syracuse University at MCC on Monday, October 20Christyn Sanagursky10/17/2014
System and Network UpgradesDonna Pogroszewski03/28/2013
System MaintenanceDavid Lane02/13/2009
System MaintenanceFathergill, Robert03/04/2019
System MaintenanceFathergill, Robert03/11/2019
System MaintenanceFathergill, Robert07/15/2019
System Maintenance - Sunday, Dec. 5Bob Bertram12/03/2010
System Status PageDonna Pogroszewski12/12/2012
System updates and patchesDavid Lane04/20/2009
Systemic Challenges vs. Academic Potential - April 12 Community PresentationJames Winston04/25/2008
Systems Maintenance Conducted Tomorrow, September 17Eileen M. Wirley09/16/2016
Szczepanowski, Donald, father of Marie GibsonJeffrey Bartkovich01/10/2008
S.A.D.H.A. Collects Socks to Help WomenSusan H. Forsyth, Chairperson10/22/2003
S.A.V.I.O.R.S. Anti-Violence Program this WednesdayPeer Mentors04/25/2005
S.T.A.G.E. AuctionAmy B. Will12/09/2005
S.T.A.G.E. Auction NeedsAmy Will12/06/2006
S.T.A.G.E. Program Accepting Donations for Annual AuctionAmy Will12/06/2004
S.T.A.G.E. Program Accepting Donations for Annual AuctionAmy Will11/29/2005
S.T.A.R. ProgramCraig Proctor02/13/2003
S.W.O.R.D. Performance at DCC TomorrowMelany J. Silas10/07/2008
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